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tv   Today  NBC  August 21, 2021 5:30am-7:00am PDT

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bracing for impact. millions preparing for the arrival of tropical storm henri. expected to become a hurricane today. storm surge set to slam the region that hasn't seen a hurricane in 30 years. dylan is tracking the path. president biden promises the effort has made significant progress, promising no u.s. citizen will be left behind. let me be clear, any american wants to come home, we will get you home.
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>> as u.s. troops relentlessly work to get people out. hope and fear. a report that the fda could formally approve the pfizer vaccine monday, but it comes with coronavirus cases skyrocketing and a vaccine push that may fall on deaf ears. >> you're not getting vaccinated? >> no. >> another not going to wear a mask? >> no >> you're going to keep living as you do? >> i am going to live as a free american. >> who is the next jeopardy host? the popular game show once again looking for someone to fill alex trebek's shoes. after the newly picked host steps down following controversial comments coming to light. and back on track. american sprinting sensation sha'carri richardson dropped from the olympic team after a positive marijuana test racing the olympic champ this afternoon. will she prove she's really the world's fastest woman, today, saturday august 21st, 2021. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is today, with peter
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alexander, kristen welker, and dylan dreyer. welcome to "today." thanks for joining us this saturday morning. great to be in new york alongside vicki nguyen. good to see you, she's in for kristen welker who is away on maternity leave. we are upstairs while we get a face lift. >> good to be with you. bay area connection. >> no doubt. we have a lot of news to get to. we started hurricane warnings posted on the northeast coast and parts of new england. henri is expected sometime tomorrow with millions in the storm's path. we begin with kathy park in rhode island, they're preparing for the brunt of henri. good morning. >> reporter: peter, good morning to you. henri is showing no signs of
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weakening, could be the strongest storm to strike the new england area in more than 30 years. right now, we're not feeling the impacts of the storm just yet. folks here are enjoying the morning. this time tomorrow, conditions could be deteriorating quickly. this morning, tropical storm henri intensifying on its path toward new england, threatening coastal communities from new jersey to massachusetts, with damaging winds, heavy rain, and dangerous storm surge. the slow moving storm could lead to serious flooding. the governor of massachusetts warning up to 300,000 homes could lose power. >> we would really like everybody to be off the roads at the height of the storm which will probably last all day sunday and through until the early part of monday. >> reporter: the latest models show henri strengthening to a hurricane before landfall. this hasn't happened in more than 30 years when hurricane bob
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slammed them in 1991. boaters aren't taking chances. >> phone is ringing, lot of my friends are saying pull the boat. >> reporter: it could knock out power for days. >> you can expect trees coming down, electrical wires coming down, and of course, that means power outages. >> reporter: rhode island in the danger zone, too. residents here are stocking up while they can. >> i'm making sure we have enough water and basic stuff. i think tomorrow it will get really busy. others are bracing for what could be a damaging blow. >> one of your neighbors or families. >> everybody has a generator. everybody. we are all prepared. >> reporter: ahead of the storm, the governor has declared a state of emergency. here in rhode island, the state is also on high alert. if henri's path hold, we are
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looking at storm surge on the of five feet. >> busy morning for you, dylan. what's the latest of henri's path? >> the storm has taken a westward shift. look at this fascinating satellite imagery with all of the lightning strikes imposed into it. you can see the intensity of the storm. the storm itself will likely intensify as we go through the day today. it is moving into warm waters of the gulf stream. because of that westward track, look where hurricane warnings are. central and eastern long island, parts of connecticut. elsewhere in orange, we have tropical storm warnings. we're still watching the rhode island areas. the storm itself, 70 miles per hour winds. moving north, northeast, into warmer water, it will likely strengthen to a category one hurricane. then going into tomorrow, around
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2:00, 1:00 p.m., 2:00 p.m., you could see landfall. perhaps on long island. somewhere in this area. then it will weaken into a tropical storm. then it will unfortunately slow down and produce a lot of potential for flooding rain across most of southern new england and make its way further north. let's talk about rain first. this is an issue. july was one of the wettest months for several areas of the northeast. add to that 5 to 10 inches of rain. we could see considerable flash flooding as an issue across the northeast. as for coastal areas, three to five foot storm surge includes parts of long island, parts of southeastern massachusetts. that would be the water pushed on shore. good news, with earlier arrival of the storm, it is now going to occur in low tide, we're not going to see as much storm surge as we would have seen otherwise. winds will be a big issue. they'll be tropical storm force, hurricane force winds, up to 50 to 80 miles per hour. combine that with wet ground,
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leaves on trees, that leads to power outages. you could see widespread power outages across the northeast. >> thank you. we'll get back to you for the forecast for the rest of the country in a few minutes. president biden will be briefed this morning on the latest evacuation efforts out of afghanistan where overnight hundreds of afghan were taken to an air base in germany. friday, the president reiterated his pledge to get all americans that want to leave out of the country. we have two reports. monica alba is at the white house. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. president biden descended the decision to withdraw troops, despite scenes of desperation at the kabul airport, repeating the buck stops with him, making a promise to those trying to escape a dangerous situation in afghanistan. president biden vowing to evacuate all u.s. citizens from kabul. >> let me be clear. anyone that wants to come home, we will get you home. >> reporter: extending that to
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afghan allies who helped their mission the last 20 years. >> the united states stands by its commitment that we made to these people. >> reporter: the biden administration still not able to put a number on how many americans are trying to get out, announcing 13,000 people have been airlifted the past week with 6,000 in the last 24 hours alone. despite a pause in operations friday, a senior official negotiated with third party countries to temporarily transferee evacuees. >> this is one of the largest, most difficult air lifts in history. >> reporter: the president acknowledging pain and suffering of those trying to flee. >> the past week has been heartbreaking. we have seen gut wrenching images of panicked people, acting out of sheer desperation. >> reporter: like the family of this infant in need of medical care, seen being pulled over razor wire over an airport wall. the baby later reunited with his father according to the pentagon. >> this was a humane act of compassion by marines. >> reporter: the president's
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critics call for more troops to be sent to the country to help people struggling to get to military flights. >> only way in hell we're going to get our people out is for the president of the united states to tell the military use the full force and might of the u.s. military to get every american out and all those who fought along our side. unless the president gives that order, we're going to leave thousands of people behind. >> reporter: as for chaos at the airport, new images f children, many of whom had to wait hours on hot tarmac with american troops hoping for news on flights to safety. peter? vicky? >> monica alba at the white house this morning. thank you very much. >> hard to see those images. there are still tens of thousands of people waiting to get out of afghanistan, but the taliban tightening their grip on the country. nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engle made his way to doha, qatar, grateful refugees are arriving at all hours there. richard, what are you seeing?
