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tv   NBC Bay Area News Tonight  NBC  August 19, 2021 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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you threw it. it's your frisbee. geico. switch today and see all the ways you could save. i'm raj mathai. next on nbc bay area news tonight, he's feeling the pressure. we go one on one with governor newsom. >> there is some kin creasing fear in a lot of californians that we're going to be moving back to a stay-at-home order as we continue to require more. is that even a possibility? >> not if we keep getting vaccinated. quite the contrary. >> we're talk everything from how the booster shot rollout will go and why he thinks he's facing a recall. also as wildfires rage around us we get a firsthand look at just how quickly they can take out an entire neighborhood. and the unhealthy air isn't going anywhere.
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jeff ranieri's going to show us what would need to happen to push this haze away. and a million bucks for this shell of a home. it's just part of this crazy bay area housing market. good evening. this is nbc bay area news tonight. i'm raj mathai. check your mailbox. your recall ballot should be there. if you think governor newsom isn't worried about losing his job, think again. his actions speak volumes here. he is crisscrossing the state of california shaking hands in full campaign mode or some might say damage control. the actual election is september 14th, but there are so many people casting their mail-in ballots right now and gavin newsom knows it. today his people reached out to us. here's what you need to know. voters are being asked to decide if they think the governor should stay in office. and if not who should replace him. ultimately what we decide could have sweeping impacts on the direction of this state and
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country. so much so president biden and vice president kamala harris will soon be here in the state and the bay area to campaign for governor newsom. today our jessica aguirre chatted with the governor. >> i want to start with the biden administration yesterday. president biden saying that booster shots will be available, that third shot, for most americans in a rollout beginning september 20th, just a month from now. is california ready to start administering those shots again? >> yeah, we are. we have an infrastructure that is one of abundance. this is a very different time compared to just a few months ago when we had scarcity and people were waiting in line, waiting for their turn. now we have abundance of choice. mobile clinics, pop-up clinics. we have community clinics including pharmacies and primary care doctors. and we're not relying any longer on those large vaccination sites. we're ready. in fact, tomorrow we'll be putting out more of a detailed plan on the third shot, those
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booster shots. >> it seems that every day we're seeing more mandates that require either proof of vaccination or full vaccination. the latest is just the outdoor events more than 1,000 people. there is some increasing fear in a lot of californians that we're going to be moving back to a stay-at-home order as we continue to require more. is that even a possibility? >> not if we keep getting vaccinated. quite the contrary. we're committed to our vaccine efforts. we have nation-leading vaccine doses administered, almost 47 million. 46.7 million doses have been administered in the state of california. we have now over 81% of adults receiving at least one dose. 79% of all eligible californians receiving one dose. if we can continue down that path i don't see any scenario where that takes shape. >> and governor, what do you say is at stake if you are recalled and what is plan b for the
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democratic party? >> i think the consequences to 40 million californians will be quite pronounced. everybody on the other side is a devout supporter of donald trump. the leading candidate for the republican party doesn't believe climate change is real, called it a crock, a myth. doesn't believe in a minimum wage, a corporate tax, and doesn't believe in mask mandates. doesn't believe in vaccine verifications. the contrast couldn't be more stark. the contrast couldn't be more pronounced. that's why it's incumbent upon everyone, not just to turn out on election day, september 14th, but to turn in those ballots that have dropped in your mailbox. vote no on the recall. >> all right. thank you, governor newsom. thank you very much for being with us today. >> good to be with you. >> the governor with jessica aguirre there. his words matter and optics matter. let's bring in our political analyst larry gersten. larry, what did you see there? what stood out to you? and let me say, usually we've known gavin newsom as mayor and governor so well, it seemed like his energy level was a little
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low. did we catch him on a bad day or is he just simply tired? >> i think he's probably tired. he's been going up and down the state. to his credit he's doing everything he can to get out a lethargic democratic base. but the fact is as he said before himself, he is in a very, very tight race. and given that you've got to go out and do everything you can. and that's what you saw the governor reaching out to the station today. >> it's easy to say the republicans will be more inclined to vote against him to recall him. are democrats in his corner? >> well, you know, the governor made a big point of saying this is all strup trump inspired and that's the reason this is all going on. and with all due respect the polls suggest otherwise. we've got one recent one from survey usa which suggests that yes, republicans are overwhelmingly in favor of the recall. democrats are somewhat in favor of avoiding the recall. but look, you see 23%, almost 1
