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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  May 14, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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costco and walmart also revised their mask mandate. some customers didn't seem surprised that some retailers aren't waiting. >> it's new. it's very new. it is a new step but i belief that maybe other corporations will follow their lead. >> reporter: still throughout the day we saw the vast majority of customers at trader joe's leaving their masks on. one customer telling us there is still too many unknowns. >> given that there is a lot of people who don't believe in the vaccine and i think that lifting the mandate is just going to give them free access not to have to wear a mask, i just want to protect myself. >> reporter: now, the state has said it is still evaluating the recommendations. the health department is waiting for that response for guidance. but they emphasized that masks are required under the current guidelines. we reached out to major chains. safeway responded saying at this
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point they plan to follow state and local regulations. live in san jose, robert handa. >> thanks, robert. that is you still have to wear your mask. you have to have them before you can ditch your mask if you are fully vaccinated and if you want to. the first step is the cdc issuing guidance which of course we know it happened yesterday. then the state health department needs to agree it's the right time for california to adjust its mask mandate which currently is still in effect until june 15th. then local counties have to adapt the state guidelines. each county's health department has the discretion to decide when that county will lift its mask mandate. we understand keeping up with the changing mask guidance can be confusing, and we're here to sort it all out for you. head over to our website and click on the updated mask guidance link on the trending bar. well, masks and vaccines, two lines of protection against covid. and much of it really comes down
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to elt nisty. take a look at this graph behind me. this is the percentage of people in various ethnic groups who are fully vaccinated in santa clara county. the black community, 40% vaccinated. you see it right there, fully vaccinated. latinos 25%. more than 50% of whites. and asian americans nearly 70%. 30% of the black community, 28% of latinos. the number much higher again for whites and asian americans. and this could be helpful. a pop-up vaccination clinic in san jose. this is at city hall. the focus is on the unhoused community, but anyone can get the shot. >> focus for the city of san jose and the county to make sure the vaccine is accessible to everyone. i think that's what we're doing today. >> also on site, a team that can make housing referrals and set up transportation to a shelter. dueling events in san francisco today.
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two very different approaches to address the increase in violence against the asian-american communities. the district attorney held a summit while opponents called for him to be removed from office. christie smith joins us live with more. >> reporter: well, here, a few vocal people saying in light of these recent attacks, they don't believe enough is being done so they march to the d.a.'s office. >> we don't think he's taking it seriously. >> reporter: outside the hall of justice, a group of demonstrators stood to denounce a string of attacks on asians. >> asian-americans, the aapi community, are the most targeted. we have a long list of victims, which is not even the complete list yet. and this is a list of victims since he's been in office. so it's very alarming for us. >> reporter: she led the group and says it's time for the d.a. to do. >> we do want to recall him.
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we do not want innocent people going into jail or prison. however, if somebody did commit a crime, then he should take it seriously and put them behind bars. >> how we can better investigate and prosecute hate crimes. we talked about concrete tools that we can do to improve the legal system in response to and prevention of hate and violence against the aapi community. >> reporter: demonstrators say it's too little too late. >> the majority of us are disgusted and feel like there is injustice here. >> reporter: now today we did reach out to opponents of the recall effort, and they shared a statement today from former supervisor that read, in part, the misinformation and division created by the recall does nothing to keep our city safe or help victims of crime. she also pointed out that he was
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in court and that he did host a forum in collaboration with community leaders. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. thank you. a small brush fire highlights how dry everything is right now. it started this morning right off 280. firefighters had a hard time getting to this fire because of the steep terrain right there along the peninsula. you can see cal fire with its aerial attack dumping water from helicopters there, putting out the fire quickly once they were able to get to it. >> let's go outside right now. you can see a little hazy, a little foggy. but firefighters are taking no chances. crews in reading, morgan hill staffing up this weekend because of potential thunderstorms. let's get to jeff who is tracking it all. jeff, when can we see this roll
