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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  January 12, 2021 2:06am-2:35am PST

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identify this man democrats back impeachment, but carrying a confederate there's no broad support among republicans. flag during the attack. in the senate democrats need 17 republicans to join and the new fbi warning. them to convict and all 50 states told be remove the president on alert for armed protests at their state capitols but so far only one d.c. bracing for more frequent trump critic, potential violence and ben sasse, said he growing concerns about would consider impeachment. the safety of joe biden's inauguration two others say president trump should what's being done to step down. >> i think the best secure it? the much feared post-holiday covid surge is here. way for our country, chuck, is for the president to resign more than half the and go away as soon as states reporting a possible. rise as the u.s. surpasses 375,000 >> reporter: many republicans warn a deaths and what's being done partisan impeachment would further divide to ramp up americans. >> the democrats are going to try to remove vaccinations as the rollout remains the president from frustratingly slow and the rush to office just seven days before he's set to return those unwanted holiday gifts. leave anyway whsaying, go ahead and i do not see how that unifies the country. keep them. >> reporter: president trump out of sight again today. but in the wake of >> announcer: this is last week's riots, the "nbc nightly news" with lester holt pga announced it has canceled plans to hold good evening, everyone each video from wednesday's attack on golf club. the capitol seems more horrifying than the first lady melania trump breaking her one before silence, expressing after the pandemic and with the parade of images grows a her condolences to the families o drove online shopping movement in congress those who died and calling for calm to new records, a tonight. our nation must heal in a civil manner, she surprising return it is led by democrats writes violence is never policy is gaining in to hold president acceptable popularity trump accountable for a potential senate here's blaine his incendiary call to trial to remove alexander.
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president trump would likely happen after action just before the assault. he's already gone from office holiday return deadlines fast this evening the ultimatum. but president-elect biden tonight insists approaching, a growing number of stores have it would not interrupt the call on vice a new message, just keep it. his first 100 days president pence to remove the president >> what i'm seeing is by way of the 25th >> we will spend a amendment or for the half day dealing with president to face the impeachment and that a number of bigger businesses are just telling customers another impeachment. to keep the product when they attempt to america at a dizzying half day getting my make the return. people nominated and >> reporter: but still giving their money crossroad tonight and it's where we start confirmed in the senate back with chief white house correspondent peter so that's my hope alexander. right now. >> absolutely. >> reporter: on >> reporter: house >> reporter: and late tonight, acting average each return democrats now poised homeland security costs the store about 59% of the item's secretary chad wolf original sale price. with holiday returns topping an estimated abruptly announced $101 billion, the costs add up he's stepping down voke the 25th amendment to remove wolf did not cite last president trump by wednesday or they will week's riots in his make the president the first ever to be resignation message. lester impeached twice. >> i think every day >> all right, peter. walmart says not all he's in office he thank you. the items are eligible saying the company remains a real and and that leads us to our capitol hill uses your shopping history, product value present danger to the correspondent kasie and shipping costs to country. >> reporter: pence hunt decide what to take back seen late today kasie, any indication but one potential downside, people arriving at the white trying to game the system house is said to oppose implementing the 25th amendment democrats today introducing a single article of impeachment, accusing >> reporter: lester, president trump of, quote, inciting late tonight on >> so theoretically i could order a product co that i want but tell violence against the the company that i don't want it, ask for government of the united states. mccarthy said for the a return and theoretically get that product free the charge right now first time that president trump does reads in part, bear some how are companies safe president trump gravely endangered the responsibility for the guarding against security of the united something like this? >> correct states and its institutions of so stores are watching this government if they see you are capitol riot and doing it too frequently, you may didn't rule out censuring the find yourself not able president. but so far one to shop at that retailer anymore. republican congressman
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he, therefore, ha betrayed his trust as thinking about going further and voting for >> reporter: bottom line for consumers for president. impeachment. >> we have to stand up if others join him, each return just be to this man who that could lead to honest incited a violent riot at our nation's blaine alexander, nbc capitol. tn 210 house more support for news. convicting president trump in the senate where behind the scenes republicans are even more furious frontline workers inspiring america. after new video shows just how much danger they were in lester >> all right kasie hunt tonight, thanks federal prosecutors working to identify potentially hundreds of suspects in last week's attack. also tonight, capitol police officers suspended for their actions during the riot tom costello has late details. >> reporter: tonight a dramatic development two capitol police officers suspended for their roles in last week's insurrection. some officers had been seen taking selfies with rioters or letting them through >> i know there were two people suspended one was the selfie officer and another was an officer who had put a maga hat on and started directing some people around. >> reporter: terrorism analysts say
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wednesday's riot leaders may have fully intended to capture or harm members of congress, including speaker pelosi, even vice president pence among the evidence, threatening online posts, weapons, explosives, the tactical gear some rioters were wearing and those zip ties often used as handcuffs. the fbi says it is making arrests as it works through tens of thousands of tips. it is looking for this man seen carrying a confederate flag through the capitol. >> well, it's quite clear that the events of last week that we have within the united states a form of domestic terrorism that is focussed on the overthrow of our government, is focussed on the idea of chaos. >> reporter: nbc news has reported that both the nypd and the fbi had warned capitol police days before the attack that right wing extremists were planning something big, but the capitol police chief steven sans who has resigned under pressure says he requested national guard troops to stand by days in
