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tv   Sunday Today With Willie Geist  NBC  August 15, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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the taliban close in on the capital. >> inevitably there will be a time, soon we might have to give proof. >> i might be melting just a little bit. >> my resignation will be effective in 14 days. good morning, welcome to sunday, august 15th. after 20 years of war in afghanistan, the country is falling back to the taliban at
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stunning speed. the capital of kabul now in it's sites. overnight the united states sending helicopters into kabul to escort americans out of the embassy there before it closes. president biden standing by his decision to end the american presence in afghanistan, but ordering a new wave of troops to ensure a safe withdrawal. and a massive earthquake in haiti has left hundreds dead. and our sunday focus as kids go back to school and covid spikes again in parts of the country. a sometimes ugly fight for masking students and unvaccinated teachers. how some officials are pushing back from their state's orders. >> and the story of black
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farmers in america and their struggle to get the funding committed to them in the massive covid relief package. >> and a sit down with an unforgettable actress. and winning a tony award on broadway. all of that just ahead. let's begin this morning with the taliban taking more ground overnight in it's all but uncontested march across afghanistan. now moving in quickly on the capital city of kabul as the united states races to get it's people out of the country. richard engel is in kabul with the latest. >> good morning, willie. the taliban takeover of all of afghanistan is nearly complete. it could be a short time before
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taliban falls into taliban's hands. there are negotiations being held between the taliban and the afghan government. those are effectively surrender negotiation investigation which the afghan government would resign, hand over to a transition government that would be lead by the taliban. that could today, it could happen tomorrow, but the city is encircled. they have been able to free thousands of their prisoners that have become fighters. they captured huge stockpiles of weapons, and the taliban is negotiating their capture of the city. while that is happening the u.s. is continuing it's draw down of personnel. we have been seeing helicopters over the skies of kabul. all kinds of airport in a cotant stream to ferry people out. and the evacuation could take three days, three days from now and twuns is complete the u.s.
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will close the embassy. >> it was a lonely flight into kabul this morning as afghans are tieing to go the other way and escape their country as quickly as they can. landing at the airport in kabul we saw u.s. military transport on the run ways. the airport is now the only safe way in or out of afghanistan and it has become the staging ground for the evacuation of the u.s. embassy. choppers seen leaving and all day in the city we saw constant helicopter traffic and small aircraft going towards the airport. the evacuation is urgent because the taliban are closing in rapidly. overnight the taliban captured more cities near kabul. government troops mostly not putting up fight. the afghand away. every time they take a base they seize weapons including these sophisticated drones. but the evacuation does not
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apply to the vast majority of afghans. today i went to a shopping mall full of afghans packed with people filling out the requests to leave. afghans swarmed around me thinking as an american that perhaps i could help. they showed me documents showing employment history. they have id cards, recommendation letters, employment contracts, and they're hoping all of this paperwork will be enough to get them a visa immediately so they can get out. >> others came here because they're terrified of the taliban and they don't know where else to do. >> her husband died, she is saying, several years ago. he worked for the military, she doesn't have any connection to the u.s., s here out
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of desperation saying please, do something, take any son. >> they know kabul has fallen and they want out at any cost. >> and here in kabul there are already preparations being made not far from where i at right now there was a street of beauty parlors. it was popular because women were depicted with their hair newly colored and with full makeup and they were painting over those in preparation for the arrival of the taliban. this morning president biden is standing by his decision to pull out of afghanistan as he sends in thousands of new troops to help in the urgent evacuation. monica alba is at the white house with more. good gd morning president biden
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broke days of public silence on afghanistan with a lengthy statement on saturday standing firm about pulling troops. saying one more year or five more years of u.s. military presence would not have made a difference if the afghan military cannot or will not hold their own country. the president stressed that an endless war was not acceptable to him. saying our hearts go out to the brave afghan men and women now at risk. also new overnight, the pentagon deploying an additional 1,000 troops to help with the accelerated evacuation of forces and allies. that is double the presence compared to the draw down if april. the president reiterated a
