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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  August 9, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>> all deserving to be in the hall of fame, and pre-seen starts this weekend. >> yes, it does. hard to believe it's here. right now at 6:00, long lines are back. people flock to get tested for the covid virus. >> i am vaccinated. the delta surge did get a vaccinated person infected with covid, so absolutely, it's a different beast. >> the glitch that has them waiting longer than normal to find out if they have the virus. how nervous should you be sending your kids back to class during these uncertain times. coming up, why business being good here in the bay area isn't enough for some companies who say they need to hire a lot more people quickly. the news at 6:00 starts
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right now. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm janelle wang. you may have to wait in hours for hours. sharon katsuda has more from pleasanton. >> almost 45 minutes. >> reporter: deep chaya is struggling to get his test but is determined. >> i'm going to be taking some calls from the car it seems. >> reporter: that's one benefit working from home or your car. rob said he was being cautious after learning someone he had contact with had tested positive. >> i am vaccinated. the delta surge did get a vaccinated person infected with
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covid, so absolutely, it's a different beast. >> i'm vaccinated as well, but i also know someone who's already had a break through case. >> reporter: and you're not feeling any symptoms? >> yes and no. i have a cold. >> reporter: and for $129, she think this is rapid test will tell her for sure. >> i am being double careful. >> reporter: so many reasons why they're in line, but no reason given for the long delay, even those with appointments. i asked the manager in the covid-19 clinic trailer who said he was too busy to go on camera but told us computers were down. people who work in this area say extremely long lines are common and a growing problem. i also called alameda county health to find out more information on this covid-19 clinic site, but the county says
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it is not affiliated with the clinic so could not comment on the problems experienced by customers today. and with hundreds of thousands of children returning to school, we asked peter chin hong from ucsf about the risk in the classrooms. he says he feels good about kids being back on campus because so many adults are vaccinated. >> above the age of 12 there are vaccinations available. it's very different than sars, for example, where many of the community members are not vaccinated as high as here. so what it leads to is moreçó intrahouse transmissions. most of theñi transmissions in kids happen from the community, not in the school. >> yeah, and he said schools should require masks, which they do in california. they should have good ventilation and distancing when possible and frequent testing.
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students in oakland were among those who swapped screens for face masks for their fist first day of school in a long time. hundreds opted to keep their kids involved in distance learning. we have a look at what the district is trying to to to keep covid out of the classrooms. >> i am courageous. >> reporter: for the last year and a half, teachers tried to replicate this experience on the screen. not today >> we're masked up and ready to teach. >> reporter: masked-up students acclimated themselves to the setting once again, like this student who raised his hands to express concern about the new math material. >> math is harder because they saying they added more stuff to
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the fourth grade. >> reporter: state superintendent, oakland mayor and other local leaders stopped by several oakland classrooms today to see how students and teachers are adjusting to the new school year. >> and we will all do our part to make sure that we never have to shut down our schools again. >> reporter: thurmond says his office is focussed on supplying districts with funding to make sure each school has enough covid test kits and ppe supplies. while the state isn't requiring all teachers to be vaccinated, thursday mond is hosting a virtual vaccine town hall to encourage everyone eligible to get the shot. >> we'll reach a million californians in saying it's not too late, as our schools are beginning to open to get your vaccines. >> reporter: with rising cases of the delta variant across the east bay, 850 students are still sticking with in-person
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learning. salvador cabral's daughter isn't one of them, but he doesn't know how much longer she'll be able to keep her mask on while in school. ? that's what she mostly complains is her mask. hopefully, they'll figure something out where they can rest without the mask. >> reporter: melissa colorado. nbc bay area news. a road rage attack was captured on video. the driver tried several times to strike a man. and a warning, this video is disturbing. >> you guys, did you guys get the license plate? did you get his license plate? >> did you see that. >> of course, he's coming back. >> he's coming ba, careful. >> neighbors had seen the first two attempts to strike the man. it was recorded about 6:00 off shepherd canyon road. once the silver bolt struck the
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man and quickly drove away. investigators want any information on this case if you know any. the man is remarkably okay. the driver was mad because the man and his group told him to slow down. >> wow. we're beginning to learn more about a jogger found dead. there are no signs of foul play in the death of phillip kreycik. he was not attacked by an animal. the 37-year-old father of two went for a run in the pleasanton ridge regional park on july 10th and never came home. hundreds of officials and volunteers searched for him for weeks. kreycik's body was found in the park august 3rd. help needed from big tech to local restaurants to home improvement, businesses can't find enough workers to fill open jobs. right now it's an employees'
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market where jobs are plentiful. some businesses are struggling to stay open. scott budman has more. >> reporter: it's a problem being felt all over here in the bay area by businesses big and small. because they say business is good, but they also say it could be a lot better if they could only find enough people to hire. for example customers are rolling into this restaurant, but the chain is cutting back hours because it can't hire enough people. >> a lot of our students are going back to college, and we are offering a hiring bonus and still can't capture people. >> reporter: bay area tech companies have seen higher sales than ever lately but still need to staff up. >> just look at the growth of the tech companies, even through covid, right? they made a lot of money.
