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tv   Today  NBC  August 3, 2021 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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tokyo. beautiful shot there. we can't be there, but hey we're taking you there in a sense. thanks for joining us this morning and hey, come back tomorrow morning. much more head for you right here on nbc. >> is this raj's camera too? buenos días breaking news, beaming in a dramatic return to the olympics just moments ago, simone biles wins bronze on the balance beam. her record-tying seventh caree medal. so will this be the last tim she competes on the olympic stage? what is next for the star? simone will join us live along with her teammates for their first live interview since the end of the competition summer surge, the highly contagious delta strain tightening its grip from coast to coast 124,000 new cases just yesterday.
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the most in six months lines for testing now hours long in florida louisiana reissuing a statewide mask mandate >> we're the worst in the country in terms of this covid surge. >> while senator lindsey graham tests positive despite being vaccinated we'll have the very latest and his message to anyone who has not received the shot. stranded thousands of frustrated passengers coping with canceled flights. just ahead, what's behind the costly delays during the peak of summer travel and what you can do if your flight is changed at the last second. strong start, u.s. athletes coming up big in track and field. we will celebrate team usa's latest medal winners as harvard grad gabby thomas steps into the spotlight and goes for gold this morning. we will bring you that race
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live all that, plus golden. >> and he'll do it with a royal rutger for dressel >> swimming superstar caeleb dressel returning home from tokyo with five gold medals. and fresh off his flight, he's making our plaza his first stop. plus, welcome to the kindness games, from athlete praising their rivals to literally lifting each other up and even agreeing to share the gold >> yeah! >> a closer look at the touching acts of sportsmanship that are defining the tokyo olympics today, tuesday, august 3rd, 2021 >> host. >> he's done it! >> the united states has beaten germany. >> that was fabulous incredible she is so powerful >> the world has never seen a run like that before
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is a special edition of "today" at the olympic games with savannah guthrie from rockefeller plaza and hoda kotb from tokyo, japan. >> hey, guys welcome to "today. so happy that you are joining us on a tuesday morning, tuesday night in tokyo savannah, it is a good, good night. i mean, simone biles, she did it delivered, honey she did it it was remarkable. she came into the competition. she got a bronze medal on the balance beam by the way, sg, that final just wrapped up i was in the audience with a whole bunch of people who were watching we were all -- it was like we were all nervous wrecks, but we got a little video we wanted simone to know we were there rooting her on she and suni were down on the floor. it was really cool by the way, sg, right now, they are on their way over here in a
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van. the whole crew, the whole entire gymnastics team. >> i hope you got them a police escort so they can hurry and i was watching live and i swear i saw simone look up at you, hoda. i know she gave you a wave >> she did she is so sweet. she was so nervous but she's going to come here and tell us all about it she did it, she did it, she did it >> and meanwhile, we have a thrill right here. we have a fired up crowd we have on the olympic plaza right here caeleb dressel, his wife, chri christina, mom and dad caeleb dressel is on the mt. r rushmore of american olympic swimming and he's right here they are such good sports. you know when they got in from the airport? last night and they just are doing their reunion here
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so it's beautiful. we cannot wait to catch up with them >> i can't wait. that's a gorgeous family, by the way. we do have a lot to get to, so, sg, let's get started. nbc's tom llamas is over at the gymnastics center. what a night, tom. >> hey, hoda, it was an incredible night amid mounting pressure and a lot of questions, simone biles marched into this gymnastics center and reminded us all why she's a champion i spoke with biles after the event. she tells me she had to be medically cleared to compete tonight. she had to undergo medical evaluations and meetings with sports psychologists to get here she said she wanted to show the world she's a fighter. >> reporter: this morning, simone biles back doing what she does best. the superstar gymnast returning to competition and winning bronze on the balance beam adding to her olympic legacy with her record-tying seventh career medal hard at work on her routines, the four-time olympic gold medalist barely faltering on the beam, punctuating it with a beautiful dismount a big smile. after winning bronze on the beam in rio, biles competing today alongside teammate suni lee.
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the highly anticipated beam final was biles' first event since withdrawing from last week's team all-around final as well as multiple individual finals to focus on her mental health but biles remained a fixture in the stands cheering on her teammates. the face of usa gymnastics seizing her chance, adding yet another inspiring moment to her iconic career. a day earlier, biles was cheering another american gymnastics star. jade carey's complicated tumbling routine in the floor exercise paid off in gold. the 21-year-old unleashing a spectacular performance. and sharing a celebratory hug with her dad and coach, brian. >> this is all i've ever dreamed of and all i've ever worked for and i'm really glad it paid off tonight. >> reporter: on the track -- nemesis, karsten warholm >> reporter: one of the greatest hurdling races in history. norway's karsten warholm holding off team usa's rai benjamin for
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gold in the team's 400 hurdles warholm shattering his own world record >> we have just witnessed something truly special. >> reporter: and making her olympic debut. >> felix has taken care of that, no problem >> reporter: u.s. sprinting legend allyson felix cruising into the 400 semifinals, come piecing in her fifth games and first as a mom felix attempting to take another medal home to her husband and daughter >> they're just proud of me. >> a quick update in the basketball world, the men's team knocking out spain kevin durant had 29 points they now advance to the semifinals the women's team remains undefeated they head into the quarterfinals. hoda, back to you. >> thank you so much and, again, the gymnastics squad is on the way over here in a car and we hope they get here quickly. mike tirico is here to fill us in on what is going on
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mike, this is one of those moments where you could feel the tension. >> what was it like? you were there >> i was just thinking about simone pulling that off under these circumstances. how do you think she met the moment >> it's incredible pressure, it really is. you could just see, as you watched the event play out, the nerves, the concerns, the worries because you've just spent four or five days thinking about this you've told the world i need to step away from this a little bit. now you have to throw yourself back out there and you do have this resume which by the way makes her tied for the most decorated gymnast in history seven medals bronze is exactly the same medal she got on the beam in rio five years ago. everything that's happened the last four, five days, it's even more impressive. >> tom llamas said she had to be medically cleared. explain that part. >> usa gymnastics as they've not cleared to do it because of medical reasons. i think what we've seen is we've
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seen a tie of mental health and medical clearance. so they want to make sure that she was right to go out there and do it. so you certainly had to make sure they signed off at least that's my read of it. each step along the way we've heard them say, we don't want to m medically cleared her just yet so mental health has come to the forefront in this conversation and i would say that's probably the reason we've heard that. >> what do you think the biggest misconception is about her decision to pull out of the competition? >> well, we didn't, i don't think, hoda, understand how dangerous gymnastics really is, especially at the level of the twists and the somersaults and everything in the air for the athletes because we see them hit these landings all the time. especially simone who told me last month about her air awareness. when she was growing up, she didn't have one of those foam pits to land on until later on in her young career. so she always had to stick the landing. it became a mental block we've seen that in a lot of
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sports golf, baseball then she had to figure out a way around that. and to do that with this short a time window, i think that's what raised it to another level >> again, the whole gymnastics team is on the way to our set, but what did you learn about the depth of this team when simone pulled out, a lot of people wondered what is going to happen every single person on that team won a medal. >> if you're going to say the u.s. won an all-around gold, the u.s. won vault, gold, yes, but you would have thought for sure that was simone biles and the others filled in after that. to step up with how simone went out during the team competition, i think that says a lot about the other athletes and their step up to the moment. >> sure. >> we talk about jade carey, who won gold. >> unbelievable. >> after her struggles the night before. >> yeah. >> you put that together and see the resiliency of the group as a whole. i'm sure they will share in all the joy and the support. simone in the stands jordan chiles in the stands. it mattered to all of them. >> super cool. by the way, mike, you're going
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to have simone's medal winning routine and more starting at 8:00 p.m. eastern. pop the popcorn for that, tirico >> we'll do that we have a live final in track later on in the show >> that's going to be cool >> it'll be cool >> and we're going on repeat, the entire women's gymnastics team heading our way we're keeping our eye on that door when they get here. >> you have to do one on of those gps share my location, hoda member of the team or team mom or something >> she is. >> we'll get back to you guys in tokyo. but we have a lot more to get to including the troubling new wave of the coronavirus sweeping over the u.s. this morning. the seven-day case average now surpassing last summer's peak. it's fueled by the delta variant in states with low vaccination rates. but those shots are slowly increasing that's the good news 70% of americans now at least partially vaccinated that's one month later than the president's original goal. kerry sanders is in miramar, florida, for us, one of the states driving the surge this morning.
