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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  May 5, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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and repeatedly stabbed two asian women, up in her 80s and another in her 60s. she screamed and turned around and looked at him. >> reporter: lee believes the stabbings were unprovoked. >> that's when i saw the other lady go on her knees and i saw that she was bleeding from the back. >> reporter: the family of the 85-year-old victim created a goefnd page. the ing family says their grandma was stabbed through her right arm and the knife went into her chest. she's now at sf general recovering from surgery. police say the other victim also remains hospitalized and that they arrested thompson two hours after the attacks. he's being held on charges of attempted murder and elder abuse. >> i can say it was a hate crime. i can't say it's not a hate crime either. regardless, he's the only one who has the answers to that. >> reporter: and district attorney dean says he expekts to announce the formal charges
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tomorrow. now as for patricia lee, the flower vendor that i spoke to, says she would feel a lot more comfortable if she saw additional police presence, especially here along market street. that's the latest here in san francisco. i'm mel can a colorado. nbc bay area news. >> thank you. >> the familiar lift one of the victims released the statement saying san francisco is my home and my grandma's home. we need to feel safe where we live and not be in constant fear. please keep her and our family in your thoughts and prayers. this is the gofundme page. it raised more than $50,000. exceeding the family's goal of more than 1,000 people so far have donated to help the family after this stabbing. >> we are also following breaking news overseas and the impact it's having on two families from the bay area. at the time of the crime they were teenagers from marin county. now they are two young men sentenced to life in prison in italy for killing a police officer. raj joins us now with the verdict and the family's
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reaction today in court and family members were there today in italy. >> reporter: a lot to digest here. what's happening here, what started out as a summer vacation in italy a couple years ago has turned into a tragedy and now a life sentence, and for many people this is simply a stunning verdict. finnegan lee elder and gabriel hjorth have been found guilty of killing a police officer in 2015. as of tonight it's a life sentence, italy's harshest penalty. let's show you what's going on. we just got this video now from rome. the two men who grew up in mill valley are being walked into court. finnegan elder, now 21 years old and gabriel hjorth, 20 years old. prosecutors say elder stabbed a plain clothes police officer 11 times whilor hjorth hid the knife. the italian judge reading the
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verdict there after the jury deliberated about 12 hours. italian law states even though natale are hjorth did not stab the police officer, he was an accessory to the crime and could also get a life sentence. as the two left the courtroom dramatic images here. finnegan elder's father who was there traveling to italy yelled finnegan, i love you. we also saw the widow and brother of the slain police officer hugging an emotion, of course, after the verdict. this happened back in italy when the two marin county teenagers attempted to buy cocaine. this was the crime scene. july 26th of 2019. they said it was a botched drug deal and they didn't know the man that they killed was a police officer. elder and hjorth were both classmates in mill valley. now the lawyer said that they will appeal this decision. if not, the two men are eligible for parole in 21 years.
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we will have more on this story coming up on our 6:00 newscast. we'll send it back to you. >> thanks very much, raj. in a matter of weeks people as young as 12 could get the green light to roll up their sleeves for the covid-19 vaccines but a lot of parents a little unsure about whether it's a good idea and whether they want to go through that. a pediatrician was asked for some input. the fda could be just days away from approving the pfizer covid vaccine for kids as young as 12, but are parents ready to approve it as well? >> i'd be 100% comfortable having my daughter get vaccinated. >> reporter: dave brown from fremont says his family wants to protect his 13-year-old daughter ayla because she has a pre-existing health condition that makes covid-19 even more dangerous. >> in addition to protecting her and our family, i think we all look at it as doing our part to help the community. >> reporter: but according to nbc news a recent study found more than 25% of parents are not ready to let their children get the covid vaccine.
