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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 19, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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now, decimating communities in california, including a new fire that started in clearlake and quickly destroyed dozens of homes. the latest on this intense situation for firefighters and homeowners on the front lines. hazy skies are still sticking around. our team coverage starts in just moments as our third hour of "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good thursday morning. 6:00. i am laura garcia. >> i am kris sanchez in for marcus washington this morning. the cache fire in clearlake has burned one neighborhood. 50 homes burned to the ground. many of them in a mobile home park. 1,600 people were evacuated, but now have been allowed to return.
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another 800 people still on standby. here's a live look at the situation this morning. the fire is said to be 20% contained. and the dixie fire continuing to blow smoke into the bay area. our team coverage is picking up right now. we are checking with sharon katsuda, and first let's check in with vianey arana who has more on the smoke we have been talking about, the air quality not getting better. >> yeah, the northerly winds yesterday did not help the situation. what happens is as the winds blew from the north that pushes it down into the region, and that's why a lot of people probably noticed how hazy it was and you could smell it in the air. we have your color index between hazy and unhealthy, and a lot of green and blue mixed down through portions of san francisco. the marine layer is helping clear out some of the smoke, and
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a change of the direction of the wind will help us to clear out a little bit as well. i pushed the time stamp forward a little bit to thursday at 2:00 p.m., and look what happens on friday at 9:00, and look at the portions of the north bay including santa rosa, fremont and hayward, and there's still a red flag warning in effect for the portions in through yuba city, tahoe and the sacramento area because of the wildfires. now back to you. >> we're going to sharon. >> reporter: yes, you can start to see the smoke in the skies now that we are lightening up with the daylight. let's start with the caldor fire in el dorado county that has burned more than 60,000 acres and is 0% contained. you can see from the video fire raging in that area and the
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billowing smoke makes it difficult for firefighters to make the air drop. the blaze ripped through the community leaving little behind. evacuation centers have filled up as more areas come under threat of the fire. 86 structures have been destroyed and nearly 6,000 structures still threatened with the fires 0% contained. in butte county, the so-called dixie fire burned more than 660,000 acres. firefighters are battling the flames on the ground and in the air. wind speeds are increasing so the fire is expected to grow. shelters have been set up for any residents needing to evacuate. the fire has destroyed more than 1,200 homes and is only 30% contained. pg&e said power has been turned
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back on, but those who are still without power should see their power restored by later tonight. i am sharon katsuda for "today in the bay." >> you can get the updates on the power outages and fires and smoke even when we are not out air, just download our free nbc bay area app, and can you get breaking news and weather alerts come straight to your phone. americans and afghans are desperate to leave but they are not getting out fast enough. the white house says the taliban could be blocking access to the airport in kabul. jay gray joins us live. and some of these afghans were those that worked alongside the u.s. troops for the last couple of decades. >> yeah, it's a very troubling development, laura. look, the president continues to deflect criticism and defend the decision to pull troops out of afghanistan, though it's clear, as you talk about it this
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morning, the taliban is tightening its grip across the region. at the airport in kabul, more u.s. troops and now more evacuation flights. >> this is an all-hands on deck effort and we are not going to let up. >> but away from the airport, there are reports of shots fired and three protesters were gunned down during a protest against the new regime. the situation so unstable officials now acknowledge they don't have the manpower to ensure safe passage to the airport for the americans or tens of thousands of afghans that could be eligible for asylum. >> we will do everything we can to try and deconflict and create passage ways for them to get to the airfield. >> as the tense situation continues to unfold president biden in an interview with abc news defends his decision to
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withdrawal troops and says he knew the reaction on the ground would be severe. >> the idea that somehow there's a way to have gotten out without chaos ensuing, i don't know how that happens. >> the administration insists intelligence reports indicated the collapse would take weeks or months and nobody knew the country could fall in just days. we're just getting new information out of the region. taliban officials urging afghans to leave the kabul airport if they -- i'm quoting here -- don't have the legal right to travel. the taliban and nato reporting that at least 12 people have died at least in or around the airport by gunfire or in stampedes, and one other note from taliban officials, and they are saying -- i'm quoting here, we don't want to hurt anybody at the airport. the situation really tense there and intensifying, it sounds like, laura.