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through? >> tomorrow really is the focus for the thunderstorms getting close to us. you will see it is already becoming active right now on the radar. the other thing i wanted to draw your attention to is over mount shasta until 11:00 p.m. tonight because of these thunderstorms right near the california-oregon border. five of those lightening strikes. we all know it only takes one lightening strike and we could see a fire get set. there is just not enough rain fall with it that would help to extinguish any kind of fires that would start. top hazard would be lightening strikes. but we're paying attention to this because, of course, these storms are expected to move off towards the south as we roll through tomorrow. let's get you a preview of this. tomorrow morning 1:30 in the morning early on. more storms to the north. drizzle and fog. but as we roll through the afternoon, you can see those thunderstorms bubbling up over the sierra and eventually i do think we will see a small piece
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of that breakoff with some chances here over ukijah. it is too close for comfort rmt thunderstorms are always very rogue. they go on their own path. there is that chance we could get a little bit here in the bay area. we'll talk more about this timing through the weekend and get you ready to go with these temperatures. >> jeff, we'll see you shortly. how about this from last night? marin county still buzzing about yesterday's unusual visit by this black bear in a backyard right near selma right inside, right near downtown. it's the third bear sighting in a residential neighborhood in the past two weeks. but it is not just bears that people are having close encounters with. jody hernandez has more. >> the folks who live hearsay that bear hung out in the big tree for hours before it finally shimmied its way down last night. they have no idea what attracted
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the bear to their backyard. >> one leg down, other paw down, other leg down and it moved very, very rapidly. >> reporter: larry described the way the bear scaled its way down his oak tree before he sauntered down the sidewalk. the most unusual animal encounter he's ever experienced in the three decades he's lived here. >> the wildest thing around here are the squirrels, and we've got a lot of those. >> reporter: i think it is entirely possible that we haven't seen the last of him. >> reporter: the veterinarian says they have seen a spike in wildlife patients being brought in this year. this baby raccoon was dropped off this morning, dehydrated and hungry. the team at wild care says climate change may be sending animals to new areas. >> we worry that's going to
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become a bigger issue as we go through the summer here. >> reporter: a bear was also spotted in sebastapol last week, much closer to populated areas than most can recall. and close encounters with coyotes have become all too common as well. while it is tempting to try to help them by giving them food and water, don't. >> number one thing is don't feed them. i have a feeling a lot of these animals are being fed by people. >> reporter: it is unclear what brought yesterday's bear. larry said he didn't bother a thing, but hopes he finds a home with his own kind. >> i hope he has companions wherever he goes so he feels he's got a community. >> reporter: jody hernandez. >> quite the unusual sighting. historic and trance formal nation are the words governor
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newsom used to describe the proposed budget with a surplus. he's provoezing $7 billion to expand broadband, $1.5 billion to help small businesses. free transitional kindergarten for all california families along with another round of stimulus payments he outlined this week. it was asked if the extra money means republicans are right and california's taxes are too high. >> they need to talk about taxes in california, not just taxes on the high-end earners in california. but look at tax policy throughout the state, including property tax rates in the state that are more modest than the vast majority of states that they often identify as more tax friendly. >> california voters approved the last tax hike in 2012. lawmakers get the chance to add their own budget guidelines. the governor is tweeting his budget highlights, including
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those stimulus payments. he says the state's $76 billion surplus is proof that the state will be roaring back from the pandemic. first step is another round of tax rebate checks. $600 for two-thirds of californians. plus an additional $500 for folks with kids. the governor says he's excited about $1 billion grant program for those who lost jobs with offers of schools, new training or starting a business. and he's going big on homelessness, devoting $12 billion for the biggest homeless housing increase in state history. when we return, a capitol clash between bay area congressman eric swalwell and a staffer were outspoken georgia congresswoman marjorie taylor greene. the heated exchange over masks on the floor of the house of representatives. and another step closer to normal. prom is back on for one south bay school. the strict covid protocols one
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high school is taking to make sure kids can celebrate and dance safely. and it's a fog storm. you can see the fog. also a little drizzle there in san francisco. we'll show you how much you can expect and an update on our thunderstorm chances coming up. when we welcome our viewers in the west, what those new mask guidelines mean for families with young children. also the new warning for the feds. scams costing unsuspecting americans huge losses. more tonight on "nightly news."