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>> reporter: well, it is not just a matter of throwing resources at this problem. the base in kabul, we came from that base, is somewhat overwhelmed. they're operating like an island and are surrounded by hostile territory. putting in more troops there helps secure the base. eventually those troops have to be pulled out. the problem is really one of coordination. if you imagine most of the country except for this base, nearly all of the country is controlled by the taliban. you have people in afghanistan who want to leave. they are spread ought all over the country. some have documents, some of them don't have documents. they're trying to figure out how to get to the airport. they're trying to figure out how to get to the airport with their families. again, vehicles are an issue. once they get there, they're just closing the vehicles, dropping the keys and getting on. sometimes they're waiting for
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-- they're walking the last few hundred yards. then they have to push through taliban check points, some of which are aggressive around the airport. try and get the attention of american troops at the gate, waving their passports, waving other documents. if they're lucky, they're let on the base. then the processing begins. after that, it is a major question of where to put them because not all the people have documents. they're being let on, being processed. there's some limited screening going on at the airport itself, but there are thousands of people there. a lot of people arriving don't speak english, most of them do not. it's not just translators. there are families, other people brought on. they're putting them on flights, in some cases not having a full idea of who they are. and lots of countries don't know what to do with them. initially, many of them were coming here to doha because this is a major centcom base.
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doha was being overwhelmed. now it seems they're being diverted to ramstein air base in germany. seems that probably they're going to have to expand this to other locations, and those are just holding areas. then you have to figure out final third country destinations. this is an enormous -- don't want to call it a will gist cal problem. it is much more than that, there's the security problem in kabul, getting there, processing them, getting them out, and once they're in the third country holding areas, you have to then figure out who it actually is who got on these planes and where they're ultimately going to end up. >> richard, for the first time, a little change in strategy yesterday. we witnessed an american, chinooks picking up 170 americans outside the kabul airport, bringing them back. whether they're able to expand operations like that in the days ahead we will be watching. richard engle, thanks so much. we turn to the coronavirus crisis.
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in less than a week, the u.s. surpassed a million new cases, something that hasn't happened since the height of the pandemic back in january. many new cases are in the south where hospitals are overwhelmed and being pushed to the breaking point. nbc's vaughn hilliard is outside a hospital in alabama where the federal government has sent a team in to help out. vaughn, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, vicky. recent polling shows the number of americans very worried about covid infections nearly doubled since the start of the summer. over that time, hospitalizations have soared. now medical professionals are hopeful that an anticipated announcement by the fda could lead to more vaccinations. this morning, news that the fda is on the verge of formally rni is on the verge of formally approving the pfizer vaccine, a step that medical professionals hope will encourage unvaccinated americans to get a shot. "new york times" reporting that the fda could make that decision as soon as monday. this as covid deaths continue to
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rise, doubling in the last few weeks, now averaging more than 900 a day, especially hard hit, gulf coast. >> you're not getting vaccinated? >> no. >> not going to wear a mask? >> no. i am going to live as a free american. >> hospitals are on the brink. >> hospitals are under water now, it is an urgent situation. >> reporter: the only hospital in gulf shores area double capacity. the federal government on friday deploying an emergency response team to aid the facility. >> you're in alabama. we have reluctance to be told what to do in some areas. >> reporter: hospitalizations in alabama, louisiana, mississippi, florida, all climbing. many of the sick, children. more than 6,000 kids testing positive for covid in alabama in the first two weeks of august. across the u.s., hospitals are seeing more than 1200 children a day. >> we have children in the icu,
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age range two months to 16 years, four or five on the ventilator any given time. >> reporter: troubling numbers as children return to school where administrators and politicians continue to argue about mask requirements in the classroom. back in alabama. >> where does this go from here? >> i think going to get into a major situation, going to start losing people. i am worried about the community. >> reporter: that is why we are seeing increase in places requiring vaccines. university of virginia said just yesterday it has begun notifying dozens of students yet to comply with the requirement that they're unenrolled for fall semester. >> vaughn hillyard in hard hit alabama, thank you. in washington, the capitol police exonerated the officer that shot and killed ashli babbitt during the january 6th riot. a memo obtained says after internal investigation, no further action will be taken in
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this matter. the officer whose name has not been released opened fire on the air force veteran as she and other trump supporters tried to forcefully enter the capitol. the justice department announced in april no charges were being brought against the officer. in sports news, track sensation sha'carri richardson is set to return to racing the first time since she missed the tokyo olympics. richardson as you may remember won the 100 meter sprint during the trials, and was disqualified after tested positive for using marijuana. today she will run against the three jamaican olympic medallists in the 100 meter race and american sensation allyson felix in the 200 meter. watch richardson at 4:30 eastern. >> you feel like marijuana would not be performance enhancer. she's clean, she's going to runoff the track. fun to watch her. >> fun to watch all those folks. dylan is back with a check
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of the rest of the country's forecast. what's it looking like? >> we're watching the east coast as henri makes it eastward. the water will be dangerous to be in. we are watching cloud to ground lightning through the plain states, south of st. louis, seeing thunderstorm activity. you too get rain shortly as it moves eastward. we continue with fire threat. temperatures on the hot side out west. and dry thunderstorms, thunderstorms that have lightning without rain, could trigger more fires with very dry conditions. also extremely hot and humid down south, across parts of texas and louisiana. temperatures in the upper we remain under a microclimate weather alert because we're expecting for the smoky conditions to continue. an on shore flow will push some of the smoke out of the region.
