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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  July 20, 2021 12:36am-1:36am PDT

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>> i started throwin' bass, she started throwin' back mid-range. but when i sprung the question, she acted kind of strange. then when i asked, "do ya have a man," she tried to pretend she said, "no, i don't, i only have a friend. ♪ >> come on, jeff i'll take it from here ♪ ♪ oh baby you you got what i nee but you say he's just a friend ♪ ♪ and you say he' just a frien oh baby yo you got what i need ♪ ♪ but you say he' just a frien and you say he's just a friend ♪ ♪ oh baby you you got what i need ♪ >> say what, y'all ♪ but you say he' just a friend ♪ >> say what? ♪ but you say he'
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just a frien oh baby yo you got what i need ♪ ♪ but you say he' just a frien but you say he's just a friend ♪ >> jimmy: my thanks to jeff goldblum, biz markie. [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ >> announcer: tonight on "late night with seth meyers." shailene woodley from "monsters at work," actor, henry winkler, and all new "closer look," featuring the 8g band with taku hirano. and now seth meyers. >> seth: good evening, i'm seth meyers and this is late night. we hope you're doing well tonight. let's get to the news. president biden was asked on friday if he had anything to say about social media companies and their role in spreading misinformation about the coronavirus vaccine, and said this >> what's your message to platforms like facebook?
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>> they're killing people. >> seth: man, can you imagine the panic that sweeps through biden's aides when he makes a beeline for a microphone like that must feel like the first drop on a roller coaster it's like when your worst friend's name gets called at karaoke. oh, man, here comes 9 minutes of meatloaf in a new interview ahead of his space flight tomorrow, amazon founder jeff bezos said that he had been dreaming about this for his whole life of course, in his dream he ejects from the rocket and then it crashes into an independent bookstore. in the same interview bezos said he's, quote, "really excited to see how traveling to space will change him." what is this supposed to be like some modern day scrooge thing you there boy, what day is it today? why, it's christmas day, sir you made us come in this morning. organizers of the upcoming tokyo games have reportedly installed cardboard beds in the olympic village, which some people
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claimed was to discouraged athletes from having sex oh yeah, if there's anything olympic athletes hate it's a challenge. some of those people can do back flips on a three inch beam if you really want to stop them from having sex, do what i did in college, put "star wars" sheets on them by the way, it turns out the beds were not made of cardboard to discourage sex, but to encourage people to recycle, which is another way to discourage sex after president biden accused social media platforms of spreading vaccine misinformation, facebook on saturday criticized the white house for quote, "finger pointing," which to be fair they're guilty of too. the house of representatives referred -- excuse me, returned today after a two-week recess. it's the only recess matt gaetz is allowed within 500 feet of. and finally, a $5 million class action lawsuit was filed recently against the video game company sega over claims they rigged one of its arcade games so players could not win and the evidence is pretty damning, and that was a monologue.
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it feels like scollins got ripped off at an arcade once [ light laughter ] no fair. no fair -- it's sega. it's sega. we got a great show for you tonight. she's an emmy and golden globe nominated actress you know from the "divergent" franchise and "big little lies." her latest, "the last letter from your lover," is on netflix this weekend shailene woodley is here and he's an emmy winning actor you know from "happy days" and now "barry" on hbo he's also famously the nicest man in show business and a good friend of this show, henry winkler will be joining me but before we get to all of that, fox news host brian kilmeade said it's not the government's job to protect people from covid. meanwhile, donald trump and a former fox news host, bill o'reilly were having trouble selling tickets for an arena tour for more on this it's time fro a "closer look." ♪ >> seth: as covid cases surge once again thanks to lagging vaccination rates and the highly contagious delta variant, the
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biden administration is desperately trying to get as many people vaccinated as possible some local governments like los angeles county are also re-imposing indoor mask mandates to curb the surge in cases and now the latest covid news has created some tension on the set of "fox and friends. this morning, steve doocy strongly urged viewers to get vaccinated while brian kilmeade insisted it's not the governments job to protect people >> well listen, if you didn't get a vaccination, that's your choice >> right >> and if you did, like i did, and they did, and maybe you did. then you should not wear a mask. and if you didn't, if you want to go cliff diving this weekend, you don't have to check with me. it seems a little dangerous, but i'm not going to judge you and if you go ahead and put yourself in danger, if you feel as though this is not something for you, don't do it, but don't affect my life >> 99% of the people who are dying from covid are unvaccinated >> that's their choice >> they don't want to die. so they are -- the administration and the government is saying, we need
