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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 3, 2021 7:00am-7:59am PDT

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good morning. it is saturday, july 3rd, 7:00 on the dot as we look outside, cloudy skies over san jose.
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most of the bay area is seeing clouds on this fourth of july weekend. what do we have to look forward to? i was going to talk about the fireworks but this is the day we have been waiting for since last march we have not sat next to each other, we're happy to be reunited i'm kira klapper. she is vianey arana. again we did not plan to match. >> again we match. we did not plan to match. here we are. >> here we are. >> it's nice to reach out like this. and, you know, if everyone is going to be out celebrating this weekend, the weather is going to be pretty good but i know the fog is a concern in san francisco. >> it is. >> let's look as you head out the door. we have the marine layer hanging out around the coastline, a little bit of drizzle -- this is a long walk from the desk. i haven't done this in a while, either. let me hurry up. san jose, 59 degrees and we have those clouds in the forecast.
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at least through about 10:00 a.m. and notice in the icon we get a mix of sun and clouds and our temperatures eventually go up into the 70s, a couple of 80s. we are going to keep the fog in san francisco for, you know, i would say more than half of the day, but at least we're near seasonal, and i'll talk about that in detail in a few minutes. keira? >> you're so far away from me now. vianey we'll see you in about 15. the dry conditions we've seen and the winds are dangerous combinations this season added to it fireworks displays, legal and illegal. have fire crews and police on high alert. this fire broke out, called the gulf fire. cal fire tells us they do have the flames contained. 35 acres burned above the golf course in hilly terrain. crews are continuing to put out any hot spots and monitor the
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fire until it is fully extinguished. fourth of july celebrations are back this year across the bay area. including san francisco's waterfront display tomorrow night. the a's kicked off the holiday weekend with these fireworks, a huge show after the game. but there are warnings for people who want to celebrate on their own. here's cheryl herd. >> reporter: the a's are getting a jump start on celebrating this weekend. fireworks lighting up the night sky. fans can't believe they're able to watch the light show and be so close to it. >> this is great. to be back out here, with family, my son right here where we belong, let's just keep it going here in oakland. >> reporter: this is what people want to see this weekend. and some people are willing to break the law to make it happen illegally. dublin police taking in about 1,000 pounds of illegal fireworks, landing four people in jail.
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oakland police found 100 pounds of fireworks along with $38,000 cash. getting what you see here off the streets is important for fire officials. illegal fireworks and even the sew called safe and sane variety which are legal in a handful of cities are still dangerous. >> the fire can get out of control in a matter of minutes. >> reporter: that's why the bay area will be on alert this entire weekend. patrolling and making grizzly peek boulevard in the oakland hills only accessible to residents. but cities like antioch have an alternative for people who want to celebrate. >> we have a car show lined up. we have the parade that actually kicks off at 5:00 p.m. in the historic downtown area. >> reporter: and, of course, a fireworks display over the delta. fireworks displays like this will be taking place all over the bay area.
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fire officials are urging people to take advantage of them, the bottom line, leave the fireworks to the professionals. in oakland, cheryl herd, nbc bay area fireworks shows, including the list on your screen. concord pavilion is hos a drive-in event tomorrow. and california's great america will set off fireworks at the end of the night. gilroy is hosting fireworks at the high school. morgan hill is lighting up the sky above their outdoor sports complex and tonight the san jose giants are showing the sand lot with a fireworks show to follow. that will be fun. this morning the holiday travel rush is on. we have a live look for you at sfo and the bay bridge. looks pretty clear out on the bay bridge. it is one of the busiest travel weekends ever, though, as people make up for cancelled fourth of
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july plans last year. according to triple a more than 47 million americans are traveling this holiday weekend, 43 million expected to take to the roads travel between 4:00 and 5:00 p.m. is expected to be the worst time. before noon is the best. triple a says gas prices this weekend are the most expensive since 2014. the national average is $3.12. that sounds cheap. california's average is more than a dollar more than that, in france, $4.28, oakland $4.26. san jose $4.35. we have the guide to the events happening all across the bay area go to our website and click on fourth of july events. it's in our trending bar at the top of the home page. turning to our coronavirus coverage as we enter this holiday weekend, there is concern we could see a spike in cases. dr. anthony fauci says here in the bay area we have less to worry about.
