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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 8, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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small businesses suffer another blow. and have no idea when they'll reopen. >> good friday evening. >> this is no quiet friday night. a lot is happening. the vaccination updates. >> it is ramping up. santa clara county has a new plan to expand the locations where the first batch of people who can get the vaccinations can get them. and faster. which is urgent. >> let's start with the tug of war between twitter and president trump. within the past 30 minutes the president circumventing the ban and tweeting from a secondary account. it's a cat and house game. late today twitter banned him from his personal account. the one he always uses. this is what you see if you visit it. the president just tweeted from
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the official potus account. which will be turned over to joe biden. four tweets about 30 minutes ago. were immediately removed. this is a screen grab. the president railed against twitter. censorship and the radical left. as speaker nancy pelosi pushed for him to resign or face impeachment. the house is ready to bring charges to vote as soon as monday. 230 lawmakers are calling for removal. president-elect joe biden stopping short of endorsing that move. >> i think it's important we get on the with the business of getting him out of office. the quickest way that will happen is us being sworn in on the 20th. what action happens before or after that is a judgment for the congress to make. that is what i'm looking forward to. him leaving office. >> trying to separate himself from what congress is doing. also today, law enforcement
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arrested several people who were rioting at the capitol. amopg them. that man there. who sat in the speakers office with his foot on the desk. arrested after turning himself in to police today in arkansas. walking into the station wearing a black jacket. the doj may re-examine the actions of the speakers at the wednesday rally before the riot. the list includes president trump himself. donald trump jr. and other lawmakers. >> san francisco base twitter suspended the personal account of president trump due to the risk of further incitement of violence. business and tech reporter has been following this story for days now. let's start with those who say this is a too little too late. are they right? >> in some ways i understand that. it makes sense after all donald trump has been tweeting things
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for years. what happened on wednesday raised the stakes and that is part of the reason this happened. twitter has been getting all day pressure from outside the company. even politicians and inside the company. we're told that many employees were writing letters to ceo asking the company to take action. and after all this time to suspend the president's account. and that's what they did. and as he mentioned, when he tried today use the potus account. reserved for the office. they eliminated those tweets too. it did happen and it seems to be binding. >> there was a boat outside jack's home in san francisco. that asked to ban trump with a banner. now that she banned andried fo go on the potus account. that was removed. where will he go or supporters go? is there another conservative social media site?
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>> there are a couple that have been in the spotlight for three or four years. one of them is gab. it was started here in silicon valley. the other is parlor. both have been a site where more conservative people have gone. especially if they get fed up with big tech. twitter and facebook. and as if tonight wasn't already interesting enough, the google play store suspended the parlor rap and apple said in 24 hours it will do the same if parlor doesn't clean up its act. as for gab it had been previously kicked off the app store. it has its own server. and it's a little more independent. i expect it will see traffic over the next 48 hours. >> good information. thanks. >> the bay area the epicenter when it comes to the social media. there's no time to waste. local member of congress are
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saying as speaker nan pel moves to impeach the president if he doesn't quit. is this the right path to pursue? >> today twitter kicked autopresident trump from their platform for good. while house democrats said they want to kick him out of the white house. what likely took a couple of key strokes for twitter could take days of impeachment proceedings for congress. >> the best thing for the country is remove the greatest threat. which is the president of the united states. >> the president only has 12 days left on job, representative swalwell says there's no telling the damage trump can inflict during his final days in office. >> he as access to the nuclear codes and unhinged dangerous leader like that needs to be removed. >> a vote on the floor on articles of impeachment could happen as rlly as middle of next week. in an intervur, congresswoman
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says more republicans will make a full break from trump. >> we have one republican signed onto the resolution. i think it will be many more. >> some are saying the president was the mob boss. and the mob came to capitol hill. should he expect or escape incitement charges after this has been done? >> i think you're insulting mob bosses. they don't seek to over throw democratic governments. >> if democrats force out the president, will that infuriate his supporters even more? and will it put president-elect joe biden in a tough spot. as he tries to unify a divided nation. >> it's about 250 hours or so until joe biden is inaugurated. that may seem soon. the attack on wednesday happened in matter of minutes. >> it is not what small
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businesses want to hear. the state current stay at homeered was supposed to expire this weekend. with the bed availability getting worse we're not where near the level we need to lift restrictions. restaurants have long been dependent on tech workers for the businesses. it's clear that the nearby tech office ts will not be open for sometime. and some of the businesses are struggling to keep the doors open. even after letting most of the staff go. >> probably a 70% difference. 80. sometimes more. especially with the shelter in place. the pandemic. people do not know what to do. they don't know stay home or come out. >> some of the businesses we visited say they already applied for a california snaul business relief grant. and can apply for another round of federal loans starting monday. the hope is it will be enough to help keep them aflet. >> another spike.
