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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  April 4, 2021 6:00pm-6:29pm PDT

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>> right now at 6:00, a sense of normalcy, easter celebrations held across the bay area as some people gather more freely as vaccinations continue tonight. doctors hope people celebrate responsibly. the news at 6:00 starts right now. i am terry mcsweeney. the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter. nearly 20 million vaccines state wide. this is the state's allocation
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from the federal government for the week. it might be the first holiday during the pandemic where some people felt a lot less stress getting together. doctors continue to worry. >> reporter: last year easter sunday looked different for these men amid the pandemic. it is a given to us that everything will be fine. >> we still wear masks and practice social distancing in the church. >> reporter: now the church could be filled to 50% capacity.
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>> i went online. >> reporter: in walnut creek the wilson family came to the garden. >> to come out and do something with the family really feels great. >> this is a family outing for the kids. they can go in the garden and do a bunny hunt. they bring it back to us and they can have a goody bag and inside is a succulent. >> last year they couldn't host it and this year handle it.
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possible side-effects tomorrow, nobody seemed to care. a lot of gratitude for getting the shot today. sonoma county is hoping to move
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up. the case rates are still too high. in solano county, leaders are hoping people celebrate easter and spring break safely and warn the purple tier is a possibility if people do not follow the rules this weekend. the oldest restaurant in san francisco and california weathered the pandemic. tadich grill is set to reopen tomorrow. the 172-year-old restaurant will officially reopen for lunch and dinner. stop because it was not bringing in enough over the past year millions of people have lost their jobs and industries are at risk.
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the changes that covid made to the workforce and how it impacts all of us. pastors from more than eight churches took part. in addition to celebrating easter they remembered dr. martin luther kij, assassinated on the day 53 years ago. they also enjoyed gathering in person after last year's virtual easter sunday. >> our hearts grew fonder and closer to god in these moments. i am excited about physically being with each other. service the group delivered food to local homeless encampments.
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outside, it is a fairly clear and a fairly warm -- not terribly warm but pleasant evening. easter sunday. all of the easter egg hunts went off smoothly. kind of cooler weather. >> cool and comfortable. i think the weather was perfect. we didn't need to worry about being too hot or cold. the clouds lingers around the coast line, and we are still seeing some of those areas. look at the temperature trend through the evening and the overnight hours. north bay, 57 degrees. san jose, about 58 degrees right now.
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tomorrow, expect another day of sunshine mixed with the cloud cover. temperatures will remain cool and it will still be spring-like. is there any chance of rain? what can we expect. sanda clara county is reinstating parking fees starting tomorrow. the $6 vehicle entry fee applies to all of the parks that you see. 16 in all. i mentioned a few. anderson, coyote lake, mt. madonna. fees have been waived since
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march of last year but they are back tomorrow. tomorrow, vice president kamala harris coming home to the bay area. the vp will focus on several topics. this is her first visit to the bay area since taking office. after this harris is off to chicago to talk about vaccine equity there. the stanford womens' basketball team is once again national champions. cardinal played arizona this afternoon in san antonio for all of the marbles. fadeaway three is not going to happen. stanford escapes. anthony flores will have extended highlights and reaction
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economy in the bay area. some in the wine region are still struggling. a few months later this 30-acre property was hit by two fires. >> there has been so much going on in 2020 that it's been the worst year of our lives. first it was the smoke. it ruined our 2020 vintage. and then the next round of fires came through and it burned our building down. when it burned the building down, we had the 19 vintage inside the cellar and completely lost the 19 vintage. >> now reduced to rubble, steve and linda were determined to
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clean up. and rebuild for their kids and grand kids. >> it is a motivator to have your family involved and working with you. that is my biggest motivator to get the building put together and not to even the staff which is dying to get back to the job. that is the biggest motivator of all i think at this point. an unusual rescue mission to get the anne dangered abalone to safety. the abalone was covered. a ph.d. student led the rescue,
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uncovering the sea creatures and getting them to a marine facility. several volunteers took part as well. 80 black abalone saved and will be returned to the wild soon. nice job. happy birthday to one of san francisco's best places to relax. golden gate park. now 150 years old. the prark as more than 1,000 acres for people to enjoy. the entire herd is female. you can tune in to the park's bison cam. it is always up. they are not always on but they are on sometimes. bison are there in partnership with the san francisco zoo. looking at the video fromtoday, the sung.
