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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  July 12, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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their trekking polls to pleasanton ridge regional park monday, all with the goal of finding 37-year-old philip crycek of berkeley. >> kind of bummed. we're disappointed because we did hike around a couple of miles and had no luck. >> reporter: the father of two went out for a trail run sunday morning and never returned home. pleasanton police say he is an experienced trail runner with no known health issues. >> i have a 37-year-old husband and he goes out for runs, and if he went for a run and didn't come home i would want anybody and everybody to be out here. >> reporter: police say the harvard grad left his phone in his car, probably because carrying it along would have weighed on him. but what about water? police say they don't know for certain if he carried any with him to the trail. >> it is in the 80s so i can't imagine if he was out there in 100-plus temperatures. >> his wife, a really sweet lady. you know, very, very nice. the family flew in and they're looking for him too. >> reporter: christian somer of
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danville doesn't know him personally, but he has a sense of what he is going through. two years ago somer got lost himself during a trail run and was missing for more than seven hours. >> there's no moonlight. are you in pitch darkness and the ravines are so steep and so scary. so it doesn't take much to get lost. >> reporter: for now this growing group of volunteers are expanding their search on foot and online, calling for rock climbers who have experience rappelling to help join the search. >> hopefully he is just under -- you know, getting shade somewhere and he is not injured. >> i hope he turns up soon. >> reporter: in pleasanton, melissa colorado, "nbc bay area news". >> we are hoping for that, too. thank you, melissa. new water restrictions in the south bay after the city of santa clara declares a local drought emergency. effective immediately the following are banned in the city of santa clara. wasting water including run-off on sidewalks and streets. washing paved areas and washing cars with a house without an automatic shut-off valve. you can't water your lawn during
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and after rain, between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. and more than three days a week. restaurants are also pro hinted from giving customers water unless they ask for it. these rules mirror many in place for santa clara county and the state. santa clara city council is expected to approve the emergency drought declaration tomorrow making these restrictions mandatory. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri joins us now. we know the drought is bad and it is going to get worse, especially after the four-day heat wave? >> right now with the drought monitor showing 33% 32% of california is under the exceptional drought. we've seen some areas certainly grow over the past week, and we've talked about this a lot. bay area rain season, we are down 8 to 21 inches this year. snow pack, only 59% of normal. the la nina pattern that really contributed to our lack of rain as it sent a lot of the storm systems way off to the north. a closer look at the map shows the north bay and the east bay in the deep red color, the worst
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level of drought. increased fire danger, homeowners may even have to drill their wells lower. we will talk about the much-welcome change in the weather, the cooler temperatures. i will have more details on that coming up in about 18 minutes. >> thanks so much, jeff. even though the weather is cooling down, a flex alert is still in effect this evening because of the bootleg fire in southern oregon near the california border. it is said because of the fire electric transmission lines from oregon are unreliable right now. the flex alert is asking people to conserve energy until 10:00 tonight, actually 9:00 p.m. to relieve strain on the power grid. you are watching video of the largest wildfire so far this year in california. the beckwourth complex fire doubled in size in the past 24 hours. it has burned close to 90,000 acres. it is up from 55,000 acres this past saturday. the fire is close to the nevada state line, not far from reno. at least half a dozen homes have burned and evacuations are
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currently underway. the wildfire right now is about 23% contained. happening tomorrow, we could learn more about how and when vta will resume light rail service. the board of directors will meet by video tomorrow afternoon at 2:30. trains stopped running on may 26th after an employee opened fire at the guadalupe rail yard in san jose killing nine of his co-workers before killing himself. vta officials said they hope to have trains up and running again by the end of this month. well, a big meeting at the white house. san jose mayor sam liccardo met with president biden today to talk about ways to reduce gun violence. the sit-down comes after that shooting massacre and after san jose passed many controversial gun control proposals recently. nbc bay area's robert handa joins us from san jose city hall after speaking with the mayor, the white house and gun advocates who are not happy about today's meeting. >> reporter: well, the gun control measures that were passed here at city hall
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recently definitely caught the ear of the white house, especially after a mass shooting that drew national attention. the vta rail yard shooting was the last straw for mayor sam liccardo, a long-time gun control advocate. shortly after a vta employee killed nine co-workers on may 26th, he pushed for a package of gun control measures. many had never been approved by a city before, including requiring merchants to video record gun sales, requiring gun owners to carry liability insurance, and a new annual fee for gun owners to compensate taxpayers for the cost of responding to gun-related incidents. today as part of a national round table on curbing gun violence, liccardo talked about his measures to a receptive president, especially on how to stop secondhand gun purchasing. >> he was very interested in the policies we had just approved a few weeks ago that cracks down on purchase of guns in gun stores and ensuring you don't