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>> i can't imagine. we are just seeing some of the pictures coming in. being there must be so intense. thank you, jay. various agencies need housing, household items and cash donations to help the afghan refugees. to see how you can help, head to and click on the story on our front page. while the images from afghanistan are shocking and heartbreaking, for some veterans wounds have been reopened this week. they are questioning their own sacrifices with the taliban takeover. the wives of three veterans admit it has triggered ptsd for their partners and even thoughts of suicide. >> for me and my husband, that's the big question, tell me i mattered, tell me we all mattered, and look a gold star family in the face and tell them it mattered. >> you can watch more of that about mental health on the
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"today" show. if you have anybody struggling, or if you are struggling, call this number and you can also chat with a counselor online. this so-called ghost gun is an automatic rifle seized during an arrest yesterday. both the gun and the person arrested are allegedly tied to an unidentified shooting in the mission district last month. getting ghost guns like that one off the streets is one of the top priorities for san francisco district attorney. san francisco's police chief says 44% of guns recovered in homicide cases in 2020 were ghost guns. those are guns that are untraceable because they are assembled from separate parts. now the d.a. is suing three gun parts sellers and also wants to make the sale of gun parts illegal in california. >> guns are flooding our streets. enough is a enough.
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we must take action. they are harming our communities. they are taking innocent lives and putting law enforcement officers at risk. it's an epidemic that we know is disproportionately impacting communities of color. m.i.t. is providing updated answers to critical questions of what it costs to make it in the bay. the matrix boils down to what you need to earn to make ends meet. if you live in san francisco and you are single, it's now $28 an hour. single with a child in san francisco, you have to double that. santa clara numbers have similar numbers to san francisco. in alameda and contra costa counties, it's a little under $22 an hour. gavin newsom sold his mid century mansion in may. he lived back in the home in 2011.
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the home has views of mount tam and of the bay and comes with a pool, spa and olive trees. the asking price was nearly $6 million. >> wow, so it's a fixer-upper. crazy. >> yeah, starter home. >> if you are lucky enough. but the forecast is free. that's a nice thing. >> is it. >> i am convinced they charge high rent because of the sunshine we get -- >> yeah, we pay in rent. >> yeah, we want a discount for the haze. we are going to be seeing temperatures in the 70s and 80s. 82 degrees in san jose. morgan hill, 85. upper 80s in the tri-valley. yes, that air quality advisory is in place which is the reason why we are under a microclimate weather alert. no spare the air alert, and we are going to say between high and moderate which is good, and clearing by the weekend. those details in just a few
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minutes. >> vianey, you want a haze discount and some here want a traffic discount. there's a distraction here but no lanes blocked. northbound 101 has not rippled back with any slowing. over here, we have a new crash in san leandro and we'll check that out. the rest of the bay, pretty standard. coming up, what are you looking at on facebook? the all new report on the social media giant of what is dominating our news feeds these days. the stock markets have had a rough couple of days. let's take you out to the futures this morning. looking to lose about 250, 260 points on the dow on the open. plus, a state house server walking away from a job well
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done. the big tip that left one server in shock and how that tip is paying dividends.
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it's 6:14. air quality advisory is in effect for today through tomorrow. this is a look at cupertino's temperature trend. through the afternoon we will be in the 80s. not going to need your jacket today, it will be hot and humid.
