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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 11, 2021 3:30am-4:00am PST

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now he's just gotta get out of there. look what dropped from the sky! don't do it dennis. that's the way you execute a midnight snack run. stand up to cancer and rally want you to reduce your risk for cancer, go to house democrats are united if demanding and seeking his immediate removal. >> insurrection could give way to impeachment, the house's ultimatum to remove president trump from office as the business world takes action of the crack down on capitol rioters, wave of arrests, new details just how much law enforcement knew on the days leading to the siege. hospitals bracing for the worse as the next phase for the vaccine arrives.
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>> a wild to wild card weekend, browns break the playoff berth highlights ahead starts right now. >> in the wake the riot a reckoning for the first time in the nation's history the house could impeach the president for a second time after the pro-trump insurrection at the capitol. house democrats are calling on vice president mike pence to invoke 25th amendment to remove trump from office if not lawmakers will move forward with impeachment. the house speaker laid a timeline last night. >> reporter: she wants it done sooner rather than later especially given the fact multiple sources say pence is unlikely to use the 25th amendment to remove the president that he just wants to get through the next few days and inauguration pelosi talking about
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200 house members and 32 senators want to see the president removed. we're expecting to see articles of impeachment written up and senate trial could wait until after biden's first 100 days but both democrats and republicans are saying the urgent for president trump to be out of office now. >> sadly the person joining the executiv . >> sadly the person at the head of the executive branch is a deranged president of the united states and only a number of days until we can be protected from him but he's done something so furious that there should be prosecution against him. >> i think the best way for our country, chuck, is for the president to resign and go away as soon as possible. i acknowledge that may not be likely but i think that would be
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best >> and now the focus is on inauguration security coming up again in just a few days, d.c.'s mayor will ask the trump administration today to not only continue the state of emergency but also to start inauguration security now and expand the area that lawmakers will consider the secure zone. >> yeah, they have nine days to get it together. the two man it in wednesday's riots have been arrested, man of texas and tennessee both charged with violently entering the capitol and disorderly conduct. new disturbing images of the rioters storming the capitol at one point, someone is pulled into the crowd and appears to be beaten with the american flag. across the country, fbi field offices are focused on rallying
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the instigators, 20 ring leaders charged where federal crimes and dozens charged with other offenses. just how much did capitol police know about this threat? sources tell nbc news, warning were sent to washington, d.c. before the riots more on that now, pete williams. >> reporter: nbc news learned the new york police department notified the u.s. capitol police about the possibility of violence during last week's electoral vote count, law enforcement officials say a packet was sent nationwide about the threats on social media and separate report sent directly to capitol police and senior fbi official say agents contacted more than a dozen extremists already under fbi surveillance
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with the desire to come to washington last week and the fishle say agents talked them out of coming. u.s. capitol police haven't responded to our request for comment doesn'tance the question -- answer why they weren't better prepared when rioters stormed i after finding out the capitol was a target. the trump world is feeling the squeeze from the invisible hand of the free market. amazon is booting parler from its web services over unmoderated violent post after the siege on the capitol yesterday's parler's ceo said the lock out could end his business elsewhere, payment processor stripe is cutting ties with the trump campaign saying the president encouraged the violence that led to the riot. and the pga is pulling one of
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the most important tournaments from one of trump's golf course in new jersey and said playing at trump's club would be bad for business and could even hurt the sport itself for its part the trump organization said the pga has no right to terminate the a groemt. j.p. morgan and citigroup are putting all political donations on hold after the riot blue cross blue shield and marriott are 3w4r57 who rejected to joe biden's electoral college victory. coronavirus cases continue to climb with more than 22 million americans infected and 374,000 lives lost we're starting to see the deadly holiday surge that so many health officials warned about.
