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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  January 26, 2021 2:06am-2:36am PST

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against it the historic moment happening tonight, the house delivering the impeachment of donald trump to the senate for inciting the deadly capitol riot. double storm threat, people are under alert across 28 states, al roker is tracking it i talked to the gymnast whose performance is inspiring america. this is nbc's "nightly news" with lester holtng america. >> good evening everyone, when it comes to covid vaccines, we are a wash in numbers. doses distributed and administered and second doses available. none of them seems to be adding ip for a growing number of american seniors who cannot seemed to get their place in line
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vaccine shortages and new virus variants and the trial of donald trump all making news on this monday e seem to get their place in line. vaccine shortages and tom costello has our lead story. >> reporter: six weeks into the national vaccine roll-out, many americans are asking what's the holdup, complaining their vaccination appointments were cancelled. >> on a national level is a disaster >> we spent an hour and a half of our time in line waiting for stuff that never happened. >> reporter: in san diego where americans 65 and older can sign up mark smith tried repeatedly but no luck. >> i tried every day on the hour of all the different sites and a 65-year-old can't get an appointment.
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>> reporter: states are not getting the doses the federal government promised. new york city postponed a mass vaccination plan at yankees stadium and citi field where the mets played. the state is preparing to ramp up vaccinations. >> we can get the needle in the arm, we just need the supply itself >> reporter: what's the problem? the cdc reports over 41 million doses distributed to states so far. nearly 22 million doses had been administered as states hold back for the required second dose so far just 3.2 million people have received both doses president biden today reiterated he wants to administer a million shots a day, aiming for up to 150 million shots by may hopes by the spring anyone who wants a vaccination should be able to get one. >> i feel confident that by summer we are going to be well in our way to heading toward herd immunity. >> reporter: one hang up before vaccinating residents in
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long-term care facilities. >> scott gottlieb says it is poor planning. >> that's part of the delay here >> reporter: moderna says its vaccine does provide protection against the u.k. and south african variant. it is now working on a booster shot to improve protection what we are trying to do is bring forward a booster that would specifically help people increase their immunity against the south african variant. that's something you can do. >> another vaccine maker that's stopping its vaccine trial because of poor performance. how is that going to impact things >> reporter: the government was not banking on it. johnson and johnson could come to the fda for approval within
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weeks for its vaccine. lester >> tom, thank you very much. the new strain prompted the u.s. to impose bans on foreign prom. to impose travelers from countries like south africa and brazil in fear of the new variants. the variant could cause a new explosion of cases here. miguel almaguer has more >> reporter: the travel ban signed today by the president is the latest measure taken to combat the covid crisis, non-u.s. citizens who spent time in south africa as well as those in brazil, u.k. and ireland and 26 european countries will be barred from entering the u.s a broad move as an exploding number of variants of the virus are discovered here at home. >> everything should be on the table including a temporary shutdown of international borders so we can contain the spread >> reporter: with the u.k. variant already found in half the u.s., there is growing concerns it may be deadlier and now the brazilian variant is
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found in minnesota, the south african strain not yet discovered and appeared to be resilient to the vaccine officials stressed vaccine remains highly effective >> we need to make sure to prepare if it is necessary to upgrade the vaccines >> reporter: the highly contagious strains threatened to roll back progress new infections at hospitalizations are slowing in much of the country for now. >> critically important that we accelerate our efforts to get as many people vaccinated as possible >> reporter: even in hard hit california, today the governor eased restrictions across the state. there are clear signs the crisis is not over. >> reporter: tonight one out of every 13 americans have been in infected with the virus and more than 3,000 still dying everyday. miguel almaguer. dying everyday. miguel almaguer, nbc