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another hazy day. your full forecast in a few minutes. another day at the san mateo bridge as the traffic volume builds. it is building steady as we talk about the bulk of the traffic at 7:00 hour. the build is on and you still have a few minutes to get a little break. we'll track how much coming up. good morning. happy thursday to you. we'll start with the rough stock market, and this comes after commenting we are hitting record after record, and we see they are betting on another dip on the open this morning as trading gets under way at 6:30, a pullback across the board. the dow lost 390 points, better than 1%. worst performance in more than a month. nasdaq down 2% for the week. this all comes as the federal reserve talks about tapering, and that upsets the markets. the central bank ejects money in
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the market to heat it up by inventing money and using that money to buy government debt. the fed is talking about slowing or tapering that activity until the economy gets better. the jobless claims is showing the lowest number since the pandemic began. "the wall street journal" is reporting this morning that amazon may open up big department stores, the kind of stores you see in big cities in the high end shopping districts. amazon is going the opposite direction, bringing online to brick and mortar. dublin based aeye made it's debut. it makes what an automated car sees. this is san francisco's cupid arrow from a robot's point of
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view. robots can admire landmarks and watch the road at the same time. we can't do that. >> none of it looks like that. i would have to pull over and look around. >> yeah, it would be so cool. new details this morning to show transparency. >> yeah, to show this. transparency. facebook, it's interesting. they now released a widely viewed content report, and it shows what you see on your news feed every time you log in, and 57% are posts from family and friends, and nearly 20% from groups you joined, and 8% are unconnected posts. a majority of posts containing photos or videos are often memes. >> quite often memes. and then do you remember just yesterday we told you scarlett johansson and her husband were expecting? turns out they pulled everyone.
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he posted on instagram, they had their child, a little boy named cosmo. the "snl" star goes on to say they would like their privacy, and as a jab, for any questions people should contact his co host. one server in connecticut says she's in disbelief, she got a 200% tip. >> service must have been pretty good, because with that $500 bill came a $1,000 tip. she chased the group out of the restaurant to make sure it was not a mistake. the server is studying biomedical science and said it would pay four months of her tuition. >> what a difference. that's great. >> what service, too. we have been talking about how traffic patterns are picking up, and seeing the live pictures and seeing that behind the
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wheel. >> yeah, with colleges back in school like san jose state, more commuters. we know we will have the backup at the bay bridge. metering is turned on just before 6:00, and today it started about 6:05 when we were able to see it on the camera, and it's 6:19 right now so you can't beat the backup there, but getting there is not a major problem. it's a gradual build here, as well as highway 37. there's more slowing here and we're watching that. construction picked up on 242 but there's a crash on the shoulder as you get down towards concord and 680. and then a crash here slowing you down a little extra but nothing major. that crash in the south bay, vianey, on 101 is recovering but good news is that san jose folks
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are getting back into sessions. and then climbing into the 80s and low 90s for the interior valleys. let's get started with your daytime highs. the smoke is going to stay, unfortunately. we had a lot of the drifting smoke push in from the north down into the region over the past two days, which is what brought on the hazy glow. down all the way to the south bay, the morgan hill and gilroy area. we are still dealing with the fire danger and the red flag warning is expected to remain in place. i want to give you a perspective of the active wildfires burning right now. we have the dixie fire burning. right now the latest is it's 35% contained, and caldor 0% contained, and the yuba city, very dry over the next couple of days. the near surface smoke, we have
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the air quality advisory, and notice it's not an spare the air alert, and we have the shifting pattern meaning the onshore winds and northerly winds will push the smoke away from the bay area. at least into saturday night. that's probably when we will get a little clearing into saturday and sunday, but that smoke will linger through tomorrow. as the breeze kicks up on saturday, the good thing is it will clear out some of the smoke. the bad thing is anytime we see increase in wind speeds with the amount of brush out there, that could be a problem for either starting more fires or quickly spreading the ones quickly burning. now to your climate in crisis. i want to get to your drought monitor. this gets released every thursday, and 49% of the state of california is now under exceptional drought, which is in the worst of the drought monitor. really the entire state.
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100% of the state of california is under some form of drought. i also want to show you a comparison of the current fire season, compared to last year. the past five years, average to date, 708,000 acres. as of july. by the way, if you did not already know july was recorded as one of the hottest months, and that drought we just saw, 49% under one of the worst drought categories, and that could mean longer and more intense fire seasons. i will have a closer look of what to expect. don't forget to check out our climate in crisis tab on i'll send it back over to you. it's 6:32. coming up next on "today in the bay," nbc bay area responds. >> i am consumer investigator,
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chris chmura. we'll show you how to save, next. and then look at what mike made. they turned out great. mike, i will send you a recipe for goat cheese that goes with that, too. you're watching "today in the bay."
