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tv   Today  NBC  December 30, 2020 7:00am-9:00am PST

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american canyon road is causing congestion. the rest of the conditions are clear. >> thanks so much that will do it for us this morning. thank you for starting your morning with us. a look at the before sun rise. the "today" show is up next. good morning, it's here. the very first u.s. case of the highly contagious coronavirus strain from a colorado man who has not traveled outside of the country. and the coronavirus surge is getting worse by the day. >> it is getting worse and help is not coming. >> but overnight, new hope in the fight. the oxford vaccine with shots to start in just days, even as america struggles, even as the blame game intensifies.
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>> and the next round of stimulus checks started going out overnight, those checks for $600, while the move to raise it to $2,000 is stalled in the senate setting up a showdown of the president and mitch mcconnell. an a congressman dies of the coronavirus just days before being sworn in. what the 41-year-old's family is saying about the sudden loss and the tributes pouring in. >> reporter: and red flag. the nashville bombing and the police report that shows that the authorities were warned more than a year ago that the suspect was building explosives inside of his rv. double trouble, two winter storms are taking aim at tens of millions to end the year.
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the midwest is being buried under snow and the south is bracing for severe storms and the northeast is preparing for dangerous mix of rain, ice and snow and we are tracking it all, and all that and plus stealing the show. >> archie, is that fun? >> fun. >> prince harry and meghan markel's son takes over the first podcast. >> okay. repeat after me. happy. >> happy. >> new. >> new. >> year. >> yay. >> and debuting the adorable voice to the world. "today," december 30th, 2020. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb. >> and thank you for joining us
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this morning. kristen welker in for savannah and i'm craig melker in for hoda kotb. >> but we start with the coronavirus crisis. we've had several significant developments overnight, including that approval of a new vaccine in the united kingdom. meanwhile, back here in the united states the flood of enough cases continues to soar with the hot spot of los angeles county setting a daily record of hospitalizations on tuesday. >> we're also learning more about the colorado man, now the first known person in the u.s. to have that highly contagious new strain of covid-19. >> and in louisiana, luke
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ledlow, a newly elected member of the house has died from the virus. and concern over the slow rollout of the vaccines. kerry sanders, good morning. >> reporter: those are health care workers who began lining up here as early as midnight here where it is first come, first serve to get the vaccine. nationwide the rollout of the vaccine has been confusing, as the new strain of the virus arrives in the united states. this morning a strain found in england was found in a colorado man in his 20s who had not traveled. and now officials say it may be also detected in another person in the united states. >> reporter: this morning, a
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highly transmittable and contagious strain has been found here for the first time. it was found in a colorado man in his 20s who has not traveled. >> it is more transmittable and more contagious and more dangerous in that regard. >> the best protection including against that new strain, vaccines but the trump administration's promise to inoculate millions by year's end falling short. >> it is not as if we didn't know that there would be this level of demand for the vaccination. >> reporter: in florida, which has a record 22.7% positivity rate -- >> busy signals and no answer. >> reporter: 82-year-old arnie joseph among those anxiously trying to make an appointment to get the vaccine. >> i had three friends die from this so i take it pretty seriously. >> hospitals in tennessee, georgia and texas overwhelmed with a record number of covid cases. in the epicenter of california, many icus are full.
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>> patients are dying like flies, and it is like a war zone, and we are asking for help, and help is not coming. >> reporter: with the second straight day of record covid hospitalizations, the u.s. is potentially on course for an even big are spike because of continuing holiday travel. >> we're going to have an increase superimposed upon that surge, which could make january even worse than december. >> reporter: next week at holy cross hospital in fort lauderdale, those who received the initial pfizer injection are supposed to get their follow-upshot. that is a big problem, because they don't have more vaccines, and in san diego, more pfizer vaccines than they needed to prevent them from being tossed after the deep freeze to room temperature, more than 300 san diego firefighters and police got their own 911 call, and then raced to get vaccinated. the speed of this being
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administered is so slow that according to an nbc analysis of the current rate of vaccinations shows is it would take a staggering ten years to reach 80% of the country being vaccinated and that's an important number because that's when herd immunity would again. and so we are talking about in the past, and close to 2 million children, craig. >> breaking vaccine news overnight, and the vaccine from astrazenica is approved in the u.k. richard engel is in london with the latest on that. richard, good morning to you. >> good morning. as kerry was just reporting in this country, the vaccine rolllow. there have been complaints like there have been in the united states that it is taking too long. but now public health officials hope that this new approval can
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change things, it can dramatically change things, and finally a vaccine that is inexpensive to produce in large quantities to easily distribute and get out to public. >> reporter: the u.k. approved the oxford vaccine this morning just as the country is starting to buckle under a new highly contagious variant of the virus with lockdowns tightening and the cases still rising and the injections will start monday. >> i will say that i welcome the outstanding news of astrazenica is now really a u.k.-made vaccine approved by the nhra and to be administered to millions around the country. >> reporter: and the vaccine is 62 to 92% effective depending on the dosage and a range that raised eyebrows of doctors around the u.s. and doctors in the u.k. say it is more than efficient enough to bring the virus under control
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and including they believe the new variant. >> this is a winter like no other. and, you know, this is the biggest health crisis that this country has faced in 100 years, okay. so, you know, it is fantastic news about the vaccines. >> reporter: critically the oxford vaccine is far easier to handle than pfizer's vaccine which requires ultra cold storage, and the oxford vaccine can be kept at fridge temperatures to send it easier to retirement homes and doctor's offices. i spoke to director of the vaccine group dr. andrew pollard. do you believe it is a turning point in the vaccination effort? >> i think that it is an absolutely critical moment in that we have the first regulator approval for a vaccine that has been developed specifically with the mission to be not-for-profit to be distributed around the world. >> reporter: and with the approval of the oxford vaccine, this country is also changing how the distribution will take place.
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up until now, the patients have gone into the hospitals where they have the cold facility, and they have gotten the first injection, and then come back three weeks later or gotten the appointment to come back for the second dose, and now all of the effort is going to be put on giving people the most number of people possible that first dose and then pushing back for three months the second dose, so that, a very large number of people will be able to get the first dose which provides a decent level of immunity according to the doctors. >> yeah, a lot of people are undoubtedly hoping that it is a turning point in london. thank you for the report, richard engel. and some americans are sent a second round of $600 covid payments, but the battle on capitol hill to raise the amount on the checks has hit yet another roadblock. nbc's kelly o'donnell is traveling with president trump and has more on that. kelly o, good morning. >> god morning, craig.