5:48 am
expect sunshine at least through portions of the interior. we'll get a wind that's going to increase later this afternoon, hopefully helping push away some of the smoke away from the region. air quality advisory remains in effect. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thanks so much. now what? the newly named jeopardy host stepped down in a wave of controversy. >> health care at home. exclusive look how you
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we are back on this saturday morning with the weekly download, a look at the week's other big stories. >> devastation and destruction in haiti among them.
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rescuers from all over the world rushed in after haiti was hit by a massive earthquake, followed by tropical storm. the haitian government says the death toll topped 2,000 people. more than 10,000 injured. washington, d.c. rattled by a bomb scare and hours long standoff near the u.s. capitol. >> five hours after he parked the pickup, claimed to have explosives. a 49-year-old gave up, followed instructions to crawl away, ending a tense standoff. government investigators are looking into tesla's so-called auto pilot function. >> safety regulators are now investigating at least 11 crashes involving tesla vehicles colliding into emergency vehicles using auto pilot or driver assist mode. seven collisions caused 17 injuries and one death. tesla didn't respond for comment.
5:52 am
the ceo elon musk long defended his safety record. they have ten times lower chance of accident than average vehicles. tennis star, naomi osaka overcome with emotion after question and answer session with a reporter. started when a reporter referred to past comments osaka made about her issue with the format of press conferences. >> ever since i was younger, i've had a lot of media interest on me. >> seconds later, started to cry and left the room. after a short time, osaka returned to finish taking questions. her agent later calling the reporter a bully, adding his sole purpose was to intimidate but the roert's editor defended him saying it was a straightforward question, but they regret osaka was upset in any way. some of the week's wildest moments caught on camera.
5:53 am
a prototype russian military transport plane caught fire and crashed during a test flight. all three crew members on board were killed. oakland athletics pitcher chris basset was hit in the face by a line drive during a game with the chicago white sox. he suffered a facial fracture. thankfully, no eye damage. and an alligator in utah attacked the handler during a birthday party by grabbing a hand and going into a death roll. thankfully, a father jumped in to save the day and the hand -- handler wasn't hurt. on "america's got talent," front line heroes from the nurse choir performed a moving rendition of you will be found by the musical dear evan hanson.
5:54 am
♪ the choir who only first met each other last year worked virtually, is headed to the semifinals. >> so good. >> they could be on broadway right now. >> i can't get over the alligator scene. first of all, the trainer is okay. but kids there for a birthday party, next year billy should have a magician. this was a lot. >> the guy that jumped in to save her, one of the davis, incredible. he was okay, too. >> they're never going to forget that party. alligator attacks, you doing that? >> am i doing that? hoping the guy that did that is next to me. still to come on "today," why angelina jolie is joining instagram. and suni will never forget the olympics. we'll tell you what she did. >> first, these messages. stay with us.
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good morning it is 5:56 on your saturday. thank you for joining us i'm kira klapper. we are learning that pfizer is leading the way in the race to get fda approval for the covid-19 vaccine. it could be approved as early as next week. solano county has one of the lowest vaccination rates in the bay area, the pending approval of the pfizer vaccine has the potential to improve rates for that county because many people didn't think the shots were safe under emergency use authorization. a recent kaiser family foundation poll found 30% of those unvaccinated would be more
5:57 am
likely to get vaccinated if it had fda approval. a blow to the ride sharing business model. a judge has struck down california's balletfrom declassifying uber and lyft to be classified as independent employees. meteorologist vianey arana has a quick look at our microclimate forecast. >> we'll see some clearing today. but if you notice we're still red for the microclimate weather alert for air quality was extended because of the drifting smoke. take a look right now outside in livermore, the temperature trend is near seasonal. if i fast forward the timeline,
5:58 am
you can see right now 61 degrees, by 10:00, 11:00 a.m. in the upper 60s. and the smoke. all of the yellows and blues that you see here are anything from hazy to extremely unhealthy. if you notice, saturday by 10:30 p.m. we see a lot of the oranges that we've seen the past few days start to move further east and then we get this sort of blue color. if you push the timeline forward further, we clear out from the haze by tomorrow. so we'll get a much needed break from all of this smoke. we're also seeing fog around the coastline. i'll talk about that and the cooler temperatures coming up. >> coming up this morning on ""today in the bay." >> that's not an easy thing. my family, i'm worried about my family. >> he made it out just hours before the fall of afghanistan but left so much behind. hear from his new home in the
5:59 am
bay area an afghan man sharing his story with us. we'll have that and the forecast coming up at 7:00. we hope to see you then. right now we'll send you back to the "today" show.
