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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  July 10, 2021 11:00pm-11:29pm PDT

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cooler weather returns. right now at 11:00, dangerously hot temperatures across the bay area today. so when will it cool down? you won't want to miss rob's forecast. also, an take at an east bay gas station caught on camera, but it's who police are searching for that may surprise you. plus, the right place at the right time. video captured the aftermath of something unexpected in oracle park today.
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how a doctor became the biggest star of the game. we begin at 11:00 with the heat. another scorching day across the bay area, and the hot weather isn't behind us just yet. no rolling outages. state officials tweeting congratulations to everyone about two hours ago. a live look now at san jose in walnut creek. still in the upper 70s at this hour. the hottest spots, though, today, we had to head to brentwood. that's where nbc bay area's marianne affirmative action row went tonight. >> reporter: at la costa taqueria, with the temperature outside of 108 degrees, grilling is grueling. normally on a saturday, there would be a line into the parking lot, but today even though the restaurant fired up its mist machines, few customers came in. >> the heat. everybody's home right now. >> reporter: saturdays are usually one of the busiest days of the week at harry's wine
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depot and tavern, but today the patio is empty, and the tavern's live entertainment canceled because of the heat. as the mercury rises, profits are dropping. >> it's really bad. it's so bad that any given day, you know, friday or saturday, you do quite a few thousand dollars. and it's going to a couple hundred. >> reporter: because of the heat, the tavern only had about six customers, so they decided to close early around 8:00 instead of 11:00. among the few people who ventured outside in downtown brentwood today, sweating through a bike ride. >> i would describe the heat as suffocating. >> like a campfire. that's what my back felt like. it was just burning. and it was so hot. >> reporter: but some managed to find relief from the scorching sun. this duo waged an epic water battle against each other, a war
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where getting drenched is a victory. in brentwood, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> so when are we going to start feeling some relief from all this heat? let's bring in meteorologist rob mayeda right now. rob, how many days away? >> the good news is we have passed the midway points. i know it's passed july. it's hot in july. we were 10 and in some cases 15 degrees above the average. that includes out towards concord and livermore. almost 100 at morgan hill. santa rosa, mid-90s. san jose, though, kind of missing out. 84 degrees. that's pretty close to average. san francisco and oakland didn't really see much heat. same areas tomorrow, including livermore, though. we'll see the temperatures on the rise. it has only cooled down to 78 degrees right now. completely different story in san francisco. we got the fog and 55 degrees. but the hill, look at scots valley, inland, 70s and 80s right now. excessive heat warnings will continue.
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santa cruz mountains, north bay hill tops until 11:00 on sunday. but we begin to see the cooling effects of the ocean air conditioning. meanwhile, the valleys get their cooldown as we head into monday. how quickly those temperatures will drop. seven-day forecast in about at 11:00, gov newsom signed an executive order to free up more energy capacity in the wake of wildfire threats and extreme heat. growing wildfires in oregon are impacting transmission lines used to import energy to california. well, today's order allows the emergency use of auxiliary ship engine to relieve pressure on the electric grid. state leaders continue to urge everyone to conservative power between 4:00 and 9:00. new time laps video of the beckworth complex fi it's burning north of lake tahoe near the california-nevada state line. the fire started saturday after a lightning strike. as of tonight, flames scorched
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more than 61,000 acres, up from 38,000 this time last night. containment is 9%. . our nbc bay area app is a great resource this fire season. you can get breaking news and weather alerts sent forecast for your neighborhoo. hayward is moving forward. officially reopening its downtown with a ribbon cutting and special celebration that lasted into the evening. people celebrated covid restrictions being lifted with an event near the intersection of b and main street. the city offered promotions at restaurants and shops to get people back shopping downtown. there was also live music and more than 60 booths selling arts and crafts. the push to end gun violence in oakland took a new turn today. a march organized by the police chief, but one that saw counter protesters show up. here is nbc bay area's thom jensen.