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the mask mandate to protect the unvaccinated >> that's not their job. it's not their job to protect anybody. >> seth: yeah, if the government was supposed to protect you they'd have a department for it, like the department of defense or something by the way, that is the most animated i've ever seen brian kilmeade usually e just sits there like that teddy bear they always find in a wreckage after a house fire, just sitting there shell shocked with his unblinking black button eyes. also, to address your cliff diving analogy, unlike covid, cliff diving isn't contagious. and if it was contagious, i would never leave the house. because i'm scared of catching covid, but i would be terrified of catching cliff diving i mean i can't even imagine, being in a starbucks and some thrill junkie behind me sneezes. and the next thing i know i'm in a flying squirrel wing suit in brazil, while some guy named lalo fastens a gopro to my head and tells me, "you're about to finally live." and my wife calls and says, "what are you doing? you hate heights you got dizzy when you filmed the show in our attic. and all i can do is scream back, with tears in my eyes, "i don't know what's happening to me!
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also yes, it's everyone's choice to get vaccinated. but you're in a position of influence. at the very minimum you have a moral responsibility to give people accurate information about life saving vaccines and you also have an opportunity to tell people they could protect themselves, and their loved ones, and their communities by getting vaccinated why wouldn't you take it if there was a deadly rash of sharknadoes plaguing the country would you tell people they're dangerous and to stay away, or would you say, "look, go ahead and fight the sharknado with your bare hands if you want? i'm not going to tell you what to do. there's been a lot of attention, rightly, on the role social media platforms like facebook have played in amplifying antivax misinformation but while we're talking about facebook, let's not lose sight of the fact that rupert murdoch, who got vaccinated in december of last year, currently pays people to lie and fear monger about the vaccines on a daily basis for ratings. if you watch fox news you probably think joe biden is going to send an army of antifa super soldiers to your house to strap you down, inject you with the vaccine, and steal your hamburgers in the case of facebook, one of the main problems is that facebook is just too big and too powerful
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it's designed to spread misinformation that's the core of the business model. it should be broken up, which progressives like bernie sanders and elizabeth warren have already called for no private company should be that big and powerful, especially one where your grandma can accidentally post her google searches as facebook updates. why did she write the words, "lawn bowling shoes size 9." amidst all of this, it's worth noting that these people wield outsized influence compared to their actual popularity. trump and his movement have never commanded majority support in election or polls a vivid explanation of that came last week when politico reported that trump is having trouble selling advance tickets for his upcoming speaking tour with conservative pundit, bill o'reilly. so far, the pace of purchases have been slow compared to other acts, arena officials say. in orlando, where the duo is hosting an event at the 20 thousand capacity amway center on december 12th. a box office employee for the arena said, "there are still a lot of tickets open. then the person added, "we have concerts that are doing a lot better than this." i'm sure they do first of all, it's in orlando. there's a wealth of theme parks.
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why go to a trump/o'reilly history tour when you can learn more about u.s. history at the hall of presidents, or even space mountain hell, even seaworld would probably be a better use of your time either way, you're going to be in a splash zone who the hell wants to go see a so called history tour with a disgraced former cable news host and a man who was just quoted as having said, "i think it would be hard if george washington came back from the dead and he chose abraham lincoln as his vice president i think it would have been very hard for them to beat me." "now of course, that all goes out the window if they're riding a t-rex. if washington and lincoln are in the same ticket riding a t-rex, i'm worried about my chances." a history tour of trump is like the opposite of a ken burns documentary. let's remember, trump thought frederick douglas was still alive and thought the civil war happened for no reason, saying, and this is his exact quote, "people don't ask that question, but why was there a civil war? yeah, why don't people ask that question more? for years people have just shrugged off the civil war i remember when we got to it in history class and my teacher
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said the civil war was like so random now apparently that report touched a nerve because in response o'reilly threatened to sue the politico reporter. o'reilly said it was bull [ bleep ] that ticket sales for orlando had been lackluster. but when asked how many tickets had been sold at the venue, he said he didn't know. "i don't have that information," he said, "i do grosses, i'm not the ticket counter." o'reilly threatened to sue the reporter saying, "you put one word in there that's not true, i'll sue your ass off, and you can quote me on that." it's nice to know o'reilly hasn't chilled out even a little bit, given all of that time to relax after he was [ bleep ] canned i guess part of me thought, after you get forced out and publically disgraced the way o'reilly did, you might take up yoga or meditation although even if he did he'd probably still do it angrily "now, let's move into child's pose and everyone say your mantra." bill, do you have a mantra yet [ bleep ] thing sucks! "maybe you should try pilates. you have a pilates energy.
