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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  August 21, 2021 11:00pm-11:29pm PDT

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right now at 11:00, rescued from the ashes. a clear lake family forced to leave their dogs behind while escaping the cache fire. headache tahoe, a completely different story. the latest on the firefight and what it means for air quality in the bay area.
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also a all out humanitarian effort continues with a new threat. a team of bay area professors are trying to help. we begin tonight in the middle east where the increasingly dangerous effort to evacuate continues right now. the u.s. government issuing new warnings to americans still in the country. we've learned the pentagon is looking to u.s. airlines with help for the massive air lift. certainly owe quintana begins our coverage. >> reporter: the rush of people combined with the heat, the fear and desperation, makes for a dangerous situation there but paratroopers and medics are look r for a new threat. they're being instructed not to come unless specifically ordered because of new potential security threats including from isis in georgia. that's pushing the pentagon to look for more ways to get people
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out. >> we're going to continue to explore options, to assist americans as needed and we will do that. >> the pentagon has reportedly notified several u.s. airlines they could be activated as part of civil reserve air fleelt. as americans look to fly home, many people are racing to get afghan colleagues to safety, too. >> we're going to help academics, professors, activists, journalists, because of their work, because of what they've done. >> san jose state university professor has been working for weeks to help people with visaa applications, travel arrangements and places for them to come to when they get out. . >> that they are interested in hosting the people that were in contact with it. >> reporter: the goip reports about 17,000 people have been air lifted out of afghanistan this week. about 2500 are u.s. citizens.
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along with dealing with new security concerns and trying to find more flights to help in the evacuation effort, the u.s. government sls trying to find more places for afghan refugees to go to be pro sesed before heading on to their final destinations. >> in the east bay, the hol after gap community marched to demand u.s. leader take more action. several dozen people marched down the avenue in free momtd. they were carrying signs and waving flags. many of them are still worried about family trying to get out of afghanistan. >> i am here because i want the kabul airport to be open and i want president biden, if you're listening, please do everything in your power to negotiate with whoever you can in terms of diplomacy to keep the airport open. >> there are two things the
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protesters want to see. immediate humanitarian help for those displaced and more refugees allowed into the united states. tomorrow national security advisor sullivan will join jake todd on meet the press. joining them will be liz cheney. she'll share her perspective. watch it at 8:00 right after "today in the bay." growing by the hour. tonight the cal dor fire burning near lake tahoe has grown to 90,000 acres and still no containment. you can see how incredibly dangerous this situation is right there. those flames moving very fast. highway 50 remains closed from pollock pines to meyers as crews try to get the upper hand on that fire. they're fighting the fire from the ground and from the air. we saw this dropping retardant
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and lots of it. more than 270 homes and buildings have burned. another 13,000 are threatened. let's bring in our meteorologist. air quality is terrible. one concern is that the winds will take that smoke and bring some of it down here to the bay area. >> as the fires get larger, what we're seeing around lake tahoe is air quality that can't get any worse than it is at this hour. you've got very unhealthy to hazardous showing up on the east side of lake tahoe from the east side down to south lake tahoe. here it led to cooler temperatures today. as you can see in the green, air quality right now thanks to the ocean air conditioning, pretty good. in fact, better ault air quality towards the morning with less smoke. terry mentioned it could be a change in the wind headed into monday. light amounts of smoke coming back if from the north. not up healthy just yet.
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so we'll wrap up the weekend. mild temperatures for the short term but in the seven-day forecast another taste of heat's headed our way. numbers in the 90s to a hundred degrees. timing for this good temperatures return in the forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks very much. another fire we're keeping an eye on, the dixie fire. for the first time in three days, crews gained a bit of ground and i mine a bit. containment went from 35% up to 36%. i'd going in the right direction. want to show you how destructive this fire is. this map showed the entire area scorched by the dixie fire. also want to point out, give you a perspective. it's up close to susanville and if you come of here, you have the city of chico well away from the pier but we wanted to give i some perspective here.
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chester on the other side of the lake earlier this week. they were downgraded to warnings there and people were able to return home. it's one of many wildfires burning across the state. these are the major wildfires. not talking about the smaller ones. one and a half million acres are burned. nearly 13,000 firefighters are on the line as some of the fires north of us have the potential to burn into early december. that gives you an idea how dry everything is because of that drought. lot of these fires continued to burn. you can keep an eye on the air quality by going to nbc bay click on check your heir on the trending bar. firefighters continue work to control the cache fire in lake county. 50 homes destroyed but tonight an uplifting story of survival involving one family's pegts.
