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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  August 16, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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afghanistan falls to the taliban, the government collapses. the local afghan community is watching closely. >> they're very scared of what will happen next. the haze is still in the air. our rob mayeda is tracking some winds that could mean power shut-off in parts of the area. the news at 11:00 start now, i am terry mcsweeney. it has been extraordinary 24 hours in afghanistan.
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a dramatic collapse of kabul. the longest war of american history. the taliban controls afghan. earlier today a chaotic scene a the airport. the only safe way out of kabul. evacuation flights are underway. in the last few hours, u.s. troops vaccinating. president biden monitoring all of this at camp david. he ordered 1,000 troops into afghanistan to help with the withdrawal. the indian government is providing refuge to afghan. most commercial flights from the capitol did not make it out as the taliban took over kabul. the woman at the airport is
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scared the friend she left behind. >> i can't believe the world abandon afghanistan. women are not going to have any more rights. >> a sharp increase for requests for visas in kabul. for families watching this has been especially difficult. here is nbc bay area's sergio quintana. >> because of all the efforts and support, the training they provided the afghan army, it just seems like it is just taken away. >> her son was killed in an ambush in afghanistan in 2007. he was 23-year-old. she had mixed feelings of
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pulling out of the country now. >> it makes me sad and angry. we can't change a culture that goes back centuries and centuries. >> condolences and sympathy and respect for those who lost their lives and afghanistan. our troops did everything they could do. >> september 11th changed the world. >> reporter: barbara lee was the soul voice back in 2001 who says we should not enter a war in afghanistan. president biden's decision to pull u.s. troops off now is courageous. >> this is something that unfortunately demonstrates there is no military solution problems in afghanistan. i am focused on how we can
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support. >> reporter: allies from there, gold star mother, her thoughts are with the thousands of troops being back into help with that evacuation. she hopes that we do not forget the thousands like her son>> ung its india flight to avoid afghanistan aerospace. united is the only major u.s. airlines that fly non stop to india. >> fly dubai and emirates suspended flights in kabul. people living and watching the development closely and worrying about friends and family members. nbc bay area's marianne favro has the story. >> reporter: people tell us they
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were able to reach their relatives and learned that they are safe. they feel that may change the next 24 hours. >> she's consumed with worries about her aunts and cousins living in kabul. >> when will this stop? they don't have any electricity. they don't haves water running. >> reporter: today at markets and businesses and little kabul and fremont. they are shocked how quickly the taliban took over. >> she's most concerned about what the taliban takeover will mean for women in afghanistan. >> women and children with the
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biggest casualties of the ongoing war and the transition of power. a lot of the strides and progress that women have made in the last 20 years from education, you name it, will be lost if significant pressure on the tell ban is not enforced by the international world. >> hobbs is a board member of the afghan coalition which plans to help people fleeing in afghanistan. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. experts are weighing in on the future of afghanistan tonight. a fellow at the center of stanford spoke to the possibility of terrorist groups reorganizing back in power. >> i think it is electrifying, seeing everyone in the middle east and south africa, they're taking notes. they are saying that it
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is -- obviously, more adversities can taken down as well. al-qaeda could expect plotting against if united states is likely to search in the months and years to come. >> the u.s. has a long history of involvement in afghanistan, this year marks 20 years as troops invaded the country of october of 2001. u.s. and british troops began operation in. two months after that. military resources have been the attention. that's when the u.s. invaded iraq. fast forward to december of 2009, president obama announced the deployment of 30,000 more
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troops. that's on top of the 68,000 that's already studied there. the surge taking more territory. >> two years later, president obama announced troops draw down. in 2014, the obama administration announced to plan for full troop withdrawal from afghanistan by the end of 2016 and clearly that never happened. you go forward to last february, president biden start u.s. troop withdrawal by may of this year and that did happen. >> president biden announced they completed by september 11th. larry gershen is looking at the political implication here at home. >> the responsibility rest solely with president biden.
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gerston says the issue may have a short life initially. >> will it resonate on the 2022 elections? >> i am not trying to build a little this or minimize it at all. if you look at american elections, year in and year out, the likelihood is while it is very big right now will be less and less of a story overtime. and the sad part is there will be a lot of turmoil in what's left of afghanistan. >> former president trump demanding president biden resigns by what happened in afghanistan. >> when we are not on the air, you can get updates on our website. the smoke is here, tracking another issue as well now.
