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tv   Today  NBC  April 12, 2021 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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session, parents are at home for the first day of hybrid perhaps. >> yep. a lot of juggling. >> it is. that does it for us this morning on "today in the bay." >> we'll leave you today with a live look outside in san jose. the "today" show coming up next. thanks for joining us. good morning. breaking overnight, protesters clashing with police after an officer shoots and kills a young black man during a traffic stop outside minneapolis, just a few miles from where george floyd died. >> just like george floyd, it doesn't matter what you do, you don't deserve to be murdered. >> hundreds marching on the police department. the national guard mobilized in a city already on edge, as prosecutors at the derek chauvin trial prepare to wrap up their
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case as early as today. we're live with the very latest. double surge. both vaccinations and the virus seeing a sharp rise. the u.s. reaching a new milestone over the weekend. nearly 5 million shots given in a single day. more than half the country seeing a dramatic increase in cases. one midwest governor pleading for help. >> what's happening in michigan today could be happening in other states tomorrow. >> just ahead, why the white house is resisting calls to surge vaccines to the nation's hot spots. united front. just this morning prin william and harry sharing new tributes. >> he's a very special person. >> harry arriving back home while meghan stays in the u.s. too pregnant to fly. we're live at windsor castle and at buckingham palace. those stories, plus philadelphia freedom.
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we're kicking off our coast to coast look at the reopening of america in the city of brotherly love. this morning, the people and places doing everything possible to help philly bounce back from the pandemic in a big way. and masterful. >> this man is creating amazing history. >> hideki matsuyama wins the masters, the first japanese man to win a golf major in history. today, monday, april 12th, 2021. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza good morning, everybody. welcome to "today." bright and early on monday morning, we're sure glad you started your week with us. >> we sure are. there is a lot happening, and we're taking you all around the world. we're going to start with hideki matsuyama's historic masters
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win. plenty of pride. japan is still celebrating this morning. word is that he is going to light the olympic torch at the olympics. how great for japan. in london, arrangements are set for prince philip's funeral. as mentioned, prince harry has returned to the uk to join his family face go face for the first time in more than a year. keir simmons is live this morning from windsor castle. meantime, back here in the u.s., new concerns over a possible fourth covid wave and possible vaccine shortages. it all comes amid this troubling scene in florida. there is a crowd burning their masks. tom costello has the very latest. let's get started with the breaking news in minnesota. the unrest sparked by the fatal police shooting of a black man just miles from the courthouse where derek chauvin is being tried for murder in the george floyd case. nbc's gabe gutierrez joins us with details overnight. gabe, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. just as the prosecution is
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preparing to wrap up its case here at the courthouse, overnight, a new police incident imflamed tensions just north of here. the national guard was on the move and a curfew was in effect. overnight, outrage boiled over in minnesota with tensions already high during the derek chauvin murder trial, now new anger when police fatally shot a black man in brooklyn center, ten miles from where george floyd was killed. police say the man had a warrant for his arrest. when officers tried to take him into custody, he got back in his vehicle. relatives identified the man as 20-year-old dante wright and say after he was shot wright drove several blocks before crashing his car. frustration mounting quickly. >> dante, just like george floyd, it doesn't matter what you do. you don't deserve to be murdered. >> police and activists facing
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off at the scene. >> we have been tracking both shots fired and break-in calls in minneapolis. >> reporter: authorities say there were reports of rocks and other objects thrown at officers as well as shots fired near the police department prompting the deployment of more national guard members to a region already on high alert. minnesota's governor tweeting overnight, our state mourns another life of a black man taken by law enforcement. it all comes as the prosecution is preparing to rest its case against chauvin as early as today. >> floyd had this great deep southern voice. >> reporter: the jury hearing from 35 witnesses over two weeks indicate nekding unprecedented testimony from police officers breaking the blue wall. and medical experts insisting floyd did not die from drugs and underlying medical conditions as the defense is arguing. >> there's no argument to suggest he would have died that night except for the interactions with law enforcement. >> reporter: floyd's family is now bracing for another
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emotional week in a case the world is watching. >> this is a very difficult time, especially these past couple of weeks, so we are just grateful for everybody that's here to support us. >> and of all times for another police shooting to happen, gabe. when do you expect to know more about that? is there an investigation? >> reporter: yeah, savannah, the minnesota bureau of criminal apprehension is being asked to look into the shooting. now, that is the same agency that investigated george floyd's death. the local police chief says that he believes that body camera and dash cam video was available from the incident, so they'll be looking into that. but for this community, savannah, as you mentioned, this is a very painful time, especially as this murder trial is underway. savannah. >> gabe gutierrez, thank you very much. we appreciate it. moving now to the coronavirus and the race between vaccines and variants.
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nearly half of all u.s. adults have received at least one dose of the covid-19 vaccine, but at the same time some health officials remain concerned about the possibility of a fourth wave. we'll talk about that with dr. richard besser, the former acting director of the cdc, but first nbc's tom costello joins us with more on where things stand. hey, tom, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, we're really at this inflection point right now because deaths are down 26%, vaccinations are picking up, but so are new cases up 11% over the last two weeks, and now we have a situation where the new uk variant is sweeping through the upper midwest. this morning promising new figures with more than 4.6 million vaccine doses administered just on saturday, a new record. but even with more shots into arms, covid cases are also up in more than half the country. >> we are not out of this yet. we had 80,000 new infections the
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other day. now is not the time to declare victory prematurely. >> reporter: in the new epicenter, michigan, hospitals are inching closer to capacity, as the governor fights for more vaccine. >> if we could get more vaccines in arms. what's happening in michigan today could be what's happening in other states tomorrow. >> reporter: cases also on the rise in florida where a defiant crowd burned their masks. meanwhile, this week the amount of johnson & johnson vaccine supply is plummeting by 86% after manufacturing problems dropping from more than 4 million distributed last week to just over 700,000. more than one in four adults are now fully vaccinated as states continue to expand vaccine eligibility. in connecticut, a 24-hour vax-a-thon this weekend resulted
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in nearly 4,000 shots administered. >> i'm happy. i've been waiting for months and months. >> reporter: more vaccinations as the fight against the stubborn pandemic continues. also this morning, a few vaccine sites in four states are pausing the johnson & johnson vaccine rollout because of a very small number of people who have developed some sort of side effects, nausea and dizziness. now, we should make the point that three vaccines of course are approved in the u.s. serious adverse side effects are really pretty rare. that sets us up nicely for dr. richard besser. he is now president and ceo of the robert wood johnson foundation. dr. besser, good morning to you. sometimes i think about this as a race on two tracks, the virus on one track, the vaccine's on the other. here we got this great news about this surge of vaccines, almost 5 million in one single day over the weekend, and at the same time, we still have the virus surging. the b.1.1.7 uk variant, which is
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much more contagious is now the dominant strain, so who's winning? how worried are you about a fourth surge? >> yeah, you know, savannah, it is a race, and those are competing forces. so i was excited to see the numbers in terms of people being vaccinated over the weekend, and it lets me know that the demand for vaccine is still there and that's been one of the big concerns, but that variant that was found in the uk is very concerning. it spreads easier. it is more deadly, and i worry when i see states letting up. you know, dr. fauci was saying it is premature to declare victory, especially when we see cases going up in a number of states. some states are experiencing what you might call a fourth surge because you can really look at the curb and see that dramatic increase. the states that are seeing the declines, it doesn't mean they're not going to see the rise. some of those states are the states that have had the lowest uptake in vaccine. that means their population is still at risk.
