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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 5, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PST

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right now at 4:30, in a dire state. icus filling up across california and doctors warning the worst is yet to come. plus -- >> we have not yet received enough vaccine to cover the very first tier of folks who are supposed to receive it. >> the vaccine rollout still far too slow. what many say needs to happen in order for more people to get those covid-19 shots. and help is on the way for struggling restaurants and businesses. the extension being given for those looking to apply for assistance. "today in the bay" starts right now.
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a very good tuesday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. marcus washington has the morning off. let's check in with kari and a rainy week. yes, we had the rain yesterday. now the moisture is left on the ground and that's condensing into fog. very dense fog in parts of the east bay as well as the north bay. take a look at the visibility down to a quarter of a mile, so you do want to allow extra time to get to work. it is clear in the south bay as we get a look outside in san jose. some clouds rolling by and some peeks of sunshine today as we head into the upper 50s. the next chance of rain coming up in the forecast. how is it looking for the commute? kari, what you're talking about is what we're looking at here. for the dublin camera we're looking at what you have trouble looking through, the fog in the tri-valley. the dublin camera shows that traffic flow is just fine. we'll show you on a map what
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we're talking about. the yellow highlighting there. 680 moving up to the north bay as well. we'll keep an eye on things. the traffic flow at speed. scott? mike, state leaders pushing back the deadline a few days for small businesses to apply for california's new covid relief grant. half a billion dollars is available to businesses who are trying to survive the pandemic. applications originally supposed to be submitted friday. the new deadline is january 13th. the governor's office says adjustments were made because traffic on the website was so high. grants range from $5,000 to $25,000. well, statewide there is a slight downward trend in new cases. 29,000 new covid cases reported down from the all-time high of 53,000 last friday. however, the governor says there is a lag in testing right now and we haven't yet seen the possible surge from the holidays. the governor is also admitting that california's vaccine rollout so far is just not good
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enough. only about 1% of the state's 40 million residents have received injections, just about 35% of the 1.3 million doses the state currently has have been administered. the governor is promising more vaccine expansion later this month. and speaking of our race for vaccine coverage, you heard laura talk about the 35% number that had been administered. 65% of those doses still sitting idle. what's being done? when will you get yours? "today in the bay's" terry mcsweeney looking for answers. 1,279,000 doses received. 454,000 administered. not good enough. >> reporter: with the vast majority of vaccine doses delivered to california still not administered to people, the governor says he'll include $300 million in his budget proposal this week to pay for vaccine logistics, public education campaign and more. >> so we're already working the last number of days to increase the number of distribution sites and, more importantly, to accelerate the efforts of who can distribute the vaccine.
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>> we have not yet even received enough vaccine to cover the very first tier of folks who are supposed to receive it. >> reporter: napa county supervisor diane dillon vowing to push the state for much more of the lifesaving vaccines sitting in refrigeration units, asking for members of the medical community to sign up to help administer the anticipated wave of vaccines though there's no delivery date scheduled. >> i have no idea why they're not being delivered throughout the state. >> reporter: the department of consumer affairs received a waiver that will allow the state's 36,000 dentists to administrate vaccines to people 16 and older. dr. natasha lee is past president of the california dental association. >> likely thought the drive-up testing centers, imagine if we could have vaccine centers where we could be volunteering to administer vaccines. >> reporter: dr. lee is frustrated by the slow and uneven vaccine delivery where
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she sees communities with plenty of the vaccine. >> we have other communities where we have no information whatsoever about how to even anticipate when we might be able to get the vaccine. >> reporter: dr. lee says the state has to vaccinate 200,000 people per day to meet its goal. the governor says vaccinations will increase exponentially as we move through january. terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. california officials may want to take a look at the steps that florida is taking. there the governor says he wants to close covid testing sites and turn them into small vaccination sites. this has already started to happen in one county. the health department has started limiting testing to one day a week. the rest of the week they are conducting vaccinations. school boards across the bay area getting back to business. many plan to resume virtual meetings next week. try to assess where they're at as far as resuming in-class learning. some districts including san francisco were once eyeing the late january restart. in san jose reopening school
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campuses was planned for this week but no longer. in december, of course, covid cases skyrocketed. the region wide stay-at-home order set in and that left districts in limbo. well, happening today san jose's newly elected leaders will be sworn in during a virtual ceremony. the new council will hold the first meeting of the new year. san francisco supervisors plan to discuss several actions when it comes to those struggling just to make it in the bay during the pandemic. among the items on today's agenda a proposal that would waive or delay certain taxes on certain businesses. many remain closed due to the shelter at home order. supervisors also will consider finalizing a plan to help those living in 2,800 supportive housing units in the city. rent would be capped at 30% of their income. in the meantime we're getting new numbers as rent in san francisco declined another 3% in december. according to apartment list down 27% from a year ago. the increases could be on the
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way. the website tells sf gate to expect prices to tick up in the spring as the economy improves. let's get a check of your weather on this fine tuesday. remember yesterday when i thought it was tuesday? today is definitely tuesday, right? right? >> are you sure about that? >> absolutely. >> yes, it's tuesday. yes, and we'll get some sunshine today, so maybe that will make it feel a little bit better out there. let's get a look at what's going on because we are still in between these storms. there will be several of them rolling in this week, but we can see it's dry now and there's a lot more clouds off the coast. but all of these storms rolling in with the high winds have been pushing up a lot of those really high waves. and there's the potential again today that we could see those breakers anywhere from 25 to 30 feet so dangerous along the coastline today. we'll talk about our next chance of rain coming up. mike, how is it looking now heading to work? kari, the overall view looks great. as we take a look at our maps
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you see the bay area speed sensors in green. you also see the tri-valley on the right in the yellow. we showed you the fog from our view and the dublin camera and 84, 680. they will see some slowing as a result. look at the north bay, the yellow, sebastopol, to novato. times of visibility. the bay bridge looks fine here. a live look shows you the same. beautiful view, easy drive right now. we'll track it, laura. back to you. it is a nice view outside. thanks, mike. 4:38 right now. payments frozen. still ahead on "today in the bay," the state takes drastic action as it tries to put a stop to unemployment fraud cases. the growing number of people now being impacted. and venmo is making changes. the feature that lets you deposit money without using a bank app. we'll tell you how it works.