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swalwell is in the headlines for a mask issue. someone demanded he take his mask off inside the house of representatives. he tweeted that he had a mask on as he stepped off the floor yesterday. a staffer for georgia representative marjorie taylor greene reportedly yelled for him to take his mask off saying even the president said it's okay. he tweeted he told the staffer don't tell me what to do but in more explicit terms. house speaker pelosi has not lifted the mask mandate on the house floor citing it is not clear how many lawmakers have been fully vaccinated. well, every day seems to bring a new sign of normalcy. prom is back. that's a big part of high school. damien is at notre dame high with a closer look at the final preparations. >> reporter: the prom will be held under strict covid protocols. just coming on to campus today, they took my temperature and i had to attest that i did not have any covid symptoms.
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>> it crosses in the front. >> reporter: you won't find a more excited pair of teenagers. >> i got mine from macy's. >> reporter: the high school friends are going to the program. >> i'm super excited. you know when you are younger and you dream of these moments, right? >> reporter: the all girls notre dame high canceled its prom last year, but this year it is back. it will be outdoors. but it comes with very strict protocols. >> the first time we had a problem is they can't bring a date. they have to have a mask. they had to have a covid test, a negative covid test within 72 hours of the prom. so we did testing on campus yesterday afternoon. >> reporter: not to mention social distancing. but all the rules were not enough to keep the event from selling out. >> it is just exciting that something is happening and we're so grateful the school was able to put something together for us. >> reporter: each student can
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bring two parents. but first it's the big party. it won't be a traditional prom but that doesn't seem to bother the girls at notre dame. >> i have never dressed up this much for a dance. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. okay. we were talking about our prom dates during that story. it comes back to you, right? >> i know. nice memories. >> many stories i could tell later. >> that's for the midnight newscast. take it away, jeff. >> it is great to see some kids being able to get back some of that stuff that, you know, we were losing there throughout all of these covid times we have been dealing with. let's bring it right into that weather forecast. we have been talking about the chance for thunderstorms. we wanted to give you the lay of the land so you can see where the instability is right now and what our chances are as we head through tomorrow. you can see the red flag fire warning until 11:00 p.m. tonight. we have lightening strikes.
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you can see it right there. the california and nevada border. just takes one lightening strike to start a fire. bone dry conditions out there. so once again, some lightening in the forecast here. wind gusts of 40 miles an hour. and we're paying attention to this because these same storms you can see right here our chances will be moving off to the south as we move to tomorrow. let's show you how things will develop. 1:30 tomorrow morning. we have fog and drizzle here for us. isolated thunderstorms there to the north. but then as we roll through tomorrow morning, watch over the sierra. you will start to see things bubble up here once we hit 11:30 in the morning. so gets going there. then eventually we will see that instability move towards us right there. again, too close for comfort. they could see it move down towards napa and santa rosa.
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that's why we're giving you this early head's up. at 8:00 p.m. we're seeing this activity through the central valley. and we'll hold on to some of this activity right there near gill roy in the central valley until 3:00 a.m. on sunday. it is to the north and east of us for the most part, but again it's so close. we will keep a close watch on this through the weekend. tomorrow morning we get that fog back with us. it will be chilly. temperatures in the low 50s. so kind of a gloomy start. but on a start morning might help you sleep in a little bit later if you have had a long, busy week back at the office, this will be good for you. we have those clouds as well over the north bay and 48. daytime highs will not get too hot. remember last weekend we had the 80s and a few low 90s. 73 in concord.