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some worry about long-term side effects. stanford pediatrician dr. allen schroeder says he thinks it's very natural for parents to worry but tells us that for teens the virus is far more dangerous than the vaccine. >> i want to try to reassure parents that based on what we know right now, it seems like it is a very safe and highly effective vaccine. >> reporter: pfizer's trials in the 12 to 15 age group showed the vaccine was 100% effective in stopping symptomatic infection. dr. schroeder explains side effects are similar to adults but may be better tolerated in kid. he also tells us that health experts have heard the fears that the vaccine could negatively affect kid' development or fertility and says you shouldn't be too worried. >> there's no boy logic reason to suggest that that would be the case at this point. >> reporter: this bay area mom has confidence in the vaccine and supports her 14-year-old in getting it. >> getting the vaccine for her will just make us a lot more
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comfortable in her doing, you know, getting back to regular life, meeting friends, going back to school. >> reporter: that parental approval is critical since anyone under 18 must have a parent with them to get vaccinated. the fda is expected to authorize pfizer's vaccine for 12 to 15-year-olds next week with the goal of vaccinating as many as possible before the next school year. >> okay. there is a new goal from president biden now. he wants 70% of the country vaccinated with at least one shot by july 4th. you can see most of the bay area is in green which means that six counties, 70% of eligible adults have gotten at least that one shot and then you come over here in red, and you can see they are not making that 70% slot. napa is actually the closest right now with 65% of adults partially vaccinated. now, what about fully vaccinated
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adults? all of the counties are below that 70% that you can see right here. some are really below, like 45%. marin does have the most with 62%. right, so far so good there. again, these numbers represent the percent of adults vaccinated. to get to that herd immunity of at least 70% which really they prefer 80% of the entire population, we'd have to also include children be vaccinated. >> a big reopening for san francisco tomorrow. the city will officially move into the yellow tier, the least restrictive covid tier. here are a few of the key changes. bars can now open indoors for the first time in more than a. capacity though will be capped at 25%. indoor gyms and wineries can increase capacity to 50%, and outdoor live events can operate at 67% capacity as long as all guests show a negative covid test or proof of full vaccination. well, the mass vaccination site at the oakland coliseum will close late they are month. public county health officials
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say requests for appointments have drastically decreased. more than 70% of people in alameda county as jessica just showed you have received at least one shot. the site will stay open until may 23rd. facebook is still unliking former president trump. today the social media giant says it will not yet lift the ban on his account. facebook banned then president trump the day after the january 6th attack on the u.s. capitol. its independent oversight board voted today the decision was justified but the board also criticized facebook saying it could not ban the former president indefinitely. >> having an arbitrary penalty like that actually impedes and potentially affects freedom of expression rights for users around the world. >> reporter: facebook now has six months to decide whether to put a time limit on the former president's suspension, make the ban permanent or let him back on while monitoring for violations. former president trump now
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relying on email accused facebook, twitter and google of stripping his free speech an calling, it quote, a total disgrace and embarrass not our country. >> gubernatorial candidate john cox made headlines coast to coast by taking a live bear on a campaign stop with him yesterday. we showed that to you. today at treasure island no bear. cox continues to list california's problems, many caused by the pandemic, but he's not long on solutions, some say, or how to pay for them. >> we can build affordable housing. we just need to cut regulations and cut the lawsuits. we can deal with homelessness. we just need to get people treatment, treat the addiction, treat the mental illness. moving them into a hotel isn't going to correct the problem. >> the bear is used in cox's new ad to illustrate his theme that california needs a beast to handle its problems. he claims governor newsom is really the beauty who only caters to special interests.
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governor newsom made covid shots his message of the day noting on twitter there are more than 30 million shots in arms so far in california. he adds that reaching california's not yet vaccinated requires new strategies including community-based approaches which is something oakland has been pushing from the beginning. caitlyn jenner promised to veto a tax increase if elected governor. today she detailed her plan saying it includes reviewing state regulations and removing restrictions that block verls, charities and other interested parties in building affordable housing. >> while, making it in the bay and in any u.s. city could get harder now. federal moratorium on evictions. the centers for disease control created the moratorium to help people hold on to their homes during the pandemic, especially when people lost their jobs. the judge ruled that the cdc overstepped its legal authority by using the moratorium. the department of justice is now
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appealing that ruling. when we come back, a trip to the grocery store turns into a shocking confrontation for a young san francisco boy. tonight what happened inside that has people so upset. >> and making it easier for you to get your first or second covid shot. a place now offering walk-up appointments. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. another warm day with plenty of 80s and a few 90s inland, but we're starting to see changes. fog rolling into san francisco. we'll talk about this and a storm sis them a will help to drop our temperatures tomorrow. i'm back if it a few minutes with that. when we welcome our viewers in the west, we'll have details on peloton's decision to recall its tread mills after a series of dangerous and fatal mishaps. also what's behind a rights wave of baby boomers taking early retirement and what you should know if you're considering the leap. more tonight on "nbc nightly news."
