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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  July 31, 2021 4:00pm-4:28pm PDT

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crews resume efforts to find him three weeks after he went missing. indicted for insurrection at the capitol building and now trying to raise money in the north bay. what we know about the event tonight following emotional testimony on capitol hill this week about that deadly event. and victory in tokyo. the sports world, team usa dominating. looking forward to more gold medals. news at 4 starts right now. good afternoon, everyone. i'm terry mcsweeney and i'm janelle wang. three weeks this philip kreycik, a runner, went missing. >> why they were there today. we turn to christy smith. >> we continue totcome. >> reporter: renewed search is
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under way today for philipeport his family shared their thoughts today. >> the support we have received, so much. has really made us feel -- in this just -- just, it's hard. you know, incredibly difficult time. >> we miss our son, and, so incredibly, he's -- he's a delightful person. he has such spirit, such love emanates from him. he is -- just -- a big hole that we need to have back. >> reporter: he was reported missing after failing to return from a run in the pleasanea. search and rescue teams looked extensively but called the search off while volunteers continued on. search crews were back today. >> by the data points. every time we have tracking teams or any searchers go out, equipped with gps technology, we
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are mapping all of that. >> reporter: pleasanton police say there are more than a dozen outside agencies here for the day. more than 100 searchers. >> now we're kind of going with lower probability areas. already searches bud putting more efforts into those to clear every single area up there on the ridge line. >> reporter: they plan to check the tahan canyon area with drones rappelling teams and again urge people to call in with information. hoping to find some answers. >> we continue to believe in what they're doing, and we appreciate the work that they've done. >> we ask people who -- who continue to stay with us. >> reporter: in pleasanton, christy smith, nbc bay area news. in other news, the number of covid cases in the bay area is climbing. the state released these figures. a map showing the number of new covid cases since yesterday broken down county-by-county across the bay area. the most new cases are in contra costa county with 379. followed by alameda with 314.
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santa clara county, 269 and san francisco at 268. when you look at the number of people hospitalized, alameda count hey the most with 210 covid patients. majority of those hospitalized are unvaccinated. meanwhile, brentwood has a new mask policy. attending city operated buildings must wear a face covering regardless of vaccination status. city officials made the decision because of the spike in covid cases. san mateo county and foster city implement add similar masking requirement for their government buildings. thousands of seniors in israel offer add coronavirus pfizer booster shot starting tomorrow. 60 and older already fully vaccinated more than five months ago. more than 40,000 israelis have already booked appointments. the prime minister is hoping to get 1.5 million people eligible
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for the booster to have it within ten days. >> israel is alreadyvas and now out a national third dosefir bo shot are under way here in california. in fact, our cheryl hurd spoke to a man who has already gotten his. watch her story on our website, firefighters contained a brush fire near dublin. smoke captured on a traffic camera that started just before 1:30 this afternoon near 580 east of north flynn and carroll. firefighters able to contain the fire to just 30 acres. a live look out across the bay area. all over the place, last day of july. a bit of a break from the swelters temperatures. pleasant temperatures just about anywhere you went. >> really nice today. >> and microclimate on full display. now upper 80s to near 90.
