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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 430  NBC  May 9, 2021 4:30pm-4:59pm PDT

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the news starts right now. >> thanks for joining us on this mother's day. we begin with the weather. it's hot. it's dry and windy. it's going to be that way for a while. a live look outside right now. fire danger is here. so far things have been a little calm for firefighters on this sunday. let's check in meteorologist
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about all this. >> temperatures did come down a little bit in a few hours. you're at 82 degrees. notice thehumidity. air is moving across the bay. you see the wind speed anywhere from 15 to 30 miles an hour. the humidity number still quite dry. concord just 11%. look at the 24-hour change. computer models are forecasting for the same humidity numbers by mid-afternoon tomorrow back to single digits. we saw this yesterday. tomorrow is shaping up to be a hotter day. more wind and lower humidity levels so the red flag warning not expiring at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. it's been extended another 36 hours. temperatures over the next two days trend hotter and drier. we'll take a look at the warming
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temperatures in the forecast tomorrow and when the dry winds start to back off in our our nbc bay area app. it's free to download. conditions. now to our coronavirus coverage, the race to vaccinate continues. the 49ers are teaming up with santa clara county in an effort to get more teenagers vaccinated. the plan involves offering more parks to get more teens show up for the covid vaccine. teens between the ages of 16 and 19 are invited to stadium from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. some teens will get to visit the locker room while the first 100 in attendance get giftbucks and. the teens must live in santa
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clara county. bringing vaccine to your work. the clinic operated by safeway be open this tuesday through thursday. give the first dose of pfizer to those who show up. it will return in three weeks to give the people their second dose. those working in airport concession, rental car companies and flight crews are among those eligible to get a shot. across america, families are reuniting for mothers day. celebration very different from a year ago. it comes as more people are refusing or reluctant to get vaccinated. jennifer johnson has more. >> reporter: a long awaited more normal mere's day. family members embracing after beingapart for so long. >> it's so good to hug you. >> yen. >> reporter: it comes as covid-19ccinations dropped by
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two million a day. >> if we get 70% of the people vaccinated by the fourth of july, one single dose and even more, you may see blips but if we handle them well, it's unlikely you'll see the kind of surge we saw in the late fall and the el winter. >> reporter: several states are request the administration sentds a fraction of their orders as vaccine hesitancy. >> we're at 58% today. we got a path ahead of us which will involve getting people even easier access to the vaccine. people making sure that people build their confidence. >> reporter: the biden administration has embarked on a quarter billion dollar community program that includes using trusted messengers to encourage reluctant americans to get the
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shot. >> it could be sports figures. it could be entertainment figures. it could be clergy or your family doctor. >> reporter: next step is getting children vaccinated. if you look at polls, there's a whole group of folks that agree with liz cheney. for us to win in 2022 and 2024, we need everybody. we need those who feel as liz, we need those who feel as lindsay. >> several coming to the defense of liz cheney this morning. a lack of loyalty to former president trump. vote will likely strip her of her leadership position in the party. larry, thanks for being here. liz cheney, one of ten house republicans voted impeach
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donald trump january 6th. what messages pending removal to republicans in office? >> not only republicans in office, but republicans everywhere. we have two things going on. one we've got this incredible loyalty test with respect to former president trump. you're with him or you're not. if you're with him, fine. if you're not, watch it out. along that line, liz cheney is a victim or about to be one. with respect to that, that means the republican party is basically chasing out somebody who is much more conservative than the one likely to replace her which is strange in itself. the second issue is the important one. beyond those in office, it's those wh party shrink, shrink, shrink. we're seeing women leave it. we're seeing suburban folks lever it. we're seeing older people leave it and a number of loyalists in that party while loyal to the