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out of 4, saying they're going to vote to remove the governor. and then you look at independents and you see 50% say the same thing. it's hard to wrap your arms around the idea that this is all trump inspired when republicans haven't really shown that to be the case, when you've got democrats and independents doing what they do. now, any poll will be somewhat different. but you've got to see what you believe here. and that is 23% in this one, 50% independents. that says a lot. >> pretty simple to say i'm unsatisfied with the governor, i vote to recall him. but the non-simple part of this is who do people say, who do people put in the next line of who they want the next governor to be? there are so many candidates out there. >> yeah. and that gets to the governor's point too about how basically they're all the same. look, if you look just at the republicans alone, it's a big difference between someone like larry elder, the radio show host, and someone like kevin fall conner, the former mayor of san diego. yes, they're both republicans but they're at different ends of the spectrum. and then i think when the
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governor talks about how different things might be, let's not forget someone known as kevin pathrath who has come out of nowhere, a democrat, who says by the way if he's elected after the governor is removed, assuming he might be, he will go ahead and maintain most of the governor's democratic policies. so again, there's a bit of a reach here, and i think we have to sort of like settle down and take things one step at a time and realize there are many more balls in the air than the governor or anybody else for that matter would have us believe. >> last question. vice president harris and president biden going to be coming to california in the next few weeks. will that make a difference? >> you know, endorsements are nice to have, but all the survey literature that i've seen says they're not really the dealmakers. they're not the kind of thing that seals it. it's nice to have the president come out, the vice president come out. absolutely you'd rather have them on your team than not but you're really talking about the margins here. really the margins here is what this election's all about. so in that sense it may be very good for the governor.
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but to rely on it too much i think would be a mistake. >> okay. mid september is that recall election but a lot of people have their ballots already at their homes right now. thank you, larry. we also asked the governor a few other questions including what he thinks about cities and counties requiring vaccines. you can watch the full interview at and if you want more information on the recall including how this election is going to work and how the replacement is chosen if the governor's ultimately recalled, we have it all for you. just click on the newsom recall at the top of our home page. let's talk about the haze. how unhealthy is it and when will our air quality get better? if you were hoping for some relief from the haze, you can see from our nbc bay area sky ranger right behind me we are now under a spare the air alert through tomorrow. the smoke coming in from several major wildfires. that includes the caldor fire, which you're seeing now. it's burning in el dorado county near lake tahoe and it's growing at an alarming rate. it's ten times the size it was
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just 48 hours ago. let's bring in jeff ranieri now. we call this our nine box here. bay area cameras. a little better than yesterday you about i'm not sure. it seemed pretty cruddy out there today as well. it's a lot of gray. >> it kind of hovered around the unhealthy for sensitive groups for a lot of the northeast and the south bay. but still very noticeable. still for an extended period of time. >> and just to be clear, that's golden gate bridge, that's not fog which we usually see right now. >> a lot of folks are looking toward san francisco and saying it's probably fog. it's not. that's all the smoke. that's all the haze. and especially in the east bay you can definitely smell that out there. >> dublin, livermore, really bad. what's the air quality right now and when is it going to get better? >> let's bring up the board. what you're going to be sable v able to see is we are looking at north bay, east bay and the south bay. especially unhealthy for the sensitive groups. if you have any kind of asthma or respiratory problems. the coast and the bay, they're in the moderate, and that's because of a slight ocean breeze. but all in all really unhealthy out there today. >> our weekend's coming up. maybe saturday, maybe sunday it
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will get better? >> and i do think that's still on the table for us. let's get a look at the smoke and you can see how that's kind of moving down here. all across the bay area. but let's zoom out and we'll show you what we've been tracking yesterday and it's all about the system here. it's going to move to the north. but i think as that system starts to pull away on saturday it helped to kick some of this smoke out of sxheer really helps improve our forecast. >> and like you say it's good for us but then look at lake tahoe, reno and nevada and utah. >> they've had a really tough go of it. we'll show you that smoke forecast. you can see all this red to orange color. that's that unhealthy smoke we had today. it's going to stay with us through tomorrow. then watch as we advance this. and what you're going to see is that system i talked about as it pulls away that system we're going to get more into this blue color. >> that's good, right? >> exactly. that's going to be a little more hazy on saturday but i think overall we're going to be getting into some improvements which would be excellent for us. and one last thing i wanted to finish on here is rainfall.
