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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  January 22, 2021 2:06am-2:36am PST

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growing concerns of those highly contagious covid variants. one strain that may infect people twice can the vaccine stop them? the chopper crash and the moving per session for victims. our tour inside the newly revamped oval office and the american heroes president biden chose to surround himself with my conversation with voters across america with their prrities for r theew adnistration my interview of the youngest inaugural poet whose words are inspiring america. this is nbc "nightly news" will lester holt. good evening, joe biden as a president on his first day unveiling covid response plans of what he calls a wartime under taking, affecting schools and travel and workplace, warning americans things will get worse before they get better deaths reaching 500,000 next
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months dr. fauci acknowledging a greater degree of freedom to speak truth to power we'll be looking at president biden's first day in office. peter alexander got exclusive ax access to the oval office to see how the new president already personalized it. tonight we begin with kristen welker >> reporter: tonight calling the vaccine roll-out a failure >> we'll defeat in pandemic and a nation waiting for action. let me be clearest on this point, help is on the way. >> reporter: the president signing executive orders including requiring masks at planes, trains and airports, increasing covid vaccine sites by creating several vaccination centers and planning to invoke the defense production act to speed vaccine production
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>> we are still in a dark winter of this pandemic it is going to get worse before it gets better >> reporter: dr. fauci says he sees positive signs. >> when you look at the seven day average of cases, right now it looks like it may be plateauing >> reporter: there are still issues with supply and vaccine distributions. biden's vaccine goal 100 million shots in 100 days. >> is the biden administration starting from scratch with the vaccine distribution effort or are you picking up where the trump administration left off? >> we certainly are not starting from scratch because there is activities going on in distribution we are taking what's going on but amplifying it in a big way >> reporter: and this prediction >> if we get 70% or 85% of the country vaccinated, by the time we'll get to the fall, we'll approach a degree of normality
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dr. fauci taking this swipe at former president trump >> the idea that you can get up here and talk about what you know and what the evidence and the science is and know that's it let the science speak. it is some what of liberating feel >> reporter: president biden is facing push back on day one including rejoining the climate agreement and cancelling the keystone pipeline, a plan for path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. >> president biden sounded a lot of unity but when he got back to the white house, he implemented a bunch of far left policies >> reporter: house speaker pelosi was pressed of the impeachment of president trump undercut biden's call for unity. >> i don't think it is unifying to say oh let's just forget it and move on.
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impeachment trial from senator mitch mcconnell tonight. >> reporter: that's right, mcconnell proposed delaying the trial until early february to allow both sides to prepare. pelosi still did not say when she will send the article over to the senate. >> kristen welker, thank you the effort to get out the vaccine faster can't come fast enough more on that, here is gabe gutierrez. >> reporter: tonight new york city is running out of the coronavirus vaccines >> we are senior citizens, you are scared >> reporter: the city has been forced to close 15 other vaccination sites and now first responders including hard hit ems workers are having to suspend their first doses. >> reporter: how frustrating had
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this process been? >> frustrating and painful >> reporter: how soon will new york city run out of vaccinations >> this week >> reporter: mayor de blasio says at least 20,000 appointments have been >> the vaccine supply should increase every single week we found that we hit a wall quickly. >> reporter: at least a dozen states are reporting vaccine supply shortages and some rolling back eligibility requirements this hospital in florida is suspending first doses starting sunday governors are begging for federal help >> our biggest problem is simple lack of vaccine. >> reporter: many states did not have the people to administer all the shots. now it is a supply issue it is a day by day conversation trying to say how do we get more and how can we get more? we would love to have more >> now we are going to count by size >> reporter: a first grade teacher near buffalo
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>> it is stressful right now >> reporter: she waited on the phone for hours to make an appointment for herself and parents only to have it cancelled days later >> my emotions are up and down saturday when i heard the news, i wanted to cry. >> reporter: gabe is joining us now from the vaccination site that's forced to close how long will those appointments can be rescheduled >> reporter: lester, there are waiting new shipments here now but it could take weeks but not days >> the new strains of the virus, dangerous variant from south africa that's elevating concerns tonight. richard engel has more >> reporter: in london covid deaths have risen nearly twice largely because of the new more contagious strain of the virus the cdc estimates could be
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dominating in the u.s. in march. it is not the only strain, a south african variant may evolve to infect people more than once. >> reporter: dr. richard discovered the south african variant. >> we are worried that this variant may be able to escape some of the natural unity of infection of the virus this variant is able to reinfect people >> reporter: what about the vaccine that we have now can they stop these south african variant? >> we don't know yet that's a critical question that we are not addressing. >> reporter: while the data is coming in, a new study to be peer reviewed. it may make the current vaccine less effective >> richard engel tonight thank you.
