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tv   Today  NBC  January 15, 2021 7:00am-9:00am PST

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petaluma all the way to novato because of limited visibility. >> all right, good deal. thanks for filling in for mike today. that's going to do it for us. >> we'll see you at 11:00. good morning show of force. tens of thousands of armed troops now at the ready in washington, d.c., ahead of the inauguration the nation's capitol a fortress. statehouses from coast-to-coast hardening their defenses, as national security officials warn of new threats of armed protests, militant plans to start a race war, and the fbi director with a blunt, new warning. >> if you're out there, fbi agents are coming to find you. >> just ahead, the firsthand accounts for the first time from the officers who faced down the mob. >> guys were trying to grab my gun, and they were chanting, like, "kill him with his own gun. >> people swinging metal polls
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at us, pushing and shoving. >> and the republican members of congress who say they're buying battle armor and fearing for their own lives. rescue plan. >> we have to act, and we have to act now >> president-elect joe biden unveiling a nearly $2 trillion package to bolster the economy and send more relief checks to americans. but, t this mornining, some ala pushining back on n the massivi price tag. we're live in washington with the very latest. shot in the dark the vaccine rollout chaos across the country. long lines, clogged websites, and frustration from coast-to-coast. >> there has been a great deal of overpromising on timelines. >> this morning, we go one-on-one with dr. anthony fauci on the problems, what's needed to fix them, and the new virus surge that is overwhelming the nation's hospitals. blizzard warning a strong winter storm targeting 60 million people from the dakotas to texas heavy rain set to soak the northeast.
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al's forecast straight ahead. those stories, plus, age-old battle two nfl legends, tom brady and drew brees, a combined 85 years old, ready for a historic showdown. >> i got a little advanced age on him and experience. >> texting back and forth, just chuckling at this whole scenario. >> football fans gearing up for a weekend of playoff action on the road to the super bowl today, friday, january 15th, 2021 >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, everybody welcome to "today. it's good to have you with us on a friday morning hoda has the morning off craig, you and i both have worked in washington to see how it looks today, a few days before inauguration, it's stunning, the level of security. >> unrecognizable. more troops, national guard troops, there in washington, d.c., than iraq and afghanistan
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combined. >> it's a fortress we'll start there. this massive effort under way to identify and disrupt threats to the nation's capitol and cities across the country, and to fortify them just five days before the inauguration of president-elect joe biden. america on alert this morning with security already in place unlike anything this nation has seen since 9/11. let's get right to nbc's tom costello he is in washington on the story. tom, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. the commanding general for the national guard bringing in even more troops, 21,000 national guard troops will be here by inauguration day this is what it looks like there is an inner ring of security, a perimeter, national guard troops and vehicles blocking off all the roads the farther out you go, behind the camera, road after road blocked off by various police agencies. unprecedented level of security. and in state capitals nationwide, federal and local police are also taking it to the
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next level from the nation's capitol to capital cities across the country, a show of force, as law enforcement and national guard troops work to fortify government buildings and protect lawmakers. >> our posture is aggressive, and it's going to stay that way through the inauguration >> reporter: so far, more than 100 people have been arrested, and the fbi says it's identified more than 200 people involved. some of the officers who defended the capitol during the attack are now speaking out. >> it was just chaos it was pure chaos. i just remember, you know, people still swinging metal poles at us, and they were pushing and shoving. they were spraying us with, you know, bear mace and pepper spray. >> i was being beaten with a thin blue line flag. and guys were trying to grab my gun. they were chanting, like, "kill him with his own gun." >> they were calling us traitors, shouting at us, telling us to remember our oath. eventually, they attacked us >> reporter: daniel hodges is
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the d.c. officer seen getting crushed in a doorway. >> i'm glad the video is going around it shows people that we absolutely fought tooth and nail to keep the capitol safe, keep our congressmen safe. >> reporter: fbi director chris wray issuing this warning to anyone plotting more violence in the coming days. >> you don't want to be the ones that have fbi agents knocking on your door at 6:00 a.m. anybody who plots or attempts violence in the coming week should count on a visit. >> reporter: the secret service, which is leading security for wednesday's inaugural ceremony, has been planning for more than nine months. constantly adapting, including after last week's security failures a new national intelligence bulletin warns right-wing extremists want to trigger a race war >> where is the greatest threat right now against the u.s. >> domestic terrorism, the threat from within not necessarily inspired by isis or al qaeda. these little voices that we see, qanon, the proud boys.
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>> reporter: terrorism experts warn many vulnerable targets are located outside of washington. >> much more difficult areas to defend are those state capitols, some of which have extremely lax rules and laws around firearms >> reporter: ohio's governor closing all state buildings starting sunday. >> violence will not be tolerated in ohio. it will not be tolerated anywhere >> reporter: with much of the focus on washington, several airlines say they will temporarily ban passengers from checking firearms to d.c. area airports the head of the faa telling me during these politically charged times, his agency has seen an uptick in people harassing other passengers and interfering with flight crews that disruption could carry a $35,000 fine and up to 20 years in prison. >> i don't care what anybody's politics are or what, but this type of violent disruption and threatening behavior on a commercial airplane cannot
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happen >> reporter: back on capitol hill, the threats have some members of congress using armed guards or purchasing protective gear, like bulletproof vests including freshman congressman peter meijer, one only ten republicans who voted to impeach president trump. >> our expectation is someone may try to kill us. >> reporter: also on capitol hill, a bipartisan move now to provide the gold medal to a hero capitol hill officer eugene goodman was seen backing away, confronted by protesters, and he steered the protesters and rioters away from the senate chamber. he is thought to be responsible for saving many lives. and one of the most iconic attackers of the capitol building seen wearing body paint and horns, his name is jake angeli, his lawyer wants a presidential pardon. >> he, like a lot of other
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disenfranchised people in our country, felt very, very, very solidly in sync with president trump. they felt, he felt, like his voice was, for the first time, being heard. he loved trump, every word he listened to him he felt like he was answering the call of our president. >> reporter: jake angeli also goes by the name of jacob chansley he is facing six federal counts. savannah, back to you. >> thank you, tom. let's go t leon panetta was the former cia director, defense secretary, and spent 16 years as a member of congress and he's with us now on the phone. secretary, good morning to you you now have seen this massive security presence in washington, d.c., state capitols being fortified, as well how confident are you about
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inauguration next week and its plans to be held on the outside steps of the capitol >> well, there's no question, savannah, that january 6th was a tragic failure of security at the capitol. the size of the terrorism threat that we're dealing with was underestimated, and forces were not there to confront the problem of an attack by a group of almost militants that were interested in taking over the capitol. now, we seem to have learned the lessons of january 6th we have sufficient forces with the national guard, the capitol hill police, the metro polic force, park police, fbi an other law enforcement, and we seem to be on intelligence to try to look at the potential threats. i think the issue is that we are
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much better prepared for the expected trouble the real question is, are we prepared for the unexpected trouble? that, i think, remains a serious question >> well, that is exactly what i wanted to ask you next, sir. of course, as the former cia director, defense secretary, you were instrumental in the battle against overseas terrorists. now, there's this threat from within do you feel that we need to kind of change our focus in terms of national security, and how complicated is it by the fact that these are american citizens we're talking about? >> the nature of the threat is they are terrorists, however, and i think that is the key thing we have to understand. a lot of these people that were involved in the attack of january 6th were on the fbi watch list these are white supremacists these are nazi groups. these are qanon conspiracy groups these are essentially
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terrorists i've dealt with terrorists, foreign and domestic the problem is, they're not interested in any kind of peaceful protest they're interested in chaos, creating chaos, and creating disruption for that reason, i think they have to be dealt with. not just as individuals seeking to conduct protests, but individuals seeking to undermine our democracy. >> finally, sir, i mean, i already gave a lot of your resume, but you've had just about every job in washington. but you were a member of congress when you hear about members of congress now openly suspicious of each other -- we had one republican member of congress say on camera, he fears for his life because of his vote for impeachment. what do you make of that, and w dohoou mend that >> well, it has to be recognized that the most important thing we
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have is our democracy and those that serve our democracy and look in our system of government, there are different views that are part of what our democracy is all about the key to protecting our democracy is to respect one another's views and to listen to one another, and to respect one another in terms of their ability to understand the issues that they're dealing with. and we've lost that, a great deal, in washington in the last few years. we've become largely dysfunctional. the real test is going to be whether or not we're going to allow that dysfunction to consume us and, in many ways, play into the hands of the terrorists who are interested in undermining our democracy, or whether we're going to rise up, respect one another, search not for ideology, but search for the truth, and work together to try to resolve issues.
