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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 28, 2020 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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with the kids at home and less money coming in, there'd be no way we could afford health insurance. my kids think i'm a superhero. but even superheroes need help sometimes. we found help at covered california. and not just us. 9 out of 10 people who enrolled got financial help. covered california. this way to health insurance. enroll now at right now at 11:00, will it be up to $2,000 per person? tonight the house voted to add more money to those covid relief checks. so what happens next? also -- >> it's not fair because i'm struggling, i'm trying to keep all my employees. >> it's not what this east bay restaurant owner wants to hear, governor newsom's warning about
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extending our stay at home order. and the goal with 20 million vaccinations by the end of the year, but so far the nationwide total is just 2 million. what's the hold up? we've got some answer. and when is it your turn? who's next in line for the vaccine and what's being done to speed things up. good evening and thanks for being with us. covid relief checks will be issued in a few weeks, but here's the issue. how much will each person get? while the politics plays out, peoples lives and livelihoods hang in the balance. nbc's jean elle, joins us from san francisco. >> reporter: small business owners say they don't understand why it took nine months for elected officials in washington to pass a second round of financial relief to get help here to main street and to the people who support it. some say it's too little, too late. >> i've skipped multiple paychecks so my employees can get paid, so i can pay a little bit of rent. >> reporter: like most small business owners who can't
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operate during covid-19 shutdowns he needs financial help to thrive. >> i haven't been able to pay full rent since may. >> reporter: after months of negotiating congress passed a second stimulus bill and the president signed it. small businesses can once again get forgivable loans. a restaurant owner in the south bay says she is counting on it. >> especially with the dine in and patio and everything else closed i don't know how we will survive if we don't get more support. we absolutely do need it. >> reporter: people making under $ $75,000 a year will be getting $600, maybe more. the senate still has to agree. cox says whatever is decided 10 months into the pandemic, it's not enough. >> every small business owner is in that position where it's like i'll take anything i can get. $600 is straight, $2,000 is better. this is literally like putting a band-aid on a massive laceration.
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>> reporter: the bill also extends the eviction moratorium another month, a lifeline that will help keep his studios in place, but for how long? >> we need it, but what is it? we need to work. that's it. that's the bottom line. we need to work. >> reporter: jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> well, it's likely to get worse before it gets better. take a look. numbers continue to climb here in california. today 33,000 new cases confirmed statewide. the positivity rate reaching a record high. this shows the trend since thanksgiving week. you see it's only getting bigger and higher. on november 23rd, 5.6% of tests were coming back positive. yesterday the positivity rate reached 12.5%. now with that said, this comes as no surprise. governor newsom will likely extend our current shutdown, not the best way to start the new year. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd talked to a business owner in danville who's worried about the future, and this is a common
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concern. >> reporter: has three restaurants and about to open a fourth in livermore soon, he's confident he will survive the orldered shutdown with the help of a supportive danville community. he's more worried about his 100 plus employees. >> and these people, they need to work. they need to pay the rent. they have a family, they need to buy the grocery. >> reporter: at a news conference today governor gavin newsom updated the numbers related to covid-19 cases, deaths and the available icu beds throughout the state of california. newsom stopped short of making it final, but made it clear what's probably about to happen. >> it's likely those stay at home orders will be extended. but, again, based upon the data -- >> reporter: there are two regions the orders are set to be extended in california. that's san joaquin valley and southern california. those two areas have an icu bed
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capacity of zero. so the numbers here in the bay area aren't as clear. the number of icu beds here fluctuates daily, so a decision on whether the stay at home order will stay in effect won't be made until tomorrow. >> it's okay with me. i'm ready to do whatever it takes. i'm so tired of this. >> i think it's going to to be really scary for small business, and especially since we can't eat outdoors anymore. >> reporter: rizono says the ban on outdoor dining is making the shutdown unbearable. >> i have a lot of people that want to work, they really want to work and they can't. >> reporter: in danville, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> key data point that's driving the stay at home order is the icu bed availability. it's reaching an all-time low across the state. that's not a good thing. take a look.
