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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  August 14, 2021 11:00pm-11:29pm PDT

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and a local county offering some people a third vaccine dose. fighting planes from the air and the ground. we're live in the east bay where a fast moving fire threatened homes. devastation in haiti. tonight the search for survivors continues. how a young tennis star is pledging to help. >> i feel a little safer. >> getting an extra shot. the bay area county that's
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already giving out doses of the covid vaccine. a tense night for people in a rural east bay neighborhood. a house fire spread to dry brush. tonight that fire is contained. but for several hours, people living near by were on edge. firefighters warning them to be ready to evacuation. cal fire scooping up water from the ponds at a near by golf course as crews worked to contain the flames. this started about 7:00 on old school road in the small community just east of danville. nbc bay area is live with the very latest. sergio? >> reporter: yeah. and this whole area was under that evacuation warning. early in the evening, the fire itself was burning up in the foothills of mount diablo on private property.
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crews worked quickly to contain those flames. this is cell phone video of a helicopter circling a plume of smoke. this started out as a structure fire. one witness tells us one person in that burning building was taken away in an ambulance. no word yet on that condition. flames from a burning building. and then they move fast. the contra costa county sheriffs department issued an evacwarning. that's what prompted people to come out and keep an eye on their livestock in case they needed to move them. >> a lot of fire crews coming up. telling people they should or should not go up. people might have to evacuate. no smoke. no flames, nothing. just alert. but many fire trucks. >> reporter: for the last hour, we have been watching fire trucks drive out of here. that's because the house fire has been extinguished and the
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wild fire it sparked has been contained. within the last hour, the sheriffs department has canceled that evacuation warning. reporting live, i'm sergio con tan that. >> thank you very much. let's get over to rob. and, rob, a glaring example of how much the weather influences fires in this fire that sergio was just talking about. >> as that fire got started before sunset, we had wind gusts of 30 miles an hour. the old school fire there east of downtown danville did race up and the winds did subside. actually improving conditioning now up towards the north bay. but we will see the same pattern tomorrow reset. you can see how that wild fire smoke once again spilling out of the north bay into the east bay. more hazy skies tomorrow. just like we saw today, the wind
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that picked up around the fire that'vening, that will help the air quality component. notice how the wind really starts to clear our skies heading towards monday. a big improvement in air quality just around the corner. but before we there, more heat smoke. but then those cooling changes just around the corner. a close look at those changes coming up in 12 minutes. >> thanks very much. if you stepped outside, you might have noticed that haze. air quality advisory in effect tomorrow. people noticed the lingering smoke drifting in from northern california and oregon. it is nothing like last year, but many are concerned and alert. >> i have asthma and i felt that a little bit. my chest has been a little tight. i have my air filters turned on. >> bay area health leaders say if you smell smoke, go inside
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and run an air filter if you have one. you can track the air quality on our app. we will send breaking news and weather alerts straight to started getting their third dos vaccines. right now less than 3% of americans are eligible for that third shot. people battling cancer or with organ transplants are among those that qualified. >> well, i do take medications that suppress my immune system, and i didn't know how well protected i am. so when it became available for a booster shot, i opted to go and get it. >> walgreens and cvs say customers can book an appointment online or really just simply walk in.
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customers will have to attest to their condition and are being told to brick their vaccination shot with them. hospitals around the country are overwhelmed. the worst spots are where vaccinations are low. in georgia, nearly 90% of the state's intensive care beds are taken. dallas is critically short on resources to care for those children. >> if your child has a general heart defect or something, needs an icu bed or more likely if they have covid and need an icu bed, we don't have one. your child will wait for another child to die. >> wow. nationwide more children are battling the disease with a record 1,900 hospitalized with covid. nationwide vaccination numbers are the highest they have been in a month. the white house says in the last 24 hours, 600,000 americans got
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their first dose of the covid vaccine. that's an increase of 30,000 more people today compared to yesterday. no longer sidelined. another sign the bay area is moving forward. 49ers fans back in levi stadium. they look pretty happy. so much excitement, but also some concern about covid. marianne has reaction from fans. >> reporter: 574 days. that's how long it's been since niner fans watched a game here. >> the last time i was here was the nfc championship. >> reporter: which is why george is fired up to be back tailgating. fans headed to the game. they were greeted with noticeable changes. new quarterback trey lance and new covid protocols. fans are required to wear a mask indoors, including in rest rooms and suites, but they're optional outdoors. nancy had some concerns.