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kerry, good morning. >> well, good morning, savannah. right now, 1 in 3 new covid case is coming from texas or right here in florida. and the crisis perhaps best exemplified by memorial hospital miramar where i'm standing right now. this is a new surgery center that was set aside for surgery patients instead, they've decided tha they're going to use it for overflow for covid patients and they may see those covid patients as early as this afternoon. >> reporter: this morning, the virus spread reaching alarming new levels 42 states now seeing infection spikes over 100% in the last two years. the delta variant causing hospitalizations and deaths to surge by double digits nationwide >> if you get sick with the delta variant, we estimate that you could infect about five other unvaccinated people. more than twice as many as the original strain. >> reporter: the cdc says while vaccines are highly effective
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against delta, breakthrough cases are increasing. south carolina senator lindsey graham in quarantine after announcing he tested positive, despite being vaccinated tweeting, without vaccination, i am certain i would not feel as well as i do now >> with a high vaccine effectiveness, most of these infections are going to be asymptomatic or mild >> reporter: former president barack obama now under fire for planning an upcoming 60th birthday party with hundreds of guests in martha's vineyard, a source familiar with the event says all cdc protocols will be followed the unvaccinated still driving exploding cases in the country's new epicenter of florida, where testing lines now stretch for hours. and hospitals like memorial miramar in south florida are building new wards to cope with the record crush of patients many of them young adults who never thought they would get critically ill what is that awakening like when
7:14 am
they realize >> it's so tragic for us to see it because at that stage, it's too late it's too late at that stage to effectively fight this virus >> to slow this freight train of covid patients, a number of states, a growing number of states have established mandates for both vaccines and mask wearing. but at least ten states have banned those mandates, including here in florida. where school begins next week with a lot of parents wonderin will my child be safe. savannah >> kerry, thank you. another surge causing problems this summer, a big jump in air travel. some airlines are struggling to keep up. yesterday alone, thousands of spirit airline passengers face canceled flights many of them stranded. nbc's tom costello is at reagan national in washington good morning to you. third of its flights today on top of 40% yesterday the airline blaming weather and operational issues
7:15 am
we've seen all airlines struggling this summer more or less and a lot of complaints from passengers, saying the airlines are bumping them, changing the reservations without asking >> reporter: a cry for help from spirit airlines passengers with the airline cancelling 40% of flights on monday, leaving thousands stranded in airports nationwide spirit has not responded to nbc news request for comment, but tells "usa today" weather an operational issues are to blame. marissa kingham has spent two days, trying to get her 15-year-old son, in philadelphia, home to ft. lauderdale >> i didn't want him to be left at the airport where he could potentially be sitting in a terminal for delay after delay >> reporter: the summer travel surge fueling frustration and anger, as many airlines have rebooked passengers without asking and customers forced to wait for hours just to talk to a representative on the phone. florida doctor scott bosco
7:16 am
booked tickets to idaho for a family wedding only to have the airline change his tickets twice. >> you feel like you're doing all the right things and then you have this business entity in delta that is treating customers in a way that you almost can't believe it's happening. it makes no sense. >> reporter: del kata airlines concedes it is struggling to meet the post-pandemic demand, admitting it doesn't have enough customer service reps. it comes as tempers in the skies are flaring with a fistfight breaking out between passengers on an american airlines flight from new orleans to austin on sunday american airlines says law enforcement was requested when the plane landed in austin duei. but austin police say they made no arrests. >> now, the big flight attendant's union in the country has just released a survey from its members and look at these numbers. they're really disturbing. the union says 85% of its members now report that somebody
7:17 am
or that they themselves have been dealing with unruly passengers in the last year. in this year, rather. and nearly one in five say that they have experienced physical incidents like the one that we just saw. now, the head of the union says if this continues at this race, we are going to see more incidents this year than in the entire history of aviation. savannah, back to you. >> wow. enough is enough. tom, thank you very much. we want to turn now to get our first check of the weather. looking quite dapper and i like your team usa gear. >> well, i figure we have caeleb dressel here. what the heck, show some of that olympic spirit. let's show the soggy spirit down into the gulf and the northeast. flood watches. we have heavy rain developing. this is going on for the next 24 hours. low pressure along a stationary front is going to bring this front stalling, heavy rain making its way into the carolinas. as we move into wednesday, tomorrow, look at that rain right along the coast.
7:18 am
may brush the northeast. on into new england. highest amounts, though, are going to be from cape hatteras right up into nantucket. some areas may pick up to 6 to 10 inches of rain especially along the outer coast and the carolinas. we'll get to your local forecast in the next 30 seconds. here, things work the way you wish they would. and better protection costs a whole lot less. you're in good hands with allstate. click or call for a lower auto rate today. >> good tuesday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. let's take a live look outside in oakland, starting out with some clouds and in some spots
7:19 am
some mist and drizzle but it will quickly clear out. our inland areas will be warmer today reaching into the low 90s. now the cool down starts tomorrow, continues through thursday and then we'll see the temperatures going right back up for friday into the weekend with highs in the upper 80s and low 90s. and 60s in san francisco. weather. >> all right, al, thank you. hoda and you've got craig there hello. >> we have craig in the house. from tokyo, we have the u.s. women's gymnastics team straight from the competition we have simone's bronze medal. they're heading our way live for an interview can't wait for that. also, it has been a strong start in track and field for the women of team usa, picking up more medals overnight. and two of the latest athletes to bring home the hardware, there they are they're with us live, as well, sg >> i love that and a lot more. did we mention caeleb dressel and his family are here along
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serious allergic reactions can occur including anaphylaxis, which is severe. tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems, such as eye pain or vision changes, or a parasitic infection. if you take asthma medicines don't change or stop them without talking to your doctor. talk to your doctor about dupixent. a very good tuesday morning to you. it is 7:26. i'm laura garcia. today's top stories including the return of bay area mask requirements. >> good morning. i'm cierra johnson in san francisco. while you were sleeping, a good number of the bay area counties reinstated that indoor mask mandate. beginning at 12:01 tuesday morning, several counties including alameda, contra costa, marin county, san francisco, san mateo, santa clara and sonoma counties as well as the city of berkeley joined a -- made a joint statement bringing back indoor mask wearing. now this order was issued mainly
7:27 am
in parts due to the surge in covid cases and the highly contagious delta variant. i'm bob redell here in danville, later this morning parents will rally outside the san ramon vallejo board meeting to convince this district to drop the mandate. the group says masks are interfering with children's mental health health, academic achievement. the cdc recommends mask wearing as an effective way of reducing the transmission of covid. doctors and scientists say it does not make you breathe in your own gone dioxide you just exhaled. >> we like fresh air so let's take a look at the forecast with meteorologist kari hall. >> we are still looking at some nice weather for many of our microclimates but it does heat up a little bit more for the inland east bay where our high temperatures headed toward the low 90s, 80 in san jose and 77 in palo alto. napa today looking at a high of 85 degrees and 60s near the
7:28 am
coast. our cooling trend starts tomorrow, continues through thursday. and heats up for the weekend. laura? >> thanks so much, kari. thank you for joining us as well. i'll be back with another local news update in a half hour. see you then.
