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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  August 20, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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francisco. beginning today you need to show you are fully vaccinated if you go bars, restaurants or clubs, indoor arena like chase center. san francisco is the first major city in the united states to require full vaccination status. this new rule comes with a lot of questions and uncertainty. christie smith has more from the city. >> reporter: businesses we spoke with remaining with a lot of questions. what will happen if people oppose the mandate? >> reporter: francesca says the pizzaria are among those asking for proof of vaccinations for anyone eating indoors. >> it is going to be some people, maybe disappointed or not aware about vaccination
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card, validation at the door. so far it is gone smoothly. the busy weekend dinner hours may be the real test, he hopes travelers were told of the new rule. >> we were told if you don't have a vax card, you are not going to be able to go anywhere. >> reporter: allison grove found about new rule. >> i understand the rule. i understand if people who are not vaccinated but if you want to enjoy the city life, you should be responsible for those around you. >> reporter: indoor restaurants, gyms and entertainment venues all of which hoping this new rule does not create an issue. the mayor says it is what to be
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done. >> our goal is to beat this virus once again. that's why we implement this health order and goes into effect today. >> reporter: trace sylvester is the owner and is on board. >> i feel all of our clients will be grateful that we are providing this extra layer of health. >> reporter: christie smith, nbc bay area news. we have more details of the effort to get san francisco employees vaccinated. about 40 city employees are set to be suspended because they have not provided proof of vaccinations by today's deadline. mayor breed is not backing down. >> we are not going to defuate deviate to ensure that every city's employees are vaccinated. because it not only impacts the people they work with but the public. we want to do our part as a city to protect the public and we'll continue to take the appropriate steps necessary to do just that.
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>> chase center is now requiring proof of vaccinations. the arena releasing more details. all fans must show proof of full vaccinations. the next event at chase center is the music act on september 15. >> mayor breed is making this her mission to get more people vaccinated. more than 1800 have gotten their vaccination. right now 77% of all people 12 and older in san francisco have gotten at least one dose. even as vaccination rates rise, so are the hospitalization rates in san francisco. right now there are 117 people in san francisco in the hospital
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in the city with covid. our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is joining us now. how much longer with the smoke? >> i really think and at this point we are going to make some big time head way as we head into saturday and sunday's forecast. as you just saw outside of the sky camera network. we have the smoke across the bay area. where are we at? let's show you the air quality right now. it is unhealthy in the north bay and east bay and south bay. where do we go from here? we head through tonight and we have the smoke over the north bay, east bay and the south bay. a lot of that unhealthy smoke begins to move towards the east. it gets better.
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more hazy situation with the unhealthy smoke. we'll track this system, i will have details when we could see blue skies, full on blue skies across the bay area. i will have details in about 15 minutes. crew continue to battle the cache fire, destroying nearly 50 homes. 75 acres burned. evacuation orders, a thousand people remained in place. to the east of us, the caldor fire, thousands of people have already been evacuated. more than 73,000 acres have burned with zero containment. the u.s. forest service shut
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down the national service. we made it real easy for you, click on check your area right there on the top of your trending bar and put in your address on nonsense, that's how the family of an east bay man describing the cause of death. angelo quinto died. a condition known as excited delirium. even the american association has questioned whether it is a valid diagnose. >> reporter: diagnoses that you may not have heard about. that's the diagnose of an antioch man who died, excited
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delirium. back in december of 2020, quinto's sister dialled 911 fearing about her sister. >> the officer and the detective told me that i did the right thing when i called. antioch police denied they pinned him to the floor. he lost consciousness and died three days at the hospital. >> if it was the right thing, they would not kill my brother. >> we know this is asphyxiation. >> reporter: the coroner ruled
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quinto's death was an accident. >> i can sleep at night. they also spent most of their time fighting to reform the department including advocating for a mental health response team. antioch police have not commented on today's finding. he's promising to get every american home. it comes as he faces mounting criticisms for the chaotic operation. the president says evacuation flights have started after an eight hour pause because qatar has reached capacity. the u.s. is working with allies to find other places in europe to send the planes. top u.s. military officials said
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they don't have the resources to evacuate people outside the kabul airport. today the message has this message. >> any american wants to come home, we'll get you home. make no mistake this evacuation mission is dangerous. as commander in chief, i can assure you that i will mobilize every resource necessary. >> mr. biden says his administration made it clear to the taliban that any attack on u.s. forces will be met with, quote, "swift and forceful." we are hearing first account what it is in taliban. sumir is living with his wife and while the rest of his family is trying to evacuate. >> that's not an easy thing. i am worried about my family. sameer says once the rest of his
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family is safe, he wants to join the u.s. military. here we go. the biggest event in the bay area this evening is in oakland. the game will go on. the a's hosting the giants. you can watch the game right here on nbc bay area at 6:30. >> it is a big night for us. anthony flores joins us at the coliseum with a look at tonight's big game, anthony. >> reporter: that's right, you can feel the energy and this place is starting to build. the giants taking in field practice right now. there is a lot on the line when the giants and a's hit the diamond for this three-game series at the coliseum. both are battling for division title. there will be green and gold and plenty of orange and black at the coliseum. you know we may see some fans wearing half and half colored jerseys and hats as the giants and a's meeting for their
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season. the giants have their best record in baseball but they're trying to hold off the dodgers in the national league west. the a's are playing catch up. all that adds up to a crucial series for both teams. >> i think everybody especially the guys who have been here for a while understands it certainly feels a little different and always fun to watch the fans on both sides engage as well and more of a playoff field during the course of a season is when we play these guys. same thing over there. it was exciting that we got to open it backup and have a lot more people in the crowd and i am guessing we are going to have some good crowds here, too. >> reporter: that's what we like to see. a's fans and giants fans getting along together this weekend for act two of the bay bridge series, the giants took two of
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three from the a's when they met two months ago in san francisco. the a's will be looking to even their score this weekend. stadium update, an impromptu was held. the team, city and county are still talking and negotiating but he did stress time is running out. the team will pursue a parallel path with a city of las vegas. back to baseball, the a's and giants' first pitch at 6:40. it could be seen right here at nbc bay area, live at the coliseum. anthony flores. >> where is anthony right now? >> yes, he does. we have a mix of smoke and fog. when we'll get blue skies back in the bay? still ahead, a family mysteriously died while on a hiking trip. the reasons investigators are testing near by water ways to
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find the cause of death. protecting yourself from the smoke and haze, one reason you can do while you wait for the smoke to clear out. when we are joined by our viewers in the west, we'll take you into the classrooms of the epicenter of mask-wearing and as heat waves are becoming common. when we see you back here tonight.