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then we got our 50s right there at the coast. in my seven-day forecast, on and off wind as we role through next week. monday 15 to 25 miles an hour and 15 to 30 next wednesday and thursday. we will keep the daytime highs in the 60s. morning lows in the 40s to 50s. across the inland valleys, you will be very happy with these temperatures over the next seven days. stay in the 70s right where we should be. the only thing of concern besides saturday and that thunderstorm chance would be dry wind next wednesday and thursday we will also keep our eye on. i think overall, the temperatures are down for us as we head through the next week or so. i'm still thinking about prom and, yeah. >> me too. >> it's a long time ago, but yeah. >> decades ago. >> wonderful memories. thanks, jeff. well, the streets of san francisco are coming back to life. the iconic streetcars will start rolling again. we will tell you when.
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now california phones offers free devices and accessories for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program call or visit not yet for our cable cars, but our streetcars will begin rolling again. the f line that goes from the castro to fisherman's wharf is starting up tomorrow as well. muni service will reopen. today city leaders took a celebratory ride to fisherman's wharf. >> so this is a good day for san francisco. we're on our road to recovery. we have, you know, a need to make sure our transportation system is up and running and
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getting us from point a to point b. >> also tomorrow a new bus routes are debuting along with upgraded wifi service. the cable cars are expected to remain sidelined until the fall. space force, the newest u.s. military branch is coming to california. it's moving to a central coast site that has some launching rockets for decades. renamed today as vandenberg space force base. the ocean made it ideal for missile tests and orbital launches. a container ship is on fire about 50 miles off the coast of monterrey. the coast guard tweeting these photos. crew remembers reported the engine is on fire. a unified command, including the u.s. coast guard say that california and marines are responding here. the ship called the nyk departed
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from canada. 24 people are onboard. there are no reported injuries. okay. we will be right back with a special graduation ceremony, social distancing style. it's beauty, - [macaw vo] pretty boy. - or the beast. - the beauty, - [macaw vo] pretty boy. has failed. the beast, john cox, will shake up sacramento, cut taxes.
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it's beauty, - [macaw vo] pretty boy. - or the beast. - the beauty, - [macaw vo] pretty boy. has failed. the beast, john cox, will open schools, get our economy roaring. learn about california's nicest, smartest beast at tonight at 6:00, could this
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be the way of the future? oakland's police chief thinks so. how community policing helped deescalate a dangerous situation. that story and more tonight at 6:00 sglrchlts next on "nightly news," answers for parents out there. what to know about the vaccine for your kids, summer sports and camps and indoor events with your children. "nightly news" in just a few moments. well, here is a new one. a carmensment. >> graduates and their families from 2020 and 2021 arrived at the hayward campus by car. family and friends had to stay in the car, but graduates got to get out, go to a staged area, be recognized and have their picture taken. >> it means a lot. i worked hard to get here. made a couple mistakes in my life, but there is always time to turn around and get your degree and do something good for yourself. don't ever give up and don't ever give up on your dreams.
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>> wow! i love that! >> he should be the speaker. >> yes. good for you. graduating students didn't seem to mind this new covid way. this is what they wanted, right? you just want to walk across the stage, get your picture taken in your cap and gown. >> we talked about graduation. we talked about prom. >> what's next? >> this is a throwback friday. >> it is good to see that. as we get a look right now at the radar picture, the one thing we wanted to draw your attention to in case you missed our earlier update, you have a red flag fire warning because of lightening strikes. we're already seeing those develop and the threat is there for us tomorrow to see some of this move near the bay area. the other thing we will be following tomorrow morning is all of the fog and the drizzle to start. so we have the cool fog, the drizzle and then the possibility of maybe a few of these afternoon thunderstorms tomorrow. holding it at 50% chance right now. all in all temperatures very
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comfortable. next seven days in the 70s. much better than the 90s we had earlier next week. >> we will be crossing our fingers regarding the lightening. >> "nightly news" is next. tonight, the celebration and the confusion as americans unmask after that major change to cdc guidelines several states lifting their mask mandates after the cdc said fully vaccinated people no longer need to wear masks or socially distance in most situations indoors and outdoors other states including new york, new jersey and california and major retailers leaving their requirements in place for now. and what do the new guidelines mean for children too young for the vaccine? in the middle east the most intense bombardment yet in gaza israeli troops are


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