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>> we're going to see, and i've said almost two types of america, those regions of america which are highly vaccinated and we have a low level of dynamics of infection and some places, some states, cities, areas, where the level of vaccination is low and the level of virus dissemination is high that's where you're going to see the spikes. >> you can hear more from dr. fauci tomorrow morning on "meet the press" with chuck todd right after this newscast, which begins at 7:00, of course. new details this morning, santa clara is the second bay area county to revise criteria in counting covid-19 deaths. as a result the death rate dropped by 22%. >> reporter: what santa clara is doing like alameda county did early last month is aligning with the way the state is now counting covid-19 deaths.
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it's a stricter method that's the reason why the count has dropped. if you look at santa clara county's covid-19 dashboard now you see they had 6,518 deaths from covid. that's more than now, that's because until now everyone who tested positive for covid-19 and was in the hospital was in the tally. that's not how they're counting the cases now. >> someone who diedrelated illn but had covid-19 would not be counted. >> reporter: for those who may and skeptical of the measures the county took, she said they relied on several factors. >> even knowing what we know now about how covid has led to death or other illness in the past
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year, wouldn't change many of those measures that we needed to take or some we needed to continue to take. >> reporter: as santa clara county revises the death rate, unfortunately california is seeing a small surge in covid-19 infections, in large part because of the easily transmissible delta variant. >> so far it's from unvaccinated individual where we're seeing the lion's share of positive tests and certainly these are 99% of the hospitalizations and deaths, not just in california, but throughout the country. >> reporter: and because the bay area has such relatively high vaccination rates and low hospitalization and test health officials don't expect to re-establish any restrictive health measures any time soon. at 7:09 we have more coming up on today in the bay. in florida, rescue workers have
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spent over a week searching the rubble in the collapse, and a new obstacle is on its way this morning, hurricane elsa. after the break.
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welcome back. we are following developing news in the atlantic where elsa has strengthened into the first hurricane of the season. it has blown off roofs and snapped trees in the eastern caribbean, where officials had to close schools, businesses and airports. it appears to be headed to florida where it will further hinder search and rescue efforts at the condo collapse. there's heavy rain and winds in saint vincent. authorities opened dozens of shelters and urged people to evacuate. as the hurricane moves in the direction of florida, there are concerns another condo building in the area may be at risk of collapsing. that has forced more than 300
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people to evacuate the miami beach building. inspectors say after a new inspection, the condo is deemed unsafe. people living there were given 30 minutes to pack up and get out yesterday. after the tragic collapse of the condo building in nearby surfside, florida, the miami-dade county mayor ordered an audit of buildings 40 years and older, search operations continue at the collapse site. florida's governor said the storm will not impact search and rescue efforts. the death toll stands at 22 people. 128 are still missing. at 7:13 we have much more ahead on today in the bay. coming up, first it was us, now it's the animals. how these vets enticed these animals to get vaccinated at the oakland zoo. >> he's not a fan of his vaccine but he has to get them. san jose right now, it is cloudy. i have a look at your fourth of
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july forecast coming up in just a second. stay with us.
