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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  August 24, 2021 12:37am-1:37am PDT

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♪ ♪ >> announcer: tonight on "late night with seth meyers," sean penn, star of "together," writer and actress, sharon horgan an all new "closer look. featuring the 8g band with jerome flood ii. and now, seth meyers >> seth: good evening. i'm seth meyers. this is "late night. and it's monday. let's get to the news. president biden today welcomed players from the 2020 wnba champions, seattle storm, to the white house, but unfortunately they didn't have any ideas about afghanistan. "well, thought i'd ask
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thanks for coming in." the pentagon announced, yesterday, that it has asked u.s. airlines to help with afghanistan evacuation efforts okay, but remember, they can barely evacuate people from laguardia. republican congressman, matt gaetz, married his girlfriend over the weekend. apparently, it was the only way she'd let him have a bachelor party. former president trump was booed by his own supporters at a rally saturday, after he encouraged them to receive the coronavirus vaccine. they came out to see you because they love you, and they ended up booing you man, you really are from queens. [ light laughter ] it's a tense -- it's a tense time in the studio [ light laughter ] former president trump, on saturday, criticized president biden's handling of the situation in afghanistan, and said, quote, "vietnam looks like a master class in strategy compared to joe biden's catastrophe. but, take that with a grain of salt, because trump never went to vietnam or class. according to a new poll,
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president biden's approval rating has fallen below 50% for the first time in his presidency and if his approval numbers fall any lower, he could start to hit trump's all-time highs today was the last day of new york governor andrew cuomo's administration well, i'd say keep in touch, but that's kind of what got you in trouble in the first place [ light laughter ] new york city, on saturday, held its "we love new york city homecoming concert" in central park and, to guarantee that the concert didn't become a super spreader, they held it in a hurricane. [ light laughter ] and finally, billionaire elon musk announced last week that his company is releasing a so-called tesla bot, designed to do unsafe repetitive or boring tasks. basically, it was designed to hang out with elon musk. [ light laughter ] and that was a monologue, everybody. oh, man, oh, man, we got a great show for you tonight he's an oscar-winning actor and incredible director, sean penn is gonna be here, in studio. she's one of our all-time favorites, you know her from "catastrophe," sharon horgan will be joining us but, before we get to all that, over the weekend the crowd at a
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trump rally booed covid vaccines, and then this morning the fda finally granted full approval to the pfizer vaccine, which is huge news in the campaign to get more people vaccinated for more on this, it's time for "a closer look." ♪ >> seth: polls have shown that a sizable portion of americans who remain unvaccinated might be persuaded to get the shot if the fda granted it full approval so far, the vaccines have been distributed under what's known as an emergency use authorization. and a poll earlier this month, found that three in ten of the unvaccinated report that they would be more likely to get vaccinated if the fda moved vaccines from emergency use to full approval. more than half of the unvaccinated are also unsure what the status of fda approval is approval also offers an opportunity to clear up substantial public confusion and look, i'll admit, it can be confusing to follow. we all wish the fda and cdc could be more like the sfc, which is an organization where people speak [ bleep ] clearly [ light laughter ] trying to make sense of all the announcements and updates and
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guidelines from the fda and the cdc can make you feel like an out of towner reading one of those signs about service changes on the subway. "due to service improvements 'b' and 'd' trains will be running on the 'f' and 'c' lines from dekalb to 15th street. and on the 'z' and 'g' lines from hoyt-schermerhorn to yakety sax from midnight to 3:00 a.m. thursday through sunday?" [ light laughter ] personally, i did not care what kind of authorization the vaccine had. the second they said i was eligible, i lined up outside javits like i was trying to get tickets to "snl" the week bts was on, or the week i hosted should have seen the sidewalk outside 30 rock. [ wind blowing ] >> seth meyers i thought that guy was too good for an audience. [ light laughter ] >> seth: and that's our entire annual animation budget. [ laughter ] the point is, experts have predicted that full fda approval of the vaccine's could help persuade some of unvaccinated to get their shots. well, this morning, the fda finally granted that full approval to pfizer's jab, which is huge news and a big boost to the vaccination campaign