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also, i just want to say, i hope o'reilly doesn't threaten to sue us because we cannot afford it we can't even afford an m.c. hammer sample. all our money goes to pay wally for his extra lines. >> hey, that's not true. i'll sue your ass off, and you can quote me on that >> seth: alright, geez now we should say, the shows are in december. so, they have plenty of time and could very well end up selling out. who knows? but so far it's not going great. the website mediaite pulled up the seating map for the orlando show and let's just there were still a lot of seats left as of friday morning yikes! we have more people in our audience and we don't have an audience trump and o'reilly would have a bigger crowd if they did their history tour on the coney island bound f train. but it makes sense that ticket sales are slow because even the people who go see trump don't want a history lecture they want him to get up on stage and say crazy [ bleep about celebrities he met in 1982 "steve guttenburg, met him at studio 64, nice guy. hated my guts. "police academy. remember the guy who made the sounds whoosh, beep, beep, zing
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it was like the chainsaw was in the room lawn mowers, couldn't he do lawn mowers you bet he could we love the funny sounds, don't we folks?" so people aren't flocking en masse to trump's arena tour, at least not yet. in fact, americans are reporting that they're generally happier and more hopeful now that trump is no longer a constant presence in their lives a new cbs poll has found that six months into president biden's administration americans are less apprehensive about the year than they were at the start of it with 64% saying the u.s. handling of the pandemic is going well compared to just 35% at the end of trump's term i guess it's not surprising that people are less apprehensive now than they were during trump's presidency given that waking up every morning and looking at your phone in the trump era was like opening a shower curtain in a horror movie, or a metal cupboard in the galley of an abandoned spacecraft in a science fiction movie. well, i'm on a floating spacecraft with no signs of life, i might just see if they have any dehydrated milk left, and i'm dead now, obviously there are still
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major crises swirling, covid cases have risen in all 50 states doubling in recent weeks as the highly contagious delta variant becomes dominant and vaccination rates lag. and yet with all of that going on, gop remains fully enthralled to a disgraced former president in fact they're still deeply committed to the cult of personality of trumpism as this fox news interview with lindsey graham on saturday shows. >> you know, there's a lot going on in america today. and i understand that you played golf with president trump, had dinner with him over the last few days and i know also that congressman kevin mccarthy joined him for a meal or two. what's going on? what's happening in the -- with the president? >> well, his golf game is just incredible he's busting his driver, knocking the pins down with his iron and putting like a wild man. i'm not joking i've never seen him play this well but the president's worried about our country. >> seth: oh, is he sounds real concerned. "donald's playing 36 holes a day.
