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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  January 19, 2021 2:06am-2:36am PST

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they include himself and his family the red flag of the second impeachment trial looming and a farewell message from the first lady the u.s. surpassing 24 million covid cases and the highly contagious variant is now nearly in 20 states will they fuel another surge big business pitching into the vaccination race our exclusive with the ceo of starbucks. what can the coffee giant do to help speed the roll-out. on this martin luther king jr. day, i talked to the civil rights icon's only grandchild. her message to other kids. this is nbc "nightly news" with lester holt good evening everyone, the nation remains unknown since we saw a scare at the u.s. capitol. wednesday's inauguration realization can't ease the lingering trauma of january 6th. the latest video of the assault
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revealing in pictures and the words, what can only be described as a hunt for two of our most powerful leaders. this evening there are symbols of resilience, too a field of flags celebrating the inauguration let's begin with tom costello. >> reporter: washington is more of a fortress city tonight more soldiers and out of state police officers. police and the fbi continue to warn right wing extremists are plotting more attacks. it was during today's inauguration rehearsal the alerts suddenly blared a threat outside the capitol hundreds of people running for cover. hundreds of people running for cover. this underscores how skittish everybody is with that alert, everybody on
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the west side of the capitol came rushing inside sheltering several minutes later, all clear, nothing more than a fire underneath a near by bridge. videos shot by a reporter new yorker magazine of the day of the attack shows a mob tracking down vice president pence and speaker pelosi tonight at least 139 had been arrested by the fbi and d.c. police at least 330 opened fbi cases. many of the fbi tips come from facebook and instagram friends among those charges, riley june william carrying something inside a zebra print bag she intended to send a computer stolen from pelosi's office to
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russia intelligence. john ryan schaffer, heavy metal rocker accused of spraying police top concerns of members of past and present apart of the mob attacked the capitol senator klobachar is on the biden's committee. >> are you concerned of the safety of president-elect biden outside of this inauguration >> there is every reason to believe we can go forward with the inauguration outdoors. even if it is indoors, there would be a lot of security anyway >> thomas, is not just washington, state capitol is under increase security, what's the word on that >> reporter: no attacks materialized but there are a lot concerns of a lone wolf attack and senator klobachar made a point, the inauguration has to continue you can't give into an angry
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mob, lester. >> fbi screening thousands of guard members deployed to washington, pete williams is here what do we know about this >> lester, guard members have been vetted in the past for an inaugural but this time is much more extensive the decision was made to check the backgrounds of thousands more the fbi says retired military members were also among the rioters. this is a concern of any potential insider threat though the defense secretary says tonight there is no intelligence indicating there is once law enforcement officials said the vetting will be thorough for the guard members to petition nearest the capitol. >> pete williams, thank you. in an interview, jenna bush hager asked joe biden's ,daughter, ashley, about the inauguration's security. >> are you scared for the safety
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of those you love? >> i think is anybody that you love who's being threaten or -- yes, you worry however, the secret service are incredible it is the violence deeply saddens me and you know it causes so much trauma. >> you can watch more of that interview tomorrow morning on "today." biden begins his presidency with the country consumed by covid as a the highly contagious variant turns up in more states. >> as the u.s. surpasses 20 million cases and closing in on 400,000 deaths los angeles and new york say hospitalizations are stabilizing and they are facing another growing concern. the highly contagious mutant
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variant of the virus detected in nearly 20 states new infections will put medical centers back at the brink. >> it is normal to be scared but i do think that if we did not have the vaccines, i would be much more worried about this >> reporter: in california where multiple variants of the virus have been discovered which is not uncommon the state is now the first to surpass three million infections >> l.a. county, the covid capitol hit 1 million cases. it is hardly the only region in trouble. >> reporter: with no state masks mandate, it ranks among the highest -- >> the virus does not respect the human body it destroys your lungs and heart and there is nothing you can do. >> reporter: some funeral homes are so overwhelmed, families are waiting weeks to bury loved ones
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while others cnglig onto hope. >> i have two young men in their 20s fighting for their lives i know it is not going to end well >> reporter: the grim reality on the frontlines during the darkest days of the pandemic miguel almaguer, nbc news. >> all this underscores the urgent need to get vaccinated. millions are still asking where and when big businesses are pitching in here is stephanie gosk with that >> reporter: the vaccine is rolling out and frustration. >> you try to call back and you get a busy signal. no dates available >> reporter: not enough appointments of supplies jay inslee is critical of the federal distribution >> they started by cutting our doses in half and the other day they pulled out the rug out for us if they don't have a reserve for the second dose. >> reporter: a new partnership with starbucks to help with logistics.