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we are back this saturday morning, august 21st, 2021. this is a live look at new york city's central park. a few hours from now, the music will be thumping. >> great to see people going to the park again. big apple getting ready for a huge concert with mega stars bruce springsteen, jennifer hudson, paul simon among the headliners. we'll tell you what it is for in pop start. >> lights were blaring. cool scene there. we want to begin with a check of the headlines. tropical storm henri is intensifying as it takes aim at
6:01 am
new england. it is the first hurricane to make landfall in 30 years. the potentially damaging winds, heavy rain, storm surge through coastal communities from new jersey to massachusetts. the slow moving storm could lead to serious inland flooding as well as major power losses there. the governor of massachusetts is urging tens of thousands of people vacationing on cape cod to leave that area today if they can before the full force of the storm hits sunday. general motors expanded its recall of chevy volt to include all electric vehicles sold worldwide. this expands on earlier recall of older volts. gm says in rare cases, electric batteries can catch fire. the automaker is promising to replace defective modules in all those vehicles. it is recommending they keep them outside immediately after charging. at the little league world series, impressive pitching.
6:02 am
a no hitter to shut out louisiana 2-0. gavin weir struck out 15 batters. he was taken out because he had thrown 85 pitches, the max you're allowed by little league rules. then his teammate came in, he relieved things, struck out the last batter to close out the win. south dakota moves onto play oregon on sunday. >> what a win in that little league world series. also, jeopardy once again looking for a new host to replace the late alex trebek. friday, his replacement stepped down less than two weeks after being named to the job. it comes after controversial comments he made in the past that just came to light. emily, good morning. >> vicki, good morning. more than nine months since alex trebek's death. there are more questions than answers. for now, back to the jeopardy show shuffle. talking guest hosts as the show tries to pin down another
6:03 am
permanent replacement for the late legend. this morning, the search is back onto fill the giant shoes of alex trebek. >> the show must go on. >> the host halting production after one day of filming. the executive producer saying it has become clear moving forward as host would be too much of a distraction for fans and not the right move for the show. the fallout fueled by a new report from the ringer, resurfacing controversial moments from his old podcast. >> objectively she is not attractive, does not have a great body. >> anti-defamation league says disparaging remarks about jews and agencies are no laughing matter, warranting investigation. nbc news hasn't listened to original recordings which were pulled off line this week. he is already under fire regarding discrimination lawsuits linked to time at the price is right. he denied wrongdoing, both cases
6:04 am
were settled. >> one debacle after another. >> they passed over people like levar burton and ken jennings, ultimately setting on richards who finished ninth in a recent poll. >> awkward position for the guy that wanted to be host to be in position of choosing the next host. i don't know how much longer he can hang on as executive producer of the show. >> to take a note from the tv legend that floated lesser known names as replacements, includes alex foust and legal analyst laura coates. saying jeopardy was never about hosts. >> contestants and writers, they're the stars of the show. >> the show of answers asking the ultimate question. who will be next? >> sony pictures television support his decision to step down as host, were surprised to learn this week of offensive comments from his podcast.
6:05 am
still, richards will get air time. taped five episodes as host thursday, and they're expected to air. peter, vicki? >> thank you. >> emily, first time on the "today" show. we want to welcome you to the team. thrilled you're here. >> that's right, thank you, guys. happy to be here. >> off to a great start. look to seeing you soon. dylan joins us with a look of the forecast again. this is a serious storm for the northeast. long island, cape cod paying attention. >> hurricane gloria in 1985 is the last time a hurricane hit long island. we are watching this storm with sights set on long island perhaps as a category 1 hurricane. it is still a tropical storm. 74 miles per hour winds give it category 1 status. it is moving north, northeast 12 miles per hour. as it does so, it will like lie strengthen to a category 1 hurricane sometime today. going into tonight and tomorrow, it will approach central long island. that's where models take it now,
6:06 am
central to eastern long island. still perhaps hanging onto a category 1 hurricane status. it is a little more fast moving than initially thought. that's good news. it will hit around 1:00, 2:00 in the afternoon, low tide, as opposed to later evening which is high tide which would have created even more coastal flooding. then the storm moves down through up state new york, connecticut, western massachusetts. that will lead to flooding. we'll see widespread 3 to 6 inches on top of already saturated ground. some areas could get 10 inches of rain. combine wind, you could see a lot of power outages as the ground is loose. here's the storm surge warning along the coast of konlz, through rhode island and massachusetts. 3 to 5 feet. some of the highest for long island. good saturday morning. temperatures right now in the
6:07 am
