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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  April 1, 2021 12:36am-1:36am PDT

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♪ ♪ >> jimmy: all right, perfect questlove, final answer. who wins quickly, me or tariq >> questlove: is tariq done yet? >> jimmy: we don't know. >> questlove: i love both my friend's pouring or no >> jimmy: oh my god. >> questlove: tariq, i'm sorry jimmy, you won ♪ [ ding ] >> jimmy: what are you sorry for? my thanks to jerry seinfeld, taylor kinney, camilo, and the roots of course. thank you, tariq thanks for watching everybody. stay safe. wear a mask. have a happy st. patrick's day stay tuned for "late night with seth meyers. goodnight, everybody [ cheers and applause ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> announcer: tonight, on "late night with seth meyers." kenan thompson star of "minari," actor steven yeun. music from julien baker, featuring the 8g band with fred armisen and now, seth meyers ♪ >> seth: good evening, i'm seth meyers, and this is "late night. how is everybody doing tonight all right, all right, good to hear let's get to the news. president biden on friday ordered air strikes against syria. well, that certainly didn't take long it's like going to a chumbawamba concert and they open with "tubthumping."
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i mean, we knew it was coming, we just didn't know it would be right away according to a new poll taken at cpac, 68% of attendees want former president trump to run again in 2024. only 68% at cpac? that's like if you went to a phish concert and weed was polling at 68% a giant golden replica of former president trump was displayed over the weekend at the conservative political action conference in florida. this news first reported in exodus 32 verse 4. [ laughter ] president biden is facing criticism after declining to do directly sanction saudi arabia's crown prince mohammad bin salman for ordering the death of journalist jamal khashoggi okay, if having a journalist murdered doesn't count as malarkey, what does? biden is like one of those cool parents who says, "if you kids have to kill someone, i'd rather you do it in the house." after he was publically accused of sexual harassment by two former aides, new york governor andrew cuomo yesterday issued an
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apology, even though one aide made her accusation from a hospital, so to him it doesn't count. in his statement addressing accusations of sexual harassment from aides, governor cuomo said is he was quote "being playful." you know how he's always joking around, right? look at that face. what a prankster vice president kamala harris had a call with the international space station last week. even that call had a better connection than most calls at the golden globes. the 78th golden globe awards were held last night after being delayed for nearly two months by the coronavirus pandemic though, you didn't have to wait the whole two months in front of your computer, al pacino new york city's peter luger steakhouse has partnered with madame tussauds museum to fill empty seats in its dining room with wax statues of celebrities. in case you're wondering where mike pence has been hiding and finally, a cat in california was recently reunited with her family after she went missing 15 years ago as a kitten or, and hear me out -- cats look
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alike. [ laughter ] don't get me wrong it's a miracle for your family it's not the same cat. and that was a monologue we got a great show for you tonight. the longest-running cast member on "snl" is also the greatest one. kenan thompson is here tonight we'll talk about his new show "kenan," which airs tuesday nights on nbc, and also about last night with maya at the golden globes. love seeing them together. speaking of the golden globes, last night "minari" won best foreign language film. it is a beautiful film, and we will be talking to the star and executive producer, steven yeun. plus, we will have music from talented singer/songwriter julien baker she has a fantastic new album. we are going to hear a great song off that. before we get to all this, guys, i am very happy -- very happy to report that my parents, larry and hillary meyers, as of saturday - fully vaccinated both shots i'm so deeply relieved and happy about that and i said to them, "now that you're vaccinated, what's the first thing you're going to do?" and they said they're going to
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go to an orgy. [ laughter ] and i was like, "it doesn't -- the vaccine doesn't protect you against everything." [ laughter ] and then i was like, "is this something you did before coronavirus? had and they said, "no, we got a lot of invites but we never -- you know, we always thought we would, and then you know, you have a year where you can't and that makes you realize, you know, life's short. [ light laughter ] i just hope my mom, you know, behaves better in regards to my father there than she does at dinner parties because his complaint there is every time he tries to tell a story, she doesn't let him finish [ laughter ] i didn't want to think of that joke i was upset when i thought of it but i had to share it. couldn't just be my cross to bear