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teachers are handing out homework as the school year begins, not yet for the kids but for the parents. >> we are talking about your
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kids' school supply list. chris chmura will show you how to save money. >> sending the kids back to class will cost a typical family $848.90 according to the retail federation. that's $59 more than a year ago. our team whipped up ways to save money on back-to-school supplies. check your inventory. see what you have left over from the past school year. use it. some school supplies have been in short supply. if you have to buy new items and find empty shelves, don't give up, just look beyond the big box stores. and look and compare prices and see if some stores will price max. coupon apps can be helpful, too. and if you can, you might want
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to hold off because when the back-to-school shopping frenzy slows, stores will increase their supplies or put supplies on clearance. planning ahead is key, and that's especially smart with clothes. buying in between seasons when stores swap out their inventory might save you a bundle. >> reporter: good morning. i am cierra johnson in clearlake, and the cache fire doing damage to this mobile home park. we will break down what damage the fire has done in this community. that's coming up.
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right now at 6:30, firefighters dealing with a new fire in lake county that caused major damage, triggering evacuations. we're live this morning where the flames devastated a neighborhood. that fire just one of several leading to unhealthy air and hazy skies across the bay area. we will tell you how long you can expect this to linger. "today in the bay" continues right now. good thursday morning to you. i am kris sanchez in for marcus washington. >> i am laura garcia. we will get to the latest on the fire in a moment but we want to talk about the affects of the fire, all the smoke in the air. vianey arana is in for kari this
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morning. >> the good thing is, it will back out into the weekend because we will have a change in the wind. we will expect to see hazy skies again so not in the clear just yet. if you see the orange glow into the afternoon, don't be surprised. temperatures will climb in the 80s and 90s. here's a closer look at what you can expect throughout your afternoon. an air quality advisory in effect through tomorrow and then hopefully we will get a shift in the wind. we will definitely notice the hazy conditions. if you live in the north bay, inland east bay, you will see haze because the smoke is blowing in one direction. if another fire starts, that could change the forecast. >> that's why we are following it as breaking news in lake county, the cache fire. we have new video of the damage
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overnight. flames quickly sweeping through a neighborhood in clearlake. >> cierra johnson is live in clearlake this morning with the latest developments. we can see what happened behind you. it happened so fast. >> reporter: yeah, as we were pulling up it was still pretty dark, but the moment the sun came up it was breathtaking. there's nothing standing behind me, and you see the charred remains and the outline of a bike and the iron chair still sitting here that looks to be the front at one point of somebody's home. this fire was fast-moving. 800 people are on stand by to evacuate. we did have crews outside and they captured images of the fire, the mobile home park ravaged by the fire. our crew spoke with folks that
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were forced to leave their home as the cache fire raged on. take a listen to what one evacie had to say. >> it felt like the movies, kind of, like where you are supposed to evacuate quickly but everybody was just bunch up and the roads were blocked. it was just really scary. >> reporter: she said it looked like the movies when she was exiting, and it looks like the remainder of a movie. it's over this building and you can't see it, but there are some portions covered in pink, and that's the flame retardant. right now it's a very eerie, smoky and murky feeling out here. it's very quiet and there's nobody around and that's because this is what is left of the mobile home. 50 homes destroyed in this cache fire.