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not kwift as bad by livermore, 64 in san francisco. 79 degree in san jose. still over the sierra where we're actually seeing flash flood watches attached to some of these thunderstorms that we're seeing rain in addition to lightning. you can see here in the water vapor loop. going to see a few high clouds coming in towards sunset time. could make for a nice sunset around the bay area, but the rain producing moisture likely staying off to our east. moving forward. hazy skies behind me. more on that coming up in our weather forecast when we might begin to see a little bit of that upper level smoke moving into the bay area. cooler finish to the weekend as well. a closer look at your sunday forecast coming up in a fund-raiser is planned tonight in guerneville for a man now some questioning times of
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the event after such emotional testimony after capitol police at a house committee the event press winery in guerneville. tickets are $100 according to the event posting online. he allegedly filmed himself at entrance of the u.s. capitol building along way mob of people rushing to get inside. arrested in nebraska and now faces several federal charges. he's sets to appear in court next month. over in heyward today an exciting day as the community dream becomes a reality. >> get ready for the stack center coming to south heyward near henson park. artists rendering what it will look like. the new family and youth center will actually be a renovation of two existing community centers on site. people gathered there today to celebrate the new stack center. which will have a new pediatr clinic, mental health clinic and community meeting room. >> so this community in south heyward is also, delivering more servicesone of the reez aren'ts we're focusing so much of our
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effort to serve the residents, the children, everybody that lives here in south heyward. >> the new center also will feature an outdoor amphitheater and a plaza that can accommodate a farmer's market. okay. go to our olympics coverage. team usa b great day for former warrior seven durant. >> yes. more like it. tokyo. team usa taking on the czech republic. former warriors star kevin durant making history passes carmelo anthony to become america's all-time olympic leading scorer finishing with 23. usa wins it. draymond, how are you feeling? i think we found our stride. got rhythm, rotation down. guys understand what they need to do in order for this team to win and i feel great moving forward. >> all right. on the diamond, team usa taking on south korea. bottom of five.
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oakland a's minor leaguer nick allen at the dish and goes flying solo. the red, white and blue hit a pair of home runs in this one and twin 4-2. improve to 2-0 in group play. women's volleyball. u.s. hitting the court against the russian olympic committee. team usa was dominated in this one. russia make it is a clean sweep winning in straight sets. it's the first loss for the u.s. in group play, but they fall to third in the poll. no golden slam for novak djokovic. the way he went out surprising and disappointing's economic it out. so frustrated in his bronze medal match he smashed his racket. a few moments later. watch this. throws it sbup the stands. lost the match in straight sets and later bowed out of her bronze medal mixed doubles match. next up for djokovic, u.s. open in new york beginning end of next month as he looks to complete the grand slam. definitely, though, not the olympic spirit for novak
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djokovic. >> wow. >> for sure. thanks, anthony. heading into another busy day in tokyo, look at the medal count so far. both team usa and china tied with most medals of any nation. 46 each. china, though harks more gold medals with 21. team usa has 16 gold medals. the russian olympic committee has the third highest total with 37 medals. a new record coming out of tokyo and it's not the kind to celebrate. first time tokyo passed the 4,000 mark for new covid cases in one day. a record 4,058 cases recorded. the last record was set thursday. just under 3,900 cases in one day. to put this in perspective, on the day of opening ceremony, a week ago, tokyo reported fewer than 1,400 cases. good news. only 21 of these newest cases are keshgted to the olympics. no athlete cases in all fewer than 250 covid cases are connected to the olympics. talk about covid, but not on the minds of some olympic fans
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in tokyo. some openly defying calls from authorities to stay home due to the pandemic. organizers banned sek spaters from events. some still showed up wanting to watch cycling and running courses on the race. had different reasons for showing up to watch despite a pandemic. >> i love cycling and used to do it triathlon before. so in japan, tokyo, so why not come out and then see them in the real olympics. >> yeah, yeah. >> yes. they're so fast. >> excited about it, because it feels different than watching the games on tv. you know? >> yeah. a lot of spectators were masked. you can see there, but you can see scrunched together. sections of the running course fans squeezed, stood on tippy toe for views of athletes among the crowd several rows deep. and doordash order, taking longer to get delivered. company talking about a drivers'
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strike. plus, "help wanted." one contra costa school district works to fill its rolls ahead of the upcoming school year. kids love visiting kidifornia. but parents like it to, like a lot. they go bonkers.
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across the country months behind rent could soon face eviction. today is the end of the federal eviction more tore um. fear. s could be forced out of their homes in the coming months. speaker pelosi is frustrated.