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he walks the whole course. carries everyone's clubs on his back, hits 600 foot drives, putts from the tee, and hit a ball so hard he hit a whole flock of geese and the ball still went into the hole but donald's also real concerned about this dental variant. whatever it's called." i mean do you guys not have any shame at all i know you have to constantly slather praise on trump on television so he'll see it, and you'll stay in his good graces, but have a little self-respect "i understand you saw the president at a make your own sundae bar, put something together that's restaurant quality. oh, it's true jeanine. "i think a lot of us when faced with the wealth of options at a sundae bar get overwhelmed we tend to forget that not all flavors go together. we can make the mistake of putting on too much hot fudge or too much caramel sauce but the president, you could have photographed his sundae for the friendly's menu, it was that good cherry balanced right on top." polls have consistently shown the majority of americans are relieved to have moved on from the trump era and have no desire to go back there's a huge temperamental difference between trump and biden, and voters clearly appreciate the change of pace given that biden's approval ratings have consistently been
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much higher that trump's ever were even the people who voted for trump didn't really like him they talked about him the way sports radio hosts talk about the type of manager they want for the yankees. "boone's a nice guy, but we need an ass [ bleep ] to get in there and kick some butt alright let's take some calls, cigarette smoking cockroach you're on wfam." "hey, mad dog. first time, long time, what's with this met's bullpen. we need some fresh arm is john franco available i'll hang up and listen. [ light laughter ] the biden era is of course a stark change from the trump years a change most voters approve of for one thing, we no longer have to bear the collective national indignity of watching the president whine and moan and throw red-faced temper tantrums while standing next to world leaders who are so befuddled and embarrassed they all do that thing where they turn and glance at the camera like the exasperated dad on a sitcom. remember when trump shook shinzo abe's hand for 19 minutes and by hen abe looked liked he just eaten an extra spicy wing on "hot ones." speaking of "hot ones," now that eric adams is likely to be our new mayor. can his first act be to change
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the pronunciation of new york city to the way elizabeth olson said it after eating 10 spicy wings. >> new york citay. >> seth: if there was a show where elizabeth olson ate spicy wings and sassily said the names of cities, that would be my favorite show. the trump world leaders dynamic was perhaps most noticeable with german vice chancellor, angela merkel. whenever she did a press conference with trump she looked directly at the camera like she was doing a couch testimonial on "modern family." "well, he got so excited to play golf with his friends that he forgot my birthday again and he forgot to fix the step. and trump would inevitably make it weird by trying to drag her into whatever his latest mess was. like the time he claimed for some reason that they fire people quickly in germany. >> when somebody treats our veterans badly we can fire them so fast, almost as fast as they fire people in germany we'll get rid of them and i will tell you, we're getting choice we're putting choice in very, very strongly. >> seth: my sense was that in germany like in most northern european countries it's not easy
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to get fired that's why so few people in the hospitality business over there, are you know, hospitable that and the fact that you asked for a side of barbecue sauce with your crepe. and why are you pulling her into this trump's like a standup who tries to get the audience involved women love to shop "am i right? this lady knows what i'm talking about, right ma'am you love to shop, don't you, ma'am? could you maybe take that phone call later, ma'am, i'm trying to do crowd work. what's that? you're calling to get a refund, a refund for what? these tickets? now, let's compare trump's meeting with merkel to the one joe biden had at the white house. the last trip merkel will make to d.c. before leaving office. >> chancellor merkel has been here frequently over the past 16 years matter of fact, she knows the oval office as well as i do. but on a personal note, i must tell you, i'll miss seeing you at our summits i truly will >> mr. president, thank you for the invitation thank you for making it possible to talk to you it's my first visit since 2019 and i'm so much -- so happy
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about the personal exchange. we have seen again today that we're not only partners and allies, but we're very close friends. >> wow we're one diane keaton appearance away from an early 2000s nancy meyers movie all that was missing was two big old wine glasses normally when two people that age discuss a long personal history, they are on "on golden pond." or as it was titled in germany -- [ speaking foreign language yet we're in the midst of yet another wave of surging covid cases. and we desperately need everyone's help to convince as many americans as possible to get vaccination. and yet trump and his loyalists are more in the gop and on fox news remain more committed to lying and fear mongering and advancing their own petty political goals despite the fact that the majority voters say they are happy to have moved on from the trump era asking us to go back to that is like saying -- >> you want to go cliff diving >> seth: this has been a "closer look." ♪ we'll be right back with shailene woodley ♪
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or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. be there for you and the ast about humira. with humira, remission is possible. ♪ >> seth: this week, sitting with he's the touring percussionist
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for rock legends fleetwood mac, which means he's not a drummer per se, but what it does mean is he's quite adept at many percussion instruments which will take the place of a traditional drum kit we're certainly looking forward to it. the new single from his upcoming debut jazz album on ropeadope records and modern icon productions. "come and get it" featuring keyon harrold is available now on all streaming platforms taku hirano is here. welcome to the show, taku. our first guest tonight is an emmy and golden globe nominated actress you know from the "divergent" films franchise and the hit series "big little lies." she stars in "the last letter from your lover," which is streaming on netflix on july 23rd. let's take a look. >> mr. booth, dance with me. >> have fun my friend. ♪ ♪ tell me tell me baby what you gonna do about it
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what you gonna do about it ♪ >> seth: please welcome back to the show, shailene woodley hello, shailene. how are you? >> hi. i'm so good. how are you? >> seth: i'm wonderful i mean, we've talked in the past about the fact that you are not particularly good with new technology, and seeing you there in a film that takes place in the '60s, that must have been one of the many draws to the project? >> yeah. the fact that there was no cell phones and no laptops was a major bonus. it's so funny just watching that clip right now, seeing like those dance moves and the music. it really just -- there's something that was so transformative about pretending to live in that space in that era where you actually had human connection, you had two people touching one another instead of everything being through this 2-d screen >> seth: and it's interesting, you know, it's also obviously about letter writing and you are someone who even in this modern day and age will write a letter is this true >> i love letters.
