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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  January 12, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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we went to several cities and here's what people are saying. >> if i win, i'm going to help people. that's what i'm going to do. a lot of people are hurting right now because of the pandemic. >> take care of people. >> yeah, a little bit of a different perspective with covid. good luck if you're playing. appearance since the tonight, republicans joining the race to impeach president trump as he shows no remorse for inciting the attack on the capitol. the president in his first public appearance since the riot saying his speech stoking his supporters' anger was, quote, totally appropriate. and just in, liz cheney, the third ranking republican in the house, joining the democrats' push to impeach him. potentially just hours from now and the stunning new report, why mitch mcconnell is said to be pleased with efforts to impeach the fbi and
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justice department giving their first briefing, six days after the capitol attack 170 cases opened so far. among the potential charges, murder and seditious conspiracy and did the fbi warn of violence the day before the assault security ramping up for joe biden's inauguration in just eight days metal detectors installed at the house chamber. members of congress warned of chilling new threats against them all 50 state capitols and the secret chat rooms where intelligence sources say new attacks are being planned. plus the major change to u.s. vaccination guidelines designed to speed up the rollout. who officials say should get their shots now. and the new cdc order for anyone flying in to the united states. >> announcer: this is nbc "nightly news" with lester holt good evening we heard from the president today, who offered no regrets or contrition for his role in egging on the attack on the capitol. and so with eight days
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left in his term democrats are focused on ending the trump presidency the hard way.ady to join them. that is, if vice president pence doesn't first trigger the 25th amendment either way the clock ticking down tonight but amid the demands for accountability and answers over what happened last week, it's what could happen next that is consuming lawmakers this evening. briefed in chilling detail about extremists planning more deadly violence in the days ahead. all of this threatening to steal our attention from the covid horror the vaccinations now being offered to more groups but still beset by bottlenecks and confusion. we're going to have more on that in just a moment but first, major developments in the attack on the capitol. peter alexander has late details >> reporter: t president trump in hisof inci, expressing no regrets and taking no responsibility when
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pressed by nbc's kelly o'donnell about his widely criticized remarks before the violence began >> what is your personal responsibility >> so if you read my speech, and many people have done it, it's been analyzed and people thought that what i said was totally appropriate. >> reporter: that defiance as he faces becoming the first president ever to be impeached twice. >> it's really a continuation of the greatest witch hunt in the history of politics it's ridiculous. it's absolutely ridiculous i think it's causing tremendous danger to our country. and it's causing tremendous anger i want no violence >> reporter: but tonight the senate's top democrat condemning that response >> he blamed the violence that he helped cause on others he blamed the divisiveness that he regularly caused on others donald trump should not hold office one day longer >> reporter: tonight house democrats racing toward impeachment before the president
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leaves office in eight days set to vote within hours to issue an ultimatum to vice president pence. remove president trump by invoking the 25th amendment or they will impeach mr. trump tomorrow >> i think the president presents a clear and present danger to the well-being of the american people and to our democracy. he must be removed immediately. >> reporter: so far more than 210 house democrats back impeachment and just two republicans. one of them, liz cheney, who tonight said the president lit the flame of this attack top house republican kevin mccarthy floating the idea of censuring the president, saying impeachment "would have the opposite effect of bringing our country together, when we need to get america back on a path toward unity and civility." and ahead of a potential senate trial one democratic senator is urging against impeachment. >> i think this is so ill-advised for joe biden to be coming in, trying to heal the country, trying to be the president of all the people when we're going to be so divided reportt trump in texas today touting the border wall after meeting with vice president
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pence monday the first time they've spoken since the riots. an administration official describing it as a good conversation without indicating whether the two leaders discussed the 25th amendment >> the 25th amendment is of zero risk to me. but will come back to haunt joe biden and the biden administration >> reporter: and just now one more republican has endorsed impeachment so there are at least three. also tonight "the new york times" reports mitch mcconnell told associates he believes president trump committed impeachable offenses and is pleased democrats are moving to impeach him, believing that would make it easier to purge president trump from the party lester >> peter alexander, thank you. federal authorities are warning members of congress tonight about potential new attacks ahead of next week's inauguration while stepping up a nationwide manhunt for everyone involved in the capitol attack tom costello with late details. >> reporter: nearly a week since the attack on capitol hill,