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the state reported 50,000 new cases. that is up from 30,000 we have been reporting all week. this could be the start of the dreaded post holiday surge. that health leaders have been talking about. also the state positiveivity rate. 13.3%. the highest since april. the data of the number of hospital patients with covid statewide. it is trending up. since october we have 3,000 patients with coronavirus in the hospital. this week, 22,000. a sign that stay at home order could be issued and stay for a while. >> thousands of front line healthcare workers waiting if a vaccine got some good news. these healthcare workers have more options when it comes to where they can get vaccinated. >> yeah. this is really a relief. this means the healthcare workers don't have to go to a specific location to try to get
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the vaccine. santa clara county announcing healthcare workers will have more choices. they will be able to go to a variety of hospitals and other locations throughout the county. to get that vaccination. this should help speed up the process. which as we know has been slow. there's hospitals will have their own vaccine supply. workers in phase one will get their shots. from their own personal care physician. instead of a designated site. expanding the sites will mean the county will go from administering 1,500 shots a day to over 6,000. >> together, many, many, many county residents have been able to be vaccinated. that is the good news. that systems are up and running. >> it gives us a peace of mind. i have kids at home. my wife is in healthcare.
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being able to get the vaccine early, try to help not just my family and the community. >> they need the help. so far only about 47,000 of the counties 110,000 doses have been given out. with this new pace the county health department says it hopes to be in phase one b end of the month. with this surge that we're seeing, it will be a relief for people to know that more people are getting vaccinated. this needs to get stepped up. and hopefully this will help. >> some point we'll get vaccinated here. waiting for our turn in line. up next. they're calling it a surge upon a surge. workers warn of the severe conditions at our hospitals. >> the governor releases budget proposal. we'll break down the numbers ands what it means for schools. >> i'm chief meteorologist
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tracking change to the weather pattern. i'll explain and look at the 7-day forecast. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones. - ( phone ringing ) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. visit right now or call during business hours.
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behind every last minute save, ok, that works. and holiday surprise, thank you! a customer service rep is working unseen, making it happen. and at genesys, we're proud to help them help you everyday. and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone.s, like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program visit right now or call during business hours. it's already a nightmare. the worst is yet to come. that's the message from the california hospital association. it's now calling on governor newsom for help. asap. we talk to an emergency room nurse about the challenges that the hospitals are facing.
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>> hospitals in california are quickly reaching their breaking point. because of covid-19. some places including are now acquiring refrigerator trailers in case morgues reach their limits. >> we find ourselves in terms of the numbers at a point where we are. standing on a beach and watching a tsunami. >> that's the president and ceo of california hospital association. speaking to reporters today on the phone about the biggest challenges hospitals and staff are dealing with right now. one of the problems is something she has been dealing with since the start of the pandemic. staffing. >> i'm doing the job of two nurses. >> she's a registered nurse in the emergency room. she's been working with covid-19 patients since last year. exhausted from the toll its taken. >> we started off with one or two patients and the they got overwhelmed and we have been dealing with patients in and
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out. nurses getting sick. they need to take time off because of the family. >> california hospital association argues another challenge includes some state day-to-day requirements for doctors and nurses like filling out paper work and reports. that is taking time away from caring for patients. >> if we can take the nurses, those doctors who are already taxed and stressed. and spend more time on providing care and postponing the requirements. lifting them from now for now until we're over the peak. we will be able to maximize the care provided to california. >> the other big problem is sending sick people to the right place. so they're not flooding hospitals if they don't need to be there. and transitioning patients out of the hospitals to skilled nursing facilities. it expects 15,000 new patients to check in to hospitals akrsz california. within the next ten days.