50s and 60s but we remain under a microclimate weather alert because of the hazy conditions. an air quality advisory was extended through today. portions up through the interior valleys are likely to see haze through the first half of the day. the good news is we get a little on shore flow activity to push the smoke further east, out of the region. >> that's your latest forecast. >> we'll be watching, dylan. thank you very much. getting hospital level health care from the comfort of your own home. i show you what cou be the ld why is it the best wireless deals require a trade-in? right now, at t-mobile we're getting rid of the trade-in headache. switch and get the epic iphone 12 with 5g on us. get it on magenta max with unlimited premium data. no trade in required. no worrying about having a phone that qualifies. you can keep it or pass it down. it's that easy. unlimited premium data, iphone 12 on us
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whether they've got dodgeball- or a talent show- or a jammed locker- we'll be there, cheering them on. introducing the new citi custom cash℠ card, a different kind of card that rewards dan where his spending is trending. just ask stepping outside his comfort zone dan... dan: okay, i don't know where the hole for this is. or fourth time streaming that period drama dan... dan: you just made me miss her best line, dan: so now i'm going to have to start it again. even insisted he didn't need directions dan. dan: okay, i'm not lost. i'm exploring. dan: that said, do you know where i am? from select gas, streaming, travel and more earn 5% cash back that automatically adjusts to your top eligible spend category, up to $500 spent each billing cycle. this morning in your health, an exclusive on health care at home, a look at how patients are getting hospital care, even x-rays from their living room. >> doctors we spoke with say patients recover faster and
6:11 am
hospitals can save 30% in costs which can lead to lower health care prices for us as consumers. shannon scott is having his oxygen level, blood pressure, and prescriptions checked. nurses and sometimes doctors bring hospital care to his home in jacksonville, florida. >> how is that looking? >> shannon, 20 year veteran of the navy, has severe rheumatoid arthritis that weakened his lungs and liver. >> what does that do, what does it feel like? >> imagine drowning, that's the condition i have. >> shannon asked to be part of advanced care at home program of mayo clinic, a special team outfitted the living room, directly to his medical team. >> oxygen saturation is 96%. >> cool. >> 15 miles away, doctors and nurses are watching shannon, about 40 other patients across
6:12 am
florida and wisconsin. this could be the hospital of future. this is the command center for mayo clinic advanced care at home. here, doctors and nurses work 24, 7, monitoring patients who are at home. they can order ivs, put in a prescription, even dispatch an emergency crew to a patient's location when needed. get this, they're monitoring the weather where every patient lives. in case of a power outage or hurricane. >> his blood pressure has been controlled, 140 to 170. >> like a traditional hospital, the staff makes daily rounds. >> i think i am practicing the best medicine i have in 18 years here with the new system. >> this doctor is shannon's physician. he says technology allows doctors to give patients hospital level care from comfort of their homes which allows patients to spend time with family, move around, and potentially recover faster with less risk of infection. >> what data do you have showing
6:13 am
this is safe? >> we are collecting quality data like in brick and mortar hospital on mortality, medication, falls, readmission rate, equivalent to what we found in hospital setting. >> today, shannon gets a virtual doctor's visit. >> hi, mr. scott. how are you? how is your breathing? >> wonderful. starting 7% saline solution this evening. >> the service isn't for everyone. doctors say it works well foray cute care patients, cancer, severe pneumonia, congestive heart disease, patients waiting for organ transplants. a boston based home helped design the program. she says as more hospitals offer care, customers pay less. >> when not supporting overhead of the hospital, you can take that cost out of the system and you want consumers to be paying less than they're paying now. >> how do you reassure patients that their data is safe, health care being delivered is going to be safe? >> we can reassure patients and
6:14 am
families our technology is to the highest standards of safety and security. it is individualized to them and can't be accessed from the outside. >> after spending nearly a month away from his family in the hospital, shannon scott says being at home is the best prescription he could receive. >> i tell my wife every day i love her, tell my son i love him. i don't take anything for granted. >> and by the way, everyone you saw in that story is fully vaccinated which is why we weren't masked for interviews. medical home served more than 4,000 patients in hospital rooms across the country, mayo, kaiser perfect canadien taye. if you have private insurance, you want to ask your company about hospital at home care. >> interesting trend. seems like being home for some of the patients may be a place they heal better in comfortable surroundings. >> 100%. rather be in a hospital room or in your living room or bedroom. the fact we had the pandemic,
6:15 am
everyone is used to video conferencing, it accelerated people's ability to speak to doctors this way. >> and not be around other sick patients. >> dylan is here. another check of what's ahead in pop start this morning. >> coming up, springsteen, paul >> coming up, springsteen, paul simon, jennifer hudson. ♪♪ thousands of women with metastatic breast cancer are living in the moment and taking ibrance. ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor is for postmenopausal women or for men with hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer as the first hormonal based therapy. ibrance plus letrozole significantly delayed disease progression versus letrozole. ibrance may cause low white blood cell counts that may lead to serious infections. ibrance may cause severe inflammation of the lungs. both of these can lead to death. tell your doctor if you have new or worsening chest pain, cough, or trouble breathing.
