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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 30, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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right now at 11:00, record-breaking temperatures. holiday weekend heat wave, we'll tell if if you see triple digits tomorrow. plus a grieving family leaning on each other and community. massacre at vta rail yard investigation ongoing. is herd immunity within reach in the bay area? microclimate weather alert. hot, sweltering tomorrow. triple digits expected. things have cooled down a lot
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heading into 11:00. but things are about to change fast. rob mayeda. >> last night we were down to about 52 this time. starting off tomorrow with warmer start. 50s and 60s. time line up to noon tomorrow, when the heat advisories are under way for north bay and inland east bay. even bayside in the 80s. but these are closest to 100 degrees or hotter, towards solano county. fairfield, vallejo, concord and brentwood. north bay, east bay. in the east bay, spare the air alert, unhealthy air quality.
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heat, bad air quality and hot, dry, watching for fire danger as the winds pick up. closer look at those temperatures hour by hour and when cooler weather makes a comeback in the forecast in about ten minutes. >> see you soon. with the hot temperatures and holiday weekend, fire crews are preparing for what could be a busy memorial day. tom jensen. >> reporter: whether trying to capture the perfect picture or a little exercise at lafayette reservoir. >> great place to walk. >> reporter: people hope will be fun but safe holiday weekend. >> it's in mind having dealt with this last few years. but lafayette, saw smoke, no it's just barbecue. it's on our minds. >> reporter: fire close to anthony's mom's home, live in
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designated high fire hazard area because the vegetation can easily explode into uncontrollable windswept flames. warning for the holiday. >> be aware all the vegetation is try. if you're out in it, be very cautious. >> crispy dry hillsides more like august than may and fires like this along i-680 this afternoon can start any time and get very big if not knocked down quickly. fire district is especially nervous with the busy holiday weekend and anything can go wrong, barbecue accident to sparks from boat trailer chain that start the next fire. >> lot of different scenarios can occur, just asking everyone to be aware, use caution. >> also watch for heat exhaustion or heat stroke. get in cool area and drink water if you experience excessive sweating and faint feeling.
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>> if you have medical condition where heat can affect you, stay indoors, in air conditioning, drink lot ofs water. >> reporter: knows people are anxious to get out, but urges everyone to be safe from the heat and not cause the next fire. tom jensen, nbc bay area news. we continue to follow a fire in montgomery county, so-called sargent's fire. 10% contained. northeast of bradley, north of passo robles. rob is always tweeting even when we're not on the air,
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twitter, @robmayeda. takes on a political tone as families speak against rising gun violence. sergio quintana from union city. >> reporter: family, friends and coworkers shared heart-wrenching memories of the victims. >> good natured and always helped everyone. made sure everyone was happy together. >> adrian was loved and will be remembered as loved. >> lost their lives working for you. not easy to get up at 3:00 in the morning and serve your community. >> reporter: and pledged support for each other as they go through the tragedy. >> if you ever need anything, we're there, not just friends but family. >> reporter: memorial in union city where taptejdeep singh and his family lives but all were
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honored. and some called for action. >> call upon all elected officials, all sides of the spectrum, come together and have gun control. >> it's not just gun violence that needs to end and be addressed at national, local and state level but it's mental health. >> reporter: more than 230 mass shootings in the united states since the start of the year. families here in the bay area are still mourning deaths of loved ones from wednesday's attack, mass shootings have not stopped. one of the speakers mentioned mass shooting in south florida earlier today, 20 people injured, two dead. during the memorial, sister of taptejdeep singh chanted one of his favorite songs. ♪♪ in union city, sergio quintana, nbc bay area news.
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>> and vta light rail service is canceled until further notice. if you take light rail use regular vta bus service that's running. due to higher demand, suggest you allow more time to complete the trips. will be on holiday schedule tomorrow. learn more about the nine men killed in the shooting on our website, and we posted ways to donate to their families and updates on the investigation. we have video of attack on san francisco police officer. may be hard to watch. sfpd said a female officer confronted man in video after he was making threats toward people, he attacks her. bystanders jump in to help until backup arrives. kearny and
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commercial near portsmouth square. officer's injuries not life-threatening. texas, controversial voting bill poised to become law. democrats staged walkout tonight. republicans delayed vote. not enough lawmakers required for a vote in the house before the midnight deadline. sweeping restrictions seen by some as unfair voting suppression tactics. republicans say it protects voting process. governor abbott. trajectory looks better. new poll shows u.s. could vaccinate 70% of the adult population by this summer if trends continue. 10% shy of what health experts
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say we need for herd immunity. kaiser family foundation collected data, 62% of people received at least one dose and those marked wait and see in april have made a vaccine appointment or plan to soon. hoping will spread. >> numbers, 50% have gotten at least 1 shot. california doing better, 54%. bay area. vaccination rate much higher, people ages 12 and older, marin county, 86% of the people there with at least one dose. huge milestone for san mateo county as well. 80% partially vaccinated today. napa and sonoma county catching up. napa at 70%, and sonoma at 71%.
