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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 11, 2021 4:00am-4:31am PST

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♪ president trump under pressure over the capitol riot the house vows to impeach if he's not removed from office, his authorities may woe way of the arrest lynched to the insurrection finding the light in the dark days. the deeply personal plea from arnold schwarzenegger urging unity in the wake of the capitol siege. the world's largest tech shows goes all digital, now cbs is amid the pandemic and cleveland crushes the
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steelers in a truly wild and wildcard weekend "early today" starts right now glad you're with us. i'm frances rivera >> and i'm kendis gibson in the wake of the riot, a reckoning for the first time in american history, the house could impeach the president for a second time after the pro-trump insurrectionon the capitol. house democrats are calling on vice president pence to intwok the 25th amendment and remove trump from office. if not lawmakers will move ahead with impeachment nbc's tracie potts joins us with the latest tracie, the house speaker has laid out a time line for herself. >> right, pelosi wants to see this happen sooner than later, given the fact there are nine days left in this presidency and multisources are telling nbc that vice president pence is unlikely to invoke the 25th amendment amendment. and she says the house and congress could likely impeach.
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this week that they introduce articles of impeachment accusing the around channing the president with incitement of insurrection some of the house, even some democrats say the senate trial could wait until after joe biden's first 100 days but on both sides, democrats and republicans are saying that they need to move urgently and get the president to either resign or be removed now. >> sadly, the person on the executive branch is a deranged, unhinged, dangerous president of the united states. and that only a number of days until we can be protected from him. but he has done something so serious that there should be prosecution against him. >> well, i think the best way for our country, chuck is for the president to resign and go away as soon as possible i acknowledge that may not be likely, but i think that would be the best.
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>> and now the focus is on inauguration security with d.c.'s may y mayor planning to e president today to expand and early up the time line to today to start that process, to start security for inauguration. we are also learning that the capitol police were warned in advance about possible violence last wednesday from both the fbi and new york police kendis >> tracie potts there. thank you, tracie. at least two more arrests were made sunday in connection with the attack on the capitol, and now disturbing new video is coming to light showing violent confrontation between the police and the mob. nbc's ron allen has details. >> reporter: new disturbing images of the riot at the capitol, rioters trying to storm in, police battling back at one point, someone pulled apparently beaten with an american flag. across the country, every fbi
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field office focused on identifying and rounding up the instigators. at least 20 suspected ringleaders charged with federal crimes so far. dozens with other offenses federal prosecutors adding riley brock of texas and eric mcchel from tennessee and counterterrorism experts concern many in the mob demonstrate police or military expertise. law enforcement agencies from new york to california looking at where the members joined in >> the possible inclusion and participation of law enforcement, ex-law enforcement, military, ex-military, is one of the more potentially disturbing elements >> reporter: stepped up security with extremist groups threatening more attacks law enforcement taking up near the capitol more than 6,000 expected by inauguration day and this weekend, d.c.'s mayor asked the department of homeland
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security for even more resources. >> you're a joke >> reporter: lawmakers getting protection as members getting harassed and heckled in public >> you know it was fake. >> reporter: and a black officer confronting mostly a white mob, they chased him down the stairs to the senate chamber to a quarter where backup is waiting. congress signaling a new concern, covid, in a moment, while members huddled together, individuals may have been exposed to another occupant with coronavirus infection. meanwhile, this deeply somber moment, this procession honoring brian sicknick who died of injuries sustained while protecting the capitol law enforcement officers paying tribute. ron allen, nbc news. this morning, nbc news has exclusive new reporting on some of the advance notice capitol
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police had both the new york police department and the fbi sent warnings to d.c. officials senior fbi officials say that agents contacted more than a dozen expected extremists and urged them not to travel to washington and law enforcement officials say the nypd sent a packet of information to police agencies nationwide describing violent rhetoric and threats that were being made on social media a separate report went directly to capitol police. the fbi's washington field office and the u.s. capitol police have not responded to request for comment. the trump world is feeling the squeeze from the invisible hand of the free market. amazon is booting parler from its web hosting services over unmoderated posts lead gdz ing the siege on the capitol parler ceo said the walkout could end his business also stripe is saying the