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meghan is tracking the later >> reporter: good morning. while the nation is seeing its darkest days now, hospitals and those on the frontline are bracing for a new surge just days away. the nation is suffering through a crisis of epic proportion as the pandemic spirals further out of control. >> we're in the middle of the surge, there's not a top yet. >> reporter: the nation soaring past 278,000 new infections in just one day, breaking records for daily cases three days in a row, this as the highly contagious uk-variant is now in nine states, hospitalization reaching new heights as doctors warn this is only the start of the christmas surge. >> every bed is full every nurse and doctor is occupied taking care of covid patients. >> reporter: the crisis in california worsen by the day, the state seeing the deadly
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est day. >> they struggle to breathe even with tons of oxygen and they just fight dieing and it's so sad. >> reporter: a common experience for health care workers across southern california, hospitals so over run with patients that nurses and doctors are desperately trying to keep up. >> i've seen more people pass away in the past week, past couple weeks really in almost combined in my whole career as a nurse. >> reporter: in los angeles county most dire situation more people are dieing from the virus than all other causes combined, similar scene in some hospitals in neighboring arizona, the state now seeing one of the highest number of new cases per capita in the country and needed medical supplies like oxygen are in danger of running out. >> our main weapon against this disease is keeping people ox nated and we have to start rationing, it's terrifying thought. >> reporter: starting monday state farm stadium will administer the vaccine 24 hours a day.
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nationwide four more states are moving to the next stage of vaccination adding groups like teachers and people over 75. >> if we get that overwhelming majority of people vaccinated we can start approaching a reasonable degree of normality towards mid-fall of 2021. >> reporter: a step closer to the end of this nightmare. the cdc is saying that the nation could see another 65,000 more deaths by the end of the month. just last week 21,000 people lost their lives >> rough few weeks ahead, meghan, thank you. coronavirus pandemic is hitting the latino community hard with high rates of hospitalization and death compared to other communities. nbc looks into it. >> reporter: it's the start of the day in one of the hardest
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areas of l.a. hit with covid-19. christian is just beginning his rounds [ speaking foreign language ]. christian grew up in this predominantly-latino neighborhood, what he sees happening to his kmie community is overwhelming. >> that's code blue, a patient is in cardia io pulmonary arrest with his heart stopped five to six times. >> he said two types of conversation rock him to his core, some among nurses themselves. >> sometimes it's like, hey, now he, before we go into this room his wife was on another floor and didn't make it, she just passed, don't say anything about that >> reporter: then patients turn to ask this -- >> the absolute worse is when they verbalize it and say, hey, i'm not going to make it, am i what do you say.
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>> reporter: across los angeles death rates among latinos are twice as high as the rest of the population, latinos hospitalized three times more than white communities. this dr. seen ten of his patients die from covid many from multi generational households who bring the virus home and spread to their family. >> it's hard to see our population doing the work nobody wants to do. front-facing, exposing themselves to covid. and then dieing from covid and then not getting the health care they need or getting the vaccine fast enough. some funeral homes average up to 30 bodies a day, those are just the ones they can get to, often telling families they don't have the capacity this is a refrigerated truck brought in to deal with some of the over flow. >> meanwhile, families wait for funerals to bury loved ones like
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ramon bustamote. >> he was a great dad who would do anything for us. >> he said good-bye to his daughters through a glass window. >> he would nod his head put thumb's up sorry. he would try to do little hearts with his hands >> reporter: community considered essential but suffering the most scottie schwartz, nbc news los angeles. all right. let's turn to the weather. some areas got to see snow that don't normally see snow. now janessa joins us with that. >> reporter: good morning, yes, rare snow across the south, six inches in western texas, this is going to be a quick-moving system not headed to the coast as forecast but it will dry out but will see rain for the sections of the southeast, winter alerts stretch from texas to
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mississippi where winter storm . tampa across florida, still in the 70's we'll take a look at your week ahead, coming up. >> looking forward to it, thank you. time now for today's quick hits queen elizabeth and prince philip s 94-year-old queen and her 99-year-old husband got their first vaccine at winsor castle. prices at the pump 30 cents less than a year ago.
