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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  August 10, 2021 12:36am-1:36am PDT

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♪ ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: join us tomorrow night. barbra streisand and marlon wayans will be here and we'll have music from snoh aalegra my thanks to billie eilish, abigail breslin. and the roots right there from philadelphia, pennsylvania thank you for watching stay tuned for "late night with
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seth meyers. goodnight, everybody [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> announcer: tonight on "late night with seth meyers," kristen bell and dax shepard host of "snatching sinatra," actor john stamos, an all new "closer look, featuring the 8g band with fred armisen and now, seth meyers >> seth: good evening. i'm seth meyers. this is "late night. we've missed you all a great deal let's get to the news. well, last night was the closing ceremony for the 2020 tokyo olympics which, because of covid, were actually held in 2021. which means, it's only three
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more years until the 2024 olympics are postponed to 2027 the 2020 tokyo olympics ended, yesterday, and the u.s. athletes brought home 39 gold medals, 41 silvers, 33 bronze and 4 new variants president biden, on saturday, held a zoom call with team usa olympians. and if you thought winning a gold medal was tough, try explaining to a 78-year-old man that he's muted. "no, mr. president, i know you can hear me. i can't hear you." the united nations, today, released a new report on climate change, and i don't want to say it's bad, but this was the cover. [ light laughter ] president biden announced a new goal, last week, that half of all vehicles sold in the country by 2030 should be electric, and for some reason the other half should be vintage stingrays. [ light laughter ] "everything's heating up, so you got to keep it cool. [ light laughter ] the rolling stones recently announced they'll go back on tour in september after it was
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put on hold last year due to the pandemic it's actually the second time it's happened to them. [ laughter ] disney world, last week, unveiled designs for its new "star wars" themed hotel that will open next year and feature an immersive experience. though, if you're a fan of disney and star wars, the only thing you haven't been immersed in is society. the makers of crocs recently filed lawsuits against walmart and nearly 20 other companies that claims they copied their popular shoe style said walmart, "that's a pasta strainer." [ light laughter ] and finally, the ice cream company, marble slab, recently announced a new collaboration with frito-lay to create a hot cheetos flavored ice cream well, technically, it was also a collaboration with weed. [ laughter ] and that was a monologue, everybody. and, marble slab, if you're watching, seth meyers ice cream still available. [ laughter ] no movement at all from our friends at ben & jerry's
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we got a great show for you guys tonight. two of my favorite guests are here, kristen bell and dax shepard. usually they come on one at a time, but they're here together. we're going to talk about their game show "family game fight!," which premiered last night after the closing ceremonies and he is an emmy-nominated actor and musician, who stars in "big shot" on disney plus. and he's got a new podcast called "snatching sinatra," john stamos will be back with us but, before we get to all that, there is damning new evidence of donald trump's plan to overthrow democracy. meanwhile, republican governors are standing in the way of basic mitigation efforts against the surging covid delta variant. for more on this, it's time for "a closer look." ♪ >> seth: we promised to stop talking about donald trump the day he stops talking but even now that he's out of office, trump and his movement always find new ways to shock. for example, the self labelled "america first" movement is taking up a new cause, rooting against american national sports teams.