1:01 am
i love me some letters there's nothing better than opening your mailbox and putting a letter in and having the anticipation of, "when's it going to get there what are they going to think are they going to like what i wrote? and then also receiving them i just -- i'm a hopeless romantic and there's something that's just very, very romantic to me about letter writing >> seth: i think i have two friends who to this day will still write a handwritten thank-you letter and they're like the only two friends that i want to be at my funeral. because they're the only ones that were nice enough to take the time >> i think that's what it is when somebody writes me, even an email. i know that's not a handwritten letter, but when someone takes the time to write something out, write their feelings out and express what they're experiencing in life, it just hits a different part of my core than, "hey, how are you? did you see that game last night? >> seth: i think as long as they spell it y-o-u instead of just a solitary "u. >> i can't i cannot thank goodness do you remember when texting first started and it was like
1:02 am
"ttyl," "brb" -- "lol" is still a thing, but those ones - >> seth: well, the heartbreaking thing now is there are just new ones that i would have no idea i think the saddest thing is when i google, "what do these letters mean?" >> it's so true. >> seth: you know, obviously this is -- this show is about -- this film, i should say, is about romance. did you have -- were there romantic films that you were drawn to growing up? do you have favorites? >> so many i didn't really -- we didn't watch a lot of tv when i was growing up my mom whenever she would be folding laundry or doing the dishes or some sort of benign task, she always had "pretty woman," or "dirty dancing," or "romancing the stone," or "notting hill" on. so those were kind of the movies that i was raised on that was my filmography when i was a child. >> seth: yeah, i just watched -- my wife made me watch "notting hill" for the first time i had somehow missed it, and just an a plus it really holds up incredibly well >> it's so good, right >> seth: yeah. >> oh, it's just so -- it never gets old the music. it's so -- the cast.
1:03 am
it's perfect >> seth: you also -- speaking of romance, you managed to do, on a year where so many relationships ended during a pandemic, you managed to start one congratulations on your engagement >> thank you so much thank you. yeah, i always laugh at my friends, i'm like, "y'all either got divorced, engaged, married, or had a baby. that summed up everyone's quarantine experience. >> you -- now i've been fortunate enough to meet aaron rodgers a few times. and i, of course, have read that you are not a giant sports fan i know that he is not someone who is only interested in sports he has a giant breadth of interests but have you felt the need to sort of bone up a little bit on your sports terminology >> i mean, i guess i haven't felt any pressure to, but it's exciting, you know, to get behind -- the packers games are the only ones i find really interesting, because i have people to actually root for. but it is a whole new world, learning all of the different --
1:04 am
i still am always, "oh, you scored a goal. he's like, "it's a touchdown." or i'll be like, "you crossed the line," and he's like, "it's a yard," or whatever i still can't -- i still can't get it right, but i'm learning, slowly but surely. >> i just like that there's something passive-aggressive u'd be like, "is this about the game or something i did last night? his pandemic accomplishment was hosting "jeopardy. assuming he took it a seriously as he takes game prep, how much jeopardy did you have to watch with him >> luckily, i mean, i was filming in montreal when he was prepping for "jeopardy." and so i -- and he was quarantining so i would go to work at 8 a.m., 6 a.m. and he would start his netflix jeopardy binge and then when i would get home at 8 or 9 p.m., he would still be watching "jeopardy." and i would open the trash can and i would just see like a bunch of empty to-go containers
1:05 am
and milk shake cups that he had ordered on uber eats and i was like, "you literally uber eated and watched 'jeopardy' all day long today. he's like, "yeah, look at my notes. and he had stacks of notebooks of notes that he took, and highlighted and went back through. it was actually really inspiring to watch his steadfast commitment to learning every single part of the jeopardy game and we did a lot of rehearsing back and forth where he would read some fake things he created. and he'd be like, "was my tone right? was my connotation of this right? how is it all working? it was fun >> seth: well, the preparation paid off i want to ask you about a story i read recently. you know, obviously, one of the fun parts about being in show business is you meet new co-stars, you build new friendships. so sort of after your acting career started, you were backpacking around europe and you had a co-star who helped you and a friend out in a way that i don't think many co-stars could. >> yeah, he really did he really -- he took -- we were backpacking through europe i was 19