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the potential for power shut offs in parts of the bay area. >> an extremely small number of customers in napa, sonoma and solano. >> it is good we have rob mayeda to put it together for us. >> it is the wind. the wind is being felt around san francisco. moderate air quality right now. watch the effect of on shore wind. pushing a lot of that smoke hung up around the bay area today. we should see rapid conditions and the issue is by tuesday. we get clearing skies tomorrow but the increasing north wind to offshore wind is a dry win. lower humidity levels and gusty
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conditions. seeing top wind gusts, coming up in the forecast and cooler changes ahead in your seven-day forecast, coming up in about ten minutes >> sounds good. you can check your air quality on our nbc bay area app. phone. a live look at san francisco, a big day for students there. it is back to the classrooms. the school district will be opened for in-person learning. employees must be fully vaccinated or face weekly testing. the district its investigating a vaccine mandate for those students of 12 years and up. >> students must wear a mask at all time. complete coverage tomorrow morning from 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. sandford is requiring regular covid testing for all students. this starts today. a weekly test will be a must.
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if a student develops symptoms, they'll have to test immediately and complete health check. the university recorded of 261 positive tests among students. a third shot on the way for millions of americans, we are back for a new timeline for a covid booster and who'll be first to get it. plus, the cars will be rolling down the great highway again. why some people are fighting to keep that stretch
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booster shots may come sooner than later. that's the message from the national institute of health today. health leaders could decide whether to offer booster shot to americans in the fall. they have not recommended a
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third shot for those who are not immu immunocompromised. dr. collins says, healthcare workers and people living in nursing homes and older americans will be the first to get their doses. as vaccine clinics in the south bay gave out third doses of the vaccine. >> because i have had a transplant and i have been taking suppressants. i feel like i need to shot to keep myself safe. >> it gives a lot of people peace of mind. and i just think it is comforting. >> people will have to attest to their condition before getting the shot. the week ahead, santa clara county gearing up to unveil their mobile vaccine program. you are looking at a van that's going to be delivering doses of
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covid-19 vaccine. folks hav a hard time getting to the vaccination center. it is going to be dispatched to high priority areas. delivery includes all materials needed. governor newsom is traveling the state and urging people toll vote no on the new call. his weekend of action continues today in la. >> the recall election is now less than a month away. governor says he'll be up and down the state, republicans and democrats. >> we leave nothing to chance because we recognize what's at stake at this election. i hope people take a little time and learn where they are in positions as californians hold him dear in terms of requirement and healthcare. >> of course, efforts to recall
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governor newsom ramming up in these final weeks as well. >> governor newsom has failed as a governor. we have so many problems in the state that are getting worse. the only way to fix our state is to get al fresh start. we need a new governor. >> 46 candidates turning on those. part of san francisco's great highway is close to traffic. people enjoying the outdoors during covid, that all changes tomorrow. cars are coming back to the great highway but only on weekdays. >> on weekend, travel will be blocked off again. >> they want a car free, 24/7 zp they came out to protest today. >> that space had become vital. >> this is bad for our neighborhood. >> people from all over the city are coming out here and
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discovering. kids are out here everyday. people who are working from home are coming out to get exercise. i love it. >> well, the mayor and three supervisors. not getting any ground, the dixie fire has grown to 570,000 acres in fast 48 hours. 6500 firefighters are there. at least a thousand homes and businesses have burned. rob mayeda is joining us now. what's happening in there impacts us down here? >> yeah, changing winds. at least short term it should help us with the air quality which got extremely hazy around
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the bay area today. >> you are seeing so a little bit of haze in san jose. >> moderate air quality at 65 degrees. we'll take you over to livermore. >> still pretty mild. we are in the mid-90s. oakland, you got temperatures cooling in the foggy winds. san francisco, currently at 60 degrees, west wind at 15. the wind direction is the key component of our forecast now through the middle part of the week. those are wind coming in on shore and which will bring patchy clouds. combination of f over the north bay and east bay, 50 and low 60s to start. temperatures tomorrow, low 90s. 82 in san jose, still 90s.