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more than 4,000 americans died from covid yesterday that's a new record. here is miguel almaguer. >> reporter: as the u.s. marks the darkest day of the pandemic, wednesday's startling death toll means one american dies every 20 seconds. the country surpassed 400,000 deaths states like alabama and lvania have the highest death rates in the nation. >> patients are scared >> reporter: brittany shilling have watched the virus destroyed families for months. >> it is heartbreaking to see patients going through what they are dealing with >> reporter: hospitals remaining over run there is measurable progress in l.a. county, the numbers are encouraging but still worrisome. >> the end is not yet insight. >> reporter: while americans know wearing a mask is for protection, only about half say they only comply when coming into close contact with others
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>> experts insist as americans defy precautions, the death toll will rise. >> we watch for a months now people losing their family members and shocking when it happens to you and yourself. >> reporter: tom peachy lost his fight to covid in the hospital where he saved lives >> my father-in-law paid a price trying to help others. >> reporter: a member of theirs losing the battle. miguel almaguer, nbc news. why a black hawk helicopter crash on a train mission killing three national guard members the soldiers were honored after their bodies were recovered from the crash site with the election firmly behind us, voters are taking a new measure as what they believe
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he should deliver. we hear from many voters >> reporter: as the biden presidency begins, we ask what america's most pressing issue. >> they have to address the pandemic >> reporter: she's hopeful but also worried >> what inauguration is that it gives me hope that i don't have to keep operating on luck. i need concrete things to happen so that my business can survive. >> reporter: before the election, we spokeit w republican business owner in florida. >> i saw the president working hard making sure there is relief money for small businesses >> we are not domestic
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terrorists, i don't believe i am i love this country. >> reporter: wisconsin, trump's supporter, says she too is giving the biden party a chance. >> i support the republican party, who ever sits in that seat, that's who i pray for. >> reporter: do you find yourself hopeful or pessimistic? >> i am always hopeful this time is no different than any other. we'll overcome we'll certainly overcome >> reporter: what about the looming impeachment trial of donald trump >> our democracy is fragile and we must do whatever it takes to
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protect it and that means holding folks accountable. >> reporter: nevada republican told us it only deepens the divide >> i don't feel there is point for it let biden go ahead and go forward. impeachment is not going to accomplish anything. >> reporter: there is biden's voter who we met in pennsylvania just months after her 83-years-old mother died from covid. >> my mom followed the rules and her life is around church. >> reporter: her top issue now >> vaccinations. >> reporter: when you look at the number of people we have lost, do you worry maybe all of this comes too late? >> no. it was never too late. last year was difficult for me and my family and the rest of the country. i have hope moving forward >> reporter: a new direction and expectations president biden's changes to the oval office. our look at the makeover and
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what it symbolizes
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now to our nbc's new exclusives your first tour of president biden's newly revamped oval office peter alexander takes us inside. >> reporter: a new look for the world's most iconic office the oval remains unchanged what's inside reflects the priorities of a new president. joe biden surrounds himself with president biden making this pledge we ask cynthia moraz
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civil rights icon, mlk and rosa parks. labor leader caesar chavez >> what message is president biden sending with this oval office >> it is about the american people, the resilience and tb possibility of the american future >> reporter: items identified with president trump is now gone, flags from the branches of the military the dark blue rug is making its return for the clinton's years and the resolute desk where president biden will be framed by personal touches, photos of his family and transformation of one of america's most revered places >> a great tour. why are so many doses of life-saving covid treatments going unused that's next.