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welcome back. just shy of 7:16 on your saturday morning, july 3rd. good morning to walnut creek. cloudy skies but a heavenly glow as the is trying to break through there. vianey arana has your fourth of july weekend forecast in about a minute. first, more financial help will be on the way for many californians lawmakers approved governor newsom's plan to send out a second round of state stimulus checks. the $600 checks will go to low and middle income californians, families with children will get an extra $500. to qualify you need a household income of less than $75,000. undocumented immigrants also get an additional $500 payment because they were left out of all federal stimulus payments. shifting gears early last year when hong kong reported the first case of a dog contracting
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covid, scientists began working on a veterinary vaccine and now animals at the oakland zoo are receiving it. that bear got whipped cream after. the bear's reward for getting his covid shot. the mountain lion barely reacted to getting poked. and here's archie the ferret lapping up peanut butter as he gets his vaccination. a series of fires raging in northern california destroying homes and threatening hundreds more. this is time lapse video of the salt fire, it's burning to our north in shasta county. more than 5,000 acres have burned. it is only 5% contained. evacuations are under way. authorities are now looking for a car that may have sparked it
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along interstate 5 wednesday afternoon. the largest fire burning right now is the lava fire. it's burned nearly 24,000 acres. it's 26% contained. and the tenant fire is burning in the national forest, it's burned nearly 10,000 acres and is only 17% contained. it is time now to check in with vianey arana for a look at our microclimate forecast. we have fog here, we have things that are maybe hindering fireworks displays but we can't complain when other areas of northern california are on fire right now. >> especially considering how dry we are, and any form of breeze can easily start or spread a fire. i'm going to give you an update on the latest drought conditions because i want you to see how dry we are and why things can become so dangerous when it comes to fireworks. right now in san jose, look at the current skies over downtown. definitely a cloudy start. cloudy and cool, it's been
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drizzly around the coastline, the marine layer. current temperatures right now as you head out the door in the 50s for san francisco. 55 degrees. 61 in san mateo, 52 through los gatos. but as we head into the afternoon we are going to see some clearing at least for inland areas. the 24 hour change in fog, if you see, you can notice the fog along the map but notice the temperature difference not that huge when it comes to the interior valleys. we're actually getting pretty seasonal for this time of year, which means that we're normal when it comes to our weather for the summertime, not just here in the bay area but also, of course, down through southern california as well if you had plans to travel there. hayward two degrees cooler. in the hour by hour outlook, look what happens to the fog. it clears from inland areas so we get clearing for areas for concord, san mate. the beach it's going to be
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slower to clear. day time highs this afternoon, temperatures mild overall, 60s for san francisco. and we have 80s through los gatos. 78 through palo alto. upper 80s through fairfield. that is quite a range of temperatures talk about microclimates you get your pick here. if you had plans to head to the beach because i know it's fourth of july weekend, people want to hang out around the water, it is going to be chilly by most standards when it comes to the beach. 60s. expect to keep the marine layer lingering around and hanging out and a little bit of sunshine mainly after 2:00. forecast for santa cruise, half moon bay, similar when it comes to the cloud cover, looks like we keep it through tomorrow. but here it is, i want to show you the drought monitor. because as of a couple weeks ago, 100% of the state of california, including the bay area, of course, is under some form of drought. and we remain in the exceptional
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category for areas like santa rosa, napa and the red lets you know how dry we are. we didn't get a good rainfall year. in fact, we're going to see this big h here, building high pressure, what tends to happen when we see that high pressure building later into next week, we see an increase in those temperatures. so i want to get out to my climate hack of the day, and this one has to do with your laundry. so check it out. >> i don't know about you, but laundry day is one of my least favorite days of the week and chances are most of us are washing our clothes too often and that could mean we're wasting washer. a standard machine uses 23 gallons of water per load. that breaks down to 3,000 gal lops of water a year just for washing your clothes. it's time for your climate hack.
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not only are you probably wasting a ton of water. you're probably also wearing out some of your favorite clothes. let's try cutting back on the number of loads of laundry we do. don't throw your jeans in the wash just after one use. try washing every ten wears and sheets, see if you can wait two weeks before stripping the bed. it's no one's business how often you wash. here's the payoff, if the average family does 8 loads a week, and we're able to cut back by two loads we'd save 5.5 million gallons a week. follow me for more climate hacks. >> the only ones i'm cool with washing right away is work outclothes but everything else you can wait a little longer. >> i agree. thanks so much. it is 7:22 right now. and coming up on "today in the
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bay". we have more news for you. we hope you stick with us. a power outage doesn't have to surprise you. you can get an advance warning. we'll show you how next. number 360 smart bed. it's the most comfortable, dually-adjustable, foot-warming, temperature-balancing... proven quality night sleep we've ever made. don't miss our 4th of july special. save up to $1,000 on sleep number 360 smart beds. plus free premium delivery when you add a base. ends monday.