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for a hygienic clean you can see and feel. cascade + the power of oxi. leading the news, indonesia officials have pinpointed the area of the black box of the deadly plane crash that killed 62 including 10 children, the divers are assisifting through wreckage hoping to piece together incluk4r50us -- together the clues that led to the mysterious crash on the coast. navy divers looking for luggage clothing and corpses. this is not a rescue mission all 62 people aboard the boeing 737 500 including 10 children were killed, their families
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devastated this man laughing with his wife on the phone before take off the flight was flying over the java sea from jakarta but amid heavy rains suddenly plunged the plane's black boxes have been located but not yet located, investigators hope they will offer clues what went wrong. >> it's still too early to tell but something dramatic happened, perhaps intentional or perhaps a pilot confusion issue with inadequate instrumentation. >> questions for answers for now are likely sitting at the bottom of the java sea. matt bradley nbc news. for the whole family. trusted soothing vapors, from vicks ♪
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not really something you want to do in winter here but they thought it was important, a special ritual, involving a ice bath meant to purify participants souls and allow them to pray for an end to the coronavirus pandemic so it's for that cause, the ritual was smaller this year than last year due to the pandemic. all right, back here in this country, an afc north showdown capped off a crazy slate of wild card weekend games it was the cleveland browns in their first playoff game since 2003 they struck early and often racking up 20 points just in the
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first quarter. the steelers were down by 25 by the half and they did mount a come back and came within 12 but for every touchdown ben roethlisberger threw had interception to go with it, four on the night, and browns winning their first playoff game since 1994. and in a game simulcast the saints were able to erase a hom playoff losing streak in strong fashion, drew brees with a fair of touchdown passes, new orleans beat the bears, 21-9 in a rematch in last year's post-season upset titans with early lead on the ravens but reigning mvp lamar jackson not going to let history repeat itself tieing it at the half and not looking back from there ravens dance on the logo with the win, 20-13, and head to buffalo in the divisional round on saturday after packers and
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rams on sunday chiefs host the browns and tom brady battle drew brees in new orleans in the night cap. >> that will be quite the game, indeed up next, a look at the week ahead and weather coming up. plus magic alleneding -- magical ending for a young man's inspiring movement thanks to a legendary celebrity. when i learned that my joint pain could mean permanent joint damage, i asked about enbrel. enbrel helps relieve joint pain, and helps stop permanent joint damage. plus enbrel helps skin get clearer in psoriatic arthritis. ask your doctor about enbrel, so you can get back to your true self. -play ball! enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders and allergic reactions have occurred. tell your doctor if you've been someplace where fungal infections are common. or if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores,
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we have an update now on a teen who turned a personal struggle into really an inspiring moment and movement. we first told you about a young man who started kyler's cak kics about a year ago you wouldn't believe the magic that happened since then here's nbc's kate snow. >> reporter: when we first met kyler he was giving away shoes to thousands in need he created a charity kyler's kicks after he was attacked and bullied for wearing worn shoes the costly medical treatment and
3:57 am
therapy he needed after that attack left them struggling financially and last year they were homeless, that's what got the attention of show-stopping david copperfield. >> were you watching nightly news john mulaney i saw it live on tv and was very moved by it, he certainly moved something negative into something very positive. >> kyler was so moved that he called the family. >> cool to know that people have really good hearts like that >> and offered to rent them a home for a year. >> i love people who inspire other people as a magician my job is to create possibilities and i see a 14 or 15-year-old kid doing the same thing leaf it. >> with a place to call home they've been able to get back on their feet. >> within that one year we will have been able to completely taken our family from being
3:58 am
homeless overnight from medical bills to now we're eligible to do everything. >> i really appreciate everything he's done for our family he really changed our lives. he's got a really big heart adjectived i really appreciate him. >> he said the same about you. >> that's awesome. >> because of covid they couldn't leave until september when copperfield gave the family their own magic show and through it all kyler hasn't stopped giving away gift bags filled with essentials to help young people during the pandemic >> makes you feel good making other people happy. >> he recently offered more services to teens in tough sometimes. kyler has endless ideas. >> it's nice knowing people out there really care. >> all meant to help. >> this young man has gone places. >> i love being inspired he definitely inspires me.
3:59 am
>> thanks to kate smith for that report this year when it is safe they hope to set a record for most shoes given to kids at the one time so it's coming in all kinds of magic there. >> yeah, pretty cool to get david copperfi
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♪ president trump under pressure over the capitol riot the house vows to impeach if he's not removed from office, his authorities may woe way of the arrest lynched to the insurrection finding the light in the dark days. the deeply personal plea from arnold schwarzenegger urging unity in the wake of the capitol siege. the world's largest tech shows goes all digital, now cbs is amid the pandemic


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