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the fate of increasing those covid relief payments to $2,000 sun clear this morning. and president trump is using his twitter sledge hammer to pressure republican leader mitch mcconnell. the president here in florida on his golf vacation has tweeted the republicans unless they have a death wish and it is the right thing to do, they must approve the $2,000 payment asap and the president is also making other demands that line up with his grievances and he wants them to alleviate the social media companies and set up a commission for voter fraud, and the democrats don't want any part of that, but they are willing to go along with the $2,000 payment, but mitch mcconnell has blocked the democrats' efforts to vote on that as stand alone choice, and instead, mcconnell is packaging the president's wishes into one measure that the lawmakers would vote on, and the democrats don't want to do that, and so the net
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effect could be that it will end the push for increasing the payments to $2,000. but those $600 payments are already approve and they are in the pipeline and some of them are already beginning to go out. craig. >> so it sound likes the checks are in the mail for millions of americans. kelly o'donnell in florida, thank you. and to another headline, we are tracking the horrific christmas day bombing in nashville. a report obtained the by nbc news overnight revealed that police were warned more than a year ago that the suspect was using an rv to make explosives. nbc's morgan chesky is in nashville with the details. good morning to you. >> yes, kristen, good morning. from the moment that the investigators have gotten here in nashville, they have been trying to build a time line to figure out anthony quinn warner's plan of the moment he conceived to building the bomb to the moment it exploded devastating almost an entire city block and what the new
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report shows that the plans may have been in place for an entire year. this morning stunning details about the plan that the man planned and executed a nashville bombing n. a report obtained by nbc news, a woman described as anthony quinn warner's girlfriend said that he was building bombs in the rv and at the time the woman's attorney saying that he talks frequently about the military and bomb making, and adding that he knows what he is doing, and capable of making a bomb. the police went to warner's home where they spotted his rv. and they wanted to speak with him, but they had no evidence of a crime, and they also looked into warner and came up empty. no additional information on warner came in until the bomb went off. survivors went home for the first time since the blast on christmas morning. >> i didn't realize how often
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that rv was parked to our home. i leave that door with our kids in a stroller everyday. >> reporter: and many can't believe how close it was to their home. she and her husband jeffrey were some of the first escorted by the fbi back to the blast zone, and only able to look at their home from a safe distance due to a collapse, and their christmas stocking still hanging inside. >> it broke my heart. >> yes. >> reporter: and business owners also returned surviving the pandemic, but they could not survive the explosion. the surveillance on camera completely shattering the tattoo shop. >> i am just trying to survive, you know. it is one hit after another. >> reporter: as the investigators are scouring the blast to see what the bomb was made of, and those who call the shattered blocks home are trying to stay positive. >> hey, we are out and alive. and every morning i am just kissing my kids. that is all i care about. >> morgan, that is such
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disturbing developments and you mentioned that the police went to warner's home at one point, and what more do we know about the visit? >> yes, kristen. it was shortly around the same time of the initial police visit that the officers with the hazardous devices unit who looks into bombs made a call to his attorney and had two takeaways and one, warner was not a fan of police, and two, that his attorney had advised him not the grant the officers access to that now infamous rv. kristen, we will send it back to you. >> all right. morgan chesky on the ground in nashville. >> and lots more to get to, and including the pair of winter storms sweeping across the country bringing with it a whammy of snow and ice and rain to tens the of millions and dylan has the forecast, and shaquille brewster is in
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wisconsin where they have a blast. >> yes, you can see this fast-moving storm, but between the flight delays and the dangerous road conditions, some people are waking up this morning wishing they had stayed home. >> reporter: from nebraska to minnesota to indiana and everywhere in between, a winter wallop is closing out 2020 blanketing more than 40 million americans. in chicago conditions deteriorating by the minute. >> my wife won't leave the house with this kind of weather. >> reporter: heavy snow is quickly making for a messy commute. a steady douse of freezing rain quickly turning busy roads into sheets of ice. with more than 200 snowplows struggling to keep up. in iowa a rare thundersnow is seen roaring in overnight, and strong winds whipping up piles of snow overhead, and quiet
7:17 am
farms turning into frosty winter wonderlands and some counties under emergency snow warnings tonight. and cars seen wildly zigzagging down the snowy roads as the dangerous whiteout conditions on one highway saw vehicles spinning out, and waiting for snow trucks to pull them out of snowbanks while on side streets, friendly neighbors are helping drivers get back in motion. hazardous icy conditions remain a concern this morning in much of the region, and like in kansas city where christmas ornaments turned into icicles. the year-end storm, and another 2020 headache for some, but for others, a chance to get out and have a little fun. now the snow and ice is not just affecting the morning commute, and in neighboring iowa the health department warning is that there are delays in covid testing and the processing of the samples. meanwhile, other states are warning that system of the covid
7:18 am
testing sites may be closed indefinitely. craig? >> thank you, shaq brewster in wisconsin for us. >> and treacherous shots there, and let's get more details on the weather from dylan who is at home and working for al. and how bad is it out there? >> well, it is going to be messy and we have had more than a foot of snow out there in cedar republican rapids, b -- rapids, could see some severe storms as well. it is traveling along a cold front, and we do have winter weather alerts and some across the western great lake, and also down the texas where ice is an issue, and the falling snow is through central and northern michigan where the ice is on the south side of that, and to the rain, and chicago has switched over to rain now as the warmer temperatures are moving in, and along the frontal boundary from later today into thursday, we
7:19 am
will have the torrential downpours and the isolated storms along the gulf coast and we will also see snow and ice possible this time around through the southern plains with the icing through the midwest before it is changing over to rain on friday. that is a look at the weather across the country and we will have a look at the forecast in the next 30 seconds. that means... best burger ever. intuit quickbooks helps small businesses be more successful with payments, payroll, banking and live bookkeeping. good morning. we are off to a beautiful start over san jose. gri skies. 35 degrees. look at the rest of the bay
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area. don't forget a coat. we are expecting it to remain dry for the first half of the day and later into the evening a chance of seeing some showers, see the increase in cloud cover and then more rain on the way for the weekend. and that's your latest forecast back to you guys >> dylan, thank you. still ahead, details on the shocking news overnight. a congressman-elect from louisiana dieing from covid just days before taking office. >> also wuhan, an inside look at the pandemic's ground zero and what's coming to light about that initial outbreak and how the city is doing today. but first, this is "today" on nbc. tasha, did you know geico could save you hundreds
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not a cent more. because giving, ...and giving back, is what the holidays are all about. use the chevy employee discount for everyone to get a total value of over eight thousand four hundred dollars on this silverado. get the chevy employee discount for everyone today. good morning. it's 7:26. i'm laura garcia. here are today's top stories. >> reporter: i'm kris sanchez at stanford, which has been accused of mishandling vaccine distribution. the hospital offered to nonclinical employees over the weekend because there were more available than staff lining up to get them. in a statement a stanford spokesperson says the vaccines will be by invitation only. this comes a week after there were protests. >> reporter: i'm bob redell.
