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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  August 9, 2021 11:34pm-12:36am PDT

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all right. mark your calendar. a very exciting show is coming. the perseid meteor shower. my kind of viewing. peak hours between wednesday night at 11:00 p.m., wednesday, thursday, and friday, you'll be able to catch it. midnight to dawn. take your time. your eyes need at least 20 minutes to adjust. the good news, is moon is only 18% illuminated. it will be great. >> fantastic. thanks for the good news. have a great night. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon."
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tonight, join jimmy and his guests - billie eilish, abigail breslin, and featuring the legendary roots crew >> questlove: 1497 >> steve: and now, here he is, jimmy fallon [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: oh, my goodness. that's a party [ cheers and applause now it's a party i missed you hey, welcome please, have a seat. we're going to have a good time tonight. welcome, everybody welcome, welcome, welcome to "the tonight show. you're here.
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you made it. thank you for watching at home [ cheers and applause well guys, the tokyo olympics have officially come to an end yeah, that's right now if you want to witness physical excellence, you'll have to watch a flight attendant duct tape a drunk guy to his seat. [ laughter ] seriously, give that flight attendant a medal, i think come on. [ laughter ] [ applause ] but it was a magical two weeks night after night americans gathered around the tv to see the events where we already saw who won on twitter [ laughter ] it was just an amazing - but this was exciting. after an incredible day, team usa topped the final medal count with 113 medals! [ cheers and applause that's right that's right 113 medals meanwhile, all the country wants to talk is how often celebrities bathe. [ laughter ] that's right the olympics are over, but if you're still craving exciting pulse-pounding sports, espn's got you covered. check it out
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>> jimmy: there you go [ light laughter ] all day long let's get to some news on friday, the white house announced that half of all americans are now fully vaccinated [ cheers and applause yes. and this is cool to get the numbers up in the fall, pfizer just announced a new pumpkin spice vaccine. [ laughter ] that's right 50% of the country is fully vaccinated is it just me or does it feel like a group project where half the team does all the work [ laughter and applause "what are you doing? speaking of the vaccine, united airlines announced that they're requiring all of their employees to get vaccinated. but this is annoying they're now charging every passenger a $9 common sense fee. [ laughter ] meanwhile, spirit airlines isn't requiring vaccines they were just like, "we're just going to fly with the windows down."
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[ laughter ] some more business news. i saw that kfc is opening a hotel in london that will feature a "press for chicken" button in every room [ laughter ] >> finally >> jimmy: if you're wondering who stays at the kfc hotel, just picture the exact opposite of the olympic village that's who's - [ laughter ] and did you see this in oklahoma, a truck carrying more than 27,000 pounds of women's spray deodorant exploded [ audience oohs it was the first truck explosion ever described as "confident, strong and ready to take on the day. [ laughter and applause and finally, i saw that london's tower bridge was stuck open today, causing traffic to a grind to a halt. you know the queen was at home going, "i'm starving we the f is my uber eats gone? [ laughter and applause we have a great show give it up for the roots ♪
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[ cheers and applause >> jimmy: it is monday, everybody. we got a brand new show tonight. we have actually a giant week. a giant week of shows this whole week on "the tonight show." tomorrow night, barbra streisand will be here. [ applause ] billy crystal will be here >> steve: hey! [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: kit harington, duran duran will be here [ cheers and applause all new "tonight shows" the whole week we also our author of the fallon summer reads. "our author. >> steve: our author >> jimmy: yeah it's everyone's. america's author jean hanff korelitz will be on the show wednesday to talk about -- [ cheers and applause "the plot" is the book, and i just finished it this morning. >> steve: did you really >> jimmy: nuts it's unbelievable.