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have any private transactions of guns by people not licensed gun dealers in san jose. >> reporter: a presidential special assistant for criminal justice and guns policy said liccardo's proposal hit at the heart of the issue. >> the city has passed ordinances recently that are trying to get at the problem of gun violence and the availability of guns in -- dealing with the problem of guns ending up in the wrong hands. >> reporter: but the head of the group, gun owners of california, was not impressed with the meeting and says liccardo's proposals will be thrown out in court. >> he knows that you cannot put preconditions on the exercising of a second amendment right. you can't do it. it cannot be done. so we -- >> no good sensible gun regulation goes unlitigated, we know that in this country. >> that's why we think that he thinks he has more power than he does. royal powers to circumvent the constitution. >> reporter: well, that test could come soon. the gun owners' group says it
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along with other organizations are already planning challenges in both state and federal courts. in san jose, robert handa, "nbc bay area news". and be sure to join us as 7:00 for "nbc bay area news" tonight. our own jessica aguirre will have an in-depth interview with mayor liccardo and his takeaways from the meeting with president biden. you can check out the interview on the new newscast tonight at 7:00. a new fda warning for the johnson & johnson vaccine. it comes following reports of a rare neurological disorder. it is when the body's immune system damaging nerve cells causing muscle weakness or in the most severe cases paralysis. the cdc says it has received about 100 preliminary reports of the syndrome out of more than 12 million americans who got the single-shot dose. the cases have largely been reported about two weeks after vaccination and occurred mostly in men. many aged 50 years and older. the cdc says roughly 3,000 to
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6,000 people develop this syndrome each year and most patients fully recover. cdc adds nearly all covid hospitalizations and deaths are now occurring in unvaccinated people. the risk of severe adverse events after covid-19 vaccination remains rare. well, will we need a booster shot? that is the question people are asking tonight. today pfizer met with top u.s. health officials to discuss this request to authorize a third covid shot. pfizer says booster shots will be needed in a year to fight coronavirus variants like the delta variant, but some experts disagree. nbc bay area's marianne favro in san jose with a closer look. >> reporter: the big concern is fighting off the highly transmissible delta variant. here in santa clara county there have been 85 confirmed cases. pfizer met with u.s. health officials today about the benefits of a booster, sharing research indicating a third dose of its vaccine can offer more
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protection against the highly contagious delta variant. but the cdc and the food and drug administration say fully vaccinated americans do not need a booster shot at this time. >> that doesn't mean that we're not very, very actively following and gathering all of this information to see if and when we might need it and if and when we do we will have everything in place to do it. >> reporter: in israel, with covid cases on the rise, the health ministry has already begun giving a third pfizer dose to at-risk patients. >> i do think that israel making that announcement will make the fda look closely at the question, whether immuno compromised in our country need boosters. i doubt the fda is going to approve it for everyone who is immuno competent. we don't have the evidence for that. >> reporter: ucsf infectious disease specialist says it is a dose aimed at increasing the
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immune response. it is usually given in the same amount of the first and second shot. she says if the u.s. ultimately recommends a booster, patients likely will be able to get a shot from any approved manufacturer. >> and in the context of covid, there's actually good evidence that mixing and matching vaccines, so actually putting one type of vaccine as opposed to the other original vaccine you got increases your immune response. >> reporter: dr. gandhi says unless you have a weakened immune system the current vaccines offer protection against the delta variant. in san jose, marianne favro, "nbc bay area news". one of the bay area's biggest mass vaccination sites is shutting down. the moscone center in san francisco will close this wednesday due to decreased demand and widespread availability of the covid vaccine. drop-ins are welcome from 10:00 to 6:00 before wednesday. you can get your second dose of the vaccine at the moscone center even if you got your
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first shot somewhere else. the videos are troubling and they're everywhere on social media. crimes in san francisco from car break-ins to violent assaults and robberies are being caught on camera. but the mayor and police chief say the videos don't tell the whole story or paint the real picture of their city. the two met with reporters today to talk about the halfway point of 2021 and how crime compares to the same period during the five previous years. they say the videos leave out the numerous arrests made for those crimes and insist having a bigger presence on the streets is key to curbing violent crimes and property crimes. but the chief says his department is short 400 officers, and at the current recruiting rate it could take five years -- it could take years to fill the ranks. >> this work just doesn't happen. we have a number of officers retiring. we have others leaving the force for different reasons. we at least need to back fill those officers. >> according to the city's own
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stats, gun violence is way up and the chief says officers are confiscating more guns than ever, especially those hard-to-trace ghost guns that many times are built at home. we will have reaction from residents at 6:00 tonight. still ahead, we are less than two weeks away from the tokyo olympics, but today the country implemented a drastic lockdown to help curb rising covid cases. tonight, the new warning from japan's top medical adviser. and it is something the bay area is known for, but our climate is putting them in danger. how wine making could change because of our climate in crisis. and the fog is back. you can see it right here through san francisco and our beaches. we are tracking how much you can expect for tomorrow, and what i'm seeing about the temperatures this week. i'm back with that in about six minutes.