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prosecutors and the fbi say they are working round the clock pursuing leads in every corner of the country. many of those leads broadcast on social media for the world to see. >> since our call for tips, videos and pictures, we have received more than 100,000 pieces of digital media, which is absolutely fantastic. and we are scouring every one for investigative and intelligence leads >> reporter: prosecutors say they have thousands of witnesses and expect to charge hundreds of people for their part in the insurrection. the day before the attack an fbi office in norfolk warned of intelligence suggesting war was coming to the capitol. the fbi says that intelligence was shared with federal and local partners in d.c. and tonight capitol police are warning members of congress of new violent threats against them described as chilling. intelligence sources tell nbc news right-wing extremists and white supremacists are using encrypted internet chat rooms to plan future attacks, even sharing a u.s. army field manual with
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calls to shoot politicians and encourage armed struggle >> we were told about specific numbers of people who intend to come here armed with weapons on specific dates at specific times and for specific reasons including justice for the woman that was killed last week, in their words justice or vengeance >> reporter: former fbi assistant director of the criminal division tim gallagher. >> this is a challenge. if you can't get at their communications, how are you going to mitigate what's going on well, there's other ways that law enforcement are doing it but believe me, they're on it. >> reporter: tonight, eight days before president-elect biden's inauguration, the streets surrounding the capitol resemble an armed camp nine-foot-high perimeter fencing. metal detectors in the house chambers police and national guard troops thousands more expected within days meanwhile, the fbi is still looking for the suspect who placed live pipe bombs at the dnc and the rnc the day before the attack. and they've now arrested this man,
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photographed wearing furs, a police vest, and carrying a shield during the attack. aaron mostofsky is the son of a brooklyn judge. >> and tom, i note there's also a push to add some of those rioters to the airline do not fly list. where does that stand? >> reporter: the fbi actually creates that list based on the terror watch list. but tonight the fbi says it's considering adding the capitol hill attackers to the no-fly list as well. >> all right, tom, thanks let me swing over to pete williams now about the sweep of this investigation pete, some very serious criminal charges now being considered here. >> reporter: yes, lester and federal prosecutors say tonight they've opened more than 170 cases so far, a number that's likely to grow much bigger in the coming days the potential charges, simple trespass, theft of mail, digital devices and classified information, assault on police officers, and murder but they're also considering a charge of seditious conspiracy, meaning opposing the government by force. that carries a 2
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maximum sentence the fbi is also looking at whether the rioters had a leader and if they intended to take members of congress hostage, lester >> everything about this is chilling all right, pete, thanks the fbi is also warning of potentially violent protests at state capitols nationwide gabe gutierrez is in michigan for us tonight. >> reporter: tonight state capitols across the country are on alert. from wisconsin to texas to washington state. more officers on patrol in michigan >> do you think that what happened here at the state capitol last year was a dress rehearsal for the attack on the u.s. capitol? >> i do. >> reporter: state senator sylvia santana has kept a bulletproof vest in her office ever since far right extremists crowded into the capitol here last april to protest covid lockdown restrictions there was no violence, but -- >> i was scared for my life i'm just going to be honest with you. when you have people who are sitting up in
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the gallery with ar-15s, that is very frightening for anyone who's trying to do their job. >> reporter: months later several men would be indicted for an alleged plot to kidnap michigan's governor >> no person may carry a firearm -- >> reporter: on monday a commission banned open carry of firearms at the michigan capitol, though concealed carry is still allowed. michigan's attorney general said today, "i repeat, the michigan capitol is not safe. though mostly peaceful pro-trump protests unfolded at state houses last week, online there's new chatter of armed marches by the anti-government pro-gun boogaloo movement, which aims to provoke a second civil war. >> if there's any type of disorder, we will have the reinforcements there >> reporter: tonight authorities here and across the country are concerned marches as early as this weekend could turn violent and buildings that are not as heavily fortified as the u.s. capitol in washington >> all right gabe gutierrez, thank you. let's turn to the covid crisis now and new federal guidelines that make everyone 65 and over eligible immediately for vaccines
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stephanie gosk has details. >> reporter: operation warp speed with a message for the states -- move faster. today federal officials announced that vaccines being safeguarded for second doses will be released to the public. >> every vaccine dose that is sitting in a warehouse rather than going into an arm could mean one more life lost or one more hospital bed occupied. >> reporter: the task force also changed its guidance, telling states that adults 65 and older or with pre-existing conditions should qualify. vaccine supply officials say is becoming less of a concern. pfizer is on track to make 2 billion doses this year, nearly double the company's original projection, according to the ceo >> we have much more than they can use right now. so i think the main bottleneck right now is to make sure we ramp up so we can administer more vaccines >> reporter: the federal government wants states to broaden eligibility to include multiple priority groups instead of focusing on one at a time.