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and, not only does it now have full approval, it can even be marketed under a new name. >> breaking news the fda has granted full approval to the pfizer covid-19 vaccine this is a key step in getting more americans vaccinated. it comes more than nine months after the first dose of the pfizer vaccine was administered in this country. the decision could motivate millions of americans who still have not recei -- received a vaccine to finally get the shot. the data is behind it. it saves lives it keeps people out of the hospital >> we are now learning that that pfizer vaccine for covid will be marketed under a new name. it will be called comirnaty. comirnaty is the new name that will be marketed for the pfizer covid vaccine. >> seth: this is amazing news that will hopefully convince more people to get vaccinated. and we should all be thrilled. but also, huge news that, i guess, we finally ran out of pharmaceutical names
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what's up with comirnaty [ laughter ] did the approval catch pfizer so off guard that they yelled out a name before they were ready? "i vote comirnaty? [ laughter ] also, it already had a great name, pfizer vaccine i mean, i understand using a complicated name, like viberzi or xifaxan, for ibs drugs, so you don't have to ask your doctor about, i don't know, diarrhea be gone [ laughter ] although, it all goes out the window when they have to have mascots that are, literally, intestines [ light laughter ] you know what would be a good mascot for a vaccine drug? a wallet with a vaccine card sticking out of it, because they don't fit. [ light laughter ] the fda better never approve dumb [ bleep ] shape now, you might be wondering how they came up with this name. apparently the name is coined from covid-19 immunity and then imbeds the mrna in the middle, which is the platform technology and as a whole, the name is meant to evoke the word community. [ laughter ] "so it actually, like, makes
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sense, dude. [ laughter ] god, it's like a riddle tom hanks would have to solve in "the da vinci code" to find out the location of the holy grail "it's in toledo. wait i don't think we did this right. [ light laughter ] there's so many different words imbedded in this name, it's giving me flashbacks to yesterday's new york times spelling bee "i was one word away from genius, and you're telling me i missed tall? screw you, spelling bee, i'm going back to "kenken. by the way, it is possible to have a much better name. you know what moderna's vaccine is called? spikevax oh, yeah that sounds like a vaccine that protects you from covid and gives you a mohawk, or one of those sketchy boner pills they have at the bodega [ light laughter ] spikevax sounds like the drugs teens are using in a "y.a." sci-fi series called, i don't know, "the nest world chronicles?" [ laughter ] the point is, this is huge news, and it will, hopefully, be super helpful in persuading more people to take the vaccine of course, another thing that might be helpful, would be getting donald trump, the leader of the republican party, to tell his supporters to get it, given that just 55% of republicans say they're already vaccinated for
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covid-19 for months, friends and allies of trump have been desperately trying to persuade him to promote the covid vaccine to his supporters and, promotion is the one thing he should be good at he is a salesman and marketer. let's not forget, trump used to sell health products, like scam vitamins he marketed through something called the trump network. among other claims, the trump network asserted it could use a urine test to recommend customized nutritional supplements. the business mogul encouraged people to take an expensive urine test, which would then be used to personally tailor a pricey monthly concoction of vitamins and if there's anyone you can trust to tailor something to your specification, it's old bag suit here. [ light laughter ] i do like the idea that a bunch of people send trump their urine in the mail and he had to figure out what to do with it, because you know trump wouldn't just throw it away. he'd come up with the dumbest and most illegal solution to make money "let's sell it to teens to use before they take drug tests. we can give it a catchy name, like comirnaty." [ laughter ] trump had no qualms, at all,
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about pushing sketchy vitamins and yet, for months he resisted attempts by friends and allies to convince him to promote a life-saving vaccine to his supporters according to four people who independently spoke to trump about a potential pro vaccine campaign, the former president has shown little interest in tying his name to broader efforts to get people inoculated senator lindsey graham, a top trump ally on capitol hill, told the associated press that he encouraged trump to speak up and to be aggressive and say, "take the vaccine. oh, lindsey, haven't you learned by now it only goes one way trump doesn't listen to you. you take orders from him trump's like the big city businessman that tennessee williams play, who moves into town to buy up all the the land, and graham's the little boy who does one-off jobs for him hoping trump will toss him a nickel "meemaw -- meemaw, mr. trump said he'd give me a job in new york city if i help him steal the oil lease from the hendersons no, you can't come with me, meemaw [ light laughter ] i'm gonna make a name for myself, and i don't want you bumming everybody out with your carpal tunnel sleeve." [ laughter ]