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that is the ultimate hope of whether or not our democracy can survive. >> yeah, if we hate each other, then the terrorists win. we all remember that refrain after 9/11, with the different take on it now secretary panetta, thank you for your time this morning we appreciate it. >> good to be with you, savannah. the other major story on this friday morning, the covid crisis in a dire, new projection, the cdc now says as many as 92,000 americans could die from the virus over the next three weeks. overnight, president-elect joe biden outlined a massive nearly $2 trillion rescue package to fight the virus, improve the vaccine rollout, and try to rescue the economy we have two reports for you this morning. we start with nbc's geoff bennett in wilmington, delaware. good morning. >> reporter: craig, good morning. the president-elect says he's tailored this relief package to take aim at the twin challenges the country faces. a spiraling pandemic and a cratered economy challenges joe biden will
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inherit when sworn into office in five days the president-elect is urging americans to get behind his plan to provide direct relief to american families and businesses struggling in this pandemic, saying there's no time to waste. this morning, president-elect joe biden says relief from the covid crisis is in sight, if congress passes his nearly $2 trillion rescue package. >> the crisis of deep human suffering is in plain sight. there's no time to waste we have to act, and we have to act now. >> reporter: biden unveiling his massive proposal during a thursday evening address it calls for boosting direct payments to americans to $2,000 from $600. increasing the federal minimum wage to $15, and funding schools to help them reopen safely all while extending unemployment insurance and expanding child tax credits and medical and family leave
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>> in this pandemic, in america, we cannot let people go hungry we cannot let people get evicted. we cannot watch nurses, educators, and others lose their jobs we so badly need them. we must act now and act decisively. >> reporter: many gop lawmakers are likely to oppose the giant price tag and inclusion of many progressive proposals such the doubling of minimum wage and federal aid to cash-strapped state and local governments. one top house republican saying, special interests and liberals are cheering the jobless and main street are left shaking their heads biden is also requesting $160 billion to jump start a national vaccine program. the trump administration has been heavily criticized for its vaccine distribution strategy. two senior biden transitio officials tell nbc news the trump administration has barely invested in building a federal infrastructure to help states get the shots out. >> the vaccine rollout in the
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united states has been a dismal failure thus far we'll have to move heaven and earth to get more people vaccinated to create more places for the to get vaccinated. to mobilize more medical teams to get shots in people's arms. to increase vaccine supply and get it out the doors as fast as possible. >> reporter: later today, the president-elect will roll out his plan to pick up the pace of vaccinations, with the goal of getting 100 million shots out within the first 100 days of his presidency so this will be an early test of biden's ability to work with congress and start steering the nation out of this covid crisis. craig? >> indeed it will be geoff bennett for us in wilmington ahead, we'll talk live to dr. anthony fauci about where things stand with the virus, and we'll get his thoughts on the president-elect's plan now to president trump, he is entering the final five days of his time in the white house, while preparing to face his second impeachment trial in the u.s. senate.
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chief white house correspondent kristen welker with the latest on that angle. kristen, good morning. >> reporter: hi, savannah. good morning to you. as president trump faces that second impeachment trial, he is slowly starting to build a legal team to defend him, which could include one of his most dedicated allies, rudy giuliani. the timing of the trial is still unclear, but one thing is certain, the dramatic developments will undoubtedly loom over just about everything here in washington five days before he becomes a former president, donald trump has been largely out of public view as he faces his second impeachment trial. west wing staffers packing up their belongings, but vice president pence was out front thursday, visiting the national guard at the capitol in the wake of last week's attack. pence promising an orderly transition of power. >> we're going to swear in a new president, a new vice president, and we're going to move our nation forward, okay >> reporter: still, the senate trial is likely to overshadow the opening weeks of the biden administration, with the outcome uncertain.
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democrats acknowledge it is an uphill climb they'll need at least 17 republicans, a third of the gop caucus, to break ranks in order to convict mr. trump one of the president's closest allies blasting the efforts. >> what good comes from impeaching president trump after he's out of office that is an unconstitutional attack on the presidency it will divide the country it will incite violence. >> reporter: unlike the president's first impeachment trial, when just one republican, mitt romney, voted to convict him, this time more republicans are signaling their openness to conviction, including senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, who says he is undecided on how he'll vote and alaska senator lisa murkowski telling reporters wednesday night she's also undecided. >> what i will tell you is that i believe that this president
7:19 am
has committed an impeachment offense through his words on the 6th of january and leading up to the 6th of january >> reporter: a top senate democrat asked whether his party can win enough gop votes >> i honestly don't know i will tell ya, i think it was a shattering experience for all of us. >> reporter: a new nbc news poll shows voters are split over whether the president should be impeached and removed from office 50% saying he should be, and 48% opposed, including 90% of republicans who are against it >> kristen, what is the schedule that we might see in terms of this trial >> reporter: well, savannah, so far, how speaker nancy pelosi is holding off on sending that single article of impeachment to the senate the earliest a trial could begin is next wednesday, an hour after president-elect biden takes the oath of office now, one big topic of debate, does the senate actually have the power to try and convict a president and bar him from running again after he leaves office
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so the timing is still unclear meanwhile, some news on joe biden's inauguration a source familiar with the matter confirming just moments o an inaugural rehearsal, previously scheduled for sunday, has been delayed due to security concerns it's now scheduled for monday. savannah >> kristen welker on the white house north lawn as the sun is coming up. thank you very much. 7:20 this friday morning time for a check of the weather. a winter storm, huh? >> blizzard conditions throughout parts of the midwest. take a look. des moines, iowa, it is a mess jackknifed tractor trailers, problems on the interstates. it is going to continue for a wide swath today, all the way from the plains down into texas, for winter storm warnings, high wind warnings. blizzard warnings, 62 million people the system starting to intensify as it moves east for today, we are going to be watching strong storms, blizzard conditions another low pressure will form along the eastern seaboard these two systems will merge
7:21 am
bands of snow near the great lakes as we get into saturda with soaking rain along the east coast. here's what we're looking at as far as snowfall. some places today could be getting up to an inch of snow per hour in the mid plains then, as we head toward the weekend, and we get into the northeast, we're talking heavy rainfall, 1 to 3 inches. snowfall amounts upstate new york into northern new england, we could be looking at up to 9 inches of snow we're going to get to your local forecast coming upup in the nent 30 seconds (grandmother) did you get his s number? (young woman) no, grandma! grandma!! (grandmother) excuse me! (young womanan vo) some relationships get better with time. that's why i got a crosstrek. (avo) 97 percent of subaru vehicles sold in the last ten yeaears are still on the road. love. it's what makes subaru, subaru. get 0% for 63 months on select new 2021 models now through february 1st.