7:27 am
small businesses can apply for covid-19 relief grants issued by the state of california as part of a program governor newsom announced ranging in size from $5,000 all the way up to $25,000 depending on your gross annual revenue. the application deadline is january 8th. good info to know there for this wednesday morning. another cool start. vianey is in for kari. wove a beautiful sky in san francisco. 43 degrees. you will notice an increase in cloud cover later into this afternoon. a quick system passing through bringing the chance of showers moving from north to south. temperatures in the 50s. seasonable for this time of year. on doppler radar making its approach. not a huge rainmaker but quick to pass.
7:28 am
should clear out but another chance of seeing rain as we head into the weekend. a closer look at what to expect. laura? >> don't wash the cars just yet.
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we are back now at 7:30 with a little taste of what millions will be watching on tv tomorrow night, massive amounts of confetti falling in times square officials tested it out from the hard rock cafe marquis so no crowds, but lots of confetti. we'll take it. >> i never thought about the fact they have to test the confetti >> and the ball, they're going to test that today the show must go on. >> no crowds but you'll be able to watch from the comfy confines of your own home >> let's get to the 7:30 headlines this morning.
7:31 am
the justice department says it will not bring federal criminal charges against two cleveland police officers for the fatal shooting of tamir rice. the department said it lacked sufficient evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that either officer had willfully broken the law. the shooting helped to galvanize the black lives matter. tuesday's announcement came five years after an ohio grand jury cleared the officers of any state charges. joe lewis clark, the tough love, no-nonsense principal who inspired the movie "lean on me" died tuesday at the age of 82. >> do whatever you have to to transform this school into a special place where the hearts and souls and minds of the young can rise >> classic scene there that's of course morgan freeman portraying clark in the 1989 hit film
7:32 am
as principal of east side high school in paterson, new jersey, clark was known for his unwavering commitment to his students and uncompromising disciplinary methods. he often roamed the hallways with a baseball bat and bull horn he was offered a position at the white house but turned it down to remain at the school. >> you no take a look at this. a single engine cessna forced to make an emergency landing on the sande bahama it happened tuesday afternoon on danya beach in the bahamas, and experienced engine trouble shortly after takeoff and thankfully, and surprisingly that nobody was hurt. >> fortunately for sure. >> meantime we've learn overnight of a tragic and high profile loss due to covid-19. >> covid has claimed the life of a young soon to be congressman
7:33 am
sam brock joins us with that story. sam, good morning. >> craig, kristen, good morning. this is simply put heart breaking congressman letlow had just been elected to represent louisiana's fifth congressional district in a runoff earlier this month. now the husband and father of two is gone, the latest victim coronavirus. >> reporter: luke letlow was just 41 years old, the married father of two young children and promising politician who was elected to congress earlier this month to represent louisiana's fifth district. >> didn't come from a lot of money, didn't come from a big political family >> reporter: the congressman-elect was set to be sworn in on monday, his family now planning a funeral after he died from coronavirus complications.ppreciates the nu prayers the family appreciates the numerous prayers and support over the past few days, but asking for privacy in this difficult and unexpected time. louisiana's governor ordering the flags to be flown at
7:34 am
half-staff the day of letlow's funeral. he defeated republican lance harrison earlier in the month to fill the vacated seat of his former boss ralph abraham. >> we've had covid, we've had so many challenges. >> reporter: less than two weeks ago he announced that he tested positive from his hospital bed, letlow urging covid survivors to donate their plasma saying it could save lives just days later he was moved to the icu and never recovered. house republican whip steve scalise from louisiana and house leader nancy pelosi offering condolences overnight. >> it brings home that covid can kill. for most folks it doesn't, but it truly can. if you remember luke, remember his family and -- >> do we know at this point in the congressman-elect had any
7:35 am
underlying conditions? >> when asked specifically that question, craig, if he had any underlying conditions when asked at the hospital that he was being treated at in shreveport, the advocate said that he had none, all covid-related. he becomes the furst member of congress or member-elect to die from the virus >> yet another cautionary tale sam brock for us thanks so much >> hard to believe condolences for his family coming up next, we are taking you inside wuhan where the pandemic first began one year later, the troubling questions as the city tries to bounce back. but first, these messages. sting. fermenting? yeah like kombucha or yogurt. and we formulate everything so your body can really truly absorb the natural goodness. that's what we do, so you can do you.