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>> the u.s. women's soccer team is a very good example of what's going on [ cheers and applause earlier this week, they unexpectedly lost to sweden 3-0. [ cheers and applause and americans were happy about it you proved that point before i even said it look at the soccer team, the women's soccer team. all of a sudden they're not like they were. they were supposed to win the gold medal but, you know, the word woke means loser. if you woke, you're going to lose >> seth: first of all, i love this conceit that trump follows women's soccer "i can't believe nobody got a foot on that cross when you're down two-nil that's what happens when you're woke [ light laughter ] you don't react to the crosses." you're a former u.s. president rooting against a u.s. national sports team? you, the guy who consistently went to third base with the
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american flag, a former president rooting against a u.s. national team is like mr. met showing up to a game in a yankees jersey although, after this weekend, i wouldn't blame him when he saw sunday's box score, the mets loving, cigarette smoking cockroach started lamenting his immortality. "i can't believe i'm going to live forever and never see this team win it all. you thought just because we were on a two week hiatus we wouldn't immediately come busting out of the gate with some callbacks from recurring characters? well then, i guess you have a worse memory than the crew of the enterprise when they got stuck in that time loop. tng, the new mash, make it so. the u.s. women's soccer team has been wildly successful, and on top of that, no one on the team ever single-handedly drove a sports league into the ground like trump did with the usfl if you don't remember that story, trump bought a usfl or united states football league team, moved the league from the spring to the fall to compete with the nfl or the national football league, which you probably remember, because they're, you know, still here, sued the nfl for $1.69 billion and was awarded exactly $1 by
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the jury and, i have to say, hats off to that jury, because it is very funny to reward someone $1 after they sue for almost $1.7 billion that's like giving your employees a holiday bonus of a starbucks gift card with 50 cents on it "hi, what can i get for 50 cents?" "you can get out of the [ bleep ] way. [ laughter ] there's also a chance the jury knew trump would keep suing unless they gave him something to save face "you get nothing." "this isn't the last you'll hear from me. "you get a dollar. "and, once again, donald trump is in the winner's circle. oh, it ripped. also, i'm not sure the massively successful u.s. women's soccer team, which has won four world cups, including in 2019, should have to listen to lessons on winning from a guy who doesn't even know how to hold a soccer ball, much less kick one remember when putin gave him one as a gift in helsinki, and he held it like he thought it was a precious dinosaur egg? that's the way your 40-year-old single friend holds a baby "oh, no, no, no, no. okay, take it back, take it back." [ light laughter ]
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he's holding that thing like he thinks it's going to bite him. he reminds me of bloomberg holding staten island chuck on groundhog day. interesting fact, that day, bloomberg saw his shadow and decided to run for president same thing happened to de blasio, so maybe trump is just mad because the u.s. women's national team is, both, more successful and more popular than he is. they've smashed viewership and merchandise records. meanwhile, a new poll from quinnipiac, last week, found that 60 percent of respondents said it would be bad for the country if trump were to launch a bid for president in 2024, while just 32 percent of respondents said another trump campaign would be good for the country. a full 60 percent don't want him to run again that means even some of the people who voted for him are like, "i don't know if i can put myself through that again. it's like how no one does "hot ones" twice. i mean, i did it and loved it. but, the next time i got interviewed, it was back to the non-spicy stylings of terry gross, where i was asked thoughtful questions while not worrying if i was going to [ beep ] my pants mid answer [ laughter ] "i'm sorry, is that your stomach making those noises? "um, it is, terry.
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and i think i should probably go." still that 32 percent is always just going to be shocking to me. four years of chaos and corruption that ended with all of us being trapped in our houses using cardboard for toilet paper to avoid a deadly plague the president said could be cured on by snacking on tide pods like cheese balls, and still, 32 percent of the country says, "yes, more of that." it's insane. it's the same feeling i get when i'm driving around in the suburbs and i see a honey baked ham store. people like ham that much? i mean there are enough people who like slimy, uncut wet lunch meat to keep a chain, a national chain of stores in business. i mean, sometimes i park across from the store just to see what kind of maniac is going in on a friday afternoon and just buying a whole ass ham. [ light laughter ] and then they send security out, and they tell me i'm the maniac for sitting there watching like hey, "it's america! i can watch the ham store. [ light laughter ] but this is why they need to rig elections to win, because they're so unpopular in a way, i guess it's not
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surprising that the people rooting against american sports also tried to dismantle american democracy, and now we have more proof than ever that trump's attempt to subvert last year's election wasn't just a mood swing or temper tantrum. there was a detailed plan with key allies in the white house and justice department, including one particular hatchet man who came incredibly close to detonating american democracy. >> just days before the deadly january 6th assault on the capitol, one of the ex-president's top department of justice officials, at the time, was circulating a draft letter that would have helped georgia republicans overturn biden's victory in that state. jeffrey clark, who was the acting head of the justice department civil division at the time, wrote e-mails that essentially would have laid out a road map and given permission for georgia republicans to subvert the election results it says in part, "the department of justice is investigating various irregularities in the 2020 election for president of the united states. at this time, we have identified significant concerns that may have impacted the outcome of the