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around morgan hill. >> 80 in palo alto. >> our temperatures in the low to middle east. it will take the spoke that you wake ip to, looks like the evening commute there from the smoke. >> the problem for those fires that's burning off to the north and east that's going to provide another push for these fires. also, near the dixie fire, the fire may see a faster rate of spread if it gets more activities during the afternoon. >> that's the impact it is a little early in the year to see this. as the pressure dropping in. right now if there is good news, it looks like it is mostly con biened to elevation that's about
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25 feet. the higher picks, out to the portion there. there will be areas, too. tuesday night and wednesday morning, we'll have to see if that's enough to warn any fire weather watches. >> given the exceptional droughts that we have, wildfires feeling across their heels. >> no big changes. the sea breeze are going to continue for the coast or inner bay. it is sort after a of climate. >> the sea breeze is not going away. temperatures will drop off a little bit. >> tuesday and wednesday, dry mountain winds again. the area to watch, north bay and probably the diablo ranch as well. >> we'll stay tuned if there is any fire water watches that could go up around the peak of
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the area. >> still ahead, a unique way to cope with the pandemic. >> a teenager, what she did everyday to help over come the number of challenges during the covid.
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one teenager chose to make a splash literally for 365 consecutive days, trevor did this. plunging into the ocean everyday for about a year. he said he felt like he needed
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an outlet especially suffering from a concussion and having to switch school right after covid hits. >> it gave me something to do. it gave me a purpose. >> everyday rain or shy or cold or hot, trevor went in the the ocean as therapy in a sense even though he just meat his goal of 3656 days straight. trevor's message to anyone else, his age and struggling through the pandemic is you are not alone. san francisco's infamous escape alcatraz triathlon is back. >> the horn sounds and the jump in. >> covid changed that. thousands of professionals and amateur athletes came out and compete in this. it is a rough one. >> a mile and a half swim for the start.
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then they run eight miles onto baker beach, i wonder if the men's race, the time with 2 hour. >> the women, british emma brown. first hour of 2 hours and 22 minutes. >> that's my distribution. anthony flores is joining us, too. >> i will talk about baseball but we'll start with the game. you are pretty much feel like you have a grasp on all the rules. >> i think i do. the warriors' overtime thriller. well, there it is.
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the giants wrapping up thei rockies. the ball hits off the top rail, two runs, given the giants a 3-0 lead. alex woods pitched into the second. the giants score a pair in the bottom half of the frame, they go onto beat the rockies, 5-2. the giants are 11-0 coming off a loss when alex wood takes the
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mound. and lining up. >> dj peters, a two-run shot, giving the rangers a quick 3-0 lead. >> does it at the top of the second but it was not enough. the rangers beat the a's, 7-4. they cool down in texas. >> they played good against us. all i can say, they put pressure on us early in the game and get us behind. they swing the bat really well
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against us. all right, now to basketball. we'll pick it up in the final second of overtime with the warriors up. >> watch closely. >> jonathan, he first hits the ball then the back board. >> so the rest, huddle up. they talked about that. they say troy, mostly their third had possession and was in the upper shooting motion when the whistle was blown. >> so they give him credit for the bucket. i never heard of that before. normally you would say they have possession side out. they say that shot right there counts and leading less to 2 seconds left on the clock.
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the race would go two overtime. he wins 200, it is just his second career cub series victory and the first since 2014. how about that? >> terry, your 49ers are off today. they'll head out to southern california to take on the chargers on a scrimmage practice and they'll play them on pre-season on sunday. >> another chance to see that rookie that everyone keeps on talking about. that's not the 49ers. >> they're lighting up about this guy. >> some good and some bad. >> a lot of excitement. coming up, long-term side effect is not his only problem.