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>> we need all hands on deck, all hands on deck. >> reporter: a loud cry for help on the shores of lake merritt, where hundreds of people held a rally and a walk for peace. >> this is a plague. for us, this is a pandemic. this is the covid that never goes way for us. >> reporter: counterdemonstrators tried to interrupt the rally, shouting out the names they say are victims of police violence, and holding a large banner, calling police domestic terrorists. the issue of police funding in oakland has been divisive. but others say we actually need to add more officers to the streets where violence and property crimes are surging. >> we're in a state of emergency. we are in a state of emergency. we're going down a dystopian road to hell in hand basket. >> reporter: oakland's police chief, business owners, and church leaders say gun violence has gotten out of hand. >> i hear those guns, that gunfire 24/7. >> and true unity is the only solution in oakland, a city
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that's had a violent reputation for decades. >> it is time that we come together and we unite behind, reducing gun violence in city of oakland. >> while we're arguing about how to go forward, our children are being left alone. >> reporter: the city's new chief of violence prevention says the solutions start with listening to oakland youth, searching for a feeling of community and hope, and who too often turn to guns and violence. >> if our children are acting out, we have to check out what we're doing, because we have some responsibility. >> stand up. >> stand up. >> for save oakland. >> reporter: in oakland, thom jensen, nbc bay area news. new at 11:00, hayward police are asking for help tonight. they're trying to find man attacked at a gas station earlier this week. but we want to warn you, some of the video may be disturbing. surveillance cameras captured the attack on one of the owners of the chevron station where i e when he heard the taller man ask
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the older man in the video if he was asian. he asked him twice. the store owner says the older man was wearing an earphone and likely didn't hear the question, and suddenly the younger man slaps him. that's when the store owner says he chased the man out of the store and called police. they have tracked down the suspect in the video, but need to contact the victim before any charges are filed. after standing for 100 years in charlottesville, virginia, statues honoring two confederate generals are gone. a crowd gathered to watch the statues of robert e. lee and stonewall jackson come down. it was a culmination of the battle in courts and city streets. a high school student started the original petition, and five years later said it was important to be there. >> that statue stood for over 100 years. the university played a role in putting it up. the city played a role in putting it up. now it's important for us to hold them accountable and make sure that they actually follow through on the change that they've promised. >> a third statue was also
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removed later in the day. all are being stored on city property until leaders can decide what to do with it. also taken down today, the metal fencing surrounding capitol hill that was put up after the january 6today. capitol police say better security measures are now in place. however, the capitol is still closed to most visitors. we are following some breaking news in the east bay. firefighters are putting out hot spots at two house fires in antioch that crews say were started by fireworks. firefighters say the flames started at a house near west 6th and 8th streets around 8:30. embers blew half a block away and set another house on fire. no one was hurt, and the fires are out, but the situation could have ended much differently. we'll continue to update this story as we get more information. from md to mvp. a bay area doctor in the right place at the right time. we're back in 60 seconds with
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how he stole the show at today's giants game. plus, it's the final countdown in the billionaires' race to space. a look at the last-minute preparations before sir richard branson soars to the edge of space.
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new at 11, he was there to see his son's team but bay area doctor helped save a woman who was choking on a hot dog. this is video of dr. willie ross talking to the woman he helped. he is the man in the red baseball cap. fans who were sitting nearby say the woman is a registered nurse.
