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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 430  NBC  January 17, 2021 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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right now at 4:30. the count down to the inauguration is on. national guard troops are standing by in sacramento and capital buildings across the country are standing by. >> thank you for joining us. >> tonight, a growing and continued police presence. >> today, those troops received cots to sleep on after pictures
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and videos of them sleeping on the floor of the capitol building went viral. they started arriving after a mob of trump supporters started protesting at the building. >> every day the trucks, the troops securing the nation's capitol, are building. by wednesday's inauguration 25,000 national guard soldiers will be on the ground with police and federal agents. >> i don't think anybody has ever seen anything like this. >> outside of the razor wire fencing businesses are boarded up. the core of dc, in essence, closed down. >> our special agent in charge talked about the general and specific threat that's are intelligence apparatus here and across our nation. >> you know, just to be here, just to stand up. >> a handful of demonstrators
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showed up today. >> everybody saw what happened last week at the u.s. capitol. we don't that want to repeat here in michigan. >> state houses have become fortresses. >> unprecedented and scary. >> after warning they caught be targets for protests. >> if it's not, thousands of soldiers remain at the ready around the clock. jay gray, nbc news, washington. >> a matter of national security that was already tight and on high alert stepped up another notch this morning with a stronger police presence. the community is ternly taking note. they moved to sacramento and it is two brokes from the capitol only to be met with political unrest in sacramento.
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>> a little bit less, we had to have a little more calm here. that's okay, you know, strange times right now so we just have to get used to it a little bit. >> in front of the capitol building is now closed and protected by several layers of barricades incruding department of oklahomaland security devices that render vehicles useless if they're used in any attack. all of the neighboring state offices remain heavily policed and in a militarized zone. >> a san francisco developer faces charges in the storming of the u.s. capitol. daniel goodman is a web and app developer that worked in the bay area for the last year and is a self proclaimed member of the
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proud boys. he posted extensively on social media recently. he supported the president's false claims that the november election was fraudulent and he allegedly identified himself in a video taken during the insurrection. >> twitter has suspended the personal account of a republican congresswoman from georgia. marjorie tailor greene will be locked out for the new civic integrity policy. earlier today she tweeted a string of false statements about the georgia senate election. governor newsome's brother-in-law was arrested last week after being accused of domestic violence. joshua shiller was arrested after a disturbance at a house.
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schiller's wife had injury that's were minor. >> now to some weather, certainly unusual conditions that could prove dangerous in the days ahead. a live look outside, temperatures across the bay area today, strong winds are coming this way. rob is keeping a close eye on the winds and the fire danger in january. >> and really the two are combined when you talk about the summer-like temperatures today. the gusty fall-like diablo winds. that will lead to wintertime fire danger. 77 degrees in san jose today. temperatures as much as 20 degrees above average. starting later tonight the wind speeds pick up. the east bay hills, the north bay locations, higher hills above 1,000 feet seeing gusts up to 60 miles per hour. we could get guests to 80 miles
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per hour. bayside in the orange here, gusts up to 45 miles per hour and what will be different about this wind event even compared to our fall wind event is that this will last for a day and a half. notice what happens tomorrow morning. gusts picking up around 8:00 a.m. as we go into the night time hours all of the purple on the map as the event maxes out with the wind gusts. it increases the odds of tree damage or power impacts, too. locally the gusts continue to accelerate and we will look at those top winds and the 180 into winter weather and the seven-day outlook coming up. thank you, rob. turning now to the fight against coronavirus. as the cases in california show little sign of slowing down, today california reported new cases at the state total near 3 million. they are also continuing to keep
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a close eye on the icu availability, and here is where things stand by accountability. the trouble spots, san mateo and san marine. the standard icu beds are full so new patients may have to go to surge facilities. dr. fauci weighing in on president biden's plan to vaccinate 100 million people in the first 100 days. >> be they tests, vaccines, or what have you. in other words just not being hesitant to use whatever mechanisms we can to get everything on track and in the
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flow. but the feasibility of his goal is clear. no doubt about that that is can be done. >> emergency authorization for the johnson and johnson and the astrazeneca vaccines are coming up. these people here at the fairgrounds are waiting to get a shot. some people were turned away, even if they had an appointment. >> up next, new covid concerns in china. the troubling discovery that lead to ice cream and hundreds of people being tested for the virus. >> and one country's plan to get everyone vaccinated.
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some very troubling news out of china. officials say the coronavirus has been found on ice cream. one company has been sealed, all
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employees have been tested for coronavirus. roughly 400 of the cartons are being tracked down, they were sold. there is no indication that anyone got the virus from that ice cream. the australian open taking place as planned next month despite angry players being forced into strict quarantine. nearly 50 players and their encourages have to leave. they're not allowed to leave for practice. other players who arrived on different flights also have a mandatory 14 day quarantine but are permitted to leave their hotels to train. raising questions about the integrity and fairness. the government plans to offer a first dose of covid-19 vaccine to every adult by september. britain housed more than 51
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million adults in it's population. government leasers say some centers will start round the clock injections. a more contagious variant will be going through the u.k. more people will be allowed to begin property access. in the past week we had some minor earthquakes in the bay area including that 4.2 yesterday. strong enough for most people to field. that was not the case 27 years ago today in southern california. a magnitude 6.7 quake centered in north ridge. damage was felt as far away as las vegas. nearly 60 people were killed, up to $50 billion in damage.