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good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. as we take a live look outside in san francisco, we're waking up to a beautiful sunrise on friday morning. make sure you allow extra time outside to enjoy it. temperatures are unseasonably warm for this time of year. in some spots reaching into the upper 60s but a few of us in the south bay and south county may reach into the low 70s for today. we'll see more weather like this going into the weekend, as well as the long holiday weekend, but cooling down early next week. >> al, thank you just ahead, with the pandemic growing worse by the day, new hurdles and the vaccine rollout, dr. fauci will join us to talk about the crucial weeks ahead in the u.s. also, a true showdown for the ages 43-year-old tom brady taking on 42-year-old drew brees they open up about their unique bond ahead of the historic playoff matchup this weekend
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in her own right. >> tributes for joanne rogers. how she helped her husband, mr. rorogers, inspspire generar. after yoyour local n news. nicocorette knowows, quitting smokoking is frereaking hard.
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yoyou get advivice like: try hypnososis... or..... quit c cold turkeyey. kiddining me?! ininstead, statart small. . h ninicorette. whwhich can lelead to somemethi. start t stopping w with nicoree good morning, it's 7:26. i'm laura garcia. we start with breaking news in san jose, police are looking for a man who fired at officers. officers responded before 5:00 this morning to lynette way and duffy way, near king and san antonio road in san jose. when they arrived, they say the gunman fired at them. luckily no one was hurt but a perimeter has been set up and a search is ongoing for the gunman. police say people living in the area should stay inside. in other news -- >> reporter: pete suratos here in oakland, where plans are being made to set up a site for mass vaccinations. the proposed site at the oakland
7:27 am
coliseum, which recently served as a voting site back in november. this comes after the state fell short of its ten-day goal of vaccinating an additional 1 million californians. the cdc reports only about a third of the doses delivered to the state have been administered, but the coliseum board will vote on this plan a little bit later today. warming temperatures is going to feel like spring across many parts of the bay area. kari has a look at our forecast. >> yes, and we're seeing some of the temperatures for today reaching into the low 70s, but more widespread 70s in our inland forecast for the weekend, as well as the holiday, as we are going to see some dry weather continuing but the winds picking up will be of concern, especially on monday. we are in the middle of january, talking about the potential of a high fire danger, and that's something we'll have to watch as we transition to some cooler air. it's still dry into the middle of next week, but of course, those spring-like temperatures
7:28 am
making the headlines for today. laura? >> all right, thanks so much, kari. thank you for joining us as well. another local news update in half an hour. see you then.
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7:30 now on this friday morning. just a few hours away from the next big jackpot drawing, ladies and gentlemen. got your tickets yet? tonight's mega millions prize, at least $750 million. tomorrow's powerball drawing, a cool $640 million. that's nearly $1.5 billion in all up for grabs. i'm getting tickets. you may not see me on monday. >> good. you know what? let me know. >> i will. oh, you'll know when the seat is empty on monday. >> exactly. all right. let's get to your headlines at 7:30. north korea showing off what it is calling the world's most powerful weapon. video released by the country's
7:31 am
state-run news agency shows what appears to be a submarine launched ballistic missile. that unveiling came during a military parade in pyongyang on thursday. north korea's leader kim jong-un is vowing to expand the country's nuclear weapons program to counter what he describes as u.s. hostility. now to a heart-stopping scene right here in new york city. check this out. at least eight people were hurt overnight after an mta bus veered off an overpass. half of the accordion style bus was dangling off the roadway. thankfully, everyone survived the accident. the driver suffered the most serious injury, but officials say the driver is in stable condition this morning. an investigation into how it unfolded is under way. blue origin is aiming to carry its first passengers into the space just a few months from now. yesterday, the aerospace company completed the 14th test flight of its new shepherd rocket booster and capsule. new shepherd is designed to
7:32 am
carry space tourists to an altitude of more than 340,000 feet. the capsule spends several minutes in zero gravity before returning to earth. blue origin is run by amazon founder jeff bezos. meanwhile, exactly one year to the day the coronavirus first arrived here in the united stateses, 12 monthths later, officialals say the nation is i worst shape now than ever before, even with vaccines now available. we'll talk to dr. anthony fauci about that live in a moment. first, nbc's erin mclaughlin joins us from los angeles. erin, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, craig. in the last two weeks, more than half of states have seen covid deaths surge by more than 20%. this as anger grows over the slow vaccine rollout. now, evidence that some are gaming the system and jumping the line. this morning, in the face of nationwide delays and long lines, a slow vaccine rollout prompting widespread confusion. >> it's still very complicated, and they keep changing things. >> reporter: only 11 million
7:33 am
doses administered so far. that's only a third of the number distributed. americans now looking for answers on where to get vaccinated and just how effective it is. >> there's been a great deal of overpromising on timelines. >> reporter: in new york city, a rumor of extra vaccine doses caused chaos near a vaccine site. with states allowing seniors over 65 to get vaccinated immediately, there's concern surrounding supply and demand. >> i worry when i hear announcements, well, let's open the floodgates and anyone over 65 can get it. there's not enough vaccine to meet the demand. >> reporter: mayors from 36 cities sending this letter to president-elect biden asking for more vaccines and distribution. and new concerns after a government official testing positive for covid after getting his second dose last week.
7:34 am
>> it takes two weeks to get protection and it is only 95% effective. that's why we still need masks and social distancing. >> reporter: in new jersey, where the state announced its next tier of vaccine eligibility to include 2 million smokers, health officials defending the decision. >> smoking puts you at significant risk for an adverse lt from covid-19. >> reporter: this mounting frustration across the country now causing suspicion over special treatment and so-called vaccine tourism. >> you had one of our nursing homes that allowed all of their board members to fly into town, receive the vaccine, and then go back home to new york. we're seeing these types of instances all over the state. >> reporter: here in l.a. county, scientists now estimate that 1 in 3 people have been infected with covid. in arizona, the situation is so dire, hospitals say they're on the verge of going into crisis, where they'll have to ration care. craig? >> erin mclaughlin for us there in l.a., thank you. we're joined now by dr. anthony fauci, director of the national institute of allergy
7:35 am
and infectious diseases. dr. fauci, good morning to you, sir. >> good morning. >> 250,000 new cases a day. january already on track to be the deadliest month so far in this pandemic. president-elect joe biden last night calling the vaccine rollout a dismal failure. dr. fauci, do you share this assessment? i know you're still advising the incoming president. what's the one thing that president-elect biden could do in the first few days in office to try and improve the situation? >> well, there are a lot of things that could be done. i think one of the things that president-elect biden has said and will be saying is that there'll be a greater degree of coordination, interaction, support on the part of the federal government interacting with the states, you don't want the federal government to take all the responsibility of doing this. you don't want the states to be left on their own. you've got to have a good degree of interaction. i think that's what we're going to see more of, where states
7:36 am
will have help in regard to resources, but also, more of a general, coordinated plan about how to do this. i believe it'll be that. but other things the president-elect will be announcing sometime soon. >> we expect to hear from the president-elect this afternoon on some of this. >> exactly. >> dr. fauci, the report we heard there, one-third of the available doses in the country have been put in people's arms. how can that be? >> well, you know, obviously, we have to do better than that. there are multiple aspects of getting a vaccine program going, from the developing of the vaccine to the allocation to the transportation, distribution, and finally, getting it into someone's arm. you have to have a good flow, and you've got to be able to expeditiously get it into people's arms. once it gets to the place that it's been distributed to. unfortunately, that hasn't worked as smoothly as possible. there are a number of reasons for that.