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warning to the taliban saying if they take any action to put u.s. personnel at risk he says it will be met with swift and strong military response. for now the president is expected to be at camp unless wednesday. willie? >> monica, thank you so much. chuck todd, the political director and moderator of "meet the press." a lot of people said this would happen. i don't think they thought it would happen this quickly. but president biden standing by his position saying i'm not going to pass this war on to a fifth president after me. how does that decision look this morning? >> it is -- vice president biden was an advocate for getting out
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ten years ago. the pentagon and intelligence folks don't necessarily love this decision, but they acknowledge he had a lot of bad choices sitting in front of him. at the end of the day this is a decision that is on him. he was not so subtle on this saying that president trump negotiated this deal, he want today bring the taliban to camp david, something he decided not to do. he created the situation and tied his hands. all of that is that there is a lot of truth in there. at the end of the day biden is the one at the wheel right now. look, anything that happens, a reconstituted al qaeda, an isis like result like what we saw after the withdraw in iraq. i happen to think that biden can serve eight years and in year
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nine something happens and we cision nine years the afghan military trained by the united states for 20 years is melting away before our eyes. chuck, thank you so much. i know you will be talking about this a lot this morning. chuck will be joined by secretary of state blinken. now to haiti where residents are bracing for more after shocks. an earthquake caused widespread destruction and now a tropical storm could hit as early as tomorrow. vaughn, good morning. >> good morning, willie. there has been 17 after shocks since that initial 7.2 magnitude quake yesterday. there is now turmoil in these
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already very poor communities. >> this morning, thousands of haitians in the streets looking for loved ones and neighbors. at least 300 people are confirmed dead and 1800 wounded. >> we don't have many manpower to help. our brothers and sisters, we can't handle by ourselves what is happening in southern haiti. >> the country already one of the poorest in the world left reeling. schools, churches, roads, homes, all gone. in 2010 a powerful earthquake ravaged port-au-prince killing an estimated 300,000. >> this is an area virtually cut off from the capital and a lot of life saving aide right now. >> this young girl saved from
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under the rubble. and further complicating efforts, high winds and rain slated to hit the island on monday. all of this a month after the assassination of the country's president. the new crisis unfolding amist a leadership void. >> there is no fema in haiti. >> samantha power to oversee the u.s.'s coordinated response. she spoke last night to the prime minister of haiti and that the u.s. will deploy a disaster response team. >> how much more can >> good sunday morning. 62 degrees right now in san jose. expect another warm day with high humidity and through the
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interior valleys you wake up fo through the bay bridge. a closer look at your daytime highs this afternoon in san jose, 86 degrees. morgan hill 95. some of the warmer spots will be in through the interior valleys, concord 98, antioch 99, 80s around the coastline. straight ahead, the highs and lows of the week incluing the breathtaking views in iowa. where they played amid the corn stocks in "the field of dreams. and theed toer will that became an internet icon who decided he wanted to be a player in a professional soccer game. >> and the covid spikes in many places and the battle over masking kids are why local officials are defying the
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side effects include nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, which can lead to dehydration and may worsen kidney problems. show your world what's truly inside. ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. on saturday nearly 90,000 cases of. setting up a field hospital in it's parking garage to help with the overflow of patients. the surge comes as kids are going back to school in a area that was supposed to be a return to normal for students who endured masks, distancing, and remote learning for nearly 18 months now. but the delta variant is wrecking havoc on those plans. mayors and superintendents are
6:19 am
fighting school boards. ali vitali has more thoon story. >> this year's back to school season fraught with new fears of covid. >> i would rather him wear a mask than have a vaccine. >> that's your child, that's your baby, do you really want to risk it. >> the confusing and contradictory patchwork of covid rules paired with uneven vaccination rates spurring a scary scramble for parents, students, and teachers. >> we want our students to feel safe, we want our families to feel like it is a safe environment. >> in florida, governor ron desantis forbade schools from mandating masks. >> we believe the parent rather than the government should be able to make that decision. >> broward county opted for a
6:20 am