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we're live here, cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> not even in 24-hour's time. >> so scary for the people that live there. we have a map as firefighters work to contain the cache fire. this is up in our trending bar on there's a lot of concern about strong winds sparking other fires that led to power shutoffs this week that now are mostly restored. we have the remaining outages off on this map. vacaville and south of clearlake here, the purple triangles is where the power is still off. the cdc director is on the "today" show this morning talking about the third dose. >> it's still holding up relatively well against severe disease and hospitalization, but
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we are seeing we need more protection against the delta virus, and we are starting to see in other countries they are starting to see waning infections against more severe outcomes and we are anticipating that may come and we are planning for it so it can be ahead of the virus. >> the cdc director goes on to say they need more data but there's hope the booster will protect from future variants right now, and right now it looks like boosters will roll out september 20th, and those vaccinated will be eligible eight months after their second shot. 20 states nationwide that ban proof of vaccination requirements so people don't have to show their vaccine cards anywhere. they are here and up on your screen. in 11 states governors instituted those bans by executive order.
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and then human trials on a new potential hiv vaccine is using new technology, and it's the same of what is used in the moderna covid vaccine. the national institute of health reveals the study is in phase one, which means it's measuring safety on humans. and the trial is set to be completed in 2023, and after that it's studying the data on the effectiveness. and then teachers are deadlocked in talks on a new contract and are organizing a rally and march for later today. the march is scheduled for 5:00, and there's a deficit with a $784,000 short fall. and then according to the napa valley register, the
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district came up with a new study for english support. the report recommends more frequent classroom interaction across grades and subjects with using electives to teach english. if you are headed to lake tahoe anytime this year, camp fires are banned in all sierra state parks. in the tahoe basin, fire restrictions have been in place since june. >> not sure you would want to build a camp fire or stay outside in tahoe. >> it's tough to breathe. i stayed inside one night and it felt like i was camping outside. it was tough. >> we are expecting that could shift a little bit. >> yeah, we saw the offshore winds backing off to the north and that's what brought a lot of the smoke into the region from the northern california fires, but it's still going to be hazy
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and smoky which is why the air quality advisory remains in place. keep in that mind. napa valley temperatures for the weekend will be comfortable, but napa, santa rosa is some of the spots where we will see the worst conditions when it comes to air quality. still expect to see hazy conditions tomorrow. stinson beach in the 70s for friday and into the weekend. half moon bay and monterey, 60s and 70s with some fog. where are you headed, mike? >> probably going to stay local because the kids are heading back to school and we have to get supplies. we talked about a five-week period of adjustment as schools come back online. we are seeing a different pattern for highway 37. there may not have been a crash,
6:39 am
but it's spread out. the build of the richmond side of the bridge here and the build of the oakland side of the bay bridge, and more slowing for highway 4 and a crash just cleared from 32. now we are 35 minutes for each of the drive, and 242 covered nicely. that crash did cause slowing. we're watching your build around the bay. and then a crash blocking one lane on 580. more traffic is coming in on 101, and san jose state, lots of commuters coming into the downtown area. >> back to school. coming up next, want to cut the line in disneyland? used to be free, but it will now cost you. what you have to pay to cut the line for some of the popular
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rides there. let's take you out to the big board. this is not nearly as bad as we thought. the dow down about 160 points. so from the red to the green and the orange. are you ready for the showdown. the giants will be in oakland and you can only watch that game right here on nbc bay area starting at 6:30. woman: 5, 6, 7, 8. [band playing] a new school year begins. in the classrooms we've prepared... with the students we are devoted to.
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in concert with the parents and families we partner with every day. we can't do it without you. we're ready to teach. our number one priority is student safety. we're determined to keep everyone safe. and excited to help all students succeed. woman: because we know quality public schools make a better california... man: ...for all of us.
