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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  May 19, 2021 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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a little clearer. i feel like it's kept me on my game. i'm able to remember things. i'd say give it a try. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. good morning and thanks for joining us for our midday newscast. i'm marcus washing fop. the new york state attorney general says that her case against the trump organization is now a criminal investigation. scott mcgrew, i know that case was already looking into the trump family's real estate. >> yeah, that's right, and whether the organization, marcus, was defrauding banks or tax collectors. now this started as a civil case, one that perhaps would end in a fine, but now it's much more serious. now state attorney general laticia james criminal investigation parallels a criminal investigation already under way by the manhattan
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district attorney who is looking into, among other things, whether trump and his organization lied about the value of trump buildings to avoid paying taxes or to increase the number of loans it could get by infreighting the value of those buildings. the allegation is that the trump organization would inflate the value it owned of the buildings in order to get the loans. remember, the trump organization had a tough time getting loans after defaulting on several. then deflates the estimate value of the building when it pace taxes in order to pay less. now, if this goes to court, prosecutors may have a powerful witness, trump's own attorney at the time, michael cohen, testified about the alleged price change when he spoke to congress under oath in 2019. other news, senate minority leader mitch mcconnell says he'll oppose a 9/11-style commission and examination into what happened and why on january 6th.
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mcconnell says it would duplicate other investigations that are already under way. republican leadership in the house a saying it would be political. house democrats say they want to understand how so many attackers were able to get past police and what motivated them to be there and how to stop another attack in the future. the some republicans are playing down the attack. one congressman from georgia compared it to a regular tourist visit, though internet users have found pictures of congressman clyde looking terrified helping to build barricades to keep those attackers out. now the house will vote on this 9/11 commission this evening. it will likely pass considering that the democrats have the majority. republican leaders have told members not to vote for it, but a it's not clear it a many of them will listen. we'll see how many republicans cross over and say they do want to have some sort of 9/11-style commission. >> i know you'll have that
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information tomorrow morning on "today in the bay." right nowbert police are searching for a suspect after an asian american woman was attacked and robbed. this was on a train. b.a.r.t. doesn't believe that this act was an asian hate crime. many are asking when will this stop. cierra johnson is live this midday with details on the attack. cierra. >> reporter: yes, good morning, marcus. we've been in communication with b.a.r.t. police and right now there's no arrest from this situation, although they are saying it is not a hate crime that many right train are in the aape community and find the situation very unsettling. take a look at your screen. this is what that woman, the victim, looked like following that attack. b.a.r.t. police said she was riding b.a.r.t. towards 16th and mission statement around 8:00 monday morning when a man approached her that. man demanded her phone. he yelled curse words at her and hit her in the face several times of the right now b.a.r.t. police say those words used against her were not asian slurs
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and, again, they are not describing the crimes as an act of anti-asian violence, but many advocating for the protection of this community saying something has to be done. now b.a.r.t. police saying it is an active situation, an active investigation. they are combing through that surveillance video from the station as well is a the train, and we will stay in communication with them to see if they have made any arrest in this situation. we're live. cierra johnson for nbc bay area news. >> cierra, thank you. law enforcement says that it's looking for at least two people in connection with yesterday's shooting of a party bus in oakland that left two teenage girls dead. nbc bay area's bob redell is live for us this midday. i know there's a reward now leading to an arrest. >> right, marcus. oakland's police along with crime stoppers, they are offering a $40,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest of the suspects who shot hat that party bus early yesterday morning. on board that bus a group of
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young women celebrating a friend's 21st birthday. two teenagers were killed including one still in the hospital in critical condition. oakland police and chp believe that this was not a random crime, that the shooters who were in another vehicle targeted the bus around 12:20 yesterday morning. this happened in observing land as the bus is returning from san francisco. about 70 bullets hit the bus and one of the women killed was a 19-year-old mother from oakland. her child turns 3 on saturday. the other killed, zoe hughes of modesta. she was just 16 years old. her mother spoke at a vigil last night demanding justice for her daughter. >> zoe was the sweetest. had the best heart. her smile when she walked into a room, you fell in love with zoe. >> reporter: law enforcement has not indicated whether or not