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back now with what nbc news has learned of drugs that could keep covid patients out of the hosp hospitals. thousands of doses are being unused >> reporter: as americans scramble to find doses of a dwindling vaccine supply and hospitals over flow, she wlves e piling up with life-saving drug used by former president trump during his battle with covid >> this was an option for them
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>> reporter: the drug mimics the body's immune response and authorized for high-risk patients it is given as an infusion in a clinical setting difficult at a time when space and staffing is in short supply. today given 10,000 doses but administered only 20%. >> it is across the spectrum of frontline clinicians and emergency physicians and infectious disease doctors knowing it is a tool of the tool box. ge gerry bueller tested positive last month and her symptoms did not get worse. >> reporter: the fda requires it to be given within ten days of a positive test. patients should advocate for
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themselves and ask their primary care doctor if it is right for them it is waiting to be used nbc news one lucky ticket scored the winning powerball number last night purchased at this store in northwest maryland, worth $731 million if it was not you, there is still mega million of $970 million up next, my conversation with a poet that inspires america
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we'll not march it back to what was or the move to what shall be of a country that's bruised but hold, bold and free. surrounded by presidents and [ music playing sick superstar, one voice stood apart from the others. the 22-years-old taken our country with pure poetry >> somehow we weathered and witnessed a nation that is not broken but simply unfinished >> reporter: her poem is called "the hill we climb." amanda gorman captivating the nation and capturing our story >> being american is more than a pride we inherit it is the past we step into. >> reporter: her story, too. >> you had a passage in there that said "we, the successor."
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a skinny black girl descended from race and raised bide a single black mother can dream becoming a president >> that opens up the door of who you are. >> i am amanda gorman and 22 years old and getting here took a village. it took me having a strong, single mother who raise me and i am black and i am female and i am proud of it >> reporter: she was asked to read by first lady dr. jill biden who heard the young harvard grad read before >> we wanted the theme to reflect the larger theme of the inauguration which was "america united." >> reporter: as she was writing the capitol was suddenly attacked >> there was this moment of horror and disgust i felt the enormous
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responsibility to say this is occurring, what am i going to do about it >> even as we grief, we hurt and we'll try forever be tied together, victorious not because we'll never again know defeat but because we'll never again sow division >> was that written after or before the 6th that was written during that day. i had this understanding that the world is watching us that we have the eyes of history and the future upon us >> your twitter followers have blown up are there any tweets that stand out in your mind >> the ones that i saved are the photos o f children watching the inauguration and seeing me on screen children of all color and backgrounds. that just really makes my heart explodes to know that the next
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generation is witnessing that moment and getting to see themselves represented as being the change makers and the way that's going to redefine our country. >> amanda gorman's poetry that's lifting our nation that's "nightly news" this >> tony: oh, kate pouring herself a drink. it's an overwhelming sense of déjà vu. >> kate: would you like one? >> tony: no, thank you. actually, i was looking for chad. i thought maybe he'd need a sympathetic ear. >> kate: he's going to need a lot more than that today. >> tony: yeah, i know. i read gwen's firsthand account of new year's eve on the front page of "the intruder." >> kate: after all these months of secrets and lies, she just-- discretion fly through the wind. actually, chad just left. >> tony: oh. do you know where he went? >> kate: no, i don't, but we were talking about gwen
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when he remembered something, and he left very quickly. he was in a foul mood. i wouldn't want to be whoever he is going to see. >> rolf: oh, chad, what a pleasant surprise. um, did you bring me a cake with a file in it? >> chad: sit down. sit down and tell me everything about you and gwen rizczech. >> anna: so you were the innocent little nanny and i'm queen marie of romania.. >> gwen: bloody hell! you. >> anna: [laughs] hi, sweetie. do you know, i saw you
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passing by, and i thought we should have a little chat. [gwen sighs] >> jennifer: sweetheart, we just heard about chad. >> jack: the business center just texted me that he stepped down as ceo? >> abigail: yeah, and he was replaced by jake. i heard all about it. [upbeat mysterious music] ♪ ♪ >> jake: wow.


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