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good morning. it's 6:42. air quality advisory remains in
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place. another day of hazy conditions. we have near surface smoke. how this will impact your weekend plans and, of course, your full forecast coming up. san mateo bridge drivers, heads up. it looks like there could be a traffic break heading towards the high-rise or something slowing down as the incline starts. we'll let you know what we find. we will show you the speed sensors and talk about the pattern that was going to be an issue here anyway, coming up. one recall poll trying to make better sense in the recall of governor newsom. september 14th is the final day you can send in the mail-in ballot. eight recent polls are adjusting for things like equality and sample size. the poll also looks at replacement chases and shows larry elder with a large margin
6:44 am
over the rest of the field. the second choice is a democrat. what if you didn't get the ballot or if you want to vote in person, how do you find your polling place? you can find the answers on our home page it's a source of frustration, people that don't get your shots. people not getting vaccinated is the cause of all the new deaths we have seen. we saw 1,000 yesterday. the threats of new shutdowns. president biden talked about booster shots at the white house yesterday, and he cut his week-long vacation short because of the other problem, the crisis in afghanistan. reporters eager to talk about afghanistan, and the president
6:45 am
not eager to talk about afghanistan. >> god bless you all and may god protect our troops. thank you. >> the pentagon is talking saying the military evacuated around 6,000 people so far. americans and refugees. yesterday america's top general said the pentagon had no idea afghanistan would collapse so quickly. >> the timeframe of a rapid collapse, that was widely estimated and ranged from weeks to months and even years following our departure. there was nothing that i or anybody else saw that indicated a collapse of this army and this government in 11 days. >> that is close to what we have seen in previous reporting, the pentagon was saying it would take 18 months for the taliban
6:46 am
to take control if at all, and that's 440 days. the washington post put the estimate at 90 days, and now we know the entire campaign took 11 days. at least 12 people are dead at the airport in kabul near the airport. the taliban promised a peaceful transition. that's not what is happening on the streets. the president of afghanistan that fled the country is on facebook denying reports he left with bags full of money. he said he left afghanistan for the united arab emirates to avoid bloodshed. and then back here at home, a trump associate being charged with cybercrimes. he hacked into his then-wife's account. trump pardoned him but that only accounts for federal crimes.
6:47 am
in the spirit of absolute crystal clear transparency, i will point out that i know him on a personal level, though it has been many years since we last spoke. we are talking on twitter, you can find me there. i'm @scottmcgrew. the magic kingdom is going digital with its fast passes and now it will cost you more money. disney will launch the app soon called disney genie that is free. and the only way to get fast passes, you have to pay 20 bucks per day per ticket. for the most high demand rides you may have to pay more for a fast past. 6:47 now. happening today, an online virtual screening of a new film
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featuring a celebrated east bay woman. how the movie "speaking truth to power" comes out tomorrow. he talks about her political descent to where she is today. today she will take part in a premiere and virtual discussion. that movie comes out tomorrow and is on amazon prime. >> wow. >> we have to look at that microclimate weather with vianey who is in for kari. >> yeah, we are under a microclimate alert because of the air quality. the air quality management district says we will see
6:49 am
between moderate and high on the index. we have hazy fog, and we are seeing the mix of the two depending on where you are. i feel like this camera is a little blownout, and by blownout i mean they need to adjust it. i don't think the sky looks like that. the smoke is expected to stay, so let's look at your daytime highs in the south bay. morgan hill, 85. concord and livermore in the upper 80s. still going to be warm. oakland, 73. san francisco in the upper 60s. what about that surface smoke? let's talk about it. we are going to be dealing with, you know, moderate to high moderate, which is what i mentioned earlier. i want to give you an overall look of the base where this smoke is drifted to, and we had winds to the north pushing that smoke down into the region, and now we will have wind pushing it further inland away from our
6:50 am
area, which could help improve some of our air quality heading into saturday night. i know it's only thursday and we have to get through this, but we are going to get a little change. as far as the rest of the week goes, as this low pressure system passes to the north, i wish i could say rain, but no rain in sight. we're going to be dipping down into the mid-80s, and from the desert southwest, we get another increase in high pressure into next week. this gets released and updated every thursday. the latest number those 49% of the state of california is under an exceptional drought. it's the darker red color you see here. that's a lot. 100% of the state of california is under some form of drought, and 88% in extreme drought or higher. that's just a perspective. for the next seven days, inland areas in the 80s. let's look at how the roads are
6:51 am
doing with mike. vianey, a better drive here on the san mateo bridge. looked like there may have been something, i saw flashing lights, and it looks like there's recovery now from the live camera. creeping over to foster city, and chp did not get it but the bridge crew did, and cleared it out and that's good news. we see the build, the volume from the san mateo bridge, and the toll from the 7:00 hour, it has been the peak commute time for the past few weeks. san mateo bridge tends to see that toll taking it through the 7:00 hour really peak. for san jose, we're talking about the southbound with san jose back online, and for the last few weeks, off and on for the last month, we are talking about 87 and 101 seeing the build that has kicked in once again, and 7:00 will be tough
6:52 am
around san jose state. back to you. speak of san jose, mike, welcome back. first day of fall classes there. students and staff have to be fully vaccinated by september 30th or will be tested weekly. all cal state schools have the same vaccine requirement. up next, a look at the top stories including fire, smoke and all the haze vianey was talking about. we have team coverage on the wildfires burning at this hour and the impacts on our air quality. plus, tougher vaccination rules. the new mandate just issued by the state and the bay area city ready to take it one step further. we're back in two minutes. you're watching "today in the bay."