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twists, turns, turns upon twists and then twists one more time. [ laughter ] it's like chubby checker >> steve: does it twist again? >> jimmy: twist against like we did last summer. >> steve: yeah >> jimmy: that song, the follow up hit to "the twist." [ laughter ] he's like, "i got it." >> steve: what is it what's the new hit >> jimmy: how many years has it been since "the twist" >> steve: like two [ laughter ] but you got another song in you. i know you do. >> jimmy: yup. the twist went like this, right? ♪ come on bab let's do the twist ♪ check it out that's the old me. >> steve: the old you? >> jimmy: the old me i don't even remember that dude >> steve: that guy's gone, 'cause this is the new chublin p. checker [ laughter ] lay it on them lay that song on them. >> jimmy: now people think they call me chubby because - >> steve: right, because of fats domino. >> jimmy: yeah >> steve: yeah >> jimmy: no -- no, my real name is chublin. >> steve: chublin p. checker >> jimmy: chublin p. checkers. checker. sorry, not checkers. that's ridiculous. so chubby checker. >> steve: yeah >> jimmy: who lost weight doing "the twist." >> steve: right. >> jimmy: it was like a diet fad. >> steve: aerobics >> jimmy: he was hitting all
11:41 pm
the bases. >> steve: right. >> jimmy: so i got you a song. you want a hit song, you got it do you want to lose weight you got it let's do "the twist. everybody does the twist and now just goes by, you know -- jared checker. [ laughter ] so he goes -- yeah, so he's jared checker. he's like, "i lost all this weight." and then you go, "no keep chubby. right? but how do you follow it up with a second -- >> steve: what could possibly be - >> jimmy: let's not twist, and gain it back >> steve: right. >> jimmy: so chubby goes, "i got it." >> steve: what's your song i can't wait to the hear it. ♪ ♪ let's twist again like we did last summer ♪ >> jimmy: yeah, he does "let's twist again. that was his follow-up hit [ laughter ] and then -- did he have any other hits >> tariq: yes, "still twisting." >> steve: "still twisting," yeah [ laughter ] >> jimmy: he did not did he >> steve: yeah, he did "still twisting. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: "still twisting" no, you're making that up. >> steve: i don't even know how -- i know "still twisting's" a song but how's it go >> tariq: it goes -- ♪ ♪ still twistin
11:42 pm
still twisting ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: yeah [ cheers and applause "still twisting" would have been a giant hit >> steve: yeah, huge >> jimmy: but didn't he -- he came back out with the fat boys, didn't he? chubby checker >> tariq: yes, in '87. >> jimmy: yeah wow. was it - >> tariq: "the twist." "twist in '87. >> jimmy: don't mess with the original if the original's working. >> steve: twisting it up the cruller. >> jimmy: yeah you know, i like classical music, right >> steve: oh, you love it. >> jimmy: you know what i say? >> steve: what do you say? if it ain't baroque, don't fix it >> jimmy: yeah, exactly. [ laughter ] but what a show we have for you tonight, everybody she has the number one album in the country, "happier than ever." billie eilish is here. we're going to talk to billie! [ cheers and applause and then she's performing the title track "happier than ever" later in the show. also from the new film "stillwater," abigail breslin is here! [ cheers and applause abigail breslin! we love her.
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guys, before we go on, i'd like to take a moment to thank some of our sponsors for tonight's show they don't always fit in the commercial breaks, apparently. so we want to make sure -- [ light laughter ] according to the cue cards, yeah [ laughter ] we want to make sure that we mention all of the - >> steve: sure >> jimmy: so now it's time for a thing called "'tonight show' sponsors." here we go [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ tonight show sponsors tonight show sponsors ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: now these are sponsors that -- >> steve: -- didn't make it -- >> jimmy: -- to the commercial break. >> steve: right. >> jimmy: so we're gonna help out. >> steve: you're gonna say them now. you're gonna say their names now. >> jimmy: that's correct yeah here's the first one tide we'll get blood out of that shirt and we won't ask any questions. [ laughter and applause tombstone. ever wanted to destroy the roof of your mouth on something mediocre [ laughter and applause >> steve: wow. >> jimmy: target somehow you just spent 140 bucks here we don't know how. [ laughter and fox news
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[ laughter and applause oreo still putting out weird, new flavors just to remind you the regular ones are better. [ laughter and applause pizza hut. we're why that one bank in town looks like a pizza hut [ laughter and applause [ laughter ] good & plenty. there are plenty, but if you don't like licorice, they're not good [ laughter and applause tempur-pedic want to sleep in a baby pool full of kinetic sand [ laughter and applause tums because you're 30. [ laughter and applause and finally, red roof inn. think your mattress is stained you should have seen it before we flipped it. [ audience ohs ] that's all we have for "tonight show" sponsors we'll be right back with "why is your pet better than me?" [ cheers and applause ♪
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a marine just out of basic, or a petty officer from '73. and even his kids. and their kids. usaa is made for all who've honorably served and their families. are we still exclusive? absolutely. and that's exactly why you should join. ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: welcome back, everybody! now, we all love our pets.