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had to share it with a crew who has met them looked them in the eyes. they were both moderna i'm so happy they were the same. because otherwise, knowing my mom, she'd say, "i got moderna, your father got pfizer best of luck." [ laughter ] so, but so many thanks thank you so the state of new hampshire who got my parents vaccinated and to all -- you know, to johnson & johnson, moderna, pfizer what a year for the pfs. michelle pfeiffer nominated for a globe. pfizer and you know who just got their first michelin star? pf chang's [ laughter ] [ light laughter ] former president donald trump made his first post-presidency
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public appearance at the conservative political action conference this weekend, where he and his fellow republicans continued to repeat their deranged lies about everything from covid to the 2020 election to mr. potato head for more on this, it's time for "a closer look." ♪ >> seth: now the grotesque symbolism of trump's return to the political spotlight nearly a year after the coronavirus pandemic upended our lives could not have been more stark remember, it was almost exactly a year ago that trump, as president, was saying stuff like this >> it's going to disappear one day, it's like a miracle, it will disappear view this same as the flu. we are testing everybody that we need to test, and we are finding very little problem. we are going to be pretty soon at only five people. and we could be at just one or two people over the next short period of time it's a little like the regular flu that we have flu shots for and we'll essentially have a flu shot for this in a fairly quick manner when you have 15 people, and the 15 within a couple of days is
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going to be down to close to zero, that's a pretty good job we have done >> seth: well, hat's off a pretty good job indeed 15 people, going down to zero. look, i'm as critical of the man as anyone, but give credit where credit is due. the coronavirus was surging throughout the world, but thanks to trump's wishful thinking, we maxed out at 15 cases. and like a miracle, it disappeared and quickly went down to zero now, i should say as a disclaimer, immediately after trump made that comment, i went in to a yearlong coma after i took my kids to a skate park and tried to look cool by doing a kick flip at the end of the halfpipe first i landed on my nards and blacked out from the pain, then i woke up and, because i blacked out, forgot what happened, so i tried the kick flip again and did it successfully. or at least that's what i thought, until i woke up in the hospital this morning with a bandage on my head, only to have my kids to tell me i embarrassed them at the skate park and that trump was way off on his prediction the seth meyers you've been seeing on tv for the last year has actually been eddie redmayne in what i would consider the role of a lifetime [ laughter ]
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while i was in a coma, i did have an elaborate dream where i developed a close, personal relationship with a sea captain. but that's neither here nor there. anyway, i guess i shouldn't be surprised trump was wrong since he's the last person i'd ever trust on the subject of miracles the guy is the least religious man in history i'm certain he couldn't even name one miracle from the bible if you asked him "jesus took water, channeled it through a shell company and depreciated it as real estate for tax purposes so he could record it as a loss, boom. tax liability gone that's why he could afford two corinthians, and that was a big deal at the time because most people only had the one corinthian but jesus walked through town with two and people said, 'that's a guy -- that's a guy i can get behind.' and of course it wasn't just trump who denied the reality of covid which led to hundreds of thousands of preventable deaths. in fact, at the exact same conservative political action conference one year ago, former vice president mike pence had this to say about the looming coronavirus threat >> president donald trump has no higher priority than the health, safety, and well-being of the
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american people. and while the risk to the american public remains low, as the president said yesterday, "we're ready." >> seth: no you weren't. you were ready for the coronavirus the same way rick sanchez was ready for the stun gun >> i'm about to receive 50 thousand volts of electricity. do it. >> oh! ay yi yi oh it hurts >> seth: oh, does it i couldn't tell from your preposterous reaction. man, the news used to be a lot easier to make fun of. statute of limitations hasn't closed on that one, sanchez! my favorite thing about that clip is how he reacts like he just ate a hot pepper in a "bugs bunny" cartoon "ay yi yi yi!" those comments from trump and pence were almost exactly a year ago. pence's comments were even at last year's cpac fast forward one year and of course, we have witnessed the unimaginable, devastating toll of half a million dead, and an