1:06 am
i had just worked with george on - george clooney, on "the descendants. and he was like, "if you happen to go to europe this summer, hit me up. i've got a place in italy. and i was like -- i remember being in italy with my friend going, "do you think like -- should i should i not?" like he's kind of like my dad in a weird way. like, he's just like, you know, given me so much life advice and he's been there for me through so much. and she's like, "yeah, why not?" and so he was like, send me your address, i'll send a car and i was like, "no, no, no, we'll take a train it's so easy." and he was like, "give me your frickin' address dude. like, i'll send you a car. and i remember we like came out of our hostel, like we hadn't showered in maybe five days. we stunk we had our big backpacks and mud on our shoes and we get to this fancy lincoln town car and then we get to his house i remember that moment going, "he is the greatest human being of all time for, one, not commenting on our stench and two, for taking us in and being like, "i'm going to bathe you. i'm going to make sure guys, like, have a european experience that's different from the european experience you've been having." it was just -- it was really
1:07 am
magical in all of the ways that it could be for a 19-year-old seeing the world for the first time >> seth: now, did you have to, after that, stay at a hostel for the rest of your trip? because that would -- i would assume that would be the hardest part >> you know what's actually incredible he is the most incredible man i've ever met in my life, period, apart from i guess aaron. i guess i need to say that now >> seth: good late save, shailene [ light laughter ] >> that's how that works, right? but you know, he had to leave town early, and so he was like, "i got you guys a hotel room down the way." and i was like, "don't worry about it we'll just go on to our next vacation, our next destination he was like, "no, go to the hotel. so we show up to this hotel, and it's like a five star -- i want to say it's a hotel -- i can't remember the name of it. but it's in -- it's on lake como and it was the first time my friend and i had ever seen a menu like that, never slept in a bed like that. and it just -- his like, generosity and his thoughtfulness was absolutely stunning and from there we did go stay in a really [ bleep ] hostel again.
1:08 am
that's just part of the fun of it, you know the fact that we were lucky enough to have both sides of the experiences at that age was -- i really think set us up for the lives and the perspectives that we have now. >> seth: i was really hoping that was going to be one of those famous george clooney pranks where he booked the hotel but didn't pay for any of it [ laughter ] >> he's like, "all right, girls, now it's your turn." >> seth: hey, thanks so much for being here give our love to aaron, and hopefully next time we'll see you here in the studio >> i will. have a great day, seth >> seth: thank you "the last letter from your lover" begins streaming on netflix on july 23rd we'll be right back with henry winkler. ♪ ♪ [upbeat music] ♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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1:13 am
shows like "arrested development" and "barry. he stars in "monsters at work" with new episodes streaming wednesdays on disney plus. let's take a look. >> yes, i know butlers they don't call me no splits fritz for nothing. >> they he you that? >> for nothing >> huh, i never heard them call you that >> well, they do, they do, they do and we've got pen pal val over there and no gutter cutter hmm, duncan doesn't play but he loves the snachos. >> seth: please welcome back to the show our very good friend, henry winkler. hello, henry >> how are you >> seth: good. you're not here. you can take your mask off, henry. >> oh, right, right. okay you know what? there's a mandate now we have to wear it inside in l.a. >> seth: oh, no! see, this is what happens when not everyone gets vaccinated you got to wear it in your own home >> yeah, you know what it is shocking, but here we are. you know, i was alive when polio struck america, and i didn't hear one person say, "you know, i don't think i'm going to take the vaccine.