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solano county at 64% with at least one dose. back in 30 seconds with new feature tesla is rolling out. watching drivers behind the wheels. headed for paradise. why it will take this man a couple of months to get to hawaii and why he's doing it all by himself. jason, did you know geico could save you hundreds on car insurance and a whole lot more? cool. so what are you waiting for? mckayla maroney to get your frisbee off the roof? i'll get it. ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ ♪ ♪ whoa. here you go. (in unison) thank you mckayla! dude, get it. i'm not getting it, you get it. you threw it. it's your frisbee.
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geico. switch today and see all the ways you could save. quite the scene in the city this afternoon. that's a garbage truck on fire. video posted on citizen app. san francisco fire department defeated warning to avoid oak street near ashbury because of that fire. fire is now out. just two days ago san francisco mayor london breed announced spending $5 million to bring conventions back to moscone center, major part of the tourist economy.
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first big meeting this fall is american society for surgery of the hand. meeting date booked years in advance. organizers are moving forward with the meeting. tell us one thing is clear, because of the nature of their work, being able to gather in person is a game changer. >> half day courses, people learn the latest techniques, treatment of injuries and trauma and other disease enhanced surgery. will be able to get into a lab setting we will build in moscone and work on that. obviously can't do that online setting. >> organizers hoping 2,000 people show up in person. rest will join virtually. begins in late september. tesla wants to make sure drivers are paying attention to the road, using cameras in some of their cars according to
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report from cnbc. using cameras to watch people when they use driver assistance features. switched on but only in cars without steering wheel sensors to make sure the driver is paying attention. comes as company is facing investigations into crashes with the autopilot feature. other cars have similar in-cabin camera sensors. climate in crisis. as temperatures continue to rise, so does the risk for wildfires. not going anywhere, now the race on to save the iconic redwoods. new effort to save them fighting fire with fire. >> reporter: in the blink of an eye, california's coastal
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redwoods with century of memories, all but wiped off the map. ripped apart by length fire. what is the extent? >> looking like 97% of the park burned. >> reporter: 97%? >> pretty much whole thing. >> reporter: scientists say the record-setting fires were chiefly driven by climate change. now worried about iconic species, giant sequoias and joshua trees that don't easily grow back. redwoods not easy to take down. >> thick bark prevents them being killed by the heat. >> reporter: while the trees stand strong, they're still off-limits. every day a costly blow to the local economy. >> big basin redwood state park hosted approximately half a million visitors a year, generated $1 million revenue per
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year. tourism has really suffered. >> reporter: big basin california's oldest state park. because of the scope of the devastation will likely never look the same. challenge with the ancient trees, how do you build this back up and protect it so something like this never happens again? >> you could really say it looked like bomb went off. >> reporter: with the new reality of year round mega fires, chief officer paul wringle is dedicated to reshaping way we interact with forestry. one of the best ways he says, fighting fire with fire. experts say so-called prescribed burns reduce the fuel that builds up in underbrush. >> it's essential. >> reporter: take more funding and shift in how the public thinks of fire. will the park ever look the same? >> not the same as we recall. some the look and feel of the trees, some will be in what we
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imagine this park looks like. >> reporter: creating new relationship with fire so most beloved natural sanctuaries can endure for generations. santa cruz, california. warm temperatures didn't keep people from getting outside to enjoy the holiday weekend. lot of people made way to lake in alameda county, low 90s. >> great to be out and about and glad we're semi back to normal or new normal. just great to be here. lovely lake. >> great, we've been home for about a year, year and a half now, first time we get to come back to this lake and we come every year a few times over the summer. >> this weekend the first that people have been allowed to swim in the lake this year. timing couldn't have been