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during heat waves this summer and fire season, there is a good chance we'll have planned power outages. so consumer investigator chris is showing us how to get an early warning so you're not left in the dark. >> reporter: losing power at home or work doesn't always have to be a surprise. let me show you how to get advanced warning so you can prepare your fridge or unplug sensitive electronics. two types of power outages, a rotating is when there's an emergency shortage, a public safety power shut off is when there's extreme weather or a fire risk. first rotating outages, the key
7:26 am
is to know your block number, that's how they rotate by block number. finding yours is easy. go to your utility's website and then search by your address. after you get it, memorize it. then when you hear us on the news talking about where the power is going to go out and when, you know. which is good because rotating outages last one is to two outages. most numbers are a number and then a letter but then there are block 50. block 50 numbers share a circuit with a facility like a hospital, fire department or police department. so they're typically exempt. public safety power fs, which occur during wildfire weather. pge plots out on its website. here's how to use it.
7:27 am
you see current outages. if you click future psp outages, the map switches to what's ahead. you can search for your address look for the purple triangles. pg&e said it will send you an alert. >> we can text you, give you a phone call, giving you an alert the power of us shutting off power is likely. >> it uses contact info it has on file, like phone numbers and email addresses to send out alerts so make sure your account is up to date. do it online or calling 866-743-6589. when we called it only took two and a half minutes for an agent to pick up. we have much more ahead. coming up, on alert for illegal fireworks this weekend. fire crews urging you to leave it to the professionals. we'll be right back.
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good morning. it is saturday, july 3rd, 7:29 as we look outside, cloudy skies over downtown san jose. and the same thing in san francisco right now. so what lies ahead for this fourth of july weekend? thank you for joining us. we are back together. i'm kira klapper. this is vianey arana. and you have a quick peek at our july fourth forecast. >> yeah preponderate it's one of those days we start with the cloud cover, very summer like, very california where you were like is it going to rain, do i need a coat for the day? you don't. maybe a light sweater. it's 59 right now in san jose. notice the temperature trend. we get peeks of sunshine by about 1:00 and then we'll be in the 70s but we have a couple of 80s. now san francisco if you're from here you know it's breezy typical for this time of year, about 60 degrees right now, slower to clear. areas in through the interior
7:31 am
like livermore clear quicker by 10:00 a.m., and 1:00 in the 80s already. so a seasonal day overall. but i'll go into more detail and your seven day forecast in a few minutes. the fourth of july celebrations are back this year across the bay area. last night in oakland, look at this spectacular show, the a's kicked off the holiday weekend with these fireworks after the game. there are warnings for others who want to celebrate on their own and what you can do to report neighbors doing illegal fireworks. here's today in the bay's cheryl herd. >> reporter: the oakland a's are getting a jump start on celebrating this weekend. fireworks lighting up the night sky. fans can't believe they're able to watch the light show and be so close to it. >> this is great. i mean, to be back out here, with family, my son right here where we belong, let's just keep
7:32 am
it going here in oakland. >> reporter: this is what people want to see this weekend and some people are willing to break the law to make it happen illegally. dublin police taking in about 1,000 pounds of illegal fireworks landing four people in jail. oakland police found 100 pounds of fireworks along with $38,000 cash. getting what you see off the streets is important for fire officials. illegal fireworks and even the so called safe and sane variety which are legal in a handful of cities can still be dangerous. >> in approximately a minute the fire can get out of control to where it's leaving your yard, getting into the neighbor's yard. >> reporter: that's why the bay area will be on alert this entire weekend patrolling and making grizzly peak boulevard only accessible to residents. but cities like antioch have an alternative to people who want
7:33 am
to celebrate. >> we have the car show lined up. we have the parade that kicks off at 5:00 p.m. in the historic downtown area. >> reporter: and, of course, a fireworks display over the delta. fireworks displays like this will be taking place all over the bay area. fire officials are urging people to take advantage of them. the bottom line, leave the fireworks to the professionals. here's a look at the legal fireworks shows coming back this year, san francisco's big waterfront show, the largest display happening in the area this weekend. the concord pavilion is hosting a drive in event tomorrow. california's great ame firework the night. gilroy is hosting a show at gilroy high school. and morgan hill will be lighting up the skies above the outdoor sports center. tonight the san jose giants are showing the sand lot and will