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right? that would be awesome. >> so needed. especially on the fire lines. >> and i just got some brand new information today. and on that rain front here the end of september, right round september the 24th through the 29th it looks like we could get a system moving into the california-oregon border. that is really promising to me even though we're so far out because it's signaling the potential of a pattern change and we really need to see that first start to shift our pattern to really get some help in here. >> i just love seeing rain. >> i know. me too. >> this is now the second week in a row it's kind of started to show that signal of maybe some rain. it's not locked in yet but definitely some hope in that forecast. >> stick around. we'll be back with you in a moment. as a reminder you can download our free nbc bay area app to stay up to date on the air quality. just open up the app, click on the search bar and click on the button that says check your air quality. and right there you can pinpoint it to your neighborhood. just put the address right there. it's all at nbc bay area on our app. up next at 7:00, it just
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took hours for a relatively small wildfire to destroy dozens of homes. we're going to show you firsthand the cache creek community in lake county. we've also learned new information about how this fire may have started. plus -- >> and i see a very young guy beating up a very old man in the middle of the street and a bunch of people watching. >> thank goodness this guy was there. we talked to this guy, credited with springing into action and stopping that attack in san francisco's chinatown. and our crazy bay area housing market. remember this old burned-out house? we showed it to you last month. it's in walnut creek. we just learned it sold for a million bucks. is this a fluke? or is this becoming the norm? you're watching nbc bay area news tonight.
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welcome back to nbc bay area news tonight. so many people have a special connection with lake county. a vacation spot and a family spot that dates back for decades. but these last few years have been brutal in terms of fire safety. tonight dozens of families are trying to figure out what they have left, if anything. the cache fire swept through two mobile home communities in the town of clearlake. it's also damaged or destroyed several other houses and buildings. this was yesterday. 83 acres burned. the first person that called dispatchers described it as "an oven fire." more than 2,000 people were
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evacuated. les bring in nbc bay area's melissa colorado who's there for us in clearlake. >> reporter: we're right here along the border. these were the two areas hardest hit by the cache fire. the fire swept through two mobile home communities destroying dozens of mobile homes and several single-family homes. lots of seniors who thought they would be living out their golden years in this community are now out of a home. work crews spent the day clearing downed trees and downed power lines from the cache creek mobile home park while city crews assessed the destruction. the at least 80-acre fire forced more than 2,000 people to evacuate yesterday. this area of lake county is no stranger to wildfires. five years ago police say an arsonist started the clayton fire, which destroyed 300 buildings in the same area. >> the county of lake, we are on the forest side. it's been a really tough couple of years, particularly stretching back to 2015.
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>> there are so many people who lost everything. my aunt and my cousin now have nothing. i don't know if they know it or not. but i do and it's breaking my heart. >> reporter: some bit of good news, no reports of any missing individuals. no reports of any fatalities. the cause of this fire is still under investigation. that's the latest here in lake county. i'm melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. >> melissa, thank you. they are going through this it seems like every year now. we want to get you up to speed on some other stories we're keeping an eye on. one man is in jail and another is being called a hero after the latest attack on an asian man in san francisco's chinatown. it began when an older asian man was punched seemingly at random near the intersection of clay and waverly place. many people saw it but one guy decided to rush in and stop it. there he is. 24-year-old darren mark stallcup, who describes himself as a cowboy in chinatown. says the attacker took off after he pulled him off the victim. but moments later came back. >> before i could even pull out my phone the guy came back around a second time.