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when she started choking, dr. ross advantage into action, performing abdominal thrusts. he is also the father of washington nationals pitcher joe ross. his other son, tyson ross is also a pitcher for the texas rangers. a bit of hope in florida as the painstaking recovery efforts continue. a cat that survived the surfside condo collapse is back with his family tonight. this is binx. he miraculously survived and was found inside the collapse. >> kind of shocked, but we already had a feeling that if one of our animals were to make it, it would be him. >> the family, as you can see obviously overjoyed to have bimx back. we're houston away from the beginning of a new space race. billionaire richard branson set to blast off tomorrow in a commercial spaceship that he hopes will soon be carrying passengers. if all goes well, he'll beat
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jeff bezos into space by nine days. tom costello is near the launch site in new mexico with more. >> reporter: countdown in the desert, the unity now mounted to its mother ship. primed, ready and rolled out. >> nice and smoothly to zero g. it feels wonderful. >> reporter: virgin galactic pilots giving their final briefings. >> to me it's all about the view and it's absolutely amazing. it's spectacular. >> reporter: as richard branson and three fellow employees prepare to strap in for the journey of a lifetime. >> release, release, release. >> reporter: that moment when unity drops from the mother ship. >> fire. >> fire. >> reporter: then rockets to more than 50 miles above the earth to what nasa calls the edge of space. fellow space billionaire elon musk tweeting "we'll see you there to wish you the best." the jeff bezos origin team tweeted that branson and his passengers aren't going as high as bezos so might not be
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considered true civilian astronauts. >> it's definitely a pinch yourself moment. >> reporter: bursting with pride, branson gave us a tour this week. he started virgin galactic in 2004, pouring billions into the program and overcoming the tragic death of a test pilot. now his vision is becoming reality. are you ready for sunday? >> i'm as ready as i will ever be. i've had 17 years waiting for this. >> increasing pitch. >> wow, look at that view. >> gorgeous. >> reporter: the entire flight lasts about 90 minutes with three minutes of weightlessness. the hope that the battle of the space billionaires will open the door to anyone else who can afford the quarter million ticket. launch is set for 7:00 a.m. mountain time on sunday, and then paying passengers in 2022. i'm tom costello, nbc news at space port america. >> you can watch the launch tomorrow morning on nbc bay area. nbc news will have live coverage starting at about 6 listen 45 a.m.
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. teeter totter history has been made in concord. we've been watching and following this all week. two friends set on breaking the record for the longest teeter totter ride. chuck walker and mike hartorn had to ride for 216 hours to break the record. the last record was set in 1971 by walker himself and another friend. they took turns getting a couple of hours of sleep. the pair saying they did it mainly to put a smile on people's faces. when the bay area heats up, there is always an exodus to the beaches. and today was no exception. half moon bay was a popular spot for those looking to cool off without getting in the water. the temperature significantly cooler on the coast than the south bay or the east bay today. >> my house doesn't have ac. so it's either stay inside with the fan on or go to the beach. so we went to the beach. >> by sunset, of course, many
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people were wearing sweatshirts to keep from getting too cold. i think, rob, you're showing us the difference wean the coast and inland. in some places 50 degrees. >> 50 degrees. >> those are those microclimates. >> you be a weathercaster, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, hundreds, you would have been right today. within about a 40-minute drive around the bay area. half moon bay you kind of needed a jacket at times. some of the cooling did reach san francisco. there is a beautiful view, the bay bridge in the distance where we've got a sea breeze cooled. 54 degrees. but that is not carrying too far inland right now. as you see, patchy low clouds closer to san francisco. san jose kind of the comfortable middle ground today as we saw temperatures mostly in the mid-80s. mid- to upper 80s tomorrow. but the exceptions to the rule obviously in terms of the sea breeze aoling. it's been out towards the tri-valley. it's only cooled down to 78 degrees after a high of 106 degrees today in livermore. tomorrow it will be probably just a little bit cooler.
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but we're still expecting highs near 102 around livermore tomorrow. so here is a look at the breeze. this is important. fairfield has got a southwest wind at 23 miles per hour. if you have friends and family in the sacramento area, they look for that. the delta breeze through solano county, starting to see a sign it's copping back, but it really lacks the cooling or the deep marine layer air to help bring in the cooler temperatures. notice as we head toward the morning hours, we're only cooling into the upper 60s and 70s inland. that is the story tomorrow morning. with the rung start to the warm temperatures, tomorrow's highs again for at least one more day. south of san jose seeing the temperatures in the mid- to upper 90s. down toward morgan hill, towards antioch and concord, the today. still 70s and 80s around the east bay. peninsula 75 degrees. san mateo, a cool 63 around half moon bay. and there you see the temperatures around san francisco, mid 60s in the north bay. ranging from the 80s to 90s up towards santa rosa.