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they need to be ready for anything. i hope you're ready. 'cause we are. . while in the south bay two attacks, one suspect san jose police are looking for a man riding a small bike and wark an orange vest. that's the picture. 8:00 p.m. wednesday he stopped a jogger in a neighborhood off meridian avenue south of 280. he started to chat and then attacked her. police say the woman managed to escape and a short while later he violently attacked another woman. both women weren't seriously hurt. they describe the man a little different but they agree he's short with a medium build and in his 20s. >> dozens of people protested in support of a young boy in san francisco today. that's because last week the
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black fifth grader says he was falsely accused of stealing at safeway. this is the crowd marching before gathering outside of the safeway on market street in san francisco. jamari oliver says he bought a sandwich and paid for it at the deli counter. before he made it to the door security guards stopped him and accused him of stealing. oliver showed they will the receipt but it wasn't enough. finally the store manager let him go. the san francisco teacher says this is an xamptle of racial profiling seen across the country. >> so when you think about racial profiling an 11-year-old boy, is this going to lead to what happened to george floyd and what happens across this country? >> safeway released a statement saying it strives for an environment where everyone is treated with courtesy, dignity and respect. clearly this instance fell short of our expectations. >> well, in any normal year san jose would have lots of cruz and big celebrations on cinco de mayo, but this year the community is finding a way to
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make covid and more importantly covid vaccines part of those festivities. nbc bay area's robert honda joins us from san francisco bay where a covid vaccine clinic opened up in the middle of a part. >> reporter: there's certainly a more festive cinco de mayo party here and than last year and now there's a party going on and shutting down covid is part of the celebration. a pop-up clinic in the middle of a cinco de mayo dell brace in san jose. the public health department resurrected a former vaccine clinic on story road and turned it into a drop-in vaccination center just for the holiday. the chance to target the underserved population of east san jose was too much of an opportunity. >> if they are gathering we're hoping they wouldn't but if they are here anyway we want to make sure we can capitalize on the event and make vaccination available. >> lines started forming once the clinic opened.
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some people said they knew they waited or stalled long enough and here was their chance. >> you see a lot of people in your community getting it. it kind of motivates you to also want to get it. we're all in it together. >> reporter: the mexican heritage plaza welcomed the clinic. the clinic administers hundreds of shots a day. demand has gallen off so much appointments are no longer necessary. if people are truly into the cinco de mayo spirit, you should get vaccinated. >> if you're interacting with other community members and family and friends who who have not been vaccinated then you're putting them at risk. it's important to celebrate responsibly. >> the clinic will be open a couple more hours and the partying will continue long after that but officials say hopefully the cinco de mayo celebration will lead to more people rolling up their sleeve to fight the pandemic. in san jose, robert hanada, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, robert.
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no more wake up at midnight to hunt for appointments. cvs pharmacies are now offering walk-in vaccinations. you can make the appointment and get the vaccination as soon as an hour later and cvs is updating its online scheduling tool regularly to account for cancellations. it's easy to search by city for a cvs that's offering the vaccine. >> let's bring in meteorologist jeff ranieri. still warm inland today, but we saw the temperatures start to cool off a little bit closer to the water. >> just, just a little bit here near the coast line and beginning to get some differences. yeah, it was uncomfortable for some of our inland valleys out there. i know for some of you just way too hot. look at this. concord up to 91 degrees and walnut creek, st. helena, morgan hill 90 degrees as well. we're starting to see things change. i know it doesn't feel like it. you can see it here in san francisco that fog is rolling in and pretty thick, and that's definitely dropping our
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temperatures. here in san francisco down five degrees cooler and two in novato a. and that translates into cooler temperatures tonight. we'll keep this in play as we move through tomorrow. there will be other weather changes moving in that will drop every single city's temperatures as you're definitely going to feel it. that heat that we had today and the past couple of days will start to move off towards the east away from us, and then we get a cold front moving in and that will switch it up for us. there is some rainfall with it and right now all of the rain chances, unfortunately, will be heading off to the north. we get some cooler weather in here. we're soiled for at least a ten-degree drop. tomorrow morning you can see over the south bay we'll start at 50. tri-valley 451 with a mix of sun and clouds. going down to some of my chilliest weather here in the north bay, probably need a light jacket to start. 48 for you, san francisco 53 and east bay some patchy clouds and 52 degrees. temperatures as i mentioned will