7:34 am
have a fireworks show to follow. and this fourth of july a tradition is back. the red, white and blue show is on for tomorrow. classic cars and low riders that usually drive the route will be parked as part of a car show. we have a complete guide to all fourth of july events on our website, go to and at the top of the trending bar click on fourth of july events. now a recall election date is set and the campaigning officially begins. governor newsom's critics gathered yesterday to show support for ousting the governor. but supporters of the governor say not so fast. gene elly reports. >> you know what today is, don't you? one day closer to gavin newsom
7:35 am
being recalled. >> reporter: recall gavin newsom supporters gather for a rally in palo alto after the lieutenant governor announced a september 14th date for the special election. organizers with rescue california say they are now in phase 2 of the campaign, drumming up excitement that will convince people to vote yes. >> we're going to be going, making phone calls, i think we're going to be going door-to-door, we're encouraging people to talk to their friends and neighbors about what's happening, what are the recall . this is a nonpartisan movement. >> reporter: as recall supporters spread the word, opponents are speaking out about the importance of educating voters about voting no. >> there are more and more californians fired up about the fact that this is an incredible waste of time and effort and we have to defeat the republican recall. >> reporter: the clock is ticking for both camps. voters will receive mail-in
7:36 am
ballots in mid august. for the next several weeks supporters will be making the case to recall gavin newsom. >> the state can't afford gavin newsom anymore. the wealth, the crisis, $30 billion. >> the covid policies, the emergency powers that he took advantage of. >> reporter: while democrats will be reminding voters of newsom's achievements hoping to vote to keep him in office. >> to create more housing than any governor in history, to expand access to health care, to make record investments in education. >> leading our state's recovery from covid, leading our state's economic recovery. >> reporter: organizers on both sides know voter turnout is crucial for their success. once you receive your ballot in the mail you need to fill out two sections in the first part you'll be asked if governor newsom should be removed from office, it's a yes or no
7:37 am
question. and in the second part you choose your replacement candidate. you can vote no to the question of removing the gover from office but still select a replacement candidate in case the governor is recalled. turning to our coronavirus coverage as we enter this holiday weekend. there is a concern that across the u.s. there could be a spike in covid cases. dr. anthony fauci, though, says here in the bay area where vaccination rates are high we have less to worry about. >> we're going to see, and i've said, almost two types of america. those regions of america which are highly vaccinated and we have a low level of dynamics of infection. and in somees, some cities, some areas where the level of vaccination is low and the level of virus dissemination is high that's where you'll see the spikes. >> we have high vaccination rates here in the bay area. you can hear more from dr. anthony fauci on this topic tomorrow on "meet the press"
7:38 am
with chuck todd, tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. right after this newscast. now to santa clara county, the second bay area county to revise criteria for counting covid-19 deaths. according to a new method of counting, the death rate has dropped by about 22%. just like alameda county did earlier last month, santa clara county is now aligning with the way the state classifies covid-19 deaths. health leaders relied on several factors like test positivity, hospital bed availability. it's a more strict method now and that's why the county's rate has dropped. >> somebody who may have happened to have covid but die in a car accident or some unrelated illness would no longer be counted. >> health leaders say the revision is necessary to get an accurate read on how deadly the pandemic really is. johnson & johnson now says its single dose covid vaccine is
7:39 am
effective against the new delta variant. the drug maker adds the one-shot vaccine also provides immunity that lasts at least eight months. health officials hope this reassures the 11 million americans who received the j&j vaccine. happening today, detonation is kicking off the fourth of july holiday. the warriors are hosting the thrive city block party in san francisco. it's a two day event at thrive city. the community gathering around chase center, it's the community space around chase center. there will be live entertainment, local food vendors, family friendly activities. it starts at 11:00 a.m. at 7:39 still to today in the bay, the fastest woman in the country could miss the olympics after being suspended for smoking marijuana. hear from her why she risked her chance for olympic glory.