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president encouraged the violence that led to the capitol riot and the pga is pulling one of pro golf us most important tournaments from mr. trump's bedminster saying playing at trump's club could be bad for business and even hurt the sport itself and according to the wall wall, j.b. morgan and citigroup are putting all political donations on hold in the coming months after the riot. blue cross, blue shield and marriott are pausing donations to american lawmakers who rejected president-elect biden electoral victory. to a situationrowi g ever so desire, it's nearly 30,000 coronavirus deaths after hitting a record 695 deaths in one day in the meantime, across the country, the number of infected americans surpassed 22 million california health officials extended a stay-at-home order for parts of the san francisco
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bay area it comes as hospitals scramble to keep up with covid-19 patients scott cohen is in santa clara county with the latest >> reporter: kendis, this is one of the testing sites in santa clara county, california, the home of san jose and silicon vall valley and numbers coming from here are not promising at all as the state closes it on 2.7 million covid-19 cases and 30,000 deaths the situation in hospitals is dire intensive care units are now operating at or beyond capacity in the state of 40 million people, fewer than 1200 icu beds available. and they are now bringing in refrigerator trucks to hold the dead scott cohn, nbc news, san jose, california >> kendis, back to you a dire situation out there the polilace where covid
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originated, wuhan mark since the deaths wuhan was about to enter a major lock down. how are things now >> reporter: yeah, if you went there now, you wouldn't notice anything according to reports looks like everything is back to normal there isn't even necessarily that much mask wearing going on. it's one year since that first man died we don't know his name, he was a 61-year-old man who frequented that wet market. in the year since that man died of covid, one year ago, we've seen 2 million deaths worldwide. this is why it's so troubling. now, there's new variants in britain and south africa that are spreading quite rapidly around the world now, we have sax sevaccines now the united kingdom that has seen say lot of death is going
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out a vaccine center in order to inoculate hundreds of thousands of people. that's enough starting today and the vaccine worldwide has met some resistance from people who just don't trust it. but we heard over the weekend in an interview from pope francis he said not taking the vaccine was suicidal and he called the vaccine an obligation. but he also mentioned what happened on the capitol which we've been talking about nonstop in the past week he said he was startled by this and said the invasion of the capitol ought to be condemned. guys >> matt, thank you we have an update from asia about that deadly indonesian plane crash that killed all 63 people on board including ten children the plane's black box, parts of the boeing 737 were found at the depth of 75 feet in the java sea.
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investigators recovered body parts along with pieces of clothing, scraps of metal and pieces of fuselage with aircraft parts. and let's turn and see what's ahead weatherwise for the week janessa webb is with us. good morning, janessa. >> good morning, you two good morning, everyone we do have a storm system providing a good dose of snow for texas and louisiana this morning. and it's going to continue as it pushing offshore, even mississippi, alabama, sections of georgia could see a few flakes, but then that system is going to rapidly move out of the area still, winter storm warnings are in place and they're going to last until 7:00 a.m., and rest of the day, you're dealing with clearing and sunshine. and the rainfall on the southern edge could midweek
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the heat is starting to build across florida they're back in the 70s. miami today, 77. we'll take a look at your week ahead coming up. >>i iajanessa, thank you nfc north capped off a crazy slate of wildcard games. the cleveland browns in the first playoff game since 2003. they struck early and often. 28 points in the first quarter the steelers tried to make a comeback, coming to within 12. for every touchdown ben roethlisberger threw, he also threw a pitch -- ben had interceptions on the night and the browns beat the steelers 48-37. and in a game simulcast on
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nickelode nickelodeon, the saints were able to erase a home playoff not to be too distracted on nickelodeon special effects. drew brees threw a touchdown pass as the saints beat the bears. and the reigning mvp lamar jackson wouldn't going to let history repeat itself. tying it up at the half did not look back from will. the ravens big win 20-13 the ravens will head to buffalo in the divisional round on sunday after the packers and rams on sunday, the chiefs host the browns and tom brady battles drew brees in the night cap. up next, arnold schwarzenegger's powerful message on the capitolio rt. >> and a brazen jailbreak, the search for six dangerous inmates who escaped with a homemade broom. nger. zzzquil pure zzzs all night.