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7:40 am
wuhan, china. >> it's been almost one year since the first reported cases there and only now are we learning the scale of that initial outbreak it was likely far bigger than reported >> janice mackey frayer traveled back to wuhan for us >> reporter: this morning new data about the scale of the outbreak china's cdc saying testing for antibodies in wuhan revealed as many as 500,000 people may have been infected, nearly ten times china's official tally one year on, life in wuhan appears strikingly normal, streets are busy, kids are back in school, people are packing bars and parties we're standing here today very happy, she said. there as even exhibition in town praising xi jinping for defeating the virus and a highly touted hospital built in ten days is apparently no longer needed. this hospital has been closed for months, but officials have
7:41 am
left it here just in case of another pandemic. the outbreak triggered a drastic 76-day lockdown. that's when i scrambled to loaf the city >> we have left wuhan. >> an american filmmaker ho said it felt like it was so long ago. at the same time, the stories are still now that he is one of a handful of citizens trying to sue the local government allegedl concealing information if i keep silent, nothing will change, he says. but china has long tried to contain criticism. this week sentencing a video
7:42 am
blogger who reported during the lockdown to four years in prison her lawyer the world organization still waiting to get outside excerpts >> we intend to go back to where the virus was discovered >> reporter: the team is scheduled to travel here next month and they'll work on the ground with chinese scientists and they'll look at anything that might help explain how and where the virus spilled over to humans the lack of transparency and of outside involvement to this point have left a lot of room for speculation and theories about the origins of the virus, but these answers are critical to preventing future pandemics, especially when the w.h.o. is. saying that this is maybe not the big one. a quick update also on the
7:43 am
vaccine development here in china today saying that it is very close to having the first fully approved vaccine and it is going to be rolling out doses to 50 million people by early february. craig? >> really important "in-depth look" of wuhan, china, too. thank you. >> hard to believe it's been a year let us switch gears and get to the weather. because dylan and gong to you opinion. good morning a couple of storms that are going to produce heavy rain, some severe snow, hail and use going to be gone and some areas picking up totals of five or more inches of rain. those areas would be down across eastern parts of texas and oklahoma and arkansas, too. western texas is where we could see some of the highest totals
7:44 am
of snow there up to 6 to 8 inches and ice is a major concern, because that is what coats the trees and the power lines and makes the conditions very, very slippery and we could see up to 1/10 of an inch up to a beautiful start in san francisco. 43 degrees right now. that's not our coldest spot. even colder in through napa and livermore. low 30s in through the evening a chance of rain. doppler radar you can see the storm beginning to check in. it will not be a huge rainmaker. clouds continue to increase. forecast back to you guys in the studio >> all right, dylan, thank you >> up next, one of our favorite american adventurers, now determined to do what's never
7:45 am
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vicks sinex. instantly clear everday congestion. we're back with what's being called the impossible summit >> and adventurer colin o'brady is a man who seeks to accomplice things that no other human has done. gadi schwartz caught up with him as he starts the adventure halfway around the world. what is he up to now >> yeah, good morning, craig. when we think of mountaineering, usually everest gets the glory, be now it is not the hardest to climb, because it has been summited over 500 times, and unlike the legendary k2 which s
7:50 am
the most dangerous expedition on planet earth has a death rate of over 70% and that is why it could be the most dangerous expedition on earth. >> a little higher. a little closer. >> reporter: for adventurer's like colin o'brady, it's been called hell land, one that's never been conquered in the winter colin, k2 in the winter. what are you thinking, man >> well, i love to set big goals and do things that i have never been accomplished before. >> reporter: at over 22,000 feet, it is second to mount everest. but what lies behind this majestic beauty is a much more treacherous and deadly climb >> definitely had -- this will be the last indoors i'll feel for a couple of months let's go ♪
7:51 am
♪ >> reporter: the trip to base camp alone is 70 miles >> pretty crazy to get a truck through but making our way >> so many people are going to be wondering why, why do you do it >> this project is for anybody who has ever been told their dreams are impossible. >> day two of the trek right beside me is the beginning of the largest alpine glacier in the world. we'll basically be following it all the way up way into there. that is where we will reach k2. >> reporter: colin says all of his previous adventures have prepared him for this one. >> first tiny view of the k2 it's hiding in the clouds back there. >> reporter: including summiting all the highest mountains in a year, even mount everest >> definitely starting to feel a little less oxygen, not too bad. >> he's reaching for a trifecta, of superhuman feats starting with crossing antarctica by
7:52 am
himself in 2018, and then rowing across the drake passage in 2019 and then last week preparing to summit k2. are you nervous at all >> absolutely don't want to be a statistic, that's for sure it has taken some lives and the statistics for sure. >> cloud cleared good morning >> and colin's wife jenna will be waiting anxiously for him to finish >> she is the heart and soul of my team. >> i can't wait to hug you when you are safe and back home. >> at the end of the day, mother nature is always in charge. i can't wait to see the majesty of this mountain and have safe passage back home. and now, colin is going to begin his long two months at the base camp so his body can get used to being deprived of oxygen as he makes the final push. expect h
7:53 am
>> and gauddi, when he makes tht final push, how long to summit it >> he says that the weather is the key, and once it is the break, they will give him a 38 to 42-hour push, which is three times faster that on the is mummer and incredible feat made more dangerous because of the lack of sleep on the most dangerous cliffs on planet earth. >> and the death rate is 25%, which means 1 of 4 people who have climbed it have not survived. >> right. to compare to everest, which has been summited 500 time, and k2 only three times. that is in the good months of summer and this has never been done in the winter. >> okay. best of luck for colin o'brady. and just ahead, what the parents need to know about the food deadlines to help reduce the risk of deadly allergies after the local news. ul chew
7:54 am
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7:56 am
zifans love zicam's unique zinc formula. it shortens colds! zicam zinc that cold! a very good morning to you. 7:56. i'm laura garcia. here is a look at what's happening now. good morning, everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. the house has already approved the idea of sending $2,000 checks to americans as opposed to just $600. this goes to the senate which could vote as early as today. senate leader mitch mcconnell says he will tie that to a change in internet rules that the president wants but many sna senators do not. >> reporter: i'm kris sanchez at stanford which has been accused once again of mishandling its vaccine distribution. "the stanford daily" reports the hospital offered vaccines to some nonclinical employees over the weekend because there were more vaccines available than staff lining up to get them and when people showed up there was
7:57 am
little to the verification process process. in a statement vaccines will be by invitation only rather than walkups. this comes a week after stanford residents and fellows protested they were at the back of the line. a nice wednesday morning to enjoy. an early morning walk would require probably a jacket, vianey. it's a little cold out there. it is. 37 degrees in walnut creek. a good mix of sun and clouds. we will see an increase in that cloud cover later today. san jose, 38 degrees. grab an umbrella. showers into the evening. laura? thanks so much. another local news update in half an hour.
7:58 am
7:59 am
♪ ♪ digital transformation has failed to take off. because it hasn't removed the endless mundane work we all hate. ♪ ♪ automation can solve that by taking on repetitive tasks for us. unleash your potential. uipath. reboot work.
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today. coming up, breaking overnight, a highly contagious strain of the coronavirus detected in the united states for the first time in a colorado man who has not traveled outside the country >> it is more transmittable, so it is more contagious and therefore more dangerous in that regard >> this as the trump administration faces growing criticism for a slower-than-promised vaccine rolled out >> it's not as if we didn't know there would be this level of demand for vaccination >> we're live with the latest. plus, making every bite count.