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[ laughs ] ♪♪ [ humming ] [ door creaks ] oh. [ soft music playing ] what are you all doing in my daydream? it's better than that presentation. a lot better. you know, whether it's a fraction or a decimal, it's still fun, you know? we are back this saturday morning. dylan is here with today's pop start. >> we have a lot to get to. start with angelina jolie. she just joined instagram, using it to speak out about the current situation in afghanistan. she shared a picture of a handwritten letter she received from a teenage girl in afghanistan. it details fear and uncertainty about the taliban takeover. she writes we think all our dreams are gone, our rights have
6:19 am
been violated, we can't get out. in the caption, jolie says people are losing the ability to express themselves freely, she's on instagram to share their stories. sickening to see them displaced, called on others to help. this cause is not new to jolie. she has been a special envoy for the commission for refugees since april of 2012, was good will ambassador before that. she's already with one post, has 5 million followers. clearly her outreach and platform. >> she will have more after this. a lot of afghans had to delete their profiles because of what's happening. up next, the big apple will be rocking. we love new york concert is happening in central park. names include bruce springsteen, jennifer hudson, the killers, paul simon, ll cool jay. the concert produced by clive davis, that explains it, marks the end of new york's homecoming
6:20 am
week, a celebration of the come back after a challenging year of pandemic. because of the rise of delta variant, attendees must show proof of covid vaccination. and finally, suni lee, women's gymnastics superstar marking her stellar run in tokyo where she won three medals in a pretty permanent way. check it out. she shared this picture on her instagram story of what her and what appears to be a tattoo parlor with the olympic rings on the forearm. the caption, did a thing. common for them to celebrate accomplishment with fresh ink. simone got hers after five medals in rio. i feel so often what do you want a tattoo of, you come home with medals, it is a no brainer. >> it is subtle. >> tattoo girl in. >> if i win a gold medal in the olympics, i would get a tattoo. >> is that a promise? >> we may have to be patient. i have the giant eagle here.
6:21 am
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6:23 am
still to come on "today," the latest from afghanistan and my conversation with children of two fallen service members who gave their lives in that war torn country as they watch afghanistan now fall to the taliban. later, this sport is definitely not for faint of heart. we introduce you to some of the toughest athletes around, members of the paralympic wheelchair rugby team. >> those touch after touch bacteria in your home never stops . that's why microban 24 doesn't just sanitize and stop. microban 24 keeps killing bacteria for 24 hours.
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state farm is there. tired of clean clothes that just don't smell clean? when you want the real what if your clothes could stay fresh for weeks? now they can! this towel has already been used and it still smells fresh. pour a cap of downy unstopables into your washing machine before each load and enjoy fresher smelling laundry for up to 12-weeks. your doctor gives you a prescription. let's get you on some antibiotics right away. you could have it brought right to your door, with free 1-to-2 day delivery from your local cvs... or same day if you need it sooner but at a time like this, aren't you glad you can also just swing by to pick it up? and get your questions answered. because peace of mind is something you just can't get in a cardboard box. that's healthier made easier. good morning. it is saturday, at 6:26. thanks for joining us i'm kira klapper. the main route between
6:27 am
sacramento and lake tahoe is shutdown as crews continue to battle the caldore fire. cal trans decided to close highway 50 in both directions. no word yet on when the word might reopen. as for the fire burning closest to the bay area we learned the cause of this week's cache fire in lake county, flames tore through destroying 3 dozen mobile homes. the fire chief told us it started as an oven fire. some evacuation orders are still in place there. the fire is now 45% contained. chase center is requiring proof of vaccination. all fans 12 years and older must show proof, the only exceptions
6:28 am
are for medical and religious reasons. the rule applies to all warriors games as well. meteorologist vianey arana has a quick look at our microclimate forecast. >> we'll finally get a little bit of relief from the smoke but we have to get through the first half of today first. and also the increase in the winds could bring a new concern. we're seeing a ton of dry brush out there, still. but notice how it's cloudy. we're also seeing the marine layer. we have fog around the coastline, san jose, making its way to the interior areas as well. and the temperature right now it's about 61 degrees and notice by about 11:00, 12:00 we'll be in the 70s. it's going to be slightly cooler today because of the onshore flow. so i want to take you through some of the model runs. by 11:00 p.m. we saw a lot of that orange start to trek out east and then if i push this timeline forward further. look what happens on sunday.
6:29 am
we finally get some clearing when it comes to the smoke. but we'll see a couple of changes headed into next week and that's going to come in the form of a warmup so i'll have your complete forecast at 7:00 a.m. coming up this morning on "today in the bay," full approval from the fda as soon as monday. why the big announcement about the pfizer vaccine could be a game changer in the fight against covid-19. we'll have that plus all of your top stories in vianey's full forecast. right now we'll send you back to the "today" show.