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filterpark. >> there was. it was so nice to see. it is a beautiful easter sunday and the weather cooperated with us. no record highs today. record heat has made it here. now we are seeing the on shore flow. that is what brings the early morning clouds to the coast line. now let's take a live look at san francisco to see how things are shaping out. we will notice the return of the marine layer heading in to tonight. san jose, beautiful view. very calm weather over the entire region. walnut creek, great shot there and temperatures out the door. maybe just a light sweater. i don't think you need a sweater. it will feel a little chillier into the interior valleys. no huge 24-hour temperature
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change. similar to what we had yesterday when it comes to the daytime highs. what is the hour-by-hour looking like into the overnight hours? by 8:00 we have cleared out when it comes to some of that cloud cover. as we make our way through tonight into the morning, you see that green there? you could see the possibility of drizzle around the coast line early in the morning. aside from that the cool temps. 67 degrees in san jose for tomorrow. 60 in san francisco. if you are wondering about the rain, we have a storm that we are monitoring. we are not expecting to see any rain out of this. it will be a dry start to the week. although we are going to remain cool for the first half. as long as we stay dry we have
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warmer temperatures ahead into next weekend. unfortunately that over 99% of california is abnormally dry, and over 90% of california is under some form of drought. they had a very dry rainy season. hopefully into the middle of april we get rain. over the next seven days we are staying dry and i mentioned earlier, next weekend things will get even warmer into the 70s. spring weather is here, everybody. all right. hope you all have a lovely sunday night. back to you terry. >> probably a good time for all of to us cut back on the water usage before everybody demands that we cut back. weare
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. >> the aftermath of the attack on the u.s. capitol. fellow officers cheering on kenny shaver as he left the hospital and is headed home. it killed a veteran officer billy evans. the 25-year-old suspect was shot and killed after brandishing a knife after ramming the officers.
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the second year in a row pope francis led a socially distanced mass. europe is battling a new covid-19 surge. >> reporter: today pope francis holding an unusual socially distanced easter mass, addressing those suffering due to the pandemic and calling vaccines an essential tool in the fight against covid-19. the easter tradition impacted by covid for a second year with italy once again under national lock down. >> i think it definitely makes people not want to go out as
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well. >> fire ravaged notre dame cathedral remains closed. in england restaurants and pubs remain shut but outdoor meet-ups are now permitted allowing the queen and prince charles to take a socially distanced easter stroll. more than 1 in 3 adults having received at least one dose, but there are growing concerns over a new wave as cases surge in michigan and the northeast. easter weekend brought a huge number of travelle tsas on friday and health officials warn it is a race between the vaccine and the new variant. >> san francisco giants had a rare sunday off today. a sunday off. crazy. now in san diego to play the padres for the next three days. the team finally returns home on
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friday. got the home opener on oracle, friday against the rockies. game time 1:35. about 9,000 human beings will be allowed inside the stadium. contrast from last year and all fans 12 and older have to prove they have recently taken a covid test with negative results or are fully vaccinated. team coverage all day long starting with the morning show through the evening newscast. anthony flores joining us now with sports and i want to clarify something that i said earlier. i said the stanford women are the kings of the hill but they are the queens of the hill or whatever they want to be because they won it all today. >> you are right, they are wearing the crown. they had way too many turnovers in the second half and played nervous. none of that mattered. the cardinal survived a nail biter against arizona. we will have reaction from college basketball's newest national champs. stick around. sports is next.
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>> for the first time in 29 years stanford is the national champion in womens basketball. the first time two pac-12 teams meeting in a national championship game. cardinals off to a fast start. haley jones puts stanford up 16-5. she had 17 points in the game but the cats clawed their way
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back with defense. pellington gives arizona the lead. and then stanford led it by seven at the break. but too many turnovers in the second half, 21 for the game and it would go down to the final seconds. arizona with the ball and a chance to win it but the shot does not fall and the cardinal survive and win it 54-53. they are national champions for the third time in program history. >> a lot of credit to arizona and the job they did. they are very aggressive. we turned the ball over much too much but had enough to be able to win it. this is a dream come true and it will probably hit me tomorrow. >> all right. steph curry back in the lineup for the warriors in atlanta. curry dealing with the bruised tail bone. first quarter, buries the triple tying the game 24-24. then doing work in the paint.
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that is a tough turnaround. he drains it. curry with 26 and right now the warriors lead it by four in the fourth quarter. steph curry entered a hoops-free zone joining the beyond the fairway podcast from nbc and was asked if he was dedicated to golf as he is to basketball. if he thinks he would have made it on the pga tour. here is his answer. >> the thoughts do rattle around up there how far that i could have taken it if golf were the main thing. who knows. >> when the sunsets on your career will you make a real push to try to get on some type of tour? >> we will be beyond the fairway and ask that question. >> there we go. hell no. >> i guess no pro golf in his basketball days for steph curry. the full episode drops on
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tuesday. beautiful day at the coliseum. baseball, not so much. at least for the a's. jason castro goes on a power trip. the astros sweep the a's 9-2. oakland outscored 35-9. that is a look at sports. more news after the break.
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>> check this out, a silver back gorilla in germany grabbing all of the eggs for himself.
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rewarding the gorillas a basket of eggs. dad comes in and grabs them all and leaves behind carrots to the female gorillas. she is okay. we need to talk to him. back at 11:00 tonight. hope you can join us.
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doug mcconnell: hello, i'm doug mcconnell, and we've got some great discoveries for you out here along the open road. doug: on this special program, we'll celebrate the expansion of a national park that includes john muir's historic home in martinez and vastly increased access to public lands all around that muir cherished and loved to roam. we'll meet some of the people who made the expansion and public access possible so we can all follow in john muir's footsteps, and we'll learn about muir's life and legacy both inspiring and troubling. ♪♪♪


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