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>> reporter: after the cache fire roared through lake county this is all that's left of rodney's motor home. he said it's the second time in 45 days fire destroyed his home. he was living in the rv after his clear lake home burned last month. as claims closed in he said he scrambled to gather his three dogs, tying each one so he could focus on one at a time. the wind driven fire was moving too fast. police showed up and ordered him to escape with him and he couldn't go back to get his dogs. he returned to the air that same night to find one of his dogs but feared the other two had died. days later animal control officer emily crumb checked the property. >> i looked of and happened to see this dog laying on its side on the right underneath the trailer hitch and i thought it
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was dead. >> she walked closer to the limp dog. >> i walked over to it and i started wagging its tail and moving its head around. and i was like, oh, my gosh. >> miraculously sammy was not burned. just coated with specks of flame retardant. an hour later, the other dog was found and rodney was soon reunited with his pets at the local shelter. >> ecstatic. they've been me for a long time. i really love them dogs. part of a family, you know. >> rodney says he hope to peck all three dogs up next week to be truly reunited with his furry family of survivors. >> can't wait to get them back, really. >> reporter: bay area news. >> what a story. first responders in marin county now have a mandate to get vaccinated by september 15th or test weekly testing.
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that's law enforcement phillies, firefighters, emergency medical person el as well. growing concern for a civil rights leader. the rempd jesse jackson and his wife are in the hospital diagnosed with covid. this is video of him getting that first shot. he wanted it to be a message for everybody. he's been a vocal support of the vaccination efforts. the condition's not yet clear. tonight vice president kam kamala harris is in southeast asia. this is her first trip there as vice president. she says she'll emphasize the need for partnerships between united states the asian countries. today in san jose a lasting tribute to the country's first black president. they unveiled the newlynamed
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barack obama. >> get this done and have these streets renamed and people have donated. i'm one of those people that donated to have the signs changed. >> that street regaimg naming was the work of a local committee who worked for years towards this goal of honoring the 4th president. >> shedding light on the spread of covid information. coming up, the new report facebook released. and one of the platform's most popular posts. plus, you don't want to miss this. very unusual scene on a local beach today. can you believe this? we're back in 60 seconds.
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only at jack in the box. a san francisco man died in death valley national park this week hiking in 108-degree heat when it happened. they announced that they found the body of 60-year-old lawrence standback on the trail. he was about a mile from the trail head. park rangers first got reports about cpr being performed on a possible heat stroke victim. by the time they got there they found out he had passed away. there are warning signs not to hyka after 10:00 in the morning. new at 11:00, facebook remains under scrutiny for the spread of vaccine information. they revealed a factual news article potentially linking a doctor's death to a covid vaccine was a top performing
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link on facebook between january and march. it got nearly 54 million views as the vaccine rollout was just getting underway. the doctor's death was ruled as natural causes, not to his vaccine. facebook said it makes it difficult to consider what is misinformation. apple is bringing workers back to the office. the company is saying that january is now the target date for coming back to work in person. october was originally the goal. the delay applies to all corporate employees everywhere around the globe. apple is not the only big tech company pushing back office reopenings. facebook and amazon have made similar decisions recently. another sign we are moving forward. after a 17-month pause more than 2,000 passengers and cruise members are cruising again. the new carnival pap rama is headed to puerto vallarta and
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cabo san lucas. several doctors and nurses are on board the ship. they will set up an icu and medical center should any need to be isolated. passengers don't seem to be worried. >> i mean, i'm not nervous. we all got vaccinated. we took tests, so we're negative. >> we've quarantined at home. this is like our treat. >> trip is seven days long. they'll be tested when the voimg ends. a lot of excitement as the cruise gets underway after such a long hiatus. getting ready for the 50s day at school has been a little bit different. students 12 years and older were able to get a dose of the covid vaccine. >> we want everyone vaccinated. this is a pandemic and we're all in this together. we have to encourage one another to live. >> both the pfizer and johnson & johnson advantage seeps were
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available today. of course, children under 18 needed parent concept to get a dose. take a look at this, please. you don't see this every day. that is a llama on a beach in mar ip county. yes, right here in the bay area. this is video taken back at muir beach. apparently his name is chubby. although he looks slim. he doesn't seem to care about the dogs around him, either. and he seems to like the oegts. you can see him wading through the tide there, on a leash. you know anybody who's got a pet llama? >> has a -- with the leash? is you see the dogs kind of taking it all in? >> we're all one together in marin county. >> if it was going to happen it would ha in marin county. >> and it did. >> cloudy, fog, and north bay took a long time for clouds to break up. 60s, low 70s. if you like that weather, lamas and all at the beach, you get
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more of it tomorrow. san jose, rights now 62 degrees, patchy low clouds and a plane of some sort moving towards the digital camera r camera lenz. out towards liver moore, hazy skies inland but the air quality right now considered moderate as oppose odd the unhealthy area we saw from wednesday into friday evening. san francisco, 58, west wind at 15. it's that steady sea breeze. in the morning, drizzle at times. we'll see a repeat performance tomorrow. notice how the north bay should break out a little bit earlier to more sunshine as we head for the afternoon tomorrow. temperatures staying pretty mild. low clouds, all the way in, perhaps to stockton and sacramento as the sea breeze gets going. notice how the low clouds start to peel back to the coast and area around the golden gate bridge.