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♪ and we dance ♪ ♪ do the dance, do the dance ♪ ♪ hepa filters cleaning commence ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ alaska safety dance ♪ ♪ alaska safety dance ♪ good morning it's 7:30, a tuesday morning, the 3rd of august, 2021. we have turned our plaza into olympic plaza and why not? we have swimming royalty right here caeleb dressel and all five of his new medals that he got from tokyo. he just stepped off the plane 12 hours ago. i don't know how you're standing >> especially with those medals on his neck. >> you would think they would weigh him down excited to catch up with him do you hear the crowds they're going usa. usa. >> boy, it is happening where you are. and savannah, we have another
7:31 am
huge interview to look forward to we have the u.s. women's gymnastics team en route we're pumped to talk to them >> you should have put them in the back of your station wagon make sure they come over with you. >> because you're the official team mom >> you guys are funny. meantime, it is day 11 of the tokyo olympics the action is picking up in track and field. >> yes, it is. we have seen a strong start from the women of team usa with some of its biggest stars still to compete. >> in a moment, we'll speak to our medal winners in the discus and the long jump. so happy they are here first, stephanie gosk is at olympic stadium. hey there, steph >> hey, hoda this is the point in the olympics, the marquee events like swimming and gymnastics pass the baton on to track and field. the team usa women are strong, they are fast. they've already started winning medals and there are more to come >> reporter: with the olympics
7:32 am
in the homestretch, track and field is now taking center stage. and the women of team usa are already on track to dominate 26-year-old valerie allman grabbing team usa's first gold, winning the discus monday in the rain on her first throw. >> to be the olympic champion, it's such an honor, such a dream. >> reporter: adding to the medal count, raven saunders with a silver winning throw in the shot put. in the 100 meter hurdles sunday, redemption for harrison. the world record holder grabbing silver with a 12.52 finish after failing to make the olympic team in 2016 >> are we going to see you competing again? are you going to join the olympics again >> yeah. i want to go as far as my body allows it. >> reporter: olympic veteran brittney reese also joining the u.s. medal haul. >> in what would be her final run down the runway in her career >> reporter: winning silver in
7:33 am
the long jump in her fourth and final games. allyson felix, the most decorated woman in american track and field history started off strong in her quest for a tenth olympic medal, cruising to the finish, winning her first round heat in the 400 meters >> i felt good first one, always nice to get it out of the way on to the semi >> reporter: the 35-year-old legend inspiring a new generation of first-time olympians, including sprinter gabby thomas the 24-year-old is already one of the fastest women in the world in the 200 meters. >> second fastest woman of all time, and she's making her olympic debut for team usa. >> reporter: another to watch, sydney mclaughlin, the 21-year-old pushing through the rain to crush her semifinal heat in the 400 meter hurdles >> a very, very comfortable win for sydney mclaughlin. >> reporter: she'll be one of three americans chasing gold in the finals on wednesday,
7:34 am
including reigning champion delilah muhammad and el elena cockrill her team cheering her on you have to come up with another plan she graduates from harvard, applies to the university of texas graduate school where she's studying epidemiology and health care. she says she wants to make the health care system in the u.s. more equitable, but before that, there's this small thing about becoming the fastest woman in the world. set your goals high, right, hoda >> oh, man, overachiever all right, steph, thank you. thank you so much again. we're so happy to have two of team usa's medal winners with us valerie got the gold in discus brittney reese taking the silver in long jump brittney, wow, what a performance. what a moment for you. >> thank you
7:35 am
>> you snagged the silver medal. once you realized you got silver, what was the first thing you thought about? >> my son, actually. i thought about just inspiring him to be an athlete and be the person that i want him to grow up to be so this was for him and i'm going to bring it back to him. >> alex is how old >> 13. >> you have a 13-year-old son. did you speak to him after the jump >> i saw him on the screen he was hiding, though. >> was he? >> he's shy. >> what does he think of you mom being an olympian. >> he thinks he's better than me >> he's a normal 13-year-old >> he sends me videos. we play call of duty in the mornings and just try to keep that bond going. >> it will be a beautiful reunion when you get home. congratulations. >> thank you so much >> valerie, girl, you let that discus go. in high school, i threw the discus i was terrible at it, but i you knew that was the one. it's me about that feeling >> it's pretty funny my coach has one of those voice.
7:36 am
as it came out of my hand, i heard that whew and i knew it would set a tone for the competition. >> how amazing what darks me up is you are kind of an accidental discus thrower. dancing was your jam >> yes >> how does being a dancer translate and make its way into discus >> absolutely. i love dancing now, looking back, it is a pretty interesting parallel. there's balance, there's body awareness, there's power, there's grace and i feel so lucky that i found a passion that carried over in the fact that discus has been so exciting >> isn't that crazy? it's the spinning. it's like you really have to have the timing down just right. >> absolutely. >> and the crazy thing about your meet was you threw the first one great and then it starts pouring rain. >> yeah. >> and then you have to throw the second one >> yeah. >> what were you thinking about in that moment
7:37 am
>> i mean, you're trying to stay composed gosh, we spend so much time, the athletes here, preparing for everything you can control, but weather is one of those things that you just have to adapt to it >> you rocked it and it was so funny because i saw you standing up with your gold medal on. i was like, wow, this is cool. >> we got a cute selfie. >> ladies, congratulations we're proud of you hold your head up high you're going home to your families thank you. savannah, over to you. >> so proud. by the way, catch every minute on the tokyo olympics live on the nbc sports app all you have to do is scan the qr code on your screen coming up next, as promised, one very proud, happy, yes, and probably tired, too, olympian. team usa's superstar swimmer caeleb dressel he's here with his family, and he is going to take our olympic party on the plaza to a whole new level, right after this. new level, right after this. an .
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caeleb dressel hit the pool in tokyo, he never looked back. the 24-year-old earned five gold medals, bringing his career total to seven we all cheered him on as he won again and again, setting record after record but nobody was more enthusiastic than his family. we're so honored to have all of them right here. caeleb fresh off a flight from tokyo, just got in last night, here with his wife and mom and dad. how sweet was that reunion you met up at the airport last night? >> yeah. they couldn't see me because i had like five bags coming home just saw the top of my head. >> with one bag full of medal? >> no. i was smart enough to put them in my carry on >> i was going to say, keep your eye on that.
7:43 am
what did you guys -- when yo saw him, were you overcome >> we ran. >> yeah, we did. it was very emotional. many tears thi tears. >> caeleb, your goals may not have been medals, but medals are what you achieved. when that individual gold, that first one was won, you said you felt like you had the monkey off your back. >> yes >> we've all seen the image now. it flooded over you. what was that moment >> i knew what my goals were i wasn't there to count medals but race, learn something about my career, about myself, reach what my potential was, and have a perfect race the 100 free was no exception. it was not a perfect race, either what a fun opportunity i say this all the time. these don't mean anything. i get to do the fun thing racing in an olympic final. i think everyone here would want to be able to do that. i think in the video you can see the monkey jumping off my back >> and doing a little dance. >> yes
7:44 am
but it was a special moment. just have that individual gold it does carry a different weight than the relays. you can have three other guys bail you out in a relay in a sense. it was nice to snag my first individual there >> you make it look fun and easy, but it is grueling, hard work you had a very punishing schedule in tokyo. how did you get through it how did you, you know, stay strong and handle the pressure. >> one thing that helped me a lot this meet and i've done it at a few other meets, at camp in hawaii with team usa, i had a sheet of paper with every event. it was the whole event schedule for swimming i circled every prelim, every semifinal and final that i should have been on. every night, i purposefully wouldn't cross out any session early. i'd cross out every session, and before you know it, i'd like and say, okay, fourth of the way done then halfway done.