6:30 am
good morning. waiting for henri. millions are preparing for arrival of a storm expected to bring a life-threatening surge of water, high winds, heavy rain, slamming a region that hasn't seen a hurricane in three decades. dylan is tracking the storm's path. presidential pledge. he says the historic evacuation effort made significant progress, promises no u.s. citizen will be left behind. >> let me be clear, any american wants to get home, we will get
6:31 am
you home. >> as u.s. troops work relentlessly to get people out. going for gold, the man of the paralympic wheelchair rugby team, proving their sport is not for faint of heart. >> this smashed stereotypes on the court and gave me a sense of purpose. >> inspirational stories they're shag, saturday, august 21st, 2021. >> good morning from kansas city. >> we are from connecticut. we want to give a shoutout for capturing both our celebrations. >> thank you for having us. love you guys, cheers. >> a safe, happy school year. >> what's up to st. luke rams. welcome back to "today" here
6:32 am
this weekend. we begin things. vicki nguyen is with us, kristen welker is still on maternity leave. >> good to see her and welcome her back soon. >> glad you're here. let's go to headlines. millions in new england bracing for impact from henri. dylan is following the track of the storm. but kathy park is in rhode island. get to kathy with how folks are preparing for it. good morning. >> reporter: peter, good morning. folks are bracing for a devastating blow from henri which could bring high winds, heavy rain, could lead to serious inland flooding. now ahead of henri, we saw folks gearing up, stocking up on food and water. people pulling boats out of marinas. people are telling me they're getting generators ready. officials are warning, be prepared to be without power for several days. >> with those conditions, storm
6:33 am
surge and hurricane force winds, what you can expect, trees coming down, electrical wires coming down, and of course, that means power outages. >> reporter: in massachusetts, 1,000 members of national guard were activated in case they're needed to help. the governor of connecticut declared a state of emergency. here in coastal rhode island, we're on high alert. storm surge is a big concern here. peter, i can tell you, it is a beautiful start to the morning. 24 hours from now, conditions could be deteriorating quickly. >> you can see that chop building behind you, kathy park. thank you very much. >> check in with dylan tracking henri's every move. you have been busy this morning. what's the latest? >> this storm kept us on our toes. the track is changing so significantly. now it is more westward track with hurricane warning, includes most of long island and connecticut. hurricane watches in pink and
6:34 am
new york city under a tropical storm warning as tropical storm force winds extend about 115 miles from the center of the storm. still, a tropical storm. 70 miles per hour winds, but moving north, northeast, 12 miles per hour. and it still has to run into the gulf stream, warm waters in the atlantic ocean. that's why we expect it to strengthen to a category 1 storm sometime today. here we go. 1:00, 2:00 tomorrow afternoon, at the time of low tide, that's good news, that's when the storm should possibly make landfall in long island. that's where we are targeting it now. the cone of uncertainty pushes it west or east. that's the center part of the track. as it moves to the northeast, going into monday and tuesday, that's when it slows down. flooding rain is an issue, even for inland areas. we could see three to six inches widespread, up to ten inches in areas that are hit near
6:35 am
kingston. you could end up with flooding rain. now the flood concern on the coast. 3 to 5 foot storm surge, a push of water on shore. likely for parts of long island, parts of connecticut into massachusetts as well. 2 to 4 foot storm surge on western long island. coming in low tide should minimize effects of coastal flooding but there will be some. let's talk about winds. could see 60 to 80 miles per hour wind gusts. that's keeping in mind the fact that leaves are still on the trees, ground is saturated from a wet july, looking at 6 to 10 inches of rain. when you have winds like that, it will likely topple trees and power lines because the ground is not very secure. we could see widespread, long term power outages across connecticut into new york and into central and eastern long island where the storm will hit. a lot of facets to the storm. we'll be watching as it gets closer. >> use this time to get ready for potential power outages.
6:36 am
thank you. we'll get the rest of the forecast in a few minutes. president biden will be briefed on the latest evacuation efforts in afghanistan and the situation there now is changing quickly. the u.s. embassy this morning said they got a new alert to americans on the ground. monica alba is at the white house, following all of it. what's the latest? >> reporter: peter, good morning. as chaotic scenes are playing out in and around kabul airport, the u.s. embassy is warning americans not to travel there unless specifically told to, due to potential security threats we are learning outside the gates. all of this as the president is trying to tout progress on a massive evacuation effort, saying more than 13,000 have been airlifted in the last week. 6,000 in a 24 hour period alone. the president steadfast in his decision to leave afghanistan and pledging to bring home americans and afghans. >> we're going to do everything, everything that we can to
6:37 am
provide safe evacuation for our afghan allies. but let me be clear. any american who wants to come home, we will get you home. >> reporter: flights stopped friday at a transfer center. qatar was overwhelmed with evacuees. resuming overnight as the biden administration continues to negotiate with other third party countries to help process thousands who are fleeing. the president expressing empathy for those acting out of sheer desperation, calling it heartbreaking and gut wrenching. peter, vicki? >> monica alba at the white house with the latest developments. we'll keep an eye out through the day. thank you very much. what do you say we turn to the weekend boost. favorite time of the morning. >> this is especially interesting. this is about what two families brought together by chance. both were on vacation in hawaii. one of them found a go probottom of the ocean, filled with hours
6:38 am
of family videos. she went on a mission to find the family, he suspected was from maryland. sent it to a local tv station. soon the family was getting messages from friends. >> i would say it was pretty immediate that people recognized the story on tv on social media post and started blowing us up. >> can you believe that? turns out the family slipped out of the pocket while they were snorkeling. they got a huge shipment of crab cakes from maryland. >> solid trade. you wonder what happens to those. a summer worth of memories. >> i remember when you could expose if i am, film on the camera from prom was exposed, i don't have any pictures from senior prom. >> thought you were going to say it was at the bottom of the ocean. >> thank you very much. still ahead, how the families of the fallen felt over the course of the week, watching
6:39 am
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6:42 am