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>> some teachers and parents not happy with the governor's plan to reopen schools. the governor says he wants to reopen as soon as possible. educators and parents say the plan is too vague. and we're in the middle of a winter surge. they protested the plan. they started and drove to a state building in oakland. the plan includes $2 billion for covid testing and ventilation for classrooms. several superintendents from big districts support the funding but concerned it doesn't provide support to low income areas. >> billions in funding for cool schools. part of the budget announced today. more from educators and families and thoughts on the proposal. >> we're proposing to the legislature a record investment.
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in our public school. >> governor newsom says that investment include $4.6 billion for learning time. summer school. before and after school programs. >> because of the challenges and strife that so many families are struggling with. with the current distance learning model. >> most students haven't had in person learning since march. >> we are actually tired already. it's a year already for this learning. >> he has concerns. he's looking ahead. >> the numbers come down we would love to go to school. >> he wouldn't mind a few summer classes. support teacher development and plans to ask the legislature for $2 billion in incentive. to get districts to open up for young r students by february. >> i think that what you're going to see now is people
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really scrutinizing this the funding that the governor is offering. to incent vise people to expedite the return to school. >> there were requirements for testing and safety plans. superintendents sent a letter to the governor saying the safe schools for all plan fails to address the needs of urban districts that serve many students. who lif beve below the poverty sfl we share the same goal for safe reopening. our approach is not to do it top down. it's to have a collaboration frame work with incentive. >> we have young kids at home. we have to get them out of the home. >> yes. back in school. >> yes, yes. >> jeff is with us. we need this friday in a big
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way. >> i think we'll get sunshine mixed in here saturday probably will be the better of the two days. it's not just simple as sunny skies as we head through 7 days. i'll explain with a live view over san jose. we have a beautiful shot of downtown. we have some high clouds up above. currently 53 degrees. as we roll through tonight temperatures drop to 47 at 11:00 p.m. and the cloud cover hanging on. the weather change i see happening into next week is high pressure. what i think this will do is take the storm track and push it way off to the north. this will help temperatures to increase. but on top of that we'll see this on again off again chance for fog in the morning. also the cloud cover moving in. tomorrow it will be the best of the day. we have a chance of patchy morning fog. we'll get the sun hin for the
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afternoon. up to 63 concord. san jose 62. half-moon bay 69. san francisco 58. a beautiful day. closer to the forecast for tomorrow morning. the thick ground fog over the central valley around 7:00 in the morning. be careful. chance of the ground fog for the south bay. the east bay and the peninsula. so again, watch out for that tomorrow morning. as we hit the afternoon sunshine returns. saturday looks good. sunday not the sunniest of the days. we'll see the cloud cover start to return for sunday morning. and also as we head through sunday afternoon. i'll take a look at the 7-day forecast coming up. i'll show you a little bit better on where the rain chances are headed throughout two weeks. >> much more to come. we'll talk to political analyst
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about potential impeachment for the president. or invoking the 25th amendment. when and how might this happen. also can the vaccine fight off the new mutations of the coronavirus? scientists share the results of a new study. first, a smile. are you feeling lucky? a billion dollars up for grabs in two separate lotteries this weekend. i just lost my job. with the kids at home and less money coming in, there'd be no way we could afford health insurance.
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numbers. nearly a billion dollars is up for grabs. that's why people are flocking. this is the lucky spot. because someone won $522 million back in 2018. so, what would people do with all that money? >> buy a house in some tropical climate area. get a covid vaccine. and go somewhere with no masks. >> help my mom. pay off everything. and after that invest it. and get a house. get the car i want. >> not crazy. >> the megamillions drawing is at 8:00 p.m. tonight. ticket sales go finish at 7:00. you don't have a lot of time. the power ball drawing that is tomorrow. you know i have always been clear about how journalism is my calling.
