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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  January 23, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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take care. see you at 6:00. . tonight the supply of vaccines running out, new york ran out of first doses, vaccination sites closed, appointments cancelled >> we exhausted all the vaccines that we have received to date. more states sounding the alarm, supplies are nowhere near demand when will more shipment comes? president biden warned the pandemic will get worse in the coming months. >> former president trump tried to overturn the election results. will that be apart of his impeachment trial?
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protests turned violent marched against vladimir putin the protests leader arrested while doing a tv interview new shutdowns in china as cases rise and our reporters go back to wuhan, one year after the first lockdown, life bang to normal tribute to a king, larry king has died, more than 30,000 interviews from presidents to muppets. plus, who won last night's billion dollar jackpot this is nbc "nightly news" with jose diaz delart >> good evening, new york governor ran out doses of the
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vaccines with more trickling in. the new strain is not just more contagious but deadly. we are learning more of how former president trump's impeachment trial will play out which could slow the progress in joe biden's new agenda we have it all covered for you beginning with sam brock in florida. >> reporter: calling the country's fight against covid war. andrew cuomo made a chilling revelation saturday. >> we exhausted all the vaccines that we have received to date. >> we are now starting to receive week six allocations which trickled in during the week >> reporter: with supply tapped, some vaccination sites stopped giving doses this woman is frustrated to be turned away. >> there was no signs on the street this is where we are or we are
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cancelled. >> reporter: struggle for doses is hardly specific to regions. >> every week we get our allocations and it is half the week before. >> reporter: to california >> half is not enough. what we have coming is not enough >> reporter: maryland and beyond >> there is incredible demand out there. there is limited supply. >> reporter: national crisis of available vaccines accommodating for some families. >> it is breaking my heart my parents just want the vaccine and every morning my mom texts and calling me >> reporter: president biden rolled out an aggressive plan to boost supplies and distributions. the second dose will be administered close to the interval as possible, if that's not feasible, vaccines may be scheduled up to six weeks after the first dose >> is there anything in science
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to tell us if you went from two or three weeks to six weeks it would be less effective. >> your immune system primed by the first dose should remember and respond very well even after six weeks. that's not something we are encouraging. >> reporter: we reached out to pfizer and moderna for comments but our requests was declined or unanswered >> reporter: sam joins us now from hard rock stadium, florida was the first to vaccinate the general public, will they have second doses for everyone? >> reporter: so florida's governor says the second doses to match now, the big issue here is unused capacity they should be vaccinating 3,000 a day, right now it is a third of that because of supply issues jose >> sam brock in miami gardens.
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thank you. president biden has a new biden how severe the pandemic will get the information may factor into his upcoming impeachment trial kelly o'donell reports from the white house. >> reporter: a working first saturday as vice president harris arrived at the white house today. president biden addressed the u.s. conference of mayors on video with a dire assessment of the pandemic fall-out. >> things are going to get worse the next several months before they get better. >> reporter: urging more personal responsibility now. masks, not vaccinations are the single best defense that we have >> reporter: the biden agenda will collide with the trump's impeachment trial. monday speaker pelosi will send the single article incitement of insurrection to the senate the action hit pause for two
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weeks. >> democrats willing to wait allowing more senate time for biden's priorities including cabinet confirmations. the trump's trial begin on february 9th >> dealing of unity will only come if there is truth and accountability >> reporter: leader schumer called for a new investigation of an after shock. mr. trump engaged in a plan to up end the justice department to overturn the election. a doj official said mr. trump considered firing justin rosen who refused to pressure georgia to change the results and replacing him to mr. clark when other justice officials threaten a massive ovation, that persuaded president trump to
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stand down president trump argued for investigating the broader rap pant election fraud adding any assertion to the contrary is false. >> kelly joins us now. president biden spoke to a u.s. close ally who was particularly close to president trump >> reporter: yes, boris johnson went public first, posting photos of himself on the call with president biden the white house has not described this call publicly johnson says they discussed covid and climate change and the desire to get together in person when that becomes available. >> kelly o'donell at the white house. president biden is putting strict travel rules in place to combat covid the new strain that's spreading overseas >> reporter: new warning from health officials of contagious variant strain of the virus that may also be deadly
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>> the strain that was identified in london and the southeast may be associated with a higher degree of mortality >> reporter: while dr. anthony fauci says he wants to see more data on the mortality rate, he believes the vaccine will be affected >> looks like the u.k. strain, even though there may be a slight of any in the ability of the vaccine to contain and block this virus is not going to have a significant impact on our vaccine program. >> reporter: but even with the vaccine, the cdc warns the u.k. variant could be dominanting the country by march while the south african and brazilian strains have not detected here yet. health officials are concerned that we could see a dangerous spike in infections and deaths >> these variants are concerning enough to make everybody reconsider what they have doing and reevaluate whether they have doing everything they should be.