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the mercer county jail in southeast of san francisco they went missing late saturday night. jail staff say the prisoners used a simple rope to climb down from the roof. one is charged with murder two others with attempted murder they are considered armed and dangerous. there is now more than $1 billion up for grabs after nobody won this weekend mega millions or powerball jackpots the next mega millions is tuesday. the next drawing for the powerball is wednesday the powerball pot sits at $550 million. while the mega millions a whopping $600 million. chances of winning 1 in 300 million -- 300 million, excuse me >> it's still that 1 that's important you that mentioned. >> that's all you need the aftermath of the deadly riot at the u.s. capitol continues. on sunday actor turned
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politician arnold schwarzenegger blasted president trump he called the assault to the assault the day of broken glass. >> wednesday was the day of the broken glass here in the united states in the u.s. state's capitol. but they shattered the ideas we take for granted >> president trump is a failed leader he will go down in history as the worst president ever >> schwarzenegger also called on public officials to put country over party and work for the people. the video has actually been viewed more than 28 million times. it's about seven minutes long and it is quite a message. >> certainly sounds like it from even just that still to come, why even planet earth had about abnormal 2020 and not even a pandemic can dull cutting-edge technology inside a ces unlike any other.
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♪ in today's quick hits, queen elizabeth and prince philip are morning the 1.5 million people in britain who have received the covid-19 vaccine the 94-year-old queen and husband received their first tests. and the national average sitting around $2.35 a gallon. despite the increase prices are
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30 centers less than a year ago. and scientists say the earth rotated abnormally past in 2020. scientists are now considering adding a negative leap second if the earth continues to spin faster >> as long as we're not spinning out of control to earth. >> spinning back to 2020 the world's biggest tech show is about to kick off digitally. but first, let's find out how wall street is startingthy monday after ending last week with record highs. cnbc's karen tso joins us. >> good morning. we have record after record on the s&p and dow to close out fridaya friday's session as investors keeping an eye on the fiscal stimulus i want to caution early on as we wait for more detail around further infrastructure spending that's expected. also around any individual checks for americans
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the other big point around ces, it's normally held in las vegas today, the world's largest technology show. it will be virtual this year watch out for 5g technology, new televisions and covid technology, apparently about sanitation back to you, frances and kendis. >> karen, thank you. when we return, janessa webb is ahead with the forecast and just like that "sex and the city" is coming back with one major revision who's missing from the revival when i learned that my joint pain could mean permanent joint damage, i asked about enbrel. enbrel helps relieve joint pain, and helps stop permanent joint damage. plus enbrel helps skin get clearer in psoriatic arthritis. ask your doctor about enbrel, so you can get back to your true self. -play ball! enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers,
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vicks vapocool drops now in honey lemon chill and just like that we can help but wonder when we would finally get a robot of the classic "sex and the city" series and it's finally here the new revival titled "and just like that. it will reunite the original cast as sarah jessica parker as carrie, cynthia nixon as miranda and kristin davis. fans will miss kim cattrall.
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>> too much drama and saying we can do it without her. i would love to know the drama behind the scenes there. maybe one day. losing weight is a top new year's resolution for many americans. but if you're someone who needs motivation to accomplish your weight loss goals, one company is willing to pay you. but there's a catch, nbc's dan scheneman has more >> reporter: for millions of people, the struggle to lose weight is real >> before i knew it, i was almost 300 pounds. >> you wish it could be different. you wish you could lose the weight >> reporter: finding the motivation to lose weight is difficult. more so shedding 50 pounds david roddenberry says the concept is simple. >> you decide how many pounds you want to lose over how many months, we have a calculator how much we'll pay you >> reporter: what's the catch? you have to put up some of your own cash >> if you have your own money at your risk you are more than
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likely to accomplish your goal >> reporter: jenny won $3,000. >> if i reach it, i get the money back, i didn't have to rely on anything else. >> reporter: sly did her research before signing up >> you control everything except the final payout >> reporter: miranda found out taking care of two teenagers also involved taking care of herself. she invested $50 every month >> i didn't have money to lose >> reporter: brookville extended her journey collecting almost $3,000 >> it was real, legit. i shared with everybody i had accomplished a big goal. it was pretty amazing. >> reporter: real money and more importantly, a fresh start dan scheneman, nbc news. >> how about i run down the street and get a powerball ticket
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>> you there go, right >> talk about extreme dieting, your cash. >> yeah, what's next having a tiger chase you, that's one way to lose weight >> your life or weight >> thank you for waking up with us, i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm frances rivera we
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right now at 430, preparing for potential problems. the reason twitter is barricading offices this morning after banning the president from its site and rolling out the vaccine. the proposed plan. the biggest bay area county has a plan to get people the shot. and boosting protections for struggling businesses. the deadline business owners need to know to receive help during these tough economic times. "today in the bay" starts now. good monday morning to you. thank you very much for joining us. i'm laura garcia.


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