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president, for sure, is a smaller number than we have seen ay get through the 2022 elections because of the unique congressional districts, how small they are and how undivided they are in terms of democrats and republicans but with respect to 2024, republicans right now are looking at a very, very tall mountain to climb because their numbers are getting so small. that's where this whole thing becomes so confusing and mysterious to those of us watching it. >> why are republicans going to this extreme? this is extreme going to get rit of a conservative women for a less conservative woman. he lost the last election.y thi? >> best guess is the party is floundserring. they don't know where to go. they don't have in any core. they used to be the party of the
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balanced budget, no tariffs. all that went away with donald trump. the party is much different. they don't flow where they're going and the only thing they do know is donald trump says he will lead them. donald trump has a very forceful voice and not having any place else to go, they're lining up with donald trump. it's a big, big gamble but they seem to be making it. >> they may get the house back, the senate back. that would be interesting and the presidential election a couple of years later. an nbc news poll says more republicans support the party than that do mr. trump in is for the first time since the summer of 2019. i think if you want to win, if you take a look at the polls, republicans are changing away from, they seem to be changing away from mr. trump is the one and only thing to getting back to the party idea. this doesn't seem tom be holding
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much way in the house or the senate. >> that's the big disconnect that we're talking about. the leaders are going in one direction. the party is struggling to go in the other. the voters and unless there's a real strong connection between those two, the leaders themselves are likely to lose an awful lot of clout as time goes on. you know, those people who want to see a strong two-party system, they've got a reason to worry now. it looks like the republicans are really beating their chest and talking a big game but the facts are the numbers are dwindling. we know that. to the extent the republican leaders continue to deny the big lie, the big lie being, of course, that we know the insurrection was lead by or encouraged by president trump and fold up by his true beny that, that will only chase true republicans away because thblem that the
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republican party has. they better fix it before they become an asterisk. >> thank you very much for being here today. up next, it's a stark look at our climate in crisis. >> it's not really a river anymore. it doesn't even make it to the ocean. >> how rising temperatures are impacting the water supply for millions of people. first, we want to wish all mothers a very happy mother's day. this is our director with his mom. he says she's small in stature and the rock of their family. he's a fantastic guy who keeps show running. >> that's right. >> thanks very much for having him. a happy mother's day. >> you did great job.
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in crisis series as california's droug a megadrought in the south western part of the country is shrinking reservoirs and putting the region's supply at severe risk. >> reporter: the colorado river supports 40 million people and millions of acreses of agriculture as it flows southwest. in recent decades, the river has been gripped by severe drought made worse by climate change. lake meade, the nation's two biggest reservoirs are fed by the colorado and are half empty. >> this is the second worst 19 year period going back 1200 years. that's a megadrought. since the year 2000, the colorado river had lost about 20% of its flow and about half
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of that loss is due do rising temperatures. >> reporter: construction of glen canyon dam created 186 mile long lake to create rocky mountain snow mount as a back up to lake meade downstream. today the so called bathtub ring shows how far the reservoir has fallen. >> it was hugely controversial at the time because of the environmental impact. i think if we were considering building that reservoir today, it wouldn't happen. >> reporter: with climate change, many in this fast growing region are wondering just how low reservoirs will sink and what that means for the southwest economy and eco systems. >> it's not really a rymore. it doesn't make it to the ocean. it's a river without integrity. we have totally captured and
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imprisoned it. that's not right. >> reporter: in 2019, seven states signed a historic drought contingency plan with limited cutbacks meant to stave off severe water shortages and disruptions. scientists project the water management challenges may only get tougher as the planet warms and the colorado river basin dries out. gary striker for nbc news. as the fire season intensifies earlier than normal, some people are still recovering from devastating wildfire. this year people impacted by the lightning complex fire got some help through a program that's been providing aid since september.