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>> the areas walking through where all of the food courts are, i didn't -- it was packed. like people standing in these long maze lines waiting for food. >> reporter: fans are not required to be vaccinated or get a covid test to attend the game. >> the covid part of it did cross my mind several times. i have a four-year-old with me. she's obviously not vaccinated, and that crosses my mind, you know. we had to make a decision about whether or not we wanted to come and we're rolling the dice, i guess. it's scary. i'm not going to lie. but we're here and we had a good time. >> reporter: another change? those that usually take light rail to the stadium had to take other options as the system remains shut down. still, the changes didn't stop the 49er faithful from enjoying the game. >> felt so good to be out with my kids enjoying a game. much more on that game
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later. one month from today california voters will decide whether to recall governor newsom. he made a stop where he thanked volunteers who had been encouraging voters to vote no on the recall. the election is four weeks away. ballots arriving in mailboxes can be mailed back or put in drop boxes as soon as monday. >> this is about turning in the vote, which you can do today in these pre -- well, these things have stamps on them. you just send them right back in. >> reporter: the ballot has two questions: should newsom be recalled? if so, who should take his place? president biden authorized a deployment of another thousand troops to afghanistan to help evacuate u.s. personnel and allies. that would bring the number of u.s. services in or headed to afghanistan to 5,000. the president said he made the decision after consulting with
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top diplomatic military and intelligence teams. the president also conveyed a message to the taliban that any action that puts u.s. personnel or the mission at risk will be met with a swift and strong u.s. military response. taliban has taken control of much of afghanistan in the wake of troops pulling out of the country. tomorrow chuck todd will speak with the secretary of the state about the situation in afghanistan. you can watch it right after today in the bay. aftershocks continue tonight after a devastating earthquake hit the town of haiti. at least 300 people have died. that number expected to rise. hundreds others are hurt. usgs says the quake is significantly stronger than the 2010 quake that killed more than 200,000 people. >> haiti needs help right now. imagine that some people are
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struggling to feed themselves, to feed their family, to pay for rent. and now everything that we have been doing, that we have been working for is crumbling. late today, naomi osaka tweeted that she is play anything a tournament this week and plans to donate her prize money to relief efforts. her father is from violent. a chaotic scene in california over vaccine mandates. look at that. and flooding in lake tahoe? it's a possibility. and we're watching for a combination of fog and smoke for tomorrow morning. and who could see temperatures climbing into the upper 90s? by the end of the weekend, a look at that when we come back in 60 seconded.
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new at 11:00, the violence in downtown los angeles over growing vaccine mandates. take a look at this chaotic scene when protesters clashed in l.a. this afternoon. i mean, they were going at it. police say one man was stabbed. so far no arrests. fighting broke out after a march to city hall began protesting medical tyranny in making vaccinations mandatory for a growing list of workers. a group of counter protesters were in the area. and then you see what happened next. several hundred people rallied at the oklahoma state capital today protesting vaccine and mask mandates. the line was so long it took some people more than an hour to be let in. >> i don't want to be forced into it. that starts to infringe on our rights. >> toe day's rally was organized by the chairman of the oklahoma
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gop. another story connected to our climate in crisis series. lake tahoe could rise so much that communities downstream could be in jeopardy. california's drought has lakes at record low levels. but scientists say in the future, the sear yeah will likely have less know pack, more rain and more runoff from melting snow and ice. when that happens, lake tahoe could swell in size, rising a foot per day. communities downstream could face flooding or other problems. the dixty fire has been raging for a month. no signs of slowing down. flames are headed towards westwood. it is an apartment in the town of greenville, most of which burned down last week. the fire has grown to 552,000 acres and there is no change in containment over the past 24 hours or so. it is still at 31%.
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four firefighters have been hurt while battling flames. this is video of a san diego fire captain returning home to san diego yesterday. cal fire says a tree fell on top of the fire. the fire captain has the greatest injuries. he has a significant amount of rehabilitation ahead of him but he is expected to make a full recovery. hundreds of people are on this mission, escape alcatraz. we're talking about the aqua-thon which kicks off this weekend. athletes plunge into the chilly bay swimming from alcatraz all the way to san francisco. they ran 5k after getting out of the water. tomorrow the "escape from alcatraz" triathlon starts at 7:30 in the morning. are you going to be in that one?