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but, if either one of these two babies comes here tomorrow. i believe a beach in spain will be my calling instead. >> please. >> that might be the last time we see her. monday, we know where you are. >> cheers. >> give notice. two weeks. >> up next. back to politics. the articles of impeachment. when they plan to bring those articles to the house floor. we'll get incite and answers of how it will shake out. >> plus. the young son's killer is set to be free. we investigate the new state law that has a local family questioning the entire justice system. ♪
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right now. silenced. twitt twitter removing new tweets from president trump. after it suspended his personal twitter account. it's been an eventful night. two hours ago twitter blocked his personal account. >> it's back and forth. the account we visited marylany times. this is what you see at this hour. because the risk of further incitement of violence. that's why they permanently booted hem off the site. an hour ago, president trump tried a new method. he tweeted from the official
6:30 pm
potus account. the one that will be switched over to joe biden in a couple weeks. twitter removed tweets within minutes. >> there are growing calls to remove him from office. they would bring impeachment charges monday. >> house speaker nancy pelosi confirming tonight the house is prepared to muf move forward with articles of impeachment if he doesn't resign. including just one article. incitement of insurrection. >> he provoked an inrecollection and attack against the united states capitol. >> two republicans senators now voicing their concern. alaska told said the president should resign. nebraska ben sass would consider impeachment. >> the president has disregarded his oath of office.
6:31 pm
>> speaker telling colleagues she spoke about preventing a quote unstable president from ordering a nuclear strike. >> what this president has done is ripped the band aid off. let the country know who he is. and what he's about. and how thoroughly unfit for office he is. >> also tonight twitter permanently suspending president trump's account. due to quote the risk of further incitement of violence. after he released this video on twitter over night. with a starkly different tone. >> a new administration will be inaugurated january 20. >> president trump stopping short of a full concession. but promising an orderly transfer of power. and condemned the capitol riot. white house issuing a statement of condolence for the police officer who died after clashing
6:32 pm
with the mob. >> let's step aside from the drama and emotion. and talk reality. when and how can this really happen? let's bring in lit political analyst. does impeachment prevent president trump from running in 2024? is that the motive? >> that's the desire. that has work to do. you have to impeach and convict. impeachment is a charge. conviction means you're out. at that point the senate can attach a separate bill and say we want you not to run and you can't run again. a will tlot of steps to go. it's moving like a wild fire. a three day operation. today, monday and tuesday. the house will vote. how can you do that? it's been done before in 1868. three days before then president
6:33 pm
johnson was impeached as well sgr i'm trying to review this. we talk about the house. led by the democrats. now the senate you brought up. it needs two-thirds majority to pass for impeachment. from what i understand. is that viable? is that possible? those many smarts in the republican led senate can be convinced to vote for impeachment? >> you have two steps here. first of all, senate majority leader still majority leader mcconnell has to let this thing come to the floor. not likely given he wants to protect a number of republican senators who would not like to talk about this at all. and run for reelection in 2022. if that happens nothing to talk about. here's the squeaker. in a few days the senate changes. and when it changes, then it is schumer. the democrat who will be
6:34 pm
majority leader by 5050 tie. and kamala harris the vice president breaking that tie. schumer can bring it up. even though it's another senate. they can bring up what the house has passed. at that point it's up to the senate. can they get the two-thirds? 67 votes? of 100. it will be a tough sled. i think what democrats want to do now is go on record. this is symbolic. they want people to understand this will be the only president ever impeached twice. they want people to understand he was impeached for inciting a riot. and history shows this. and years from now people understand in their minds just who donald trump was. >> one final question. you are giving great answers. is there a deadline? can this process continue after january 20. >> well, if it's the house it will start a new. if the house passes this and
6:35 pm
looks leek once it's on the floor they have the cosponsors to make it past. all you need in the house is a simple majority. if it passes to the senate and the mcconnell stalls. until january 20. when schumer takes over and at that time brings it forward. that can happen. you can go from one set of leaders in mcconnell. to another. with schumer. we have a lot of uncertainty ahead of us. and it's all history breaking. history making. who a week ago would have thought we would be talking about the president trying to rig his own election defeat. and into victory. the echts in georgia. the two senators democrats winning. the events on wednesday storming the capitol. the congress. and now this. unbelievable week. >> in a sad state of affairs.
6:36 pm
>> a bay area family dealing with the pain tonight learning the man who participated in the brutal murder of their young son is released early from prison. very early. it's all the result of a change in state law that occurred a decade after the killing. >> he had dreamed of being rap artist. age 14 he was chased down robbed of an ipod near his home. and nearly decapitated. in 2008. prosecutors said. two teenagers responsible has been ms 13 members and serving long sentences. they learned the youngest of the two convicted gang members will be released thanks to a change in state law. >> my family hurt.