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this time at full sprint. with like the craziest look in his eye. so i gave him a bear hug and i held on to him until the authorities arrived. >> great work. police say the suspected attacker remains in custody on assault charges. sfpd is still trying to determine if this attack was racially motivated. well, from big games to small concerts, a new proposal would require you to be vaccinated to get into most large events happening in san jose. mayor liccardo wants to require proof of vaccination to get into any city-owned venue hosting events of more than 50 people or more. it's not even like a big event like the sharks game or even smaller events, 50 people or more. the mayor also says he plans to track san francisco's vaccine mandate for employees and customers at restaurants, theaters and gyms to see if it makes sense for him to do in san jose. most local businesses we spoke with said they're okay with this. >> if that's what it's going to take to get more people safe so
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we can all get back to this normal, we're going to support it. >> mayor liccardo's proposal must now go to the city council for approval. the first step in that proos begins next tuesday. tomorrow here we go with san francisco. it's going to start its new vaccine mandate for customers and employees of a lot of indoor businesses. today you can see mayor breed focused on a renewed push to reach those who are reluctant to get vaccinated. she joined health officials and several community leaders at a vaccination clinic at fillmore and turk minnie park. the mayor addressed historical concerns and hesitancy among members of the black community, where the rate of vaccination is at 64% compared to the city's overall rate of almost 80%. >> an uptick in the number of african-americans who are not only contracting covid but who are dying from covid. disproportionately to a very, very small population of black people in this city, and that should not be. >> today's event highlighted the
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city's mobile vaccine program. it offers to set up vaccination clinics for small groups of people in their homes or where they work. well, our housing market continues to raise a lot of eyebrows. if you're selling, congratulations. you're likely going to make a nice little profit. if you're a buyer, good luck to you. even if you can find a house to buy. last month we told you about this burned shell of a house. asking price? 850,000 bucks. this was in walnut creek. at the same time the realtor told us that the seller had multiple cash offers. now we know the sale price, the final price. here you go. a million bucks. the deal closed today. $150,000 over asking price. the reality is this is the reality. some bay area homes are going for even more. according to zillow, 664 homes in san francisco sold $500,000 over asking price between april and june of this year. 42 of those went for a million more than asking. in san jose now 296 homes sold
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for $500,000 or more over the asking. and 25 of those went for a million dollars or more. this is huge money here. so how does it stack up with the home sales overall? zillow says about 8% of homes in san francisco sell for 30% or more above the listing price. so these big sales, while becoming more frequent, are still in the minority. up next, we'll take you outside. a live look at the bay bridge. it was a mess this morning with that big wreck. but much better now. if you can see it. it's just hazy. we're going to bring jeff back with us to talk about the air quality and the temperatures as we head into the weekend. stay with us.
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we're at the reopened california academy of sciences and we are diving into the world of sharks with dr. rocha. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> what's this exhibit all about? >> it's all about sharks. you're going to learn a lot about sharks. shark diversity, how many species there are, shark evolution, how long they've been
7:23 pm
around. and really the fact that they're misunderstood. all of the hype from the media makes it seem like they're scary but they're not. there's only about ten encounters between sharks and humans every year but humans kill almost 100 million sharks per year. really they need much more our help than fear. >> great information. how long is the exhibit here? >> it will be here until january the 23rd, 2022. >> dr. rocha, thank you very much. and as always check out "california live" weekday mornings at 11:30.
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take a look. a by-product of all this haze, some pretty interesting looks. that is our moon last night. smoky, orange, hazy. and then sunrise today over san jose. >> wow. >> pretty beautiful, pretty stunning. but that just means it's hazy out. >> i know. that's going to -- i barely went outside today. >> it's tough. yesterday i had ashes. today not as many ashes but still i kind of stayed away from it all. >> at least we're kind of cross over the mid-point of this event and then i think we're going to get some changes in here. we talked about that system earlier. and just in case you all missed it at home this is going to be moving off to the north of us by saturday. we think as that pulls away especially by saturday midday and afternoon it should take some of that smoke. >> that's good news for us. >> it's going to be amazing for us. we're going to debt some better air in here and go ahead and get you into that forecast. what i want to show you is as that system moves off to the
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east a look at our smoke model forecast. and the orange and the red colors you can see the key at the top of the screen. that's that unhealthy smoke. that's going to be over the north bay, east bay and south bay tomorrow. but as we advance this what you're going to see is as that system pulls away on saturday it takes some of that smoke and pushes it off toward the east. we're still left with this blue color, which is some haze. but overall some improvements expected saturday and also on sunday. now, as we bring you to that forecast for tomorrow we'll start it off on the cool side with that smoke. 50s and 60s. then as we move through the afternoon i have 70s up to the north bay, 84 in concord. san jose 79, morgan hill 82. right up to palo alto, atherton, los gatos will be in the mid 70s, and right there through the coastline 60s coming our way. in san francisco no big adjustments on the temperatures. we continue with this trend of 60s as we move through the next several days. and across the inland valleys look at this, we have mid 80s all the way into monday of next week. then it gets a little warmer by next wednesday and thursday with some low 90s. so raj, we've got to wait till
7:27 pm
saturday and we should get some improvement. >> the weekend is almost here. thanks, jeff. that's going to do it for us here at 7:00. for everyone at nbc bay area, thanks for joining us. enjoy the evening. we'll see you back at 11:00.
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breaking news. did britney have an altercation with her housekeeper over the dog? plus, it felt like a actual invitation to britney spears. >> nothing would make me happier. >> she's got an offer for britney you'll want to hear. >> i was nervous about opening up about my past. >> over 3 billion views already. tiktok sensation lauren gray prepares to share even more. an embarrassment of riches. hard to say what's the best video of the day.


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