7:45 am
before you knew it, i had two days left. i knew the last two days were my hardest days, but that helps a lot physically seeing how much, you know, i actually had left to do >> i love how you're ticking off olympic races like it is a to-do list mom and dad, where does this kid come from? he seems really grounded and really thoughtful which is a credit to you and a credit to him, of course how do you feel in this moment sure you woke up a lot of early mornings for swim meets, practice, and all that stuff >> i never thought i would say i miss that, but i do. he would get in the car at 3:3 in the morning and fall asleep like that, but the car rides there and back, i miss it. >> what about you, dad, seeing him reach his goals. >> i'm super proud i've said it over and over, happy for caeleb, happy for megan, happy for us. just super proud happy for him. you know, i know -- i get a lot of insight, what goes on behind the scenes
7:46 am
we see the race, but that pressure, expectations, things building up to it is what caeleb has to do and go through that is the -- not the tip -- you know, it's everything beneath the surface that we don't get to see, but we know he has to go through it >> you wear it so well megan, you wrote beautifully in your instagram post about it you guys were high school sweethearts and then you got married and like, oh, hi, i'm headed to tokyo. so you talked about how much he's fought for it and endured >> the world will never fully understand what he goes through. you know, we get to see the entertainment and the show and the day in day out, like the sacrifices and the discipline and everything that he has put into this, like, there's no words to really encompass all that he's done >> caeleb, i don't know if you know this, but you really made a friend during these olympics his name is craig melvin he's still in tokyo and wanted to say hi. >> what's up, buddy? >> what's up, craig? i made it back, dude
7:47 am
>> you did you made it back safely. i know there was some concern. i don't know if you remember this, but last month, you ticked off a list of things that you wanted if you were to do well in tokyo. i'm going to remind you of what you said and remind our viewers. here is what you said. >> i've got a list of three things on my phone that i want right now. a really, really small list, but one of them is the millennium falcon lego. i feel i deserve a lego after tokyo. maybe i'll get the millennium falcon >> what are the other two? >> the stetson a cowboy hat one of them was a fanny pack i got that after trials. that was my gift to myself after trials >> fantastic >> this is why we love caeleb dressel so much. >> just love him and you know what is happening next al roker is rolling in a cart with all of the things >> no!
7:48 am
>> caeleb. >> we've got the millennium falcon for you you can do this in about a half hour, i'm sure >> a legit one >> oh, that is amazing >> and you're a little young for it this is more a dad thing, but the fanny pack >> oh, another fanny back. >> there you go. >> that is awesome >> all right >> my gosh, you're ready you wear it very well, my friend are you ready? let's go >> i can go home now this is it this is me, america. here i am. >> dressel family, it's been a joy to get to know all of you, and you are a delight inside and out. thank you so much for being here and making us proud, giving us something to cheer for thank you. >> thank you for having us >> keep in touch i think you told craig, are you coming back in three years >> i would like to, yeah >> okay. >> we'll be here with more legos. al, you got a forecast >> yes, we do.
7:49 am
let's hear it again for caeleb all right. let's show you what's been going on weather wise. it has been a really hot month all time record heat we are talking about 21 cities across six states, hottest july. that makes it the hottest month on record for these folks. we've gone from monsoon to monsoon, tucson, flagstaff, pueblo all really dry last year. this year, above record. first wettest july on record for tucson, second for flagstaff, and third for pueblo it is going to be warmer than average across a good swath of the west coast to the northeast. cooler than average in texas wetter than average in the mid-atlantic states, ohio >> good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. it's going to be a warm day for the inland areas. expect some low to mid 90s and
7:50 am
it does cool off a few degrees tomorrow into thursday. thursday is actually the lowest day we'll see with our temperatures reaching into the mid 80s. it heats up again from friday into the weekend as well as early next week. while san francisco doesn't see too many changes here we're seeing the morning clouds and fog, highs reaching into the upper 60s and more of the same into next week >> thank you again good thing you have the strong muscles, they're heavy coming up, guys, a remarkable taste of tokyo that harry smith has uncovered. it's right here in new york. he's going to be along to share that story but first, these messages. feel the clarity, and live claritin clear. an f-150 isn't an f-150 it's built ford tough. it's an f-150 because
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earn 5% cash back that automatically adjusts to your top eligible spend category, up to $500 spent each billing cycle. . a very good tuesday morning happening now. bob redell here danville. later this morning parents will rally outside the san ramon valley school district to convince them to drop the mask mandate for its students. the group called let them breathe say masks are interfering with mental health, social development and academic achievement. the cdc recommends mask wearing as an effective way of reducing the transition of covid. doctors and scientists say wearing a mask does not cause hypoxia or make you breathe in your own carbon dioxide you exhaled. good morning. i'm cierra johnson in san francisco. while you were sleeping a good number of the bay area counties reinstated that indoor mask
7:57 am
mandate. beginning at 12:01 tuesday morning, several counties including alameda, contra costa, marin, san francisco, san mateo, santa clara and sonoma counties as well as the city of berkeley joined -- made a joint statement bringing back indoor mask wearing. now this order was issued mainly in part to the surge in covid cases and the highly contagious delta variant. >> let's check the forecast on this tuesday morning. here's meteorologist kari hall. >> we're starting out with clouds but it will be clearing out and for the inland areas slightly hotter today reaching into the low to mid 90s. our cooling trend continues through the middle of the week with tomorrow and thursday seeing some highs in the low 80s in some spots as we head into the weekend it's going to heat up, and san francisco looking at more of the same type of weather with peeks of sunshine during the afternoons. we'll start out each morning with fog? thank you. thank you for joining us as well. i'll be back with another local news update in about a half hour
7:58 am
and a half hour after that. enjoy your tuesday morning.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ it is 8:00 on "today." it's 8:00 on "today. coming up, breaking this morning, biles gets the bronze the gymnastics star making a triumphant return to the olympic games. the medal winning moment coming just days after that much talked about mental health break. this morning, simone will join us live along with her teammates for their very first live interview since the end of the competition. ♪ baby we were born to run ♪ then, born to run, team usa takes to the podium as the track and field events ramp up just ahead, silver medalist rai
8:01 am
benjamin will join us to talk about his record breaking run. and a "today" first, we will cover the women's 200 meter final live right here on "today". plus, when japan meets brooklyn, how you can experience the taste of tokyo in new york city >> pe we only specialize in -- >> harry smith takes us on a unexpected food tour that's as good as it looks ♪ my heart ♪ >> today, tuesday, august 3rd, 2021 >> on the plaza from oklahoma city >> rainbow, south carolina >> tucson, arizona >> dallas, texas >> from charlotte, north carolina, all the way to tokyo, keep going for gold. ♪ la-la-la-la-la ♪ >> hi. we're the russo family from -- >> minnesota >> and we want to wish everyone at team usa good luck. >> it's my sweet 16 today.
