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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 24, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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as the sun rises this morning. a budget battle in the east bay with one city police funding facing a make or break moment. a live report on today's debate. "today in the bay" continues now. good morning on this thursday. thank you so much for making us part of your morning. i am marcus washington. >> i am laura garcia. we begin this morning with the breaking news from surfside, florida. it's a small town near miami beach. this is a collapse of a 12-story condominium tower. we know at least one person was killed. video comes to show these ongoing rescue operations. eyewitnesses tell nbc news crews at the scene could hear the sounds of people trapped. there's one survivor that says she escaped from the ninth floor. >> i opened my sliding glass and i saw a plume of dust, and i opened my door and i saw the
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building pancaked in the back. >> reporter: you have been in touch with your neighbors? anybody? >> there's some people alive but there are two lines where everybody is gone. >> the mayor of surfside just spoke to our nbc crew at the scene. >> the dogs came in and have been going over the debris, and tragically there have not been any hits for the dogs and that's a great disappointment. apparently when the building came down it pancaked, and there's not a lot of voids they are finding or seeing from the outside, which, again, that's a tragedy. >> now, the building was put up in 1981. they say it is still just too early to know what may have triggered that collapse. back here at home the city of oakland will consider an $18 million cut to the police department. today in the bay's bob redell is live this morning. the mayor of oakland is against
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that proposal. >> she is. the mayor of oakland says if $18 million is cut from the oakland police department that would decimate the city's response to 911 calls. later this morning the city council will consider a proposal that has been put forward by the city council president bass. in the first year of the new budget the council president wants to cut the two new police academies being proposed by the mayor and put a hiring freeze in the unit. bass wants to ramp up spending on themacro program, and that stands for mobile assistance community responders of oakland, and these are people trained to
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respond to those having a mental crisis. last week the mayor sent out an alert e-mail to residents to urge them to call on the city council to not go with the proposal. the mayor writes this proposal would, quote, decimate an already inadequate 911 response to oaklanders experiencing crisis and needing help. yesterday oakland police chief and other local officers met with president biden as the president announced a new five-point plan to tackle the problem of gun violence, and the plan includes a zero tolerance plan for rogue gun dealers, and offering violence intervention and programs for kids. reporting live, bob redell,
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"today in the bay." >> bob, thank you. happening today, black east bay leaders are coming together to urge alameda county to declare gun violence a public health emergency. this comes after the weekend deadly shooting near lake merritt bob was just talking about. leaders will meet at the amphitheater and that event starts at 11:00 a.m. those talks come as one contra costa family is asking for justice. they say on december 23rd, he was having a mental breakdown. on the night he was detained by officers in his home he lost consciousness and died in the hospital three days later. the family held a memorial for him in front of the antioch police department seeking answers.
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>> [ inaudible ] i see his lifeless body on the floor. >> the family's attorney plans to file a wrongful death suit next month. and then the mesa fire started yesterday near the reservation in san diego county. evacuation warnings are in place. that fire has burned so far 260 acres. meanwhile firefighters in big sur is gaining control on the willow fire thanks in part to mild conditions. so far it has burned more than 2,800 acres. in the meantime, in the north bay everybody back in their homes after a small fire prompted evacuations in sonoma. took crews about an hour to put that out. the fire burned about five acres. nobody was hurt. as we get closer to fire
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season, the state's drought conditions are getting worse. i want to bring in our meteorologist, kari hall. those numbers just came out for the drought conditions. >> yeah, we just got the update and it didn't change from last week which is expected because we normally don't get any rain in june. we're seeing still the extreme conditions across the region as the mega drought continues. as we get a closer look at the bay area we are seeing the dark shades of red which is the highest level of the drought and that does continue because of the lack of rainfall. now 100% of california is within a drought. 33% of the state is in exceptional drought. one year ago, only 58% of california was in a drought, so you can see how quickly that has gone bad. we're seeing this at the same time that we will see extreme heat building across the region as we go into the weekend, especially across the pacific
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northwest. we will talk about how hot it will get in the bay area and the changes we will see here for the weekend. that's coming up in a few minutes. mike, how is it looking for the commute? >> well, these folks in the middle lane slowing on the approach to the toll plaza. there's not cash lanes anymore, and everything is electronic, and if you want to use the middle lanes you can use those lanes, except for the hov if you don't have three or more. and then the toll plaza, the east shore freeway, looks great. out of san francisco heading down towards sfo and 380, there's a crash sticking out into the slow lane. 101 and 280, all very smooth on the peninsula. 101, san jose heading up from 680, typical slowing right there. back over to you.