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that's not to say trump doesn't listen to anyone he just listens to the last person who spoke to him. like, when graham told trump to promote the vaccine, i'm sure trump agreed, and then he probably turned around and took a phone call from some anti-vax nut job, like mike lindell, a trump friend and ally, who is so virulently anti-vaccine, he actually got muted at the conservative political action conference earlier this year >> in israel, right now, from the prime minister on down, we don't know what happened but, obviously, he congratulated biden -- but after that, we got a little suspect well, he -- the -- right now, with the vaccine over there, they're making a whole country take it. so, you can't go in shopping malls, you won't be able to get a job. and if this happens, it's the start for the world and the worst thing that could happen to this world what do you care what someone else does? if that person wants to come to a mall and they don't want to get vaccine, this is our bodies. this is mark of the beast stuff. and, i don't care, i'll just put it right out there, this is revelation i mean, if you're going to make them do that over in israel, and why do you think they went to
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israel first what you know, that's kind of strange. this is weir they actually started -- the list started in spain. it started in spain, where spain double mask and do all this other stuff. let me tell you, that's not -- [ light laughter ] >> seth: i mean, i bet he was mad they cut his mic but, he also had to be mad with the picture they put up next to him while he's talking "don't put up the picture of me hugging the pillow like it's my lover. not when i'm talking science." [ laughter ] i mean, they cut off his mic, but i feel like it's also possible his mouth just never stops moving, even when he's done talking if he really wanted to scare people off the vaccine, he should just tell people he got it "oh, wow you took the vaccine, and now you're like this well, thank you for the heads up." and even trump, himself, when he's taking credit for the vaccine, can't help but use it as an occasion to criticize biden, as he did last week on fox business >> i'm very proud of the vaccine. i've taken the vaccine
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i'm very, very proud of it at the same time, some people don't wa problem with people not wanting to take it they don't take it, because they don't trust biden. and they don't trust the biden administration >> seth: people don't trust bi -- i mean, say what you will about the guy, but he is way more trustworthy than you, according to, both, polls and common sense if you ask trump about vaccines, he'd end up rambling about hillary's e-mails, or windmills killing birds. but, with biden, you know he's not holding anything back, because he immediately blurts it out. his aides must watch him talk to reporters the same way you watch your grandpa talk to your coworkers at your wedding. "oh, what was he saying to you guys?" "we just asked him if he was proud of you, and then he told us about the time you peed your pants in little league." so, for months, trump routinely rejected pleas to promote the vaccine. and, even when he did talk about it, he used it as an opportunity to criticize biden he associates himself with anti-vaxxers and outlets that traffic in vaccine conspiracy theories and lies. that's the political movement he and his supporters in the gop, and in right-wing media, have cultivated so, it should come as no
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surprise, that when trump told his supporters at a rally over the weekend that they should get the vaccine, well, they did not react well to it >> i believe totally in your freedoms i do you got to do what you have to do [ cheers and applause take the vaccine [ audience groans but, you got -- no, that's okay. that's all right you got your freedoms. but i happened to take the vaccine. if it doesn't work, you'll be the first to know, okay? [ laughter ] i'll call up alabama and say, "hey, you know what. but it is working. >> seth: and that really illustrates the core problem with the trump movement. yes, his followers listen to him. but, he also listens to them in fact, he doesn't just listen to them, he's desperate for their approval and terrified of pissing them off "take the vaccine! "boo!" "you didn't let me finish. take it to the trash and throw it away. [ laughter ] "yay!" trump's obviously not a man of convictions. he and his allies have cultivated a political movement that boos a life saving vaccine. it's sickening months of relentless lies, conspiracy theories about vaccines from their favorite
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media politicians and pillow salesmen and outlets that has led to this. it's like maury, except instead of an ex-boyfriend who refuses to accept the results of a paternity test, they're booing vaccines meanwhile, the rest of us see that, we say - >> what? [ laughter ] >> seth: "not the picture with me and the pillow! oh." this has been "a closer look." ♪ we'll be right back with sean penn. ♪ >> announcer: for more of seth's "closer looks," be sure the subscribe to "late night" on youtube. we did it again. verizon has been named america's most reliable network by rootmetrics. and our customers rated us #1 for network quality in america according to j.d. power. number one in reliability, 16 times in a row. most awarded for network quality, 27 times in a row.
