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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 11, 2021 3:00am-3:30am PST

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capitol riot comes the reckoning, the new push to impeach president trump for the second time. as authorities charge dozens more involved in the insurrection. e holiday surge in coronavirus, the mark of a year since the first death since the coronavirus. >> and first win in 30 years "early today" starts now
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>> glad you're with us i'm frances rivera president trump's tattered legacy could soon have a new scar as house democrats are calling on pence to invoke 25th amendment and remove donald trump from office, if he fails, he will be of impeached twice for the first time in history. >> new level of isolation, few advise yours getting close to the president. >> the president has disqualified himself i don't think he's a viable candidate for office ever again. >> more fellow republicans calling for his early exit. >> i don't think there's time to do an impeachment. there's ten days left before the president leaves anyway. i think the best thing would be resignation. >> wednesday's insurrection driving this week's impeachment.
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>> democrats are united in seeking his immediate removal. >> we're also talking about the complete barring of the president rather of donald trump from running for office ever again. >> reporter: but with joe biden soon it take office, senior democrats suggest speaker pelosi could complete house impeachment but delay sending the article to the senate for trial, giving the new administration breathing room >> the hundred days he needs to get his agenda off and running and maybe send the articles some time after that. >> reporter: out of the chaos, another kind of damage, a fracture to the trump/pence relationship itself, one forged by unblinking loyalty. >> we got to be close friends. >> greatest honor to be vice president to president trump. >> the president repeatedly demand pence bend to his will.
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i hope mike pence comes through for us. >> i hope mike has the courage to do what he has to do. if not i'm going to be very disappointed. >> reporter: the president didn't call when pence and his family were hurried to a secure location at the capitol. nor did mr. trump condemn his own supporters who chanted "death to pence". >> we have vice president mike pence one of the most faithful guys to donald trump is now public enemy number one in trump world. >> reporter: a source close says the decision he made was the right one. after a few days out of public view, president trump is expected to travel on tuesday to the u.s. mexico border and will visit alamo, texas and the border wall being built there putting him on his most comfortable turf talking about immigration as democrats are ensuing impeachment.
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>> thank you. look into the investigation of the fall out. at least two more arrests were made on sunday with the connection to the attack on capitol hill and now video showing violent confrontations between the police and that mob. now the details. >> reporter: new disturbing images of rioters trying to storm into the capitol and police trying to battle back at one point, someone beaten with an american flag. as they surge in across the country every fbi field office focused on rounding up the 20 ring leaders charged with federal crimes so far and dozens others added to the list including texas and tennessee men charged with charging.
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>> announcer: the capitol in charging into the capitol -- lawmakers agencies from new york to california looking at what members joined in. >> the possible inclusion and participation on law enforcement, military, ex-military, is one of the most disturbing elements. >> stepped up security with extremist groups threatening more attacks national guards taking position near the capitol more than 6,000 expected by inauguration day by this weekend d.c.'s mayor asking department of home security for more resources. more videos are emerging as members getting harassed and heckled in public. >> you know it was rigged! >> and this black police officer confronting mostly white mob, appears to entice them down the hall away from the doors of the senate chamber to a corner where
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back up was waiting. congress attending physician facing a new concern, covid, while members huddled together may have been exposed to another occupant with coronavirus infection. meanwhile, this deeply somber moment, procession honoring capitol hill police officer brian sicknick who died protecting the capitol -- both the new york police department and fbi sent warnings to d.c senior fbi official says agents contacted more than a dozen expected extremists and urged them not to travel to washington law enforcement officials said nypd sent packets of information to police agencies nationwide describing violent threats made on social media.
