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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 15, 2021 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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dominant strain in the u.s.? >> also, the call to get sports teams back in action. right now at 11:00, what's the hold-up? why are so many californians still waiting to secure their covid shot? >> i tried to get answers and nobody can tell me ythian. >> she did exain,pl they have high demand, maybe limited staff. >> and said call back on monday. how do i know if you'll have
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appointments or not and i have to wait another two and a half, three hours? supply and demand causing big headaches across the bay area. we have new information that could help you and your loved ones. plus, toward respond. the california national guard on the move from the bay area to the state capitol. security measures in place as inauguration day approaches. also -- >> every time we get that sense of hope, it is ripped away at the last second. >> you hear it. let them play. a rallying cry from student athletes in dozens of communities. the message they want governor newsom to hear. >> did you play? $750 million up for grabs in tonight's mega millions drawing. is there a winner? >> we'll start with this. we're seeing all the finger pointing from washington, d.c. what's the real status in the bay area? why are there so many problems still getting the vaccine? >> we talked to an expert about why including people 65 and
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older but others aren't. >> tonight, widespread frustration over vaccine supply. health care providers are trying to get ahead of it. kaiser permanente is adding staff to monday or the calls 24/7 because the phone lines are overwhelmed questions. stanford health care telling some members they can get their shots and others that it is not their time yet. anxious. >> i have sent emails to santa clara county. >> reporter: providers and counties stay problem is there's just not enough supply. the cdc says about 30 million vaccines have been distributed but that's only about half of what is needed to give the first shots to all people 65 and older around the country. santa clara county officials stay federal and state rollout inconsistencyies mean they don't know when they'll get more or how much they'll get. >> we learned a few days ago that the federal government would release stockpiles of
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vaccine held for second doses. we learned this morning no, such stockpile exists. >> reporter: some health care providers are offering vaccines to 65 and old ferry they can get an appointment. others are not. ucsf doctor believes the difference has to do with supply chain philosophy. >> we don't have enough supplies so i'm going to stick with the greater than 75 that we had at the beginning of the week but then everyone dhingd 65. and then another philosophy is i have it. i'll give to it anyone at risk over 65. >> reporter: she's hopeful for the widespread infrastructure going up so they'll be ready. >> it seems like now it is really moving. >> reporter: dodger stadium now a working mass vaccination center, the largest of the kind in the country. >> let me be candid with each one of you. we have to increase the pace and the distribution of these vaccines. we need to get these vaccines out of the freeze entire
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people's arms. >> reporter: and president-elect joe biden says ellen list the support of fema and the national guard. >> our administration released the vast majority of the vaccine when's they're available so more people can get vaccinated quickly while still retaining a small reserve. >> reporter: the question now, will there be shots ready to inject? nbc bay area news. >> okay. let's break down the numbers. governor newsom says we've given out 1.2 million doses. that's higher than the number yesterday. but california still has only given out a third of its supply. that's because we got more than 3.5 million doses. just into our newsroom, santa clara county is launching a new vaccine dashboard. they will track the number received and administered. this website will be transparent to the but not the distribution of the vaccine throughout the community. as we're discovering in
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real-time, there is no uniform plan. each county has its own plan. today san francisco mayor london breed unveiled a new system to let people know when they can get vaccinated. you can register for alerts beginning next tuesday. mayor breed also announced the city's plan to open three mass vaccination sites at city college, moscone center and sf market in the bay view. she said they'll only open if the city gets enough vaccines. contra costa leaders say they've already gibl out about 36,000 doses at nearly two dozen vaccination sites. another 33,000 shots are on the way. the county is working to get those doses into as many arms as possible. they say scaling up takes time and more vaccine. >> this will take some time. we're at the beginning of the biggest public health administration in history. in contra costa county is ready