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>> reporter: as part of the plan to battle the virus, president biden signed an executive order with new travel rules impacting travelers entering the u.s. including u.s. citizens returning to america from abroad travelers must be tested no more than three days departing to the u.s. and show negative test results for the airlines before boarding doctors warning that may not be enough >> if we see evidence from scientists and if things get worse, we may need to poseim bans selectively for countries of concerns. >> reporter: biden requiring masks on federal property, places like airports, trains and planes, it is a move endorsed by association flight attendances their members are dealing with unruling passengers who don't comply >> it is not to make your travel journey any more difficult, it is to protect everyone on the plane including us >> and meghan joining us now
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from l.a.x the president is mandating international quarantine when they arrive, will they enforce that >> reporter: the biden administration says they'll be tough on enforcement pete buttigieg told lawmakers they'll use all relevant authorities to enforce this order. jose >> megan fitzgerald in los angeles. there will be more on president biden's covid agenda tomorrow on "meet the press" with ron klain. >> repo now to russia where police are clashing with antiputin demonstration. the biden administration is condemning the violence. >> reporter: stunning scenes across russia. tens of thousands taken to the streets in a massive show of support for russia's jail off leader, nalvany.
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scuffles breaking out in some places with protesters beaten and bloody demonstrators throwing snowballs at police. >> reporter: more than 2600 people were arrested including the nalvany's wife who was later released navalny remains behind bars, returning home to handcuffs, covered from nerve-agent poisoning that nearly killed him. >> has something just changed in russia >> what we are seeing is a real change >> we are seeing a birth of new feeling. >> reporter: tonight navalny faced uncertain future the biden administration calling the immediate release of him and protesters sarah harmon, nbc news, london up next, back to wuhan one
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year after the world's first covid lockdown what is it like now? how larry king's famous guests are remembered
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it was one year ago today of the lockdown of wuhan china, the original epicenter of covid-19 the most severe lockdown in the world. our reporters mackey freyer,
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tonight she goes back. >> reporter: new fearsome chinese cities locking down. the quarantine center was built in days. in beijing, huge lines for mass testing and everywhere digital surveillance >> i need to scan to prove to the driver that i am healthy and that information goes to contact tracing. >> reporter: the worry new covid strain ahead of the lunar new year, the government urging paying people to not travel. it comes after the virus largely faded, a year after the world's first lockdown in wuhan. we since returned to where life appears normal with morning swims and packed nightclubs. the virus relegated to china's version of history in a huge museum paying tribute to xi
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jinping and health workers he's trying to sue local officials. >> if i don't speak out, nothing will change he says. >> reporter: a world health organization team is in wuhan to explore the origin of the virus. >> there is been a lot of blame being put around the pandemic. >> reporter: the first cluster of cases trace td to a market. it is unclear if the market was the source of the virus. it was a starting point for the outbreak chinese officials took samples over a year ago. >> why has the data been shared? >> they're ice isolating the virus. >> reporter: what about life animal samples >> they only take the positive i do not suspect it is coming from what we originally thought.
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>> reporter: china government is crafting its own narrative a patriotic film premiering today that presents the city wherethe virus first emerged a the one that survived to defeat it nbc news, wuhan. still ahead, tribute to a king, larry king's legacy and how the world is remembering him today. also, misery billionaire the biggest jackpot ever, who had the winning ticket
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we are back with a celebration of the man behind the microphone legendary talk show host larry king died today with his signature suspenders, he interviewed tens of thousand, both the famous and infamous highlights from king's remarkable career. >> reporter: tributes for the king of talk for more than 50 years on television and radio -- the famous and the infamous. >> it was a traumatic experience >> reporter: they all opened up to larry king. >> good-bye. >> reporter: my number one motto, i never learned anything. people sure talked to him in his signature suspenders born in brooklyn in 1933, young larry dreamed of a career in radio. s he chose the name king from a liquor store ad. >> welcome to larry king live.