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delicia: this is where all our recycling is sorted -- 1.2 million pounds every day, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. but that's not all you'll find here. there are hundreds of good-paying jobs, with most new workers hired from bayview-hunter's point. we don't just work at recology, we own it, creating opportunity and a better planet. now, that's making a difference.
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now to tokyo olympics. the country entered a fourth state of emergency today with just 11 days to go until the olympic games. health leaders hope the restrictions can stem a rise in covid cases. restaurants and bars are not allowed to serve alcohol under the state of emergency and will be asked to close by 8:00 p.m. tokyo has seen a surge in new coronavirus cases partly due to the delta variant. japan's top medical adviser is warning that an increasing number of patients in their 40s and 50s are becoming critically ill, warning of a health system collapse. the newest state of emergency is set to stay in effect until august 22nd. and we are counting down to the olympics, july 23rd. that is the day of opening ceremony. our very own raj mathai will be on the ground in tokyo bringing you all of the highlights.
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you can watch the olympics right here on nbc bay area. now, one of the things the bay area is best known for around the world is wine. the bay area's different wine regions each have their favorite grapes, but as nbc bay area's joe rosado jr. shows us, climate change has the wine making region of livermore conferring a change of its own. >> wine is one of the more amazing things in the world. it crosses so many different disciplines, history, chemistry, religion. >> reporter: you might say wine flows through his veins. >> my family is the oldest wine making family in the country. we started in san jose in 1954. >> reporter: he has plied his trade in the livermore valley for decade. a region known for its merlot, chardonnay and others. >> livermore valley, one of the chief characteristics is the wind coming in. >> reporter: but in recent years
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he has seen the winds of change. because of changing climate, they now blow earlier in the day. >> which means you need a longer growing season over the course of several months in order to get fruit ripe. >> reporter: with fears that eventually the precious fruit might not ripen before winter, he is looking to the future. in his mind, the future is a grape called cabernet franc. >> we believe because it ripens earlier it will be the grape that gets ripe. >> reporter: right now 30 of his acres are planted with it. the tri-valley conservancy says as the valley seeks to double its growing acreage in coming years, a shift to the hardy cab frank should be part of the conversation. >> a lot have been in place 25 years or longer and the farmers are pulling them out and want to turn the crop out. we are encouraging them to plant those varieties. >> this is one of the sites in
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livermore i think would be especially great for capper nay frank. the ramifications of climate change are forcing us to rethink everything. >> reporter: it has forced wine makers across the bay area to reconsider which grapes will thrive in the changing climate. >> you need to make smart decisions now about what is going to happen 10 to 20 years down the road. >> reporter: already, he and other 20 livermore wineries are producing wine from cabernet frank. as agriculture prepares for changes on the horizon, it seems fitting a wine maker with plenty of past is one who is looking forward. joe rosado jr.. >> wine can be a beautiful thing. >> reporter: "nbc bay area news". >> the bay area does produce a lot of good wine. >> yes. >> this past weekend it was just cold beer because it was so hot. >> yes. >> finally cooling down. that fog felt so nice coming in last night. >> so refreshing out there. certainly some great news if it was a little too hot for you. for most it was. we got up to 112 in brentwood.