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>> one bay area's man with covid and his insurance company. nbc bay
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new video of the devastation left after the earthquake in haiti. nearly 1300 of death toll. >> for people having limited resources and knowing full well there is a tropical storm coming
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the next three days. >> search and rescue team are rushing in supplies and tools to help survivors. a desperate plea tonight from an afghan mother trying to bring her children to the u.s. if the taliban takes over afghan. >> he came to albany new york. geneva's husband works an interpreter. he was taken away. i was thinking how can this government can help me and my kids when their father did help and work with them for eight years. >> the attorney says the children are waiting for r the department of state to issue visas and interview them at the embassy but told covid has put a halt to that process. hundreds of people gathered
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outside the white house, demonstrating the u.s. not ban abandoning. chuck schumer is calling on fake covid cards. >> this is incredible. some people rather than get the vaccine which is free, are paying money for a fake card and risking, who could be that done? the vaccine is safe, get the vaccine. >> the logo is a federal crime and up to five years in prison. surviving covid can be a real battle. that's not always the end of your health struggle. many are fighting ongoing symptoms and their medical
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insurance. >> reporter: he's not alone, millions of people tested positive for covid-19, now an unknown number of people are living with long-term side effects. >> two big questions. >> i used to be active and involved in every drill. >> reporter: soaker coach, this past december, he got covid-19. it was unlike anything i have ever fell. >> surviving covid was one event. >> john had growing fatigue and brain fog. >> i want to wake up and have a day where i don't go oh, this hurts so much or this or that. >> that's everyday. >> reporter: john is what many called covid-19 long hauler. he applause kaiser for excellent care while he was initially
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sick. everything is fully covered. lately he feels let down. his kaiser doctor recommended a specialist but kaiser did not have one. in february, john asked to go out of network. for the next five months, paper work shuffle. then the kaiser insurance would step in. >> they would refer me back. i was in a loop. >> reporter: what should kaiser should have done? >> this is not an uncommon story. >> the medical director at ucsf. her team has treated more than 300 long haulers. dr. santos says many survivors need specialized care. she predicts insurance companies can save money. >> if i were to wave a magic
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wand and be in charge of a house plan, i think it would be wise to look at those cost-saving of concentration care. >> we cover treatments for long haul covid. it is a workn progress. effects are underway to help the healthcare system identify and code for long-term covid. >> code is how doctors get paid. >> but, john is feeling lousy now. >> i had on some good weeks. april was pretty good. >> he asked us to speak up for him. kaiser approved his referral to the out of clinic network. >> the last thing i want to do is talking about it on tv.
1:40 am
i am greatly appreciative and what you have done. >> kaiser declined to discuss the specifics in john's case. and kaiser addressing the specialized needs. >> if you survive covid-19, john says your goal should be a demand specialized care. if you deny, here is how he coached you. >> keep pushing and saying andy, if i disagree, who do i go to. >> i was standing with a sign in front of the hospital until someone saw me. >> reporter: any time you feel they are ignoring you, you can file a complaint with the state. the department, the here is the
1:41 am
main thing. the insurance company. >> you can pick the response action or pick up the phone. 888-996-tips. >> there is another ingredient coming en. >> is this the wind? >> you see it should push the smoke to the east. more activities and ongoing wildfire and a change in that wind, north shore wind by mid
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the impact of the pandemic on students, none of a positive spin. garvin thomas shares with us a story of a south bay teacher of a unique way. >> when you think back of the pandemic in the last 18 months, words like confined and constricted come to mind. for one south bay teenager, the pandemic meant more freedom than she ever felt in her life. it enabled her to discover who she is and come up with a creative way to share that with everyone. >> reporter: as students return to los gato high school this week. there are sure to be a lot of stories about what friends did over the pandemic, tiktok
1:45 am
learned. >> emerson made a movie and in the process found herself. >> when i was onset filming that movie, that was the first time in my life i felt like this is right. >> the thing you see had been feeling wrong for emerson since she was a little girl. >> it was in first grade, the learning disability began to make school a struggle. >> all my friends are moving on. it became a super anxious, kind of nervous situation? >>. >> it got so bad over the years that on emerson's first day of los gatos high, she didn't make it through the day. >> i had a full-blown panic attack. >> she kept coming back though until of course the pandemic
1:46 am
