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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 7, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PST

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right now at 4:30, breaking news. the count is now over. overnight, congress affirmed joe biden as the 46th president of the united states. now making january 6th the day our nation will never forget. >> to those who wreaked havoc in our capitol today, you did not win. violence never wins. freedom wins. this is still the people's house. you saw it all. shots fired. smashed windows, congressional offices trashed and violence
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caused by rioters. a massive breach to eliminate the electoral college vote but they failed. cut off from social media. president trump is locked out from twitter after unsuccessful attempts to calm his supporters. but the message he managed to get out after he was silenced. "today in the bay" starts right now. what a wednesday it was. well, now we're off to thursday morning. thanks so much for joining us, i'm laura garcia. >> i'm scott mcgrew. marcus is off. we have some shaking this morning i saw. you may have woken up to it. a 3.4 quake struck near alum rock neighborhood. you felt it. >> certainly. it happened about 4:44 this morning. viewers were tweeting me saying somebody felt it downtown. i know in the alum rock area it was pretty strong up there. tell us if you felt it, as well. so far no reports of damage or injuries at all.
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but, i was already awake and i thought, no way. now i got to get going even quicker this morning. yeah, but immediately you wanted to find out how strong it was. if it was that strong where i was, where was it centered. but now we know san jose, kari. >> that's where we're also watching out for dense fog this morning. you probably woke up and looked out the window and then hard to even see anything. so, kind of an unnerving morning for a lot of people. the temperatures in the mid 40s and we'll start out with the fog in some unusual spots from the south bay over parts of the trivalley, as well as the north bay. we're going to be watching out for that, as well as another chance of rain in the forecast. mike, what's going on for the morning commute? >> kari, really, that's the story, again. the fog. we'll take a far look. we have a couple cameras in the south bay. where we are looking is highway
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101. not really well illustrated because you can see the headlights northbound 101 past 680. you can see the curtain of fog. the map doesn't really relay any problems but i wanted to show you a live picture there. the rest of the bay issic looing good as far as the volume of traffic and i'll pick a better camera to better illustrate coming up. >> thanks so much, mike. now a live look at capitol hill. look at that sunrise. it's done. joe biden, kamala harris confirmed as the next president and vice president of the united states. it happened early this morning. >> lawmakers counted votes all night after the violent unprecedented siege on our capitol. "today in the bay" tracie potts is outside the capitol complex with the latest developments. >> capitol hill is quiet this morning after riots stopped the electoral vote count, sent lawmakers into hiding and left
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four people dead, including this san diego woman shot by police. >> a woman died out there tonight. and you're making these objections. >> the business of confirming joe biden as the next president continued all night. >> the votes for president of the united states are as follows. joseph r. biden jr. of the state of delaware has received 306 votes. donald j. trump from the state of florida has received 232 votes. >> reporter: with some republican s now dropping their objections. >> i could not object to certification. >> all i can say is count me out. enough is enough. >> here's the truth, joe biden won the election and the effort will fail and everybody knows it. >> enough, my beloved colleagues. it is time for america to heal. >> reporter: brazen riots are smashing windows to get on to
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the senate floor and gave democrats and republicans a renewed resolved. >> we will not be kept out of this chamber by mobs. >> from a responsibility, you have failed. >> reporter: some blaming president trump's earlier comments at the save america rally. >> what incited by the president of the united states. >> reporter: called out vice president pence for not declaring him the winner. >> i call on president trump to go on national television now to fulfill his oath and defend the constitution. >> reporter: the president eventually tweeted calling for calm to no avail, too little too late critics say on a day when american democracy was tested and survived. tracie potts, nbc news, washington.