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if we can keep at this and keep the measures in place that public health has shown will work while we're vaccinating people, we can save thousands of lives before this pandemic is over. >> let me ask you about michigan because it is seeing a tremendous surge right now. the michigan governor, gretchen whitmer asked the biden white house to surge vaccines to michigan. it's our understanding the white house declined and is going to continue with its policy of distributing vaccine based on your population. what's the thinking there? is that the right call? >> yeah, this is a challenging one. if there's excess vaccine or there's vaccine in states that's not being used, and we're hearing about some states where the supply is getting to the point where it's exceeding demand, then i think trying to get it into states being hit really hard makes a lot of sense. you have to look and see can those states handle an increase in number of people for vaccination and is the dmapd demand there. right now what we're seeing is
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the supply system that's out there is leading to the numbers we saw over the weekend, with 5 million people getting vaccinated in one day, and you don't want to mess with that. if there is a place that's getting hit really hard, a public health response is give them the resources they need so they can address that. >> and real quickly, let's talk about the johnson & johnson vaccine and i'll mention, again, you're the ceo of the wood johnson foundation which has an interest in johnson & johnson the company, there's been a problem with that production in the baltimore facility, which means that the vaccinations -- the vaccine that's being distributed has been sharply declining this week, and then also these adverse effects. what do you make of it? >> well, it's a big problem. this is a vaccine where you can provide coverage with one dose, and many states have been counting on this. there's been great interest in this vaccine and the fact that there will be, you know, millions of doses not getting to people on schedule is going to be a problem for many states. you know, the amount of vaccine
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coming from moderna and pfizer can't meet that shortfall, so you know, we're going to have to see states adjusting. it may be that some people who have appointments are going to have to rebook. >> all right, dr. besser, thank you very much. appreciate it as always. >> thank you, savannah. >> after a two-week recess, congress returns to the u.s. capitol today, and lawmakers are facing a number of hot button issues including the battle over immigration and president biden's $2 trillion infrastructure plan. nbc's kelly o'donnell is at the white house for us this morning. hi, kelly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, hoda. president biden has talked a lot about bipartisanship and his ability to work with republicans, which will make today's meeting an important test of that promise. the president and vice president invited members of congress from both parties here today, not the big name leadership but lawmakers who have experience with issues relevant to infrastructure. this morning the infrastructure debate is building as the white house will open its doors to
7:14 am
congressional republicans and democrats. >> debate is welcome. compromise is inevitable. changes are certain. >> reporter: republicans pushing back oaf the president's proposal raising corporate taxes to pay for his $2 trillion plan, and they argue the scope should be narrowed. >> if they're interested in roads and bridges and highways and perhaps broadband, there is a deal to be had there. >> reporter: the white house wants action this summer. >> we're going to negotiate, but we can't just sit here and let the clock run out. >> reporter: at the southern border, the human drama continues, now more than 20,000 unaccompanied children are in government care. two emergency shelters opened in michigan and pennsylvania. texas governor, republican greg abbott. >> this problem will continue to get worse because of the policies that have been adopted by the biden administration. >> reporter: immigration, a core
7:15 am
issue for donald trump who fired up republican party donors behind closed doors at mar-a-lago this weekend. sources say mr. trump cursed about mitch mcconnell, also calling the republican leader a stone cold loser and said he was disappointed in his own vice president mike pence attacking both men for not overturning the election outcome. trump persisted in his false claims that he had won. republican liz cheney says trump's rhetoric is still dangerous. >> the former president is using the same language that he knows provoked violence on january 6th. you know, as a party, we need to be focused on the future. >> reporter: back here at the white house, one name is missing from today's bipartisan meeting, west virginia democrat senator joe manchin who's become a pivotal swing vote with an outside level of influence. officials say the president will hold a series of these meetings so more invitations to come. hoda. >> all right, kelly o'donnell
7:16 am
for us there at the white house. kelly, thanks. quarter after the hour, let's get our first check of the weather. dylan is in for al this morning. hello dylan. >> good morning, so nice to see you both. hope you had a great weekend. we are seeing things take a turn in the northeast after a pretty miserable day yesterday. we're still seeing the rain. it extends all the way back to the great lakes too. chicago will start to clear out, but detroit is kind of in it for today. see all these pop-up showers. it's chilly. it's going to get windy, and we are going to see pockets of rain throughout the day. what we're also going to notice is these winds coming in off the ocean. the ocean temperatures running in the mid-40s so you have that wind off the water, air temperatures also tend to be in the mid-40s. it is going to be awfully chilly today, very damp and dreary, going into tomorrow, those winds turn even more northerly. we're going to keep the unseasonably cool temperatures around, 40s and 50s, especially for the northeast into new england. you go farther into d.c., baltimore, that's where temperatures will be in the lower 60s going into the next couple of days. we also have a chance of severe storms across texas today with
7:17 am
large hail as well, and we also have snow and very gusty winds up across the northern plains. that's a look at the weather across the country. we'll get to your local forecast in the next 30 seconds.
7:18 am
. back to you guys. >> all right, dylan, thank you. coming up, the royal family uniting in grief ahead of prince philip's funeral. and just this morning, both william and harry are speaking out. out. keir similar mon simmons is liv
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three. no nonsense. just common sense. just ahead, we're kicking off our special reopening just ahead, we're kicking off our special reopening america series, highlighting the extraordinary people working hard to bring their city back to life. >> first up, philly, that's where sheinelle jones is after your local news.
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7:27 am
i'm sharon katsuda in windsor, where a recall petition may be filed against the mayor who faces sexual assault allegations. the "san francisco chronicle" has reported several women accusing the 38-year-old windsor mayor dominic foppoli of sexual assault. at a protest at the family's winery, this proesers say they want the mayor out of office immediately. the brother also called for his resignation. time to look at the forecast. meteorologist kari hall is tracking those temperatures. kari? >> we're starting out nice and cool. we're seeing sunshine and it's going to be a slightly warmer afternoon for some of our inland valleys. still nice and cool near the coast, and in san francisco, with some 60s today, upper 60s for oakland but then some upper 70s for livermore and 78 degrees in santa rosa. temperatures come down tomorrow and also going to be breezy but notice all the dry weather that does continue in the forecast throughout the rest of the week, into the weekend, as our
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right down knot wire. who predicted that, by one. >> matsuyama is japan's first masters champion. >> hats off, bud. 7:30. it's the monday after the masters. history made at augusta national. hideki matsuyama took home that green jacket. first major championship and the first ever by any japanese man. this is a banner year for japan. i mean, we're going to the olympics. he's going to light the olympic flame. he says this, quote, when he's talking about kids he wants to
7:31 am
inspire, i hope they'll see this victory and think it is cool to try to follow in my footsteps. >> it's pretty cool. that was the shot heard around the world, for sure. >> yup. let's get to your 7:30 headlines. federal reserve chairman jerome powell says the u.s. economy is poised for an extended period of strong growth, even though the coronavirus still poses risk. powell told "60 minutes" the fed will do everything possible to help americans get back to work. >> we feel like we're at a place where the economy is about to start growing much more quickly and job creation coming in much more quickly. >> powell also said it is highly unlikely the fed would raise interest rates this year. the island of st. vincent is on the verge of disaster this morning after another volcanic eruption. the caribbean island covered with a thick layer of ash, dozens of residents have been fleeing their homes since friday after the initial eruption. cruise ships are in place to help evacuate. officials warn the eruptions