1:14 am
>> seth: that was a different -- it was a different time. it was a simpler time. >> yes no more polio. >> seth: there we go you haven't heard -- hide nor hair of polio for a great time you know what -- i'm very happy to see this, because you have actually given them to me, so i know exactly what i'm looking at you are an accomplished children's booth author, and you have some right behind you >> i do. >> seth: and this is no joke you have written, is it over 30 books at this point >> yes, yes, 37 novels with my partner, lynn. uh, for starting in the second grade -- well, first grade, second grade, and all the way to sixth grade. and look what else i have sitting on my books because, congratulations. [ laughter ] >> seth: well, you have just made amber's day, not that anybody needs to make her day. she is the happiest person i know >> she is. and uses the word "what" better than anybody i have ever met >> seth: yeah. she should teach just what -- a what class at juilliard.
1:15 am
>> i'll tell you -- it is difficult because, you know, i try when she's not around. i try very hard to steal the use of "what," and i should just leave it alone >> seth: well, it is lovely, i will say it is lovely to hear your voice in an animated show like this. and i'm wondering -- i know you have five grandchildren, and obviously -- >> one on the way. >> seth: one on the way as well! congratulations. >> thank you >> seth: i'm assuming they're not too engaged with your work like "barry," but do they enjoy the new monster show >> you know what, they do, but i did force them >> seth: okay. >> i do -- no, i have soldered the remote to disney plus just for that but it is so much fun because people love, of all ages love "monsters inc. and "the monsters at work" takes place right after the movie's finish
1:16 am
and billy crystal is in it john goodman is in it. ben feldman is in it mindy is in it it's just great. >> seth: now, what about "happy days?" this is a show i grew up with as a kid. has that sort of permeated its way into your grandkids' viewing habits at all? >> two years ago my oldest grandson, ace, i showed up at his house because i -- i like to be there when they're trick-or-treating. i sit on their doorstep, and hand out candy to all the children that come with them and he was dressed as the fonz [ light laughter ] he had on the pleather, whatever it is called, the fake leather he had on the jeans. his red hair was slicked back. my heart fell out of my body [ laughter ] >> seth: did you say his name was ace? because that's a rare case of someone with a name that's cooler than the fonz
1:17 am
>> he is he just won his championship baseball game. >> seth: great >> first pitch, first hit of the season, home run and they went on to win the y " "chat fly," -- you know what i'm talking about? >> seth: i love when i'm so confident it's not a paid endorsement. [ light laughter ] >> yeah, well it isn't because i -- i had to pay. i got, you know -- but i made them those books and jules, his younger brother, also had his first baseball season >> seth: that's fantastic. i'm glad that things are going so well for the entire winkler clan i have more questions. we're going to be right back with more from our friend, henry winkler. ♪
1:18 am
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♪ >> seth: welcome back to "late night. we are here with our friend, henry winkler. is this a true story we were talking about your grandson dressing up like the fonz -- that the leather jacket was not originally going to be part of the iconic costume >> no, i -- i had to wear a golf jacket it was a mcgregor golf jacket. it was puce, and i -- you know, i've said this before, but it is very hard to be cool in puce >> seth: yes >> i just want to say. and the collar would not stay up because abc thought i was going to be associated with crime. >> seth: right this is the times we're living in that leather meant crime >> yes, exactly. >> seth: yeah. >> leather and a tee shirt together -
1:24 am
>> seth: yeah, that's a crime spree. >> and then i had on engineer boots that i wore in "the lords of flatbush" because i like to bring something from one project to another then gary marshall went to abc and said, "you know, the fonz could be hurt if he was in a cycle accident." and they said, "if you do a scene with his bike, he can wear leather. >> seth: and that was it >> and that was it then slowly but -- that's why you see me wheeling the bike in to arnold's. that it is in the living room of the cunningham's, in my apartment above the garage >> seth: i see so you just had to have the bike everywhere >> yes, i had to have the bike everywhere and then, eventually, they let that go, and i was very fortunate that years later to give the jacket to the smithsonian.