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>> just did the math and at this rate of vaccination is going to take six or seven years for this country to get vaccinated. that's not an acceptable pace. >> reporter: kevin johnson called governor inslee offering to help. >> how are they going to help in the vaccinations >> well, you notice they have been pretty good delivering coffee with good coffee around the world. they have logistical assistance which is quite helpful, training other entities how to run a high vaccination center >> reporter: other companies are pitching in as well and kaiser permanente is helping in with healthcare >> every state governors all have good intents and trying to operationalize it. they are governors why don't we partner with them
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>> reporter: it is not just in washington state uber offered to assist with transportations including donating 10 million free rides disney opened up their parking lot in california. it is that type of full mobilization in our community, we'll need to meet these very, very ambitious targets we did it in world war ii. we can do it now >> reporter: it is time he says for all hands on deck. stephanie gosk nbc news president trump's last 48 hours in office. new details on how he makes his exit and the possibility of more pardons. >> reporter: with just two days left in office, president trump is out of sight for nearly a week poised to issue dozens of pardons in his final hours nbc news learned from three sources familiar with the president thinking for now the president is not expected to pardon himself or his family members but focused on other people the president planning for what will be a red carpet send-off celebration wednesday morning including color guards and
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military band and 21-gun salute. while the first lady tonight putting out this farewell video. >> to all the people of this country, you will be my heart forever. >> reporter: looming overall of it the impeachment trial, house speaker nancy pelosi still not sending that single article over to the senate to start the process. americans split over impeachment. this message from a top gop senator. >> joe biden, you talk about unifying the country, if you do not stand up against the impeachment of president trump after he leaves office, you are an incredibly weak figure in american history >> reporter: democrats are pushing forward. >> we all want to make sure to work on the biden's agenda we also need to come to terms with what happened in our country and making it clear that this kind of conduct is unacceptable in the united
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states of america. >> kristen, it has been awfully silent at the white house. >> reporter: that's right, it is eerily quiet here. the president still has support of most republican voters. it is remarkable to see out isolated he is with many are departing. when joe biden is sworn in on wednesday, he'll be in crisis mode the pandemic, slowing economy and immigration are some of the top concerns andrea mitchell on his first ten days >> reporter: awaiting the president-elect. thousands of people hoping once donald trump is gone, they can cross the border don't come now says the biden's team joe biden is ready with an action plan for his first ten days on day one, inauguration day the new president will propose sweeping legislation for the 11 million that are undocumented and signing an executive order reversing trump's islam ban.
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>> reporter: muslim nation will welcome us but the damage of the ban targeting muslims may linger >> reporter: also, executive order extending the part on students loan payments and launching biden's 100 days masking challenge and extending the moratorium on foreclosures executive orders on covid and aiming at reopening schools or opening businesses >> getting vaccinations moving and getting help to help schools open safely and give people the protective gears the they need >> biden turning to economic relief for working families. >> we need to act now. we have a moral obligation >> next week getting people to reform the criminal justice system and expand access to healthcare for low income women.