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for that challenge. we ask that everyone be patient. >> we know there are a lot of you that are anxious and maybe frustrated with all of this. we want to clear tim confusion. we reached out the several health care providers. who are they vaccinating right now besides health care workers? that was our question. stanford health care started booking appointments today. but it is a small group. 75 and older. and you have to live in santa clara or san mateo counties. residents in alameda, contra costa counties over the age of 65 will be notified early next week about vaccine locations. sutter health is making appointments for people 75 and older. kaiser's phones have been ringing off the hook. we talked about that. they have limited vaccine appointments. people 65 and older can try to secure a slot. we also checked with john muir health. vaccinations began for 75 and older on january 25th. patients will be contacted in the coming days to schedule that
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appointment. patients 65 and older will be contacted in february. here's a valuable tool for you. take out your phone right now and use the camera on your phone to scan that qr code on the left side of your screen. see it? lower left corner? that will take you right to our vaccination guide. scroll down to your specific county to get your information on how to sign up for a vaccine and where you can go once it is your turn. you can also go to and click on covid-19 vaccination guide at the top of our page. let's switch gears. threats of violence at state capitols leading to inauguration day have law enforcement agencies here in the bay area responding. with some of them headed to sacramento. others in our bigger cities are on alert as well. here's more from san francisco. >> reporter: activated and moving out. members of the 185th military police battalion of the california national guard left
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pittsburgh tonight heading to the state capitol in sacramento to provide security. the chp fence are already in place leading up to inauguration day, there could be armed attacks on all 50 of the nation's state capitols. federal law enforcement officials are searching for threats for right wing extreme. is. >> all 50 states, fbi, and the four territories are working 24 hours a day to pursue every lead, every credible threat. >> reporter: bay area police agencies say they are working closely with those federal partners and beefing up staffing just in case. >> at this time we don't have any information of any credible threats. >> reporter: san francisco police say while they aren't expecting protests, they are preparing keeping a close eye on government buildings. >> we will have additional officers between now and the date of the inauguration who will be patrolling the government buildings in the
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city. >> reporter: the u.s. postal service is taking precautions in san francisco removing some mailboxes near the civic center and closing a post office in the area early on saturday. people who live nearby say if protesters gather, they will avoid the area. >> the best way to do things, stay away from it. not give it any relevance. >> i'm not really concerned. i would say don't took far. >> reporter: the oakland police department says it is working closely with law enforcement officers but at this point is not expecting any activity. the highway patrol is on tactical alert prepared to deploy a large number of officers wherever needed. in the washington, preparations for the inauguration continue. this is a live look at the capitol where president-elect biden will take the oath in five days. the tsa is weighing in on whether or not it will ban hundreds of people from flights. it comes in the the wake of the
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inauguration. not just airports. . of washington, d.c. will be on lockdown. miles of fence, barricades around the national mall which will be closed. there is some internet chatter that suggests there could be some other targets. >> all 50 state fbi, jttf and the four territories are working 24 hours a day to pursue every lead, every credible threat. >> actual airports in the d.c. area, the tsa says travelers can expect to see more police, more bomb detecting dogs. there will also be more air marshals on some flights. >> we're following breaking news in san francisco. police and the fbi are on the scene after chemicals used to make explosives were found in an rv. this is all on gillman avenue near candlestick point. the person who lives in that rv has been detained. right now people who live in
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that area have been evacuated. authorities say this appears to be an isolated incident. if we have any updates throughout the newscast, we will bring them to you. still ahead, two new strains of coronavirus. what could happen in march. the second largest jackpot in mega millions history. does anyone win big tonight? we'll fill you in. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. wind ahead and the next chance of rain, even some snow. i've got it all for you. nbc bay area connects you to the historic moment. >> while i may be the first woman in this office, i will not be the last. >> a daughter of the bay area shatters the glass ceiling. we explore her impact on women and girls.
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plus you'll get exclusive interviews with people who know her best. >> and i'll bring you live reports from washington. >> for complete inauguration coverage, connect with nbc bay area.