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economic crash unprecedented in our lifetimes that has left millions without jobs and health insurance and caused millions more to experience poverty and food insecurity. and if you watched cpac this weekend, it was clear that the ghouls who either ignored, dismissed, or actively abetted that misery and suffering have learned absolutely nothing >> first fauci said, "you don't need masks, no masks, no good. then all of a sudden he wanted them now he wants double masks. >> i don't know if you agree with me, but dr. fauci is wrong a lot. [ cheers and applause >> now they're saying everybody. we can have herd immunity everywhere, and we're going to wear masks for the next 300 years. and by the way, not just one mask two, three, four you can't have too many masks. >> seth: i'm guessing cruz's doctor told him to wear four masks, but not for the reason he thinks "ted, if you're not going to shave that janky beard, it's the only option. god damn it, ted, listen to me!" no one wants to hear your whiney
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little right wing stand up act you sound like a 50-year-old accountant trying comedy to distract yourself from your divorce. "this crowd is electric. which is nice for me because my state doesn't have electricity hey, if you don't like these jokes, don't blame me, my daughters wrote them." [ laughter ] in fact, cruz really did start out his smarmy little tirade with a joke about the firestorm he caused when he fled to a luxury resort in cancun as his constituents were freezing to death in an unprecedented blackout >> i got to say, orlando is awesome! [ cheers and applause it's not as nice as cancun >> seth: oh, you are ice cold. sorry, i meant to say your constituents are ice cold! because they didn't have heat for a week, but good zinger. so he went from cancun to orlando with a brief stop in his home state in between. cruz roughly has the same enthusiasm for helping his constituents in texas as al pacino has for attending the golden globes. "all right we're going to zoom tonight! i will see you in the zoom
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room." [ laughter ] looks like he's waiting for an uber at 2:00 a.m. in the lobby of dan tana's. "i guess i had a little too much gristle. also, let's take a second to go back and talk about south dakota governor kristi noem, who you just heard there brag about her state's coronavirus response, despite the fact that south dakota has the country's eighth highest death rate from covid-19 overall, and since july, south dakota's mortality rate has been the highest in the country. noem refused to implement a state-wide mask mandate and bragged about resisting lockdowns. in other public health measures used to curve the spread of the virus, south dakota was infamously the site of the motorcycle rally in sturgis, which turned out to be a massive super spreader event that could have been linked to over a quarter million cases across at least a dozen states that may have seeded an entire outbreak in the upper midwest i didn't think anyone could outdo trump in spreading the virus, but she came close. she might as well packed a stadium full of people with fevers and loaded a t-shirt cannon with used tissues
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and yet, she got a standing ovation from the wing nut crowd for saying fauci is wrong a lot. and by the way, mock him all you want, i have a feeling anthony fauci doesn't give a [ bleep ] about your stupid little zings dude was played by brad pitt on "snl" and he's zooming with kim kardashian, katy perry and matthew mcconaughey. i'm pretty sure he's doing all right, all right, all right. when fauci goes back to his old brooklyn neighborhood, i bet he struts down the street like a newly made man in a chinchilla coat "oh, it's fauci! "that's right. tony the fauch is back!" "looking good, tone! "right back at you, mickey." "hey, dr. fauci, why don't you come over some time, i will make you some gabagool. "you got it darling, just wear two masks because the kind of cool fauci is, is very contagious." "hoo look at that, fauch is back!” “al pacino! [ laughter ] you're welcome to come to my zoom room. then noem tried to take another victory lap in an interview on "cbs sunday," and when she was confronted with the actual facts of the disaster she oversaw in her state, she did not have a very convincing response
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>> as of today, the cdc says your state has the eighth highest death rate per capita in the u.s. 100 thousand residents don't you think your decisions as an executive contributed? >> you know, south dakota's infection rate peaked earlier than a lot of other places in the country. so, we're definitely on the downward trend and earlier, and peaked earlier than what you're seeing happen across the country. >> one of your fellow republicans, west virginia's governor jim justice, held up your state as an example of what not to do when it comes to his decision to institute a mask mandate. he said, "i don't want to be south dakota." why do you think your state got hit so hard? >> our state peaked earlier than other states what i'd like to know, margaret, is why are -- are you asking cuomo these questions? >> seth: stop saying your state peaked early it's not a defense you let the virus run rampant. you're talking about a deadly
12:52 am