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>> reporter: struggling to find enough employees to meet increased demand. and, if you're waiting on a contractor for that kitchen or bathroom renovation, you're not alone. >> we are extremely busy. >> reporter: a pandemic surge in home improvement projects have led to a need for more workers and faster permits to do the job. >> now a day to three days turns into a three, four, six or eight week timeline, not even the construction. >> reporter: a market where help is not just wanted, it's badly needed. scott budman, nbc bay area news. it's a sign that tokyo 2020 olympics are over, this is the olympic flame, which we showed you every evening during the olympics, day and evening. here you see the flame slowly going out. and this is a sign the olympics in 2024 are on the way.
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the olympic flag now flying in paris. paris the host city for the 2024 olympics. and a big welcome home to the men's water polo athletes. the team placed sixth in the olympics. here you see dylan woodhead arriving at sfo. he is all american from stanford. the team had its best finish since 2008. woodhead says better things are about to come. >> i think the biggest thing about this year, we got a ton of young guys on the team. and i think the whole olympics experience is pretty inspiring. >> woodhead says the team will spend the next three years perfecting the sport. he wants to come home with a gold medal. just like the women's team did. still to come, governor newsom visits the bay area to help clean up a homeless encampment. and close but so far away.
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trying to get food on an island not easy especially during a pandemic. the effort to help those in need on treasure island. lots of blue sky today. can you see it over fremont. i'll take a look at the smoke forecast and where the smoke will stay unhealthy in about seven minutes.
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governor newsom getting his hands dirty to send a message. cleaning up garbage, part of his plan to offer better housing for the homeless. critics have blasted these events as nothing more than photo ops. imagine living on an island, especially when it comes to finding food. >> joe risoto jr. shows us how a new program on treasure island is helping put dinner on the table. >> we are one of the most rural communities in san francisco. one of the most affordable places. >> reporter: it's a neighborhood with million dollar views. >> we can see alameda, the golden gate, the bay bridge,
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alcatraz. >> reporter: but for those living on treasure island, the views have a price. >> we don't have access to anything but a great view. >> reporter: for lashonda price preston, it's more aaffordable, but there's a rub. big grocery stores are across the bridge. no grubhub, no uber eats. ? while everybody else is getting denny's, ihop and jack-in-the-box, we have to get on the bus to go to those places. >> reporter: a city survey found 10% of island residents have food insecurity issues because car trips have to be timed around rush hour. >> it's almost like coming out here and gathering. >> reporter: but hunting and gathering food for the take is getting a lot easier. a nonprofit is launching a new
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proig using the island's resources to feed people. >> they get to eat at both restaurants on the island. >> reporter: former island resident is part of the effort to bring food to people here. >> the island is known for the best views in the world. but what's behind it, people are facing poverty and hunger. >> nourish t.i. secured a grant to provide free resident meals for the next ten months. they're delivered by food trucks, food kids and to-go meals at restauranting. >> today we are having steak chili. >> reporter: for the owner, it's not only helping residents but her restaurant. >> it's not just feeding people but giving them hope and knowing that there's a community that they're supported by. >> reporter: through the
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program, island dwellers can pick up free meals five days a week. >> they're going to have a chance to maybe help out with another bill instead of worrying about buying groceries. >> good food, made with love. >> thank you! >> reporter: it's this scene that's filling stomachs and souls. joe risoto jr. >> this is where we live, and this is what you do. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. >> what a great program. monday started the workweek, going to be warm, but we're like full summer mode. >> we definitely are. woke up this morning, saw that blue sky, no matter what's happening, lifts you up a little bit and we're going to continue with great weather. let's get you to the microclimate forecast. you're going to be able to see the smoke forecast here as we continue through wednesday. we'll show the bay area just under some haze. that's the blue color. we're going to be okay.