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now, the trump supporter that was shot and killed by law enforcement was from the san diego area. ashley babbit outspoken supporter of president trump on social media. in a statement to nbc affiliate her brother-in-law said she was loyal as well as extremely passionate about what she believed in. she loved this country and felt honored to have served in our armed forces. she said bshe was in the air force. now this tweet during the riot triggering lots of backlash for central valley state senator and trump supporter shannon grove. the politician is also the senate gop leader. after falsely claiming she soon deleted her tweet. in a follow-up tweet soon after seemed to clarify saying it was incomplete and she meant the isis how antifa behaves. meanwhile back in the bay
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area, leaders brought up black lives matter. san francisco party chairman referenced last year's black lives matter demonstration saying violence on either side is unacceptable. he also says he's concerned about president trump's legacy. >> one of the hallmarks of the trump rally and the trump, you know, the trump supporter has been that they have been peaceful. i would hate to think that would be the final punctuation mark on a trump presidency. >> one tweet from san francisco gop state committee woman harmeet dhillon shocking and disgraceful. the mob violence the left habitually engaged in these past ye years. >> i think everybody needs a breath of fresh air. of course, stay with us for ongoing coverliage for what is going on. be sure to download our nbc bay
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area app. it is free and a great resource for you. a breath of fresh air. live look in san francisco. you know, it's actually very foggy right now. more rain moving in this week. look at that. golden gate bridge you can see the glow of the lights out there. meteorologist kari hall is tracking our forecast for us. good morning, kari. >> good morning. so, for most of the commute, it is looking pretty clear. the fog is up a little bit higher, some low clouds moving by. then as we take a live look outside in the trivalley as you're getting ready to head out. this is a look at 580 in dublin with our temperatures mostly in the low to mid 40s and our normal start to the day and with all of the low clouds, we'll eventually get some sunshine today as our dry weather continues for one day. we'll talk more about what is ahead in our forecast coming up and mike what is else going on else where across the bay area? >> you mentioned earlier most areas are used to this, but looking at the south bay with a little more fog than they're
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used to seeing many times. the camera near 87 and 280 a better illustration of what we're talking about. there you go rooftop camera on a high rise and the roadway is clear for you once you're on the roadway but these low clouds are here. the map shows you that it does not show the yellow highlighting that we see with the fog and just a note unexpected for folks that didn't listen to you and watch our traffic reporters. heading towards the rest of the bay, fog scattered around the bay and not as bad as we saw in the shot in san jose. back to you. reporters and cameras all over washington. we're monitoring the very latest for you. ahead, how the markets will react to overnight developments on capitol hill and what top ceos are saying about this senseless violence. as we head to break, don't forget our team is giving updates on social media. breaking news stories unfolding and kris sanchez was updating wi new photos, video and information. you can follow her on facebook, instagram and twitter as well as the rest of the team.
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right now at 4:42. we are going to see more clouds moving in out ahead of this next storm system but we are dry today and there will be some time this sunshine before that rain arrives later on tonight. so, as we make plans for just getting outside and enjoying a little bit of that sunshine during recess if you're home schooling today in brentwood
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expect temperatures in the upper 40s and reach into the mid 50s. still a light jacket needed for later today. we'll talk about when you need the umbrella or if you'll need it coming up in the forecast in a few minutes. kari, you mentioned a jacket because it's chilly outside. over my shoulder, i just got circled and this is a fire off of i-80 and buchanan. we're tracking that but the roadway is fine. live look in oakland an area instead of smoking low clouds and fog. our oakland camera and that curtain of clouds and perhaps some fog that is touching parts of the upper east shore freeway as you come down out of the north bay. shows you that issue for the fog in the south bay, as well. visibility a little tougher than folks might often see in san jose. keep that in mind through silicon valley and we have some shaking going on in san jose earlier with a minor earthquake and no problem for b.a.r.t. b.a.r.t. is running uninterrupted for now. turning to our coverage for
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vaccines. california changing its covid-19 defense strategy. plans to administer a million vaccine doses in the next ten days. now, here's the guidelines on who gets the shot next. people in the phase 1b tier 1 group includes people 75 years and older along with education, emergency service and food workers. 1b tier 2 are people 65 and older and workers in the transportation and critical manufacturing industries, as well as those incarcerated and the homeless and phase 1c are people 50 years older along with people 16 to 49 with underlying medical conditions. it is unclear exactly when the phase 1b of the vaccine will roll out. some bay area counties estimate it will begin late january or early february. counties and hospitals are still vaccinating people in phase 1a, those are the top health care workers and residents of long-term care facilities.