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and every pet owner thinks that their pet is the best. well, i wanted to see if that was true so it's time for "why is your pet better than me?" here we go [ cheers and applause ♪ why is your pet better than me better than me ♪ >> jimmy: all right. let's meet our first pet hello. hi, what is your name and where are you from >> hey, i'm miranda from durham, north carolina >> jimmy: yeah, durham i love it, hey [ cheers and applause miranda, thank you for being on the show i see -- ooh i see a cat behind you i'm assuming that's the pet. what does your cat's -- ooh. a pretty good trick right there. just flops down and smacks the tail is that -- >> exactly >> jimmy: and she's -- >> this is bruce >> jimmy: bruce! [ cheers and applause bruce. hey, buddy and what is -- what does bruce do why is -- why is your pet better than me >> so bruce can sometimes turn the light off. >> jimmy: i love sometimes [ laughter ] what do you mean bruce can sometimes turn -- oh, you're gone so bruce - all right, bruce, can you do
11:50 pm
it can you turn the light off, bruce? bruce? uh, oh bruce? [ light laughter ] this is -- leaning towards the -- oh, he's thinking about it [ light laughter ] he's thinking about it he's thinking about it come on, bruce you got this [ cheers and applause come on, bruce yup. come on, buddy come on, bruce you got -- yes what is that [ audience ohs ] oh, yes, bruce, come on. [ laughter ] do you want to maybe prop bruce up, maybe? or maybe get bruce to -- [ laughter ] i think -- there you go, bruce show me what you got, bruce. come on, buddy i see it i see it [ cheers and applause look at that i see it, bruce. come on. come on, buddy maybe give a little -- [ laughter ] come on, bruce hey, can we move the light switch down lower, maybe [ laughter ] oh, my god all right, there you go. [ cheers and applause all right, thank you very much
11:51 pm
i appreciate it. that's fantastic thank you bruce. [ cheers and applause [ fog horn ] there you go bruce, the cat can sometimes turn the light switch off thank you so much for being here [ laughter ] let's get to our next pet. hello, welcome what is your name and where are you from look at this >> my name is mike i'm from keyport, new jersey [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: oh, i love -- new jersey in the house. thank you, buddy now, what do you have there? what are you holding what is your -- what is that >> this is my hedgehog, tuck [ audience aws ] >> jimmy: oh, my goodness. i didn't even know you could have a hedgehog as a pet that's amazing and what does your shirt say there? >> hogfather >> jimmy: there you go, of course [ laughter and applause it's a hedgehog. it's a hedgehog. you know, already i think he's better than me, but what do you have set up? and please show me, why is your pet better than me >> so tuck is an american hedgehog warrior and he's going to hopefully navigate this little obstacle course i have
11:52 pm
behind me and ultimately end up in our mini ball pit over here and i'm not so sure you'd be able to do that, jimmy [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you'd be right you'd be right i don't know if i could do this, but let's see what tuck does our first pet -- >> all right >> jimmy: the pressure really got to him so let's see [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: american hedgehog -- >> all right, and if you don't mind, i think i'm gonna do a a little hogcasting if that's okay with you. >> jimmy: oh, my god look at this this is amazing production all right, buddy >> yeah, so he's making his way. >> jimmy: yup, he's figuring it out. >> making his way to - >> jimmy: this is a tough decision >> to the little cars. >> jimmy: has he been hanging out with bruce the cat at all? [ laughter and applause feels like they've been out drinking all night >> i know. he's usually a little quicker than this. >> jimmy: yeah, well, pressure's on. i could do this. [ light laughter ] but he looks like he's making a move, maybe. i think. >> might be. he might also be going to the bathroom they tend to do that a lot [ laughter ] give me one second
11:53 pm