7:32 am
could continue for days, even weeks. we showed you the shot heard around the world in golf. how about pro bowling? 18-year-old anthony newer coming up against a big shot against a long odd. >> come on, kid, do it. >> oh, he >> randy! did it! >> >> oh, my gosh! randy! >> oh, my gosh! >> the 7-10!0! >> the 7-10! >> the >> the 7-10 split, the famous, notorious 7-10 notorious 7-10 split. split. newark took it down while wearing a neuer took it down all while a shirt, i might add. wearing an awesome bowling shirf i might add.0 years the this is the first time in 30 e n years the rare feat has been accomp accomplished during a tour tv a broadcast. tour tv broadcast. no one is no one is happier about it than, not newer, the not neuer, the announcer about . about had a heart at had a heart attack. >> that was pretty amazing. >> 7-10 split. >> that was incredible. learned something today.7-10 sp >> that was incredible. learned something today. also, tributes are not neuer, the announcer about continuing to pour into prince philip, as the royal family prepares for his funeral later e learned something today. also, tributes are continuing to pour into prince philip, as the royal family this week. uneral later this week. >> prince harry join >> and late yesterday prince ngl duties and, of course, the bombshell interview with oprah. harry returned to london to join them. it's his first visit back home
7:33 am
since quitting royal duties, and of course that bomb shell interview with oprah. >> keir simmons is at windsor castle with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: hey, hoda, savannah. prince william and prince harry in the past hour releasing deeply personal statements, prince harry now at frogmore cottage here in windsor describing his grandfather as a man of honor and service saying he was my grandpa, master of the barbecue, legend of banter and cheeky right to the end. prince harry after the hurt and division of the past few months returning to the uk alone to a royal family in mourning and uniting around the queen. harry saying in a statement this morning, grandpa, thank you for your service, for your dedication to granny, and for always being yourself. meghan, archie and i will always hold a special place for you in our hearts. the brothers clearly coordinate the release of their statements,
7:34 am
william's came just 30 minutes earlier saying, my grandfather was an extraordinary man. i feel lucky to have not just had his example to guide me but his enduring presence well into my adult life. prince philip, a war veteran, proud patriarch and queen's consort lived his life in public but died friday quietly and in private. so gentle his daughter-in-law told church goers. the family say the queen is stoic, bearing up, thinking of others. on saturday she will say good-bye to her husband during a televised funeral with military honors and 30 guests. william and harry will walk with the family behind the coffin just as they did for their mom diana. this week the two princes will meet for the first time since that explosive oprah interview. >> there's a lot of hurt that's happened. >> reporter: the former british prime minister calling on the brothers to end any friction between them. >> and i hope very much that it
7:35 am
is possible to mend any rifts that may exist. >> reporter: their body language will be closely watched just as it was in 2020, the last official occasion william and harry were seen together when they barely spoke. meghan was there then. she has not flown back with her husband this week, her doctor advising against it because she is pregnant. so harry will face his family and the loss of his much loved grandfather without his wife and son beside him. a day that will not be easy for any member of the royal family, most of all the queen. and prince harry should be released from quarantine just in time for the funeral. prince william in his statement describing his grandfather as picking up his children in a carriage, praising his sense of adventure and his mischievous sense of humor, and saying at the end of his statement, guys, i will miss my grandpa but know he would want us to get on witha the job.stle, thank you. >> keir simmons for us there at joining us now is dais windsor castle, thank you, mcandrews, an nbc news royal commentator. good morning
7:36 am
joining us now is journalist good to see you. we learned some about the funeral arrangements, but will daisy mcandrew, an nbc news royal commentator. we learned some about the ngeme you explain what's going to be happening, who will be speaking, who will be attending? >> so details are still coming out, and we expect we'll know all the details within the next 24 -- what we know as keir was saying is that the royal family is adamant they will be sticking to the rules which means no more than 30 guests. that doesn't include the members of the church of england who will be officiating the service or the camera men and so on, but 30 is a very small number, if you think that the queen has four children, three of them are married, and then they have eight grandchildren and ten great grandchildren. we know none of the great grandchildren will be attending, so that includes prince george. of course kate and william's
7:37 am
son, then we would expect some ladies in waiting, perhaps the private private chaplain and certainly the private secretary of prince philip to be at the funeral. >> it will be in some ways a small family funeral i don't know if we just lost you there, daisy are you still with me? just heard a loud tone. >> i am. -- today >> no worries, no worries, so let me ask you because of course the most important task here is to give a proper good-bye to prince philip, but of course everyone's going to be watching that body language among the royals, particularly the two brothers what's your expectation about how this week will go and what it might mean to repairing rifts? >> you're absolutely right, and we heard just yesterday from former prime minister of the united kingdom, john major, saying publicly he hoped this rift would be resolved during the funeral.
7:38 am
and that's not insignificant because john major was actually the official guardian to princes william and harry after their mother died, so he 'cdoes know h young men very, very well, and he was publicly imploring them to kiss and make up if you like. stories here in -- that prince harry has arrived in london. we believe he's been taken to kensington palace. we don't yet know where he'll be staying over the next few days of course he has a home called frogmore cottage on the grounds of windsor castle, but it's being sublet if you like at the moment to princess beatrice and her husband and baby it does have five bedrooms he could easily stay there with them, or they might move out and move in with prince andrew, their father, and father-in-law. lots of question marks so far, and as keir was saying, he will have to isolate over the next few days, but at the funeral on saturday absolutely all eyes will be on the body language,s
7:39 am
relationship between princes harry, and everybody keeping their fingers crossed that they can resolve their differences. >> yeah, all right daisy, thank you so much we appreciate your insight we will have a lot more coming up on this in our next half hour. coming up next, inside the reopening of america, sheinelle in philadelphia this morning giving aus fius a firsthand loot the triumph and struggles of the city looking to get back on its feet in realtime she's talking to business owners, doctors, even joining the mayor for a vaccine shot ms. philadelphia, there she is, sheinelle jones is coming up from her adopted hometown, but first these messages ♪ ♪ love like yours will surely come my way ♪
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7:43 am
reopening america today. >> with vaccinations increasing and restrictions slowly being relaxed, we are exploring how the nation is starting to bounce back more than a year into the pandemic. >> and this week, it is all about philadelphia who better to show us around than our own philly native, sheinelle jones. good morning. >> hey, girl. >> reporter: good morning. isn't this a beautiful city? this city is close to my heart it's come a long way since last spring but while things start to reopen here, a recent surge in covid cases is a reminder that this pandemic is far from over. one year after being knocked down by covid-19, philadelphia is coming back swinging. ♪ >> philadelphia is here to stay. >> reporter: socially distanced, and masked fans are back in the stands young children returned to the classroom with more students heading back later this month. but the pandemic isn't over yet. the city is battling a new
7:44 am
surge, averaging about 500 new cases per day, double what it was a month ago. leading health officials to delay lifting more restrictions. what will it take to reopen successfully here? >> if we can open up everything, get where we all want to be, we have to do it in a disciplined way and think about others. >> reporter: a priority for mayor jim kenny, vaccinations which will open up to all daadus next monday. >> all right >> reporter: we joined the mayor as he got his second dose. how do you feel? >> i feel great. i feel great, relieved >> reporter: philly has struggled at times with its rollout and is working to address an issue facing cities across the country vaccine inequality white residents in philadelphia are getting vaccinated at double the rate what is the deal >> they have privilege they have access to i.t. that a lot of people don't have these are things we have to make up for by going to where people are. >> everybody good?