mask mandate anyway. >> i don't want to fight with the governor in front of my kids but if it is going to protect their lives i have to fight. >> especially after a week that saw three teachers from her district confirmed dd on the same day from covid-19. >> is that making you concerned? >> it does, and it drives the point home why everybody in the school has to be wearing a mask. >> school districts in dallas and arizona becoming antimask rules. asa hutchinson regretting a law that he signed. >> that not felt along frank lynn, tennessee. groups of anti-mask students threatened the school board. >> you can leave. >> we know who you are! you will never be allowed in
6:21 am
public again! >> for teachers the nation's largest union again. >> for us to have a discussion, a debate, about masks? what does that say about us? i don't understand it if is unacceptable. >> meanwhile hospitals now seeing more kids than ever before nearly 94,000 new infections of children. an 80% increase in just a month. parents with kids too young to vaccinate left weighing their childs emotional and educational well-being against their physical health. >> we spent a very long time in a hospital when he was younger and those were very difficult days. and id definitely do not want to relive that. >> contradictions everywhere, emotions running high, and kids in the cross hairs. >> ali joins me now, live. it's good to see you.
6:22 am
many local fights you just showed us are in states with low vaccination rates. they're ticking up a bit. we could see full vaccination, but what impact might that have on schools? >> willie, you're right. states with low vaccination rates are seeing the highest numbers of kids with covid. a recent study saying majority of parents think schools should require masks for staff and students that are unvaccinated, but they're less supportive of schools mandates vaccines even after their fully fda approved. increasing the rates matters here as well. if parents are vaccinated children are likely to be vaccinated, too. >> the school boards say we just want to protect the kids with the masks and protect our teachers but we're seeing those
6:23 am
fights across the country. ali, thank you we appreciate it. coming up next we're, a sit down with jane krakowski. a career that took her from a soapbroadway, to classics and now a new pair of series. and the clerk for the first black justice to ever sit on the new york supreme court. our photo of the week, an american flag left standing as a home burps behind it in northern california's dixie fire. the largest single fire in california state history has firefi gh the new citi custom cash℠ card, a different kind of card that rewards rashida and dan where their spending is trending. just ask fifth class this week rashida... rashida: dan, no pain, no gain. okay? dan: yeah i know, it's just...hello? claire, what? fire? ...or always road tripping on empty dan...
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good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. you are watching "today in the bay." i'm bigad shahban. it was a tense night in a neighborhood. a house fire spread to dry brush in contra costa county. it started around 7:00 on old school road east of danville. this is cell phone video that helicopters circling the plume of smoke as the fire burned last night. one witness tells us at least one person who was in that building was taken away in an ambulance. no word yet on that person's cond
6:27 am
surrounding contra cost office issued a warning those living nearby may be forced to evacuate, the house fire was eng tish wished and the wild fire burned nine acres. the great highway in san francisco which runs along the city across from ocean beach has become a safe haven for walkers and bicyclists during the pandemic. the less than 24 hours, cars will be allowed back. so today the group kids safe ss will hold a rally in hopes of stopping the return of automobiles. the event is schedule to start at 11:00 a.m. at judah street in san francisco. supporters are encouraging people to call and e-mail their local supervisor in hopes of keeping the area car free. obviously people want to take advantage of outside. >> it depends on where you want to go. if you want to get cooler go to
6:28 am
areas and it's going to be humid because of the nearby moisture. if it felt humid yesterday it was. it makes it feel warmer for the inland areas. san jose 62 degrees right now. we are going to wake up again to those cloudy conditions. look at san francisco, this is a live look right now, it is a foggy and in through the afternoon we'll get some good clearing here and there, but overall the temperatures are still going to be in those 80s and 90s for today. let's start with the south bay. morgan hill, 95 degrees. san jose 86. cupertino 87. let's head over to the east bay now because we're going to se a good range of temperatures here. i mean we have 70s in areas like oakland and hayward and then we take it a little bit further through the interior, a couple miles in, look at concord, 98 and in through antioch 99. so another hot day for sure, and around the coastline and the bay expect to see some 60s and 70s. if you're going to be heading to the city we will be hitting
6:29 am
those 70s yet again. right now we're seeing some winds from the west at about 22 miles per hour. up through the north bay, 92 expected in santa rosa. triple digitals through areas like ukiah. >> we'll see you soon. coming up on "today in the bay," returning to levi's. a big crowd since the pandemic. new rules for fans and that and all your top stories coming up at 7:00. for now we'll send you back to "sunday today" with wind gust.