1:25 am
>> seth: a very -- if anything deserves to be there, it's that. now, henry, we've talked about that you like trout fishing, and based on these photos, i can't tell i can't tell if you really do. do you really? do you really like trout fishing? >> now, i want to tell you i would love -- you know what that is? that is a cutthroat and a rainbow. they mated, and that is a hybrid right there. >> seth: that's a hybrid >> isn't that beautiful? >> seth: it's beautiful. >> that is a beautiful fish. and then i give it a kiss, i take a picture and give it back. >> seth: oh, so you don't eat your trout >> i have never -- i won't even eat a trout in a restaurant. >> seth: really? even when it is too late for the trout? >> i think -- you know what? i think they're so majestic, and if i -- i love trout fishing, but if i could, i wish -- you know, when they -- when you show them all playing their instruments before, you know, at home, the band >> seth: yeah. >> i wish i could sing >> seth: well, what would you
1:26 am
sing >> i would sing -- well, i would sing a combination the boss, bruno mars, ben platt, sia, and brandy carlile. [ laughter ] >> seth: i cannot believe how much thought you put into that >> no, i -- just they are on my mind and on my ipod. >> seth: i mean five winners, five winners in a row. >> oh, my god. they're so good. >> seth: hey, last time you were here you had just finished shooting the wes henderson film that just premiered at cannes, "the french dispatch." i'm so excited to see it i always look forward to his films. it must have been thrilling to do >> you learn the language of wes, you really do he is very specific. bob balaband was my brother in it we're brothers together. i can't even show you a picture yet. but i whispered to bob, i said, "i have an idea.
1:27 am
should i ask wes?" and he said out of the side of his mouth, "no," and so i didn't [ laughter ] and benicio del toro was in our set, and we went to dinner together they are just lovely human beings and tilda swinton, who is like this icon of independence in the world. just wonderful >> seth: oh, that is so lovely to hear. now, i want to finish tonight -- we used to have a tradition back in the days when we were all here, it is called "$5 friday. you remember i don't need to tell you >> i do. i do >> seth: and you were here on a day we did it, and you put your $5 in and we still have it right here i'd like to show you this is the henry winkler $5 what happens is we spin this around, and we take out the winner, and they get the money now, when you were here, henry, you won. you're -- it's the first time a guest had ever won, and i'll let you tell everybody what you did.
1:28 am
>> well, i -- i was in a limousine, and i was on my way to do "actor's studio. "inside the actor's studio." i was never invited, and so finally i was invited to do an interview with alec baldwin. got the call, "you won," and i asked how much it was. and i think it was $190. >> seth: yeah. >> it was such a hard decision not to take the money, but i decided, you know what traffic in new york and i -- monday, this was a friday. monday treat the crew to whatever they wanted >> seth: right >> and i think you had pizza >> seth: we had pizza. we always respect that you gave yourself the weekend to think it over [ laughter ] all right. so here we go. it's $5 friday again we want to see if henry winkler has the luck he deserves for being the nicest man in show business but this time the winner is our blue
1:29 am
christine is the winner. and knowing christine, there will be no pizza - [ laughter ] but we do look forward to her new clothes on monday. thank you so much, henry "monsters at work" is currently streaming on disney plus we will be right back with more "late night. we will be right back with more "late night. ♪ i've got moder severe plaq. now, there's skyrizi. ♪ things are getting clearer. ♪ ♪ i feel free to bare my skin yeah, that's all me. ♪ ♪ nothing and me go hand in hand nothing on my skin, ♪ ♪ that's my new plan. ♪ ♪ nothing is everything. ♪ achieve clearer skin with skyrizi. 3 out of 4 people achieved 90% clearer skin at 4 months. of those, nearly 9 out of 10 sustained it through 1 year. and skyrizi is 4 doses a year, after 2 starter doses. ♪ i see nothing in a different way it's my moment ♪ ♪ so i just gotta say... ♪
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