7:45 am
second shot? >> reporter: exactly what dr. al stanford and the black doctors covid-19 consortium are doing. vaccinating the black community using a system she first built for testing. >> we went to the communities where there was no testing, there was no contact tracing, but the death rates were the highest. no different with vaccinations >> reporter: since january 16th, they've vaccinated more than 41,000 people. i first talked to you last may did you imagine, at that moment then, that we would be where we are today? >> no, never >> reporter: are you vaccinating some of the same people you tested >> yes, and it is beautiful. >> reporter: how are they reacting when they get that shot of hope? >> a lot of tears. we've had people say, "can i come tomorrow and get vaccinated my mother just died tonight. they come here, and they're sobbing the entire time, receiving their vaccine. >> reporter: that vaccine, a key to recovery for local businesses
7:46 am
crippled by the pandemic ♪ >> reporter: like victor cafe, a family business nearly 100 years old. so one thing that makes this place unique is the waiters aren't just waiters. they're also opera singers >> absolutely. >> reporter: the south philly institution even appearing in the "rocky" franchise. >> creed, he kept me back pretty good. >> reporter: when the pandemic hit, it was forced to temporarily close. have you ever thought, this has to stay? we can't lose this. >> believe me, that is my personal struggle. >> reporter: the restaurant has since partially reopened >> business right now is down 65%, but the thing is, it was down 100% a year ago. >> reporter: a glass half full approach a business and a city proving that the show must go on ♪
7:47 am
>> reporter: speaking of shows, broadway is set to return to philly with "hamilton" kicking things off at the city's kimmel center this fall so many people are eager for live theater i know i am. of course, before we get there, we have to get these covid cases under control. >> i want to go to victor's, okay, and i want someone to sing opera while we eat a reuben or whatever they sell there it was really cool. >> it sounds great >> you're just getting started there in philly. >> reporter: can i tell you something? it is beautiful here at the philadelphia art museum. we have food over there. patti labelle is stopping by i'll talk about the flyers, they're trailblazing we have a long day ahead i'm ad-libbing so you can see this beautiful shot. the philadelphia museum of art, aka, the "rocky" steps in fact, while we're talking, it's so impressive, people have been out here since 5:00 in the morning exercising, running up these steps. this is an iconic spot in the city. >> have you ever done the steps? you must have.
7:48 am
>> reporter: you know what, i just took off my heels and put some sneakers on >> good. >> reporter: it's a lot. >> we look forward to it >> thank you, sheinelle. i'll have what she's having. >> see you in a bit. 7:47 hey, dylan, you got a check of the weather? >> hi, yes you know, it's a little gray in philadelphia, but as sheinelle said it still looks beautiful. minneapolis 53 degrees today, mild city up in montana, 39 degrees. kansas city 62, new york only 48 degrees today. so temperatures are running about five to ten degrees below average. look back in denver on tuesday, 15 degrees below average, a high of only 48 degrees minneapolis 41, 64 in st. louis, feels nice, but it's also a little bit below average, and as we go through the week, we are going to see temperatures mostly staying in the 50s, casper wyoming stays stuck in the lower 40s. new york 52 for wednesday, upper 50s for thursday and friday. it is going to be just a little bit chilly this week, and we do
7:49 am
have good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. a live look out there in san jose, we're waking up to sunshine, a nice, cool start and temperatures will warm up quickly because we're headed toward the upper 70s for today, and we'll see our temperatures reaching up to 79 degrees here. we'll see a few spots reaching up to 80, and as we go through the forecast, we'll continue to see the warm weather in the next several days, as we will have more of the dry conditions continuing through at least the end of the weekend. back to you guys >> dylan, thank you. coming up, a white house run for the rock a lot of people seem to really support it, but how does dwayne johnson feel about it? what the star told willie about his political ambitions. but first, these messages.
7:50 am
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7:53 am
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7:56 am
when you're ready, we'll be here. to new memories. hilton. good morning. it's 7:56. i'm marcus washington. here is what's happening now. >> reporter: pete suratos here in alameda county. there's concern regarding vaccine supply and eligibility for the vaccine which will expand in a matter of days. they'll receive 3,800 doses of the johnson & johnson vaccine, down from 15,000 last week. counties are allowing folks to schedule an appointment before eligibility expands on thursday. alameda says it doesn't have enough supply for everyone, but hope it they'll get more vaccine supply in the coming months. good morning, everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. the heads of google and intel and hp will be meeting with the white house today virtually to talk about the nationwide crisis that is the chip shortage, even
7:57 am
car companies have started to shut some assembly lines because there's not enough chips to go around. i am to get a look at the forecast for you this morning. meteorologist kari hall is taking a look at temps for us. how is it looking out there? >> yes, starting out nice and cool, we're seeing a layer of clouds over san francisco once again, but this is what's helping to keep our coastal communities along the bay as well, much cooler as we see the temperatures in the 60s that we'll be headed there again this afternoon. you'll notice that we'll be a little bit warmer in some of our inland valleys in spots like santa rosa, we reach 78 degrees and 80 today in concord, san jose will head into the upper 70s. it will be a touch cooler tomorrow with some breezy winds, but you can see that there is a lot of sun in this forecast, and no rain headed our way through at least the next week, as our highs reach into the upper 70s by saturday, and we're back up to 80 degrees again by this sunday. marcus?
7:58 am
>> sunny days across the board. thanks, kari. i'll have another local news update for you coming up in 30 minutes.
7:59 am
this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden. this guy here is busy working on our state's recovery. you see he lives in california and by vacationing in california he's supporting our businesses and communities. which means every fruity skewer is like another sweet nail in the rebuilding of our economy.
8:00 am
hammer away craftsman. calling all californians. keep your vacation here and help our state get back to work. and please travel responsibly. it's 8:00 on "today. coming up, on edge overnight, protests erupt near minneapolis after an officer fatally shoots a young black man during a traffic stop. >> dante, he was just like george floyd it doesn't matter what you do, you don't deserve to be murdered >> this morning, the national guard deployed to an area already on high alert, as the prosecution prepares to rest its case against derek chauvin we're live with the very latest. then a walk to remember. the special promise prince philip made to william and harry
8:01 am
after the death of their mother, princess diana just ahead, our closer look at their relationship, and how the prince stepped in to comfort john f. kennedy jr. during its family's toughest days plus, philadelphia feedin. the one and only patti labelle will join us live to share her menu full of the city's favorite foods. ♪ here i am ♪ and rock the vote? dwayne johnson speaking out about his presidential ambitions after a recent survey found nearly half of americans would support him in the oval office. >> i am passionate about making sure our country is united. >> what he is saying to us about a possible run today, monday, april 12th, 2021 ♪ rock you like a hurricane ♪ ♪ i got you ♪ >> from fairport, new york. >> it is a big day. >> i am 10 today >> she is an awesome mom. >> and amazing mother-in-law. >> today, turning 60.