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♪ >> seth: sitting in with the 8g band this week, he's a fantastic drummer and founding member of up and coming rock band, floodgate. their new ep, "fall again," is available now wherever you get your music check out his instagram page @jeromeflood2. jerome flood ii is here. thank you so much for being with us, jerome our first guest tonight is an academy award winning actor you know from films such as "mystic river," "milk" and "fast times at ridgemont high. he is the director and star of "flag day," which is theaters everywhere now please welcome to the show sean penn. ♪ [ applause ]
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>> seth: thank you so much for being here in person >> thanks for having me. >> seth: this is based on a book by jennifer vogel about her father, called "flim-flam man. and it crossed your path years ago. >> yeah. i ran into almost 15 years ago, i think. and it had a long journey getting to the point of making it and we finally got a chance to do that. >> seth: and this is -- like i mentioned, this is about her relationship with her father and you in turn then decided to cast your daughter to play jennifer is that something that occurred you to right away as well when you were reading it? >> yeah, in a very unique way with this script i was at about page 30 and her face just got imprinted on it. and i couldn't get it out of my head and then it was a question of waiting until she was ready to do it.
12:57 am
she didn't want to do it she just thought that acting was the silliest thing in the world as a profession, as a teenager and as she came to embrace it more, i think principally as an avenue to be a director which is what she wants to do she came into it and is just extraordinary in the movie >> seth: she's really wonderful. and, you know, she plays someone who is very vulnerable because of the way her father is and i imagine one, first of all, acting is very vulnerable to begin with but then as you're --if you're a parent, you must always feel like your children seem vulnerable to you. how -- was it even harder to direct her because she was your daughter, especially in those tricky father-daughter scenes or was it just natural because that is the relationship you guys have >> i think that there was a real shorthand that you gain from being close for 30 years and so somebody called and said, "blood harmony."
12:58 am
and when that happens, it can be magic. and watching her, she had always been so uncontrived as a person, and to see her as an actress be so uncontrived and be able to watch her think without being told what she's thinking by her is a very moving thing so i think that it was probably helpful. >> seth: your son hopper is in the film as well >> yep >> seth: is this just a father using jobs in movies to spend more time with your kids >> yeah. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] and did it work? was it good family time together >> it was great. i don't sleep very well. but when my kids are under the same roof or in some proximity, i suddenly sleep so i was able to sleep on the shoot in ways that i haven't been before. yeah, it was -- and then i've just been, you know, kind of took the show on the road with dylan. you know, doing press for the movie and so she's still gets ball and chained to me
12:59 am
it's a good plan relationship with the project? did you talk to her a lo i mean, we just lucked out that jennifer vogel happens to be the most extraordinarily supportive, even of poetic license, you know, she gets it. she gets film. so she was really a collaborator and there were times where we were making revisions. we would always bounce it by her. she came to set a few times. you know, her book is the movie and then some. because we -- i just tried to express the center core of the story with the movie but the book, "flim-flam man," is an extraordinarily well-written book. >> seth: after this really difficult 18 months, some movies are lucky enough to be in theaters again i know you appreciate watching a
1:00 am
movie in theaters. is it extra special that this is a film that can be consumed that way as well as at home >> yeah. for me, the fact that it's in the theaters, and particularly that it's exclusively in the theaters because i think that that baits those like me, you know, if i'm interested in seeing a film, i don't want the convenience of the small box when something was, as "flag day" was, made for the big screen and so i was very fortunate, you know in, this day and age that i have mgm as a distributor who believed in it that way and gave us this exclusive period -- of course, it will eventually stream. but i do always feel at this point in time that i have to say that i hope, i'd ask that as much as i want people all to go to the theater, i really only want people who are vaccinated and are safe to themselves and each other to go and it will stream but most of the people who aren't vaccinated probably aren't interested in my movies anyway >> seth: yeah, that's a good point. [ laughter ]
