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tv   Early Today  NBC  May 3, 2021 3:30am-3:59am PDT

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there are people in the water drowning getting sucked out in the rip current there, and there is people onshore, parts of cpr in progress down below with multiple people injured. >> breaking details overnight. a fourth victim has died and 25 more are injured after a suspected smuggling boat overturns. to india, where supplies are pouring in as the nation of almost 1.4 billion faces the worst onslaught of new covidew d
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marked with demonstrations and growing calls for justice. president biden will crisscross the country this week to promote his infrastructure and police reform proposals. now that more of america is opening up, are people ready for handshakes and close contact again? plus, new science behind dogs we love and bond with, and those we have trouble developing a deep connection to "early today" starts right now glad to have you with us on this monday morning i'm frances rivera. >> and i'm lindsey reiser. overnight the death toll rose again after a boat capsized off the coast of san diego, killing four people and injuring dozens. authorities believe it was part of a human smuggling operation the 40-foot wooden vessel split into pieces after colliding with a reef near point loma emergency crews scramble to rescue those in the water. >> there were people in the water drowning getting sucked out in the rip current there. there is people on shore
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reports of cpr in progress down below with multiple people injured. >> we haven't confirmed the nationality of the people involved, but our agents are with many of them in the hospital and the man who we believe was the operator, agents are with him and suspected smuggler but the investigation is still unfolding. >> it's unclear where the boat came from. the identities of these victims have not yet been released india's medical system is on the verge of collapsing as the country struggles to handle its covid outbreak over the weekend, the nation of nearly 1.4 billion people reported a world record of 401,000 new cases a day. nbc's molly hunter has the latest on the crisis >> reporter: frances, lindsey, good morning there is a stark difference right now between the u.s., the uk and the rest of the world the u.s. has vaccinated about 30% of its population. the uk more than 50% of adults here have received at least one dose of a vaccine. and in india, the world's
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biggest vaccine producing country, they have vaccinated less than 2% of their population >> reporter: every day india sets a new devastating record. over the weekend, more than 400,000 cases in 24 hours. on sunday, its deadliest day yet, 30689 lives lost. >> when the cases started rising up, but it turns out withino idea >> reporter: hospitals are turning away patients, so people who die at home and on the street aren't part of the official count >> no medicines, no cylinders. nothing. >> reporter: sky news alex >> there simply aren't enough health worker, doctors, nurses to deal with the scale of the crisis nearly two weeks on, they're still scrambling from hour to
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hour, trying to find oxygen for these patients. >> reporter: international aid has started arriving from more than 40 countries, but it's not enough from the u.s., oxygen cylinders and oxygen concentrators from russia, 150,000 doses of vaccine. but for a country of 1.4 billion, it will barely make a dent starting tuesday, flights will be restricted from india to the u.s. the move comes as cases in america are falling in more than two dozen states than 50,000 packed the st kentucky derby >> medina spirit has won the cleveland, the nfl draft hosted an excited in-person crowd. at their draft party, the dallas cowboys even offered vaccinations >> can you imagine getting your vaccination right here at the ford center? amazing. >> reporter: on sunday, the milwaukee bucks did the same more than 101 million americans now fully vaccinated, and a
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glimpse of our future. >> for the class of 2021 >> reporter: graduation in fenway park for the emerson class of 2020, who missed out last year and this year's class of '21 hopefully the first of many. now flights aren't being canceled big airlines aren't changing their schedules, but travel will be restricted for noncitizens or permanent residents starting on tuesday. lindsey, frances >> molly, thank you. according to the cdc, more than 40% of adults in america are fully vaccinated against covid. and governor andrew cuomo of new york says more than a third of almeanwhile, an estimated 80,000 new york city employees are scheduled to return to their offices this morning the mayor says a rotating schedule will be used to keep some people at home. in liverpool, england, some people partied in weekend like it was 2019. thousands of people went to a nightclub. and also a big concert under a
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tent now everybody here had to test negative for covid in order to get tickets. and then they had to agree to be tested see how much large scale events like this can potentially spread the virus. very different scene in belgium. police in brussels broke up a large party in a park. you see here they used water cannons. they even used tear gas on hundreds of young people who were defying the country's second national lockdown andrew brown jr. will be laid to rest this afternoon. but his memory lives on in the growing chorus of protesters demanding justice in his death the 42-year-old was killed by sheriff's deputies nearly two weeks ago. a judge has refused immediate release of the nbc's sam brock has more good morning, sam. >> reporter: frances, good morning. for 12 days now, family members ofn and protesters here have been asking for accountability and for the release of body camera footage the family should be seeing more of that this week as in a matter