8:02 am
>> happy birthday, mom >> hello from maryland >> we're with our friends, savannah and hoda. >> hey, "today" show i'm elena. >> i'm matt. >> today our morning boost is my dad is retiring after 35 years as an urgent care physician. >> congratulations, peter. >> we love you our first real plaza this morning, happy monday. we're so glad you're starting your day and your week with us. >> we sure are, guys happy to buoy, maryland, the young girl happy everything >> definitely. we got a good one tomorrow cynthia mcfadden has the story of three young women in the unlikely field of welding. >> interesting growth is surging, and there are great job opportunities. we're going to find out what it's like breaking into that boys club, we'll find that out tomorrow on "today." let's get to your news at 8:00
8:03 am
the national guard has been mobilized in minnesota, where a police shooting yesterday led to a night of protests and clashes. it happened outside of minneapolis, where the former officer accused of murdering george floyd is currently on trial. nbc's gabe gutierrez joins us with the latest on all of it gabe, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. with tensions already high during the derek chauvin murder trial at the courthouse behind me, now, new anger sparked when a police officer fatally shot a black man sunday during a traffic stop in brooklyn center. that's a minneapolis suburb just ten miles away from here police clashed with demonstrators, and national guard troops were brought in there was also a curfew in effect the encounter unfolded sunday afternoon when police say a man had a warrant out for his arrest, and officers tried to take him into custody. he then got back into his vehicle, and then one officer shot him relatives identify the man as 20-year-old dante wright, and say that he drove a short distance after being shot before crashing his car this all comes as the prosecution is now preparing to
8:04 am
rest its case against derek chauvin as early as today. the jury already hearing from 35 witnesses over two weeks, including unprecedented testimony from police officers and medical experts, insisting george floyd did not die just because of drugs and underlying medical conditions, as the defense has argued as for the police shooting in brooklyn center, the bureau of criminal apprehension is being asked to look into it, and that's the same agency that investigated george floyd's death. >> difficult times in minneapolis, thank you. the nation's vaccination efforts hit a milestone this weekend with a record 4.6 million shots given on saturday nearly half of all american adults have received at least one dose health officials are struggling to stay ahead of a potential fourth wave. cases are surging in michigan. the state's governor has been pleading with the white house to send more vaccines meantime, manufacturing problems have created a shortage of
8:05 am
johnson & johnson, that's the one-shot vaccine, with this week's supply falling 86%. this morning virginia's governor is calling for an independent investigation over disturbing allegations made by a black u.s. army officer. he said two officers pulled their guns and used pepper spray during a traffic stop. nbc's sam brock has a closer look now sam, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that traffic stop was flagged by officers as high risk. now a federal lawsuit filed by a lieutenant in the u.s. army, he says he was subjected to excessive force. he was profiled by police, and now overnight, we're learning one of the officers involved in the incident has been terminated the initial call for a felony traffic stop immediately turned tense, with officers pulling their weapons. >> put your hands out the window. >> reporter: a windsor police officer says in his report, he spotted a vehicle with dark tinted windows and no license plate displayed that was eluding police
8:06 am
though a lawsuit says the paper license plate was visible in the rear window of the new car. >> how many occupants are in the vehicle? >> it's only myself. why are your weapons drawn what's going on? >> reporter: the two officers demanding u.s. army lieutenant, caren mizzario exit the suv as the officer's body camera and the officer's kcell phone was rolling. >> what is going on? >> get out of the car now. >> reporter: mizzario, black and latino, wearing his military uniform, asked repeatedly why he is detained. >> i'm serving this country, and this is how i'm treated? >> reporter: one of the responding officers appears to make a reference to the electric chair according to the lawsuit >> what's going on is you're fi fixing to ride the lightning, son. >> i'm afraid to get out. >> you should be get out. back up. >> reporter: officer gutierrez pepper sprays him in the face. >> that's [ bleep ] up >> reporter: overnight in a statement, the town acknowledged
8:07 am
the unfortunate events officer gutierrez has since been terminated by the police now a civil suit alleging the violation of his constitutional rights >> my client wants to prevent those two officers from doing it to anyone else >> reporter: mizzario admits he didn't immediately pull over, driving nearly two minutes with his hazard lights on so he could stop in a well-litigation. one of the officers writes in a report, the driver was actively resisting when i attempted to unlock and open the driver's door the driver striked my hand away. >> the supreme court has held, since 1977, that even for a routine traffic stop, officers have the power and the discretion to order a driver out of the car >> reporter: we reached out to officer joe gutierrez overnight. so far, we have not heard back virginia's governor, ralph northam, described this as disturbing, and he directed the state police to conduct an
8:08 am
independent investigation. savannah, back to you. >> sam brock, keep us posted thank you. it is seven minutes past the hour what do you say we do a morning boost? >> i need one. >> here we go. all right. a grandfather in florida got a special that was not on the menu when he had lunch at his favorite restaurant. he looked up, and he saw someone small but familiar coming toward his table. >> oh! ♪♪ ♪ >> buddy >> that little guy, by the way, is his grandson, aiden he hadn't seen him in months aiden traveled 800 miles with his mom to surprise his grandpa, greg grandpa was so overwhelmed, he didn't want to let him go. >> he like wrapped his arms
8:09 am
around him twice, what a sweetie. that was a good one. >> wow good one. >> thank you. >> a lot of people waiting for those. coming up next year, we're talking about the tributes to prince philip reminding people of his tender side, including how he helped the kennedys during their time of need. but first, these messages. [ heavy breathing ] allergies with nasal congestion overwhelming you? breathe more freely with powerful claritin-d. claritin-d improves nasal airflow two times more than the leading allergy spray at hour one. [ deep inhale ] talking about the tributes to
8:10 am
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8:13 am
we are back on a monday morning. carson joins us. we're continuing to remember prince philip and celebrate his remarkable life. >> that's right. among the many things he is being honored for, his tenderness as a father and grandfather, and not just to members of the royal family. >> kelly cobiella is at buckingham palace with more on this kelly, good morning. >> reporter: hi, good morning to you. yeah, it's no secret that prince william and prince harry were incredibly close with their grandfather, but we're hearing more now about just how he helped them through their darkest day. prince william has said it is one of the hardest things he's ever done. he was just 15 prince harry, 12, walking for a mile behind their mother, diana's, casket. their grandfather, prince philip, right there next to william. in the bbc documentary "diana's
8:14 am
seven days," prince william said it wasn't an easy decision, it was a collective family decision, one he agreed to because, at dinner the day before, prince philip promised to walk beside him. >> it was a question of, if you'll do it, i'll do it that was him as a grandfather saying, if that's what you want to do, and if you want me to be there, i will be there. >> i think there is a reason prince william agreed, despite hesitation at the beginning, to walk behind his mother's coffin. it was because his father and also especially his grandfather were also doing it he thought that if he was going to be standing there so close to him, it was all going to be all right. >> reporter: harry said walking behind diana's coffin was something no child should be asked to do. later confessed he was glad he took part. decades earlier, in washington for president kennedy's funeral,
8:15 am
prince philip reportedly comforted another child, john f. kennedy, jr. author brandis tweeting it in "a death of a president." based on hours of interviews with jackie kennedy. >> when jacqueline kennedy was looking for john jr., she opened the door to the play room, and there on the floor was prince philip down on his hands and knees playing with the little boy just laughing and having a good time. >> reporter: a year and a half later, this touching footage, philip holding jfk jr.'s hand on a visit to britain william and harry close with their grandfather to the end, keeping in touch through the pandemic >> both my grandparents have seen archie running around my grandfather instead of pressing leave, he just goes >> reporter: happy memories of the man who gave them strength on one of their darkest days and he wasn't just extremely
8:16 am
close to harry and william, but really all of his grandchildren, all eight of them keeping in touch with them as well as his great grandchildren during the pandemic in fact, his last two great grandchildren to be born were both named for him guys >> kelly, when history looks back at prince philip's legacy within the royal family, a lot of people said it will include his role in modernizing it how was he able to do that >> reporter: yeah, you hear a lot about that he did it in so many ways. we talked to former communications secretaries and other people within the palace they tell you all sorts of stories about how, for example, he brought in cameras in the 1960s to show that the family was just a regular family, sort of but at least, you know, making them feel more accessible to the british public he was interested in lots of things, like aeronautics and engineering and tech i mean, guys, think back to 1998 right? we didn't have these the internet had maybe 100
8:17 am
million users. it was prince philip who was the one who said we've got to get the royal family on the web. he's the guy who got them online >> he said, #royalfamily, if i recall >> i'm sure we'll have more this week, kelly. thanks so much appreciate it. >> really sbinteresting, what a life met all those u.s. presidents. so much history. it'll be a week of remembering dylan, let's get a check of the weather. weather wise not a great week for most of the country we are looking for some showers, cool temperatures in the northeast, back to the great lakes today. even some snow across the northern plains. the west coast looks nice, 60s and 70s, lots of sunshine, warm in the southwest by the middle of the week, more snow in the rockies. those cooler temperatures continue to move back into the great lakes. 40s for highs, and then 50s for highs along the east coast, although interior areas should get into the 60s we will also see the likelihood of some storms developing along the gulf of mexico by the middle
8:18 am
of the week, and then on friday a coastal storm could bring a little bit of snow to some of the higher elevations in the northeast. although most areas will see some cold rain, temperatures in the 50s, very chilly again back through the denver area, through the rockies, moving into the plains where it really just looks like a fairly below average we good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. let's take a look at our seven-day forecast. we'll see our highs in the inland areas reaching up to 80 today. we will continue with sunshine throughout the rest of the week, but it will be slightly cooler and the winds pick up tomorrow, so we're looking at highs that will reach into the low-to-mid-70s over the next several days. going into the weekend, temperatures get a slight boost heading into the upper 70s and 80 by sunday. and san francisco will mostly see highs in the 60s. thank you. carson daly has some "pop start" for us.