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>> thank you. the ceo shake-up at southwest. what the leadership change could mean for the future of the airline, and how it may impact the company's free bag policy. back to the box office. finally some big-name movies returning to the theaters. let's take you out to the futures and look at the numbers. some up and some down. an electrifying proposal captured in breath-taking photos. saw this online. so beautiful right there. the help one san francisco photographer got to track that couple down later for you, and what they are revealing about the heartwarming moment. want to say with us so we can all cry together. >> looks like she said yes. >> i hope so.
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thursday morning. right now waking up to a cloudy sky and mild temperatures. we will clear out again today and will be very much like yesterday. with the ongoing drought we are looking at ways to conserve water. we'll talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. looking over here towards the san mateo bridge, a smooth drive. getting more crowded and we'll see if there's congestion on the anyplaceets bridge.
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and then first-time jobless claims came in higher than expected for the second week in a row at 411,000. futures call for positive moves on the stock market open generally speaking. we have been at nasdaq records and s&p 500 records throughout the week. the u.s. supreme court yesterday ruled a california law that allows union organizers to step foot on private farms in order to talk to farm workers violates the u.s. constitution. the high court said california's rules amount to a taking, meaning the farmer's property has been used by the government without compensation. the case was sent back to the
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ninth circuit so judges there can work out how to best solve the conflict between farmers and union organizers. in washington a union house committee passed a number of bills that crack down on high-tech, including one that would make it illegal for a company to buy a rival. another bill would force companies to allow you to take your data from one service to another and expands the fcc's power to regulate companies like google and facebook. and then "fast & furious 9" comes out tomorrow in theaters only. it's the first big movie to return to theaters exclusively since the p and egg things, marcus and laura. nobody is going to the theaters because there are no good
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movies, and -- >> i think people are starting to get more comfortable now. >> yeah, the triplets, friday, they want to go to the movies. >> and that when the triplets speak -- >> yeah, they want the popcorn, the works, got it all planned out. >> and they will get it. thank you, scott. the ceo, gary kelly of southwest is stepping down, and this is leaving many to wonder what is in store for the future of the company. kelly's replacement will be long-time southwest executive bob jordan, and jordan said the company doesn't plan drastic changes. he also says he plans to keep the free bag policy in place. trending this morning, a magical moment captured by a photographer walking in san francisco, and then her quest afterwards.
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she saw this couple getting engaged and captured the moment. beautiful pictures, too. she was not able to meet up with them and so went to social media to try and find the newly-engaged couple, and then went to twitter, and the pictures were shared over 90,000 times. >> we were fortunate. we had a photographer but there were others onlooking and bystanders there to capture the moment for us so it was nice and special. >> that's lovely. beautiful. the couple says they are very grateful and are looking to tie the knot in january. marcus and i would like to go to the wedding. >> jasmine, if you could send an invitation there. we will bring a gift. trust me, it's a nice one, too. mike, you can come, too. >> yeah, thank you, and i will take pictures with my phone. well, i guess they probably have
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good photographers. okay, southbound 101 has been slow coming down towards the airport boulevard exit. that just started to change on the sensors. might be the case that they cleared the car from the right two lanes impacted by the crash where the car impacted the right guardrail there, and that's just before you get to the airport exit. consider that if you are headed out of san francisco over the next few minutes. no major slowing but it's there. the backup is filling in the toll plaza approach gradually. we do have the slowing out of the altamont pass that is typical. south bay looks great right now. no major issues, kari. i know you are looking at the bigger picture and we'll send it over to you. >> yeah, we have changes ahead. we're start being out with a cloudy sky this morning.