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better. rob mayeda joining to tell us about the temperatures tomorrow. thought it was hot today, going to be hotter tomorrow. >> places that could hit 100 dreerksz that's one of the more likely places. in san francisco, don't have fog, so cooling is gone. 55 degrees now. going to be 70s, briefly 80 in san francisco tomorrow. walnut creek 66 still, setting up for warmer tomorrow, running start with the temperatures. walnut creek could be close to 100 tomorrow and san jose currently 60. low to mid-90s santa clara valley by afternoon. upper 50s and 60s. yellow areas mean could wake up to 70 degrees in the morning. lunchtime, heat advisories get under way, north bay seeing
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mid-90s and 3:00 to 4:00, solano county, inland contra costa county, 104 down towards fairfield but cooling starting to take place around the bay and san francisco. tied to the wind story tomorrow. heat and dry conditions. fire danger aspect inland as humidity numbers drop below 25% in hilltops. watching for the return of the sea breeze. 3:00/4:00 in the afternoon, low humidity, wind speeds picking up. 34 miles an hour gusts around san francisco 5:00 in the evening. first part of the cooling we'll see taking into tuesday. san francisco right now, no fog but late tomorrow as the sea breeze picks up, fog comes back. cooling, ocean ac recharges
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itself into tuesday morning. combine return of the low clouds and all day sea breeze, temperatures drop. 60s and 70s coast to inner bay. tri-valley, typically the heat breaks but one more day of 90 degree temperatures around there or inland at contra costa county. but more tuesday and wednesday, back to mostly 80s for middle part of the week. cooling triggered by a storm system that will try to toss showers up towards the north coast. probably not holding together to bring us much rain. orange there is high pressure trying to build back. likely see the temperatures rebounding first weekend in june. tomorrow is hottest day of the next seven.
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inland could see 100 degrees tomorrow. mid-week cooldown, then 90s possibly coming back. but not upper, low 90s by sunday. back to you. coming up next, he's headed to hawaii. but he's taking the long way. and difficult way. 2,300 mile journey bay area man is about to embark on, we'll tell you all about it.
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when you're born and raised in san francisco, you grow up wanting to make a difference. that's why, at recology, we're proud to be 100% employee owned with local workers as diverse as san francisco. we built the city's recycling system from the ground up,
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helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america but we couldn't do it without you. thank you, san francisco. gracias, san francisco. -thank you. -[ speaks native language ] let's keep making a differene together. veterans and active service members can enjoy some of california's state parks tomorrow. some of the locations bay area taking part, angel island,
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mt. diablo, to get in free, show a valid military i.d. or proof of honorable discharge. 134 of the 280 state parks are participating tomorrow on memorial day. it's almost 11:30 sunday night, lot of people on the road this holiday weekend. live look at i-80 in emeryville. >> busy as it's been in i bet a year. >> normally at home, going to bed early, get up for work tomorrow but they're out on the road. bumper-to-bumper traffic. saw it yesterday. people are busy. traveling by car came with sticker shock. aaa national average $3.04 for gallon of regular, but in california, $3.19 and in bay
11:25 pm
area, as high as $4.93, locals and tourists have noticed. >> been high and keep going higher. what can you do? >> for this big of a jump, it's adjustment. but you make it if you plan accordingly. >> means that traffic we just saw is expensive traffic. >> expensive traffic. >> san francisco has current average of $4.34 for gallon for regular. oakland and san jose, $4.26. we met a man going to spend two months on kayak in middle of the pacific ocean. tomorrow morning he's pushing off from fort baker to go from san francisco to hawaii by himself. not standard let's go down to the dock and rent a kayak kayak. 2,400 nautical miles, more than
11:26 pm
70 days. from france now lives over there. it's a 23-foot long shell of carbon fiber. so self-righting, means it's tough to kapsize. i think would come in handgy. >> especially doing it yourself. >> anthony has sports and a story to top that, right? >> not only is he fit but also brave. lot of brave people in the bay area. another bay area native and his team are also planning to row from san francisco to hawaii but just completing the journey not enough for this crew. feat they're hoping to accomplish. stick around, sports is next. in business, it's never just another day. it's the big sale, or the big presentation. the day where everything goes right. or the one where nothing does.