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all were either damaged or destroyed. >> santa rosa is hosting a virtual community meeting this week to answer a lot of questions about the aftermath of the glass fire. city leaders are going to address a series of concerns. the meeting is meant for those whose homes were damaged or destroyed in the fire as well as anyone living or working in the impacted area. there will be updates and guidance. preparing for the rainy season, what will happen and more. let's check in with rob right now and rob, 67 right next to you, that is san francisco, it should be like summer time. >> we saw 60s, we saw upper 70s. again, one of many warm locations around the bay area
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and coming up tonight we'll have a look at how unusual the temperatures are today compared to where they should be and how many records we broke. again a closer look at a deep dive behind the temperatures tonight at 6:00. it is june outside right now, but you see san jose 77 degrees. the average high is around 57. that is 20 degrees above average. so leading into this wind event, above average temperatures. stilling lack at above average 40s. that will turn stronger as we go through the day tomorrow and with the added boost in the wind speeds, not quite as warm but as you see 73 in san jose. 70s down to the coast from half moon bay and santa cruz. wind advisories have changed a bit. busts will be closer to 60 miles
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per hour higher. that includes along highway 17. through 6:00 p.m. on tuesday, that is the big story. strongest winds in north bay with sustained winds into tuesday. the south bay, the santa clara valley. in the north bay, the areas in purple filling in towards monday night. this should be the peak of the potential of damaging wind gusts from 30 to 50 miles per hour. notice how the purple and red stays on the map. so a long duration wind event that slowly starts to back down as we approach 11:00 on tuesday. breezy for the morning, gusty as we get into monday night, presunrise on tuesday these wind
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speeds in the south bay as we get into tuesday night beginning to slow down. i think they will stay gusty on the hills in the south bay. a few showers here on friday, the expectations are low. a bigger exact, this time next weekend, they are dropping down the coast. we had summer today, fall-like gusty offshore winds, and 36 hours of gusty dry winds. and then it goes to a nice break, cooler temperatures, and showers. as the temperature roller coaster goes from mid 70s to mid 50s and maybe snow on our bay area peaks about a week from now. also a closer look at that tonight at 6:00. short-term, the big headline is
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strong, gusty winds. >> keep an eye on it, rob, thank you. up next, the bills piling up during the pandemic. will the covid crisis create another crisis? we investigate. ♪♪ ♪ oh, this is how it starts ♪ ♪ lightning strikes the heart ♪ ♪ the day has just begun ♪ ♪ brighter than the sun ♪ ♪ oh, we could be the stars ♪
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we got an advanced copy of a report showing unpaid water bills reaching into the millions. this is leading to bigger problems. >> last april governor gavin newsome ordered a moratorium to cutting off of the water on people that could not pay. when that moratorium ends, tens of thousands of customers in the bay area will be left tens of millions of dollars in debt and the bills are coming due, and soon. >> it is not hard to find people who feel the pandemic. >> all of the bills coming. >> bills piling up for everyone including 3932,000 people in the area that lost their jobs in the last year.
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>> bills, work has been hard. i got laid off. it's like problem after problem. >> one of those bills is for something truly essential, water. according to this new report from the bay area public policy nonprofit spur, water debt is becoming a burden for thousands here. >> it's on the edge of hundreds of millions of dollars. >> while there is currently a state-wide ban on water shutoffs, she says that moratorium won't last forever. >> what might happen when the ban ends? >> if we don't think about this carefully the ban would sudden i will be a disaster. everybody that works here, it is large numbers of low income folk that's have trouble paying their folks, will get water disconnected. >> we have seen a pretty significant uptick in delinquent accounts. >> san francisco public
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utilities press secretary says the agency is expanding asis trance programs for customers. he says the federal government also needs to offer help beyond the $638 million in water bill debt relief that was part of last year's covid stimulus plan. >> it is really about finds ways to help our customers when it comes to paying our bills. we have been advocating with other utiliies across the country particularly for the subsidies that we would like to see become permanent. >> delinquent customers already owe about $8 million. that is about seven times the total debt as it was before the pandemic. >> it is not sustainable. it can't go on like this forever. >> an east bay municipality residential water bills exceed $7 billion. local water agencies need to
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enroll more low income customers in assistance programs. only 4.5% of eligible s.f.p.u.c. customers were encontrolled. east bay has only 25% of eligible people signs up. >> beyond the final fallout, the potential water cutoffs could have major public health implications. imagine trying to care care of yourself during the covid crisis without running water. it would be darn near impossible to continue to wash your hands like you were supposed to. if you have a story for steven or anyone in our investigative unit, call 1-888-99 6-tips. a california woman has a very special roll in wednesday's inauguration. well introduce you to the poet reading at the ceremony.
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among the drinks that will be served at the inauguration, a red wine from croatia. the winery that makes it hopes that it will be a boom to the entire country's small wine industry. they produce about 5,000 bottle as year. there are a lot of historic details to wednesday's inauguration including the poet asked to read at the event. amanda gorman is just 22 years old. the youngest poet ever to be asked to read at an she says she was contacted by the biden team last month and asked to write something emphasizing unity and hope. she said it is called "the hill we climb." she is already a big name in the
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literal world. in 2014 she was the first youth poet lauriet. she has a book out and two more on the way. >> very accomplished. coming up next at 5:00, the vaccine rollout continues and some people are having trouble getting their shots. >> we're tracking strong dangerous conditions moving into the bay area. firefighters are on tonight.
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right now at 5:00, fire hav winds pick up. >>. >> the scene in sacramento tonight and troops are standing by. >> bumping in the rollout. the problem that some people in
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the south bay are dealing with it and they are trying to get their covid shots. >> good evening. vaccines are rolling out but not without confusion. who can get vaccinated. different counties can have different answers. we have the story. >> for the most part, vaccinations at the santa clara fairgrounds have gone off without a hitch. >> it is well run. >> the county fairgrounds are vaccinating those under the tier 1a age group.


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