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75. san jose, low 80s, 70s up around the north face. 37 in napa, 75 in sant rosa. here again, a look at the smoke, clearing, as we head through the sunday and late in the day, watch what happens. we begin to see a little bit of a northwest wind down the coast. as long as the wildfires continue to generate smoke, any shift we see in the wind could bring more smoke to the south. right now north bay andos bay could see more smoke but the worst clearly up around south lake tahoe. high pressure building in for the second half of next week keeps the storms to the north. as you're about to see in the extended outside look, we're looking at probably three to four days of hot temperatures inland for napa. you should be seeing 90 started friday. next weekend, tri-valley, liver moore could be four days or so
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in the upper 90s to hundred degrees. coming up approaching next weekend could be seeing 90s. oakland seeing temperatures climbing into the 80s. by friday and saturday. san francisco, here's one place to stay relatively mild. 70s possibly later next week. i think the bay area concern in addition to the temperatures could be a slight taste of north winds coming in, could bring more hazy skies as we kochbt to see if the dixie fire and others burning around the state, wildfire smoke is still going to be in the forecast. right now enjoy the clean air. i think we'll see a little more headed towards the middle part of the week. >> i was sitting in sausalito today watching the giants game. the giants and as are playing in oakland, it's sunny. it turned into a sunny conclusion for the giants. >> if you like drama and home run, they had it today. >> they had it. >> what the as and giants are
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saying about the late game heroics from the orange and black. get outta here. sports is next.
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welcome back. i'm anthony flores. the giants were two outs away from having their first place league shrink all the way to a half game. with one swing of the bat they rallied over the as. game two. you were talking about the al kaleem. beautiful weather. >> gorgeous. >> it was 5-2 oakland in the seventh and brandon belt golfed it into the seats in right. wait, there's more. darrin ruf crushes it to left. the giants with back-to-back jacks. 5-4-as. lamond wade junior goes on a power trip. it's a pitching hit two-run homer. the giants rallied to beat the as 6-5. >> provide a big stick of confidence going forward. i felt like we hung in there and
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scratched and claude to stay alive and eventually our bats will come around and support it. at the same time, we will not get too high or the too low. today's game ready to come out and fight in tomorrow's game. >> guy just hit a homer. good fastball hitter got a fastball to hit. it's a home run hitting team. that's the way they scored basically everything told. when they got some mistakes, they took advantage. >> final game is tomorrow afternoon. the winner of that game gets the trophy and bragging rights for a year. preseason football, the raiders back in the golden state to take on the rams. derek carr just a spectator. fourth quarter, 10-10. nate peterman playing catch. 2 yards to the touchdown. the raiders beat the rams. they will head to santa clara next weekend to take on the 49 es. they will stay in that same stadium tomorrow when facing the
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chargers. that's a look at sports. more news after the break.
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finally tonight they were rescued from one of our wives last fall. well, today three mountain lion cubs celebrated their first birthday. captain cal, goldie, and poppy were nursed back to health at the oakland zoo after being burped up in shasta coup fire. this is the birthday party. they're living at the columbus zoo. zookeepers threw them a party. it was a firefighter themed gathering. which made sense. the cubs are going up. captain cow weighs 75 pounds. goldie and poppy weigh about 63
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pounds each. they're having a nice party. they'll be full grown in about a year, they'll weigh between 100 and 100 -- oh, hello. 1 is 60 pounds. thanks for joining us. have a great night.
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