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we're going to see good air quality all the way through wednesday based on current fire behavior. off to northern california we still have the river complex, monument fire, mcfarland fire, also the dixie fire, all burning, that would keep the thickest smoke in california. if you have any plans to head to tahoe. you'll get the smoke there. green means we are good to go. excellent air quality throughout the bay area because we have the fog at the coastline. that really helps to take that smoke and scoop it up out of the bay area and push it off to the east. our top weather headline is increasing heat. we have a smaller system to the south helping keep the fog at the coastline. we have warm air building in from the south and also this unusually hot area of high pressure to the north. we're talking about heat warnings up into seattle and
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portland. temperatures in the 100s and the circulation around that is bringing in heat. heat coming in from the north and the south, that's going to warm our temperatures up as we head through tomorrow. at least we're still starting off on the cool side. that will make it enjoyable with temperatures in the low 60s and we have chillier 50s over the east bay, san francisco and also the north bay. so even though we start off with early fog in san francisco, we'll get sun for the afternoon. let's take a look at this heat. i still think it will be manageable down here in the south bay. it will leave us at 85 in san jose and 87 in gilroy. most comfortable temperatures back to inland, contra costa, alameda counties. 94 in pleasanton. the peninsula, 82 in palo alto. then daley city, 67 because of the chilly ocean breeze. and then we'll see isolated 70s in downtown and the mission for san francisco. let's move it off to the north bay, we had it up as 102 in
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ukiah. and notice how the temperatures drop closer to the bay due to the foggy breeze. we get 60s for the upcoming weekend and across inland valleys, up to 97 wednesday down to 92 thursday and back up to 97 on saturday, back down to 90 on monday. a little up, down, back up. surviving a battle with the delta variant. what one bay area patient wants everyone to know as he continues to recover, next.
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this isn't our first flip. and sure, some renovations can require some compromise. but, there's no settling at floor & decor. we get to fulfill our "vision" and get in-stock products at budget friendly prices all in one trip. it's a win-win. explore floor & decor in person or online. well, covid sent him to the hospital, but he believes the vaccine saved his life. a bay area man is sharing his story of battling the delta variant. >> he was fully vaccinated when he got the virus. nbc bay area has more. >> reporter: this is 33-year-old moby, making an almost
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breathless plea. >> no joke. wear a mask. please. >> reporter: as his health began to deteriorate last month, a week after getting covid-19. >> i couldn't take a deep breath. my, i could just feel like my lungs and my back hurt really bad. i had a cough, i had a high fever, body aches, chills, pretty much the whole list. >> reporter: mauricio went to the hospital and was quickly diagnosed and admitted with covid pneumonia. he was healthy, young and fully-vaccinated and now one of many dealing with the delta variant. >> i had a really high fever, and they admitted me right away, isolated me, and i was there for two days. and then was able to leave. >> reporter: he attributes his quick recovery to one specific thing, getting vaccinated back
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in may. >> my emergency room doctor said if i hadn't been vaccinated my symptoms would have been far worse or my outcome would have been far worse than what it was. >> reporter: stories like puts mark on the vaccination. it helps keep hospitalization and death rates down. >> i'm just very thankful to be alive and thankful that i got the vaccine. >> reporter: and that's why he and health officials are begging those who haven't done so already to get vaccinated. >> it will save your life, it really will. i'm living proof that that vaccine will save your life. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. up next, the olympics may be over in tokyo, but not in space? we'll explain when we come back.
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coming up on nightly news with lester holt, lester has a sclus if interview with united airlines' c fchlt o. a different kind of olympics played out in outer space. the astronauts aboard the international space station held their own zero gravity mock olympics and split themselves into two international teams, team soyuz and team dragon and competed in snow handball,
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synchronized floating and no-gravity gymnastics. nasa did not clarify which team was awarded gold, but i think they should share the gold like they did in that high jump. that's impressive. they're totally synchronized. tens across the board. >> wonder that feels like. >> i know. you could go to space now. all the billionaires are doing it, you've just got to pay for your seat. >> i'll be right there. >> weather wise, a heck of a night coming up. >> great, great weather. >> jeff will be back for a special 7:00 p.m. newscast. hope to see you then, bye. tonight, america's hospitals under siege from the delta variant. with the u.s. now averaging over with 100,000 cases a day, hospitalizations hitting the highest level since february, icus overwhelmed in southern states with
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low vaccinations in austin, texas, just six icu beds left more children hospitalized as the new school year begins school districts and parents challenging mask mandate bans, and by the governors of florida and texas. also, the military's new vaccine mandate. and families reunited as canada reopens its border to fully vaccinated americans. just in from the lawsuit from a jeffrey epstein accuse alleging prince andrew sexually abused her when she was 17. california's dixie fire exploding to nearly half a million acres. plus, the new heatwave and a tropical threat. the urgent new u.n. report on climate change being called a code red for humanity. the governor cuomo accuser breaking her silence as a top adviser steps down the taliban seizing a fifth capital after the american withdrawal. our team on the ground my exclusive with the ceo of united airlines, the first


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