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stop ignoring me, this is an actor announcement. >> the show is over, you're not an actor any more. >> i will stop being an actress when the world stops spinning. >> that is jane krakowski as jenna maroney on "30 rock." that memorable role earned jane four emmy nominations. day teamed up again on "the
6:31 am
unbreakable kimi schmidt." this time a socialite named jacqueline white. she has been working on tv and broadway since she was a teenager. breaking out was a life changing golden globe performance on allie mcbeal. we got together in new york for a rooftop sit down. >> hi willie. >> how jane. how are you. >> jane krakowsk eerks was born to perform. she made her broadway debut at just 18 years old. she was still a senior in high school when she skated on to the stage in ask the starlight
6:32 am
express. by then she was already an emmy nominated soap opera tar and the unforgettable cousin vickie in "vacation." >> i'm going steady and i french kiss. >> everybody does that. >> daddy says i'm the best at it. >> what it was like having that stuff happening at that age? >> it didn't seem like it was fast, or a lot coming. >> acting is in krakowski blood, her parents were active members of the community theater. >> through many of those shows i have come to be in on broadway. those moments are the moments when i think how did this even happen. how did i see my dad and mom be in a show in community theater
6:33 am
and now i'm opening on broadway. i'm so thankful to support and the creativity that my parents infused into our lives as a child and still loving it now. this many years later. i have been in this business a long time. >> can you believe it? >> there are a bunch of great roles you're associated with on tv. did you feel your life changing? >> i sum it up as what the whole experience look like. we flew out coach and we flew back first class. warm fresh cookies for me. >> allie mcbeal, 30 rock, kimmy schmidt, jacqueline was an incredible character. >> you say you enjoy finding the humor in mmonsters.
6:34 am
>> not necessarily monsters, but i think i love finding a sense of humor in flaws in people. i light heightenning them to a place of humor. >> you will need to be here by six every morning for school. >> even though those characters are flawed, i have radical compassion for them all. that is something i'm so happy i infuse in my characters and now i want to do that at every time in life. i think we should have that compassion for everyone that we meet on a day to day basis. >> krakowski is busier than ever with a new series "dickenson." a modern take on emily dickenson. >> each year the show finessed
6:35 am
it's way into something special and beautiful. it's been very interesting. the show lives on many levels. it can be completely funny and completely heart felt and beautiful and poignant. >> someone that loves you, worthy of you, should not make you feel sick. that's not what love is. >> and we're working to a rap song. >> jake plays to her theater roots in a musical parody based on classic broadway shows. >> where do you fit into that story as the countess. >> i play countess van blurken. >> should you be driving and singing? >> i love that it is a loving parody of musical theater, but
6:36 am
also such a whitey, humorous sensible sensibility tacked on it. >> she is most at home on stage with three tony wins. >> when they call your name does it all come back? the parents, taking you to the theater in the crib? the whole road that got you to that stage? >> when they called my name i went blank. i think i had an out of body experience. my speech is awful. please don't play it. >> we'll play did in it's entirety now, it's so good. >> oh my god, thank you so much, so much.