8:02 am
>> from sydney mclaughlin's alma mater. union catholic high school >> go! go, sydney >> go, sydney. sydney has a big cheering section. we have a big cheering section here you've got a huge one back at 1a, guys it is tuesday night here in tokyo, tuesday morning back where you are in new york city, sg >> this crowd is hopping the red, white and blue is flying everybody has a great buzz going. caeleb dressel was here. they just met one of the biggest breakout stars of the olympic games. and hoda, i understand your special guests are about to arrive >> we have a camera on them, guys just so you know, they're in the car. so they're in transit. and the , there's drug testing and all the rest hi, guys
8:03 am
>> i love it >> mykala, simone, grace in the back, suni and gang up front we're pumped, man. will y'all hit the gas a little quicker. don't break any laws >> don't speed don't speed. >> we look forward to seeing them in just a bit >> they're right around the corner, by the way before you chat with them, though, tom llamas over at the gymnastics center where all of that drama unfolded. what's up, tom >> hey, guys, how are you? it might be a little loud behind me because they're taking down the gymnastics center right now. all the gymnastics events here have wrapped up for these tokyo games. what a way to wrap up, right simone biles and the comeback story. she came in here amid mounting pressure and a lot of questions. she told me, i spoke to her briefly after the event that she was a little nervous but she got here hoda, i was behind you she pulled off this perfect routine, right and right from that first maneuver when she landed
8:04 am
that, we sort of knew that she was in the zone. and it was so wonderful. she ended up finishing the routine and she had that huge smile. i was right there. she looked up to where we were around the team usa fans, and i thought she was looking at me but she was looking at hoda, and s she smiled and waved it was such a great moment and the craziest part, hoda, you're going to remember this. while you wait for the score, for some reason -- i don't know why they do this here in japan, they pump heartbeat music. and every second you're waiting for the score to hit and it finally hit and it was a great score. she did so well, winning the bronze medal it was a great moment. what a great way for team usa gymnastics to wrap up their era here they have won so many medals, the entire team supporting one another. something else simone biles did. she is such a class act. they are cheering on the chinese gymnasts as they were competing and doing great, even when they knew their scores were better. suni and simone was cheering them on. afterwards, while someone was doing her interviews, she's out there and she's supporting the
8:05 am
men's team because there were usa gymnasts on the men's side still competing. just really class act and an amazing night here, hoda >> the classiest of acts >> and i'd like to say i think she might have also been waving at you i saw her. i think it was happening, tom. >> tom llamas. >> all right >> sg. >> love that we want to turn now to the spread of the coronavirus reaching alarming new levels across the u.s. driven by that delta variant. however, vaccination rates are rising now and 70% of americans have received at least one shot this morning nbc's kerry sanders is in florida where some hospitals are once again overwhelmed kerry, good morning. >> good morning. right now, two states, texas and florida, are responsible for one in three new coronavirus cases and the age of those who need hospitalization is dropping. here at memorial hospital,
8:06 am
miramar, 41% of the new patients are between the ages of 35 and 55 92% of those were not vaccinated meantime, the cdc is urging americans to not only get the vaccine, but to wear masks when indoors in crowded areas across the country, 42 states now seeing infection spikes over 100% in the last two weeks so-called breakthrough cases folks who are vaccinated, but still get covid are also on the rise, but those who are vaccinated in most cases not getting severe storms. one patient who was vaccinated is south carolina senator lindsey graham who is now in quarantine, not in the hospital, after announcing that he tested positive he tweeted, guys, without the vaccination, i'm certain i would not feel as well as i do we are hoping he has a speedy recovery guys >> indeed.
8:07 am
kerry sanders, thank you up next here in tokyo, athletes sharing everything from water to gold medals a closer look at the uplifting moments and acts of kindness that are really defining these games. plus, they are on the way, simone, suni, jordan, grace mykala, jade they're hungry we're going to have sushi for you. don't you worry. we're going to sit down with the u.s. women's gymnastics team >> they're like, really, sushi pizza. >> whatever you want, we'll have it see you in a bit, guys ogether. save even more. some things are just better together, aren't they? like tea and crumpets. but you wouldn't bundle just anything. like, say... a porcupine in a balloon factory. no. that'd be a mess. geico. save even more when bundle home and car insurance.
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shingles? oh... you mean bill. he's been a real pain. there's no dry time. again with the bill... what? it looks like a face. ...hearing about it 24/7 is painful enough... i don't want to catch it. well, you can't catch shingles, but the virus that causes it may already be inside you. does that mean bill might have company? - stop. you know shingles can be prevented. shingles can be whaaaaat? yeah prevented. you can get vaccinated. oh, so... i guess it's just you, me and bill then. i'm making my appointment. bill's all yours... 50 years or older? get vaccinated for shingles today. we are back. >> wow. >> we're going to show this shot until they get here.
8:13 am
the women of team usa gymnastics >> are they moving >> yeah, they are. they're in progress. >> simone, are y'all rolling on? they're rolling on we'll talk to them live. >> they're moving now. >> we need a police escort but first, the tokyo olympics you guys, they've been extraordinary in so many ways. there is one in particular that we want to highlight >> it is worth pausing t highlight the shows of kindness permeating these games joe fryer is here with a closer look at that hi, joe, good morning. >> good morning. when we talk about olympic moments, we've learned to broaden our definition, especially this year it's not just when athletes are given a medal. it's when athletes give us a moment to cherish. >> reporter: the olympic spirit is often likened to a flame, not because it burns but because it shines illuminating not just the podium, but those moments that might otherwise seem dark.
8:14 am
>> oh. >> oh, down goes isaiah and he got caught up with nigel those two are down and out >> reporter: for those two runners, their fall was quickly eclipsed by their rise a selfless act of sportsmanship as they hoisted each other to their feet before crossing the finish line together such simple gestures, a helping hand lifting someone up or comforting them when they're down in the water, a german kayaker cared for his czech competitor who was feeling unwell after a tough race on the field after usa's heartbreaking loss to canada, solace in sportsmanship. and who can forget that moment on the track when the two high jumpers were tied for first and took an unexpected leap. >> you can't continue with the jump off >> can we have two golds >> it's possible it is -- it depends if you -- if you both decide on --
8:15 am
>> yeah! >> they shared not just a medal, but a feeling. like the one shared across the philippines when weight lifter hidilyn diaz won the country's first ever gold medal. across ecuador, cheering on its first ever female gold medalist. we also saw that feeling written on dehomas' hand as sh displayed a powerful tribute to her late mother and brother. good will, that's in the air and the water. in the boundaries of a swim lane and a country suddenly fade away during a moment of joy a year when the stands are nearly empty, the athletes have truly become cheerleaders for one another. >> he is going crazy >> reporter: joined, of course, by their enthusiastic coaches. all while their families roar from afar.
8:16 am
at watch parties that are watched and definitely heard social distance measured by an ocean, massive gaps that, in a moment, can be made invisible. >> i love you so much. i am so proud of you >> i love you, too thank you, guys. >> reporter: love and kindness encapsulating the spirit that shines across these olympic games. >> and those moments keep coming, even if they're not captured on camera like when american kevin mcdowell was having the race of his lifetime, he reached out and grabbed water from the sideline and landed it to a competitor next to him who was not able to reach that water just another example of great sportsmanship. >> i love it i think i love that the most, honestly now i'm crying how about you guys >> we're feeling it. we have all the feels over here. that was so beautiful. so beautiful
8:17 am
>> craig is going to tell me it's getting dusty out there on that set again getting a tear in the eye. we're going to do the weather and then we'll get a traffic report, you know, weather on the -- >> wait, al, al. >> yes >> wait, hold on you don't need a traffic report. >> standby >> take a look at camera -- >> breaking news >> yes yeah >> all right >> look who is in the house. >> all right they made it we love it all right. let's go really quickly, in fact, tokyo weather. it's going to be into the 90s into the weekend high humidity, in fact if you look at those heat indexes, triple digits wow. good tuesday morning. i am meteorologist kari hall. it is going to be a little hotter today for inland areas. going into the next couple days, a little cooling trend under way for tomorrow as well as thursday. check out friday. it will heat up even more with highs in the low 90s. we'll see more warm weather into early next week.