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right now at 4:41, we're starting out with some fog in parts of the bay area. there will be some times of sunshine today. take a look at our highs for this afternoon. we'll reach mostly in the mid to upper 50s. it will be a seasonable day but staying dry. let's talk about that rain that's in the forecast. that's coming up in a few minutes. the leftovers of that rain and the fog will be a factor.
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we'll look at the oakland camera. you can see the low clouds in the distance from the coliseum, so that's one clue over there. also, the road crew registered in oakland around 23rd. this time on the southbound side. things look okay so far. we'll track the changes. wall street is set to open slightly higher after yesterday's sell-off. stocks initially touched new record highs before turning lower on investor concerns about rising covid cases. a new lockdown in europe, the potential for higher inflation all ahead of the georgia senate run-off as well. the dow dropping as much as 700 points before coming back and closing down 382. the dow and s&p 500 suffering their worst day in two months. the markets had their worst trading day since 2016. reports on manufacturing and auto sales. venmo is launching a check cashing feature that lets you deposit money without using your
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bank's own app. as with similar tools you just have to take a photo of the check. venmo says most check approvals will take just seconds. you will have to pay fees to deposit most checks but the firm is temporarily waiving the fees for stimulus checks. mcdonald's firing the latest shot in the chicken sandwich wars. it will introduce three new sandwiches next month, spicy, crispy, and deluxe. mcdonald's franchise owners have said for years a new premium chicken sandwich should be top priority. mcdaonald's has trimmed its staf because of the pandemic. there is the limited return of the famed mcrib. with your cnbc morning business report, i'm brian sullivan. >> brian, i like how seriously you take that. i will see your chicken and raise you a pizza. an all-new menu item at pizza hut to celebrate the 25th
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anniversary of the stuffed crust, you can see it on the right, is nothing but a stuffed crust, a ring of the cheese stuffed dough without pizza. you can get it from today through thursday in california and texas. it is free with a $10 purchase, laura. >> i was going to say, it better be free. too early to be talking about that, boys. we are talking about packing up and moving out, next on "today in the bay," the state many californians are now relocating to. it may or may not come as a surprise to you. we'll be right back.