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>> no. the biking i could do. maybe 50 yards of swimming. >> yeah, okay. >> i can't do that one. the weather for the morning, we will see fog across the bay. it looks like that classic start to swimalcatraz. you are about to see high clouds could be coming in from the east. so a mixed palate headed our way. right now 64 degrees in san jose with hazy skies. moderate air quality in san jose. in livermore also in the 60s. a little haze in the distance. we're expecting another round of moderate air quality to wrap up the weekend. the air advisory continues for another day. 59 in san francisco. and could have misty skies headed to the morning. that wind is still going strong through fairfield. now let's talk about the radar. it is relatively dry. off to our east, you can see
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what's left of thunderstorms here weakening on approach heading towards modesto. look at that coming in from the east around sunrise. you have fog. a few high clouds and, yeah, more smoke spilling from north to south. as we head towards the afternoon, numbers in the 90s around livermore. probably the warmest temperatures probably having enough of a south wind. not quite as hot as what you see in the tri-valley. 74 in oakland. 80s in san jose. mid-90s for morgan hill. here is the air quality outlook. smoke increasing around the afternoon. and then the sea breeze picks up. by this time tomorrow night heading into monday, look at how things really start to clear out. we should see better air quality here. that means it is going someplace else. you are about to see a lot of
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that smoke piling up across the sierra into lake tahoe. as the wind picks up across the sierra better air quality, but we have to watch those fires. you had more wind and gusts, we could see more fire activity including the dixie fire. from time to time still some high clouds. we'll watch that as what's left of those thunderstorms drift to the west. but we will see that trough approach the pacific north west. rain there. for us that will enhance the sea breeze and lead to better air quality and cooler temperatures as we head toward the middle part of the week. from here temperatures start to drop off. san francisco will be back to those summer drizzle storms. we had it out there today. more as we head towards mid-week. valley cooling as well. better air quality heading towards tuesday and wednesday. again, smoke moves out of the bay area. it has to go someplace else.
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even as our temperatures go up, challenging conditions on friday. >> rob, thank you very much. anthony flores joining us now. and the social media reaction to trey lance is just like -- it's explosive. >> it might be a good thing there are only three preseason games and not four because he might be the starter. trey lance tosses an 80-yard touchdown pass in his debut. yeah. they are going crazy. what about kyle shanahan? what is he saying about the performance of his rookie quarterback? sports is next.
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welcome back. i'm anthony flores. levys stadium was rocking tonight. fans were back in the house for the first time in 18 months. this guy right here, yeah, there you go. trey lance took his first snaps for the niners. a sold-out crowd watching the
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niners against the chiefs. jimmy garoppolo played the first series. lance got the crowd on its feet with this play. an 80 yard touchdown pass. he went 5 of 14. a few mistakes. had four sacks. and the chiefs went on to beat the 49ers 19-16. who cares? what we care about is trey lance. coach, what did you think? >> some good, some bad. made some big plays. obviously the one touchdown, missed a couple. but, you know, i thought it was a good first day, though. >> yeah. it was super exciting. it was one of the first touchdowns. preseason, it's pretty cool. with my teammates and the guys in that locker room, they were excited for me making that play. it was for sure a special moment. i wish i could have capitalized on the opportunities that came
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after that. looking forward to all the overreaction. put him in right now! history by tyler gilbert. the arizona diamond back rookie became the first pitcher in 68 years and the fourth overall in baseball to throw a no hitter in his first big league start. how is that, guys, for a dream come true? he did it in a 7-0 against the padres. it is the 8th no hitter of the season, which ties a major league record set all the way back in 1884. at oracle park, the giants six-game winning streak is over thanks to the rockies. top two. chrome goes opposite field for a solo home run. the rockies go on to win it 4-1. the a's bounce back after having their winning streak snapped on friday by the rangers. matt chapman put on a power show. smashed not one but two homers in the game and the a's beat the
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rangers. they're two and a half games behind the astros. that's ta look at sports. more news after the break. it's a new day. and it's coming at you fast. it could be the day your workforce doubles... or the day your visitors quadruple. multiple wifi networks from anywhere.... all on the network that can deliver gig speeds to the most businesses. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. get started with a powerful internet and voice solution for just $64.99 a month. or, ask how to get a prepaid card with other internet offers. call today.
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tonight it is a video definitely worthy of a gold medal. seven-time olympic gold medalist dressel back home from tokyo and back in the pool. his black lab jane joining in. watch as jane gets ready, swims in the lane with a toy and jane wants that toy. swims behind him. finally catching up. so if jane can catch up with caleb, shouldn't he give one of
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his medals to jane? look at that dog passing him. >> look at how hard she's working and he's just gliding back. we're going to keep watching animal videos here. you can watch "saturday night live." it's up next. take care.
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