[ laughter ] >> jimmy: all right, tuck? here we go, buddy. >> let me show you the course real quick, while we're waiting. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah might as well. tuck definitely hasn't seen it so yeah. [ laughter ] >> oh, wait, wait, a little action [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: oh yeah, this is it. all right, this is good. tuck - [ laughter ] he's stuck at that point right there. that's a tricky -- this is what he did last time. he goes to that spot and he just kind of camps out there [ light laughter ] no, it's fine. i think that he's comfortable there. let's give it up for tuck. [ cheers and applause he did -- i think you did a good job let's meet our last pet here hey! what is your name and where are you from
11:54 pm
>> hi. my name's lucy and i'm from frampton, in england >> jimmy: hey, we love it! [ cheers and applause thank you for watching us. now, lucy, you -- this is a great night for you, because the other pets haven't really shown and proven to us why they're better than me they are very cute yes, so the pressure's on. who is there with you? who do you have there? >> this is trip hazard [ laughter ] >> jimmy: trip hazard? >> trip for short. >> jimmy: trip hazard. what does trip hazard do >> he closes the door but he's too small do to it so he's got his own unique way of doing it >> jimmy: okay, here we go this is trip hazard. can we get a drum roll, maybe, for trip hazard? [ drum roll he's going to close the door trip hazard. trip hazard. >> shut the door shut the door. >> jimmy: this has potential this has potential [ cheers and applause this is -- yes, that's my pet. that's a good dog! yes! yes! great job. lucy, thank you! great job, trip hazard thank you to all of our
11:55 pm
talented pets. if you think you have a pet that's better than me, i want to see it. go to whyisyourpetbetterthanme submit a video of your pet stick around we'll be right back with billie eilish! come on back [ cheers and applause ♪ yeah, i mean the thing is, people like geico because it's just easy. bundling for example. you've got car insurance here. and home insurance here. why not... schuuuuzp.. put them together. save even more. some things are just better together, aren't they? like tea and crumpets. but you wouldn't bundle just anything. like, say... a porcupine in a balloon factory. no. that'd be a mess. i mean for starters, porcupines are famously no good in a team setting. geico. save even more when bundle home and car insurance. [ "colors" by black pumas ] geico. save even more come in for korean tacos.
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12:00 am
here is billie eilish! ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: oh come on, now thank you so much for coming back on the show i appreciate it. and congrats on having the number one album in the u.s. this is big. [ cheers and applause >> thank you >> jimmy: the reviews have been amazing. i don't know if you read reviews, or what do you if - what have you done the album's been out, what a week have you been paying attention or do you go like "ah, it's out. it's my thing. >> i don't know, really. i'm still trying to figure out what i'm doing i tried to kind of not look. >> jimmy: yeah >> just because i was -- i was scared and i didn't want to - >> jimmy: i was scared, yeah >> but it's been -- it's been such a good response that i -- i'm unbelievably, like, over the moon happy about so it's been pretty crazy this week >> jimmy: i know you're close to your fans and you -- you love them, and i feel like they just all went ballistic.
12:01 am
when they're like, "yeah new stuff! and all just came back -- i mean, i've seen the stuff, on the socials. i've read the reviews, and it's just cool. you have a great fan base, and you give them a quality record and they love it so congrats. >> thanks, jimmy it's crazy >> jimmy: do you think when you're recording the album, do you go, "okay. it's going to be called 'happier than ever.' i'm going to do this i'm going to dye my hair i'm going to go blonde." do you have this planned out or did it all just kind of happen >> it really just happened i, like, didn't know what i was going to do at all, i mean, until, really, like almost when the album was over i didn't even know what it was going to be called i didn't know what the vibe was going to be. i didn't know what the artwork should be, and i knew, though, that i wanted it to be like i wanted it to feel very specific you know i wanted it to have a real - you know, feeling to it, and a a real, like, aesthetic to it, i guess.