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welcome back and welcome to tuesday morning. we take a live look outside, this time at the golden gate bridge. not a lot of traffic to report in that area just right now. we'll check in with mike in moments. first let's check in -- >> a lot of reports and not a lot of traffic. >> no, we'll get to you and i'm sure you'll have a lot to say. kari, let's talk about this weather. on again/off again rain? yes. we're going to see more rain in the forecast, but i wanted to take a second to talk about the stimulus package and some of the economic provision that is were in there for climate change as well. so we had some of those bills passing and we were really concerned with how much of the checks we would get, but i wanted to talk about how we're fighting climate change here and some of the provisions added in
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there to cut hydrofloro carbons, something used in refrigerators and air conditioners that's really bad for the environment, so that's a good change. more funding for clean energy. they extended some of the solar and wind energy tax credits, and there was more funding for research. i posted an article about that from cnbc, my social media page at kari hall weather. if you want to check out more information. let's get to the rain. we are going to see some of the showers coming in here by tomorrow. we're all dry today. tomorrow it looks like we'll see a quick round of rain coming in during the afternoon. this is right in time for tomorrow evening's commute. and it's going to quickly move from north to south so it looks like as it continues to move out of the north bay, it's going to weaken and the south bay is not looking at a whole lot. if you're in the north bay you're going to get a nice soaking tomorrow. rainfall totals may possibly reach up to about a quarter of
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an inch, but for the most part most of the rest of the bay area is not going to see much out of this as we look at san francisco up to about a quarter of an inch but nothing for san jose and fremont. so that's our next wave of rain. it's very weak and then on friday another chance of, again, most likely spotty, light showers. we're drying out for the week as our temperatures reach into the upper 50s. mike, this morning we're dealing with fog. is it having a big effect on the commute yet? kari, it will undoubtedly have an effect on the drivers, but the speeds aren't reflecting that in the look. take a look behind me. the yellow blob you're seeing behind me is in the north bay, solano, sonoma county, napa county going to get affected, really hitting 101 there as you travel south from petaluma into novato. the golden gate bridge, we took a look at that. another big pocket in the tri-valley is the issue there and then over on the peninsula
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the live look shows you the pay low camera is looking dry. the secretary of the senate says 58-year-old automotive pool manager died on december 22nd. state leaders are scheduled, lawmakers are scheduled to be back next week. jobless benefits frozen by the edd. it comes amidst the department's ongoing fraud scandal what may be billions handed out in bogus games the past nine months. new i.d. verification efforts are under way. but as a result some legitimate accounts are getting caught up in everything going on. supporters argue it includes some who desperately need the benefits that they say they are
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just not receiving. edd has not said how many accounts remain in limbo. a number of new daca applications approved and denied. since the judge ordered the program to resume accepting them in november. out of more than 2,700 applicants, 171 have been approved. another 490 have been denied or rejected. america currently has an estimated 650,000 daca recipients protected from deportation and eligible for work permits. a new push to investigate an orange county company pushing to recall governor newsom from office. according to "the chronicle" a former chair of the federal elections commission has filed a complaint against the company, and a supporter claims it is a pass-through company with no income designed to actually conceal the source of the largest contribution to recall
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the governor. it donated half a million dollars to that effort. while the complaints are sorted out, a southern california politician that's vocal about his support to recall the governor taking new steps to try to replace him. republican kevin faulconer served two terms as san diego mayor. he said homes are fleeing the state. >> people are fleeing the state as well. u-haul says more and more people are moving out of california. the company says california lost more residents than any other u.s. state last year. u-haul measures the data by calculating its trucks' one-way trips. the department of finance shows that california had a net population loss of 200,000 peop betleen july of 2019 and july of last year. where u-haul says most people are moving, tennessee.
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coming up next on "today in the bay," steph curry providing some new proof the warriors cannot be overlooked this year. and niners fans along with perhaps some nonfans all asking the same question. it's not is jimmy g single, it's will he be back on the team next year? his parting shot heading into the off-season. before we go tensions between iran and the west are rising. iran seized an oil tanker flying a south korean flag in the strait of hormuz yesterday. it had been traveling to the united arab emirates. iran acknowledged seizing it saying it had done so because of, quote, oil pollution. this is also happening as iran began enriching uranium to up to 20% purity.
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welcome back. now to sports. the 49ers' roller coaster season is over, but drthe drama contins surrounding jimmy g. >> at the end of the day i'm a 49ers. i'm here to be the quarterback of this team. every day i go out there and try to prove that to my teammates and my coaches. at the end of the day that's what really matters. the people in this building, i love them. i love every one of them. like i said it before, it's a great group to be around. >> the 49ers will have the 12th overall pick in this year's nfl draft. the raiders will have the 17th overall pick. as far as the warriors, they have a spring in their step. steph curry has rediscovered his shot. one day after dropping a career high 62, he scored another 30 against the sacramento kings. this one a blow-out from the start. rookie james wiseman got in with ten points, four rebounds.
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they won 137-106. they host the clippers tomorrow. trending this morning are you feeling as lucky as curry? tonight's mega millions jackpot will top $432 million. if you're really lucky and you won both that and the powerball, sure, why not? that stands at $410 million. that's $842 million combined. the chances of winning either one of them about one in 300 million. you would be 600 times more likely to be struck by lightning. so you'll need luck on your side. heading to the polls. next on "today in the bay," live to washington to break down the final push ahead of the key senate race in georgia. set to determine the crucial balance of power in the upper chamber. plus, the search for answers after a deadly outbreak of covid at a south bay hospital. you're watching "today in the bay."
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new efforts to oust him from office. and the surge of confusion as covid cases grow. some frontline workers are refusing to get the vaccine. their reasoning at who gets the doses they are passing on as "today in the bay" continues right now. good tuesday morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. marcus washington has the week off. we'll check in with kari, a little bit of a break from the rain. yeah, but now the fog has settled in. that's what we're really seeing some dense fog in parts of the north bay and the east bay and also for parts of the tri-valley, so we're seeing visibility down to a quarter of a mile. a look at the live camera in dublin. you can barely see anything. we'll have to deal with the fog for a little while longer up to 2:00, 7:00 and then we'll see some breaks in the clouds. we'll talk about our next chance of rain coming up. mike, how is that impacting the morning commute? kari, it's a word


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