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advance, but his request was turned down by his bosses the sergeants at arm in the house and the senate he told "the washington post" that at 2:26 p.m. as the attack was underway he pleaded with the pentagon for help saying i'm making an urgent, urgent immediate request for national guard assistance i've got to get boots on the ground. but he says he was rebuffed by a pentagon general out of concern it would not look good to have guard troops at the capitol today, though, that general at the pentagon said neither i or anyone else from wareceivd approximately 40 minutes after the call initiated. guard troops arrived at 5:40 p.m. more than three hours after the initial request. >> there are ways to secure the perimeter of the u.s. capitol. we do this for inauguration we do this for state of the union address we do this for u.n general assembly every year this could have been
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avoided if it had been anticipated. >> reporter: also tonight, the republican state attorneys general association is under fire after a fund-raising arm put out robocalls calling for a march to the capital. >> at 1:00 p.m. wepil buildingd call on congress to stop this steal. >> reporter: executive director adam piper first blamed staff for the call today he resigned. >> tom, let me ask you this i want to go back to the suspended capitol police officers. what else do we know there? >> reporter: yeah, congressman tim ryan who oversees the committee that oversees that particular police department says that we know that other officers are under investigation. and also police departments around the country are looking at how their officers acted if they came here to the rally. were they involved in this riot? lester >> all right tom costello o capitol hill thanks a house democrat caught in the riot, bonny watson coleman of new jersey, says she has tested positive for covid-19 and thinks she got it sheltering with members of congress that refused to wear
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finally, she's masks. raising tens of with the covid thousands of dollars pandemic exploding for the covid fight getting people with the power of vaccinated continues friendship kevin tibbles with our "inspiring america" report. >> hi, guys. it's haley >> reporter: haley is vaccination sites. stephanie gosk tells us more. a 7-year-old firecracker and local hero >> reporter: in san antonio vaccinations raising $30,000 for chicago's lurie children's hospital. at the 64,000-seat >> it makes me feel happy that i'm helping out others. >> reporter: she alamo dome kicked off today. creates colorful friendship bracelets and sells them with the help of her dodger stadium in l.a. parents to supply is pivoting from doctors and nurses testing to vaccination with ppe tomorrow as a newborn, she was treated in the lurie's this newly opened center in brooklyn neonatal unit. this is her way of will run 24 hours a saying thanks. day, seven days a >> reporter: and that week translates into thousands of masks. one of five in new york city. >> they represent hope during a really dark >> i'm really excited. time iee. >> reporter: chicago's i trust science. i love science mayor, "hamilton" >> reporter: getting mass vaccinations up stars and even the chicago white sox wear and running is them critical >> coronavirus hasn't but in some places it hasn't gotten off to a great start. phone lines ring busy. stopped and neither websites are crashing. have i in florida first come >> reporter: a second first serve for grader reminds us all seniors led to long lines and frustration. that friendship is also contagin tibbles, nbc it's an historic challenge that demands news, chicago. both organization and >> and i think she just made a bunch of innovation new friends. that is "nightly news" for this monday. >> thinking outside thank you for watching, everyone the box is what it takes. i'm lester holt. please take care of yourself and each it's for people who do other. [cheers and applause]
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have enthusiasm and ideas and can put them into action. >> reporter: the philadelphia health department vaccinated 2,500 home health care workers in just two days, relying on an unlikely partner 22-year-old andres derosia. >> we took the entire model and just threw it out the window. we're doing everything new school no paper all electronic >> reporter: his organization, philly fighting covid brought together engineers and computer scientists to handle logistics like identifying the right registration software and speeding up the ♪ process withyear ♪ since you been gone lately ♪ ♪ with my mind messed up so it's kind of bittersweet. sorry. ♪ jumped in my car and i'm just really happy. ♪ tried to clear my mind didn't >> reporter: can this be a model for something even bigger help me ♪ than what's happening over the next couple days >> yes ♪ i guess i'm all messed up now reach out to us. baby ♪ we're open sourcing all of this. ♪ a song comes on on the radio we will be at the stadiums next. >> reporter: making sure when there are ♪ and there you are baby enough vaccines for everyone, everyone will have a place to get one. ♪ once again
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stephanie gosk, nbc news, philadelphia ♪ it's just another sad love song ♪ there are ♪ racking my brain like crazy troubling numbers in terms of infections across the country and a post-holiday spike that was widely ♪ guess i'm all torn up predicted. here is miguel almaguer. ♪ be it fast or slow >> reporter: as hospitals and hot spots struggle to ♪ it doesn't let go manage covid patients, tonight that feared ♪ or shake me holiday surge is here. ♪ and it's all because of you hospitals in the heartland are driving ♪ here come the strings patients eight hours into kansas for an open bed ♪ then somebody sings ♪ it's just another lonely love >> it's not just the covid patients it's the patients that song ♪ could be cared for for normal reasons like heart attack or other infections, but they just don't have ♪ it's just another sad love the capacity there song ♪ >> reporter: the cdc ♪ racking my brain like crazy says 438,000 americans could die by month's end. and as the virus spreads, according to ♪ guess i'm all torn up "jama," more childre ♪ be it fast or slow are being hospitalized with covid several medical centers are running short on vital supplies. ♪ or shake me >> we have even called dive shops, one of my bosses did. ♪ and it's all because of you there is no oxygen >> reporter: no state is in more trouble than california.