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only a little of the rent many assistance passed by congress made it to those behind on their rent. >> why should the, the renters be punished for the fact that the system did not put money in their pockets to pay the rent to -- to the landlords? >> here in california, governor newsom signed a law last month extending the state's eviction more tore um all the way through september 30th. the third time the state extended it and the governor says a fourth extension is unlikely. some doordash workers are on strike demanding doordash show workers tips before agreeing to a delivery, and also want a base pay of at least $4.50 an hour. they say the company recently cut their pay before tips froms 3ds delivery to $2 because of the recent pay cut and higher gas prices they're not making money. we reached out to doordash for
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comment. their statement says in part, "while we are monitoring conditions it is important to recognize this is a vocal minority. there are over 1 million monthly active dashers on the platform. parents, teach students, retirees and small business owners who come to the platform for the flexibility it provides." teachers need it. the bay area faced a teacher shortage before the pandemic and it's only gotten worse. as students get ready for 100% in-person learning, the unified school district trying to find enough teachers to stock classrooms. today the district is holding a job fair at the district office and going on right now. teachers can apply, interview and be offered a conditional contract on the spot. >> we have some educators that are fearful to return back to the classroom and some that really want to. so in this time we are offering hiring bonuses to our special education assistants to make sure we do have all of our
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classrooms fully staffed from the get-go. >> today's job fair ends at 5:00 p.m. if you miss this one another is scheduled for this upcoming wednesday august 4th from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. at the mount diablo school district office. school begins august 12th. joining us now itunshiny daf the bay area. >> yes. not at hot. more enjoyable. summer microclimate held in check now. enough ocean air conditioning helping out pt places inland including the tri-valley and walnut creek. the last couple of days seeing mid to upper 90s. the coolest places compared to 24 hours ago. it's concord and livermore. san francisco actually came up a little. broke out of the low clouds. slightly warmer on the coast. inland, temperatures back in a more comfortable range. 85 degrees in walnut creek. winds, southwest, 125 miles per hour. and livermoor 89. you see humidity, 28%. san jose, 79 degrees. santa claa
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valley and source of cooling. you see it there. the camera on the very top of the low clouds looking down towards san francisco. 64 degrees. as those low clouds kind of pile up here on the coast again, we will see as they force the lift and rise of the coastal hilltops areas of drizzle for tomorrow morning and at times a few high clouds trying to drift in it from the east. no thunderstorms or dry lightning. sierra, you'll see in about 30 seconds with the regional forecast still ongoing thunderstorms across the high country. for us, low clouds part of the morning weather story with a brizzle at times around the inner bay and coast. if you liked today's highs, you should like tomorrow. near 90 degrees in livermore. 82 in san jose. 65 in san francisco. 70 oakland and 82 in santa rosa and 78 degrees for napa. air quality now at ground level at least, things are okay. no high levels of smoke pollution, but you might notice more haze in the skies. notice here the fires burning off to our north and east.
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dixie fire, southwest of susanville. panther fire and mcfarland fire showing up on the weather model in northwestern california. upper level smoke or haze you see outside. some of that is kind of crossing over the bay area at times. the unhealthy levels of smoke likely staying away from the bay area, long agency we have southwest winds also bringing the mild temperatures heap. we are talk and the sierra. travel plans towards lake tahoe, and including yosemite around midday to afternoon, peak heating of the day really gets the thunderstorms going and see another case of that during the day tomorrow. san francisco, staying cool with the ocean air conditioning. looks to be maybe by friday, closer to 70 degrees. also see a bit of a warm-up for the valleys moving into the first few days of august. low 90s inland. looks a lot better than seeing triple digits on that seven-day forecast. things comfortably mild. air quality, looking pretty good
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around the bay area and we'll hope to get cooler temperatures check. fires as well. >> thanks. last call at a popular downtown san jose bar. patties opened a number of smal businesses closing down to make room for tech giant google's new san jose campus. nearby restaurant music venue, poor house bistro getting ready to move its entire building. they're moving -- the building -- to nearby little italy later this year. small businesses are looking forward to all the techies downtown, some longtime neighbors will miss the longtime hot spots. >> i hope so. i'm still not sure, you know, it feels like when somebody comes in and buys up, like, blocks of land, that is definitely going to be excluding potential, you know, small guys? >> when we asked patty for an i want to really commend,
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frontline workers her shout-out workers at the 49ers twelcomed who came to watch practice. he thanked them for their hard work during the pandemic. and firefighters and members of law enforcement. great having fans back in the stands after playing to empty stadiums last year. >> yeah. going to be fun. coming up, a lot going on in tokyo. also a lot of action with bay area teams going on right now. >> anthony flores is back with sports straight ahead. and plempic primetime tonight, folks, olympic. 5:00, 40 minutes from now. beach volleyball, track and field and more swimming. more gold opportunities for the u.s. of a., we'll be right back.