7:37 am
no excuses. but, for example, it was started off in a big program. whenever you start off, you'll have some bumps in the road, some potholes. that goes without saying. it started off in the middle of the holiday season, between christmas and new year's, which always makes things complicated. but the other thing that i believe is now being corrected is that in an attempt to rigidly stay with the prioritization of 1a, 1b, for example, the first group would be for people who are health care providers, as well as those in health care situations, such as nursing homes and the people who take care of them. then people over 75 and people with essential jobs. the difficulty is there was a bit of rigidity in not going from one to the other. as we open things up now, and i don't mean completely opening up the floodgates, but when you add
7:38 am
a degree of flexibility, try not to get any doses that are just sitting there in the freezer or just sitting there in a refrigerator, getting ready to go. if you have a dose, give it. don't be so rigid as to those early designations. so the cdc never meant to be rigidly adhering to that. in fact, they came out yesterday and the day before saying quite clearly, we didn't mean it to be a rigid adherence. be more flexible. >> dr. fauci, while i have you, i do want to ask you about this new study overseas. a study of british health care workers found that folks with antibodies -- according to the study, folks with antibodies could still carry and spread the virus. how worried should we be about our friends and family members who have already had covid-19? >> well, one of the things that we don't have enough information about, and we have to be humble and modest enough to really
7:39 am
recognize and admit that, we do not know the duration of the durability of protection from yourself to get reinfected, as well as spreading to others. we've got to be able to, and we are, doing studies to answer those kinds of questions. >> you still optimistic we can get 10c we can get 100 million doses in 100 days >> you know, i really do think so i mean, we've discussed this with the biden team. we think it's quite feasible that we can do that. right now, even now, we've gone from 500,000 a day to 750,000 a day. i believe strongly that it's doable if we do it, stay on target, to get the overwhelming majority of the country vaccinated i have used that determination i believe it's close to accurate, if not accurate. we have no way of knowing at this point if we get about 70% to 85% of the people in the country vaccinated, we likely will get to that umbrella of herd
7:40 am
immunity that you'll start to see a serious turnaround of infections, so people can feel, and i think it is possible, after several months of doing this, we can start to approach some form of normality but it is really going to be dependent on the uptake of vaccines, which is the reason why we continually reach out to people, to say, "please, when vaccine becomes available, get vaccinated." we really want the overwhelming majority of the country to be vaccinated. >> dr. anthony fauci on this friday morning dr. fauci, thanks, as always, sir. >> good to be with you thank you for having me. coming up next, we are going to get you set for this weekend's epic matchup epic matchup for the ages. it's a matchup for the middle ages okay the first-ever playoff showdown between nfl legends, tom brady, drew brees, combined 80 something years old. >> 85, baby. >> we'll hear from both stars right afafter this i'm m david collllado
7:41 am
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7:46 am
>> brees again, great protection, and that will be caught. >> reporter: tom brady and drew brees, preparing to face off sunday the two rivals making history as the first pair of quarterbacks in their 40s to start against each other in a playoff game. >> 85 years and a lot of football experience that's going to be on the field on sunday. >> reporter: they're also the oldest active players in the nfl. drew brees turning 42 today. slightly younger than 43-year-old tom brady. >> i've got a little advance age on him and experience. >> reporter: brees and brady are the top two passers in nfl history. the super bowl champs combining for more than 1,000 td passes. >> you know, i know what it takes to do what he's doing, and he knows what it takes to do what i'm doing i think there's just a lot of mutual respect. >> reporter: sunday's game will be the first time the legends square off in a postseason game, but it'll be the ninth time brady and brees have competed against one another dating back to college. >> reporter: brees deep for sutherland has it.
7:47 am
>> reporter: while brady has the most wins in nfl history, brees brady this season. brady posted this meme, and the new orleans saints won both head-to-head battles against brady this season. brady posted this meme, responding to a tweet saying the game should be on the history channel. >> i would have liked a little more hair up top we were texting back and forth on monday, just chuckling at this, you know, whole scenario. >> reporter: so was comedian frank caliendo. who offered his best morgan freeman. >> the two oldest living human beings on planet earth will battle for the opportunity to play in the nfc championship >> reporter: all jokes aside, former tight end benjamin watson spent more than a decade in the nfl playing with both future hall of famers. >> being around guys like tom and drew, there is motivation, when you see those guys go out every single day, prepare themselves mentally, physically,
7:48 am
spirituality, emotionally, to keep playing you have to have a certain amount of hunger >> reporter: speculation this season could be the last for drew brees the stakes of this game couldn't be higher. >> this is the last time we'll see them, i want it to be epic i want people to remember the performance they had >> reporter: now, the game is this sunday in new orleans we know brady has those record six super bowl rings drew brees has the who dat nation and arguably the best defense in the nfl and hoda on his side what do you think? >> i was going to say, my money is always on hoda. i thought, this is the real reason she has today off get her head in the game. >> get ready. >> getting it all ready. >> reporter: i thought about that, too. >> i think i'm going to root for the saints because i'm rooting for hoda. >> you have to root for drew, too, coming off the injury he missed a couple games let's go, saints by the way, that game is sunday. we got another huge game tomorrow on nbc. talking about the ravens the baltimore ravens traveling to buffalo to take on the bills.
7:49 am
coverage starts at 7:30 eastern. >> it is going to be a good one. the weather is perfect for staying home and watching football. >> absolutely. great to see a football game that will be endorsed by aarp. really fantastic i can get behind that. for today, we have blizzard conditions in the upper midwest. record warmth out in southern california gusty winds stretching down to texas. wet weather moving into th northeast and mid-atlantic states later today, some heavy good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we've seen the fog into early parts of the east bay. we've also seen it in the north bay so make sure you allow extra time to get to work. once that clears, we have sunshine and near record high temperatures, should not be in the upper 60s and low 70s but that's what we'll see again today as we go into a warm weekend and for a lot of us a long holiday weekend so enjoy it outside. we could also see some cooler weather by early next week.
7:50 am
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7:53 am
we're back with carson, who appears to be in pretty good shape. >> i survived. i'm not so sure how. yesterday, we had a ton of fun with our peloton ride with star instructor alex toussaint. we'll have more on that. hopefully, you're going to see a.t.'s story it is a remarkable journey to fitness s fame >> h he's going g faster. > first, yoyour local n news. >> alwlways, alwayays. the e dealer givives you a trade-e-in offer.. wiwill you takake it? it f feels like e you're i ie middle o of some weieird game. where didid that mususic come f? wait, isis that? whahat? nenext time, s start with h car. and geget a customom offer good for 7 7 days.
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7:56 am
of the a american heheart associciation's life is s why campaiaign. a very good morning to you. it is 7:56. i am laura garcia. breaking news in san jose, a hunt for a man who fired at officers near king and san antonio, when officers arrived the gunman fired at them. no one was hurt. a perimeter has been set up and a search is ongoing. police say people living in the area should stay inside. here is a look at what else is happening now. >> i'm cierra johnson in san francisco, after governor gavin newsom made the announcement the next wave of vaccinations would begin, hospital chains are announcing that they will begin vaccinating folks 75 years and older, many chains experienced long wait times to make the appointments but good news, many hospital g groups incncluding u stananford, kaiser andnd sututt
7:57 am
healthth are receieiving more vaccinations next week that will allow them to vaccinate more individuals. let's get a look at the forecast with kari. >> it's going to be a really nice weekend, laura. we're talking about temperatures near record highs, but we are also going to continue with this dry weather. we know at this point we really need some rain, as we look at these temperatures, though, you'll want to get out and enjoy it, especially if you have a long holiday weekend. transitioning to cooler air the winds may pick up, something else we're watching over the next several days. laura? >> sounds good. we'll be back with another local news update for you in about half an hour. enjoy your friday morning.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today. coming up, show of force law enforcement and national guard members move in across the country with new concerns about an attack around the inauguration >> our posture is aggressive, and it's going to stay that way through the inauguration. >> capitol hill officers giving chilling, new details about last week's riot. >> they were spraying us with, you know, bear mace and pepper spray. >> they were chanting, like, "kill him with his own gun." >> they were calling us traitors, shouting at us, telling us to remember our oath. eventually, they attacked us.