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governor newsom says new help could be on the way for low-income californians. the state plan to provides $600 of golden state stimulus money directly to about 4 million californians. that is on top of the $600 in federal stimulus money that many already receive. the governor is also extending the state's eviction moratorium and ensuring california's $2.5 billion in rental assistance dollars goes to those with the greatest need. voicing new criticisms. coming up next on "today in the bay" the bay area school district raising new concerns with governor newsom's return plan. a lot more news ahead. it's 4:45. you're watching "today in the bay."
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well, let's take you out to sfo in san jose. you can see what is happening there in san jose and foggy start to the morning. kari, i drove in in the fog. it was soupy out there. >> yeah, that's what we're seeing especially in the south bay. and some spots are usually not socked in with all of that fog. we're not seeing a whole lot of in san francisco and really settling in santa clara valley. so, our low visibility is what we're seeing right now on this camera over towards palo alto you want to make sure you have plans to get outside today and even though we'll have cool and foggy start. we will get some sunshine as we go into the afternoon and
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temperatures will start to head up into the upper 50s for an afternoon high, which is just a little bit warmer than normal. as we get a look at our forecast for today 60 degrees in san jose and morgan hill expect a high of 62 degrees and mostly some upper 50s for most of the north bay with napa today reaching 60 degrees in san francisco and upper 50s for today. now, we are going to see some clouds mixing in with that sunshine, but they're getting ready for more rain that comes in late tonight and early tomorrow morning. if you're up early at this time, you may hear some rain hitting the roof tomorrow morning especially for areas along the peninsula, parts of the east bay and possibly down to san jose, as well as some spotty rain in parts of the north bay. but then as we go into noon, most of the rain is clearing out and we're in for a dry rest of the day on friday. by friday evening, dinner plans are looking good for those outdoor dining spots that we are seeing. now as we take a look at with our rainfall totals with the
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early morning rainfall, it's not a whole lot anywhere from a few hundredths of an inch to a tenth of an inch and then up to a quarter of an inch in san francisco, as well as mill valley but we're keeping an eye on the drought monitor and gets updated today and right now 100% of the state is at least in abnormally dry conditions. here in the bay area, we have extreme drought conditions for parts of the north bay, but the bulk of the bay area is in a severe drought. so, as we watch out for the update this morning, hopefully the recent rain helps as we have seen the jet stream well to the north of california. we'll be tracking that with more rain updates to come. mike, what is the update on the morning commute right now? >> the update, karis the updated maps with the weather data that you and i share. we put this over here on the's mustard stain. that is where the fog is thickest registering through
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cupertino and live picture that scott showed you and 87 near 880 and things are moving smoothly around the bay and clear drive and minor crash near the onramp and the bay bridge toll plaza no problems a that toll plaza. clear view and there may be fog closer closer. california reporting its second highest number of deaths since the pandemic. state health officials say it claimed the lives of 459 more people. that brings the death toll to more than 2,500. 30,000 additional cases per day brings the state's overall infection total to nearly 2.5 million. so, the christmastime outbreak at the santa theresa kaiser hospital in san jose is leading to more concern. a patient said she tested positive after visiting that emergency department. she tested negative before being admitted to the hospital for surgery. five days later she was called for a second test and it was
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positive. kaiser contacted all 70 patients that were treated in that e.r. on christmas day, but can't disclose how many tested positive for covid because of privacy laws. at least 60 e.r. staff tested positive. leaders in the bay area's two largest school districts are among those voicing new criticism against governor newsom's school reopening plans. he announced a plan last week for california's youngest students to return to classrooms next month. san francisco and oakland superintendents are among seven, including l.a., san diego, and sacramento who sent letters this week to the governor saying the covid reopening plan falls short for urban districts with low-income students. they also call it too vague in determining what constitutes a safe school environment. the governor's office has not yet responded. taking a knee. coming up next on "today in the bay" the nba team sharing a message with fans amid growing tensions on capitol hill. happening now, congressman