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let's take you into microclimate forecast and we will get to the changes. starting in walnut creek which had 100s, now lots of blew sky. look at this. checking in at 81 degrees. lots better for us, also for the fire danger. every little bit helps. look at this, rapid cooling, down to the 60s at 8:00, 9:00 and 10:00. we are seeing the rapid cooling tonight because of this fog storm happening in san francisco. we are clouded in, areas of drizzle. checking in with 58 degrees. we will stay with the 50s heading through tonight and, of course, the fog isn't going anywhere. let's show why we had the changes happen and think of weather like a conveyor belt, at least the weather pattern. when one thing moves out, it makes way for something else to move out. that hot area of high pressure that, again, brought us up to 112 for some of our hottest temperatures, it is beginning to move a little bit more off towards the south. that's all we needed, just a subtle change, and now that fog is able to take a stronger hold here and that's going to
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continue with us as you move through tomorrow morning. so you can see it will be widespread with the clouds over the north bay, east bay and the south bay. that drizzle near the coastline and over the bay, it will clear out pretty quickly once we hit about 11:00 in the morning. most of us under that sunshine except for the beaches with that lingering cloud cover. so this will also begin us on the cool side here. a light jacket might serve you well if you are up early around 6:00 or 7:00. we will start with 57 in the south bay. peninsula at 58. over to the tri-valley, 55, and more rounds of the 50s over the north bay, san francisco and the east bay. daytime highs right about where we should be for this time of the year. down here in the south bay, lots of 70s, especially over milpitas to san jose up to cupertino. through the east bay we have 92 in brent used, better than the 112. also looking fine over concord, 82. then get closer to the water and we have 67 in oakland. for the coast, 59 in half moon bay. then you head out to redwood city, 72. san francisco, just stays
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chilly. but we like it that way in july. 63 in the mission and 55 for the marina. through the north bay, we have hot weather away from the ocean breeze, 98 in ukiah. look at this, sonoma, 79. my seven-day forecast you can see in san francisco plenty of 60s the next several days. morning fog, afternoon sunshine with temperatures starting in the 50s and the afternoon not too hot. through the inland valleys we are looking good for the next couple of days. we are keeping it in the 80s, in fact all week. we warm up sunday and monday to the upper 80s but it is much more manageable, right? >> for sure. i was in that 114-degree heat in brentwood. >> enjoying some beer? >> yes, exactly. >> you alluded to. >> yes. i limited to one beer and lots of water. >> that's a good choice. >> yeah, had to stay hydrated. >> alternate. >> yes. thanks, joe. coming up, back to the office. the tech giants that welcomed back employees after more than a year of working from home.
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rallying for the victim of a hate crime. people gathered at the steps of the hall of justice in san francisco today, calling for justice for a grandpa because his accused killer had a scheduled court appearance there today. the 84-year-old immigrant from thailand was taking a walk in january when someone ran across the street, pushed him to the ground. he hit his head on the pavement and died shortly laugh. the assault captured on surveillance video. advocates say if found guilty, he must pay for his crime. >> the crimes against asian-americans are always swept under the rug and we are concerned that the family of this man will not receive the justice that they want and that they deserve. >> advocates say even though
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hate crimes against asians in america has received some attention, they won't stop talking about it. it is back to the office for some google employees. for the first time in more than a year, the tech giant welcomed back employees a voluntary basis today. this is a key step to prepare for a broader reopening. in september google will require most workers to return to the office at least three days a week. the company says unvaccinated employees or those who don't provide verification will need to wear a mask at work and get a weekly covid test. google won't limit capacity or require social distancing. the company's signature perks like free food will come back gradually. san francisco wants to make it easy for kids to get to school. so bus rides will be free. the city is expanding its free muni for youth program. anyone under the age of 19 will be able to ride muni for free regardless of financial status or verification. starting august 15th you don't even have to fill out an application to be in the program. the extended program coincides
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with the return of full in-person learning at san francisco schools. right now more than 39,000 kids use the free muni for youth program. that's about 72% of young people who are eligible. still ahead, coming together for the neighborhood. we'll show you next. delicia: this is where all our recycling is sorted -- 1.2 million pounds every day, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. but that's not all you'll find here. there are hundreds of good-paying jobs,
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with most new workers hired from bayview-hunter's point. we don't just work at recology, we own it, creating opportunity and a better planet. now, that's making a difference.
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oakland's chinatown got a face lift today. city council president nicky for tune owe bass joined a team of volunteers for a beautification project. the team picked up litter as you can see. they cleaned up graffiti and escorted chinatown seniors. the volunteers are all with the oakland/chinatown coalition, a collaborative effort. jessica aguirre joins us now with what is coming up next at 5:30. >> we have a lot coming up. u.s. troops are all but gone from afghanistan, which is creating an opportunity for the taliban. insurgents regaining territory across the country, leaving the future of afghanistan in doubt. >> more people don't -- they kill each other. so do you think they have the details? this will look for hostilities. >> a former taliban leader speaks out about what could be next.
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thousands of cubans pour into the streets in havana, demanding change. it is the biggest anti-government demonstration in recent memory. what they want and what president biden is saying about it tonight. good monday. good monday. thanks so much for joining us. the news at 5:30 starts right now. >> the united states is another stretch closer to ending the 20-year war in afghanistan. the top u.s. commander in afghanistan handed over responsibility to another american general. general scott miller has served as america's top commander in afghanistan since 2018. the new commander, frank mckenzie head of the u.s. central command. he will oversee the winding down in headquarters in


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