12:02 am
and then there was just one night when i was listening to julie london and it was raining, and my fire pit was on and i was like -- it just, like, hit me and i realized how i wanted the album to be portrayed and how i wanted the visuals to look and how i wanted it to feel and the colors and it all just, like, clicked right away i don't know >> jimmy: and you direct your own videos or have done that which is extra pressure. >> yes >> jimmy: why? why put that - why put that more pressure on yourself >> why [ laughter ] you know, it's a lot of work so, you know, sometimes i wish that i didn't want to do it so bad. i just really want to do it. like, i just -- there's not -- it never worked for me before, really i mean sometimes it does it's just so much -- i don't know i feel like when you have your own idea and you know what you want, sometimes it's just the, the best way to go about it is just do it yourself, even though it takes much more out of you
12:03 am
>> jimmy: you always bring us some fun things. so you were a little behind the scenes look at you directing yourself in this video take a look. ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: first of all, don't you think you could have gotten a stunt double to stand in the middle there were you nervous >> i -- no i really wasn't nervous. so that was for "nda." and it was 25 stunt drivers driving, zooming past me, like this close to the sides of me, and i -- it was so much fun. and everybody was scared, and i loved it i literally, like, that's my - that's where i belong, is, like - >> jimmy: in the middle of zooming cars [ light laughter ] >> yeah. yeah >> jimmy: that would frighten
12:04 am
me i would be so frightened if i was anyone, going like, "no. this is an american treasure, this is billie eilish standing in front of all these zooming cars going back and forth and then kicking up dust that even makes it even more tricky oh, no, i'm out. >> no. >> jimmy: yeah you know, i wanted to ask you. because i read a bunch of articles about you and i know you're very -- you have a thing. i don't know what it's called. that you're a very colorful person you have a - >> synesthesia, that's the word you're thinking. >> jimmy: yes. say it again >> synesthesia >> jimmy: synesthesia. so, everything you see kind of has colors to it and a number, mabye, and a letter or something? >> so, synesthesia, just real quick to sum it up, it's -- i don't know why it exists, but my brother has it. i have it. my dad has it. a few people i know have it. my mom does not. it's a thing in your brain where you associate random stuff to everything. so for instance, every day of the week has a color, a number, a shape. sometimes things have a smell that i can think of, or a temperature or a texture
12:05 am
and it means nothing i mean, literally, it doesn't mean anything. but it inspires a bunch of stuff. so, like, all of my videos for the most part have to do with synesthesia, all of my artwork, all of my -- everything i do live all the colors for each songs because those are the colors for those songs specifically and you, you want to know? for you? >> jimmy: yes. when you see me or hear me, or smell me - [ laughter ] what do you -- think what is my shape [ light laughter ] >> so your shape is -- a, like vertical, brown rectangle. >> jimmy: vertical round rectangle? >> yeah, and i don't - i mean, i can try to explain it >> jimmy: no >> it doesn't make any sense so, like, j. your name's jimmy, right >> jimmy: yep. >> j is brown to me.
12:06 am
i don't know why jimmy is also brown. m's feel brown to me >> jimmy: m? >> and you also feel like that color, to me [ laughter ] >> jimmy: feel - the audience seems to half agree that i'm brown [ laughter ] i feel like i'm more of a red? >> no. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you're right, you're right! i'm not going to argue >> this is the funny thing about synesthesia is that it's so specific for me but, like, for instance, my dad and my brother both have synesthesia. they have the same thing for people and they completely disagree with me so, we'll have conversations where my dad will be like, you know, i'll be like, "oh, tuesday is purple. and a circle." my dad is like, "no, it's not. it's, you know, orange and it's a square" or whatever. and we have these -- we have arguments about -- [ laughter ] what is what
12:07 am
>> jimmy: these are the greatest arguments i've ever heard of in my life. >> they're very stupid very stupid. >> jimmy: billie, i want to ask you more stuff about the album and the tour when we come back stick around, everybody. more with billie eilish! [ cheers and applause ♪
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about adding rexulti to your antidepressant. ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: welcome back i'm talking to our pal, billie eilish, right here. [ cheers and applause the number one album, "happier than ever. and in february, you're going to go on a sold out arena tour [ cheers and applause it's already sold out. you got to be -- come on you must be excited to go back out there.
12:13 am
>> ugh, i am -- i've had like six dreams this week about shows. dead serious >> jimmy: really >> i -- yeah, i -- i -- it's been so long it's going to have been two and a half years, i guess, or two years. i don't know >> jimmy: that's right >> and that's -- crazy to me so i can't -- i can't wait >> ooh for sure, "happier than ever," the song >> jimmy: the song you're doing tonight, "happier than ever," yeah >> yes, i am, and -- [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: dude, don't you miss - i mean, don't you miss that? i mean, you kind of -- a a performer needs -- i mean, when we first had our audience back, i was so psyched and happy that this audience is back here. [ cheers and applause you get -- you get emotional you get choked up. and i know i'm going to come out and tell these, you know, goofy jokes, you know. but i really just want to -- i miss them. i need -- i need an audience i need my fans i need people.