8:18 am
that's for the valleys. along the coast, in san francisco, no changes here. we are starting out with fog, a little afternoon sunshine, highs continue in the upper 60s. >> that's your latest weather. sq squoo. time for team mom. >> i know. she's getting excited. she has the whole team there they finally made it they're getting miked up as we speak. hoda is getting herself all together >> i don't know if she can hold it together. >> i know. >> she has been spectacular. >> look at what's happening right now. we're getting everybody in their seats. >> right here. >> okay. hold on. we've got everybody. hi, guys we have got mikes coming on. come on up who do we have we've got a few more coming. hi, you guys >> hi. >> how are we? >> good. >> are you hungry? >> yes >> have you gotten anything to eat yet? >> no. >> they're hungry, people. we need some food. crucial. >> pot tarts -- pop tarts. >> you got the rest coming in?
8:19 am
all right. who are we missing we're missing simone and we're missing mykala all right, guys, we're going to sit and visit for a second while they come. let me show you something. so this is what i was waving >> okay. >> this is my daughter's she put it in my luggage for good luck. so i took it to the meet and i just started twirling it around and it gave me good luck for all of you hi, you guys come, come, come come on, you crazy kids. >> i'm on this side? >> you're here you're there hi wait a minute. hi, ladies >> hello >> how are you >> you made it, you made it, you made it. okay now, i want you guys to do me a favor. raise your hand if you're proud of your teammates. raise your hand if you're proud of simone. simone is proud of simone. >> yes >> girl, you did it. >> thank you >> you did it. >> i'm very shocked. >> you did it, you did it, you did it
8:20 am
i mean, when you sit with that for a second, tell me. >> i mean, i feel like it's still kind of a whirlwind. i don't get to embrace it yet, but i'm just proud i could go out there and compete one more time before the olympics was over and do a new beam dismount i haven't done since i was probably 12. >> you got up on that beam and i was thinking about that bronze medal and i wondered, like, does it mean more than the others >> yes it means more than all of the golds because i have pushed through so much the last five years and the last week while i've even been here. it was very emotional and i'm just proud of myself and all of these girls, as well >> were you scared >> i was a little bit nervous. afterward, i felt better >> you did >> yeah. >> because we were watching you and you were stepping around and i'm like, what is she feeling? i was feeling your feels >> i was very nervous. >> how did you sleep last night? >> like a baby >> you did did you really >> i never have an issue
8:21 am
sleeping now, my nap time, i laid down for two hours, but i wasn't asleep i was like half awake, half a sleep. >> so once you wrapped up the beam, you felt like -- you felt -- how did you feel once you finished >> i didn't really care about the outcome. i was just happy that i made the routine and i got to compete one more time. >> there's a bug on jade there is a bug on jade there is a bug on jade that's good. jordan to the rescue that happens now, when you decided that you were not going to compete early on, a lot of people -- there may have been some misconceptions. what do you think the biggest misconception was about your decision >> that i was at no risk and mental health isn't a serious issue, that it was basically a cop out. but the girls saw me in training, my coaches saw me in training i physically couldn't do it safely and it's because i was getting so lost in the air like before team finals, the girls were terrified for me. and they've never really been scared whenever i do something,
8:22 am
but they were really nervous >> so why the beam why was that the one that you decided to come back to? >> because i didn't have to twist or do anything, so it was very much at less risk, especially if i could do a different beam dismount. >> do you think it would have been different, simone, if your family had been here, if your support staff, your team had been with you? >> they were here as much as they could have been i swore my parents were trying to jump through the phone, with how much they were calling and texting me and sending all the messages >> by the way, i was texting your mother. i shot a -- i took a picture of the beam i was like that's the beam where simone is going to be. she's good and your mom was sending back hearts i saw you speaking to her right after. what did you guys say to one another? >> they were really excited. before, my dad was like, since i can't be there, can you facetime me in the tunnel before i walked out, i facetimed my parents in the tunnel and that put me at ease. and right after beam, i just wanted to say hi to them >> i think the funny thing is, simone, when you decided in the
8:23 am
beginning that you weren't going to compete, all the sudden we realized all the depth on this team and you all probably knew about the depth the whole time but i think america learned about the depth. every single person sitting here has won a medal. >> yeah. >> i mean, every single person suni, best all-around. a gold medal did you ever imagine in your wildest dreams that you would be leaving here with a medal in every single color >> no. bars and beam were probably the ones that i was hoping for the most everybody is competing for second place, you know it's the simone show when that happened, it was kind of like, oh, my gosh, because i was second to her the whole season so i kind of felt like i was doing this for myself and i wanted to prove that i could be up there so, i don't know, it was just crazy. >> you proved that and more. you guys, the moment that -- when i first happened, can you guys take me back to that moment when you found out that simone was not going to be competing,
8:24 am
y'all are a team jordan yeah >> yeah. that was a crazy moment. i mean, there was really a lot of -- like we were just very, very stressed. i do have to say that. i feel like we all put ourselves in the position to where we just were hoping that no matter what was going to happen, we were going to prove to ourselves tha the midst of we could do anything and kind of with her help, i the midst of her encouraging us and supporting us throughout every single event that we were doing, it definitely helped. >> well, i could hear simone no matter where -- i knew exactly where simone was when you guys were competing. grace, you had to get right back up there after you learned you were on the uneven bars. and i feel like you set the tone for the team whatever you were going to do i think was going to catch tell me about that >> i felt a lot of nerves going into that bar routine knowing my bar routine set the tone for the rest of the meet so i really wanted to do well so the rest of the girls were like,
8:25 am
okay, i got this >> talk about getting it, mykala, wow. your story is just such a beautiful story in these olympic games. it's like you thought you were going home and now you -- and now you are going home with a silver medal you got a second chance. you are now an olympian with a medal. and i love what you said when you were doing it. you said to simone i'm doing this for us. describe -- what does that mean exactly? what does that mean to you >> it's not the way that i wanted to go in. to wane vault medal, i would have liked to have it at pr prelims. it broke my heart to see simone going through what she went through, and she should have been out there for her to step down and give me this opportunity, i wanted to stay out there and say this is for us because she deserves it, too. >> don't you love your teammates? >> i do. she kept saying i'm doing this for you, i'm doing this for us and i said do it for yourself. i'll be the biggest cheerleader and that's exactly what i did. >> i learned a lot about you we're going to ask simone if
8:26 am
she's going to be back for another olympics we're going to talk to miss gold medalist there oh, yes, i see you, jade there's more with these incredible gymnasts. look at you, y'all did it. we'll be back after your local news villareal. gootd tuesday morning. it is 8:26. i am laura garcia. effective in the north bay, water restrictions are kicking in to stop reverting of russian river water. state regulators issued orders to 1500 water rights holders in two towns, it includes ranchers and water providers. they report as of today, fieps will reach $1,000 a day, farther if sees and desist orders are
8:27 am
ignored. let's talk to meteorologist car kari. >> more fog near the coast. visibility may be low coming out of the north bay into the city as temperatures today reach into the mid-60s there, as you head across to oakland, we have more sunshine later this morning, highs in the low 70s, and low 90s for concord. you can see how temperatures warmup making it into the valleys. that's what we'll see going through the next few days, with slight cooling, especially wednesday and thursday. it will be hot again this weekend, especially friday, when highs peek in the low 90s. >> dogs days of summer are coming. thanks so much, kari. back in a half hour with another update. see you then.