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election in multiple states, including the state of georgia well, the department of justice believes the governor of georgia should immediately call a special session to consider this important and urgent matter, if he declines to do so, we share with you our view that the georgia general assembly has implied authority under the constitution of the united states to call itself into special session for the limited purpose of considering issues pertaining to the appointment of presidential electors." >> seth: how is it that there's always a smoking gun with these guys there's always an e-mail, or a phone call, or an accidental televised confession from rudy giuliani proving our worst fears. like, you could be forgiven for thinking a petulant trump just got mad and decided on a whim to call the election rigged and then he sent rudy to hold a press conference at a landscaping company where i'm guessing he also got his hair cut by a hedge trimmer, and then it all just kind of snowballed from there but, no, rudy, he was just a helpful smoke screen that let us all think, that's too crazy to work but they had a much more
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sophisticated plan than that this guy, jeffrey clark, a key justice department official was going to send a letter to georgia's governor and state legislature, essentially telling them to overturn their state's election results on the basis of nonexistent voter fraud. and it wasn't just georgia, he was going to send it to all the swing states trump wanted to overturn >> it turns out that this guy, jeff clark, was writing or drafting these types of letters to all the six states that ended up going for joe biden and i think that, you know, what we see is the beginning of the effort to overturn the election. >> seth: there's always an obscure functionary willing to do the villain's dirty work. jeffrey clark's like the guy who opens the monkey cage in the first five minutes of a zombie movie. i mean, can you imagine what would have happened if, not trump, but the trump justice department sent out an official statement claiming there was fraud in the election and telling republican legislatures in six states to overturn the results? mike lindell would have exploded into 1,000 pillow feathers or, i guess, since it's a "my
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pillow," he would have exploded into 1,000 charcoal briquettes "the charcoal give the pillow its patented rock-like texture and helps you wake up with that fresh hickory smell. anyway, i'll take two of your biggest hams [ light laughter ] you should know there's a guy peeping in his car out front, by the way. this ham is delicious! usually i get my lunch meats from the boar's head!" [ laughter ] so happy to be back. it's easy to write off trump and his cronies as a bunch of idiot goofballs, which they were but they also had a real very real plan with key allies at the top levels of the white house, the justice department and state legislatures across the country. they came extremely close to nuking american democracy and plunging us into an unprecedented crisis the only thing that stopped them was senior doj leadership threatening to quit. but, just imagine if the next republican president stocks the
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doj with loyalist who follow his orders, or a republican controlled congress refuses to certify a democratic victory what then? we can't just hope the next coup attempt falls apart when rudy giuliani accidentally shows up at the wrong location "boss, i'm at the walmart in astoria. "i said the waldorf astoria. oh, rudy, you've done it again." [ light laughter ] we all know all of this was orchestrated by trump and his chief of staff, mark meadows, because we have the doj memos to prove it trump told the acting attorney general, jeffrey rosen, at the time, the guy clark was trying to replace, that he wanted the doj to declare the election rigged so he and republicans in congress could overturn it trump told doj leaders, according to the memos, "just say the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me and the republican congressmen." anytime trump says leave the rest to me, you're going to be in trouble i'm sure that's what he said to the other usfl owners right before he sued the nfl, only to show up a few months later asking, "what's a dollar split 18 ways. and yet, even as we learn more about trump's attempt to overthrow the election and his sinking popularity in polls, he
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and his supporters are trying to concoct a fantasy world where the chaos, misery, incompetence and mass suffering of the trump era was actually popular and good trump's big, wet honey baked son, don jr. said basically the same thing on fox last week. >> joe biden's only legacy, sean, at this point, is going to be showing america how good they actually had it under donald trump >> seth: i don't know, i feel like biden's legacy is gonna be as the emt who showed up to talk you down after you accidentally ate a whole bag of your weird aunt's pot gummy bears "stay with me, buddy i know you feel like your heart's bouncing here and there and everywhere, but this is all gonna be over soon." and, even if you take trump out of the equation, republicans are all committed to the project and the performance to trumpism. they're desperate to mimic him that's why gop politicians, like florida governor ron desantis are all trying to imitate trump's disastrous handling of the coronavirus pandemic, with desantis even going so far as to ban local governments and school boards from imposing their own mask mandates. >> joe biden has taken to himself to try to single out florida over covid
12:52 am
this is a guy who ran for president saying he was going to quote, "shut down the virus. and what has he done he's imported more virus from around the world by having a wide open southern border. we can either have a free society, or we can have a biomedical security state. and i can tell you florida, we're a free state [ cheers and applause why don't you get this border secure, and until you do that, i don't want to hear a blip about covid from you >> seth: oh, you don't want to hear a blip about a deadly, highly contagious virus from the president of the united states let me guess, you'd prefer his thoughts on the wokeness of the u.s. women's soccer team also, when you use the word blip, you sound like an angry grandma babysitting your kids. "this is knitting time, i don't want to hear another blip about 'grand theft auto. [ light laughter ] you can finish lester's assassination mission after you're done crocheting this blanket. and i'm no scientist, but i do have google maps on my phone, and i'm pretty sure the border has nothing to do with the florida covid surge, since the border's like a thousand miles from florida you don't get to blame something that far away for your problems.