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>> seth: did you -- do you like watching yourself on a big screen or do you have the anxiety of somebody just watching themselves perform >> i am not my own aesthetic >> seth: okay, gotcha. >> that's why i never cast myself before. >> seth: that's true so you directed multiple films this is the first time you're directing yourself as an actor were you difficult did you find yourself hard to work with? >> yeah, no -- i found one thing really made -- a surprising thing. because you know, it's a lot more work and it's already a 17 1/2 hour day job to direct a movie. but i didn't have to -- you know, with the principal two actors, which is led by dylan, but me, i didn't have to negotiate the ego politics that you do, you know, you have given an actor ten takes on this side. you come around on the other, you give them two, and they say, what's this about? and it would have been four. be
1:02 am
jennifer who is the lead in the story. and yorer time in there. that was one thing that offered a little less fatigue. >> seth: that's nice i want to come back and ask more we're going to show a clip as well we'll be right back with more from sean penn ♪ boost and cricket charge you more for unlimited 5g. metro doesn't. introducing the big 5g upgrade. just twenty-five bucks a month gets you unlimited 5g and a free 5g smartphone. that's half the price... ...for one line of unlimited 5g smartphone data a free samsung galaxy 5g when you switch and trade-in. all with the power of the t-mobile 5g network. rule your day with 5g. only at metro by t-mobile.
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no, i'm aware. the thing is -- it's that the car was for my daughter. and she changed her mind she doesn't like the car yeah i know anyway, yeah well it's a long story but i think we need to talk about the $5,000 deposit i understand your policy, sir, but you got to have some flexibility here for instance, how about, you know, 50% back on the deposit. >> dad
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>> okay. how about 40%. 40%. you keep $3,000. >> dad [ bleep >> let me put you on hold for a second >> seth: welcome back to "late night. we're with sean penn this is very serious movie it's a very dramatic film. there are some really nice funny father-daughter moments in the film, especially about the idea of honesty and there is a really funny scene where you talk about smoking weed -- the two characters and i'm wondering, did that give you flashbacks to those actual moments with dylan and i'm wondering were you the kind of parent that was honest with your kid or were you a liar >> yeah. well this is an interesting thing that we do what we convince ourselves of as honesty and those things that might just be adult privacies. >> seth: right, right. >> and kids are so -- all kids have such an intuitive sense of what is authentic and are all
1:08 am
driven to know their parents' authentic self and i think, you know, i can even say that while we were making this movie, it's still an evolving thing because it's like peeling an onion to offer your authentic self and there was so much in the jez butterworth's writing that could parallel things. not marijuana, because i wasn't ever -- i couldn't take pot. i just hear police sirens and hide in the bathroom >> seth: it is a paranoid experience, yeah >> but there were plenty of other areas where, you know, you find that you were less than honest and so these -- i love, in this case, the extreme of what corrosive deception does and i felt also, of course, thematically that part of the theme was something we all are living with in such a loud and present way now. >> seth: it is really -- i think you're right
1:09 am
like as long as you can be authentic about it, whether or not it's the whole truth, it doesn't matter your kids don't actually care about the truth or the lie about the fact they just want to know, like, are you telling me something you believe? >> yeah. who are you? >> seth: yeah. there is a lot of -- music is a big part of this film. i feel like historically it's always a big part of your films. >> yeah. >> seth: what do you -- when you're trying to find a song, like what sends you on that journey? is it something in the scene that you feel like you need the music for? >> well, typically -- if it's something i have written from go, whether adapted or original, i have found that i involve songs as characters. music as characters. and then with something like this that i didn't write the original script on, i did revisions by making edits where i felt that i could tell something with images and music that was otherwise written as a scene. so the -- and i had such a great
1:10 am
collaboration with eddie vetter on another movie and -- on "into the wild," and he came onboard on this and really kind of curated all the rest of it with cat power, glenn hansard, and then olivia vetter, eddie's teenage daughter -- beautifully sang the end two songs but, yes, i always love that kind of cinema starting back whether it was mike nichols with "the graduate" or harold mod, where -- you know, songs could help tell the story and i enjoy watching a movie and feeling that music with it >> seth: you were on about a year ago. we were talking remotely, but we were talking about your core foundation which has obviously done great work internationally. but you're using it domestically to do a lot of vaccine outreach. progress do you feel like things are moving in the right direction? how is it going? you're in california a lot >> yeah.