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welcome back, i'm anthony flores. to the surprise of many, two months into the season, giants still battling near the top of the national league west. giants and dodgers wrapping up four-game series. orange and black jumping all over clayton kershaw early in this one. mauricio dubon launches a two-run shot to left, third of the season. 5-1 lead. dealing, gets chris taylor chasing. dodgers added a pair of homers late but falls short. giants beat l.a. 5-4, 3 of 4 taken from the dodgers, half game behind first place san
11:30 pm
diego. >> four-seam fastball, walsh smokes it to right, gone. >> gives the angels 1-0 lead, a's playing catch-up rest of the way. mark canha lines out to left to end the ball game. angels beat the a's 4-2, split the series. angels start a two-game series with the giants monday. greatest spectacle in racing the biggest spectacle in sports. 135,000 fans in attendance at indianapolis 500, largest crowd in the world to gather for sporting event since the start of the pandemic. two laps to go, castronevis holds on, time to kiss the brick. record-tying fourth indy 500 for him. bay area man and his team
11:31 pm
navigating open waters from san francisco to hawaii but this is no pleasure cruise. san francisco native jason caldwell is captain of the latitude 45 team. four-man crew use 40 foot boat to row across the pacific to waikiki. no help or resupplies. always in motion with two men rowing in two-hour shifts. goal complete 2,400 nautical mile journey in world record time under 39 days. >> incredible just to finish, be happy. but dangerous game for us if you don't win or break a record and you thought you could have. all have different whys that we're doing this, but can satisfy all the whys being as fast as possible. >> caldwell and his team push off tomorrow morning at 5:00
11:32 pm
from the golden gate bridge. that's sports. more news after the break.
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returning to coverage of the vta rail yard shooting, expect to learn more this week as families continue to grieve. >> more on one family. >> jason's cousin died at shooting in vta rail yard. devastating loss hard to comprehend. >> it's roller coaster, think about it, only thing you can ask is why. >> reporter: describes michael as friendly, outgoing, got along
11:34 pm
with everybody and quick to start up a conversation to get to know people. >> if you were having a hard time, call mike, make his way down from wherever he was at. >> reporter: he says he really enjoyed his work with vta. online fundraiser is set up for the family, includes statements from the parents. describes michael as loving caring son, brother, husband, cousin and friend to many. attended cupertino school, graduated from evergreen college. would give you last penny and shirt off his back. gave himself selflessness to anyone who needed it before he asked anything for himself. statement on behalf of his wife gloria reads we had 19 amazing years together full of adventures. it was not supposed to end this way, i will forever miss
11:35 pm
michael. >> it's a sad, sad situation. >> reporter: his cousin said he was full of life, liked motorcycles, skilled working on cars and other things. sports fan, too. >> giants, 49ers, big san jose sharks fan. i went to my first sharks game with my cousin mikey. >> reporter: saw the best in people and led with the best in himself. >> got along with everybody. >> christie smith, nbc bay area news. update on something our cameras captured yesterday. delivery driver left a package at gunman's home. unsure what to do but delivered it. it's benign and not relevant to the investigation. in florida overnight,
11:36 pm
another mass shooting, two people killed and more than 20 miami-dade banquet hall in of release party for a local rap artist. targeted assault with rifles and hand guns. one mother describes getting call from son middle of the night. >> called frantic. said he had been shot, it hurts. wanted to say i love you. said no, stay with us. hop in the car, talking to him to keep him alert. >> some people rushed to the hospital in ambulances, others drove themselves. no arrests have been made. art can bring out a lot of different emotions. in weeks and months following george floyd's death, it helped people heal. a form of protest but also a way
11:37 pm
to memorialize him. started in minneapolis, spread around the world and activists are trying to preserve the street art painted on plywood protecting businesses. >> i knew the pretty stuff would be saved, people value that, but i value what is raw and to the point. >> this story so incredible and traumatic and tragic for our community, needed to be told by black people. i think without even realizing it, i took on that burden saying i'm going to help tell this story. >> see the full story and others like it, our new platform, nbc lx, air, xfinity cable or we're trending in the right direction in coronavirus. u.s. hit all-time low in covid
11:38 pm
cases. nearly 12,000 new infections, lowest daily number since last march. as cases drop and vaccination rates rise, there's one important question that remains about covid-19. when and where did the infections in humans start? president biden told the intelligence communities to dig deeper to find the answers. beijing. >> reporter: did the virus that causes covid-19 originate in nature or leak from a chinese lab? president biden ordered this week the intelligence community to find something about the origins of the virus, refocused attention on wuhan lab, top virus research lab. it's not emergence of new clues but absence of proof of any scenario to explain the pandemic. >> we need investigation with
11:39 pm