6:37 pm
they're in pain. >> san francisco judge issued this ruling. over turning the murder conviction. when was only 16. the jury found the other gang member actually chased down and stabbed him. the law in 2008 allowed prosecutors to seek murder charges for playing a lesser role in a serious crime that leads to death. the new law states felony murder must have played a major role. >> he was laughing at my brother. he admitted he did it too. out of nowhere, now they say he was not part of it? >> that release could come in two weeks. prosecutors hope a judge will order him supervisored.
6:38 pm
the family says it's not much comfort for them. >> he's receiving a second chance. which we can't. he's not here anymore. we don't have him back. i just want justice. >> up next will the vaccine protect us from the new strain of the coronavirus that's being discovered across the world. new word from pfizer.
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6:40 pm
a global sigh of relief. pfizer says there's signs that its vaccine can protect against the new more contagious strain of the virus. scientists from pfizer and the university of texas use blood samples from 20 people who already got the vaccine. to test the effectiveness of the variant. antibody ts fend off the initial virus and the new strains.
6:41 pm
scientists warn the study is preliminary. and not yet peer reviewed. >> partnering with a covid-19 testing company. there are looming questions about the accuracy of the test. the company is a start up based in l.a. tests have been used to test lawmakers and aids on capitol hill and many testing sites around the country. earlier in week the a warning to congress. the tests were running a high rate of false negative. the founder is confident in the data and working to straighten out issues. >> stay close to home. of the message from state health leaders. the updated travel advisory. asked to avoid non-essential travel to any part of the state. more than 120 miles from your house. if you go beyond 120 miles you are required to self-quarantine for ten days. this is similar to what the
6:42 pm
county are already requiring. this updated order doesn't apply to essential workers. >> a check of the forecast. we'll go through a dry spell. we had rain off and on this week. >> it will be dry for a while. >> not what we want for the rain season. mixed in there it would be good to gt outside and get fresh air. i'll talk about that and fog in the forecast. and dangerous waves. >> a new year but the same old mission. to save you money. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones. - ( phone ringing ) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. visit right now or call during business hours. (soft music) hey dad, i'm about to leave. don't forget your hat .
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- ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program visit right now or call during business hours. president-elect biden will receive a second dose of the vaccine on monday. 21 day ts since he received the first dose. the recommended time frail for the pfizer vaccine.
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kamala harris will receive her second dose in the coming weeks. members of the incoming administration have begun to receive the vaccine starting with the national security team. >> thousands of calls and e-mails from you who need help. let's bring in consumer investigator. who loves saving people money. >> we have had a strong start to the new year and saved viewers $10,000. include a travel agent squabble. refusing to process a $7,000 refund. we contacted the travel agent and they reversed course. we helped a family with a cruise dispute. they were getting nowhere. we contacted the corporate office. they responded quickly and promising a refund of $5,000. if you need a hand we can help. go online and click the responds option. or you can call.
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have a great weekend. >> wild land management in california will be different in the coming yearing. governor out lined a billion dollar investment in fire risk management practice and strategy. included in the state budget. they uncollude improving health of forests with the use of prescribed fire. a net work of fuel breaks around vulnerable community and increasing defensible space around homes. many of the approaches will be tailored to specific regions with climate change in mind. >> let's bring in chief meteorologist. >> very important. >> what do we got? >> i think we'll get window of sunshine. i know everybody is ready for that weekend. it's been a long on so many different fronts. and tomorrow it's going to look good for us here. we have cloud cover eventually mixing in.
6:47 pm
we'll start off with a look at the waves on the ocean. there's a few of us heading to the beach. if you are going to the beach in to tomorrow morning, you have to be careful. 16 to 20 foot waves possible. maybe higher. watch out with the high surf advisory in place. the other thing i have been mentioning is the huge shift. the high pressure already starting to push in from south. that's going to take the storm track at this point and push it well off to the north. as we head through the next 7 days. that will dry us out and warm temperatures up. chances of morning ground fog. and also cloud cover. at times moving in. right into that fog. you can see it forming right now. maybe you're planning something tomorrow morning in your up
6:48 pm
early. two and a half mile visibility and about three mile visibility in half-moon bay. the isolated patchy dense fog. watch out for through tomorrow morning. over all it will be thick down interstate 5 and also 99. that chance also exists. as i have been telling you through east bay and south bay. that sunshine returns. that will set us up with a good day. we have been so used to the cold weather lately. you have your jacket. somewhere handy. 37 in the trivalley. peninsula 41. dropping down to 39 here for the east bay. san francisco h san francisco 44. daytime highs tomorrow. we have a nice excellent afternoon for us. 62 san jose. 63 gilroy. winds light out of the west at 6 for the east bay.