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of hours they're laying the 42-year-old to rest. as andrew brown's casket was carried into elizabeth city for a viewing -- >> say his name! >> reporter: his loved ones and supporters carried on, explaining their own weapons are their voices and their feet. >> the community leaders, naacp, and the brown family want a peaceful yet powerful response to the injustice of his killing. we're going to apply pressure. >> reporter: after brown's family briefly spoke on a sunny afternoon. >> across the globe, we're going know we're going get justice for andrew >> that's right. >> reporter: hundreds walked the half mile to brown's house >> we're rising. we're the people the people united can never be defeated so we're rising together in this community. and that's what we're about. >> reporter: nearly two weeks ago, brown died unarmed as sheriff's deputies executed a search and arrest warrant. pasquotank county has revealed
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20 seconds of body cam video, but just to the family, though they will see more redacted footage by the end of the week. >> i feel like the tapes should have been released at least within a week not 20 seconds, but the entire tape. >> reporter: a judge ruled against revealing the video publicly for at least 30 days. pasquotank counties says its deputies were firing under threat. >> the officers are very distraught over what happened. they feel for the family of andrew brown we believe that the shooting was justified. >> reporter: now will march around the blocks of this small coastal city, part of a marathon to end a painful cycle, people of color killed in police confrontations >> i'm afraid they're going to try to get away with this. but justice will prevail >> reporter: and a few miles from the demonstrationchurch, p invitation only. reverend al sharpt eulogy, and family members who have also lost loved ones to police will be there in solidarity that's the latest from north
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carolina frances, back to you >> sam, thank you. space x has made history once again the first crew to complete a mission using the futuristic dragon capsule landed safely they made a very rare predawn arrival. nbc's kelly edonnell has the details. >> reporter: a 3:00 a.m. plunge into darkness. >> spacex copy, brace for splashdown. >> reporter: the u.s. space program's first nighttime ocean return in more than 50 years >> but we have visual confirmation of the crew on resilience capsule. >> reporter: a successful homecoming near panama city, florida. >> liftoff. >> reporter: for a nasa mission led by a private company, elap, six months in space at the international space station. >> on behalf of crew one and our families, we just want to say thank you. >> reporter: the crew feeling
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that return to gravity >> that's mike hopkins, the commander. he's really excited. >> feeling pretty good after six months in space. >> reporter: consider this america's last splashdown with the added danger of darkness was apollo 8 in 1968, a celebration of this new era. >> so our goal is one day that everyone's a space person. >> reporter: their dream of commercial travel with a ticket to space kelly o'donnell, nbc news. >> closer to earth let's talk about the severe weather on the move this morning. the national weather service saying a large and extremely dangerous tornado in mississippi. the mayor says a third of the town has lost power. first responders are rescuing people trapped in their homes. there is also widespread damage in the city of tupelo including many downed trees and power lines. no word of any injuries. meteorologist janessa webb has been all over that story on
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twitter. janessa, what more do we know about the severe weather >> yeah, good morning, ladies. good morning, everyone this was long track tornado. it happened about two hours ago where about 100,000 people were under a tornado emergency that has been lifted at this hour now we're just watching this storm system continue to expand north and east lsd watching a line of storms that's causing some severe weather, severe thunderstorm warnings they're just expiring. you see it's quite a light show from the high plains to the upper midwest. today once again, the severe threat will not -- will continue across the midwest into the upper tennessee valley we currently have 40 million enhanced risk for thvere and is
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across san antonio into the deep south. more on the severe weather coming up. ladies >> we'll hear from you then. thank you, janessa. >> thank you eight people, including an infant are recovering this morning after a serious car crash in ocean city, maryland. the crash happened on maryland's route 90 bridge yesterday afternoon, and officials say that infant was thrown from a vehicle that you see here was teetering over the edge of the guardrail. someone nearby jumped over that guardrail into the bay to save the child who had fallen in. all of the victims were taken to the hospital the cause still under investigation. when weapon return, signs of ckshvehe bala or r comments about transgender athletes do it! run your dishwasher with cascade platinum. and save water. did you know certified dishwashers... ...use less than four gallons per cycle, while a running sink uses that, every two minutes. so, do it with cascade. the surprising way to save water.