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maybe another one where some spots get mist with the low clouds we are seeing over walnut creek, and then it clears out late morning. antioch today, our morning starting at 61 degrees in the next hour. once again it will be cloudy and will clear out quickly as we go through the late morning and early afternoon. temperatures in the upper 70s by early in the afternoon. as we take a look at our highs reaching the low 80s today there. most of us in the 70s as we will see our temperatures in san jose reaching 77 degrees. it will be in the mid-70s for palo alto. san francisco reaching up to 66 today. 74 today in santa rosa. we have been talking about changes ahead as high pressure moves in. although it will be warmer for us, this is really going to be a big news maker for the pacific northwest, as they can see the hottest temperature they ever had in spots like portland, oregon, as well as seattle, as
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we will see hot temperatures there for the weekend with highs reaching over 100 degrees. here we're looking at highs in the 90s for the inland areas, reaching up to the low 90s for the next several days starting on saturday into early next week, while san francisco, they will see highs in the upper 60s and low 70s. now for our climate in crisis. we know we need to conserve water as we plunge deeper into the mega drought. our lawns take up about 60% of our home's water usage, so we are focusing on that as well as getting drought-tolerant plants that may help you out a little bit there. looking at drip irrigation, that could help you out and also monitor your w home. they can leak a lot of water. it's g checking out for rebates you may get. find out those stories at
6:19 am just search climate in crisis. a news conference is going on for the building collapse that killed one person. let's listen in. okay, it appears obviously we are having trouble with the audio now, but we have people in the news room -- here we go. >> we have established a reunification center, and if you have loved ones not answering your calls, we ask that you contact the phone number that has been given to you. 305-414-1819. thank you. [ speaking spanish ]
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[ speaking spanish ] [ speaking spanish ] >> we will continue to monitor everything going on. we know 36 people were transported so far. this building collapsed at 2:00
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in the morning. it is just outside of miami. it was a building that was constructed back in 1981. they don't know why it came down, and at 2:00 a.m. a lot of people were sleeping. they have been painstakingly going through the rubble and trying to find any survivors so far. we will continue to monitor what is going on. we continue to follow all of the video coming in as well. we'll be back in just a bit. it's 6:21.
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new details and it already looks like the oakland a's future may boil down to two cities. it's either oakland or las vegas. the executives are raving about the possibilities in vegas and have looked at more than 20 sites, including this week. the las vegas review journal reports a third will take place in two weeks. east bay leaders are focused on trying to approve the howard stadium plan. and then starting tomorrow residents who get vaccinated at one of 15 select sites will receive giants vouchers redeemable for two tickets for select games between july and september. those free tickets will be given out on a first come first served basis. and then signing up for the new vaccine digital record, and
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then a lot of people said it wouldn't work. >> yeah, and then chris figured out how to get it done. >> quickly, we her from people on social media. people's first dose was listed just fine but the second dose was listed as na, because there's no record about it. when you get rejected, there's a troubleshooting link. otherwise you can call, 833-422-4245. when i called in to update my record -- yeah, it was messed up, it took seven minutes from start to finish. here's the thing. the state says it could take two or three weeks to completely
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update your record and get you the qr code. the state says the other thing can you do is contact your vaccine providing. correcting and communicating your updated vaccine records with the state might take time and that's why we recommend carrying a paper or digital record of your vaccination card with you if you need to prove you have been vaccinated against covid-19. 6:26 right now. our team is staying on top of breaking news out of florida. overnight a condo building collapses trapping people inside. next on "today in the bay," we will take you to the scene where the rescue mission is under way and look at all-new video showing the moment it happened. plus -- >> reporter: i am kris sanchez at levi stadium that will wind down the mass vaccination efforts today, even as the effort to get young people vaccinated continues and the cdc confirms a link between the covid vaccine and a very rare heart condition. i'll tell you what you need to
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know. the rent relief program can you sign up for if you are falling short on monthly payments. you're watching "today in the bay." delicia: this is where all our recycling is sorted -- 1.2 million pounds every day, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. but that's not all you'll find here. there are hundreds of good-paying jobs, with most new workers hired from bayview-hunter's point. we don't just work at recology, we own it, creating opportunity and a better planet. now, that's making a difference.
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this is a catastrophic failure of that building. >> right overnight. horrifying images as a florida condo building collapses with
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people inside. the intense search and rescue mission as teams sweep through the rubble. i have four kids, and one has been vaccinated, and the other three don't want to do it because they have concerns. i want them to have it done. >> a new growing debate among parents about whether or not their kids should get the covid-19 vaccine. more troubles for gavin newsom ahead of his recall election. why he's under fire of his handling of wildfire prevention efforts. it's thursday morning. good morning to you. i am marcus washington. >> i am laura garcia. let's get back to the breaking news, a shocking scene in florida.