6:37 am
>> you were not a jaded bern. you don't take all of these things for granted? >> not a step, not a minute of it. i'm so thankful. and as a mom of a 10-year-old, i home my son can find what he loves to do and i can nurture it and say yes so he can go and go and find that for himself, too. it is -- you have a life well lived series, don't you? it is a life well lived when you can do what you love to do for your whole life. >> and you're doing it. >> this was great. we got our out. >> you do have a life well lived, don't zlou. >> yeah, she is pulling in the branding from the show, and -- >> if there was a mic, i would drop it, but i did actually drop the mic. an unconventional mic drop. >> i'm not conventional. >> a nob if ill conceived
6:38 am
attempt at a mid interview mic drop. her two series are both now streaming on apple tv plus. a special thanks to our friends at the mckitrick hotel for that beautiful setting. don't miss the full length interview on apple podcasts or where ever you get yours. and next week a new sunday sit down with sandra oh on defying her parents to become an actress and celebrating with them after the big success of shows >> is and we've got a foggy start in san francisco. a live look right now. we are going to be seeing a little bit more clearing around the coastline, but remain with the hazy skies to the afternoon. we still got the air quality advisory in effect because of drifting smoke, especially for areas up through the north bay
6:39 am
and inland east bay. 86 in san jose, 95 morgan hill, 93 in through portions of the tri-valley, 98 in concord. ahead, our highs and lows of the week including an important update on the attorney earlier this year that could not turn off the cat filter, now reaping the rewards of internet stardom. >> our sunday spotlight on the fight by america's policewoman -- black farmers who have -- black farmers who have er card i just got discov my cashback match is this for real? yup! we match all the cash back new card members earn at the end of their first year automatically woo! i got my mo-ney! it's hard to contain yourself isn't it? uh- huh! well let it go! woooo! get a dollar for dollar match at the end of your first year. only from discover.
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the covid-19 vaccines are safe and effective. and while walgreens has safely administered over 25 million free covid-19 vaccines, we can't stop there. because this is still our shot. ♪ ♪ [on your mark. get set.] [cymbal crashes decisively] done! i'm done! get a usainly fast online offer on your car in two minutes or less. in march, president biden
6:41 am
signed about $2 trillion in aide. part of that was for black farmers to remedy discrimination throughout the years. now others are saying that program discriminates against them. many black farmers are fating facing another hurdle. the requirement to prove they own their land. we have more on the sunday spotlight. >> spencer has history in this ground. >> could you imagine this ground not being in your family. >> no, i really can't imagine that. >> he says his family farmed here since the late 1800s. >> what's planted here? >> these are peanuts. >> his grandfather chose to work the land as a sharecropper
6:42 am
unlike his enslaved ancestors that had no choice. >> he worked to get this. >> to earn the money to buy the land that he worked as a share proper. >> a love of farming explains why in 1910 there was 218,000 black farmers, but recent stats show a decline to 16,000. there are reasons for the decline including generations of racial discrimination, violence, and land theft in the jim crowe south. they even acknowledged a long history of discrimination towards farmers of color. >> so i will go ahead and schedule your intake. >> a history that a group of young law interns is working to
6:43 am
change. lack of documentation, another reason that blacks are losing their farms. >> we have to continue to fight for land because land is power, land is legacy. >> they are part of the national black growers council. >> is it enough to just do it for the summer? >> no, we're just getting our feet wet for these cases. >> these students are doing the detective work to dig through documents to help black farmers make a legal claim to benefits that might come with biden's american rescue plan. >> do you have the deed to your land? >> not me personally. >> farmers that have to show legal documents of ownership. grandma will keep the deed under
6:44 am
her mattress for 50 years and never file it. >> without this kind of help -- >> are we at a point where we will see the extension of black owned farms? ing a culture is going to change. >> i work as hard as i can and do i everything that i can so my grandfather's legacy can stay in tact. >> a promise to care for the land and preserve it for the future. >> thank you very much. this week we highlight another life well lived. in 1974 the first black supreme court justice hired the first black woman to serve as a clerk at the high court. that clerk would go on to become one of the most prominent
6:45 am
attorneys in america. she served as chief council to the senate budget committee and worked for the office of management and budget under president carter. she had a good role model blazing her trail. welcome hasty was appointed by frankly roosevelt as the first black federal judge in american history. he served as dean of the howard university law school. after working in the government, hasty williams took a job in 1981 and morlan. she was known best for representing victims of state
6:46 am
sponsored television, most famously a man held hostage. her and her husband, were known for using their powerful nothing washington society to lift up young black women and men profgszally and socially. when justice marshall died, hasty williams delivered a euology. euology. she was 76 euology. she was 76 this is cynthia suarez, cpa, cfa, cfo, gogo-foodco., an online food delivery service that donates a food item for every one purchased. why go in person when you can just go-go to a website. business was steady, until one day an influencer did some influencing.