8:28 am
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♪ and we dance ♪ ♪ do the dance, do the dance ♪ ♪ hepa filters cleaning commence ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ alaska safety dance ♪ ♪ alaska safety dance ♪ morning here on the plaza where the olympic spirit is alive and well fully vaccinated fans here and ready to party all of us, every single one of us, hanging on every word of this good conversation you're having with team usa gymnastics. >> i can't believe this. i am so excited. look at these olympians. simone, suni, jordan, grace, jade and mykala. it's so good to see you. you guys are going home, you're done with the competition. your masks are off just if people are wondering, what happened? simone is grabbing hers, she has hers
8:31 am
simone, one of the things that these olympics did, it sort of put mental health on the forefront. i know it was not your intent, it's just how life rolled out. i don't think people think about mental health. they think about just get your courage up, gets your guts up and go to it but it's not that. >> and at the end of the day, we're not just athletes or entertainment. we're human, too and we have real emotions and sometimes they don't realize we have things going on behind the scenes that affects us whenever we go out and compete. >> i know how strong you are because i know you and i know what you've been through in your life. >> yes. >> i've watched all the things you've been through, and you're there, back straight always there, back straight. so when that day happened, when you decided not to compete, i knew it had to be crushing for you not to compete >> it wasn't an easy decision so it hurts that people were like oh, she quit or she did this i've worked five years for that. why would i quit i've been through so much over the past couple of years in the sport. i just don't quit. that's not what i do
8:32 am
but the girls could see it and i knew that they would get the job done and that's exactly what they did so they won silver. >> and i think that other point was brought home, too. it's about being injured it's about getting lost in the air and hurting yourself i think people didn't understand that either. >> it's not something they can physically touch or see. it's inside my head. they can't get a grasp of it because they can't see it. i get that that was hard but for me, it's like, i have to take a step back and work on myself >> was that the first time it happened to you, simone? >> yes, because i think most of the time i feel like i push things under the rug and i kind of go along with it. it was something bigger than me in that moment >> jordan, i know y'all are super tight. were you worried for simone? >> kind of, yeah i was more devastated because, as she said, she's been working so long for this and she's not a quitter. feeling that emotion she had deep down was something i did not want to feel
8:33 am
she's amazing herself and i was very, very sad that in that moment that's what she had to do but, you know, like she said, we all pulled together and put everything down and it was like we got this and we had to do it for her. >> did you know you were loved this much? >> i honestly had no idea. after team final or so, we went to the village and i honestly expected to feel a little embarrassed and people were still coming up to me saying how much i meant and i've done for them in their world. and that was the craziest moment and feeling ever in that moment, i was like, okay, there's more than gymnastics and medals. >> there's more than gymnastics and medals. >> yeah. >> i remember when i interviewed you after the finals and i said, you were a coach and you said you would rather be that were you serious >> in that moment, yes i was the biggest cheerleader, so it was really good. maybe one day, i have no idea what's going to happen i'll take it day by day. >> i did wonder if we were going
8:34 am
to see you compete again >> yeah. i definitely am going to take some time and let this olympics sink in because i don't think i felt like i did that after 2016. so i'm going to let this sink in we have tour after this, gold over america we'll be going to 35 cities so i'm super excited about that so we'll just see. >> jade, wow, girl, come on. we were watching you on that floor and it was like magic. it was like there was like a magic wand and it just hit you. and i remember you the day before and that was probably maybe one of your worst days competing. and you went from the worst to the best how did you turn that corner >> yeah. well, vault finals was definitely one of the worst days of my life i was just really disappointed but i had my wonderful teammates and my dad just telling me to let it go for the moment and that i could turn the worst day into the best day. >> wow well, you did it suni, you just had a home run
8:35 am
olympic games. you must be going home proud i bet you that dad is waiting for you. tell me what you're going to say to him when you see him. >> just going to say thank you for supporting me. he's always my number one supporter. i'm excited to see him and put that gold medal around his neck. >> you guys, i can't tell you how great it was being there in the stands and cheering you on i'll never forget this olympic games, either. i know it wasn't about me, but i loved every single second of it. america is proud of you. >> thank you >> and you did it. you did it, you did it, you did it you guys, thank you. oh, we've got food >> you are hungry. >> do y'all want some sushi? >> they don't like it. >> i don't like fish >> no, they don't like it. >> here you go >> we don't want anyone getting sick >> we'll order some pizzas, too. >> we'll get more. >> is that sprinkles >> what is that? >> that's -- >> do you not want it? >> wait. i'll trade you >> we'll sort it out >> it's sprinkles.
8:36 am
>> it's eggs or something. >> it's fish eggs. >> enjoy we'll get you something better guys, thank you. coming up next here in tokyo, a silver medal race winner in a race for the ages. u.s. hurdle starai benjamin u.s. hurdle starai benjamin join rin
8:37 am
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♪♪ and welcome back to tokyo. everyone here still buzzing about the record breaking final in the men's 400 meter hurdles it is being called one of the best races in olympic history. here is how it went down norway's karsten warholm smashing the world record on his way to gold. right on his heels there, you see him with the time that also would have been a world record, american rai benjamin.
8:39 am
rai is with us now good to see you. congratulations. >> thank you thank you. >> silver medal. >> thank you >> we were just chatting and you said you feel like you lost. >> i mean, i did lose, but in all honesty, it's been a couple hours. i have to digest everything and think about what transpired. it was a historical race i think it was the best race ever in olympic history. but as a competitor, you know, you want to come out here and you want to win and that's what it was about for me. it wasn't so much of a medal it was more of a actually going out there and winning. i came up a little short, but i'm starting to see now, you know, from all the support from back home that, you know, this actually means so much to everyone back home and i really appreciate it. >> i saw the interview that you did with lewis after the race. and you got a little emotional >> yeah. that is rough. >> what was going through your mind at that point what were you thinking
8:40 am
>> it was just more so i saw the footage of my family watching the meet and, you know, everything just hit me all at once you know, you spend years of your life preparing for this event, you know, the pinnacle of your sport and you worked so hard to get there. and, you know, you come up short just a tad bit and to do it in 46.1, i think, really stung a lot but i was just really, just is -- i was emotional i was telling myself, i always give myself 24 hours to think about things before i actually do it. but in that moment, just talking to lewis, you know, just always -- i talk to lewis for -- >> years >> -- years, you know. and i just felt like at the time that i let everyone down, but i'm realizing now that that is just not the case at all >> no. you let no one down. in fact, you made a lot of folks really proud >> i hope so >> there's no hope you did. we were talking about the covid
8:41 am
year and what it was like training for an olympics without access to tracks >> yeah. >> how did you do it >> i mean, it was rough. i live in los angeles. so, you know, covid hit pretty hard there and in the state of california and it was just one of those things where we tried to make everything work. we were at griffith park we were, you know, in the streets downtown >> you were running in the streets of l.a. >> running in the streets of l.a. in the alleyway >> were folks looking at you sideways >> sort of, kind of. we were also in culver city. anyone in l.a. watching in culliver city, hi, i'm the guy that was in your neighborhood running down the street. they -- it was one of those things where it was a spectacle for people and they would come out on their porch and they would watch us and cheer us on and stuff like that. so it was kind of motivating me in a sense to see that, you know, these people who don't know who you are and what you're preparing for are just cheering for you because you're running
8:42 am
full speed down their street so it was -- it was very fulfilling in that moment and we just -- it was fun it was fun, but at the same time, it was hard. and it was -- it makes moments like this a lot sweeter. >> you've become a fan favorite here and i think it's because you're such an even keeled guy a lot of folks watching probably don't -- you're a foodie >> i am a foodie >> you were on top chef. >> i was me and mike tirico >> what's your favorite food what's your go-to? >> my go-to would probably be -- i love japanese quecuisine, in honesty. >> i've got some sushi over there. >> i don't know what those gymnasts were thinking i would have ate that whole roll by myself. but i love steak actually, sometimes i like purchase like $500 worth of wagyu steak and just make steak,
8:43 am
try to cook a lot, stuff like that but my go-to is probably japanese cuisine i love salmon a lot. >> now we're going to see you again on saturday for the relay. >> definitely. i'll be in the 4x4 >> congratulations on your silver medal you have a lot of fans >> thank you, guys it's right here. >> speaking of track stars, we are about to do something we have never done here we are going to bring you an olympic final, the women's 200 meters we're going to do it live. we're going to do it live. but first, this is "today" on welcome to this world.