8:01 am
new dietary guidelines are out addressing allergies for babies and toddlers but critics say the new guidelines ignore important vice for adults >> it's important to be as aggressive as possible in recommending lower sugar intake. >> we'll break down what you need to know. and archie speaks. the young son of prince harry and meghan markel makes his podcast debut alongside his parents. hear his festive message to the world. >> after me. ready? happy. >> happy. >> new. >> new. >> year. >> today, wednesday, december 30th, 2020. ♪ because it is never really over ♪ >> it is a big day for pearson. he is turning 7 today. >> from grandover, michigan. >> and from charlotte, north carolina --
8:02 am
>> we are here celebrating our little one turning 1. >> happy birthday, geovanna. >> 25 years ago -- >> i married the love of my life. >> it is our silver anniversary. >> how about that anniversary and happy birthday and welcome back to "today" on this final wednesday morning of 2020. we appreciate you waking up with us, and you hanging out for a few days. and kristen welker is pitching in while hoda and savannah have a few days off. in addition to your weekend duties and the time at the white house, you are an avid royal watcher. >> i love the royals and hearing from baby archie, that is the right way to start the new year, and happy new years, baby, archie. that is great. >> and we start with the news at 8:00 and begin with the latest on the coronavirus front.
8:03 am
and the case of that highly contagious strain has been found in a colorado man after a new vaccine has been approved in the united kingdom. kerry sanders is there with the three things to watch this morning. >> good morning. as health care workers are lining up in ft. lauderdale to get vaccinated, all eyes in colorado and the 20-year-old man who indeed did test positive for the variant strain of coronavirus. this is the first patient in the united states to test positive for that. meantime, in the united kingdom, the approval there of another vaccine, the astrazenica vaccine in collaboration with oxford columbia university, and they had a 74% effectiveness, and that is good news there. and meantime here in the united states, operation warp speed is yet to really hit warp. many people, including those waiting in line here say that
8:04 am
they were promised that 20 million people would be vaccinated by now, and it is now slightly more than 2 million, and many people are pointing their fingers at washington saying that the administration messed up the roll-out, and thing are erratic and slow. craig. >> thank you, kerry sanders in florida. and also this morning a major development in the breonna taylor case. there is a step to fire two of the officers involved in the controversial death. gabe gutierrez is joining us with more on that. gabe, good morning. >> kristen, good morning. for months the breonna taylor has been calling for the officers involved to be not only fired but to face charges and this morning the family is going to get their wish. the louisville interim police chief is taking steps to fire the two officers including the one who fired the shot >> reporter: the louisville
8:05 am
police department is expected to formally remove two more police officers connected to the raid that killed breonna taylor. myles cosgrove fired the fatal shot that killed breonna taylor according to the fbi. and the other officer was also involved. detective cosgrove confirmed the firing, but had no comment. and the other attorney for detective joshua james had this comment. >> what we have is a he said and she said and the lmpd anded the mayor's office have totally botched this investigation and i think they they are looking for people to throw under the bus. >> reporter: and the interim police chief was appointed following the firing of officer
8:06 am
jenkins who is facing three counts of wanton recklessness for firing shots into a neighboring apartment, and now others are speaking out against the former police detective who said that the grand jury was not allowed to face other charges against the officers. >> we want to know what he presented to the grand jury. was you ever in breon thatbreon at all >> reporter: and the police chief calling the step forward courageous. >> we are still hoping that the charges will be filed. >> reporter: and after a botched entry into the police officer, 32 shots were fired. and the boyfriend fired a shot saying that he feared an intruder was trying to come into the home. the city then following banned no-knock warrants and they filed
8:07 am
a $2 million civil suit. and the officers will be able to defend themselves at a predetermination hearing tomorrow. >> thank you, gabe gutierrez. and now, a storm crossing the country to bring snow and ice and rain to tens the of millions. people from nebraska to new england and everywhere in between waking up to a fresh coat of snow. dylan will be back with the latest on the storms. >> she will. hoda is off this morning, but you have to boost. >> i will try, and i will do my best. this morning a story of true brotherly love. take a look at that baby monitor video. look closely that. is 10-year-old mason there who woke up at 3:00 in the morning to comfort his 10-month-old brother greyson. and he lifts him out of the crib and then entertains him with toys and reads him a story and then he gets into the crib with
8:08 am
his bay bby brother. his mother asked him why he did it, and he said that i knew you had a big day and i wanted to give you some extra sleep. she says that the love for his baby brother is unending. >> and they probably spent the next day sleeping after the big night up. and we will tell you what you need to know for allergies for new parents. and we will take a look back at who we lost in the last year. are you one of the millions of americans
8:09 am
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now that's triple power. [phone rings] "sore throat pain? try new vicks vapocool drops in honey lemon chill for a fast-acting rush of relief like you've never tasted in... ♪ honey lemon ahh woo vicks vapocool drops now in honey lemon chill and my water broke. at only 23 weeks. andrew: we had to stay in the hospital for 10 weeks, 1000s of miles from family. our driver kristin came along in our most desperate hour. suzanne: bringing us home-cooked meals and gifts. andrew: day after day. we wanted to show you something. kristin: oh my god! andrew: kristin is the most uncommonly kind person that we've met. suzanne: thank you so much. we're back at 8:13 with really important health news for families >> the federal government just
8:14 am
released new dietary guidelines and for the first time released allergy and dietary guidelines for babies and toddlers. >> but critics say they ignore key advice about sugar and alcohol for adults >> for the first time enough federal dietary guidelines address potential food allergies among babies and toddlers, advising parents to introduce peanuts into a child's diet as early as four months old >> the child's immune system changes between 12 and 24 months significantly and if you introduce the foods early, the immune system will learn how the tolerate the allergens. >> reporter: the guidelines recommend children under the age of 2 should consume no added sugars at all. >> they don't need cookies or sweetened cereal whatever other calories we're giving them should be healthy caloriesave a sweeping impact.