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they have any leads in this case nor have they released any information about possible suspects or a description of the suspect vehicle. again, they are offering a $40,000 reward. both chp and crimestoppers, remind you, they have their own respective tip lines that you can call into if you have any information. reporting live, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> bob, thank you. happening now, the bay area's largest counting easing covid restrictions. santa clara county is now in the yellow tier which means gyms can reopen indoors at 50% capacity. some of those restaurants as well. now bars can open at 25% capacity indoors. live outdoor venues. they can welcome people back at 67% capacity. the county is requiring employers to determine the vaccine status of its workers. that has to be done within 14 days. workers can decline to say but then they will have to follow covid rules. some experts say employers are with their rightevent in my
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opinion a employer from asking their employees are you vaccinated? even do you have proof of vaccination? we want to see that. >> santa clara, san francisco and san matteo counties are the only bay-area counties in that yellow tier. as for the rest of the region, the east bay and much of the north bay are in the orange tier, but solano county still in the red tier. here's a county supervisor on the possible reason why. >> i attribute it to the fact that people have covid -- they are tired of covid. they are tired of staying home. they are tired of being told what you can and cannot do. people want to get back to life the way it was prior to march 18th of last year. >> right now solano county has an adjusted case rate of nearly 7 per 100,000. it needs to be under 5.9 to move into the orange tier. the positivity rate is at 2.5%
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which meets orange tier threshold. well, should businesses be allowed to require proof of vaccination from their customers? well, the majority of california voters say yes. that's according to a new uc berkeley survey t.finds two out of three people believe places like concert venues, sports stadiums and casino, they should be allowed to check vaccination cards and a majority also say that businesses should be allowed to require negative covid tests to allow customers inside. now, if you're not vaccinated just yet, well, you have an opportunity to do so in the east bay right now. pleasanton is teaming up with safeway and giving out pfizer shots at the senior center. it's by appointment for anyone over the age of 12, or you can find another spot. just head over to to start planning now. there is a push in sacramento to end distance learning for california's students and soon. state assemblymen of san francisco is pushing to end a waiver that allows for at-home
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learning. in a normal year schools get state funding for attendance but the districts, they were actually given a pass at the start of the pandemic. the team is calling for that to end next month saying the distance learning hasn't worked for all students. there's good news if your travel includes europe. americans who are fully vaccinated no longer have to quarantine or be tested for covid when they are visiting the european union. the ambassadors came to that assess president and agreed to that. leaders of eu counties in countries there are expected to approve it tomorrow. it's not clear when tourists will be allowed to travel but it will happen soon. the eu is also expected to ease the criteria for nations to be considered a safe country which will expand travel even more. and if you're traveling around the bay area, well, you know what, probably got some good sights and this is a live look for you right now closer to the weekend, and this is the port of oakland, okay, eyes and sunny out there, a little cloudy
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out there but not too bad. meteorologist kari shall here with a look at what you can see across the bay area today. >> yeah, it's going to be another beautiful day, but the winds are starting to pick up. let me show you the temperatures that you'll feel if you're getting ready to head out for lunch or going for a walk. it will be the mid-60s right now in oakland and we're in the low 60s for much of the south bay. upper 60s for brentwood and we're seeing upper 50s right now for parts of the north bay all across the north bay but our temperatures will be a little bit cooler compared to yesterday as we reach mostly into the 60s for today, and it's going to be quite windy, especially later on this evening as the wind advisory goes up. we could see some of those gusts and some of our mountains reach over 50 miles per hour. we're going to talk about and also where there will be rain and snow. that's coming up in a few minutes, marcus. >> kari, thanks. new at 11:00 a peninsula police officer jumping into action to save a driver whose
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car crushed bursting into flames. the mountianview police department posted this video to twitter. officers say last thursday officers responded to a crash on central expressway. this is at ravendale. officer hrbek saw a man in the middle that have man with other cars driving past that scene. the officer pulled that victim to safety and started doing cpr. that victim is expected to survive. drugs or alcohol do not appear to be a factor in this case. >> well, just n. writer and comedian paul mooney just died. the 79-year-old passed away at his home in owning land from a heart attack. his publ publicist is saying that. mooney was richard pryor's longtime wright partner and also the head of writing for "in living color. "the twitter account posted this saying the godfather of comedy one moon, many stars to all in love with this greatup, making in the bay really getting even
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harder for first-time home buyers. the new numbers that show the staggering cost of homes. and fire season has already started here in the bay area, and there's had a major problem. not enough firefighters working for the u.s. forest service. the reap many of those workers are going to other agencies. but, first, our american -- asian-american and pacific islander heritage month shines a spotlight on a literal top chef. melissa king lives in san francisco. in 2012 she was a finalist on the show top chef winning the title of fan favorite and today we slate you, melissa.