12:53 am
if a kid in nebraska throws his frisbee in the neighbor's lawn, he can't say it was caught in the strong winds of la nina, originally written as el nino, but then we did some research and found out el nino soft winds, and we didn't even hear from you guys in "corrections" about how i got it wrong [ light laughter ] so, we got it right. but, you know, i feel bad for the people of florida. they're not as lucky as we new yorkers are, because our governor is beyond reproach. what's that? oh, really a whole report 168 pages? this is the first i'm hearing about it well, i watch cnn. week nights, 9:00 p.m. that's his brother [ laughter ] back to desantis biomedical security state makes you sound like an out of work screenwriter trying to sell a sci-fi movie to a director at a dinner party "it takes place in the year 3049 the u.s. is a biomedical security state, and the president has to stop an army of
12:54 am
space lizards who look like dr. fauci from forcing everyone to take a vaccine that turns them into chihuahuas." "why wouldn't the vaccine also turn them into lizards?" "because it ends with a taco bell dog, who's the resistance leader, looking directly into the camera and saying, 'yo quiero freedom.' "i'm going to go i'm out of ham." [ laughter ] we now have yet another smoking gun in the story of the trump coup attempt on top of that, republican governors are actively standing in the way of attempts to mitigate the delta covid surge there's a through line here. the party actually makes things worse, and when people don't like it, they try to subvert democracy to stay in power, even though polls clearly show that when trump and the gop lost, most americans - >> were happy about it >> seth: this has been "a closer look." ♪ >> seth: we'll be right back with kristen bell and dax shepard. ♪ >> announcer: for more of seth's "closer looks," be sure to
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♪ >> seth: we're so glad fred armisen is back leading the 8g band. how are you, fred? our first guest tonight are among many other things, the hosts of "family game fight," which airs wednesday nights on
12:59 am
nbc. please welcome back to the show two of my favorites here together for the first time, kristen bell and dax shepard >> hello, seth >> hi. seth, you look so tan. >> seth: thank you >> yeah, a bit tan >> seth: i had a two week hiatus >> wow >> seth: i'm a little embarrassed. i saw a shot of your room before you guys came in and i guessed completely wrong as to who was going to sit in what chair >> there's a very specific reason why i normally would allow -- i mean, not let, dax would sit here this is his lazy boy this is his throne, but his good side is that side and my good side is this side. so under no circumstance will you ever see us in the reverse if we're together. >> if this was flipped, you would -- people would scream >> you'd puke. >> you'd puke. >> watch this. turn your head that way. ready? i can't -- [ scream ] [ laughter ] >> seth: obviously, we're going to edit that out that was too horrifying to be on television >> yeah. zero career.