7:40 am
7:41 am
7:42 am
as we look ahead to the olympics, some unfortunate news for team usa, the fastest woman in america appears to be out of the olympics. american track star, sha'carri richardson is accepting her one-month suspension after she tested positive for marijuana following her win in the 100 meter trials. it was an incredible win. richardson says she took the drug as a way of coping with her mother's recent death. she spoke exclusively with the "today" show's savannah guthrie and says she takes full responsibility for her actions. >> i apologize. as much as i'm disappointed i know when i represent myself, i represent a community. and to y'all, i apologize. i didn't know how to control my emotions or deal with my emotions during that time.
7:43 am
>> so richardson may be able to compete in another event like the relays if team usa allows her to because it would be after the one-month suspension. many people are coming out to support her saying she should be able themselves like soccer star megan rapinoe. and nba star dwayne wade. looking to the olympics, you can watch everything from start to finish, exclusively here on nbc bay area. coming up on today in the bay, a fourth of july holiday parade is making its return with a bit of a twist. i'm going to help you plan your fourth of july weather. it is cloudy to start but what can we expect this afternoon? and tomorrow. i'll have the full forecast coming up.
7:44 am
7:45 am
good morning. it is 7:45. off to a pretty cloudy saturday but it's going to be a nice day,
7:46 am
i promise. 59 right now in san jose. the temperature trend into the afternoon, we go from 60s into cisco, 60 degrees. of course, this is very typical for a summer in san francisco. you have the fog factor, temperatures in the 60s and we are seeing the fog into the interior valleys as well. 59 in livermore, by 1:00, 2:00, we will be in the 80s. we've got sunshine coming on through. so what can we expect this afternoon. let's look at your day time highs. we get a nice range of microclimates. we have 60s around the coast. and then if you want to warm up just a little bit head into the 70s in areas like hayward at 74. down through the south bay into the mid 80s -- excuse me. i ate an almond and it's been bothering me all morning -- wind
7:47 am
gusts -- i just have to keep it real with you guys. breezy winds, though. here's another reason why we are concerned about the potential for a fire spreading or starting. we have a lot of dry brush out there. even though it's not extremely hot, you start a firework, that one fire, because the slightest breeze, all the dry brush out there because we've it, the professionals saying it. just don't do it. in addition to that if you're going to be heading to the beach -- excuse me -- we have cloudy conditions sunshine as well. but not as much as inland areas. so we'll very much be one of those kind of overcast beach days, not the sunniest or clearest of the days, but fourth of july, the weather will be nice. it'll be comfortable enough you can enjoy it outdoors. what can we expect in the long range outlook? we have no rain in the forecast, i wish we did, we need it.
7:48 am
we have building later into the week is high pressure. any time we see high pressure we dry out again, see a slight boost in temperatures, sometimes a big boost in temperatures and we get plenty of sunshine. so the seven day forecast, france, 66 degrees expected for your fourth of july, for tomorrow, 65 into monday if you get a long weekend, you're really going to like the weather in san francisco, it'll be cool. but inland you can expect to keep the 80s in the forecast, along with some of the sunshine and remember i talked about that high pressure bringing a boost in temperatures, there it is, with my throat this morning. >> i offered you my water but about her. give you a break, go drink your water. still ahead, a growing number of travelers hitting the skies. and if you're hitting the road, there are record breaking gas
7:49 am
prices. it's time for our clear the shelters segment. this week we are featuring kittens of all sorts. pets in need have so many that need homes, they're offering a two for one promo for the entire month of july, you can get two kittens for $125, that includes vaccinations, flea, micro chipping. we'll be right back.