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well, the fighting between israel and palestinian militants raging on for a tenth day. there are reports president biden is encouraging israeli prime minister netanyahu to ease the attacks on gaza. israeli air strikes are red ham
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into israel are slowing down, they are still causing damage moved all of its patients underground. nbc's richard engel is there. >> reporter: what is it like to be operating in what is effectively a bunker? >> it's actually this is the best way to feel like safe during all the bombs. i counted like a few days ago more than 80, 8-0 alarms in 24 hours. all the hospitals are in the bunker. >> the fighting has killed at least 200 palestinians and dozens of people in israel. the opening bell of the new york stock exchange this morning where the stocks sell off and pick up steam following fed minutes. the dow drops 350 points. it's down 377 points right now. some of the new numbers showing more bay-area real estate getting out of reach for
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first-time home buyers looking to just make it in the bay, and i'm sure you've heard this saying before. home prices are soaring. well, here's some proof for you. here's a look at the latest year-over-year percentage association jumps. the bay area's median home price hit $1.3 million. this was back in april. counties that saw the biggest jumps in that period contra costa with nearly 40% and then napa, alameda and santa clara. san francisco had by part smallest jump at just under 6%. u.s. forest service faces a big manpower shortage for its seasonal firefighters. leaders tell the "l.a. times" that it just cannot compete with state fire departments like cal fire not to mention local fire departments. those hot shots travel the nation protecting national forests. the hiring in california is especially challenging because entry level firefighters are offered less than the state's
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$15 mainly. staffing levels in california are now at a all-time low. new impact this morning from the bay area's extreme drought conditions. more north bay residents are being asked to cop sever that water. last night santa rosa council members adopted a 20% volume think reduction in water use and this move comes after recent drought declarations for mend seepo and home? a counties. meteorologist kari hall has been tracking that. certainly we're seeing the effects on the hillsides. you can see they are all brown right now but we just need to be careful out there. >> yeah. even just something as pulling off to the side of the road can be dangerous if your car is on fire or something like that or if you have anysparks of any kind because the vegetation is so strong. maybe you're about to head out
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for crunch and the wind is pretty calm. the wind had get even stronger. take a look al the. forecast for the rest of the day. wrid to upper. here's a look at all our high temperature. martinez will reach 69, 69 in livermore. 67 in patio, and san francisco will see highs in the lower 60s. once again with the wind for all of these areas shaded in this amber color, we're going see the coast and the wills under this wind liz atonight and early morninging morning. hong at the many -- wind gusts up to 80 miles per hour in san francisco. make sure everything is all secure and red for the high
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winds. we also need to be prepared for the potential this a small fire could get spread very rapidly because it will be so windy. the vegetation is pry dry but we're not upped a rhett flag warning. interest will be relative humid till town to 39s and there's a storm kiss was will just to the east of us and the spots that will get snow will be above 8,000 feet and that's over the course of a few days. we could see anywhere from 1 to 5 inches of snow. not a lot but it is great to see as we approach the end of may. we're going see our temperatures staying cool for the next few days and then start to warm up by the end of the weekend and some of our warmest spots inland will head into the low 80s while san francisco will see those temperatures in the low to