1:00 am
this side, hey let's do a game show >> yeah. >> yeah. >> seth: and now, the interesting thing to me is that it never occurred to you guys to move the chairs? [ t at's a lot of work this is a tight area >> it's sticky and this room is really -- you're pretty much seeing the whole of the room. it's a little attic room >> there is also some juju to protect. because that is the chair i sit in for the podcast and it's been good for our family we don't want to tinker with that >> seth: gotcha. i have much -- i have much respect for that i want to talk about the show, which is very family oriented. but i also want to ask you guys got a very prime spot, which is you aired after the closing ceremonies of the olympics and i'm wondering, were you guys a family that enjoyed the olympics >> some more than others >> yeah. i'm obsessed with the summer olympics specifically. and largely because years ago,
1:01 am
probably we're going on 15 years of this, i am always on high alert for any kind of genitalia that comes loose during the sprinting or the jumping or the hurdles. and only male genitalia. >> seth: yeah. >> i find it - >> this is -- i can confirm all of this. >> it's so amusing when that thing just starts doing whatever it wants to do >> seth: yeah. >> despite what the athlete's doing. and so, i'm on a bit of a text chain with some friends that we kind of gather these photos and we share them. if we're ever lucky enough to see something. and it's the luckiest i've ever been in over a decade of doing this >> yeah. >> which we were watching and someone did a triple jump and then when they landed and then when they stood up the spin -- [ blowing raspberries we got a - we got something that's never been gotten in this text thread, which was bottom ball. [ laughter ] >> anus. >> yeah, anus.
1:02 am
>> seth: wow >> and that's -- it's so rare. and then, on top of it, this seems impossible but on top of it, when the male function happened, the wardrobe malfunction, then the garment became kind of a scoop for the sand and so, when he stood up and that got exposed there was also very sizable f the bottom and when i sent the photo, i had to be very clear to people, we're not dealing with an act -- a mishap gastrointestinally. this is stan we didn't get the holy grail >> some people watch the olympics for the athletes' performance and dedication to the sport. others watch the olympics for the fails, the wardrobe malfunction. >> oh just the -- the jhoosh >> the edginess! >> the thing you can't plan for in training. you can train in elevation but still, when that -- when you're at full volume sprint and whatever day it is, humidity, all these things are factors, s
1:03 am
when you have a world event and you put everyone in spandex, what do you expect >> what did everyone expect? >> because there are a lot of other, you know, pictures in this text chain that i have seen where, you know, people -- the guys can get pretty excited when they win a gold medal. >> and she's euphemizing, of course, some of the contestants become erect during the medal ceremony >> seth: do they really? >> a few times that's happened that's sincere, seth >> seth: i -- that's shocking to me and great to know is this -- have you sort of collected people on this text chain over the years do you find more enthusiasts for this kind of olympic, you know, viewing style? >> well what happened was i was kind of describing to the folks that listen to the podcast what i just explained to you about this incredible malfunction i witnessed. and then it occurred to me, "oh, my god, there is an army of over a million folks that potentially are also watching the olympics." so i just said if anyone sees
1:04 am
anything, like i got that. i'm not even professional. i'm only watching, you know, an hour of olympics a day and i caught that. so god knows what's out there. so i kind of enlisted all of them and i gave out our e-mail and said, "hey, if you find anything." so it's kind of our first political cause. our first cause as a group >> spandex wardrobe malfunctions >> seth: i just like that even when you become as a male athlete, no matter how, you know, how incredibly fit you become, there is no way to make that part of the body not be floppy >> it's the poorest design, seth >> seth: yeah. >> because there is all this equipment and then they were like, "where should we put it? well where is the most friction on the body? right in the thighs. all right, let's put it out in front of that. not somehow concealed within no, right out in front, right where the action is, let's put all this cumbersome business in there. >> seth: it's almost like they put it there to tell you not to sprint
1:05 am
>> yes be careful is what it says to me when i see a nude male i'm nervous for myself when i look in the mirror but i want to be clear too, i've really thought through the ethics of this and my conclusion is, like, if a woman were to dedicate her entire life to the 400, you know, hurdles, not cool for me to try to watch her bouncing about. that is not cool >> seth: yeah. >> but as a man, i know that if i was running my fastest and winning and also you were enjoying watching my business flop around, that's just another win for me [ laughter ] >> and i can confirm i'm an ethics police in our house. and he doesn't -- he doesn't snap any -- none of the females are a part of this it's all males >> which is not to say i haven't seen some female wardrobe malfunctions they exist >> but we brush past it. we're not here for that. we're here for the funny part. and there is one funny body part among both males and females and everyone in between. and it is that thing on the front.