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fire watch, a delicate fourth of july weekend. >> any breaking news overnight and your work week forecast when you join us monday morning, 4:30 to 7:00.
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7:52 am
welcome back. it's 7:51 on your saturday morning. cloudy skies across the bay area this morning. we have some clearing expected, some sunshine expected in the inland areas as we look ahead to fireworks tomorrow. one of the busiest fourth of july travel numbers ever as americans make up for a year of cancelled plans. here's a live look at sfo. tom costello reports. >> reporter: it's a july 4th getaway looking like a thanksgiving travel rush from the roads to the airports, 48 million of us, probably more, are on the move. the second busiest independence day weekend ever. >> i'm excited to get out of the house. like everyone else. >> and we're paying more at just about every turn. hotel prices up to 35% more over last year. rental car prices up 86%. and gas prices are rebounding
7:53 am
along with the economy. now averaging $3.12 a gallon, nearly a dollar more than a year ago. bob jackson gassing up in philly. >> enough to get over the bridge to new jersey where it's cheaper. >> reporter: californians paying $4.28 a gallon, mississippi paying $2.75. 2.1 million people went through tsa checkpoints on thursday. >> people are ready. can't wait to get out. >> because the surge in airline traffic came on so fast, many airlines weren't ready, didn't have enough planes now they're full. a surge of returning business travelers is expected in the fall. >> i think zoom is a great replacement for phone calls but not for in-person interaction. >> reporter: meanwhile, a staggering 3,200 reports of bad passenger behavior this year, including onboard flights. the faa is using children to
7:54 am
encourage adults to behave. >> fighting is not good on a plane. >> if they keep doing that stuff. >> i would be really scared. >> you can distract the pilot if it gets that bad. >> that was tom costello reporting. up next a look at the top stories we're following, including illegal fireworks already causing a problem across the bay area and how you can help. it's time for sleep number's lowest prices of the season on the sleep number 360 smart bed. it's the most comfortable, body-sensing, automatically-responding,
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welcome back. happening now, you are looking live in florida where we are awaiting a press conference any minute now. leaders in the rescue efforts will update everyone in surfside, florida on the recovery operations. the associated press right now is reporting a miami-dade fire official says emergency workers plan to demolish the remainder of the collapsed condo building as soon as tomorrow. right now the confirmed death toll is 22. 126 people are still missing.
7:57 am
back here locally, here's a quick look at the top stories we are following on this fourth of july weekend, people are raring to celebrate for the first time since the pandemic but fireworks and dry conditions are putting crews, police and firefighters on high alert. last night the a's put on a huge display, one of the many taking place this weekend. san francisco's waterfront will have its show again. illegal fireworks, dublin police have about 1,000 pounds in their position and four people behind bars. oakland police found 100 pounds of fireworks along with $38,000 in cash. it's not just illegal fireworks that are dangerous, even the safe and sane fireworks, which are legal, can still be a risk. >> in approximately a minute, the fire can get out of control. to where it's probably leaving your yard getting into a
7:58 am
neighbor's yard. >> many counties are urging people to report illegal fireworks usage. there's a tip line in coa county. this fourth of july weekend one south bay tradition is back, the rose white and blue parade is back on for tomorrow. it's not exactly a parade, though. participants will set up for a festival along alameda. classic cars and low riders that usually drive the route will be parked for a car show. how will the weather look? >> it's going to be seasonal overall. we are going to keep the sunshine for inland areas but in san francisco we are expecting the marine layer to hang tough around the coastline. i know a lot of people get worried when it comes to the fireworks are we going to see them or not? looks like we may see the marine layer lingering. so if you want fireworks head
7:59 am
inland. >> you see glowing pink and red and blue clouds. thank you, and thank you for making us part of your morning as we are reunited here. we'll be back at 4:00, 6:00 and 11:00.
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