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mid-60s. marcus? >> thanks, kari. well, as part of our coverage today, we are recognizing a bay area artist's tweet. 29 years old and independent artist making music on her own terms. she's raising a vietnamese family and even here in the bay area she was always trying to fit in, and they said things changed when she took a chance on herself. >> i think growing up because i didn't really see anyone that looked like me in media, i never thought it was a career choice. i never even thought it was possible. ♪ you can be anything that you dreamed of ♪ >> reporter: definitely want to pave a way in the music industry where it's just more representation of just ashapp-americans in the music industry in general. this isn't an anomaly. i'm not an anomly. i want people to look in the future and see so many
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asian-americans in media and film that it's a career choice. it's a possibility. >> what is that like for you as an asian-american to create this sideways that really hasn't been formulated for you to fitness. >> in college i wanted to be bhond so bad and to fit in with all these girls and to do all that and not fit in. at the end. day it's being through to who i am, being proud of who i am, which are come, from my culture, my identify. >> and i think that's important are because always many. as opposed to there's nobody that can do me as best as i can do me. >> i keeled to in.
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-- it may be scary putting myself out there, but at the end of the day i need to do that because i need to live my truth. >> what do you hope people get from your music? >> truly i hope that. member -- if i was heartbroken or upset. is in a song that you now go to? >> this is the sipping that i go to to make your life stay -- ♪ sometimes i feel like i can't go ♪ ♪ like i'm a stranger in my shoes ♪ ♪ i cry and i pray ♪
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♪ don't fight what you can't cry ♪ ♪ don't cry ♪ >> true talent there. so amazing. if you want to joint conversation maybe by watching more of that go to our ashapp-american coverage. go to our facebook page as well as nbc president come/raceinamerica. coming up, polices in the city where a lie crop has been spotted and right now the president of the international olympic committee is trying to reassure a worried japan that the olympic game will be safe. more than 80% of the athletes and the olympic village will be
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vaccinated by
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. neighbors on alert in san francisco keeping a watchful eye out for this. you see right there on your screen. no, that's not a kitten. that's a mountain lion spotted several times this week on security cameras. this is on gavin street near 281 interchange. fish and wildlife says that the cat has been -- has a tracking
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collar and this isn't the first time that it's visited the city. the two previous times the cat left on its own. >> we're obviously doing increased patrols, but hopefully the mountain lion has actually turned around and began back to the peninsula. >> the cat was also spotted early tuesday and if it's spotted again police say they will set up a perimeter and then they will decide how to safely remove it. well, let's try to come here an get some of the nice weather that we have, kari. >> yar, absolutely. we're going to continue to have some of these really nice comfortable temperatures for the afternoons, but today we're really concerned about those winds. that wind advisory starting at 5:00 this evening and continuing into early tomorrow morning. once the wind cam down we go back to our nice quiet end of the weekend.>> thanks for joini pour midday newscast. next one coming up at 5:00 and we're always on
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most common side effects are headache, nausea,... diarrhea, trouble sleeping, tiredness, and anxiety. ask your doctor about dovato—i did. right now on "california live," vick's got wedding dresses that can make you feel like a million bucks. >> if you ever dreamed of feeling like a beverly hills bride i've got the housewife that can help you out. >> and l.z. has us seeing double. >> from the bottom of my heart i am so proud of you. plus, genevieve's got your wrinkle eraser. >> get the wi-fi ready because they are going to be gone quickly. and nurse barb tells us what it means to turn yellow. >> close to 8 million people in los angeles alone have been vaccinated. >> it's all happening right now on "california live."


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