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107 to 108 degrees again tomorrow around clearlake. so we have to talk a little bit about some wildfire smoke. by the time we get into monday, might see a little closer to the bay area. we've had the fires burning to the north and east really take off in intensity. you can see how the unhealthy air will stay to the east of us. but as winds come down the coast at times you might notice a little haze over the next couple of mornings as we begin to see the cooling changes. not much cooling tomorrow. but by the time we get to monday's forecast, notice the impact of the sea breeze. temperatures inland now mid- to upper 80s. that is the big drop in temperatures. and the good news is it should stick around future a while as high pressure moves out. trough of low pressure approaches the west coast, which means the ocean air conditioning should be ongoing. once we get to monday, things for the valleys do look considerably cooler. so for san francisco, looking from upper 60s to mid 60s for the middle part of the week. valley areas tomorrow inland east bay, tri-valley, morgan
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hill should see a noticeable drop in temperatures monday and tuesday. the afternoon this time of year should be mid- to upper 80s. we're finally getting closer to average as we get towards the middle part of the week. one more day to go. >> more than halfway through the current heatwave. that's good news. anthony joins us with a look ahead in sports. >> shockwaves and a wake-up call for team usa. it was only an exhibition, but it is sending shockwaves around the sports world. who handed team usa a stunning upset in their first olympic tune-up game? stick around. sports is next.
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welcome back. i'm anthony flores. an olympic tune-up turns into a stunning upset for team usa. the u.s. taking on nigeria in the first of fife exhibition games before tipping off olympic play. you don't see this very often. kevin durant get that out of here, rejected by precious a.
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ike nwamu with the dagger, one of 23 pointers in the game for nigeria. it's one of the greatest upsets in international basketball history. nigeria, there he is, mike brown the assistant for the warriors, they beat the u.s., 90-87. all right. to the diamond. the giants taking on the nationals at oracle park. bottom one 2-0 with the bases loaded. estrada with the grounder, doesn't leave the infield. it's a hit. a run scores, 3-0 giants. now to the sixth, brandon crawford with the orange crush. hey, the giants are 2-0 in the city connect unies. 10-4 the final. the winner assures the giants the best record in baseball for the first half of the season. and that one is hit deep to left field. martin back, and that baby is gone! >> stephen piscotty with a two run pop. the a's score four runs in the
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top of the 11th. they double up the rangers 8-4 in 11 innings. all right. to the party at the lake. second round of the american century championship in tahoe. steph curry with a three to get the crowd going, and they're loving it. they're loving this on the green. curry with another three. you can't see the ball, but the shimmy, yeah, shows you it's good. he's tied for sixth place. john smoltz leads by two points heading into sunday's final round. you can see the final round right here on nbc bay area. that's a look at sports. more news after the break.
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finally tonight, jimmy carter and his wife rosalynn celebrated their 75th wed anniversary today in plains, georgia. former president bill clinton attended the event. the carters are the longest married presidential couple in american history. rosalynn is 93 and the former president is 96. carter has said that marrying rosalynn in 1976 was the most important decision he made. rosalynn remembers not being interested in boys until she met jimmy carter. >> i used to tell my mother when the phone range to tell whoever it was, tell them i wasn't at home. and i was always out the door and down the street. and then along came jimmy carter. and my life's been an adventure ever since. >> the carters have four
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children together and continue to work side by side in their habitat for humanity projects. thank you so much for joining us. "saturday night live" is next. delicia: this is where all our recycling is sorted -- 1.2 million pounds every day, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. but that's not all you'll find here. there are hundreds of good-paying jobs, with most new workers hired from bayview-hunter's point. we don't just work at recology, we own it, creating opportunity and a better planet. now, that's making a difference.
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