8:15 am
philadelphia mom >> the usda and the fda update their guidelines every five years. they have a sweeping impact. philadelphia mom angel hattenis. >> so you can't just pick up anything off the shelf anymore you definitely have to do your research >> reporter: this year there was also controversy federal regulators rejected an advisory committee's recommendation to cut the limit of daily alcoholic beverages for men from two drinkses to one, matching that limit for women, and recommended cutting sugar consumption for adults. they said there wasn't enough evidence to adopt that the american heart association disagrees. >> there has been an increasing and growing burden contributing to diabetes and we need to be aggressive in recommending lower
8:16 am
sugar intake. >> but these are just guidelines and you should be forming healthy patterns, no matter what age you are. joining us with what is and isn't in these new guidelines is nbc senior medical correspondent dr. john torres, and good morning to you and seeing you on this holiday week. thank you for being here. is there anything that particularly surprised you about every five these new guidelines, dr. john >> like you said these guidelines come out every five years and the fact that the advisory committee said that we should limit the alcoholic beverages to limit to one for men and one for women or not to drink alcohol at all. and then also for the first time they've addressed nutritional requirements for babies and toddlers, those under the age of 2, which i think a lot of parents will be welcoming this
8:17 am
information. >> dr. john, based on this new information for folks who like to enjoy a sweet treat from time to time, what's the guidance >> the guidance here is to have healthy dietary patterns in other words, have healthy habits when it comes to the diet, so don't look at one thing that you might indulge every now and then but look across the spectrum of the days across a basis and look across to what is nutrient dense foods which is the foods that you get more bang for the buck, and more nutrients and minerals and vitamins in the foods, themselves, but they said it is okay to indulge once in a while, and if you get a cake once in a while, fine, but every wednesday, that is not every now and then that. and some of the things that they mention, too, if you go out for the burrito bowl, don't get the white rice, but the brown race and not the brown beans laced
8:18 am
with bacon, but the black beans with low in sodium, and so the things that my wife gets, and here so do things not the thing s that i get. so i'm certainly changing my had been it's. are there some takeaway tips here so do things on a regular basis. of course look at the recommendation you'll cut your sugar, cut your alcohol. with babies in particular, one of the big things they focused on are introducing those allergy foods, peanuts, eggs, shell fish, starting at six months, maybe four months and then hopefully they won't get those allergies later in life, and portion control and that is a big thing. put the fruits and veggies on the plate first and then put the other foods on first and you will then get the fruits and veggies that your mom told you that you needed. >> that is smart. >> and now let's get a check of
8:19 am
the weather now from dylan dreyer who is working from home. >> good morning again, guys. noise to see you. but big surprise there we are going to see some of the heavier rainfall down into texas and you saw that little strip of snow and ice that's going to make thing very mess are, we could end up with five or more inches of rain. that's a look at the weather across the c 37 degrees over walnut creek. notice increase in cloud cover later into this evening. 44 degrees now in san francisco. a closer look at your microclimate highs for today. expect a chance of evening showers. temperatures topping out in the upper 50s in through the south bay 59 degrees for san jose. 59 for concord and heading into the evening seeing showers clearing out by thursday, warming on the way for the weekend.
8:20 am
and that's your latest forecast kristen? >> dylan, thank you. 2020 was a year of staggering losses with many families grieving loved ones now gone >> we also lost a number of public figures and celebrities known far and wide for their brilliance in sports, entertainment and more. >> final 1:30 and bryant from 14 and he has 53! unbelievable stuff. >> how good is this kid. >> you work hard enough and dreams come true. >> kobe bryant leaving the floor. >> what can i say? and -- >> got him! mamba out. >> the legend. perfect game. >> i'm a yankee fan and i wouldn't have signed with anybody else. >> and the man has gone faster than the speedf of sound.
8:21 am
>> and you need a big laughter there. >> hello ♪ long tall sally until the day she die ♪ ♪ and everything that she need ♪ oh baby >> you don't start to play ball at your age, you retire. ♪ send me away with the words o a love song ♪ >> there was a ball game on. ♪ ♪ >> first of all, you don't ask the questions around here, i do. >> tell us, i want to know you're with me >> bond, james bond. >> my name is perky galore ♪
8:22 am
♪ ♪ this day ♪ lean on me when you're not strong ♪ ♪ and i'll be your friend ♪ i'll help you carry on >> here is the host of "jeopardy," alex trebek! ♪ i might have a problem that you understand ♪ >> and here is your clue ♪ ♪ >> if heaven exists, what would you like to hear god say when you arrive at the pearly gates >> first the news. >> 50 years ago i was a page right here >> you've got to go where others
8:23 am
don't think to go. >> it contributes to the end of the days when women at least half the talent pool in our society appear in high places only as one at a time performers. ♪ i am woman hear me roar in numbers too big to ignore ♪ ♪ and i know too much to go bac and pretend ♪ ♪ you got to know when to hold them ♪ serenity now! >> ♪ know when to fold 'em ♪ know when to run ♪ you have to count your money ♪ >> as long as we live, we must stay true to ourselves. ♪ i remember everything ♪ things i can't forget >> different reporters would say, now, charley, how does it feel to be the jackie robinson
8:24 am
of country music. >> to speak up and speak out and get into trouble, necessary trouble. my philosophy is very simple. when you see something that is not right, not fair, not just, stand up. say something. speak up and speak out >> everything that you fought for was not for yourself it was for those that come after. it is it always sobering to look back at all those we lost we lost some icons and so many young people, including chadwick boseman, kobe bryant hard to believe. >> yeah, you know, to your point, you look back at that piece there and you realize, yes, we lost a lot but in many of those cases their work will live on, their legacy will live on we will switch gears when we come back.
8:25 am
we'll get to pop start and much more but first, your local news
8:26 am
good morning. 8:26. i'm marcus washington. happening now, small businesses there in california can actually apply for covid relief grants from the state. those grants are part of a $500 million relief program. grants range from $5,000 to $25,000. applicants can do that, the application process closes january 8th. you have more information right now on our website, meanwhile, the largest crane ship passed under the golden gate bridge. the crane booms dropped yesterday making sure the ship hs enough room to pass. all right. time to get a look at that forecast for you today.