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it is interesting, they say a few weeks ago, the demand of
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air conditioner went up and now people want air filters so we expect them to sell again. they say they are standing by in case anyone that has animals are affected by the air quality but so far they say they just have not seen all that many. live in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. so much fire smoke, you can actually see it from space. take a look at that. where the fire is burning across northern california. you can see how far that smoke is drifting across nevada and into idaho. here in the bay area, plenty of orange sun rises and sunsets like this one. beautiful hues and colors. it comes with all that smoke. >> hard to be outside again. if you are at the coastline, it is not that bad because we have a little foggy breeze. as we roll through this week, we'll get some changes in here
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to give us some breathable air. the game is happening tonight right here on nbc bay area at 6:30. that's the giants and the a's going at it. you can see the smoke in that picture. we have some fog mixing in as well. i do want to let you know if you have tickets, you can head out there. you don't have to be concerned of the air quality at least of the current moment and through the game because we are expecting moderate air quality. based on those standards, it is okay to breathe out there at the game tonight. temperatures will be in the 60s so definitely need to bring your jacket. there are some areas just over the hill in the east bay where it continues to be unhealthy and you have to limit your outdoor exposure. i want to give you a list of some of the worse cities right now. clear lake is number one and concord is number two and danville is at number 3 and
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morning star necessary at number 4. everything is on track for this system right here to continue to move off to the north. as this pulls away on saturday, it is going to take that smoke with it and really help to give some mark relief. on top of that we'll get some fog in here in the morning as well through the tomorrow. a lot of stuff at least to get some of the smoke moving on out. as we roll through tomorrow morning, look at the key up here. that's the haze. we see the color wind out. i still think it will be hazy on saturday, once we roll into sunday, looks like it could be good enough that we could see the haze clear out. we can see yourselves how it is looking now. things are looking better on saturday and sunday. >> now i talk about that fog, it is widespread tomorrow morning
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especially around the coast with some areas of drizzles and mixing in with the east bay and the north bay. as we start off for the morning. it wants to be cool here with a lot of 50s. south bay tri-valley and we are coming in with cool temps. daytime highs tomorrow cooling off with that system off to the north. that's going to help us with the smoke. 73 here in martinez and 77 in morgan hill. 60 from oakland to san francisco. let's get you in of the seven-day forecast, do notice by thursday and friday, low 70s next week returning to san francisco and we are tracking hotter weather in land. right now we'll keep it to the low to mid-90s by next thursday and friday. sunday is the best day of the week, we are back after this.
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the housing market may be cooling a little bit. the bay area's home median price dropped last month, it is now $1.3 million. that's still down more than 3% since june. it is up 24% from last summer. also trending down are the number of home sales dipped slightly from july of last year. good news, there is an express lane on 680. you have to pay a toll. it opens today, stretches 11 miles on southbound 680 from martinez to walnut creek. it connects to an existing lane. drivers will be charged through the fast track system from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. car poolers need a fast track flex device which shows how many people are in the car.
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as promised, vice president kamala harris will be
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campaigning on behalf of governor newsom. the two are long time friends and allies going back in san francisco. next friday, the two will host vote no rally in oakland. we put together a voting guide that has all answer to your questions. what if you don't get your ballot or want to vote if person, how do you find your polling place, a lot more there. it is all on san francisco families in the spotlight getting ready for "agt." "america's got talent." ♪♪ >> they are good. the family calls themselves the curtis family c-notes. they were a big hit with the audience and the judges. the fiver children return on tuesday for the finals. the parents are long time
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faculty members. they teach voice, and choir and their kids paying attention. >> good students. >> whole family. they are phenomenal. tonight the mayor of a south bay city responds to critics saying he's not taking covid seriously. we'll have that story more. next up on "nightly news" after hundreds of heat wave deaths this summer, the new push to make air-conditioning available for everyone across the country. lester holt joins us next. >> and yes, we have seen such an up tick in temperatures, we have seen this every year but now the whole country was so hot this year. >> when we get these smoky days as well. it is important to have that circulation in your house, you can clean that air out. the good news in my seven-day forecast, we'll see that smoke
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beginning to move off the east on saturday. it will be hazy. sunday is the best day. try to get outside and get that fresh air. we'll see you at 6:00. right now lester holt in new york. tonight, president biden's pledge to americans trapped in afghanistan -- we will get you home the president vowing to mobilize every resource to evacuate americans as flights resume from kabul after an hours long pause. the president saying americans are being on blocked from the airport, but a trapped u.s. citizen saying that's not true. new images outside. the taliban in the streets. and heartbreaking video, a baby handed over the wall to a u.s. marine, and where that child is tonight. also, the secret state department cable warning of the country's collapse back in july the president asked


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