open transparency. >> reporter: from the outset china has been criticized for lack of transparency. >> and wuhan has only biosafety level four laboratory to work with world's most deadly pathogens, including the coronavirus. >> reporter: the trump administration raised the idea, though much of the scientific community dismissed it as conspiracy theory. but questioned the world health organization's investigation that said a lab link was unlikely and failed to identify animal link also. called for broader investigation saying no possibility should be ruled out until we have sufficient data. nbc news was granted only independent media access to the lab in 2020, the lab director not surprisingly has denied any leak. >> anyone at lab, personnel or
11:40 pm
connected to the lab, tested positive for this virus? >> no. >> nobody? >> nobody. >> reporter: but newly revealed u.s. intelligence report confirmed by nbc news claims three lab workers sought treatment for covid-like symptoms and china says it's smear campaign. intelligence community has 90 days to lean on others for information. "times" of london reporting that anonymous sources say british intelligence believes lab leak is cause of the pandemic, but not clear when there will be clarity. president returned to delaware for memorial day remarks in veterans memorial day park. reaffirmed his belief country will stand behind service
11:41 pm
members. >> we have many obligations as nation, only one truly sacred obligation, to equip those we send into harm's way with all they need and care for them and their families when they return home. and when they don't. >> president will spend part of memorial day visiting arlington national cemetery, participate in the traditional wreath-laying ceremony at tomb of the unknown soldier. this is tape from newcastle, delaware, last memorial day. first lady, vice president kamala harris and second gentleman will accompany them. didn't stop bay area men. >> make no mistake, it was clear we were outliers when we started. >> something meant to help them stay in shape and raise money
11:42 pm
for charity turned into life long brotherhood. not cooling off. east bay and inland in upper 60s. hot day tomorrow could be nearing a record. closer look when we come back. in business, it's never just another day.
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check out my new mini munchies with mac & cheese bites. ♪ one more bite- ♪ ♪ just ♪ ♪ gimme one ♪ ♪ more bite. ♪ woah. ♪ cuz i can't wait forever. ♪ my $4 mini munchies. only at jack in the box. on this important weekend, five veterans begin a journey across the country they fought for. will cycle along the great american rail trail from washington, d.c., to the state
11:45 pm
of washington. first warrior bike ride focused on the importance of outdoor exercise in trauma recovery. also pushing congress to finish the project. >> shows how important this investment is for all kinds of people, especially those who served country in heroic ways. need the opportunities. >> i hope to see this in my lifetime, go from one side of the country to the other on a trail. and i look forward to it. vision is there. everything starts with vision. >> right now that trail is 53% complete. ultimately the veterans are going to ride 3,700 miles. follow-up to story from last weekend. many people have found a silver lining in this pandemic. group of east bay men, something they started in pandemic they don't want to stop. >> it's good for them, want others to join too.
11:46 pm
garvin thomas with tonight's bay area proud. >> reporter: pandemic has had us all traveling unexpected routes last year. >> big ride today. >> but getting up to ride bike 100 miles around san francisco bay, unexpected doesn't begin to describe how it feels to him. >> asked me a year ago, would you ride 100 miles in one day? i would be like why would i want to do that, you know? >> reporter: answer begins with what covid wouldn't let the professional sports agent do a year ago, favorite exercise, pickup basketball. so he got together weekly with friends to ride. two things soon followed. one, realized how much fun cycling is, and other black people noticed them. >> would see solo riders other
11:47 pm
side of the street, turn around, hey, wave, literally turn around and catch up to us, say who are you, when do you ride, never seen this many of us out on a ride together like this. >> reporter: so over the course of the year the size of the group and distances grew. call themselves influencers in real life cycling club. embraced roles as black ambassadors to a traditionally white sport. >> one thing we want to change and impact. we see young kids, they wave to us. you can do this when you're older. >> reporter: new group wanted to do more. this ride is also raising money for nonprofit run by one of the members. his organization gives young people from underrepresented
11:48 pm
communities introduction to and experience in the field of sports analytics. this ride around the bay ended up raising more than $40,000 for teens. >> easy win/win/win. >> reporter: there are so many parts of the pandemic we'll all be happy to leave behind us. still it's nice to know that at least a few have found a way to make the world a better place while riding it out. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> garvin getting it done again. tomorrow in some parts of the bay area, might want to cycle early in the morning. >> good advice. >> inland, east bay or north bay locations under a heat advisory as of noon. 9:00 tomorrow night. cooling will stay on the coast. upper 50s nearing midnight. possible some of the hillsides
11:49 pm