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nbc news, los angeles. i am richard engel in london, with tighter lockdown. >> the u.s. will see what the u.k. is seeing since the virus, it is more difficult to control, spiking some cases and deaths. exactly what the uk has seen the >> reporter: neil ferguson, professor of mathematical biology and advises the british government on covid. >> this virus changes two ways, it is spread easily and more likely to die. >> how long will it take for it to spread to the rest of the united states or will it >> it will spread to the united states, we think between 40% or 50% of greater transmission. >> reporter: when and how does this strain spread faster than the original virus >> we just in frequent contact, meeting someone on the streets or stopping to have a coffee without wearing a mask the risk is low of transmission,
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that risk may have gone up by as much as 70%. >> reporter: new rules of th road for emerging strain, richard engel, nbc news, london. >> dr. john torres is joining us now. john, dr. fauci says it makes sense to double mask. should we do it now? >> we want a mask with two or three layers layers high thread one you can tell shine a one way you can tell is shine a light at it. if the light shines through it then you want to double mask use something like a surgical mask and put your cloth mask on top of this one. this does a few things, one it makes sure you have extra layer between you and the outside air, when you are talking, it makes sure the mask does not move. the important part is to wear it correctly. >> all right, dr. john, thank important part you very much for that breaking this evening, house
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democrats about to deliver an article of impeachment against former president trump for a senate trial and there is late word whether chief justice roberts will preside geoff bennett has the details. >> reporter: house democrats ready to turn over the impeachment article against former president trump triggering a second impeachment trial set for february 9th the article of incitement of in insurrection of the deadly riot at the capitol >> i think the trial is stupid, it is counter productive we already have a flaming fire in this country, it is like taking a bunch of gasoline pouring on top of the flame. >> what we saw was incitement to insurrection is an impeachleab offense. if not, what is? >> reporter: democrats would
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need 17 republican senators to join them to convict, an uphill climb. tonight we are learning more of the trial itself instead of chief justice john roberts who the constitution says presides over impeachment trials of sitting presidents, senate democrats tapped their longest colleague, senator pat lahey to preside over this trial.rial of former president trump. republicans slamming the >> republicans slamming the move >> he's got a conflict of interests. that ought to cause reasonable people for skepticism whether this is a path we should go down >> it comes as president biden faces push-back over his price tag of $2 trillion of covid relief package as the white house is reaching out to republicans. >> how long are you willing to get sufficient republican support? >> i have been doing legislative negotiations for a large part of my life. no one wants to give up on their position until there is no other alternatives >> the justice department
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inspector general is opening an investigation until doj officials attempt to overturn the election results to keep president trump in power lester lester? >> geoff bennett at the we are following severe weather from coast to coast including a large winter storm that had tens of millions in the path tonight with heavy snow falling in the plains and parts of the midwest right behind is another series of storms, al roker, is tracking it all what can we expect >> lester, 170 million coast to coast under some sort of winter weather advisory or warning. have this system developed over night? chicago to detroit and icy mix for the mid-atlantic into the northeast and a morning commute that's a mess from chicago to new york and new england in the evening and a second system coming into the southeast bringing heavy rain on wednesday. a foot of snow in the sierra and as we get into the eastern part of the country, anywhere from 6 to 8 inches snow in the plains and heavier snow in the upper
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new england area >> i know you have it all covered for us in the morning. thank you, al. the team hunting for the source of the coronavirus tells nbc news china is sharing information not previous made public our keir simmons is looking at whether china is telling everything it knows. >> reporter: more questions tonight of the china resurge of the coronavirus and what the chinese know about the origins of the pandemic. >> there is a lack of transparency from the beginning. >> reporter: nbc news confirming wuhan institution database with 20,000 entries which may have offered important clues of what the chinese were studying, taken down last spring a senior lab official said it was removed for security reasons. tonight one member of the world health organization team in wuhan says the chinese are supplying them with data not previously made public >> can you trust the chinese data