12:14 am
>> yeah, you do. i mean, it's -- it feels so unsatisfying and, like, unrewarding without one. >> jimmy: but the thing that you're doing -- that you did at the hollywood bowl, which is gorgeous that comes out september 3rd on disney -- disney plus. but you shot this at the hollywood bowl, an empty hollywood bowl >> yeah, in the middle of the night. >> jimmy: you made it beautiful. who directed >> it was robert rodriguez >> jimmy: come on. >> the king. i know >> jimmy: come on. >> i know. i know it was -- it was a crazy week. we shot all night long for four nights at the empty hollywood bowl - >> jimmy: wow. >> -- in the middle of the night. like, it was crazy it was crazy >> jimmy: and you also got to see yourself animated? >> yeah! >> jimmy: which i thought was cool was it weird to see you as a a cartoon? >> well, first of all, they're
12:15 am
still working on it, because animation is so complicated. i'm sure you know. like, it takes so much it takes so much work and it takes so long. but i, like -- when they were drawing the main girl, which is me, right? >> jimmy: yep. >> i just -- they would send me like, "how do you this and do you like this?" and i was just like -- and it's disney you know, like, that's the -- it's not just some random -- like, it's literally disney. making an animation version of me >> jimmy: if you're going to do it, you might at well do it -- yeah but i want to show everyone. you brought a sneak peek of the concert, which i appreciate. thank you for bringing this. here is a look at "happier than ever, a love letter to los angeles. check it out ♪ ♪ [ footsteps
12:16 am
♪ ♪ what would people say people say people sa if they listen through the wall the wall the wall ♪ >> jimmy: yes! that's how you do it [ cheers and applause don't mess around. billie eilish, everyone! [ cheers and applause her new album, "happier than ever," is out now. thank you so much for being here abigail breslin join us after the break. come on back, everybody! [ cheers and applause ♪
12:17 am
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12:22 am
can see in the new film "stillwater", which is in theaters right now, please welcome abigail breslin! [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause >> thank you thank you, so much >> jimmy: ah, they love you. come on. >> thank you i have to -- had to sit quickly because i was afraid i was going to fall. >> jimmy: yeah you look gorgeous. thank you so much for being here in studio >> thank you >> jimmy: i appreciate this. >> of course, thank you for having me. >> jimmy: we've known each other for a long time. >> quite a while >> jimmy: yeah >> since i was like -- 12, 13? >> jimmy: i think -- yeah, exactly right. "little miss sunshine", i think, was when we kind of first met. or one after that, maybe have you ever watched your movies back? like, do you go like, "oh, yeah." >> i mean, i love my own work, but -- [ laughter ]
12:23 am
>> jimmy: no, i know you probably don't go out of your way to watch it, but - >> no, but i - >> jimmy: do you see it on tv and go, "oh, yeah, i kind of remember that. >> yeah, i mean, i haven't seen "little miss sunshine" until, like - it came out when i was 10 -- except for about a few months ago my boyfriend -- who is amazing. we've been together for 4 1/2 years but has -- he had no idea who i was when we met and i told him that i was moving to l.a. and he was like, "oh, for what reason?" i was like, "well, i'm an actor. he said, "good luck. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you're like, "well, i'm kind of --" >> i'm like, "yeah, i'm okay. >> jimmy: "i've done fairly well yeah, all right. >> but he had never seen "little miss sunshine. i was like, "prime of my career." so, you should watch it, and we saw it, and i just kind of was like -- i did not understand - any of the jokes back when i was a child. so it went right over my head and then i watched it, i was like, "ah, i get it now. >> jimmy: "oh, i get it. yeah you were fantastic >> thank you >> jimmy: in that, but i -- i was interested to see, like, if
12:24 am
you watched it as a adult what do you remember? you're probably like, "well, i kind of remember." >> well, i remember -- i mean i loved working with everybody but i obviously was, like, a a little too young to watch "the office" or like "united states of tara" or - >> jimmy: oh yeah, toni collette. >> i was like, "i love 'hannah montana,' what about you? you know [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you have a great career, and very interesting, i liked that you also put music out too. >> yeah. >> jimmy: you put it under the name "sophomore. >> uh-huh. >> jimmy: congrats on that cause you have great reviews on the music. and we were talking backstage about things you were saying, yeah, and talking about songs. you were realizing that you mess up the lyrics to some songs. we were talking about the "friends" theme and how you messed up one of the lyrics in there and it's - ♪ i'll be there for you ♪ when you're -- >> well i thought it was - ♪ when you're face starts to fall ♪ [ laughter ] >> jimmy: when your face starts to fall? >> well, i thought, like, it when getting older or something. like - [ laughter ] or like when you're sad.