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as cheryl just mentioned both southern california and san joaquin valley, 0% of icu beds available. the bay area dropping to 9%. six bay area counties are now in the red. that's not good either. san mateo, santa clara, contra costa, napa, solano and marin county. solano county, by the way, dropped below 15% just a few hours ago. santa clara county, we want to note this here. with 2 million people, the biggest in the bay area, only has 5% availability. so where are the hot spots in sa santa clara county? gilroy and morgan hill. the high rate is linked to housing density and the number of essential workers who live there. there are so many new covid patients that all the icu beds at st. louise hospital in gilroy are full. >> we do try to spread them out to other county hospitals. and if they do not have any beds
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available, then we transfer them out of our system. >> community leaders are urging everyone in gilroy and morgan hill especially to stick with their own household during the new year's holiday and get tested if you have symptoms. so who's next? today the governor outlined his priority list for the next group of people to get the vaccine. and that's led to another concern. why isn't the federal government meeting its goal in terms of the number of people getting vaccinated? nbc bay area's ian cull has the answers. >> reporter: today stanford health care received its doses of the moderna covid vaccine, and it started the shots right away. so far overall it's vaccinated more than 10,000 people. nationally about 2 million people have been vaccinated, which falls short of the federal government's goal of protecting 20 million people by the end of the month. many doctors say the rollout is complex. >> fortunately at stanford we have an outstanding team able to
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deliver vaccines rapidly. once it's opened up to the broader population it's going to require some additional logistics. >> reporter: an infectious disease doctor and a meck on the cdc advisory committee on immunization practices. she says receiving the vaccines is only step one, contacting the patients, reporting it all can take several more days. >> there's a bit of data lag there i believe related to just the time it takes to not only administer but also report those doses back. i anticipate the numbers are actually far higher than the 2 million. >> reporter: to help vaccinate more rapidly california is partnering with cvs and walgreens to inject pfizer vaccines to residents and staff in long-term care facilities. the two pharmacies will be vaccinating people at 850 facilities in the state. it's happening in other states as well. >> you know the fact that we were given the opportunity to do this is really exciting. i know when you think about a lot of people involved in the
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project, there's been a lot of people that have raised their hands and said, yes, i want to be a part that. >> today governor newsom laid out who will get the vaccine next in phase 1b. after that the state will move onto 16 to 64-year-olds with medical conditions. in the south bay, ian cull, nbc bay area news. >> what happens if you jump the line? governor newsom had a warning for medical providers who allow some people to jump the front of the vaccination line. >> i just want to make this crystal clear if you skip the line or intend to skip the line you will be sanctioned, you will lose your license. you will not only lose your license, we will be very aggressive in terms of highlighting the reputational impacts. >> the governor says he expects a few hiccups when he comes to vaccine distribution. the state is working with partners on a detailed plan how
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to exactly enforce the rules against line skipping. wondering where you are in that line, check out our interactive tool. it's going to ask you a few questions including where you live and if you're an essential worker. and then it will give you a rough estimate of your place in the vaccination line. we put that link right there on our front page at right at the top on our trending bar. making it in the bay. this is our series about the challenges of living here. what used to be a dorm room or a dorm building for college students is now a new home for dozens of homeless families and senior citizens. today was move in day at clifton hall as the former dorm for the california college of the arts in oakland. the state's home key program gifted the city of oakland $20 million to purchase and renovate this and other properties. two floors of the clifton dorm there will be dedicated to seniors who are most at risk for
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being infected with coronavirus. >> for many years this is going to serve as a bedrock to help people move forward in life and help them provide better opportunities. >> those moving in with a private bedroom, shared communal spaces. seniors will pay discounted rents each month and can continue living at clifton hall as long as they choose. still ahead new body cam footage from an officer near that christmas day explosion in nashville. what he saw as he got closer. and a new travel policy because of the new strain of covid-19. but what would make a difference? the new rule just for people flying to the united states from the u.k. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri tracking the cold temperatures for tomorrow and what could be the wettest stretch of weather we've seen so far this season. i'll give you all the details coming up in 7 minutes.
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the story keeps developing. we're getting a look at the moment right after that powerful explosion that rocked downtown nashville. this happened christmas morning. today police released body cam footage worn by an officer who was nearby when that bomb went off. you hear it, you can feel it, debris flying blocks away. the footage captured the sound of the falling glass raining from the sky as that officer ran toward the blast. more than 40 buildings were damaged and three people injured. investigators say anthony warner, you see him there, is responsible. he's believed to be the only fatality. they are still looking for a motive. anyone flying from the u.s. -- excuse me, into the u.s. from the u.k. will need to show proof of a recent negative covid test. the goal is pretty simple to
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keep a new more infectious strain of the coronavirus from traveling into our country. some say we need to ban flights from the u.k. altogether. but a prominent local doctor says an all out travel ban is not the answer. nbc bay area's robert honda reports from sfo. >> you know, it's kind of crazy what's going on. >> reporter: she's heard about the new covid strain in the u.k. but her partner lives in london, so she's getting on a plane. the uncertainty caused by the u.k. travel ban issued by 40 countries adds to the stress. >> i never know and feel comfortable i'm going to make it there until i'm actually boarding the plane. >> reporter: some travelers say they'd rather not see u.k. flights right now. >> they should have taken a hard stance at the beginning. there's all this, okay, let's take this a step at a time. >> reporter: scientific opinions are also mixed. some saying publicly the u.s. policy to use testing to keep out the mutant strain is like using a chain-link fence to keep out mosquitos.