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a separate report went directly to capitol police. the fbi washington field office and cam police have not responded to request for comment. across the country this morning, coronavirus cases are surging, more than 22 million americans have been infected and more than 374,000 lives have been lost. we're also beginning to see some of the effects of that deadly holiday surge that so many health officials warned about. our meghan fitzgerald is tracking the latest, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. while the nation is seeing its darkest days now, hospitals and those on the frontline are bracing for a new surge just days away. the nation is suffering through a crisis of epic proportion as the pandemic spirals further out of control. >> we're in the middle of the surge, there's not a top yet. >> reporter: the nation soaring past 278,000 new infections in just one day, breaking records for daily cases three days in a
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row, this as the highly contagious uk-variant is now in nine states, hospitalization reaching new heights as doctors warn this is only the start of the christmas surge. >> every bed is full every nurse and doctor is occupied taking care of covid patients. >> reporter: the crisis in california worse ten by the day, the state seeing the deadly yesterday - deadliest day. >> they struggle to breathe even with tons of oxygen and they just fight dieing and it's so sad. >> reporter: a common experience for health care workers across southern california, hospitals so over run with patients that nurses and doctors are desperately trying to keep up. >> i've seen more people pass away in the past week, past couple weeks really in almost combined in my whole career as a nurse. >> reporter: in los angeles county most dire situation more
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people are diring from the virus than all other causes combined, similar in arizona, the state now seeing one of the highest number of new cases per capita in the country and needed medical supplies like oxygen are in danger of running out. >> our main weapon is keeping people s ox nated. >> reporter: starting monday state farm stadium will administer the vaccine 24 hours a day. nationwide four more states are moving to the next stage of vaccination adding groups like teachers and people over 75. >> if we get that overwhelming majority of people vaccinated we can start approaching a reasonable degree of normality towards mid-fall o2021. >> reporter: a step closer to the end of this nightmare. the cdc is saying that the nation could see another 65,000 more deaths by the end of the
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month. just last week 21,000 people lost their lives >> meghan, a thank you for that report. the place where the coronavirus othriginated wuhan s reaching it's one year since the first covid-19 death this time last year wuhan was in a major lockdown how are things now >> well, it's a good question, because now it seems in wuhan, the place where all of this started, this global catastrophe, it's now almost back to normal on the streets of wuhan, apparently it seems entirely the same as a year ago this time. essentially china has gotten the better of the virus where it crippled the rest of the world the way china did it of course is through very strict lockdowns which has now been adopted
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somewhat by governments in the western world. we now have a past year of multiple vaccines, also new strains here in france, in britain, and in south africa now in britain where many people have died of covid they're starting a massive roll out of vaccines with seven new testing centers across the country, hundreds of thousands of people are expected to be inoculated over the coming months, a massive effort and pope francis himself came out saying getting the vaccine is an obligation, not getting it would be suicidal. the pope himself expected to get the vaccine this week. he also mentioned the problem on capitol hill and said peace really does need to prevail and rejected violence. >> matt, thank you for the update. let's switch to sports it was a big weekend, big day.
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afc north showdown topped a crazy slate of wild card weekend 2k3w5i78s games it was the cleveland browns in first playoff since 2003 wracking up 28 points in the first quarter. down by 25 at the half the steelers would come back to make it within 12 for every touchdown ben through he had a pick to go with it. for the second straight week the browns beat the steelers, 48-37. >> and in the game simulcast on nickel odean saints were able to erase the losing streak in strong fashion, drew brees with good pair of passes and beat the bears -- in a rematch of last year's preseason upset titans jump out
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to early lead on the titans, not looking back from the half, ravens with the big win, 20-13. ravens will head to buffalo in the divisional round on saturday after the packers and rams on sunday chiefs host the brown and battle drew brees in new orleans in the night cap. >> what a game that will be. let's turn now to our meteorologist with a look at the week ahead. >> a little happy about cleveland. >> yeah, you know, i'm a cowboys fan. but how about the browns, so happy for cleveland. definitely deserve it. switching gears to the weather, we definitely have this storm system making its way out of the south and southeast, a small storm, pushing off shore this afternoon. we had six inches of snow in parts of western texas yesterday.