8:01 am
>> this morning, the latest on it all with america on alert. plus, remembering mrs. rogers. we'll take a look back at the life and legacy of joanne rogers. >> come in, sweetie. >> hi. >> hi. >> hi. >> you remember mrs. rogers. >> how she shared her message of kindness on and off screen then, along for the ride carson's candid conversation with peloton's star instructor alex toussaint. >> i went from mopping floors one day to teaching the next day. next thing i knew, peloton calls to recruit me. >> just ahead, his inspiring story, and how he hopes to provide a light in the darkness. all that, and happy birthday, betty. we'll celebrate the "golden girl's" 99th birthday with memorable moments. >> people say, have you ever thought about retiring, but i don't take the hint. i say, no. i'll retire when they stop asking. >> how betty plans to honor her big day, as well wishes pour in today. friday, january 15th, 2021.
8:02 am
♪ i'm blinded by the light ♪ >> happy birthday to my grandma in north carolina. happy birthday, grandma! >> hi, we're from columbus, ohio. >> we're here to celebrate -- >> a birthday on our favorite show, the "today" show. ♪ hey hey ♪ >> it's a special day in colorado. >> celebrating our daughter, perry's, first birthday. happy birthday, perry! we love you! >> so much to smile about this morning. thanks for waking up with us on a friday morning hoda has a jump on the weekend, but we're glad to have you along. >> yes fri-yay. >> five days from now, joe biden will be sworn in as the 46th president of the united states we're going to have every aspect of the inauguration covered for you starting next week on "today." >> yeah, that's right. everything from the massive security in place to the pandemic's impact on the once every four years event, to what we can expect from the biden/harris administration.
8:03 am
our correspondents have it covered. and jenna has a different perspective as a former first daughter we have ashley and the biden/graham kids. first ever television interview. the grand kids' first network interview. a rare look into the biden family next week that and more next week on "today." meanwhile, the pre-inauguration concerns is where we're going to start this half hour, your news at 8:00 tom costello has the latest on the extraordinary measures taken in washington and capitols around the nation. tom, good morning. >> reporter: it is extraordinary. the national guard commander says they will now have 21,000 national guard troops will be on the ground by inauguration day already, this city is swarming with national guard troops, with police, local, federal, and state officers all on the ground we have massive fencing. we've got the jersey barriers up
8:04 am
with the threat from the fbi, the fbi warning of these threats from online extremist groups, white supremacist groups, that an attack could be imminent here in d.c. and elsewhere. because of that, they're postponing by at least a day the practice, the rehearsal for the inauguration, which was set for sunday that now going to slide. we're not quite clear yet on which day that will be held. meanwhile, we are hearing for the first time from some of the officers who were involved in the hand-to-hand combat inside the capitol more than a week ago, and their accounts are harrowing. >> it was just chaos it was just pure chaos and i just remember, you know, people still swinging metal poles at us. they were pushing and shoving. they were spraying us with, you know, bear mace and pepper spray. >> i was being beaten with a thin blue line flag, and guy were trying to grab my gun they were chanting, like, "kill him with his own gun." >> they were calling us traitors shouting at us, telling us to remember our oath.
8:05 am
eventually, they attacked us >> reporter: capitol police officers being attacked with people who had the american flag as a weapon and the thin blue line flag as a weapon. also this morning, one of th most iconic members of the attacking game, jake angeli, or jacob chansley, he is now calling for a presidential pardon because, his attorney claims, he was sent there by president trump. one more note here, there are so many national guard troops they're in our hotel next to here they're from all over, essentially, all over the country, but these are the real patriots, who are giving up their jobs, walking away from their jobs, coming here to circle the capitol, to protect the capitol. back to you. >> as we saw, some are sleeping on the floor of the capitol, tom. thank you very much. we owe them a lot. appreciate it. meanwhile, oklahoma senator james lankford has apologized
8:06 am
for originally planning to object to some electoral college votes before the deadly capitol riots. lankford, a republican, said on thursday that his actions raised, quote, a firestorm of suspicion, especially among his black constituents lankford said that he never intended to cast doubt on votes coming out of black communities in his own state and others. lankford said that he changed his mind about objecting to president-elect joe biden's victory following those riots. lankford faces re-election next year. this morning, we are remembering joanne rogers, the long-time wife of television icon mr. rogers. she died at 92 mrs. rogers played a key role in shaping and supporting her husband's legacy here is nbc's anne thompson with her story. >> come in, sweetie. >> hi. >> hi. >> you remember mrs. rogers. >> reporter: for 50 years, joanne and fred rogers built a family, two children of their own, and millions more they
8:07 am
never met but inspired in "mr. rogers neighborhood." the iconic public television program adored by so many. >> it was the most important thing in his life. he loved his work. >> reporter: and they both loved music. >> music meant a lot to both of us we had that in common, and we talked often about, how do people live without music? >> reporter: joanne rogers couldn't a classically trained pianist, she would sometimes play on the show ♪ off-screen, she performed professionally and recorded two albums at home, she played the piano with fred, as depicted in the movie, "a beautiful day in the neighborhood." they met at rollins college, married in 1952, and moved to pittsburgh where he would develop the show that made him a national treasure. >> what you see is what you get. and that's who he is >> reporter: among fred's
8:08 am
puppets, queen sarah saturday, named after his wife, born sarah joanne when fred died in 2003, joanne kept his legacy alive and relevant. >> he did his very best. he, more than a lot of people, wanted to be the best he could be >> reporter: in a world they both believed could be more kind, especially for children. >> he must have been doing something right. people are really needing to hear his messages. >> reporter: in words and the music she loved. ♪ ♪ it's good to be kind good to be kind won't you be my neighbor ♪ >> reporter: leaving a legacy of kindness for children and adults to live by for "today," anne thompson, nbc news >> what an example. >> we talk about, of course, fred rogers being a national
8:09 am
treasure joanne rogers, a national treasure, as well. >> yes. canadians have a reputation for taking kindness to a new level. that's why the millions of people who watched this video online are calling it canadian road rage. a driver has an issue with the car in front of him, so at a red light, he walks up to it with something in his hand and proceeds to brush the snow from its rear window. of course, having your view blocked can be a hazard for everyone on the road, so that is one way to make a point without spoiling anyone's day. >> oh, that's convenient. >> like it, on the subject of kindness. up next, how sore is carson daly this morning? he had that big ride. >> he's yelling from the other room, ouch >> he had that ride with star peloton instructor alex toussaint. >> 30-minute h.i.t. ride brought to you by my brother carson daly and myself hope you all are ready for this
8:10 am
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8:18 am
today" and a story from carson we've been waiting all week to hear. >> all week, you've been raving about the star peloton instructor, alex toussaint he motivates thousands of loyal followers every day, yourself included. >> that is right as you know, i recently took a.t.'s class it is a tough workout, but it is so much more than working out. alex has this incredible gift to reach right into your heart and soul he always says, validate your greatness. this morning, it is time we validate his ♪ >> i don't take excuses, baby. let's work carson, ready, baby? >> let's go, a.t.! >> come on >> whoo! >> this is how we do it, baby. >> a.t. is in the house. man, so good to see you. i have to thank you so much, man. you saved so many of us from unnecessary bad days it's been a crazy ten months, man. you are the constant >> lock and load this ain't day care. activate, baby >> reporter: alex is a peloton icon