will see 60s and 70s to start tomorrow morning. sea breeze is weaker, no fog around the bay. humidity not bad. little unusual towards lake county and inland staying dry. strong high pressure, warming and drying of the air and less sea breeze. marine air started 3,000 feet and squished below 1,000. you will notice that in the day tomorrow. morning is 50s bayside, some of the hills waking up to 60s and 70s. closer look at temperatures, expecting mostly 90s around san jose tomorrow, upper 90s in reach for areas south of downtown san jose. hottest places around the bay area likely around solano county, excessive heat warning noon to 9:00. concord to antioch to the tri-valley, 580/680 corridors
11:50 pm
where the heat gets started. bayside is closer to low 80s. fremont. mid-80s oakland. closer to 90 around palo alto, 70s coast side. downtown san francisco lunchtime is close to 80 before the sea breeze picks up. north bay, hotter for areas north of novato especially. above 100 degrees. cooling kicks in tomorrow evening, all day long tuesday. sea breeze comes back, starts to drop the temperatures inland, 80s near 90s. wednesday cooling fully kicking in. inland numbers in comfortable range. chilly around san francisco and coast. 60s. ridge of high pressure with potentially record-breaking heat gives ground to weather system,
11:51 pm
but mainly a sea breeze for us. showers stay north and orange here on the map, high pressure that's flattened out, doesn't completely clear the scene. later next week, likely see temperatures rebounding again. quick check of the reality check for climatology this time of year. leaving may. into june, july, august and september, best we can hope for rain are drizzle storms and fog. that's not the story tomorrow. low clouds making a comeback wednesday and thursday. bayside 70s and 80s. valleys 90s and above 100. cooling midweek, and back into the low 90s next weekend, not as hot as the weather tomorrow. back to you. >> thanks. coming up next, parade will go on, just later this year. new plan for popular east bay
11:52 pm
fourth of july parade.
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danville is moving big fourth of july parade to september. that's right. last year the pandemic forced organizers to cancel altogether. this is video of 2019. with california's reopening just a few weeks away from fourth of july, city says it doesn't have the time to prepare. instead going to move the fourth of july to september 4th. fourth of september, the saturday of labor day weekend. are you writing this down? about 40,000 people typically come to the celebration. lot of us have missed going to concerts and pandemic shut down a lot of live music but that is changing. ♪♪ can't see it but terry and i are dancing. paris, concert for science. 5,000 fans crowded inside for rock concert that doubled as covid experience.
11:55 pm
concert goers had to wear masks and take tests before and after the show. 2,500 stayed home to see if virus spreads with attendees. results will be shared. fun experiment. despite the state of emergency in parts of japan, olympic torch relay continues to make way through the country. west of tokyo today. spectators allowed along the route. plans have been scaled down as japan struggles with another surge in covid cases. olympics are still scheduled to begin july 23rd. watch them here on nbc bay area. we'll be right back.
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oh man... let's get you to this moment. is that it? yep, that's it. of relief... [joyfully laughs] protection... i just got vaccinated- i just got vaccinated! noah just got vaccinated... hope... so that we can get to all the other moments. let's get you to the exhale you didn't know you were waiting for. let's get it... together. so we can be together.
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let's get to immunity. now's your moment to get vaccinated. when you're born and raised in san francisco, you grow up wanting to make a difference. that's why, at recology, we're proud to be 100% employee owned with local workers as diverse as san francisco. we built the city's recycling system from the ground up, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america but we couldn't do it without you. thank you, san francisco. gracias, san francisco. -thank you. -[ speaks native language ] let's keep making a differene together. a young boy in santa rosa
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may one day be a firefighter. >> robert heroically saved his home from going up in flames. firefighters posted these pictures of robert. smelled smoke, noticed a fire, quickly stretched a garden hose down the side of the home and put out the fire. it's been saved again, another interesting part of this. robert first met santa rosa firefighters in school field trip a couple of years ago. great job to robert. and real quick, anoushah is leaving us. >> going to southern california to be closer to family. thanks for welcoming me into your home. >> we'll miss you. >> i'll miss you too. wonderful team here. in business, it's never just another day.
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- [graham] this week we jet set across the globe. i'm feeling my eyelashes is getting stuck together. touring the incredible locations we've visited during the last decade of travel. - this is it. - a hat for you. - the hat for cowboy. oh this small one you need the big. - [graham] from the bustling cities of hong kong and mumbai. - the energy of the place is something else. - [graham] to the scenic stops in monaco and british columbia. - double bridge. triple bridge oh my god. we learn about world cultures and the hardships that some countries still face. - either you eat at night time or you don't eat at all. - plus maybe you'll discover inspiration for your next adventure right here on in depth.


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