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welcome back. before you head out the door to start your day, here are the top stories on "today in the bay." >> we have a live look at the sap center. california will soon require proof of vaccination at all large indoor events. it comes as san jose mayor proposes stricter rules at venues. under new state guidelines events with 1,000 people or more will have to require proof of vaccination or a negative covid
6:56 am
test. the mayor wants the same thing with any live event in san jose with 50 or more people without the option of a negative covid test. his proposal will be heard next week and will be effective immediately if passed. cierra johnson is live in clearlake where the cache fire destroyed dozens of homes. it's devastating behind you. >> reporter: take a look behind me. this at one time was a mobile home park. you can't make out any mobile homes. all you see are charred beams, pieces of metal and plywood. they are believing 50 homes were destroyed and i think the estimate will be higher as time
6:57 am
progresses. we have learned 1,600 people were evacuated. we did have a chance to speak with an evacuee. listen to what she had to say about leaving clearlake. we do not have sound. i can tell you out here now that the sun has come up, it's eerie how severe the damage is. all you see are burned out cars. you can see a bike, a grill. just the outlines, the shells of things because of the fire. right now 20% containment. 80 acres burned and 50 homes destroyed, and we will continue to keep you updated as cal fire keeps us updated. cierra johnson for "today in the bay." we are keeping tabs on two other areas burning near the bay area. >> and sharon katsuda is
6:58 am
tracking those. >> reporter: you can see the smoke from the fires settling over the valley here. the caldor fire has burned more than 60,000 acres and fires are still raging in that area, and the billowing smoke is making it difficult for the air drops. cal fire said at least 86 structures have been destroyed, and nearly 6,000 structures are threatened. the fire is 0% contained. in butte county, the so-called dixie fire burned more than 660,000 acres. emergency teams are battling the fire on the ground and in the air. warming temperatures are causing wind speeds to increase so the fire is expected to grow. shelters have been set up for any residents needing to evacuate. the fire has destroyed more than 1,200 homes and is only 35% contained. pg&e says power has been
6:59 am
restored to many customers that were effected by the power shutoff that went into effect late tuesday night and those still without power should see theirs restored later tonight. i am sharon katsuda for "today in the bay." >> thank you, sharon. you can get the latest updates even when we are not on the air through our nbc bay area app. vianey arana is in for kari this morning. >> yeah, this air quality watch will be in effect until tomorrow. we will have breezy conditions, and temperatures in the 80s. bay bridge, the backup doesn't look too bad but we know the 7:00 hour, you see the toll numbers spike here and we are looking at a lot of slowing.
7:00 am
right now, just jumped up over 40 minutes through your drive through concord off of highway 4. we're back at 7:25 with a live local news update. also keeping tabs on all the fires. >> a look at the cache fire that burned so fast and was so devastating. join us at 11:00. . the good morning roll 'em up. the biden administration makes it official to begin vaccine booflter shots in a matter of >> the level of antibody elevated by the third shot is extraordinary. >> the white house ordering workers at all nursing homes to be vaccinated while threatening legal actions to stop governors while banning masks in schools we are covering it all we go one-on-one with the


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