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this is close to miami beach. take a look at this building. one person was killed following the partial collapse of that con con condo in south florida. there were 136 units in that building. >> crews in the middle of the massive search and rescue effort trying to find anybody that may be trapped. want to turn now to nbc's sam brock. >> reporter: laura and marcus, good morning. it's a rapidly evolving situation here in miami as you hear the helicopters above me. we know ten people were treated on scene and one fatality, and this is a building, a condo complex, and it looks okay, and on the other side it's pancaked. many heard screams as they were
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trying to escape the building. some were lucky enough to be rescued by firefighters, and they watched as a fire ladder went balcony to balcony pulling out those that could be reached. others were not as fortunate. that story is coming up on "today." back to you. >> thanks, sam. now to new video showing the moments right after that building fail overnight. look at the video. it's pointing right there, and you can see the rubble and ash spreads as part of the building dropping to the ground. that dust spreading to the entire downtown surfside area. more new video come into our news room. this is from the resident from one of the condo's on the side of the collapse. take a look at this. >> wow. >> you see that water coming down as you just saw there. drywall coming crashing down. this is inside that person's
6:33 am
condo. our "today in the bay" and nbc news team, they will continue to keep an update on the story. we will give you the latest information as soon as we get it. >> how frightening, just the crumbling of the drywall. 6:32 right now. switching gears and turning to the pandemic. across the country about 178 million americans have received at least one dose of the covid vaccine. in california at least 70% of californians have received at least one dose. at the same time more mass vaccination sites are starting to shut down, and concerns of the fast spreading delta variant are rising. and there's a link between a rare heart condition and young people getting the vaccination. >> reporter: i got vaccinated here, and in all 350,000 doses were administered here between
6:34 am
the partnership between the 49ers and santa clara county. now the county wants to focus the efforts on smaller clinics closer to communities where people can reach them there. if you got your first dose here at the stadium, you can get your second dose at any other county site. the push continues to get younger people vaccinated as the cdc safety panel confirms 323 cases of a rare heart inflammation in young people. that's about 12 cases per million people for your reference. mostly in people 30 and younger. two-thirds of who were men, and boys that got pfizer and moderna vaccines. on the "today" show this morning, one father describes his son's experience while at the same time a stanford doctor says each family has to weigh the risks for themselves. >> when they made him wait for six hours, and then it became eight hours, and then my wife
6:35 am
finally said, he's having a heart attack and she said it several times, and they finally put him in a room and did the ekg and it showed he was having issues with his heart. >> i actually do have two teenagers and both of them have gotten two doses. it's always at the end of the day a decision that both a parent and the child has to feel comfortable with. >> reporter: again, that is a very rare complication following that second covid shot. the symptoms include heart palpitations, chest pain or tightness, and shortness of breath especially when lying down, and if you feel those things and are within a couple days of the getting the vaccine and under 30, do contact your health care provider. >> thank you. a live look in san francisco, which is becoming the first city in the state and maybe the nation to require its 35,000 workers to receive the covid-19 vaccine. the city says all of its employees must get vaccinated
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once the fda fully approves the shot. if you have a medical problem or religious reason you don't have to get one, but for the vast majority of workers, if they refuse they can be terminated. >> what has become clear in the science is the vaccine is the best protection for our employees and for the public that we serve. >> employees will have 10 weeks to receive the shot once full approval is granted, which is still likely months away. in the meantime starting on monday current workers will have 30 days to reveal the vaccination status with the city in keeping with cal osha regulations in allowing them to work without a mask. a castro-based organization is looking to make a massive addition to an already iconic castro land park. they want to make sure there's inclusion and reputation in the lgbtq community.
6:37 am
>> reporter: good morning, marcus. i am here at the iconic intersection of market and castro where you can see behind me the enormous flag serves as a beacon, a welcoming light for folks come into the castro district. since the installation, another flag has been created and it shows the progress in the community and soon too could have a place in the sky. now in a letter we received from the castro merchants here in the city, they explained the situation. the letter revealed on june 16th, the board cultural district also known as the cqcd, they held a vote opting to replace the rainbow pride flag with the progress flag. the progress flag has grown in popularity recently. if you have seen it you notice it features a different shape,
6:38 am
and it has black and brown stripes that include people of color. they maintain the pole and the replacement of the flag, and they are asking for community support for a second flagpole at a second location so both flags could be seen. they explained, we propose to leave the internationally recognized beloved and historic symbol where it is and explore locations in the castro to install a new flagpole. we believe the creation of an alternative site would respect this. it welcomes folks into this community. right now we are unclear where that location of the new flag would be, the cost of the flag and a timeline, and we are working to stay in contact with the organization to see where they stand as they make