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jake laturner tested positive. he was voting on the house floor on wednesday. his announcemeoffice made that announcement thursday. he took the test because of washington, d.c.'s guidelines that calls for visitors to be checked. the congressman will not come back to the house floor until he's given the all clear. by harnessing california's
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or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2. stop trulicity and call your doctor right away if you have an allergic reaction, a lump or swelling in your neck, severe stomach pain, changes in vision, or diabetic retinopathy. serious side effects may include pancreatitis. taking trulicity with sulfonylurea or insulin raises low blood sugar risk. side effects include nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, belly pain, and decreased appetite, which lead to dehydration and may worsen kidney problems. i have it within me to lower my a1c. ask your doctor about trulicity. a live look at the capitol. what a sunrise after quite the sunset. it is calm this morning after yesterday's chaos. quiet this morning on the inside after congress went late into
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the night to approve the election results. protests in southern california yesterday got heated, as well. tv news choppers caught scuffles in beverly hills and downtown los angeles. police officers were seen leading some people away and in both cases declared it an unlawful assembly. wall street set to open higher this morning extending yesterday's big gains. so, investors are looking past the violence on capitol hill. in fact, the dow closed at a record high. a lot of gold and treasury bonds going up, as well. the idea being that because yesterday's events did nothing to change the political and economic outlook in the coming months, investors are looking for sunnier skies ahead. american ceos are speaking out. steve schwartzman a long-time ally said he is shocked and horrified noting the result was clear all along. tim cook tweeting it was a sad
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chapter in our nation's history and urged that transition to be completed. despite the uncertainty in the nation's capitol, the nba chose to proceed with its scheduled games last night. most teams took a knee before their game their opponents, the clippers, also taking a knee. the milwaukee bucks and detroit pistons also did the same before their game. the players say they want change. breaking news coverage continues next. the key white house staffers now stepping down following the unrest on capitol hill. plus, a live report on bay area leaders now calling for president trump to be impeached, again. we'll be right back.
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can lose before burnout, so we've taken away 50 feet of visibility from this walk home. don't wait until your headlight bulbs burn out. switch to sylvania, the #1 automotive lighting brand, and see better tonight. >> the votes for president of the united states are as follows. joseph r. biden jr. of the state of delaware has received 306 votes. donald j. trump and the state of florida has received 232 votes. right now at 5:00, while you were sleeping, congress officially affirmed joe biden and kamala harris' electoral college win ending one of america's longest and darkest days. >> he's got a gun. he's got a gun. the nation watched as mobs of trump supporters stormed that capitol filled with rage. some carrying guns. the california woman shot and killed by police.
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three others died. some wonder is the president and his calls to action to blame. this morning demands grow to remove him, including top some bay area politicians. we have complete live team coverage of the day america will not soon forget. a very good thursday morning to you, thanks so much for joining us, i'm laura garcia. >> i'm scott mcgrew. marcus washington has the day off. first some breaking news, shaking this morning. maybe it woke you up, in fact. 3.4 earthquake struck near the alum rock neighborhood of san jose. it happened at 3:44 in the morning. i got up. tweeted quickly. and i heard from viewers in downtown san jose, santa clara, mountain view, as well. be sure to tweet us if you felt it. so far no reports of damage or injuries. still coming to grips with what happened at the capitol. getting a better look at some of


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