6:49 pm
over to the peninsula i'm seeing plenty of 50s tomorrow. right around daily city. half-moon bay. and 61 degrees. sun for the afternoon. san francisco. will be the chilliest here with 54 in downtown. across the north bay up to 61. san francisco king tides returning to all of the beaches by monday and tuesday. with the highest in the morning. both on monday and tuesday. coastal flooding is a possibility. highs in the 50s to 60s. dry weather and we are going up to 67 by next wednesday. and upper 60s next thursday and friday. real quick where the rain chances are headed. to the north. all the way through january 15. the only spot in california that would have the best chance is the northern coast. i think the better bet of rain
6:50 pm
is in to early february. we could see one to two storms coming our way. a dry period. disappointing for january. we'll get over it and get to february. >> okay. we look forward to the showers in february. >> happy friday. >> up next. he brings a smile to our face. baseball world remembers the legendary tommy. and remember what he told giants fans on his final visit. the video there. to candle stick park. >> we have money to give away. teaming up to make a positive impact on the community through project innovation. a grant challenge powered by the universal foundation. it recognizes and awards $310,000 in grants to local non-profits. tackling challenges through innovative solutions. submit your application.
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he added so much life and spirit to baseball. tonight the sports world is mourning the death of tommy. >> we pretended not to like him.
6:54 pm
deep down weove him. he added a lot of color to the rivay. the legendary dodgers manager. a character. he started the dodgers career in brooklyn. in 1954. and a couple decades later 1976. took over as manager in l.a. guiding them to two world series. until heart attack ended his managing career. in 1999 greeted fans at his final game. the booth announcers got a kick out of the spelling of his name on the jacket. the dodgers misspelled it. he wore it anyway. he joked and told the fans you hate yourselves because you love me. >> we'll miss him. he died age 93. >> there's a new face of motor sports. jill gregory the president of
6:55 pm
race way. >> how her hiring is making history at the track. >> jill was 16 the first time she went to a nascar race. now she's running the track. >> i didn't know i would have a career in sports. let alone in nascar. it's fantastic to see where we have come from there. >> she's replacing steve page. who retired last year. as vice president and general manager of the race way. she's the first woman in track history to hold that title. >> what does it mean to you? >> day-to-day standpoint i don't think about being the first woman. or doing things. other than doing a good job. hopefully the young aspiring women that want to get into sports will see there's a path forward. and you can have a career doing something that you love. >> she comes after a decorated
6:56 pm
career as an executive in sports marketer at nascar. in north carolina. she has her work cut out for her planning for a season during a pandemic that wiped out all of last years major events at the track. >> that will mean plans. protocol. being fluid. be ready to welcome fans back chblt only if everybody can remain safe. >> she'll tap into her resources from nascar to bring the best events. and continue the race way tradition of being a strong member of the bay area community. she wants to expose more people to the excitement of motor sports. >> how does it feel to be home? >> it's great. i haven't lived in california in almost 17 years. i'm thrilled i can continue my career in a place that gives me excitement. and fan kp passion. and based in the place where i grew up. >> she'll need to hit the track
6:57 pm
running. the first event is scheduled for march. >> welcome back home. >> congratulations. have a great friday night.
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>> what did love feel like? >> what vanessa is now ready to share about kobe. plus the story behind this bachelor front-runner. the first for a franchise. >> there is something i feel insecure about. >> we will have a good time. >> he had murdered five women. >> he was looking for the dating game killer. >> come on. >> i really didn't want to get in his car. the next thing i know i'm on the phone with wendy kwums. >> what kind of star did it take to be wendy williams? >> everything, everything. >> welcome to "access hollywood". i'm


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