8:19 am
what you got we've got a big one here to start, dwayne johnson the rock took to social media over the weekend to respond to a surprising poll that asked americans whether they would support him in a bid for the presidency "pop start" correspondent and nbc news now anchor joe fryer has more joe, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning for decades, dwayne johnson has dominated every industry he has taken on, from wrestling to hollywood to business. now, is he ready to jump into l? the political ring, as well? >> can you smell what the rock is cooking >> reporter: dwayne "the rock" johnson is far from rock bottom. fighting from the wrestling ring to become hollywood's highest paid actor >> we're not going to make it. >> reporter: now, could the people's champ become the people's president nearly half of americans would approve of johnson as president according to a new survey. not sure our founding fathers ever envisioned a 6'4" bald, tattooed, half-black,
8:20 am
half-simoan guy joining the club johnson tweeted in response, but if it ever happened it would be my honor to serve the people johnson has been hinting at a run for some time. his new show "young rock" positions an older rock running for president. >> our guiding light will be our shared values and love of country. >> reporter: johnson also spoke to willie geist about presidential ambitions for an upcoming "sunday today" story. >> in our divided country, there aren't that many people we all agree on anymore so is that something that still interests you, dwayne? >> i have the goal to unite our country. i also feel that, if this is what the people want, then i will do that >> reporter: but is johnson too fast, too furious to be president? >> daddy has to go to work >> i am passionate about making sure our country is united, a united country, as we know, is strongest. i want to see that for our country. >> reporter: of course, plenty of celebrities have been elected
8:21 am
to office, including former pro wrestler juesse ventura who was once governor of minnesota >> appreciate that see more of willie's interview on "sunday today" in the near future. "saturday night live," this was hilarious. bowen yang made a splash when he stopped by "weekend update" as the iceberg that sank the the to talk "titanic." to talk about the anniversary of the historic sinking the iceberg got a little upset >> i thought this was clear, i'm not here to talk about the sinking, okay? fine, you want to do this? let's do this. first of all, you came to where i live, and you hit me it was midnight. i was chilling before i turn around, and go, like, half my [ bleep ] is gone. it was my best feature i'm literally injured, but all anybody cares about is that,
8:22 am
like, 40 or 50 died or whatever. >> it was 1,500 people. >> why are you attacking me? you said you would be my oprah >> you have to watch the whole thing. >> hilarious. >> funny. >> even that bit is hilarious. i haven't seen it. it's great. next up, "godzilla vs. kong," continues to break records at the box office surpassing the $60 million benchmark in ticket sales this weekend. that makes it the top grossing movie in america since the pandemic began theaters across the country continue to reopen "godzilla" takes the top spot from "tenet," which pulled in over $58 million since its release back in august coming in third, by the way, at the pandemic box office is "croods: a new age," bringing in $56 million. taylor swift the grammy-winning artist re-released "fearless" on friday
8:23 am
with that came new lyric videos for all the tracks one of those lyric videos really stood out. it was accompanied by a compilation of home videos featuring a young taylor with her very first fans, her family. here's a quick look. ♪ i don't know why all the tree change in the fall ♪ ♪ but i know you're not scared ♪ of anything at all ♪ ♪ don't know if snow white's f♪ ♪ i know i had house is near or far away ♪ ♪ but i know i had the best day with you today ♪ >> oh, my gosh. >> so much like her mom. >> i feel like crying after that. >> her younger brother, austin. >> you play old videos, and i just lose it. >> that's so beautiful remember when you took dale for that ice cream, the best day >> yes. >> i was trying to plan a day for hailey so cool.
8:24 am
>> can't stop it >> you're killing us all right, carson. >> thank you, carson. straight ahead, much more from sheinelle in philly with the help of another proud philly girl oh, nobody, just ms. patti labelle. >> look at these sweeties. they are going to take us on a grand food tour to celebrate their favorite local spots in philly the reopening stories giving us all hope. >> amazing
8:25 am
8:26 am
good morning, 8:26. i'm marcus washington. in-n-out late night may soon be back on the menu in san francisco. this week health leaders plan to consider repealing the current 11:00 p.m. curfew. the move would be welcome news for diners who say they've gotten too used to making it an early night since the pandemic took hold. the health department will make the final announcement on wednesday. if approved, it would lift the curfew on indoor dining starting thursday. bars that don't serve food are still allowed to open outdoors. speaking of outdoors, let's look at the temperatures for you today. kari hall is tracking there.
8:27 am
>> hey, we're starting out nice and cool around the bay area. a few clouds still hovering over to san francisco. this will keep the coastal areas cool today and our highs, they're reaching into the low 60s. upper 60s for oakland. in palo alto, expect the high 71 and as warm in napa. we will see a wide range in temperatures and cool for tomorrow with the inland valleys in the low 70s. breezy though and our sunshine continues throughout the rest of the week as the weekend. marcus? >> thanks, kari. i'll have another update in 30 minutes. meet you back here then.
8:28 am
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♪ back now, 8:30, with, remember this, falcon heavy returned to the gulf remember, he was one of the sea turtles saved off the coast of texas during that february deep freeze kerry sanders brought us the live release on friday we wanted to show it to you again, because it made us feel good short time later, the big guy was in the gulf waters, back home >> he took his time, but he got there. >> yeah. should be a live shot, by the way. >> exactly >> he hasn't even written. we'll keep in touch, we will just ahead, we have more from sheinelle in philadelphia a big part of the city's
8:31 am
reopening is the food. well, yes, it is sheinelle and, oh, just a legend with her, patti labelle. philadelphia's own, ready to talk about some of her favorite spots there. coming up in the third hour, did you know steven spielberg's son is making his own mark in hollywood? we are going to introduce you to sawyer spielberg "dateline's" keith morrison will be talking about his latest podcast, another thriller that fans will like >> it is spooky, looking at keith, anyway. dylan, a check of the weather? >> today is all about philadelphia i need some help doing the forecast today we want to bring in beloved meteorologist for our station in philly, nbc 10 we have glenn "hurricane" schwarz. i've always known you as glenn "hurricane" schwarz. i grew up in new jersey and could see you from there chaser for the weather channel. that was back in the '80s.