1:06 am
>> seth: it makes me sad that there isn't another season of "the good place" where there is a whole episode discussing the ethics of watching - >> ethics of snapping a picture of their genitalia without their knowledge. >> yeah. when you say it that way, it makes -- i feel nervous. >> seth: i want to talk about your new show. we'll be right back with more from kristen bell and dax shepard. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hey google, turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ashley, your family just made a list of things at a gym time to start guessing >> dumb bells. >> whoo. [ laughter ] >> juice heads >> i'm so sorry, ashley. >> juice heads [ laughter ] >> that's brain freeze [ alarms ] >> oh, gosh.
1:11 am
oh, my gosh. how about when it goes in your crack, huh >> seth: welcome back to "late night. we're here with kristen bell and dax shepard. so "family game fight!," it's very fun because you have families competing against each other. but then, you guys actually compete as well, which i think makes it a lot more enjoyable to watch. because this show, don't take this the wrong way, it seems a little mean. >> thank you so much >> it's the meanest show there is >> we hate this show >> it's a bad, bad show. >> it's cruel. it's -- it's - >> it's rude >> there is malice >> what kind of show -- because that brain freeze game you just saw, it's not just ice being dumped on your head. they hook us up to the tube to the inside of our shirt. so it goes -- ice goes right on your skin. that's why -- i mean, it's brutal there is pies to the face. there was a trampoline game when we came in and we're like, "wait, we're guessing clues.
1:12 am
but we have to be jumping on the trampoline and our producers are like, "yeah. >> we both get nauseous within two jumps. they go, "well, if you puke, you puke." >> yeah. >> and we were like, "what did we sign up for?" but we didn't really look at the games. >> the live smoking and fast set, you just kind of wake up on set and you learn you're going to have -- in that game, we played six times in a row. so 18 buckets of ice on the head and -- >> it's not cute it's not nice. >> no, but - >> seth: do you think the families, sorry to interrupt, but do you think the families ever look at you and think, "we know why we're doing this, but why are you doing this?" >> sure. >> i think it's 50/50. yeah, it's polarizing. there's like half that would say that like, "you guys really are silly. you mean - >> really flushing careers down the toilet >> we heard a bit of -- the murmurs of that. and then, other people that are like, "oh, they're kind of cool because they are not going to win any money. and here they are with us. so, you know, it can go either way. >> seth: i also want to ask about this before we go. kristen, you have an animated show that you are doing called
1:13 am
"do, re and mi." this is for younger kids this is maybe the kind of show that my children could watch >> the show could have kept you safely indoors, seth >> that's true >> seth: oh, my god, yeah. >> so, yeah. two of my friends and i got together they had this great idea as music and art was being slashed from public schools, and still is and that's been happening for 20 years how music was so formidable in my life. it brought me here right now if i hadn't have a love for music it also proves, you know, expanding their brains in math and social we were like, "how do we get a music education into a kid's life." and amazon made this great show with us. it's about three little song birds, do, re and mi, and everything about the show is entertainment, but it's also secretly teaching your kid music theory about different types of music, cultural music, how to make music and we'll have games that go along with it. because the kids love to play it but if they're on it, they're actually learning how to interact with music, make their own music, cooperation, all these good things.>> subversive. >> seth: dax -
1:14 am
>> yeah, really, really proud of it >> seth: dax, will you be a voice on this show >> i will not. i will not do that, seth >> it's a singing show >> it's to teach people about harmony and notes. all things i cannot accomplish >> seth: got you >> but if we need a car engine noise, we wil call you >> or like the singers want to point at some guy, like, "he sounds terrible. that could be me >> seth: that's nice of you offering a way to participate. you guys, it is always so lovely to see you thank you for being here in person it was a delight >> well, it's our pleasure we owe you at least this much. >> seth: "family game fight! airs on wednesday at 9:00 p.m. here on nbc. and "do, re and mi" will be on amazon prime video and amazon kids plus on september 17th. we'll be right back with john stamos. ♪
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>> seth: our next guest is an emmy nominated actor and musician he stars in the series "big shot" which is streaming now on disney plus. he also hosts the podcast "snatching sinatra" on wondery, which is available now please welcome back to the show john stamos. how you are, john? >> hello, seth nice to see you. >> seth: it's very exciting news you are a new father since the last time we saw each other. >> yes and i was -- we were inspired by - you had your -- your baby was born in the lobby of your apartment building >> seth: yes but that was my wife's fault [ laughter ] >> yeah, we tried to have our kid at the bowling alley but it was closed. got to the laundromat. it was open. so we went there >> seth: oh, that's great. yeah you just -- ultimately, you got to find a place that will make for a good anecdote down the line >> is this my good -- what's the good side with kristen and dax were >> seth: that's great. i think you're really good we've -- you've have always been known to having no bad sides, john >> well, no. this is my rob lowe side >> seth: oh, yeah. that is very rob lowe. >> and this is my scott baio side so you choose.