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the olympic flame burning brightly in tokyo right now. it's what is it? a little after 8:00 sunday morning? >> yeah, 8:23 sunday morning. >> and from san francisco, competing in the men's team foi >> new rules because of fen pro,
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literally. in addition to no high five, handshakes or screaming. doctors created special masks to wear under their helmet to help stop the spread of clinical transmission. >> with a paper mask, sweat through them. we were discussing double layer, even triple layer cloth masks they would wear during competitions. >> some of the other restrictions in place at this time, equipment and masks have to be sanitized between bouts and athletes have to limit celebratory screams. time to play. in tokyo many athletes taking advantage of time off around athletes village. athletes got hands on sweet treats today. way to beat the heat. temperatures in the 90s. even higher with humidity, feels 100. this time outside allows athletes to go mask-less for a bit. a quick return and much return within 48 hours after their last
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event meaning many won't be able to stay for the closing ceremony on august 8th. and abby hernandez is checking in each day. celebrating being released on quarantine saying it's like being on parole. >> yes. >> and making sure he goes the straight and narrow. watch the latest episode of the explorer's life postquarantine on the website. a lot of other stuff going on. we have sports. >> news involving a sharks player? >> right. a developing story. the nhl confirming within the last hour it's investigating the sharks evander cane for allegedly betting on his own games. the allegations came from a social media post. the sharks telling us just moments ago that the team has been in touch with the nhl and that the sharks support a transparent investigation. all right, to baseball. not in the lineup for the giants after being traded from the cubs
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yesterday. bottom three. flores sends it up, up and away. it's a two-run shot tying the game at 3. score tied at 5 in the fifth, giants win it 8-6. chicago's jose abreu at the plate. scary. gets h -- he would be okay, as can imagine, tempers flared. both benches cleared -- cooler heads prevailed. pitcher looks apparently like he's upset. didn't mean to do it. bench is cleared. no punches thrown. no one ejected, and they're back at it today in a game that is just under way. let's hope they both, both teams, play nice today. obviously more on that developing story with the sharks coming up on the news at 11:00. >> that pitcher, i mean -- >> he fell back. >> went down nearly to his knees hands on his head like he was
4:27 pm
dealing with incredible -- the mistake just made. >> you could see relieved when abreu got up. easy to say he's okay. he was okay and able to walk off and be okay. the pitcher obviously didn't mean to do that. you can tell when it'such hard >> olympics kevin 19 games to become america's all-time leading scorer and still has plenty more to go. they're not done. at least we hope not! . yeah, really. >> okay. a lot more olympics after this. next, the olympic zone. >> yep. >> stay tuned. >> see you back here tonight after the olympics. >> bye.
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coming up on "the olympic zone," from last to first, he left the track in a wheelchair after a race in rio. >> for me i was like wallow in my sorrow or get up and make a difference. >> but now trayson burmell could be the one to beat. plus, a family first for team usa. >> i'm just so lucky to call her my sister and t


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