6:39 am
progress. >> thank you. staying in san francisco, renters trying to make it in the bay there now have more protection. supervisors have extended the city's eviction moratorium. it is extended until december 1st. the state is at a standstill with extending its eviction freeze, and the concern utah moratorium is set to expire in six days. lawmakers have until sunday to reach a deal that could pass by the end of the month. here's details on how san franciscans can apply for rent assistance. it's rent debt occurred between april of 2020 and march of 2021. both programs, the tenants must provide the evidence they have
6:40 am
such as past due utility or rent notices. and then a new report claims gavin newsom misled on the cal fire priority projects in 2019. the report indicated california's fuel reduction efforts in funding dropped last year. the governor's office is not commenting. newsom took office in 2019, months after the camp fire swept through butte county. it was the deadliest wildfire in state history. and then insurance is less willing to cover high risk areas from 2015 to 2019, insurers dropped for 143,000
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customers. it's 6:40 right now. before we get a look at weekend weather, we're enjoying a live look outside this morning. a beautiful live look at the city this morning. from a distance, meteorologist kari hall has a look at our forecast for today. the temperatures have been so nice and mild lately, but they will ramp up by this weekend? >> yeah, we're going to start to see some spots heating up. as you make weekend plans, you are look at warmer weather. we will see upper 80s on saturday and sunday, and not too bad, right? there will be spots like lake tahoe that will be even warmer. we know we go from the upper 70s to still some clear skies, but then mid to upper 80s for the weekend and a lot of those spots don't have air-conditioning so that will feel quite warm. for big sur we will see the coastline warming up to upper
6:42 am
60s tomorrow. folks are driving nicely, getting along well. we have slowing showing up for the san mateo bridge. a little build here on 880. the nimitz going past the san mateo bridge, which we talked about. the bay bridge toll plaza, look at this. just filled in in the last three minutes. you can see the metering lights on. >> thank you. the first ever second gentleman is breaking his -- gentleman it should say. >> we -- this is the first one. >> next on "today in the bay," what doug is saying about his role in washington is saying about his wife, vice president kamala harris. plus -- >> the city of oakland considering millions of dollars in cuts to its police department. the mayor's vehement opposition
6:43 am
to this proposal. and the top soldier defending the u.s. military against criticisms. we will look at the big board as well as the dow moves significantly higher. we think we have a deal on infrastructure. you are watching "today in the bay."
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it's 6:45. let's get you out the door in oakland with how our day starts,
6:46 am
cloudy and temperatures in the 50s and 60s. it clears out today and will be another nice one, and it will warm up this weekend. that's coming up in a few minutes. happening today, oakland leaders will consider an $18 million cut to the police department. today in the bay's bob redell is live this morning. bob, the mayor says the timing could hardly be worse. >> reporter: especially if you look at the recent spike in gun violence, and 58 homicides to date this year alone. mayor libby schaaf of oakland says the cut to opd would decimate the city's 911 response. later this morning the city council will consider this proposal being put forward by the council president, nikki bas. she wants to shift the money towards violence prevention and other social programs.
6:47 am
the president wants to cut the two new police academies proposed by the mayor and put a hiring freeze in the oakland police department cooperation unit. she wants to ramp up spending on the mobile assistance community responders of oakland. those are civilians who are trained to respond to people experiencing mental health crisis. three other council members support that proposal. last week mayor libby schaaf sent out a letter to residents to call on them to block the proposal. she notes opd is already low on staffing, and gun violence is spiking and eight people were shot this saturday during a juneteenth celebration at lake merritt. she said it would decimate an
6:48 am
under inadequate response to oaklanders experiencing crisis and needing help. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." 6:47 right now. a bipartisan group of senators reached a deal on infrastructure. >> and they are wondering how to pay for it. >> president biden wants to raise taxes on corporations and republicans said no. republicans proposed raising gas taxes by indexing them to inflation, and biden said no. what we do know is a group of republicans and democrats told the white house they reached a deal and president biden invited that group to meet with him at the white house today. it's likely the proposal is not as big as the president would hope, but again the devil is in the details on how to pay for it. a judge sentenced a woman to
6:49 am
probation for her attack on the capitol. lloyd only walked through the capitol and did not try to hurt anybody. she's the first of hundreds of suspects to be sentenced. >> i want to be clear, we have hundreds more investigations still ongoing, and we expect in many cases we will have charged. this is far from over. >> the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, that's america's top soldier testified before congress yesterday where he pushed back against some republican accusations that the military is too soft or woke as it pushed to end racism in the ranks. the general's thoughtful response went viral on social media. >> on the critical race theory and et cetera, a lot of us need to get smarter on whatever the theory is, but i do think it's important, actually, for those of us in uniform to be open-minded and be widely read.