1:21 am
>> seth: rob lowe, please. [ laughter ] >> seth, man, i just say that, i just love you. i've been a fan of yours for a long, long time as you know. but during this last year and a half, you just upped your game so much. and it's just -- you were just the guy to turn. and i appreciate how great and funny and i was so happy that you were on and leading us and thank you. >> seth: oh well, thank you very much i felt incredibly lucky to have a show like this and i also want to thank you because i think a lot of us have turned to podcasts and you have a wonderful one. and a story that i did not know anything about that came across your desk, i should say, in the '80s, which was about the kidnapping of frank sinatra's son. how did first come to know about this story >> isn't it a crazy story? a lot of people just don't even -- didn't even know it happened i was through my relationship with the beach boys, i met jan and dean, the other surf rock duo and i was at a fair, at the orange county fair i remember early in the '80s and dean torrence turned to me, said, "say, stamos, you produce? i'm like, "yeah, sure. i didn't know what producing
1:22 am
was. he said, "i loaned the seed money to my best friend to kidnap frank sinatra jr. i was like, "what? and he gave me this. look at this he said that barry keenan, the mastermind who kidnapped sinatra jr. wrote this in jail, and gave it to dean and said, "i have the rights. you want to do something with it?" i didn't know what to do with it back then. and a few years later, i was like, "dean, what happened to that story of your friend? and he said they tried to get it made for many, many years. but sinatra didn't want it made. he didn't want it talked about in fact, barry talks about in the podcast, he talks about the sinatra put a hit on him three times. and it went on for like 50 years finally, these guys were so old the hitmen barry talks about -- the hitmen had him in his sights and then his colostomy bag broke. and he missed him, which i think in the mob that's a rite of passage. right? like to get to that age where you have a colostomy bag >> seth: yeah, very hard because yeah, it's very hard to have a long career in the mob. >> right, right. >> seth: so if you can get to the colostomy bag stage, that's an accomplishment. but this is so - >> it's a crazy story.
1:23 am
i mean, it's -- i always pitch it as like, you know, the marx brothers meets the cohen brothers or something. but truthfully, it's about a -- you know, it's about a mentally ill man and being able to do it as a podcast, it really had the time to sort of dig into his psyche and try to figure out why he did this. he was at his lowest, this guy barry keenan and he was overlooking catalina island and he said, god, a voice came over on the radio and told him to kidnap somebody and then he said the radio wasn't even on and his first choice was going to be bob hope's son, but he thought, "oh, that's too patriotic. i should go for sinatra's, you know, kid because, you know, the mob and sinatra," you know so the third time he -- his third attempt was the day that kennedy got assassinated so the whole nation's like this, right? sinatra's like this. you know his relationship with the kennedys and he gets up -- he said, "well, that's in dallas. i got a schedule to keep." he gets up -- he gets up to tahoe. he gets sinatra jr., brings him down the hill, stashes him in the valley over here
1:24 am
and then realizes, "oh, man, i left the gun i left fingerprints. i left my fake mustaches i got to go back up. so he asks his girlfriend, who was a virgin at the time, to drive him back up. she gets so turned on, she has sex with him when they get there overlooking the crime scene. >> seth: sure, who wouldn't? yeah >> and he had -- right that happens [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. >> and had to -- you know, the fbi was on to him. so they disguise themselves as honeymoon skiers but in a blink -- at this moment, he's got -- he's the most wanted man in america he's got the fbi, the cia, j. edgar hoover. everyone wanted to -- sam giancana called sinatra and said, "let me do it my way." and he's going down the bunny slopes in lake tahoe so >> seth: it is a crazy, crazy story. and then i guess at the time frank sinatra probably didn't know you were maybe one day going to tell this story but you got to meet him. >> yeah. >> jimmy: this is you and paula abdul and frank sinatra. where did you see him? >> this was in orange county i got to bring my family i think, we got to meet him. i don't think frank was more of
1:25 am