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a dhanlt being heard around the state. students asking to make an exception for students playing sports. but is it safe? we look at this complicated issue. >> reporter: students throughout
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california have been involved in distance learning since march. student athletes here in lafayette are fed up. they are ready to play. about an hour before night fall, student athletes gathering in solidarity with one message. >> for us, basketball, baseball, to have that stripped along with our social lives, with our four years of high school. it is pretty difficult. >> reporter: these young people say the covid crisis has put them on the side line. >> luckily i'm a junior, especially for the seniors, this is their last shot to show other schools who they are. >> reporter: a group of coaches got together to form the high school community to convince health care officials to relax restrictions to let students play ball. >> three states have played fall
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sports. five more will start quickly. we're the minority. it seems like what will it take? >> reporter: the state put out guidance in december on youth sports, showing what sports would be allowed in each colored tier. for example, swimming and tennis can be played while in the purple tier. baseball and covid restrictions reach red, football and volleyball can be played in the orange tier. >> the chances of getting it and spreading it is a little higher now in january in california than it was in october in california. so you know, these are the difficult decisions i think the public health leaders are facing right now for which there's no easy answer. >> reporter: in lafayette, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> many businesses are also closed right now as you know. after the bay area shelter in place order, the lockdown is likely to continue through the month at least. here's why. look at this. this is our icu availability
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ma'am. you can see as a region, it is just 3.4% west need that number way higher. above 15%. >> that new strain of coronavirus across the u.k. could become the new predominant strain in the u.s. it is already here in california. how does that impact us? most of us are still waiting for that vaccine? >> reporter: the hope for the new year is the covid-19 spraks will help level off the surge of infections. the slow rollout so far is fraying people's nerves. >> there's not a lot of communication out there about how or what the process is to get vaccine. >> reporter: adding to everyone's anxiety is the latest to mutate. brazil is getting hit by a widespread inzpeks a lack of
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oxygen. it seals to be similar to the u.k. variant. >> the big concern is it is more infectious. it could be easier to spread from person to person. when you think about it in the big broader scale, more infections will undoubtedly lead to more hospitalizations which will lead to more deaths. >> reporter: the biggest news, the vaccines seem to work against them. the bad news is in the united states, the cdc now says the mutation is spreading so fast, it will be the dominant strain come march. >> because it is more transmissible, it could mean more people will need to be vaccinated in order to reach herd immunity bust there is something people can do right now to slow the spread and slow the mutation. >> the way we do it is the same stuff we've been doing since the beginning. wear your mask, practice physical distancing, avoid indoor gatherings. the less bodies it has to infect, the less it has to
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mutate. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. some eye opening fires. the same amount of land that burned in just one week last summer. a million acres. that statistic emerged today in a wide ranging wildfire webinar. san jose state is among the eight csu schools doing some cutting edge fire research. despite some of the luxury homes we saw burn in sonoma county and down in malibu, lower income californians can be most at risk. >> so we know that there is an issue in california that rising home costs and cities and suburbs are increasingly pushing lower income and minority families into these fire prone areas. they need to reflect growing diversity. >> technology is becoming a game changer. san jose state has developed the
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most advanced fire prediction system in the u.s. which has been adopted worldwide. the pacifica pier closed until further notice. monster waves to blame. king tides, large swells have damaged the railing. city engineers say the pier is just not safe and it will stay closed, maybe a month, maybe even longer while they make those repairs. let's smile and bring in jeff randalieri. mr. weekend. it's been a long year. >> we're only like 15 days in. >> it already feels like a year. >> it has been a long couple of weeks. we're going to get some really great weather coming our way and i know we need rainfall. with some low 70s and sunshine, i think it will help boost itself a little bit. there's nothing like some fresh air and blue sky. and then we're going to talk about increased fire danger and our next chance of rain. so a lot to wrap up here.
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let's bring it right into tomorrow morning. some paxy fog to start the day. most of us will have some sunshine and widespread 40s, down to 47 in the south bay. over the east bay, and san francisco and the north bay, more of those 40s as well. with just a little paxy fog possible in the east bay. down to 46 and for the north bay, at 48. let's take a look at tomorrow. whatever you have going on outside, we've got some guaranteed sunshine on the way. we'll be near record highs but it is not uncomfortable. check it out. morgan hill, 71 degrees. 70 in san jose. low 70s, continues in livermore, concord, martinez and napa. not quite as warm at the coast because we have a little bit of a bay and coastal breeze. plenty of 60s from san francisco down to palo alto. let's get to the other news coming our way next week. so the weekend looks good. by monday, this is what we donal want to see. we have this system dropping do you know. it looks very dry.