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it is time for the highs and lows of the week and the first high goes to a beautiful baseball spectacle this week in iowa. it was technically a regular series game between the yankees and the white sox, but that was the only regular part of the
6:50 am
night. >> that is kevin costner and then the players walking through the corn in dyersville, iowa, before thursday's game at a small field built just for the game. the movie was set at a farmhouse and on a ballfield still there, just over the field. >> hey, is this heaven? >> no, it's iowa. >> major league baseball built it and 8,000 fans came making the pilgrimage on a beautiful night with a ninth inning come back by my yankees and a walk off home run by tim anderson. the game was such a hit mlb says
6:51 am
they will do this all again next year. a great night in ohio. well done. our first low goes to all of you toddlers that need to give your parents a break. one mom was trying to take her child to a soccer game in cincinnati. the little guy runs on the field and tries to play in the game. yes, this is a professional soccer game, there he goes. he took off down the pitch but here comes mama. morgan with a slide tackle to take out her son before scooping him up and hustling back to their sideline seats. mom was so good and so fast play on the field never even stopped. and zadak was held scoreless. they caught up with them back at
6:52 am
their seats where they watched the rest of the game as if he had not just tried to join the team. guess you can't blame a 2-year-old for chases a ball. we love you, nice work, mom. next, a lawyer whose 15 minutes of feline internet fame have been immortalized. you may remember in if he say we told you about a texas attorney who became a viral sensation after he mistakenly showed up to virtual court with a cat filter on. >> i believe you have a filter turned on in the video settings. you might want to -- >> we're trying to, can you hear me? >> i can hear you, i think it is a filter. >> yeah, i don't know how to remove it. my assistant is here trying .
6:53 am
i'm here live, i'm not a cat. >> i'm not a cat entered the panteon on great american quotes. you see rod there as a court ready for court. also on the box the two other men clearly on that zoom call labelled as not cat. he made only three of these and sold all of them for $80 a piece on his site. if he doesn't get his cut of those, he will see you in court. >> and finally, when you realize that your boat has been half heartedly hijacked by a wall rus. he is really enjoying himself there on that boat and several
6:54 am
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we have more ofsunday today mug shots.
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barrett, weston, and brooks. look at that photo. mary, happy birthday to you. down along the bottom we have marty, dougly, and roscoe. marlene, debra, allen, kristin and meredith, and john and elate in dixon, illinois celebrating their 80th anniversary and their 100 and 101st birthdays. happy birthday and congratulations. send us a photo of you and your mug. remember you can get that mug young at thank you for spending part of hour morning wit
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wellness-boosting, parent-powering, proven quality night's sleep we've ever made. don't miss our weekend special where all smart beds are on sale. good morning. it is sunday, august 15th. it is "today in the bay." thanks for waking up with us, everyone. i am bigad shaban in for kira klapper and have the pleasure to be joined by vianey arana. good morning. >> good morning, bigad. it's another nice day, but it's still hazy and we're still dealing with the smoke advisory and with the hot inland temperatures. take a look at what you can expect. this is a closer look at your headlines for today. hazy skies will continue. expect to see unhealthy air quality through areas in mendocino and primarily the lake county areas here


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