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but reknowned specialist dr. peter chin-hong warns. >> we don't just develop one antibody but develop a repertoire of antibodies. if you take out one gun you still have 999 left. >> reporter: she's watching what the u.s. does but grateful there's no ban. >> as long as it stays open, i'm okay. >> reporter: dr. chin hong said he would not be surprised if ucsf is part of the investigation to find out if the new covid strain is already here since ucsf has the technology to detect it. at sfo, robert honda, nbc bay area news. a former san francisco police officer says he is not guilty as he faces homicide charges for killing a suspect three years ago. today former sfpd officer chris
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samo was arraigned. the charges stem from the fatal shooting of o'neil in 2017. police say o'neil car jacked a lotto van and then led them on a chase. at one point he jumped out of the van and ran past the officers. that's when a rookie cop shot him through a patrol car window. o'neil was unarmed. he was fired and is now the first sfpd officer charged with homicide for an duty shooting. teaming up in the face of hate. an artist is getting help to fix a breonna taylor statue. you see it there. taylor was killed by police in louisville, kentucky, earlier this year. the statue was installed in
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lathem square just two weeks ago. the sculptor tells usz he plans on rebuilding it better than ever before. a prominent attorney is giving $5,000 to have it encased in bronze. >> someone with some evil mind destroys that statue, that to me is outrageous. you see, it's not just the statue. why we're concern, why our firm has got to help rebuild that statue, it's what the statue stood for. >> oakland police were not aware of the damage until reporters started calling. a statue of president lincoln at san francisco city hall is now cleaned up and fixed after someone defaced it. the statue's face was painted red as was the name lincoln. the vandalism happened december 26th the same day in 1862 when 38 sioux warriors were hanged during lincoln's presidency.
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today former san jose police chief eddie garcia began laying out his game plan for dallas, texas. he's the new police chief over there. garcia who grew up in san jose says he wants to make positive strides in policing communities of color. >> but it's also important for us we're reaching out to our communities that we acknowledge the fact we've made a lot of mistakes in the history of law enforcement particularly as we deal with our communities of color. and we need to own up to that. >> he says another priority will be reducing violent crime in dallas. chief garcia retired from the san jose pd earlier this month. he'll begin his new job in dallas in february. all right, take a look. we had snow. not much of it, but it counts. a light dusting on mt. hamilton. this was hard to see this morning because of all the fog. this photo comes from the camera at the observatory around 10:30 a.m. all gone by early afternoon. that brings us to jeff ranieri,
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our chief meteorologist. i haven't seen you in a long time. happy holidays, jeff. >> yeah, you, too, raj. hope you had a great christmas. and i know you are definitely looking forward to 2021 like myself and everyone else. so we're going to get some good weather in here for the start of 2021, and then we're going to head right into what could be some of the wettest weather pattern we have seen so far this season. good for the drought and also good for our wildfire season at least to help to keep that down. as we start off our microclimate forecast tonight a look at storm ranger and you can see we've dried out from some spotty showers we had about 24 hours ago. look at our rainfall season 3.5 to 8 inches behinds. that's why any rainfall we can pick up will be obviously good news. tomorrow morning cold 30s on tap and patchy ground fog. and through tomorrow we do get some sunny weather back and it's going to be dry. but ahead, again, several rain
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chances coming our way. so for tomorrow morning i think the most important thing is you need to a jacket if you're up early and out. 36 in the south bay, peninsula 38, tri-valley 35. also some patchy areas of ground fog possible for the south bay and tri-valley. also a little bit of that fog could creep into the east bay and the north bay. but i think really of utmost importance would be to layer up if you're headed out in the morning. walk the dog, get the groceries or maybe you're an essential worker headed off to work. as we head through the day tomorrow, sunshine stays with us. light winds, dry air humidity, 34% in the south bay. and 60 in san jose. look, we've had so many systems back-to-back lately, it really helps to keep these temperatures leveled off. so we're not looking at any big increases as we head through our microclimate. 60 here in palo alto and right up through san francisco primarily find 60s from the mission to outer sunset.