8:32 am
they had never gone where does hurricane come from where does hurricane come from >> dylan, i was the first storm chaser for the weather channel that was back in the '80s. they had never gone outside to shoot the weather, and i talked them into letting me borrow the car and a photographer drive down to the coast and get blown around in a hurricane. few years later, showed it on tv, and the anchorman just started calling me that. the nickname stuck. >> it stuck ever since we're not talking hurricanes, but you have the forecast for us today. >> no, it's a little chilly for hurricanes it is in the 40s here. it is windy. it just started drizzling. it is miserable. if you think that it is bad here, look at the rest of the northeast. at least we're not getting a steady rain. we're in the 40s look at new england, rain and wind and cold. this weather stinks. big area of low pressure up over the great lakes. now, for the rest of the country, things are a lot quieter. nice and warm down south
8:33 am
some isolated severe storms in texas. believe it or not, snow and wind up in the dakotas. a whole bunch of nothing going on out west. but then that's a problem because they got a drought that's getting worse and the fire danger getting worse. here out west. we will see more of the sunshine in the forecast as we take a live look out there now in san jose. and we are still looking at mild weather, at least for our inland areas. it warmed up into the upper 70s. still cool along the coast with highs in the low 60s. as we go through the forecast, reaching 80 today but little cooler tomorrow as the winds pick up and our dry weather continues through the end of the weekend. >> glenn, i forgot to tell you, when you give a bad forecast, savannah usually throws paper at
8:34 am
you. be happy you're not here in the studio i know you were working from home, doing the weather and the news from home for a year. what was it like once you returned back to studio? >> i'll tell ya, it's like a whole different world. i was couped up in a house, sitting in a chair with a computer in front of me for a year i couldn't get up and walk around, you know, how we love to point to weather maps and -- none of that you're just stuck. it is like being in prison i mean, it was a nice prison, but it was still a prison. now, i'm free. i'm fully vaccinated, and i'm free the world is a much better place. >> even in prison, glenn, you were rocking the bow ties the whole time you are known for wearing those. how many do you have >> well, just so happens that i had a little spare time during
8:35 am
the past year. got to count them. the last time i counted, it was 176. >> wow >> yeah. >> well, you wear it well, my friend glenn, thank you so much for doing the weather this morning making my job a little easier. >> all right thanks for inviting me. >> hurricane. >> glenn, you are top drawer that was an awesome forecast we loved it. >> it was your optimism. >> the weather stinks, but you're still smiling. >> we love it. >> thank you, glenn. >> and there's the drought >> thank you. guys, coming up next, kate snow is going to join us with an eye-opening, new look inside one of the country's most infamous families
8:36 am
this is a no-nonsense message from three. small business insurance is usually so complicated,
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you need to be a lawyer to understand it. that's why three was created. it's a better kind of business insurance. it's only three pages. straightforward. if you own it, three covers it. got a cheese slice for "spokesperson?" that's me. i don't even need to see what's happening behind me to know it's covered. (screaming) this commercial is now over. logo. three. no nonsense. just common sense. welcome back a new book is out, focusing on the famous family, the sacklers, who founded purdue pharma, made a fortune, and gave generously to museums and universities. >> now, their name is tied to
8:38 am
the painkiller oxycontin nbc's senior national correspondent kate snow has more kate, there's a lot in this book zp >> reporter: there sure is a staff writer for the "new yorker" says that over two years, he spoke with more than 200 people, combed through tens of thousands of documents, some never seen before. he told me he wanted to pull the curtain back on the secrets of one of america's wealthiest families he tells the story of three brothers from brooklyn the eldest, arthur, and his little brothers, mortimer and raymond. after arthur passed, the younger brothers and their descendents made billions off purdue pharma's painkiller oxycontin. "empire of pain" paints a stark picture of the sackler family, owners of purdue pharma. their wealth, privilege, and access to power, according to the author, helping them even now escape serious accountability you write about one member of the family saying, i'm short on cash i might need $10 million to get me through that's normal in their universe.
8:39 am
>> right this is mortimer sackler, jr he had a point where i guess he overextended himself, and need ed more cash he needed to go to the family trust. he said, i'm a little short on cash i need just $10 million. he said, $20 million, max. >> reporter: this is not your average family. >> it is not >> reporter: patrick says multiple sources compared the sacklers to the fictional family in hbo's "succession." >> i take over you two under me. >> under you >> can we think about it >> reporter: it is the rise and fall of a dynasty, a family that was a family of immigrants early on a century ago they wanted to make their mark make their mark in new york. they did end up having a huge impact, but i think, ultimately, a very tragic one. >> reporter: more than 2,000 lawsuits have accused purdue pharma of aggressively marketing its opioid painkiller oxycontin and contributing to the opioid crisis keith cites this 1997 email included in court filings, in which a purdue executive tells then member of the board, richard sackler, they're well
8:40 am
aware of the view held by physicians that oxycodone, the main ingredient in oxycontin is weaker than morphine >> they know it isn't true it is stronger than morphine you see the internal emails where they say, this is weird. america's doctors seem to be under the mistaken impression that this new drug we want to offer is weaker. let's not do anything to make them realize that's not true >> reporter: the purdue official writes, it would be extremely dangerous at this early stage in the life of this product to make physicians think the drug is stronger or equal to morphine. purdue representatives declined to comment for this story. richard sackler later said in a deposition that the email conversation was misinterpreted. you describe the family wanting to change the culture and essentially tell people that oxycontin, opioid drugs are safe and not going to hurt them. >> the sacklers and their company, purdue pharma, set out to prove to the american medical establishment that their fears
8:41 am
about the addictive properties of these drugs were overblown. >> reporter: people close to the sackler family point out that oxycontin's label always referred to the potential for addiction, and that the product, which is still on the market, has helped millions of people with chronic pain. in 2010, purdue reformulated oxycontin to make it harder to abuse. representatives of sackler family members who served on purdue's board in recent years say they acted ethically and lawfully at a virtual congressional hearing in december, david and kathy sackler argued the family relied on purdue management. >> let me conclude by saying this what you've heard by the press about the sacklers is most certainly wrong and highly distorted. >> i have to say, i can't -- there is nothing that i can find that i would have done differently. >> reporter: after nearly every state sued, purdue filed for bankruptcy, a proposed settlement would put the company in a public trust with all future profits going towards abatement of the opioid crisis
8:42 am
as part of the proposed deal, the sacklers would pay more than $4 billion $4 billion is a lot of money. >> that's a lot of money there's another way of looking at it too, though, is that it's not that much. they walk away with all the rest of the fortune they've derived >> reporter: the sackler family will likely object to much of what you write in this book. >> i'm sure they will. yeah part of what i wanted to do in the book was - >> reporter: they would say it is inaccurate. >> they will i think that, you know, there's a lot of things you can buy if you're a billionaire i think you can buy your own version of justice but you cannot squander the truth. you cannot stifle the truth. >> reporter: a representative for the mortimer sackler branch of the sackler family told us our focus is on concluding a resolution that will provide help to people and communities in need rather than on this book and an attorney for the raymond sackler branch said this author has refused to correct errors in his past reporting, and
8:43 am
blatantly violated journalistic efforts by refusing to meet with representatives for the sackler family during the reporting of his book u patrick radden keefe said he never refused to meet with them. it is worth noting, to date, no sackler family members have already been charged with any crime related to oxycontin >> you talked about the settlement there, kate is there any legal exposure, future legal battles for the sackler family, or is it case closed >> reporter: this is interesting, savannah. it is a proposed deal. it is not set yet. under that deal, the sacklers would be shielded from future lawsuits, but there's now a proposed bill in the u.s. house that would close a loophole in bankruptcy law, preventing that from happening, preventing individuals like the sacklers from getting that kind of release from future lawsuits savannah >> kate snow, thank you very much >> a lot going on there. thanks, kate. ahead, more of our reopening america series with sheinelle live in philly she recruited the legendary patti labelle. amazing. to give us a taste of the city
8:44 am
that they love so much the local spots that could encourage you, hopefully, to plan a trip there. majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time.