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unlike in oregon, where teachers are being vaccinated before seniors. 77-year-old trish smith, who struggles with respiratory issues and lives alone, was shocked by the state's decision >> it was really depressing, like being hit in the gut again >> reporter: but opening up eligibility and increasing supply may not make things easier many states are already overwhelmed. scheduling websites are crashing, and phone lines just ring busy people aren't sure if they qualify or where to go once they do >> i think we've made this far too cumbersome simplicity is the name of the game right now. >> in other words, open it up and let's see who we get in here >> open it up, especially to people over 65 who are at risk make that your priority don't try to make it too complicated. and set up the infrastructure to start vaccinating. >> reporter: here at the javits center morrow this was a field hospital in the spring
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the governor has already adopted these new guidelines, but he says it will take until april to get everyone on that list vaccinated lester >> all right, stephanie. unfortunately, that may be too late for many as a surge flooding hospitals across the country more than half the states now seeing a rise in infections here's miguel almaguer >> reporter: facing what doctors call a viral tsunami, tonight hospitals across the country are under siege. >> we're very close to the breaking point >> reporter: but the most dangerous and perhaps the deadliest days may still lie ahead. the peak of the holiday surge expected to hit critical mass in seven to ten days >> patients are sick they're crashing fast. >> reporter: with the cdc soon requiring international travelers to test negative before departing for the u.s. tonight 30 states are reporting a rise in cases. rhode island, arizona, arkansas, oklahoma and california, home to the most serious outbreaks. but after scenes like this in tuscaloosa, where fans celebrated
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alabama's national championship, authorities fear they'll see even more patients who are younger and previously healthy. like 31-year-old charlie mccone sick in march and still struggling today. >> i can only talk like this for about 20, 30 minutes you know, and then i'm back on my bed, couch, doing my breathing exercises. >> reporter: in hard-hit los angeles covid is killing someone in this county every eight minutes. every 60 seconds ten people test positive while new hospitalizations in california have plateaued, deaths are up 912% since november, the same month isabel frosto's mother angelica became ill. >> we saw her take her last breath. and we couldn't do anything about it. >> reporter: tonight for every life lost a family is also destroyed. miguel almaguer, nbc news
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and as covid cases explode, that also means many more children are becoming infected our sam brock tonight on the danger they face >> reporter: tonight alarming new evidence that covid-19 continues to tear through our youngest >> i don't think i realized how close i like i could have died >> reporter: adelina curiel, an otherwise healthy 16-year-old from iowa, was laughing one day and hospitalized with organ failure the next, diagnosed with a rare pediatric covid complication curiel had to be medevaced to a hospital >> i've never had to put a child on a helicopter before and i hope that's something nobody ever has to experience. >> reporter: but many more families are. researchers examined 22 states from may to november and founder00,000 to 17 >> are you seeing a spike specifically as it concerns kids >> it really is part of the national trend. so when we track the
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information about what proportion of all the cases and all the hospitalizations are in children, that really hasn't changed even though the amount of cases has gone up >> reporter: up to 15% of all cases are kids. like adelina, who's now recovered. >> i just had a lot of people tell me that oh gosh, this made this really real for us >> reporter: with more children fighting for their lives, a furious race to stop the spread sam brock, nbc news. a billionaire and republican mega donor has died casino magnate sheldon adelson, who used his wealth to wield influence from las vegas to washington to israel, has passed away after battling non-hodgkin's lymphoma adelson, a trump ally, donated nearly a quarter billion dollars to republicans in 2020. he was 87. in just 60 seconds, how the covid crisis is driving a revolution in the way we buy cars.