6:50 am
the united states military academy is a university and it's important that we train and understand -- i want to understand white rage and i'm white. i want to understand it. what is it that caused thousands of people to assault this building and try to overturn the constitution of the united states of america? what caused that? i want to find that out and i want to maintain an open mind here and analyze. it's important that we understand that. because our soldiers come from the american people so it's important that the leaders now and in the future do understand it. i have read karl marx and read lennon and that doesn't make me a communist. >> you will find me on social media at the addresses on your screen, @twitter @scottmcgrew.
6:51 am
and then getting answers in a new exclusive interview, and we are talking about doug emhoff. >> this role as second gentleman, taken very seriously. being a lawyer, i did a lot of homework before i started. i talked to some former second ladies, and i really approached it like i do anything, with a lot of research. >> you will be able to see the full interview coming up on nbc "nightly news" tonight at 6:00 p.m. right here on nbc bay area. for san jose water customers, in a week and a half there will be new drought restrictions effective july 9th. san jose water will ask customers to only water their yards at night or mornings before 10:00 a.m., and only two days a week for no more than 15
6:52 am
minutes a day. this is an effort to cut consumption by 15%. we've been talking about the drought, and kari hall has been monitoring that and the conditions we are expecting today. >> we are still dry and in the middle of the dry season right now. no rain headed our way, of course. we are starting out with clouds, and in some spots we have seen mist and drizzle in the early hours. temperatures staying in the 60s for san mateo. the cool weather we have had recently will start to warm up as high pressure moves in. this is going to be possibly a record-setting weekend for parts of the pacific northwest as they are seeing the heat dome build and it could bring in record temperatures. here's what we are expecting in the bay area. highs in the low 90s for saturday into early next week.
6:53 am
we will not see much of a warm-up in san francisco, going from the low 60s to low 70s. our san mateo bridge shows more traffic on the bridge itself. there was slowing westbound that we see on the map, and that's the area that sticks out because it's more severe than normal. sometimes they send a crew out there for the next half hour, and the rest of the bay moving smoothly. usual suspect spots slowing. happening now, extending zero-dollar bail until next year. people arrested for low level crimes essentially pay zero bail. the extension runs until 2022. and then looking at the top stories this morning, including the breaking news, the condo collapse in south florida. we'll have an update on casualties.
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welcome back. here's a quick look at our top stories we are following this morning. first the breaking news and tragic situation unfolding near miami beach, florida, where at least one person is dead following the partial collapse of a condominium in surfside. >> a news conference just wrapping up this hour. here are the numbers, one fatality, 35 people rescued and 10 treated at the scene and two others taken to the hospital. >> here's a bigger part of the problem. there were 136 units in that building, and nearly 55 of them collapsed. it all happened at 2:00 in the morning when most people were just sleeping. they could be looking for more casualties. the building was constructed in 1981. it was in the process of undergoing an infrastructure inspection. it's too early to know what may have triggered this collapse. switching gears across the
6:58 am
country, about 178 million americans have received at least one dose of the covid vaccine, and in california at least 70% have received it. this comes as more mass vaccination sites are starting to shutdown. kris sanchez live this morning. >> reporter: 350,000 vaccine doses administered here at levi stadium and now the county says it's time to transition to smaller clinics in communities where people can reach them, and vaccinating young people. there's a more transmissible delta variant spreading among unvaccinated community members. 323 cases of the rare heart inflammation reported, and it's mostly in people 30 and younger, and it's very rare but the symptoms include heart palpitation, chest tightness or
6:59 am
pain, and shortness of breath particularly when a person is laying down. if you feel those and within days of your second covid shot, call your doctor. 6:58 this morning. let's get a quick check of traffic and weather together, starting right now with kari. >> yes, we are going to see mild temperatures today with inland areas reaching up to 80 degrees, and it's heating up this weekend with highs reach into the low 90s. we will see that continue at least into the middle of next week. mike, how is it looking for the commute? >> not bad for a thursday. we're looking at the east bay with typical slowing here, and we have beaten the half hour mark, and it's not great but at 40 minutes now, and most of the slowing highway 4 in concord. leaving you with a live look at the golden gate bridge this morning. a little overcast there, but it's going to shape up to a
7:00 am
beautiful day no matter where you are. just look inside. we'll come back at 7:25 with an update. the "today" show is coming up for you. good morning cerca de dos tercios del >> when the dust cleared two-thirds of the building was gone. it's down to the ground. >> we are live at the scene, straight ahead. spreading. cases of the dangerous delta strain of the coronavirus now in 49 states fuelling a new


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