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be dropping tomorrow everywhere so down in the south bay instead of the mid to upper 80s. here we go, back down 2074 in los gatos and heading through the microclimates the wind will be pick up so it will be breegz out of the northwest at 19, and we'll see high cloud cover move into the afternoon as the system passes across. through the day tomorrow it will feel different for you. out in concord 77 degrees and chilly 60s right through the bay and in the peninsula. 58 here in half moon bay and san francisco 660s here through downtown and the mission go anywhere near the coastline and you'll be in the 50s. right through the north bay, 73 in novato and 57 in napa and right up towards clear lake 76. on my seven-day forecast here in san francisco, we keep these on again off again wind gusts right at the coastline 15 to 35 miles per hour through this weekend. daytime highs staying in the 60s with the morning lows dropping down into the 50s. so some fairly typical weather here for san francisco. i think you'll definitely notice
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a lot of differences for the inland valleys. we have comfort and weather the next couple of days. in the 70s. wind tomorrow. 15 to 35 and then we heat up this weekend with that wind increasing 15 to 35 so that's going to increase the fire danger, and look at this. this is just unbelievable here. we're going back up into the upper 80s as we roll into next tuesday. 89 degrees and close to more record-setting heat. safe to say we have gone from spring. we've jumped. we've catapulted right into summer, and i know we're split on this. jessica, you love the heat so this is good for you bull janelle, not a fan and don't want to turn on the ac. next two days for you, jessica, that's for you. >> looking forward to the 70s. you're looking forward to the weekend. >> that's for sure. >> thanks, jeff. come up, a long time record store on the peninsula goes up in flames. what police are now asking for.
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and what you should know if you're considering the retirement leap when we see you tonight on "nightly news."
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- ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program call or visit firefighters are on the scene of a deadly car crash in san ramon. the crash happened just after 1:00 this afternoon at the intersection of crow canyon and belanger canyon roads that. area is closed off and police are telling drivers to use norris canyon road to get from san ramon to alameda county. >> had a longtime music store record man caught fire at become in the morning. the flames burned the exterior walls breaking one window. fire fighters were able to put it out in about 15 minutes, but they say there's significant water and smoke damage inside. police are calling the fire suspicious and are asking anyone for information to call them. we're back in a moment with a longtime expansion that will help people in need.
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tonight at 6:00, covid concerns at a high school in walnut creek. the event that he had to multiple cases and dozens more students being forced into quarantine. that story and more tonight at
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6:00. >> and then coming up in just a few minutes on "nightly news" with lester holt. peloton putting the brakes on its treadmill. a potentially dangerous design flaw that people are worried about coming up in just a few minutes from now >> the most prominent feature of the san francisco skyline and now we're learning more about the plans to open the salesforce tower. mark benioff reported that employees will return to the office on may 17th and have to be vaccinated in order to do so. they will be required to get a covid test twice a week on site. the company has given employees the option tor. well, the need is so great that a bay-area food bank is adding on. san francisco marin food bank breaking ground on a warehouse expansion adding another 32,000 square feet to its current 55,000 square footwearhouse and two loading trucks.
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this will allow them to handle 18 trucks a day up from 12. the food bank estimates it will distribute 80 million pounds of food this year. >> even though the pandemic seems to be ending soon, the need for food and families needing help is so great and so immense right now so this expansion is good to hear. that does it for us. jeff ranieri will be back at 6:00 to talk about the weather today, a hot forecast. >> yeah. >> things are cooling down, and we'll be back at 6:00. >> see you then. bye-bye. >> lester holt is next.
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tonight, the covid pandemic and new signs of hope as we head towards summer, the cdc projecting a sharp decline in cases by july if vaccination remain high. and major steps in reopening, the yankees and mets lifting capacity limits for vaccinated fans, and tickets going on sale for broadway's comeback but it comes as vaccine demand plunges. daily doses below a million for the first time since february. the growing push to convince hesitant americans to get the shot also, the facebook oversight board upholding the ban on donald trump after the capitol riot at least for now what comes n


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