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like so many
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businesses the car industry has had to adapt to life in a pandemic for many buying and selling is now done with far less human contact. jo ling kent now with the price you pay. >> reporter: the pandemic is revving up car shopping from the comfort and safety of home with walk-in visits to dealerships down 14% due to covid-19, more shoppers are buying online instead of in person >> consumers don't want to necessarily come into the store and spend as much time web traffic, that's really become the new front door >> reporter: in fact, gm says the number of customers who bought their vehicle virtually has roughly before the pandemic. toyota, lexus, carmax and carvana will personally deliver your new wheels to you too. and if you're on the fence, carmax will let you test drive a vehicle of your choice for 24 hours before you decide >> it gives them an assurance that hey, this is the right car for me >> reporter: is this trend going to continue after the pandemic >> i think this is a lasting trend and
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consumers will continue to want to do more things online they're going to expect this to be a very simple and seamless process >> reporter: but remember, the rules of the ro you pay still apply even online. always shop around, compare prices and if possible bargain for a better deal lester >> hard to kick the tires online all right. thanks up next, what are the odds more than 1 billion up for grabs.
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well, there's
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still time to get your lotto tickets for a combined jackpot of over a billion dollars. here's kerry sanders >> reporter: tonight's mega millions jackpot is the fourth largest in the game's history. combined with tomorrow's powerball, the jackpots total more than a billion dollars. what would you do with all that money >> buy a house in some, you know, tropical climate area, get a covid vaccine. and hopefully go somewhere where there's no masks >> reporter: the odds are already extreme that you're going to win, but what are the chances somebody could win both jackpots? >> all right, kerry, what are your odds of hitting both of these jackpots they are 1 in more than 88 quadrillion, your odds of hitting both jackpots. >> reporter: you'd have to spend more than $136,000 a day every day for the next 20 years to deplete a jackpot that big >> wow i don't think -- really
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>> i would love it >> reporter: and there's always the chance no one wins the jackpot again. kerry sanders, nbc news >> you lost me with quadrillion. up next, a class helping a teacher through tough times and inspiring america.
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finally, lessons for us all from some schoolkids here's boyd huppert of our minneapolis affiliate kare >> reporter: for teacher kelly klein strength is coming from a humble source >> you're at the doctor's house >> reporter: 21 kindergartners from falcon heights elementary have been accompanying her to chemotherapy kelly, wife and mom, first battled ovarian cancer five years ago. cancer came back >> now that it's returned, it's not curable. >> uno, dos -- >> reporter: the aim, to slow her cancer down >> the last time around i had a posse of friends that went with me to chemo every week and with covid i can't have that. so what better way to spend four or five hours than with 5-year-olds? >> your new posse. >> yes exactly. >> reporter: kelly's hair and eyebrows are starting to thin a topic she'll soon address with her class. >> i want them to see that cancer isn't a
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death sentence they can know that they can do anything in this world. maybe they'll invent a cure for cancer. wouldn't that be wonderful? >> and they'll think of you when they do. >> mm-hmm. i hope so. >> congratulations >> reporter: kelly klein, teaching while she teaches. >> all right i'll see you -- >> bye, miss klein >> reporter: boyd huppert, nbc news, wyoming, minnesota and that's "nightly news" for this tuesday thank you for watching, everyone i'm lester holt. please take care of yourself and each right now at 6:00 clamping down on travel. what anyone hoping to fly into the u.s. must do before boarding a plane. >> also, will this now become a common sight in the bay vaccina. >> kind of jump-start the process. is taking everyone a little time to get up to speed. >> there is also new vaccination guidance from the cdc for people
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65 years and older. >> but first a republican lawmaker is breaking away from president trump, with just a week left in office. and the one ally that still is proving to be by his side. the news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening. thanks for being with us. >> we begin with the breaking news out of washington, d.c. a lot of talk about invoking the 25th amendment to get president trump out of office. it's not going to happen. vice president pence says it's not good for the country and he is standing by the president. he sent a letter to speaker pelosi about an hour ago. here it is. this comes as democrats are actually voting on a resolution that calls on him to invoke the 25th amendment but mr. pence says he is not considering it. he says the president's fitness for office must be a medical decision based on science and facts not behavior we don't like. he said it would set a terrible precedent. nonetheless the procedure
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continues. this is a live look at lawmakers debang


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