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so dry tomorrow, looks beautiful by all accounts, but then here comes some more rainfall. this isn't a system to worry about. 8:30 at night on wednesday we get some showers rolling in. that hangs onto early thursday for about 0.10. what i want you to focus in on is the extended forecast. by saturday some spotty rain, and by next sunday and monday, what could be some of the wettest weather trends we've seen coming our way at least a half-inch to 2 inches. big range there, but overall it's really signaling that especially the north bay could see some very high rain totals. and what about new year's eve? we're going to be dry. things are a lot different this year. first day of 2021 looking partly cloudy. i think on the weather front, raj, we're starting off with a good beginning to 2021. let's hope that leads us to other good things in 2021. >> we're crossing our fingers,
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we remain optimistic. thank you, jeff. still to come here at 11:00, fighting covid-19 with the hem of the monterey bay aquarium. that key piece of equipment right there just lent to a local hospital. and happening now the plane is still there. the pilot made an emergency landing in point reyes. the beach landing happened saturday when an engine warning light came on. both the pilot and passenger onboard are safe. we're back in a moment. c21 2 b1 b
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dear grandparents, because covid is still a danger, we grandchildren promise not to let our guard down. let's meet up on video instead. i rather you not hug me today so you can hug me tomorrow.
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don't let your guard down with covid-19. hazlo por amor. actress lori loughlin was released from a bay area prison
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today. she left the federal correctional institute in dublin through a side door to avoid cameras. she then flew home to her home in southern california in a private jet that's according to tmz. her husband is serving five months time in the prison near santa barbara. this is not a fish story but does involve the monterey bay aquarium. the world famous aquarium lent one of its ultracold freezers to a hospital in soleanas to store the covid vaccine. that specific brand that pfizer must store that vaccine at minus 94 degrees fahrenheit. the aquarium owns two freezers to store biological and veterinarian supplies. freezers capable of maintaining that ultra low temperature costs between 5,000 and $15,000. up next, some decisions about jimmy g. or so we think. we're going to hear from the
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jordbut tonight, he's n't eat earned that right.f nachos. because a few hours ago, in the middle of happy hour, he recognized a sign. not from the gods or a bolt of lightning, but from a double-heart, a kissy face, and a fourth ha in "hahaha." that's when jordan knew he was buzzed. so, when it was time to go, he got a ride home instead of driving. be a legend like jordan. recognize your buzzed warning signs and get a ride home.
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(soft music) hey dad, i'm about to leave. don't forget your hat . good morning. how can i help? i need help connecting with my students. behind every last minute save, ok, that works. and holiday surprise, thank you! a customer service rep is working unseen, making it happen. and at genesys, we're proud to help them help you everyday. okay, the biggest question facing the 49ers this off-season, who's going to be the quarterback next season? coach shanahan is sticking with
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jimmy g., we think. >> you can't say anything with certainty. you don't sit here and make promises on anything. we build a football team it's your job to put the best team together year in and year out. jimmy's like one of the middle quarterbacks in the league right now in terms of salary. that's how much they cost. so it's not like it's something ridiculous or anything like that, so we can work all that out. and not to mention look at jimmy's record when he's been here. jimmy, you can win with. >> it's going to be an interesting few months. as for this season, the 49er's final game is this sunday against the sea hawks in arizona. the final monday night game of the season the bills and patriots in western new york. was it new england tonight actually? we have a role reversalch t. the patriots will not make the playoffs for the first time since '08.
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bills win 38-9. we're back in a moment. if there's anything that this year has taught us, it's the things that matter: family. health. that's it. we found help at covered california. now we have a plan we can afford. enroll now at
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health insurance... is understanding health insurance in another language. pero ahora es mucho más fácil. covered california offers free, expert assistance in multiple languages and financial help for people who need it. enroll now at finally tonight, a lands
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mark theater in the east bay is offering to put your message in lights to keep from going out of business. the 79-year-old orinda theater can't open of course because of the pandemic, but the rent is still due each month. so while the owner can't put movies on the screen he realized he can put words on the theater's historic marquee. >> i put up a friend message one day and all of a sudden i got an e-mail and somebody said, hey, can we put up a message, sotist like okay, let's try it. >> of course every message is a perfect photo-op for twitter or instagram. $75 gets your message showcased for 48 hours. so get creative and call up the orinda theater. that's going to do it for us on this monday night. for everyone here at nbc bay area, thanks for joining us. stay safe. ♪


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