pandemic like a burnt-out uncle reminiscing about his football glory days "oh, sure, i may get winded on the walk to the mailbox, but that's only cause i peaked early! you should have seen me in pop warner had an arm like a cannon." also, governor noem, i don't know if you've been watching the news lately, but cuomo has been getting lots of deserved tough questions and calls to resign about, among other things, credible allegations of sexual harassment, covering up the covid death toll in nursing homes, and being a bully who makes threatening phone calls. it's so bad for cuomo right now, even his nipples want out. i mean, that has to be what it is, right? them trying to escape? and sure, people liked his briefings early on, but so what? that was just in comparison to trump. now that we have a president who can also correctly tell us what day of the week it is, it's all just a lot less impressive so, that's a sample of what cpac was like then there was trump of course he repeated the same demented lies about the 2020 election that fueled the january 6th insurrection i'm not even going to repeat those lies here because they're so obviously unhinged from reality. he's never offered a single shred of proof, and he lost 60 times in court
12:53 am
but i do want to talk about this >> what the trump administration has done with vaccines has in many respects perhaps saved large portions of the world. not only our country, but large portions of the world. 100% of the increased availability that we have now was initiated by our administration and as conservatives and republicans, never forget that we did it. never let them take the credit because they don't deserve the credit they just followed now, they're following our plan. >> seth: i'm -- what you want credit for the vaccines you left the vaccine roll-out a mess had the chance what did you do besides say "make a vaccine" i ca of an adenovirus." i mean, if trump ever even saw the word "mrna," he'd probably think it was a guy named mr. na. "we're working very hard with mr. na to produce more vaccines.
12:54 am
mr. na, bad guy. mean guy nice to me though, loves me. so the conservative political action conference revealed yet again that the modern conservative movement is a personality cult fostering a sociopathic political culture of paranoia and conspiracy theories that is fully unmoored from reality. at one point, donald trump, jr., even suggested a more accurate name would be the trump political action conference. >> how's it going, cpac? [ cheers ] or i heard someone earlier phrase it a little bit better. tpac it's what it feels like, guys. >> seth: tpac? even they didn't know what to do with that. you couldn't think of anything lamer? i think tpac is the name of a pink eye medication. tpac sounds like the name of an off brand tupac hologram at a festival that couldn't get the rights to use his real name. "welcome to the cowchella festival, please welcome tpac, singing his classic song 'california hugs.' at another point kimberly guilfoyle suggested
12:55 am
trump would accomplish more as the next president than biden would accomplish as the actual president. >> i will confidently say that president trump from his desk at mar-a-lago will accomplish more for america in the next four years than joe biden and kamala harris could ever dream of >> seth: have you ever even seen him at his desk at mar-a-lago? he looks like a tourist posing for a photo at letterman's old desk he's just holding a pen and what appears to be an empty notepad like a therapist who hasn't been paying attention during the session. and yet the conference also proved that trump is also as politically weak as he's ever been among the hardcore republicans at cpac. he only got 55% of the vote in a straw poll and only 68% want him to run again if you can't even get above 55% with these wingnuts, how could you ever get a majority in a national election? this is your crowd it's like if you open a store that sells monocles and artisanal pickles in williamsburg if you don't make a killing there, you're not going to do better in, like, staten island but the only truly unifying thing at cpac, the beating heart of modern conservatism, were the dumb, invented culture war grievances, as evidenced by
12:56 am
their complaints about total nonsense, like the muppets and mr. potato head. >> this month alone they've banned the muppets >> you see last week they tried to cancel kermit the frog and mr. potato head? you see that >> look out, mr. potato head you're next. >> seth: i mean, i guess i would be concerned about mr. potato head if i answered to mr. blockhead. i mean, matt gaetz's head has sharper corners than military sheets also, that's really what you think americans care about amid a pandemic, an economic crash -- the muppets and mr. potato head? my kids don't even care about the muppets and mr. potato head. they want to watch fortnite streams on twitch. even though i have been trying to get them into the new online ocean master you get tiles for every reef you explore, and then you use the tiles to build islands to mine ore, and whoever mines the most ore, gets to control the wurful, which is german for dice it's fun the conservative political action conference revealed once again that the modern conservative movement remains totally detached from reality
12:57 am
and the mainstream of american politics people care about the pandemic and the economic crash, but at cpac, they're obsessed with lies about the election, mr. potato head, and the muppets. and yet, still, trump couldn't crack 55%. when trump heard he only got 55%, he must have been like -- >> oh! ay yi yi oh >> seth: this has been "a closer look." ♪ we'll be right back with kenan thompson ♪ ♪ >> announcer: for more of seth's "closer looks," be sure to subscribe to "late night" on youtube.