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she commented that trans women should not be allowed to compete in women's sports. the former olympian, who is running for california governor telling tmz, quote, it's an issue of fairness, and we need to protect girls' sports in our schools. the new stance appears to be the opposite of her previous position on the topic which showed support for transgendered athletes north carolina agricultural and technical state university is reporting record donations. they have raised $88 million since last summer when its fiscal year began. that's nearly six times what it usually gets annually, and the fiscal year isn't even over yet. the uptick in funds began last year after the murder of george floyd and other hbcus have also reported unprecedented increases in it's back to class for president biden today. he is visiting two schools in virginia to highlight how his infrastructure plan would revamp the nation's education system. but before that can happen,
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he'll have to bridge the divide with republicans nbc's chris pollone joins us now with more. chris, some signs of progress over the weekend >> reporter: and frances, that's right. democrats and republicans are now saying the right things, indicating they might be willing to work together to improve the nation's infrastructure. but in reality, it sounds like they could still be billions of dollars apart. the biden white house has proposed a $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan. it includes billions of dollars for things that you think of as infrastructure like roads, bridges, railway, things of that nature, but it also includes billions of dollars to move the nation's economy towards a more at the price tag and proposing a smaller package. they also don't like the way that the biden white house proposes passing getting the funds to pass this bill by rolling back some tax decreases
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and closing loop holes >> the president had a great conversation with senator capito last week. we invited her and a group of republican senators to the white house in the next couple of days hopefully. we're going to work with the republicans. we're going find common ground. >> there i believe is a deal to be had if we leave out things like the green new deal and recyclable cafeteria trays and climate justice. because 500 to $600 billion of infrastructure is a massive amount of infrastructure we ought to start with the core. >> more common ground between democrats and republicans possibly, frances, on a police reform bill. republican senator tim scott from south carolina says he has been making progress in negotiations with democrats. >> finding that commona finals p out abto add another ring after a slam-dunk proposal
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fast forwarding into monday. vice president kamala harris will swear in former astronaut and senator bill nelson as the new nasa administrator the swearing in comes after the announcement that vice president harris will chair the national space counsel. >> vice president harris will also -- she is also set to make history as the keynote speaker for this year's commencement ceremony at the u.s. naval academy. she will be th 28th.
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and the billboard music awards have their coach. nick jonas will lead the event which will air live from los angeles on may 23rd right here on nbc the seattle storm announcing that ring season continues after reigning wnba finals mvp breanna stewart proposed to her girlfriend, marta zargay she popped the question in phoenix over the weekend zargay hasn't played in the league since 2016, but is making a return this season and is currently in training camp with the phoenix mercury. so much to look forward. to. >> congrats. i think that's papa go in the background dogs that are snub-nosed, young or playful especially those that respond to visual cues are the most likely to look you in the eye dogs like bulldogs, boxers, pugs, they're more likely to look you directly into the eye
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from pandora jewelry. as more people get vaccinated and start to safely venture out, a new problem is presenting itself. to shake or not to shake cnbc's jay wells takes a look at the future of america's favorite greeting ♪ >> reporter: are you ready for hand-to-hand come back -- i mean contact? maybe not. you're offering me your hand >> you don't want to shake it? >> okay, let me think about it >> reporter: as we ditch zoom for the outside world, the pressure is real. >> let's do it
3:57 am
a year ago, dr. anthony fauci said handshakes should maybe go away. >> i think i threw that out there to get people to start thinking much more about personal hygiene. >> reporter: but it's been a listening year we've got plenty of hand sanitizer now at the ready, and we could all use a hug well, maybe not everyone what about hugs? >> i have no problem with hugs you want a hug >> reporter: i'm good right now. thank you. micah meyer of beaumont etiquette said no one should feel pressure to shake hands and she suggests several alternatives. >> the first is the grasp and greet, which is two hands, one in front of the other over your heart. and then a nod and a verbal explanation. so for instance, oh, i'm going contactless. i want to make sure i keep you nice and safe. >> reporter: her second option is put your hands behind your back, stop and nod your head other cultures have long greeted each other hands-free. that's me crying at my son's
3:58 am
wedding in japan but in america, it's all about the handshake. it's a greeting, a contract. it's hard to measure a person by their firm elbow tap >> so culturally speaking, the handshake dates back to the fifth century bc and used to shake hands to show you didn't have a weapon are you shaking hands? >> i'm shaking hands to anybody because i've been vaccinated. >> reporter: so while some will stick to the fist bump or more extreme measure, hoping to never touch anyone or get sick ever again, some americans are ready los angeles.t. >> i'm okay without the handshake. >> there is always the air hug. >> a big air hug fan we can go that way too. >> i'm with you. big birthday wishes are in order for princess charlotte the young royal turned 6 yield parents kate middleton and prince william released this adorable picture to celebrate. it was taken by the duchess of
3:59 am
cambridge herself this past weekend. happy birthday >> really cool pictures kate middleton has been taking of the family too great to see. >> thanks for starting your week with "early today. i'm frances rivera. >> and hope your monday is off to a gre startat
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♪ breaking overnight, the death toll has risen to four with another 25 people injured as a suspected smuggling boat capsizes off the coast of san diego. global emergency, india has set a worldwide record for cases as hospitals are overrun with new rushing with supplies we're live with the latest some aft most ardent soccer fans shutting down the fields. we'll tell you why


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