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>> this is politics and blame game, it is the science taking lead here -- >> reporter: the chinese already suggesting that the virus originated outside china including the top epidemiologist at china cdc speaking to our including the top epidemi reporter >> do you believe it started in wuhan? >> no. >> do you believe it started in china? >> yes >> it is too early to come into conclusion either it is in or without china. >> reporter: other scientists are less critical. china's record including arresting or detaining a dozeno journalists, whistle blowers telling the truth of covid chin
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the white house has two more new residents, champ and major, the bidens' two shepherds making the move a lot of folks had to pick them up on the floor after viewing a dazzling routine by the college gymnast, nia dennis, a powerful performance that's performance nia dennis >> she flipped to the beat of kendrick lamar, she stepped to the tune of missy elliott and tumbled to "california love. >> another brilliant routine for
2:26 am
the ages >> reporter: an unforgettable to black culture, courtesy of ucla senior, nia dennis >> it was so fun watching you, n tell me about the inspiration. reflection of everything i am as a woman >> it is a reflection of everything i am as a woman today. i want to shine light into my culture. >> reporter: that step inspired choreography attributed to her dad. >> i don't think i've seenart stepping as part of a floor routine before tell me what inspires you to bring stepping into your performance? >> my father is greek, he's a a. he was always stepping when i was growing up. and i'm a daddy's sigma. he's always stepping growing up. i am a daddy's girl. >> reporter: the 21-year-old has built something of a reputation for jaw-dropping routines, earning rave reviews for the routine last for be
2:27 am
inspired routine last year. this time there was no crowd, but for dennis, that was no problem. cheered on not just by her teammates, but millions of online admirers, even janet this time there was no crowd but for dennis it was to problem cheered on not just by her teammates but millions of online admirers, even janet jackson >> i am honored and thankful that all of these people are acknowledging me and shining light and i am just so thankful. >> reporter: dennis says she wanted to celebrate black excellence, she clearly achieved some of her own, too >> nia scored a 9.5 score out of a possible 10. we'll be right back. score ut of a possible 10. we'll be right back match .
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doses? >> announcer: nbc nightly news with finally a big change coming to the super bowl, jo lynn kent, on why big advertisers are taking a time out. >> reporter: for the first time in 37 years, budweiser is benching their shot in a viral super bowl ad, saying instead they'll pass some of that air time onto vaccine awareness campaigns for the pandemic >> let's turn our strength into hope >> reporter: how different are ads going to look this year overall? >> it is a tricky year to hit the tone and decide people ready for a laugh or something serious? >> reporter: other iconic
2:32 am
players are changing their game plan, too. these companies sidelining their traditional ads after their bottom line took a hit in 2020 thanks to covid-19 they'll save an estimated $5.5 million for each 30 seconds ad not run will this be worth it? >> certainly the game last year in 2020 was the most watched event on television, brands who sit out are risking that moment, they're risking not getting their ads in front of a huge amount of people and being apart of cultural moment >> reporter: pepsi will show up in other ways and releasing their ads early online you will still see these brands on your phone and social media advertisements is the name of the game, it is cheaper and easier to target you and so many of us skipping parties for safety and staying right here on our couches and watching and scrolling from home. >> reporter: other newcomers
2:33 am
like fiverr are swapping in. >> we are seeing a number of brands advertised for the first time this year most of them having the common thread of having businesses performing well during the pandemic >> reporter: regardless of who's trying to catch your attention, expect to see a major focus on social justice >> this is where it is tricky for brands because they can accused of purpose washing if they try to ban wagon and say we are here for unity or supporting black lives matter but they're not backing it up, they're going to be called out on that. >> reporter: brands trying to score points with every fan. nbc news, jo lynn kent >> that's "nightly news" for this monday, thank you for watching everyone, i am lester holt, please take care of yourself and each other. good night this is an nbc's news good n
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♪ well it's a little too late to do the right thing now ♪ ♪ i was up all night well wonderin' what to do ♪ ♪ thinkin' that i oughta just forget about you ♪ ♪ but it's a little too late ♪ ♪ well it's a little too late ♪ ♪ when you walked in i shoulda walked out ♪ ♪ well it's a little too late to do the right thing now ♪ [applause] >> kelly: welcome to "the kelly clarkson show." to give it up for my band, y'all playing some tanya tucker. from chattanooga requested its a little too late so what's your connection to that song? >>


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