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>> that is a code blue [cheers and applause] that means that a patient is in cardiopulmonary arrest. >> reporter: on election day, the >> kelly: all right, state averaged 40 deaths a day everybody, welcome to by christmas, 255. "the kelly clarkson show." let's give it up for my band playing some toni braxton! on saturday, 695 fatalities were reported the governor has ordered 88 ay! icu, leicester, lester, with the like this one to hold the influx of bodies moves. we have caitlin with us i miss my students, and i miss teaching. requesting "another sad love wh, caitlin? >> hello, kelly, nice to meet choir teacher knows he you. was lucky, even though he battled the virus i requested that song because alone. there is one time i was breaking up with this guy and i was >> it's really lonely. leaving his people who think this stuff is a joke, it's not a joke >> reporter: tonight the life and death struggle that far too many are losing. miguel almaguer, nbc news >> it just continues to devastate. adding to the concern, new strains of the virus, including the one from the u.k. spreading here but also a south
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african variant now richard engel has more. >> reporter: the u.k. today rolled out mass vaccination centers in racetracks and convention halls health officials say the next few weeks here will be the worst of the pandemic so far. a new strain, up to 70% more contagious has taken over london's mayor warns 1 in 30 people in the city may now have the virus. a south af transmissible as the uk variant is now dominant there and already jumped to nearly a dozen countries. a japanese strain was just confirmed today. >> the virus has become much more efficient in terms of being able to infect people. >> reporter: this man leads vaccine trials in south africa. do you think this south african variant is already in the united states? >> i would be highly surprised if it hasn't been exported to the united states. i think it is just a matter of days, if not weeks.
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uk variants are genetic mutations of the original covi because the virus is so widespread. evolution is sped up by the pandemic. >> the larger issue is we will see more and more mutations. this is just the start. unfortunately, i think the worst might still be ahead of us >> reporter: british officials believe the current vaccines work against the uk variant. a pfizer study showed its vaccine appears to be effective against the south african strain, but this is now a moving target. lester >> all right richard engel tonight, thank you. more now on the fallout online from the capitol siege. a growing number of social media companies banning president trump and cracking down on far right extremists as they migrate to darker corners >> reporter: tonight pressure is mounting plans for more violence from spreading. more than a dozen companies already blocking or restricting president trump on their platform.
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>> it shows that even a president is not above the policies we have >> reporter: on facebook he's banned until further notice. >> the inauguration is coming we are focussing on doing everything we can to protect our services and that ban stays indefinite until we make sure we get through this >> reporter: twitter permanently shutting down his account the new challenge tracking extremists on the move online. >> what we see is people retreating to more private spaces and organizing there. >> reporter: what kind of calls for violence are you seeing right now online >> a lot of calls for a sort of january 6th do-over. people saying go to your state capitols and, you know, arrest people or overthrow the government. rler, an altere social media platform that's popular among conservatives and far right extremists, removed from apple and google app stores and no longer hosted by amazon web services amid accusations it allowed the incitement of violence.
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parler now suing amazon saying we do not condone or accept violence on our platform and we never will some big tech companies also taking another step facebook and microsoft among at least a dozen major corporations suspending their political contributions, too jo ling kent, nbc news. in just 60 seconds, the new fbi warning on armed protests around the country ahead of next week's inauguration.
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after the attack on the u.s. capitol, the fbi is warning of new protests ahead of next week's inauguration while the secret service is expanding security for that event. here's pete williams. >> reporter: in response to last week's violence, the homeland security secretary late today ordered the secret service to begin the period of beefed up inaugural security six days earlier than planned starting wednesday. that means a perimeter of no scale fence around the capitol
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security checkpoints with metal detectors streets closed down for several blocks and tens of thousands of police and federal agents ready to respond to violence. scenes like this in downtown washington four years ago national guard troops, too, with the military now considering whether they should be armed. the fbi is warning police nationwide that armed protests are being discussed on social media for every state's capitol by weeks end with more violence possible in washington if congress takes action against president trump. the secret service says it is well prepared if a mob tries to interfere with next wednesday's inauguration >> mass civil disturbance is something that we plan for. we have contingencies in place and plans in place to address that kind of behavior. >> reporter: washington's mayor wanted the enhanced security arrangements to start now and luntil four d the to demonstrate peacefully are very different than the people we saw storm the capitol the
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other day, and i think that it will be shown that those people were organized, trained people >> reporter: some security changes are already happening. the national park service has closed the washington monument to visitors lester >> pete williams, thank you. up next, big changes on holiday returns. what you need to know before you send.
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