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♪ ♪ >> seth: so happy to have fred armisen back leading the 8g band. fred, you must have seen our castmates, tina and amy, crushing it at the globes last night. and i was just wondering, i wanted to give you an opportunity if there's a special way, a special little something you want to do to congratulate that's really touching, buddy. our first guest tonight is an emmy award-winning comedian who is currently in his 18th season on "saturday night live. he also stars in the new comedy series "kenan," which airs tuesday nights at 8:30 right
1:02 am
here on nbc. let's take a look. >> so, the fairy cursed sleeping beauty to sleep for a hundred years. sound like the best curse ever until the prince arrived to try to awaken sleeping beauty out of her slumber. >> princesses are dumb >> what? when did this happen >> because princesses are out, empowerment is in. will you sing us a song about that, please >> okay. ♪ title nine ♪ ♪ you are so fine ♪ ♪ famous for your place ♪ ♪ in athletics ♪ >> yeah, no. >> seth: please welcome back to the show, one of the best, kenan thompson how are you, kenan >> i'm good, buddy how are you doing? >> seth: i am wonderful and got a little bonus "kenan" last night. you did "snl" on saturday. you flew to l.a. and then you did the golden globes last night with maya. and it just must have been a delight to be with maya again. >> absolute best it was the absolute best, just being around my sisters again. you know, tina, you know, amy and maya
1:03 am
>> seth: for those who missed it, can you tell us a little bit about the characters you guys played last night. >> yes, that is beverly jackfruit on the left. and francois jean-rudy on the right. that is me and i speak french only. and we were the winners of least, i think, creative song or like less -- >> seth: i think, least original maybe least original >> original, yes, least original >> seth: it was really fun to see. it must have, you know, obviously it was extremely difficult circumstances to do an award show but it was like being in front of any audience, like you guys have managed to do with "snl," it's still something special >> yeah, it's nice to have, you know, some people in the room, and not like, totally virtual. but, you know, it was really isolated backstage, and i didn't really see anybody famous, you know what i'm saying, my first time at the globes and i saw just me. i was like, "okay, well. is this the golden globes or is this my house? >> seth: i am very -- i want to
1:04 am
talk about your show because i'm very jealous about a famous person on your show, who i have never met, and that person is don johnson, who is very funny on your show and i'm just wondering, is he a fun person to be around in real life >> don johnson is the greatest like, he could not be nicer and he could not have better stories. i mean, this guy was in miami in the 80s, and survived. [ light laughter ] and he just loves to laugh, you know, and we got really close, you know, over our facetime meeting when i first met him you know, we just had, you know, just similar energy. i don't know how to explain it, he is just a nice guy, you know. and i've been a fan of him, you know, since those days i was a little kid, but i knew he was cool and to find out that he is cool in real life was just great. >> seth: yeah, 'cause they were -- i forget, that they, of course, were shooting miami for miami, and if you were a fan of that show, that meant you were a certain kind of person who probably wanted to hang out with don johnson. >> yeah, you either like ferraris or you like guns or you like blazers with colorful
1:05 am