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>> reporter: ted turner lured him to the newbie on the block, cnn. he said his secret was not to over prepare and some called him on it. >> i was the number one show on television, you know i am. >> reporter: king bragged he never read the books his guest promoted >> the day i go into the studio, i asked all the questions and heard all the answers is the day i got to quit. >> reporter: in 2010, that day arrived. >> for now, for here is now to hang up the nightly suspenders >> reporter: condolences today from former bill clinton saying he gave a direct line to the american people and worked hard to get the truth for them. from oprah winfrey, it was always a treat to sit at your table and hear your stories.
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thank you. ryan seacrest, truly an american treasure, rest in peace and everyone kermit the frog, he was a friend of the muppets and the world. king survived the heart attack in 1977 and was married eight times to seven different women it has been reported that he had been battling covid, larry king said he hoped to be remember as a good father and an interviewer who added to the knowledge of the world. >> instead of good-bye, how about so long. nbc news >> thank you, larry. well, you know the old saying, it feels like a million bucks. last night somebody finally hit it really big in the mega millions drawing kathy park is on the case. >> let's see if i can make you a billionaire tonight. >> reporter: these six numbers
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on one mega million's ticket made someone a billion dollars richer over night. the mystery winner bought the ticket at this novi, michigan kroger outside droit >> i go dang, i shop here all the time >> i thought i was going to retire today >> reporter: the jackpot kept climbing becoming the third largest in u.s. history and lotto fever swept the nation >> reporter: friday night's big win happened just two days after a $731 million powerball ticket sold in maryland the lucky numbers printed at one of two convenient stores in town >> that's a huge amount of money who recollects knows what. they may just disappear. >> reporter: it is a possibility in maryland where you can remain anonymous but what about michigan >> does this winner have to come
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forward? >> they'll have to come forward and reveal themselves. i think after that they can go hide away on an island or buy one. >> reporter: a lucky week of winners, for the rest of us there is always next time. kathy park, nbc news >> when we come back, a little boy's giant steps to success and the star athlete helping him along the way.
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there is good news tonight about the power of friendship and the champion athlete inspiring a brave little boy one step at a time >> reporter: two-year-old's smiles is as big as his spirit the brave little boy -- learning to renavigate his world after losing a leg in an accident last september. >> so tell me how he's doing >> he's doing good >> reporter: his parents knew there was hope for him to walk again. but never dreamed that inspiration would come from a supe superstar, world's record holder in track and feel. one of his most important role is helping and support k.j both were being fitted for pros
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t prost prosthetics. that chance meeting caught on camera >> oh. i got my legs on, y'all, i am ready for you. >> reporter: the video going viral. >> you are doing great you are doing awesome. >> all of a sudden this superstar paralympian was there. >> hopefully he realizes that he can do that one day, too >> we are thankful and grateful for him. >> reporter: blake who was born without legs below the knees >> whoa. >> reporter: compassion plays a vi role in their unique friendship. >> yes, you are not alone. he has a thousand other abilities that make him a special person let's focus on those a thousand abilities that you had >> reporter: their connection, a lesson in pushing through life's
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challenges >> to be apart of that moment when it is all about love and kindness and encouraging one another really changes my life for the good forever >> come on one step >> even though the two are apart now, blake sent k.j. a video that his parents show him when he needs encouragement >> thank you for your time, good night. right now at 6:00, the race to vaccinate continues, as we get promising new information on the bay area's icu availability. the news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening, thank you for
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joining us. >> the state just announced that the icu availability here in the bay area is above 23%, that is a significant jump overnight from less than 10%. still not enough, though, to lift the stay at home order as they has to do with the three-week icu availability projection with the region still has not met. but it's a positive sewn. we have reached out to the state health department for more information about this truly significant jump in availability. all this as the virus continues to spread. today, the state added more than 22,000 new coronavirus cases. 593 people died in the past 24 hours. in san francisco, hundreds more people were vaccinated at the city's first mass vaccination site. today marks its second day open. now, by all accounts, things are going smoothly. the only hitch is that while people got a first dose of the moderna vaccine, they did not get an appointment for that important second dose. city leaders say supply is just


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