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people stop by for things they need. the program is run by the boulder creek rec and park department. more 90s in tomorrow's forecast. it's more like summer. 85 degrees in walnut creek. the wind is a bit different. it's coming out of the west. instead of being in the 90s, things have cooled a bit. speaking of cool, there's san francisco down to 64 degrees. west wind at 14 miles an hour into livermore. another spot seeing humidity. pretty nice. we'll have temperatures mostly in the 70s. 76 degree and dropping into the 60s overnight but not so nice, the allergy report in is what's
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attacking your sinuses. you have high pollen counts for walnut, pine and cedar, grass pollen still moderate and without any rain that continues to be an issue around the bay area. for the morning, we'll have mild temperatures where the morning might start in the 60s. low 50s around san jose. coolest temperatures out on the coast. sea breeze is keeping things chilly. 64 degrees in half-moon bay but the numbers starting to climb up again. san francisco in the mid-70s. look at the 90s. areas east at 680 tomorrow. mid-80s for san jose. the red flag warning gets to tuesday evening.
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some of those inland humidity levels could be back in the single digits driven by the north winds. you see the hills around napa up to 34 miles an hour. ongoing winds into monday night and tuesday. second half of the week we'll catch a bit of a break as we see a sea breeze coming in and cooling temperatures. a system dropping down the coast. i know it looks exciting. there's some showers passing by but a storm passes inland over land typically for us that tends to be dry but cooler as we head towards next weekend. san francisco temperatures set to rebound through the middle part of the week. warmest day likely to be tomorrow. same story for the valley as more 90s in the forecast next few days. red flag warning expires at 6:00 and trending cooler with more wind but for now still no rain rain and hoping for cooler
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temperatures. >> that's why i wore red to match the graphics. still ahead, it was literally a test run as olympic organizers gear up for the games. we are honoring moms this mother's day. here is rob with his incredible wife sarah and their kids. >> the twin-nadoes. >> happy mothers day.
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>> we have to recognize the diversity of the asian american spirit. there's face selfing element of being female and asian american. you never want to boast or put yourself in the limelight. i think that times are changing and we have a responsibility to respond. the city's name is part of our company's name. we shouldn't exist unless we're having a positive impact on the community and giving back. >> you can see more of that interview by visiting nbc sports bay area website. that's first few days wasn't going to be able to do things that i love. >> his career almost ended before it even started. we'll introduce do you the south bay water polo player who over came the odds and will be
4:53 pm
representing team usa in tokyo this summer. first, we're wishing aum mothers, including those here at nbc bay area a happy mother's o producers. the amaing rosa with her kids and her mom, linda. we hope you have a happy mother's day, rosa. >> here is our assignment editor with his mom, virginia. john says his mom was a blast. had a great sense of humor. happy mother's day to all of the moms out there.
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fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time. the countdown continues to the tokyo games. it will be the the olympic spotlight. >> a member of the water polo team from freemon. we're introduced to jack turner who had to overcome something more than it away.
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>> reporter: this summer when you watch jack turner play gold for team usa in water polo, this is an athlete whose career almost ended, twice. first time jack tells us coming the very first day he ever tried the sport at san jose college. >> i remember almost drown on mull approximate occasions. face under water. just feeling somehow this even possible. >> reporter: it was not just possible for jack. he truly became serious what ma with the sport and take it as far as i could.
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>> reporter: on a stretch of highway 101 august 2017, jack's career almost ended for a second time. returning late at competition, a time i didn't kn had broken my neck but i fractured two vertabrae. the first two days it went from not going be able to do things i ever loved again like play party polo, surf, walk. definitely some dark days. >> reporter: jack, fortunately, could walk and taking it step by step made it back to the national team in just five months knowing his olympic dream came that close to ending. jack knows jumping into the pole in tokyo will mean that much to
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him. >> lit be on the four year anniversary of the accident. you have to win that to make it to the medal round. i think that day will be like the day of reckoning for me. it's going hit me all at once. >> reporter: pause of the pandemic, jack had to wait one more year for that date. he says that wasn't the problem. overcoming challenges, that's something he's gotten pretty good at. >> try to get through the car accident, i can get through this. up next, strong winds sticking around a bit longer than we want. a live look from our walnut creek camera. we're tracking a red flag warning for part of the day area is extended. mother's day celebrations are looking different from last year. how families are celebrating today. we are continuing to honor moms on this mother's day.
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you know this man. a single mom who raised three boys. >> she's a super hero. >> happy mother's day.
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