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all in the first ten days. joe biden knows he can't wait for the first 100 days >> andrea mitchell thank you. alex padilla faces a daunting task. here is jacob soboroff >> reporter: your school, 25% of the students here are homeless >> reporter: you say 25? >> reporter: a quarter of all the students here are homeless >> this is a community that has a lot of poverty and pain. >> reporter: life was hard before the pandemic and now rates. we visited a food bank near by where the lines stretched down the block. alex padilla is from the area, we met him at a busy covid site. >> that describes this community. >> reporter: researchers predicted california would be
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the epicenter of the covid wave. affluent brentwood, covid cases averaged 601 for every 100,000 people many people here can't work from home so they get infected at their workplaces bringing the virus to their families. >> is it difficult for everyone working together like this >> reporter: the senator is headed to washington with all these in mind. >> we need to advance of living wages. it is different in different parts of the country but here in california, here in los angeles, people are feeling it. >> reporter: lives on the line jacob soboroff, nbc news. a critic of vladimir putin survived poisoning is back under arrest
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nalvany faces corruption charges he says are politically motivated. in 60 seconds the car that gives new meaning to screen timeme
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the display screens in vehicles have grown in colossal new sizes. how big is too big here is sam brock. >> reporter: is big is good? mercedes-benz betting on the idea of hyper large is better. a digital smart screen >> automakers are taking on what we see on our phones and laptops and they are putting it on the dashboard. >> reporter: the systems and cars made by teslas and others a trend safety group say could pose a lot of danger >> we are pushing the envelope of how careful we can be while driving and having the system inches from our face
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>> reporter: your typical 55-inch tv it will be inside your car in the shape of a dashboard mercedes-benz says the screen will be intuitive and easy to operate. >> your eyes will wander and it will turn off the movie. >> reporter: technology needs to keep us safer as distracted driving making the roads more dangerous than ever. sam brock, n nbc news. nenext, a winnnning momentnt betwtween two nfnfl greats
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it was a battle of nfl legends. one of the most moving highlights came after the play >> reporter: as he played his last game? drew brees, the 42 years old speaks to a disappointing loss to the tampa bay >> i appreciate all this game have given to me >> reporter: yesterday he blew kisses to the crowd. brees was seen unwhining with his family on the field where he was legend and joined by tom brady who defeated his old friend >> i will leave it up to him to think about that i think so much of him as a player and person and everything, i know him pretty well and he's an incredible
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player and competitor. >> reporter: as brady moves on, he threw a touchdown pass to one of brees' sons what a great moment. >> inspiring words from the granddaughter of martin luther kiking jr.
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the legacy of martin luther king jr. has inspired many
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generations. >> reporter: the 12-year-old rene king is the only grandchild of dr. martin luther king jr. what do you want people to know about your grand dad >> he was all people, he was a father, a son. a husband. most people know him as dr. king, he had a family as well, you know he's very involved with his kids growing up my dad tells us stories about him and after a long day work being dad. >> reporter: she spoke at the march for our lives in washington, d.c. >> i have a dream that enough is enough >> reporter: there are things that you do that say boy, that seems like my grandpa would have
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done >> yes, in some ways i think i have some of his qualities i want to be like him but i want to make my own footsteps i also want to keep my grandfather's legacy in me >> i want to ask the young people here to join me and pledging that we have only just begun. >> reporter: her message to other kids do something >> i feel that you should have fun and creative and find something you are great at and use it for good. that's what all activism is all about. >> an impressive young lady. that's tonight's "nightly news" on this monday we leave you on this mlk with the challenge of america that holds us true today as it did when it was first spoken >> i have a dream that one day this nation will rise up, live up the true meaning.
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we hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal. tonight less than 48 hours >> we've got some difficult days ahead. but it really doesn't matter,
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because i've reached the mountain top. ♪♪ i went up to the mountain ♪ ♪ because you asked me to ♪ ♪ up over the clouds ♪ ♪ to where the sky was blue ♪ ♪ i could see all around me ♪ ♪ everywhere ♪ ♪ i could see all around me ♪ ♪ everywhere ♪
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>> and i've seen the promised land. but i want you to know that we are the people who g to the promised lan. ♪♪ some days i look down ♪ ♪ afraid, afraid i will fall ♪ ♪ and though the sun shines ♪ ♪ i see nothing at all ♪ ♪ but i hear your, your sweet voice ♪ ♪ oooh ♪ ♪ come and then go ♪ ♪ come and then go ♪ ♪ lord telling me softly ♪


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