for families of the fallen, the past week has been difficult and frustrating. >> disorienting as one family said. trying to understand how the war that loved ones died is ending with life returning to as it was before, in taliban rule, but their lives upended forever. images of afghans clinging to planes, the chaos as the taliban recaptured the country is unbearable. >> feels like the rug was pulled
6:43 am
out from underneath a lot of us. i am struggling honestly to come to terms with it. >> that war altered the course of her life. her father was killed in 2007 when the helicopter he was piloting crashed in southern afghanistan. she was just ten. she remembers when the doorbell rang at the home she still lives. >> i peeked through the glass panes, saw two pairs of shiny dressed shoes, military issue, and it just hit me. there were no words exchanged. nothing said to me. i just remember falling to the floor. >> you knew. >> i knew. it was like a lightning strike. >> quinlan was a towering figure in life, now in keeley's memories. >> he was 6'4", goofy as all get out. the fun parent. sorry, mom. >> like the halloween he showed
6:44 am
up dressed as miss new jersey in curlers and pantyhose. >> i was mortified. he is walking into the cafeteria, and screams grandma quinlan is here to see you. >> memories of her dad are those by her grandparents. >> they tell me so many stories, he was a lively guy. full of life. >> jordan good died in 2007 from a roadside bomb. amira was two years old. >> i know me and my dad would have gotten along so well and would have been best friends. >> afghanistan was the forgotten war, but not for them. >> for me, it can't be. so many people made so many sacrifices, so did their families. >> is this war forgotten to you? >> no. no. it will forever be a part of me. in some way or another. >> now a final chapter she never
6:45 am
expected. >> to hear the narratives that your parent being a hero, your parent sacrificing so much, to see it all unravel, i don't think there will ever be anything that makes me feel better about it. >> a loss that can't be undone. >> it was an honor to speak to so many gold star families this week. they all agree, this has been a rough last many days. but also makes you recognize the sacrifice isn't just by those that serve but families left behind when they go away. >> i think about when you talk about service members and sacrifices they make, folks left behind that bears a big burden. so many questions. we're getting a final check of the weather. let's turn it over to dylan. >> good morning again, everyone. we are keeping a close eye on henri as it will likely strengthen making it northward. we have strong storms through the midwest ahead of the cold front, you can see torrential
6:46 am
downpours. temperatures feel like they're above 100 degrees, it is hot and very humid and hot and dry out west. we could see fires spread rapidly with dry conditions. we could get dry thunderstorms, lightning without good morning, we've got the fog but also the hazy conditions. temperatures today will be a little bit cooler thanks to an onshore flow so how is that smoke doing? no spare the air alert today but there is an air quality advisory extended into this evening. saturday at 11:30 p.m. we see haze into the south bay but headed into sunday we get an onshore flow that pushes the smoke east out of the area. >> and that's your latest forecast.
6:47 am
>> thank you so much. still ahead, insrational pi
6:48 am
6:49 am
we are back this saturday morning with a look ahead to the paralympic games that start in just three days. >> all of the athletes are incredible, overcoming challenges, proving themselves to be fierce competitors. >> one of the fiercest sports, wheelchair rugby. sam brock shows us what it is all about. >> reporter: on a court of infinite possibility. it is all about the chase. the camaraderie. and of course, the best part, the clash. do you invite it, like the contact? >> yeah, absolutely. the objective is to stop them at
6:50 am
all cost. >> reporter: danny is a father of two, human resources specialist, and hopes maybe someday a paralympic athlete. >> wheelchair rugby changed your life? >> absolutely. the injury i had which was a car accident, 2009, changed my life. instead of changing it in a negative direction, i have been able to retool, find new doors through this sport. >> reporter: strapped in chairs with giant wheels and thick metal fronts, four players each side for the south florida rattlers trying to advance a volleyball past the end line of a basketball court. but aoki is there. >> after claiming silver in the 2016 rio games, the u.s. wheelchair rugby team about to begin a quest for gold in tokyo led by veterans like aoki, competing in a third paralympics. >> i played a lot of sports.
6:51 am
i never felt at home until i played rugby. everyone had similar ability to me, a sense of brotherhood and friendship. >> and another returning pair a olympian loved football and fractured his spine at 19. >> this smashed stereotypes on the court for me, gave me a sense of purpose and helps me create some goals, create a mind-set. >> reporter: back in florida. a handful of roughly 500 wheelchair rugby players from around the country reflect on the journey. does this reinforce a reminder of what you can do? >> yes. i learn things every day more and more what i can do. and this helps by getting me stronger so i am able to do more things. >> reporter: the culture and sport that unites them. >> i think the community that it opened me up to is the best part. there's no one that knows what you're going through except others that have gone through it
6:52 am
just like you. >> reporter: for today, sam brock, nbc news, lake worth, florida. >> wow. we are wishing them the best as they go for gold. >> that's intense. >> i love how that sport has given these guys this purpose. wish them good luck. fun to watch. catch the tokyo paralympic opening ceremony live on nbcsn at 7:00 eastern tuesday m people everywhere living with type 2 diabetes are waking up to what's possible with rybelsus®. ♪ you are my sunshine ♪ ♪ my only sunshine... ♪ rybelsus® works differently than any other diabetes pill to lower blood sugar in all 3 of these ways... increases insulin when you need it... decreases sugar... and slows food. the majority of people taking rybelsus® lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than 7. people taking rybelsus® lost up to 8 pounds. rybelsus® isn't for peopl
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6:56 am
that will do it for us this saturday morning. vicki, this has been nice. thanks for being with us. >> delight to be here. thanks for having me. >> glad you're here. lot of weather comin thisg
6:57 am
good morning, i'm kira klapper. coming up next on "today in the bay," wildfires exploding overnight in northern california and a major highway closure in hopes of keeping people safe from the rapidly spreading flames. the mayor of one bay area city continues to do business as usual after going to a bar shutdown because of a covid outbreak. his defiant response to critics who say he's not taking the pandemic seriously enough. we are under a microclimate weather alert ahead of another smoky day across the bay area, meteorologist vianey arana tells us when things could improve.
6:58 am
6:59 am
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7:00 am
it is saturday, august 21st, 7:00 on the dot as we take a live look outside from communications hill in san jose. smoky skies, cloudy skies


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