8:19 am
>> come on, peloton. final 30 seconds, baby. >> reporter: he says it's not a job but a calling. inspiring tens of thousands of riders talk to people at home like we're in class right now, and give them, the people, some optimism in 2021. >> if you want to move different in '21, you have to think different. you have to surround yourself with different >> reporter: but his journey to this moment wasn't a straight path it wasn't easy raised by haitian immigrants and a strict father who sent him off to military school to get in line >> i had a real troubled childhood growing up, finding myself in and out of school. it was a tough mental state as a kid. my father is a regimented, strict kind of dude. he thought it was the best way to save my life, so i don't end up in jail, was to send me to military school, have discipline at a young age in life. >> reporter: what was it like, when you told your dad what you just said to me? >> i cried my entire life i really searched for my father's validation
8:20 am
i got a phone call from my dad when i got to peloton, and he said, "i'm proud of you. i lived my entire life searching for that validation. >> let's go. let's go date and time. i love it, man. >> for me, that was the day i stopped existing in life and started living in life. >> reporter: incredible. i love it. people watching this, this is what you do. this is a microcosm of what it is like to take one of your rides, your class. it is more than a ride you walk us through a journey in life. >> how you view yourself is how you treat yourself, peloton. >> reporter: the pandemic is disproportionately hurting people of color. what do you do with all the energy >> in all honesty, carson, this is my therapy, too provide light when i had pure darkness. >> reporter: it is hard to believe that seven years ago, alex was mopping floors at a gym and asked for a shot to teach a class. >> i went from mopping floors one day to teaching the next day. next thing i knew, peloton calls to recruit me. they saw light in me when i didn't see light in myself i want to pull the light out of people
8:21 am
i would say, activate your greatness. it takes somebody to believe in you for you to believe in yourself >> reporter: people think you take a peloton ride to lose weight, whatever what got me into it, i'm over 650 rides, 99.9% are all yours. >> don't overlook that you have to validate that. 650, man >> oh, i'm validating myself a lot of my rides, you know, i have a history of anxiety and panic disorder for my mental, that's a reason i go there you're looking right at us, into our hearts and souls your responsibility on the bike, way transcends dropping some lbs. >> physically is one thing internally, are we okay? that was my motto coming into every single class you're dealing with anxiety. you see members are going through something life-changing and are reaching out to me for advice, for inspiration, for light, for courage for me, it's like, i need to show up. if you're watching this, moving today, you woke up, you're blessed. you're ultimately winning. if you want the alex toussaint for my class, 24 hours, get out
8:22 am
of the saddle and work it ain't day care. it's game time. >> i'm going right now >> in all honestly, carson, it lets me know that everything i struggled in life, it paid off for a reason let the flow just guide you. >> reporter: his strength is also his taste in music. alex let me help deejay a playlist for the ride. >> great suggestions you sent over, too when i saw it coming through, i was like, that's my man, brother for sure 30-minute h.i.t. ride brought by carson daly and myself hope you're ready. >> playlists are always on point. that song, oh -- here we go. it's got the bounce to it, like, here we go we're going to do this ride, man. are you ready? >> i'm ready you ready? carson, you ready, baby? >> let's go! >> let's go! lock and load. lock and load. come on, carson. man, i was 8, 9, 10 years old, running home to watch "trl." >> this is "trl" classic right here >> carson, i see you, baby >> tired that's why i'm looking down, alex
8:23 am
i'm hanging on >> carson, validate it, baby >> let's go. validation i'm tired. >> thought you were done now, it's time to show up, baby. come on. >> last song thank you, jesus >> carson, come on five, four, three, two. 30-minute h.i.t. ride complete today. certify that >> a.t., one love, man thank you. >> i want to make my mama proud. i just want to make my parents proud. whatever direction that takes me, i'm there for it >> there you go. i get it maybe you can't afford a peloton, don't have room for one. it is not just peloton the truth is, i don't just love alex i need alex. until i was willing to open myself up to, like, you know, reaching into a community, in this case it's peloton, but i urge people to find your own version of alex. find your own thing in your life that pushes you out of your own comfort zone as alex says, this isn't day care. >> i mean, i'm so impressed. you're motivating me. >> i'm so glad we could do that.
8:24 am
thank you to our producer, great job with it. again, this is about people's mentals, too maybe your version of alex is seeking therapy, being more communicative with your family members. stop suffering in silence, which i've done my whole life. i need alex. i need that. find what you need, and push yourself to find the happiness >> folks can also, by the way, who are pelotoners, they can enjoy your ride with alex, as well >> as the kids say, it was lit >> it was lit. >> so fun. by the way, when my ride ended, we rolled on this. this wasn't -- this is how it is in the daly household. siri walks in with brownies. i just kill myself on the bike, then my wife, who is an incredible cook, is like, here are fresh brownies that's why i look the way i look. >> oh, my gosh, it's love. >> it is love. thanks >> you need all the things for mental health, right >> a.t., thank you, sir. love you, brother. >> thank you, carson al, what you got in the forecast. >> we just got the 2020 global climate outlook for this past
8:25 am
year second hottest year globally on the planet the last seven years have been the hottest seven years, as we drill down into the united states this is the fifth warmest year on record. in fact, you take a look at this, and this really makes sense. the drought area in this country has increased by 500%. 2020 was literally a year we were on fire that's what's going on around the co . good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall, as we take a look at our seven-day forecast, we'll see some upper 60s and low 70s into the weekend. it's going to feel a lot more like spring and by the end of the weekend we'll still have a high fire danger as some winds pick up and we're still talking about this in the middle of january. that's because we haven't had any rain and it still stays rain free going into next week, the temperatures cool off back into the 60s. >> that's your latest weather. guys still ahead, jenna will be
8:26 am
along with a great conversation with meena harris, days before her aunt becomes the vice president. this morning, he front row seat to history, and her mission to inspire women with a new children's book first, a check of your local news continue to watch as police are looking for a man who fired at officers, this was around 5:00 this morning at lynette way and duffy way near kick and san antonio, when officers arrived the gunmen fired at him, nobody hurt. but here's the deal. there's a perimeter set up and a search is ongoing and police say people in the area should stay inside. you just heard from kari, but let's bring back that good news, kari. >> yeah, it's a beautiful day. take a look at this live view in san francisco. more of the clear sky into today, and quickly warming
8:27 am
temperatures, but you live along the coastline, be careful out there, we're going to see some big breakers over 20 feet today and that continues into tomorrow. temperature wise, for the inland areas we're reaching into the low 70s and for the long holiday weekend looks like a nice one, feels more like spring, and we're not tracking any chances of showers in the forecast middle of next week but we will cool off after seeing near record highs over the next several days. san francisco will see mid-60s through the weekend with a lot more sunshine. scott? >> kari, thank you. more local news in a half an hour. see you then.