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winter storm advisories are still in place across the deep south and will expire around 7:00 a.m. this morning you can see rainfall totals atns 75 for orlando this afternoon with a little bit more sunshine. we'll take a look at our fluctuating temperatures coming up, guys. >> all right, januariesa, we'l we'll check in with you then and coming up details on six inmates on the run. >> who doesn't want to be a billionae,heir t latest on two jackpots still up for grabs. our extended release melatonin helps you sleep longer. and longer. zzzquil pure zzzs all night. fall asleep. stay asleep.
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including 10 children. authorities have pinpointed the area of the black box, on parts of the boeing 737 found at a death of 75 feet in the sea and divers found bodies, pieces of clothing, scraps of metal and broken fuselage with aircraft registration parts. investigations continue. in california, six inmates on the loose from mercer county jail they went missing saturday night. the prisoners used a rope to climb down from the roof one charged with murder and two others with attempted murder, they're considered armed and dangerous. taking a turn now to the more than $1 billion up for grabs after no one won this weekend's mega million or power ball jackpot so the next mega million is tuesday and power ball on saturday the power ball at $550 million
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and just like that
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we couldn't help but wonder when we'd finally get a reboot of the classic "sex in the city" series and it's finally here, titled "just like that" will reunite the cast with sarah jessica parker with the crew but fans will miss samantha jones scheduled to begin production in the late spring. ten episodes without samantha. that drama had been ongoing. they were supposed to do another movie and it didn't happen and kim wouldn't do it this time they're like check this out. >> it's like archie bunker's place after the golden girls. >> someone tweeted sex in the city without kim is just the city. >> true. >> we'll still watch it.
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we are back with a story about getting people a chance to be productive and proud. a boston woman with down syndrome who opened a bakery with the mission to hire people of all abilities here's more. >> reporter: 30-year-old lady knows a secret recipe for a perfect cookie and a successful business too the young woman with down syndrome runs her very-own bakery in boston called calleti. the idea started after other job opportunities kept falling through so she decided to pave her own path, opening her
3:27 am
business in 2016, now shipping cookies and dog treats across the country. >> inspire people of all abilities to help them find purpose people like this veteran who had anxiety. >> it makes me feel like i belong to something instead of just existing, like you're part of a family >> and this man -- >> this opportunity is a signal to keep going. >> reporter: her daughter has turned passion for baking into a push for acceptance and equality. >> she's making people think twice about someone with a labelled disability. opportunities, i'm hoping, are
3:28 am
just going to keep opening for all of the other kids coming forward. >> reporter: so she'ssharing the kindness during the pandemic donating cookies to nursing homes, health care workers and including boston police commissioners. >> she lifts our spirits and of shows that we're not forgotten at all and a friend. >> a friend with the most important ingredients, courage >> you need to focus on the abilities always be who you are >> that's a great message. >> it is a great message. >> sort of message we need when you bake love and the courage, how can you not. >> her secret recipe apparently
3:29 am
is the cinnamon chocolate chip and employs 17 people and hopes to hire more. >> great to give her a shout out now that she's delivering nationwide. >> thanks for starting you james brown and bill cowher welcoming you back to the midnight snack run. this is one tricky obstacle course. he's reaching... but he pushes it away! he's approaching a plate of iced cookies... he blows right by 'em oh the fridge looks like he's headed for the soda.
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wait! he jukes left! grabs the water bottle now he's just gotta get out of there. look what dropped from the sky! don't do it dennis. that's the way you execute a midnight snack run. stand up to cancer and rally want you to reduce your risk for cancer, go to house democrats are united if demanding and seeking his immediate removal. >> insurrection could give way to impeachment, the house's ultimatum to remove president trump from office as the business world takes action of the crack down on capitol rioters, wave of arrests, new details just how much law enforcement knew on the days leading to the siege. hospitals bracing for the worse as the next phase for the vaccine arrives.


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