undershirts. [ laughter ] >> seth: you -- you also returned one of my favorite characters on "snl" last week, levar ball >> oh, crazy >> seth: you do seem to be having a genuine ball when you were doing this character. is it as much fun as it looks? >> it really is, and i think that's kind of my overall approach to update, especially when i'm nervous about something. because i haven't done lavar in a while and it's kind of a niche kind of character, like not a lot of people know exactly who he is. so the more energy i give to it, people can just have fun with it, without even knowing, like, kind of, who i'm talking about or whatever. so, the shoe helps the chocolate shoe, the cookie, the caramel in the shoe. like all those little crazy attitudes help everybody enjoy the fact that this is comedy happening and you should just enjoy it, you know what i mean >> seth: yeah, because if he wasn't a real person, he would also be a fantastic original character on update. you guys definitely make it work both ways. >> thank you very much, the
1:06 am
cara-mellos. [ laughter ] also, put charlotte on the map i heard so much from charlotte people over the weekend. they were like, "thank you for shouting out gastonia. >> seth: how do you like -- how are you liking sitcom life for being a guy who didn't just do 18 years or hasn't just done 18 years of "snl" sketches but was doing sketches for years before that. how is sitcom life >> it's very different you know, it's like, as soon as i come to work, we start shooting and we are shooting all day. it's, like, performance, every day, all day as opposed to like saturday, you know, we have writing headaches or whatever, and then, like, rehearsal, but it's still kind of casual. we are in our clothes, like our normal clothes as opposed to hair and make-up all week, you know so, it's a bit of a grind. i mean, they are both different. i think "snl" is more mental and sitcom is probably a lot more physical like, a lot more physical. >> seth: you have two young daughters in real life, have they come to set yet to meet your tv daughters? >> unfortunately, no and they are dying to. they talk about them all the
1:07 am
time they are like so intrigued by them you know, it's like, "so are they us or are we them?" it's like, "no, sweethearts, you guys are separate individuals. [ laughter ] this is television." but, yeah, my big girl georgia, she is obsessed with the show. she thinks it's really cool. >> seth: i guess it's good that they haven't been able to come to set yet, because sometimes, kenan, don't take offense to this, you do not behave the way a father should. >> i have been acting up lately. >> seth: yeah, so our friend, mike o'brien, who was a writer at "snl" and now is the creator of the show, "ap bio," you stopped by his parking spot? and kenan, do you want to explain? >> yeah, i saw his parking spot and i thought i'd take a little photo. [ light laughter ] just to show him a little love >> seth: yeah. >> so, you know, i can't wait until he sees this [ laughter ] >> seth: this is the first he'll be seeing it >> absolutely. >> seth: kenan, i realized something right before you came on, this is our 1,111th show 11-11.
1:08 am
and if memory serves, you were married 11-11-11 >> so 111 is a big number for my wife she is big on the number 3 i was big on the number 33 so, yeah, 11-11-11 came up and we wanted to get married on that date my dressing room for the golden globes was 111 yesterday, and yeah, it's kind of a thing that, you know, circulates us. i can't believe i'm on your episode on 1,111, like, that's incredible but congratulations to you, that is so many checks. [ laughter ] >> seth: thank you when somebody told me, it has been 1,111 shows i said, give it to me in checks. i don't want to hear how many shows i've done. >> count it in checks, please. >> seth: hey, buddy, thanks as always for being here. congrats on all your shows and great job again last night >> man, thank you so very much, it was a big weekend it's great to see you as always. i love you, i miss you i'm sure i'll see you soon >> seth: i'll bet. i'll see you back in the building "kenan" airs tuesdays at 8:30 p.m. here on nbc.
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♪ >> seth: our next guest is a talented actor you know from shows such as "the walking dead," and films such as "okja" and "burning." he serves as executive producer and star of the golden globe award winning film "minari," which is available everywhere now. let's take a look. [ speaking foreign language [ speaking foreign language >> whoa! >> whoa! >> whoa! >> whoa! whoa >> whoa! >> seth: please welcome to the show, steven yeun.