started. students everywhere were ordered to stay home. >> reporter: it was surprisingly freeing for emerson. >> it was a realization emerson wanted the share so she sat down to write. in seven days, she had a screen play for a movie loosely based on her life. >> he searched out professionals to help her make it and cruise crowdfunding to raise the $15,000 need to pay for it all. . >> she and her crew shot over four days in february, edited. premiering her short film called "the valley" earlier this month. >> it is about a young woman growing up in high pressure silicon valley who realized that there are more to life than good
1:47 am
grades and high salary. >> maybe our kids can be enough without having to proof they are effort and intelligent and wealthy. >> a young woman not just saying she has enough. but showing it. for the whole world to see. the movie not only had its premier in campbell thank you it is excepted to half a dozen film festivals around the country. garvin thomas. nbc bay area news. one year ago tomorrow, i bet you know where you were, the czu lightning complex fire started up in the santa cruz mountains. 86,000 acres ended up burning. the lnu fire started a year ago this week. wildfires are more frequent. the city of berkeley was hosting
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virtual workshops to help you form your evacuation plan. >> the next point is tuesday at 6:00 p.m. >> another section is held a few day around that. >> contact the office's for the city of berkeley. rob mayeda is joining me now. we were talking about those lightning strikes and all the furthest. what happens next. >> thousands of lightning strikes and just like that, we had 900 lightning strikes. >> wow. >> eventually with five at the top as well. >> that's incredible. >> so at least tonight we have a little bit of fire danger to talk about with the north wind. >> no lightning, it is good, we'll have to watch these winds closely. tomorrow i think the wind is going to be in our favor in terms of helping to push the smoke out. >> picking up midday tomorrow. right now at 65 and san jose,
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still hazy in live moore. 67 currently and in san francisco some drizzles for you in the morning. patchy low clouds, near 60s and there is the wind. >> expect these winds becoming more widespread and pretty strong at times along the hill tops that'll allow the smoke move out. >> these are known as good, relative humidity. now, what's going to happen tuesday night and wednesday, he's never going to come down because on the higher peak is ready to see. it is the battle of the fog and some of the in land smoke then as the wind increases and turning breezy this afternoon. >> especially for the in land
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valleys. >> still seeing 90. and 74 haywood. 67 in san francisco. still low 90s around san martin and morgan hill. the trend is clear here by the afternoon and evening. we'll see a lot of that smoke pushing away from the bay area. at the same time, this going to be gusty winds picking up on the fires ongoing northwest and the dixie power. they'll get a taste of those breezes. take a closer look at what's happening. >> notice how it was pushed out. we have a system their haltom city missing us. >> more typical for september and october of these inside storms. >> for a window of time, they kind of push the wind north to south, dry north to offshore breezes. >> i think you will notice it sunday peaks of north bay
1:51 am
hills, these areas here in red. those are the areas that we'll see the decreasing humidity and gusty winds. >> elevation of 2500 feet. >> sonoma and napa county is probably out. we'll see those dry reasons picking up. >> it is a battle of the wind. what's happening on the higher peaks with fire danger will be increaseing the north wind verses what you find in the inner bay. heading into wednesday morning, san francisco, not much has changed, a little more wind tomorrow. sea breeze, cooler temperatures into tuesday, valleys, not much changed tomorrow. a bit of a cool down. tuesday night and wednesday, that's going to lower humidity levels and gusty conditions at time. we want to monitor it closely. >> the battle of the microphone.
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the youth program is expanding. muni will provide youth program. the project will expand and help 100,000 more students in the city. students 16 or older are encouraged the bring their student id. the weight is almost over. costa contra county will be able to drive. 680 express lane to hope next friday. you have to have a fast track tag. speaking of traveling. there is this. it is a boat race like you have
1:55 am
ever seen. >> this was built from empty barriers and bicycle parts. >> theme for race was pugs and pizzas and cartoon characters, in that order. >> we are not allowed to use boats or kayak canoe. they're making sure the materials they did use will not hurt the
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i want to show you something right now. most baseball teams have bat boy or girl. one minor league had a four legged friend. he's a slider, he's the bat dog with the myrtle beach pelicans.
1:58 am
he was sidelined last year during the pandemic and the team was not playing and all that. he's back on the job. looks like he's doing a heck of a job. he's the third dog as a pelican organization and rob said you had dog doing something on the same line. >> he looks very happy doing the job there. >> your kid was a spain yard, right? >> the full-blown. >> thanks very much for joining us, have a great night, have a great week.
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this sunday, afghanistan's sudden collapse. taliban fighters on the brink of total control of the country. and they have entered the capital city of kabul, prompting the u.s. to increase the number of troops for the evacuation of the embassy which has begun. president biden, though, standing firm of the u.s. withdrawal. >> we're going to continue to keep our commitment. >> i'll talk to secretary of state antony blinken and


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