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8:46 am
we are back, 8:45. more of reopening america today series, and sheinelle is kicking it off in philadelphia she's taken "today" food on the road with a very special guest this morning >> good morning. the art museum, good food, and ms. patti labelle. what more do we need good morning to you. >> good morning, darling. >> how are you doing >> i'm fabulous. i can't complain. >> you have been a life-long philly resident, a philly advocate people know about cheesesteaks, but they don't realize there's so much more to offer when it comes to the food scene here in philadelphia >> so much there is booker's. we have to talk about tootsie's, relish oh, gosh, so many, confusion oh, my gosh, so many, so many.
8:47 am
>> what do you think it is about the philly food scene that is special or unique, than some of the other cities we go to? >> well, we're from philly that's why i mean, it is great food in philadelphia people come to philadelphia to go to the restaurants. you know, mr. biden and his family, they have all those great restaurants to go to when you come to philly i go to all of them. i can't go now but i do takeout because of the pandemic. we do what we can. >> so glad you mentioned that. in fact, we have this morning ben bynum, he is the owner of relish, which you talked about, warm daddy's, which i used to frequent and south jazz kitchen thank you for stopping by this morning. >> great to be here. >> on the top of the art mow -- museum steps before we dig in, tell me how it's been for you. >> for all philadelphia restaurant, it's been a severe struggle, as all restaurants throughout the pandemic. we've had to pivot and adjust. it's been a trying year, but we're happy that things are returning the curve, and things will be opening. we're very excited.
8:48 am
>> i wore my yellow for light at the end of the tunnel. patti talked about how important it is to support all of you, even if it's just takeout or ordering in. how important is it to get the community's support? >> it is extremely important i mean, philadelphians, it is the city of brotherly love we stick together. and restaurants are a major backbone of our city it's very important for the support. we've all struggled, and it's essential. >> absolutely. okay, ms. patti, tell me, what's your favorite? first of all, what do we have here i know this is one of your popular plates >> sure. we've got southern fried cat fish with a little bit of a twist. we've got some mashed sweet potatoes as well as turkey, collard and cabbage with cheese and breadcrumb that's melted. >> sorry, i had to do it in my hand. >> what is your favorite >> everything on this plate. i mean, everything the potatoes, the cornbread, the catfish is the best. there's one more restaurant. little delicious. >> tell me about little delicious.
8:49 am
>> it is a jamaican restaurant with jerk, jerk, jerk everything and what are those things called you know >> what? >> the things. the little meat things with bones in the middle. >> pattis? >> no. >> ox tails. >> oh, ox tails. >> we have so much soul food what do you think it is? we have the cornbread here, mac and cheese what is it, to you, that makes the philly food scene special? >> well, i think the diversity philadelphia, we have so many different types of restaurants here all different ethnicities. southern food, fine italian cuisine, french, you name it i think the diversity is something that makes us special and unique hospitality. >> oh, yeah. >> i'll ask you a question everybody talks about your famous mac and cheese. >> okay. >> is there a secret for all of america listening right now? people love their mac and cheese. >> it's so good. >> you have really good mac and cheese recipe, too.
8:50 am
>> i know, but so do they. >> can you give us a secret? >> sure, we use four different cheeses. we use cheddar, some monterey jack, a little bit of swiss and a little bit of parmesan as well >> okay. >> awesome. >> before we go this morning, i will say, philadelphia is the city of neighborhoods. i have so many favorite restaurants. people were asking me mine i'll tell you four of my favorites. >> yeah, what are yours? relish was one of mine. >> thank you. >> hahn dynasty. have you been? >> no. >> they have a location in old city and unit city here in philadelphia the best oh, my goodness, i get the dan dan noodles and dry pot shrimp also, sabrina's. a lot of people know about it for the famous brunch. the best french toast and bread pudding you've ever had. for folks at sabrina's, good morning. love you guys. zorba's is in the fairmont section of philadelphia. when i was tired and didn't want to cook, i get the lamb chops. yourself shoutout to zorba's. finally last but not least, in
8:51 am
center city philadelphia, close to where we are now, el vez. if you're in the area, try their guacamole, you'll thank me we put our picks and patti's picks on thank you for coming top of the steps, and it is a little drizzly, but it is good even if it is cold. >> eat well in philly. >> thank you >> thank you. >> i'll have some cold mashed sweet potatoes they taste just as good cold. >> so good. >> oh, my god, so good >> by the way, patti is on point, whether it is drizzly, whether it's chilly, patti labelle on point >> who is saying that? >> the best. >> we all are, patti we love you. >> love you, guys. thank you, sheinelle we're all starving and want some catfish. thank you. to learn more about sheinelle and patti's philly foods, head to in the third hour, sheinelle is going to introduce us to a hockey trailblazer who is hockey trailblazer who is helping other women fly high you buckle up, start the car,
8:52 am
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8:54 am
welcome back. let's celebrate some welcome back let's celebrate some birthdays, dylan. the smucker's jars going. >> lovely time to spin around the smucker's jar. we have so many wonderful people to wish a happy birthday to. let us start this morning with a happy 100th birthday to shirley blau she is a proud grandma from supny florida, one of the warmer spots today. she's lived in the same apartment for more than 30 years. i guess she likes it. claudia alonzo is from seattle, washington. this seahawks fan is celebrating her 100th birthday and she says the secret to longevity is staying active. dr. antonio from brooklyn is 101 years old. he worked at new york presbyterian hospital for decades and is still a member of its executive committee. lou cornhouser is also celebrating 101 years. this world war ii veteran is from our nation's capital. he worked as an educator for
8:55 am
more than three decades, and of course lou, we thank you for your service. alice hataway is 100 a coffee lover watching from ontario. she says the secret to longevity is also to keep moving. and last but certainly not least, happy 100th birthday to barbara, the entertainer is from amumee, ohio, her secret to longevity, you'll like this one, a glass of scotch before dinner every night. >> glod bless her. >> we're on track. >> coming up on hoda and jenna, we're getting home renovation advice from drew and jonathan scott, and they're celebrating a special milestone. first on the third hour, we're taking a trip to italy for make ahead monday. we've got that and more, first a check of your local news and weather, and more from sheinelle in philadelphia just ahead. have a great day, everybody.
8:56 am
good morning. it's 8:56. i'm marcus washington. more counties are opening access to covid vaccine. that includes san francisco, where over the weekend anyone over 16 and especially hard-hitting zip codes, became eligible. this made for long lines at the
8:57 am
general hospital. a lot of people there were hoping for a walk-up appointment but the only people who got that extra appointment, they actually got there extra early and waited in long for a long time. hundreds of more were turned away. walk-ups are allowed until 3:00 p.m. each day but the number depends on that day's supply. happening now, alameda county also opening access to people over the age of 16. by this thursday, it will be statewide. but the overall number of doses are down this week. we're monitoring the distribution and will have a live report during the midday newscast. also midday, a big day in san francisco. this is where schools reopen for the first time in more than year. getting to this point has some challenges, including a lawsuit filed by the city. still, not all students are returning. only the youngest grades. we'll have more on our newscast and home page right now
8:58 am
8:59 am
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more bubbles for less benjamins our amazing 20% off wine sael is going on now until april 13th at your neighborhood grocery outlet live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the "3rd hour of today." >> good morning. welcome to the "3rd hour of today" on this monday, april 12th. this is fun. jenna, i'm so glad you were here today. everyone else isn't. >> dylan, you were all alone. i saw you there. i couldn't just leave you sitting there. this is like reunited, and it feels so good. >> so my dressing room is way down in the basement, and yours is upstairs. we do not cross paths. >> i love you said yours is way down in the basement. sounds like a home, and it is. >> it is. i don't see you in passing, so this is like


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