8:28 am
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8:30 am
8:30 now on this friday morning. it is the 15th of january, 2021. if you are like us, ladies and gentlemen, you can't wait for the weekend. you know what? it's almost here. >> yup. >> almost here first, we have a packed half hour ahead, including jenna's conversation an exclusive conversation with meena harris. >> her aunt, kamala harris, goes to the white house, and meena has a front row to history she talked to jenna about that and her new book in a moving conversation, just ahead. >> they look-alike, too. also ahead, liam neeson with a new movie. i watch every movie he does. this one's calle
8:31 am
"the marksman" and his surprising co-stars. everybody loves betty white. how can you not? you'll love her more after we tell you how she plans to celebrate her 99th birthday. >> one year from a smucker's jar. >> that's right. on the third hour, joy bauer has not one but two superfood friday recipes to warm you up. next week on "today," the great tim mcgraw tim is going to join us to tell us all about his hopeful, new song with florida georgia line's tyler hubbard. it is a message that tim says is more important right now than ever >> that is going to be good. last check of the weather this hour. >> you know, we have the big football game on nbc ravens are coming in let's show you we have a little quiz for you. a little football quiz they're going to be playing in buffalo. here's a question, what's the most snow that has fallen during a buffalo bills game a, 3 to 5 inches
8:32 am
b, 8 to 10 inches. c, 14 to 16 inches guesses? >> i'll bite on it for c. >> c. >> b, just to be different >> mr. melvin is correct >> oh! >> 10 inches of snow bowl in december there you go you were correct, sir. december 10th, 2017. >> what does he win? >> colts versus bills. you win soggy tortilla chips and velveeta it'll be fantastic. for the game >> snow in this game or not? >> well, we're going to have the forecast for you in a second first, let's show you the weekend outlook. hold on. >> hold on, peloton boy. >> hold on, pedal boy! inland snow in new england on saturday fire danger out west cold and blustery around the great lakes. sunday, sunday, lake-effect snow around the great lakes cool down in florida warm through the southwest into good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. as we take a look at our
8:33 am
seven-day forecast, enjoy the sunshine and warm weather. we'll see our temperatures reaching into the low 70s for the inland valleys throughout the weekend as well as martin luther king day and we're going to go back to some cooler weather but as we transition we're going to have some gusty winds and we'll have to watch out for that for the potential of fire danger while san francisco we'll see temperatures mid to upper 60s early next week. question, is it going to sn buffalo? as the ravens make their way to buffalo. we are talking about - >> is that a bill? >> buffalo anyway, snow showers, windy, 34 degrees. we like making bird noises ah ravens/bills, divisional championship tomorrow, 7:30, be there! >> i like how your hooves are clomping there. >> i was doing the bills. >> i tried a buffalo grunt >> i didn't get it
8:34 am
is it going to snow during the game or not? >> you have to watch, carson come on! get off the peloton and watch! when we come back on this friday morning, jenna's inspiring conversation with the vice president-elect's niece, meena harris >> my grandmother had this saying that kamala talks about a lot, you may be the first to do many things, but make sure you're not the last. >> how growing up in a family of strong women shaped her life, and what she's passing on the and what she's passing on the knowledge to future generations.
8:35 am
8:36 am
we alwayays have a b big part, it's a b big thing f for us. everyoyone gets totogether... to jusust have funun. the e happy chaoaos... a lot t of noise a and... for meme, i just e enjoy it al. ♪ ♪ ♪ welcome back less than a week to go until one of the most historic inaugurations in american history. jenna is here because you've got an exclusive interview with someone who has a unique perspective. meena harris, the niece of vice president-elect kamala harris. >> we had such an awesome conversation we talked about her aunt, growing up in a family of strong women, her hope for the future, and her new children's book,
8:37 am
"ambitious girl. >> reporter: meena harris knows a thing or two about ambition. her aunt is our nation's first female vice president-elect. your aunt was the one that broke the glass ceiling. i know y'all are extremely close. i wonder what that moment was like for you, when you found out that she would be the first woman vice president, the first woman of color vice president, what that meant to you and your family. >> to be honest, my first feeling and reaction was relief and hope yes, as a family member, i mean, it was surreal there are moments, even now, i kind of sit back and am like, oh, my god, in the history of our entire country, the first. it is mind-blowing by the way, it should not have taken this long. the most beautiful thing about it is what we are experiencing our family, is what everyonend a across the country, across the world is experiencing. >> reporter: meena's optimism
8:38 am
has been dimmed. by recent evens in our nation. last week we witnessed violence and heart break. our capitol was taken siege by americans. i wonder what you thought as you witnessed that >> i was terrified i think the second reaction was shock, but also, not being surprised, given what we have allowed to go unchecked for the last four years. there has not been an ounce of accountability that frightens me. >> reporter: but despite the dark moments, meena holds on to hope for a bright future she's doing her part to pave the way. at just 36, meena is an entrepreneur, activist, mom, and author after working as a lawyer and tech exec, harris put her harvard law degree to the side, to pursue what was then her side project.
8:39 am
inspired by maya angelou's poem "phenomenal woman," she brings awareness to important causes the clothing brand expanded to include messages of activism and social justice the success of meena's brand should come as no surprise after all, ambition runs in the harris family. you come from a long line of ambitious women. talk to me about what this looked like when you were a little girl. >> it was a lot of ambitious women. it was all women, so it was a really tiny family unit of me, my mom, my grandmother, and my aunt it was amazing for, you know, a little girl to grow up and to see the world through strong, powerful women i used to joke that it's sort of like the opening scene of the first "wonder woman" movie, where they're like, you know, on this all female sovereign island nation, running around, saving the world. that's what it looked like to me as a little girl. >> reporter: meena's mom, maya, had her at just 17
8:40 am
going through law school, becoming an attorney and public advocate. >> i saw her doing things in the world and leading. sometimes she didn't have child care, so she took me to the law school class or the law school library she took me into her office on the weekends what it meant for me as a kid is i got to see my mom doing things in the world, and understood that she was, you know, making a positive impact. >> reporter: in children's literature, meena didn't always see successful females reflected. as a mom to two young girls, representation is more important to her now than ever >> there were a lack of characters that looked like our family, that looked like my daughters. we would sometimes color the skin color in with a brown marker i learned that in 2018, something like, there were more books that had animals as main characters than there were books that had black, latinx,
8:41 am
indigenous, asian, human characters combined. combined we're just not represented on the pages of books, and i wanted to do something about that i sort of said, i'm going to write the books myself >> reporter: "ambitious girl" is harris' second children's book when a young girl sees a strong woman labeled on tv as too assertive and too ambitious, it sends her on a journey to reclaim words meant to knock her down a concept passed through generations of harris women. >> my grandmother had this saying that kamala talks about a lot, which is you may be the first to do a lot of things. >> i will not be the last. >> i was told i can do anything, be anything, and ambition meant purpose, determination it meant having a dream and a vision and going after it, not letting anyone get in your way >> it's so impressive to hear that history i know one of your favorite stories had to do with when she was a little girl. >> i loved that from the time she was a little girl, she was ambitious. she actually went with her mom because her mom was a teen mom to all of her classes at stanford stood in line and introduced her
8:42 am
mother to her current husband by asking him to play hide and go seek >> wow >> i know. >> that's a story. cute. another fairy tale to tell. >> i loved the insight to this family of strong women it was cool. >> jenna, thank you so much. again, the book is "ambitious girl," and we'll have more with the conversation with her on your show "hoda and jenna" on tuesday. >> awesome. >> back to you >> thank you. we have the great liam neeson on the program. we'll talk to him abou his action-packed new movie, "the marksman," and other films that make him beloved in hollywood. we may have to geek out on the exploration of "star wars. all that coming up with liam neeson first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:43 am
8:44 am
icon, a legend known from "taken," "star wars," and "love actually." liam neeson is taking aim at the big screen once again in a movie called "the marksman." >> he is a marine corps veteran,
8:45 am
fending off a drug cartel and the u.s. border office, bringing a recently orphaned boy from mexico to safety have a look. >> hey, come on. you're not safe here c c comeprende let's go, come on. >> liam neeson joins us this morning. good morning, sir. how are you? >> good morning. i'm fair. to middle. >> that's good for this hour of the day. the movie has a great story, as we just saw, but for your long-time fans, and i'm quoting you here, you do kick a wee bit of butt in this movie. it's a good one. >> i kick a little bit of butt i don't want to have a spoiler alert in there it's a good -- i love this
8:46 am
script it's a human story it's about a troubled veteran, he has a small ranch near the arizona border with mexico he's looking after his cattle. into his life come these two immigrants, a mother and her child. >> let's talk about your co-star. he's fantastic jacob perez is his name. what can you tell us about working with young jacob >> you know, i've worked with over 64 films, a lot of kids in quite a few films. jacob is so special. he's kind of incapable of bein untruthful in front of the camera he can be playing with the dog we have a dog in the film. can be playing with him, and when he had to focus on a scene, and he has some quite emotional scenes to do, his focus was absolutely 100%.