a "straight up," he was more of a paula abdul fan than mine. but we called ahead to see if we could meet him and they said, "well, if sinatra wants to meet you, he'll let you know." what does that mean? so rickles goes on i didn't know him at the time. i -- you know, since i was very good friends with him as you mute know over the last 15 years so rickles goes on and then it's intermission and someone says, "mr. sinatra will meet you now. so we get to go back, and my dad was the biggest sinatra fan. so it was a really important moment for him we go back and my mom had this story for years that sinatra tried to hit on her on her wedding -- on her honeymoon. and she said, "no, frank, i'm a married woman," you know so at this concert she -- first of all, we get backstage and she's into a couple drinks, she beelines towards frank jilly rizzo, who was frank's guy, you know, tackles -- grabs my mother. and i'm like, "don't kill my mom. let me get a picture of frank first, then you can beat her up. but let's get the picture. so it was a pretty, pretty great moment and then at the end of the
1:26 am
concert, rickles comes back out, you know how they introduce the celebrities in the audience, oh tony danza, paula abdul. that's john stamos and i was sort of embarrassed to stand up and then, he said, "oh, he's probably in the cheap seats. in fact, he's probably in the grass, in fact, he's probably smoking grass. and sinatra grabs the mic from rickles and says, "smoke one for me, johnny." and i was like, "there we go." [ laughter ] >> seth: i also want to talk about "big shot. this is really exciting. so you play sort of a bobby knight-esk coach who gets kicked out of the ncaa goes to coach an all girls school and one of the really exciting things about this is you've been getting very good critical response in this show. good critical response specifically to your performance. and i wanted to bring that up because last time you were here we talked about how that maybe wasn't the case with "fuller house" and you were kind enough to let us read you some of the reviews. let's just remind you real quick. >> seth: "hollywood reporter" said "it's doubtful that there will be a more painful 2016 tv episode than 'the fuller house pilot. [ audience oohs
1:27 am
"i mean, there's a point where nostalgia becomes more like necrophilia and 'fuller house;' immediately crosses that line. netflix says "'fuller house' is like a porn parody without the porn." [ laughter ] >> that's great. that is one of my famous -- favorite talk show moments ever. we were so good together you and i. we had chemistry >> seth: we had chemistry. and look, you're good without me, too because i just -- i do want to read some of this. "entertainment weekly. kristen baldwin says, "stamos scores a heart-felt drama, 'big shot' delivering dry wit and sweet sentiment and equal measure. "time magazine," that's a big one. judy berman, "'big shot' is surprisingly lovable sports drama. stamos reliably likeable and makes it easy to root for a high strung bully. that's great "esquire," another big one brady langmann, "stamos gives one of the most heart felt performances of his career." and oh, son of a gun >> what? what happened? >> seth: one of the "fuller house" ones slipped in here. [ laughter ] >> uh-oh [ laughter ] >> seth: it's "new york times," james poniewozik, "the series
1:28 am
begins as a sitcom family reunion. it becomes a self consideration conscious dated and maudlin reminder of the ceaseless march of time in your inevitable demise." [ laughter ] >> so he liked it then >> seth: i think he liked it, yeah we only have that part i'm sure he bounced back >> it was very -- it was alarming those reviews and they weren't fake either and then, yeah, then "big shot" has been just getting love letters. it's a david e. kelly show it's just, i'm so proud of it. and then, you know, we're on the bubble, as they say. so, you know, who knows? maybe the critics -- >> seth: all right well, i hope you get right off that bubble where you -- i hope you get on the rob lowe side of the bubble, which is where we all want you to be and thank you so much, john. it's always a delight to see you. >> thank you, seth and thank you very much for having me. >> seth: "big shot" is streaming now on disney plus and "snatching sinatra" is available on wondry and wherever you get your podcasts. we'll be right back with more "late night. ♪
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♪ >> seth: we're so excited to be back for all new shows this week tomorrow we have joseph gordon-levitt, and our friend director kevin smith. plus amber ruffen and jenny hagel will tells us about their time at the olympics and we will have a special surprise guest i'm not telling you. you'll have to tune in to find out. we will be right back. ♪
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