8:27 am
starting out nice today, right? >> it is. but it's so cold, marcus. 30s right now still even as we're heading out the door. make sure you grab a coat. 37 degrees in wall nit creek. meanwhile, over san francisco, 44 degrees and not getting much, much warmer but will eventually climb into the up are 50s. seasonable for this time of year. notice i have an evening shower chance. expecting to see a quick-moving system pass through moving from north to south bringing a little rain. not a huge rainmaker. rain clears by tomorrow, mid-morning and should be a lovely new year's eve with more rain on the way for the weekend. marcus? >> thanks. >> another news update in 30 minutes. see you then.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ feeling good like you should 8:30 on this wednesday morning, new year's eve eve and a lot of folks waking up with us. dylan is working from home covering the weather and also "popstart" for us, too, apparently. >> yes, i am. and come up, get ready to smile, because we are going to take a listen to prince harry and meghan markel's podcast debut and what their son archie did on it for the first time and
8:31 am
totally stole to show. >> i am already smiling, dylan. and what does the new year look like for hollywood well, critics say a lineup of stellar movies coming our way, and some getting oscar buzz. we will have a look. >> and those charcuterie boards are easier to put together than you think. there is katie lee up early and she is going to show us how to do that and just in time for the new year's celebration, quite possibly at home coming up in a few minutes on the third hour of "today" after that, the story behind the business that is coming of the rescue of working parents who are working online and this business has created a classroom inside of its office and a cool idea. >> clever there. and looking ahead to tomorrow, meet the college kid who became a social media phenom in 2020 by blending the top trends of tiktok with his love of
8:32 am
preparing comfort food. good mix there. tomorrow is the final day of 2020, finally. but it does come with a storm and we d >> from all of that, ms. dryerd, how about a look at the forecast. >> well, the final storm of the year should come with a storm through the coast of texas and louisiana and elsewhere across the country on thursday, most of us seeing sunshine. as we get to midnight, we are looking for the snow to take hold through kansas and oklahoma and parts of the panhandle of texas, and also looking for the severe storms to slide east. not that there is going to be a lot of people in times square, but temperatures are in the upper 30s with clear skies at that point. and before the storm moves in as we go to friday. friday forecast kicking off 2021 with a mess. snow and ice around the great lake, and more snow through the midwest and chance of severe
8:33 am
storms down across the southeast with the gusty winds and 44 degrees right now in san francisco and cool 40s virg eventually warm into cool 50s. tracking possibity of rain. a rain shower or two pushing into this evening from north to south. north bay, first to see the rain. topping in the 50s. a break friday and more rain on the weekend. and that's your latest forecast craig, back to you >> nasty weather for millions of americans seems the appropriate way to close out 2020. dylan dreyer, don't go too far,
8:34 am
8:35 am
8:36 am
8:35, time for "popstart." dylan filling in for carson this morning. what you got >> well, guys, i don't have a though it is a good graphics department so i've got a knockoff "popstart" for you this morning. we have been talking about it all morning. though it is a good one. the duke and duchess of sussex started a podcast. they are venturing into podcasting with the release of a holiday special episode. it's packed with celebrity guests it's the first recorded words from baby archie that's stealing the spotlight. joe fryer has all the details. >> no, say it.
8:37 am
i think it sounds really nice with your accent. >> i'm harry. >> i'm meghan. thank you for joining us >> harry and meghan are stepping back into the media spotlight, this time on their own terms >> let's hold on to the lessons that we've learned about how important it is to take care of one another. >> reporter: but it's a tiny star that steals the show. >> the first recorded word of archie and one of the lightest moments of a podcast packed with stars. >> i hope after this awful pandemic has passed that we have become better people >> we never want to go back to a time where we couldn't hug or touch or love people because of a virus. >> reporter: a collection of performers and activists opening up about the challenges of the past year. it is the first of many projects for the duke and duchess in their post royal life. the podcast is part of a dial with spotify and the couple
8:38 am
signed on to produce content with netflix. >> he has a podcast voice. >> reporter: the sussexes are using their new platform to spread deep messages >> trust us when we say love wins >> love always wins. >> so true darkness cannot drive out darkness only light can do that >> the message of this song is one we hold so dearly. it's about using the power we each have within us to make this world a better place. ♪ this little light of mine >> reporter: with a final message punctuated by little archie. >> after me. all right. happy. >> happy. >> new. >> new year. >> for nbc "today," joe fryer, nbc news. >> don't you love it but whose accent do you think that he has? >> dylan, you took the worlds out of my mouth. i am wondering if he is going to have a british accent? >> i think it is a combination accent.
8:39 am
>> combination or whatever it is, it is adorable, dylan. >> we can agree on that. >> we just need to hear more of it. >> i agree. >> you can listen to full exactly, and you can listen to full holiday special podcast on spotify. next up, tom hanks, and the actor, he has been down in australia filming the new elvis biopic in which he is playing the legendary rocker's manager tom parker. and hanks revealed the unfortunate haircut that was required to play the colonel. >> let me show you, show you the horrible haircut that i have to have in order to portray colonel tom parker. >> okay. >> check out, check out this horrible. do you see that! look at that thing. >> wait, wait. sit down. >> oh! >> i just scared the children. i want to apologize.
8:40 am
>> we almost missed it there he was a little too high at least none of us have to do that for work. >> craig could pull it off. >> and some could argue that al has to do that. >> i don't know if i could, but why didn't he go with the bald head mask that some people use for roles. i guess he wanted to -- >> well, he is a method actor. >> clearly. stepping into the role. >> all right. next up, new year's day for most of us, we can agree it could not come soon enough, and new year's is coming with the annual rose parade special right here on nbc. the two-hour special has been of course like everything else reimagined this year it is going to feature celebrity guests and musical performances and of course, the beautiful flowers. hoda and al are going to be hosting the special once again, but let's look back at the rose parade appearances over the years. >> bam that's how you start off 2020. 2020. good morning, everybody. happy new year.
8:41 am
i'm al roker, and i am so thrilled to start the new year off with hoda kotb. >> no better place to spend the rose parade than with al roker.a such a memorable experience with you and the memorable pasadena, california. we will share the microphone, and a lot of fun coming up. >> there is going to be a lot of fun and it airs right here at 11:30 on new year's day. >> the roses stay the same, and the hair stays the same, but the outfits will change. and what we can look forward to look forward to with every member of your family. >> and dave is goi to join us ng
8:42 am
my mother died when i was a kid. it inspired me to become a doctor. then covid hit. no one has ever seen anything like covid. you feel hopeless. my best friend's father died of covid-19. then my father caught it. wearing a mask, washing your hands. sacrifice those things now. you have the power to protect the ones you love.
8:43 am
welcome back. 2020 was especially difficult
8:44 am
for the entertainment industry and theaters forced to close doors and major hollywood productions put on hold. >> but things are looking up for the new year, and movie aficionado dave carter from classic movies is joining with us a preview of what to expect. dave, so great to see you and happy new year to you, and let's start with one of our favorite actors tom hanks, and one of his movies is coming up, "new world" and what can you tell us about it? >> it is well done and reminds me of a classic western, and he is going to play a civil war era movie who plays a man who happens upon a young girl who has been kidnapped, and he wants to return her to her family. it opened in theaters on christmas, but it is available for people at home on demand on january 15th, and that is the trend that we are seeing a lot of the big movies available or at home viewing, and the same with coming to america, the sequel that so many people are looking forward to.