8:47 am
we became pals i'm very fond of him he is a terrific talent. >> this movie, actually, is coming to the big screen, so people can really, really see that theatrical experience >> i know. i think it is nearly 2,000 screens, north america and canada, except new york and l.a., of course. >> you were just in australia, i believe, and wrapped a production there i mean, you've done, i think, three films in the last six months, not slowing down what has production been like for you during the pandemic? >> well, i'll be very honest with you, carson i just got back three weeks ago from melbourne, australia. when i left, it was 65 plus days covid free >> wow. >> you had a lot of the medical authorities, the army, the police, the air force, all working in harmony, treating
8:48 am
people with empathy, understanding, courtesy, and a dollop of humor. they're totally on top of it, you know >> i read that you were a homebody, like all of us, during the first part of this pandemic. what'd you do? like, what does liam neeson do in his spare time when locked up at home? >> savannah, listen. i know there's millions out of work, millions wondering where their next meal is coming from i'm incredibly blessed and fortunate. i have a swimming pool, a gym, a screening room i was able to read 33, 34 books. >> wow with my son. i was as happy as a pig in -- >> we'll fill in the blanks. >> you didn't kill anybody, take them hostage, anything like the films. quite the opposite, actually. >> better than binge watching "tiger king," like we did.
8:49 am
>> i want to ask you about "star wars." you are linked to it qui-gon jinn, the disney plus is doing the spin-offs. is that something that interests you? >> i'd be interested in seeing it, sure my pal, ewan mcgregor, was obi-won, 23 years ago when we did "the phantom menace. i'd be interested to see it, yeah, sure. >> how about being in it though? we know about qui-gon's fate, but there's always a way >> you don't have enough money for me >> all right the demand is on the table congrats on the "marksman. we're excited it's out and in theaters today thanks for your time, liam, and stay safe. >> appreciate it. >> thanks, carson, savannah. take care. >> see ya. up next, we're going to celebrate the great betty whit ahead of her 99th birthday this weeken
8:50 am
♪ ♪ ththe chevy sisilverado trtrail. when youou have a twtwo-inch l. when you h have goodyeyear duratrtrac tires.. when y you have rarancho shocs and anan integrateted dual exhx. whwhen you havave all thata,
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the e last thingng you'llll ne. is a roaoad. the e chevy silvlverado traiail. readady to off-r-road, right frfrom the facactory.
8:52 am
one of america's most beloved treasures is marking a big birthday this weekend. we're talking about the great betty white turning 99. >> 99. this morning, we are going to celebrate early with a few of the many unforgettable moments from her eight decades and counting in entertainment. here is "nbc news now" anchor, joe fryer. >> reporter: on the verge of 99, one might argue betty white's next birthday excites us more than her i am blessed with good health, she tells "people" magazine, so turning 99 is no different than turning 98. >> i love this apartment i love what you've done to it. >> i haven't done anything to it >> i know. that took guts. >> reporter: we've been watching her most of those years, from the "mary tyler moore" show to the "golden girls. >> if you could have any two people in the world, living or dead, to your house for dinner, what would you eat >> reporter: to the "proposal.
8:53 am
>> do you prefer being calle margaret or satan's mistress >> reporter: of course, many visits to "today." >> you don't fall off the planet once you pass a given age. people say, have you ever thought about retiring i don't take the hint. i say, no. i'll retire when they stop asking >> reporter: she was 88 when she became the oldest "snl" host, thanks to a facebook campaign. >> i didn't know what facebook was. now that i do know what it is, i have to say, it sounds like a huge waste of time >> reporter: now, this sunday, she turns 99 and tells "entertainment tonight," for her birthday, she's focused on betty white's pet set, a show she created and hosted 50 years ago about celebrities and their beloved animals. it'll be re-released digitally and on dvd next month. white says she's also feeding the two ducks who come to visit me every day lucky ducks, spending time with the icon who, even at 99, will
8:54 am
remain our golden girl for "today," joe fryer, nbc news >> my goodness >> #treasure. >> happy birthday, betty white. >> so sweet. >> she's one year from a smucker's jar. >> that's right. we're going to have a big smucker's jar for her. meantime, we have other special folks we're going to celebrate right now. happy 100th birthday to molly schwalb. active lady from new york, growing organic fruits and vegetables in her backyard for nearly 60 years. sounds pretty good keep up the good work, molly benjamin cohen of florida, 100, married to the love of his life for 65 years. kate shore, boonville, north carolina, also 100 wo on the street is sh makes the world's best pies. don't believe me ask any one of her 12 grandkids. happy 100th to helen bloom avid reader from milwaukee, wisconsin. crediting her long life to a very strict diet of scrambled eggs for lunch, followed by potato chips and dark chocolate
8:55 am
for dessert. basil emery of san mateo, california, 100. his secret to longevity, occasionally taking his jaguar out for a ride when that one is tired, he takes the tiger out. happy 100th birthday to joseph lenahan, hard worker from southbury, connecticut in addition to a milestone birthday, joseph and his wife, ruth, celebrating an 80th wedding anniversary. congrats and there you have it. >> 80 years. >> wow >> all right >> love that what do you have coming up next hour? >> coming up in a few minutes on the "3rd hour of today," the 22-year-old grad student in charge of a major covid vaccination site how the self-described problem-solver came up with a way to speed things up >> okay. a little later on "hoda and jenna," marcia, marcia, marcia the one and only maureen mccormick on her new show i'm sure she loves hearing "marcia, marcia, marcia. don't you think? >> she's done okay by it.
8:56 am
>> probably never gets old have a great weekend, everybody. here's a check of your local news, weather and these messages >> bye-bye good morning, everyone, 8:56. we do have breaking news, san jose police telling wheem to live around lynette way and duffy way near king road to stay inside. police are still on the hunt for a man they say fired at officers. police responded to reports of gunfire before 5:00 this morning. nobody hurt but a perimeter has been set up. a search has been going on ever
8:57 am
since. again, stay inside until you are notified of the all clear. well, happening now our team is staying on top of that situation. we'll have an update in our midday newscast. you can head to our twitter feed as well. that's where we're posting developments the minute they happen, including letting you know when it's safe. the bay area vaccine push may even get its own shot in the arm. the oakland coliseum could be designated as a mass vaccination site. this comes as the bay area struggles to roll out the covid vaccine more quickly. there's more security this morning at the state capitol as the fbi warns of new threats, security will stay high at least through next week's inauguration. on we have the latest on what's being done to keep you safe. we'll have local weather coming up in an hour. by hararnessing cacaliforni's ababundant winind and solalar e, we havave the powewer to take on clilimate changnge.
8:58 am
use lessss from 4 toto 9 pm to keeeep californrnia golde. all eyes on our nation's capitol, the final preparations happening just before the presidential inauguration. plus, the virtual ways the bay area is commemorating martin luther king jr. day, monday morning 4:30 to 7:00. today on california live.
8:59 am
>> amber's taking us for a ride on the wild side. >> plus, showing you how to read your dog's body language. this morning at 11:30 on nbc bay area. ♪♪ ♪ oh, this is how it starts ♪ ♪ ligightning strtrikes the h ♪ ♪ the d day has jusust begun ♪ ♪ brighteter than thehe sun ♪ ♪ o oh, we coululd be the s st♪ ♪ f falling frorom the sky y ♪ ♪ shinining how we e want ♪ ♪ bririghter thanan the sun ♪ oroweaeat bread. gatherering, bakiking and delelivering the goododness of nanature... from onene generatioion to t the next and from s seed to slilice.
9:00 am
live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the "3rd hour of today." >> good morning. welcome to the "3rd hour of today" on this january 15th. would you like to tell everybody what day it is? >> fri-yay. >> what i love is, it's in the prompter. like you woun't know. >> right. >> maybe because they thought, you know, with your 1920s shoes -- >> listen, i walked in the studio this morning -- >> i love them, you know. it's just, like -- >> my throwback? >> you look like you're an extra from "ma rainey's black bottom." >> i like them. >> take it


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