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it will bring the offshore winds and that will elevate our fire danger. i think the biggest concern is in the mountains, 1,000 feet and above. 24-mile-per-hour wind gusts coming out of wind gusts. right now, 1525-mile-per-hour gusts. sustained 10 to 20. we have had had rainfall. not as much as i would like to see. one to six inches so the ground is somewhat wet. so fire danger is always a concern, at least lately. as we head into the next eight days, not only the warm weather and some high surf this weekend. we have the wind monday and tuesday. but check this out. the 22nd and 23rd, not this weekend but the following weekend, some showers coming back. maybe even low snow down to about 500 feet. i wanted to put that on your radar so you can be thinking about that. the san francisco temperatures dropped by next friday, down to 53 degrees and across the inland valleys. we'll go from this record warmth in the 70s to 54 by next friday.
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so raj, i'll get some inspiration on the barbecue with you. and you'll relax with a cocktail. >> very scriptive. >> thanks. >> i know you guys well. >> it's the weekend, people. >> did anyone win or should you play again next week? the results just in for the mega millions jackpot. the positive impact in our community through project innovation. this is a grant challenge powered by the comcast universal foundation. project innovation recognizes and awards $315,000 in grants to local nonprofits tackling every day challenges through innovative solutions. learn more about the program and submit your application. get some of that money at
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innovation. and happening now, facebook blocking the creation of new events happening near the white house and the state capitol. the company says the goal is to prevent people there using its platform to incite violence. it is also blocking event creation in the u.s. by nonu.s.-based accounts. cyber attacks are relentlessly advancing. to end them, cybereason built a cyber security solution
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new at 11:00, the national rifle association, the nra, is filing for bankruptcy. it says it is moving out of new york. organization is headquartered in virginia but has been operating as new york registered nonprofit since it was founded in 1871. the nra criticized new york
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calling it a toxic political environment. it is now exploring moving parts of its operation to texas. okay. just in. did you get lucky? not really lucky, no. there is no big jackpot williamer for tonight's mega millions drawing. that means the $750 million grows to $850 million for next tuesday's drawing. here's a look at the winning numbers. 3, 11, 12, 38, 43, mega number is 15. here's someone who did get lucky. eight matched five out of five numbers. one was sold at a vons in southern california. those winners of those eight ets get $1 million each. not bad. if you didn't win tonight, you have tomorrow night to deal with. $640 million powerball jackpot is up for grabs. we'll just get lucky tomorrow night then. >> i'ltake that. 640? i'll split it with you.
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on . okay. supposed to be a magical night at the shark tank in san jose, the u.s. skating figure championship. it moved to las vegas instead, remember? >> yes. but how often is this? both of our bay area skaters finished in the top four.
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that's big time. santa clara county is shut down so hello to las vegas and hello to karen chen, the 24-year-old from fremont. she's already been admitted to cornell. >> and growing up in fremont, her idol is kristy yamaguchi. she finishes third. we'll see her 13 months from now at the winter olympics in china. also sparkling tonight, alyssa lu from richmond. rebel her? the two-time defending national champ. she is awesome to watch. she finishes fourth. not bad. she's still set up nicely for the olympics. this is pretty cool, too. nfl champions, packers hosting the rams. that means aaron rodgers facing off against jared goff. it is only the seventh time in nfl history that quarterbacks from the same college are starting against each other. also tomorrow night, the ravens
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and bills on nbc. a good weekend of football. >> back in a moment.
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finally tonight, san
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francisco has a new poet laureate. congratulations. mayor breed made the announcement today during an online event. he is a san francisco native, he is a writer, organizer, whose work centers around the issue of racial justice. >> a poet of any use belongs to the energy and consciousness of the people. >> a poet laureate will give his inaugural address at the san francisco library. then he says he plans on organizing poetry reading circles in several communities including the bay view and the tenderloin. i can imagine that will be extremely enlightening. >> thank you for joining us. we made it to the weekend. >> bye-bye. >> steve: from rockefeller center in the heart of


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