8:45 am
i'm a little bit older than you guys, but for all three of us, the original "coming to america" was a seminel part of our childhoods and now with eddie murphy and arsenio hall coming back with the characters of sexual chocolate and all of the characters in the barbershop, and i'm so excited for that and that is coming out on amazon on march 5th, "coming 2 america." >> you just alluded to this, where can you see it in the summary. is that a trend we're going to continue to see in 2021? >> absolutely it is. warner brothers has announced its entire slate will debut in theaters and on hbo max at the same time. one movie included is "the little things," which is serial
8:46 am
killer thriller, three oscar winners and that's coming out january 29th. as i said, in theaters on hbo max as well. and disney is doing the same thing as they did with "mulan" which is an animated film following in "mulan" and "m "mulana." so it worked with those movies in the summer, and so they will
8:47 am
have this one with an inspirational female lead character and a very cute side kick. that will be one including one called "zen night in miami." >> "one night in miami" is so great. it's the directorial debut of the story of when malcolm x, muhammad ali and jim brown all get together. their conversations are fascinating, and it has a lot of relevance to today. and there's a film called -- the family moves to arkansas in the hopes of starting a farm. but i guarantee it's going to be a contender. we have pictures at the oscars. and for more she plays a woman experiencing a hard time and she decides to live this sort of nomadic existence living around in her van, and this could be a third oscar for francis mcdormond.
8:48 am
and finally a movie that i absolutely adore called "the far." it takes you inside the head of everybody who really understands what it must feel like he's right and someone going through alzheimer's, and anthony hopkins is in this and he is amazing. and i believe it is the best ever. he is just an incredible actor. >> with you saying that's his best ever, though. >> good afternoon year, buddy. happy up and worry. happy new year. >> happy new year. >> and artful appetizer boards that are all the rage on instagram lately. and katie lee is standing by because she is going to teach us how they a
8:49 am
8:50 am
"today food.
8:51 am
no appetizer looks more impressive with a charcuterie board. tomorrow night why not wow your family or your new year's eve fans with one of your own. this is one of my favorite things to prepare. >> they are looking impressive and also intimidating and so we invited one of the best to show us how it is done. katie lee who is the host of "the kitchen" over on the food network, and so before we get cooking here though, congratulations, first time mom. >> yay! >> how's it been so far? >> i'm so obsessed with her. i'm a little bit tired but we're having a great time. she's such a good baby she just woke up from her morning nap. i was hoping she was going to make it through my segment but she had other plans. luckily dad is on duty with her. >> babies always have other
8:52 am
plans. what was it like to celebrate her first christmas? oh, it was so nice we just kind of had a really cozy dawn. just mom and dad and iris and the dog here. >> sounds perfect. first of all, what is it that is so great that has turned this into such a rage on instagram? >> it's very instagramable because they're so pretty and you can add so much color to it. what i really like about this is it's been assembly only and it really is a meal in itself you don't have to have anything else can you just chow down on one of these boards and be perfectly satisfied. i think there's a few elements that are the must have and so i'm starting out with mef
8:53 am
like a cheddar or manchego and goat cheese. and so with the goat cheese i like to add some honey and little black cracked pepper to give it a little zing, and for this one i want to add a little sweet element to it, and so i have a little bit of apricot jam that i add to the top of it. something that i think that you will see as a trend in 2021 is savory granola. so it is little bit different and has the flavors of rosemary and cayenne, and you can make it yourself. i get mine from a little hampton woman at hampton grocers and a shoutout. >> crunch. >> yes, i love texture and anything with a crunch, so that is a really good combo, and then for my bleu cheese, like to add dried figs or dates and add a little bit of sweet to that
8:54 am
funky bleu cheese, and then my husband's favorite -- go ahead. >> i was going to say, you are talking about the sweet, but what about the salty and the meats, and what meat would you suggest? >> well, the meats, you have to get to that. i have salami here, and if you got a gift basket for christmas with all of the meats, this is great way to use it up and another trend is some different kinds of flavors with the salami, and so we got some cool ones that are lemon grass salami and a curry salami, and this is a red wine. so you just kind of layer those in there, and i don't know if you can hear iris over there, and she is cooing. >> and we would lo to see her. no bring her in. >> and she is sitting there with her dad. little camera shy [ laughter ] and then i have got some serrano ham here, and take it and bunch it up a little bit to give it a little bit of height, and place it around the cheeses, and you are kind of looking to build
8:55 am
this board and take it out and make it really festive and have like different heights. so then my husband's favorite thing is this onion jam that you can buy it online or i made some. so just dice up some onions and add sugar and vinegar to it, and cook it down and it is really, really good with cheddar cheese and put some on a cracker and spoonful of the onion jam and that is delicious. i like to add a brining moment, and soy have black olives here and look for places to put it. so you will want to have your cheese, and salty and savory and then acidic touch. for that i am using the cor cornishons and pickles or anything. >> and katy, 30 seconds, but is there a fancy drink to accompany this >> yes, we have to get to the cocktail. >> always. >> and i have a drink here that
8:56 am
is sparkling wine and cassise, and decorate some sugared grapes around and it is going to look like winter. >> katy, charcuterie board and new mom extraordinary. >> i might go hide with this. >> send some our way. >> for more to make that board, it is to >> thank you. e you. good morning. 8:56. i'm marcus washington. small business owners applying for covid relief grants from state part of a relief program. grants range from $5,000 to $25,000. the application process closes january 8th. january 13th is when the state
8:57 am
will start notifying businesses they've been approved. more information on our website. and a walnut creek facility receives their first dose of vaccine today. sequoia living community first to do it in southern california. vaccinations begin at 11:00 this morning. check out our interactive tool at asks a few questions and give you a rough estimate of the place in line you will be for the vaccines. check it out where you stand in the vaccine line at the top of our trending bar. happening now, the largest chain ship passed underneath the golden gate bridge. the bridge lowered to make sure there is enough room for other ships to pass through. another local update in an hour.
8:58 am
if your bank account took a hit in 2020, our response team has top savings tips for the new year. plus, it's almost over. what so many people are glad to leave behind in 2020 and what they're looking forward to in
8:59 am
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from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the third hour of "today." >> good morning, everybody, welcome to the third hour of "today," i'm al here with sheinelle and craig. as we get ready for new year's eve, it's all about making a difference we have stories about folks who are trying something new and inspiring. our vicky nguyen will tell us all about a business, helping employees by


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