8:44 am
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welcome back monsoonal moisture continuing in the southwest. we're looking at heavy rain across the gulf coast into the southeast. a real flood threat. some spots can get 6 to 10 inches of rain over the next 48 hours. sunshine from the western plains all the way into the great lakes. and some clouds here in the northeast.
8:46 am
that's what's going on around good morning. i am meteorologist kari hall. our temperatures are heating up in inland areas, reaching into the low 90s. we'll see it cooling down a few degrees by end of the week, then heating up by friday into the weekend. for san francisco, still seeing fog, mist, drizzle, temperatures headed back to mid to upper 60s. we'll see this weather continue for the weekend and early next week with a wide range of temperatures across the bay area. >> and that's your latest weather. >> and that's your latest weather. pretty exciting coming up. >> it is very exciting. this is a first on "today."
8:47 am
8:48 am
tokyo live look in on "today" is sponsored by salesforce, proud partner of
8:49 am
team usa. >> this is kind of fun. we're back from tokyo and this is actually a "today" first. >> yeah. we're really excited about this because we are about to bring you an olympic event live as it unfolds. this is the final of the women's 200 meter, gabby thomas, the rising star who has been compared to the legendary flo-jo, florence griffith-joyner. in the field for team usa. for the call of the race, we take you to nbc's leigh diffey. >> for gabby thomas, it could not be going any better. she's the u.s. national champion. this is her first olympic games. and she has a shot at a medal. >> at the trial, she became the second fastest woman ever behind
8:50 am
florence grit griffette -- griffith joyner. if she wants a medal total, she has to summon some of that 21-second match that we saw at the u.s. trials. >> already a gold medal winner in these games, and going for gold again, elaine thrying to create some history here tonight. she's trying to become the first woman to go back to back, 100 and 200 meter golds at successive olympic games. >> speaking of gold medals, shelly-ann fraser-pryce, fellow jamaican knows all about that. >> she has won four golds in the 100 meters, she won the silver here and said it might be her sweetest after becoming a mom. the sprint jewel of jamaica, shelly-ann fraser-pryce is held in high regard on the island and has cemented herself as one of the greatest female sprinters in history. >> and let's not forget about the 400 meter olympic champion from the bahamas, miller-uibo. she'll be on the extreme outside
8:51 am
in lane nine. >> she ran a 400 meter round this morning. i think she needs a personal best here to medal, but that would have been in her legs. >> and i think that's why she's been so conservative through the 200 race is because she plans to do this big double. she looks good in the 400. >> on your mark. >> gabby thomas ready for her first olympic final. >> i wish i could tell you guys this is likely to be close. the way elaine thompson-herah looked in the semifinal, i think she's a massive favorite here. it'll be a great race behind her. >> elaine thompson-herah broke flo-jo's record in the finals. 100 meter record several nights ago. she could do it here, as well, in the 200. >> set. >> elaine thompson-herah in lane seven, what can she do? >> she is the powering track in
8:52 am
front of her. this is one of the best 200 meter turns i've ever seen. thompson-hah and fraser-pryce. and shelly-ann fraser-pryce and gabby thomas are going for it. thompson-herah, gold again. 21.53. incredible. and she has got the double gold again. >> gabby thomas, i think she's third. she is. but elaine thompson-herah becomes the second fastest ever behind flo-jo in this event. she's had to endure injuries, doubt, and so much more the last five years. look at gabby thomas still looking up, celebrating now, realizing that she has that bronze. >> i think she's looking at the screen saying, is it real? is it real? it's no photo finish? my name is up there next to the bronze medal.
8:53 am
>> from harvard to a bronze medal at the olympic games. and she ran the race of a lifetime. she wasn't looking this good through the rounds. she ran 21.87 and held on for the bronze medal. you can see the excitement for her. this is her first olympic games and she's standing on the podium for team usa. >> here is elaine thompson-herah. and what she has done is only something usain bolt has done. tell us that, otto. >> yep. what she just did, and to put herself in remarkable company, she's the only woman to win the 100 and the 200 in back to back olympic games. >> wow. >> congratulations. >> wow. >> go, gabby. >> wait a minute. did you see gabby's face, y'all? when you win the bronze -- that just happened. that was a live event that happened. when she won the bronze, she had that look that was like, pinch me. pinch me. >> amazing. >> guys, we put it on the big
8:54 am
screen here on the olympic plaza so the whole crowd got to watch. >> they were all cheering. >> it was really fun. >> we're going to be doing more of that this week, you guys. live look-ins. >> cool. >> it's so fun to be able to see it go down. and, you know, we've done stories, sg, on gabby, that she's a harvard grad and she's got -- >> studying epidemiology. she's majoring in neurobiology to become an epidemiologist. >> she's incredible. we still have allyson felix who has a race to run. there is a lot coming up on track and field. >> our first morning doing the opening ceremonies and now doing live events on our show. this is really exciting. >> and our first live from the bus of the u.s. gymnastics team coming over live like that. only for you, hoda, would they come straight from competition. and i don't think we even fed them, did we? >> craig tried with the sushi.
8:55 am
>> they weren't having it. >> which one had the sushi, by the way? >> suni said she was going to try some and i think jordan was having her way with it. jordan was taking it. >> love it. >> you're going to see more from track and field tonight on nbc's primetime olympic coverage. it starts at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. >> we're back with the third and fourth hours, much more from tokyo and olympic plaza after a check of your local news and weather.
8:56 am
good tuesday morning to you. thanks for joining us. 8:56. i am laura garcia. if you're headed anywhere in the bay area, if you plan to go indoors, you want to bring a mask. starting today, most counties are again requiring it. the mandate went into effect at
8:57 am
midnight. eight bay area health officers join together to issue the new order. allah immediate a, contra costa, marin, san mateo, and city of berkeley. napa and solano are two holdouts. everyone must mask up even if vaccinated because they can spread the virus if they have the delta variant, even though less likely to experience severe covid symptoms. happening now, looking deeper into impact from new mask rules and some reaction. the idea of requiring vaccinations linked to more at the top of the home page. mask debates rekindled in bay area schools. some argue it should be a requirement ahead of the new school year. head to our home page for details.
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♪ and we dance ♪ do the♪ ♪ hepa filters cleaning commence ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ alaska safety dance ♪ ♪ alaska safety dance ♪ live in tokyo, japan, this is a special edition of the third hour of "today" at the olympic games. >> good morning, everybody. welcome to the third hour of "today." >> hi, everybody. >> it is tuesday, august 3rd. i'm al here in new york with sheinelle, jenna. and mr. melvin in tokyo. how are you doing, bud? >> hey. >> hey, i love the monitor on the plaza. like that's -- that's amazing. >> so vibrant, right? >> and your


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