1:14 am
how are you, steven? >> hey, good nice, thanks for having me >> seth: hey, congratulations so much on the win. i assume it was both thrilling and a little disappointing not to all be able to celebrate together but what was it like last night when you saw the victory >> um, you know, it was really great to see isaac give that really beautiful speech, and, um, yeah, it's been a bittersweet entire press tour of this thing but also, uh, yeah, i probably haven't figured out what i feel about the pandemic yet at this point. >> seth: i found, you know, watching this film, i think it would have been an emotional experience during any time but because it is so strongly about family in a time where it's hard for us to see family i found this to be even more of an emotional experience to watch it during the pandemic >> thanks. yeah i mean, i think the feelings that went in to making the film were, you know, it felt like
1:15 am
connection it felt like us being able to see each other clearer, and hopefully that's the thing that's happening >> seth: you have two young children yourself. and i'm just wondering if your kids are aware of what you do for a living have they ever seen you on tv? i mean, "the walking dead" isn't the most kid friendly show >> no, they have not seen that my kids are young. they are now going to be four and two. and so, um, they don't know what i do, but they occasionally see me pop up on a screen here and there. so, they are just kind of confused about it. i think they just think i'm just -- i don't know even know they probably just think i'm floating around in the internet all the time, or something like that and then i just pop up it's weird for them, i'm sure. >> seth: uh, this film, you are so great in it all the adults are great in it but it would not have worked if these two child actors weren't so exceptional like, how lucky did you feel when you first found them? because, you must have known, as also an executive producer in the film, that it was sort of, i
1:16 am
don't know, live or die on those performances >> yeah, those kids are really wonderful. they're just so pure, and they keep you honest. but i think, you know, when we found them, they were just so locked in to the characters. and when we were filming, they were so honest that, you know, you can't mess up or else they will call you out. they were kind of policing us all throughout the shoot so, they're aggressive, those guys >> seth: you also had not just a korean cast, but you had almost entirely a korean crew what was that experience like? because obviously, working in the states that's probably pretty unique. >> well, you know, it wasn't all korean it was the heads of departments were korean. which were really cool to see, making sure that the authenticity and the shared experience was there but what was really wonderful about it was, our crew was pretty mixed there were a lot of locals from oklahoma, where we shot, and i
1:17 am
think the thing that really resonated with me at the end was, there was this collective sense of ownership that it wasn't just, like, this korean film. it was really just this, like, beautiful film about family, and togetherness regardless of where you come from. and so, that was really nice >> seth: i know -- i am wondering, your parents, obviously, because of this difficult year, haven't been able to see your kids much how have your parents been in this sort of zoom existence that a lot of grandparents are going through? >> i don't know if your parents do this, but like --they are like cracked out for pictures. >> seth: yeah. >> like -- they're like, "gimme, gimme the pictures." like, they'll text us, like, every couple days, like, "hey, like, we haven't gotten pictures in a while, can you just lend us some?" it feels very off sometimes. but i regularly get, "we live just to see these photos." so we try to photo dump them every couple days. >> seth: yeah, we've done this thing where we have sort of a
1:18 am
shared photo album and so my parents have it on their phone and yet, i'll say, "did you see the new pictures? and they'll say, "no." and i'll say, "well, you got to look, or else we're going to take you off the shared album. >> that's -- i don't think the shared thing would work with us. it would require too much navigation, so we just photo dumps. >> seth: that's way smarter. uh, i heard a story that your mother, and i guess maybe it was a high school production, you were in a school play, and her feedback was that you were not very good. is that true >> oh. i mean, that's like, i think that's most of them. no, it was a college production. and then i remember i was like, "mom, what did you think i just finished?" and it was like, it was a liberating moment for me, because i was up on stage kind of for the first time. and i was like, "what did you think? and like, i just have been trying to find my mom's approval
1:19 am
my whole professional career so, um, i'll get there some day. >> seth: now, what did she think of this film she must have liked this >> no, she loved it. i think for her, you know -- all korean moms, and maybe all mothers, are the backbone and the unseen, you know, powerful strength and so, for her, um, me playing my dad, or only being able to play my dad, i'm sure she was like, "i wish i had a daughter that could play me it would be more liberating. >> seth: that's very fair, i didn't even think about that well, you know, the actress who played the mother was also exceptional. >> incredible. yes. >> seth: very happy with that. hey, thanks so much for being here congrats on the win last night just a delight >> thanks very much. appreciate it. >> seth: "minari" is available everywhere now we will be right back with music from julien baker. ♪ ♪ the looks♪ ♪let's make lots of money♪
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