12:25 am
like -- "oh. why the long face," you know >> jimmy: yeah you actually could -- it could work >> hey, guys, we're -- i'm so down to do a remix. i don't mind [ laughter ] >> jimmy: but i know you're also a big "friends" fan >> forever >> jimmy: you did, yeah. and you got to immediate david schwimmer, recently. >> yes >> jimmy: talk to me >> at the premiere of "stillwater", in new york, my -- i had to introduce my brother to matt damon, who's in the film he's awesome he's, you know, he's great >> jimmy: he's matt damon, yeah >> i know, he's amazing. for sure but like, i've work with him now, so, like, you know, it's chill. [ laughter ] and i was like -- i was just - you know, watching him talk to my brother and i see out of the corner of my eye, ross gellar, david schwimmer. and i'm like, "matt, move! [ laughter ] and i, like, shoved him full force out of the way leapt over a couch not my finest moment ran over to him and i was like, "pivot!" [ laughter ] >> jimmy: pivot? you were yelling pivot >> pivot >> jimmy: pivot! of course, yeah.
12:26 am
>> he was like, "hello." [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you fan-girled out you just went crazy. >> yeah, i cried a little bit. i got to take a selfie with him. i wanted to, but then i realized that my phone was dead for some reason, i don't know why, i never charge my phone >> jimmy: it just happens. >> for moments like this and so i was like, to my friend, who's here, i was like, "noelle! phone! now! and she brings over, and i'm like, "so sorry, thank you so much." i was like, "i want a selfie noelle, i want to take a a selfie." so, took a selfie with him it's so blurry it's like, oh -- >> jimmy: i disagree i think it's the greatest photo. there he is, you and - [ cheers and applause he's a great guy isn't he nice? >> oh, he was super nice i think scared >> jimmy: yeah, yeah frightened, but still. you're great in "stillwater. >> thank you >> jimmy: as is matt as well can you set this film up it's kind of a tricky premise. >> yeah. so, it's basically about a guy who goes to marseille from oklahoma he's an oil rig worker and he -- he's going out there to visit his daughter who has been imprisoned in france for a a murder she, you know -- maintains her innocence on and -- yeah.
12:27 am
>> jimmy that's good >> along the way, a lot of things happen. >> jimmy: i want to show a a clip here's the abigail breslin in "stillwater. take a look. >> so is this woman your girlfriend >> it's not like that. i just live with them. like roommates >> what does she do? >> she's sort of an actress. >> sort of an actress? is she a stripper? >> no. she just don't do tv acting or anything she does theater >> theater have you seen her act? >> what am i going to do in a [ bleep ] theater? [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: abigail breslin! "stillwater" is in theaters now. billie eilish performs for us after the break.
12:28 am
stick around, everybody. ♪
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: performing the title track from her new album, "happier than ever," once again, billie eilish [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ when i'm away from yo i'm happier than eve
12:32 am
wish i could explain it better ♪ ♪ i wish it wasn't true give me a day or two t think of something clever ♪ ♪ to write myself a lette to tell me what to d do you read my interviews ♪ ♪ or do you skip my avenu when you said you were passing throug was i even on your way ♪
12:33 am
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12:35 am
♪ and all that you di was make me -- sad so don't waste the time i don't have ♪ ♪ and don't try t make me feel bad i could talk about every tim that you showed up on time ♪ ♪ but i'd have an empty lin 'cause you never did never paid any min to my mother or friends ♪ ♪ so i shut 'em all out for yo 'cause i was a kid you ruined everything good ♪ ♪ always said you wer misunderstoo made all my moments your own just -- leave me alone ♪ ♪
12:36 am
♪ ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: join us tomorrow night. barbra streisand and marlon wayans will be here and we'll have music from snoh aalegra my thanks to billie eilish, abigail breslin. and the roots right there from philadelphia, pennsylvania thank you for watching
12:37 am
stay tuned for "late night with


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