1:11 am
well, we -- you know, we're spread out across the states we're in india we're in brazil. we're in haiti, vaccinating now. you know, started with testing there was -- as we know, i mean, it's not a story i can only tell it was -- there was a lot of progress early on. that people have invested in a very fraudulent idea of individuality and freedom and attach that to denying basic science is disheartening that's what i call kind of a radical libertarianism that's a spinoff of an identity that is going to hurt their kids in the long run and so we're up against it that way. we're trying to sensitize other neighborhoods. there are people who are of good will who are -- have been afraid of it. you talked about the fda today i think that's very important. it's also going to give businesses cover to start mandating it, which i believe is, you know, it's like a bad word
1:12 am
but it actually means you have to turn your headlights on when you're driving down the freeway at night so -- there's progress and there are setbacks case in point, we had progress moving on the vaccinating in haiti and then the president was assassinated, followed up immediately by another devastating earthquake but we put one foot in front of the other and keep on going. >> seth: i know you're heading down right after this. thanks again for continuing to put your efforts to good use and it's just lovely talking to you as always. >> great to talk to you. >> seth: thanks for being here visit for more information "flag day" is in theaters now we'll be right back with sharon horgan. [ applause ] ♪ liberty mutual customizes car insurance so you only pay for what you need. how much money can liberty mutual save you? one! two! three! four! five!
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>> seth: our next guest is an emmy-nominated writer and actor you know best from her work on the critically acclaimed show, "catastrophe." you can see her next in "together," which is in theaters this friday. let's take a look. >> i vividly remember being at dinner with him and watching him eat and just thinking, "it's the worst thing i've ever experienced. >> what? i'm not -- i'm not a bad eater >> no, it's not -- it's not that you're a bad eater it's just like -- just the fact of you eating. like watching you eat makes all the various different processes involved more apparent you know, like, mastication and rending of flesh, grinding of matter just mixing with saliva and sucking it down into your big old meat bowl of acid to break it down until it's no more than a brown sausage of turd to be squeezed out by your anus [ light laughter ] >> seth: please welcome back to the show, sharon horgan. how are you, sharon? [ light laughter ] >> i'm okay. what a funny clip.
1:19 am
>> seth: it's about -- i watched that clip today and was filled with dread knowing that when my wife watches it, that will be when she most thinks of me [ laughter ] >> that's exactly what she's thinking as she watches you eat. >> seth: i am of word-for-word, but with less style, but word-for-word. you -- i feel like you continue to be our greatest creator of content about marriage that makes us both think it's awful and worth it >> oh, well, thank you very much but i mean, i can't take credit for this because this is dennis kelly who wrote this who i wrote a sitcom called, "pulling," with years ago. so this is his, sort of, you know, take on the romantic comedy >> seth: it's a beautiful -- >> but it's set in the lockdown. >> seth: it's a -- that's a beautiful script and he -- he is a playwrite as well is that correct? >> he is, yeah yeah i mean, it was supposed to be a play, originally but, you know, obviously, all the theaters shut down during lockdown and then they thought, "you know, well we just -- you know,
1:20 am
we won't put it on." but he just -- i mean, he -- the whole reason why he wrote the play is he was so angry about, you know, the mishandling of -- of the pandemic and he felt it was really important that we, sort of, say it now. everyone seems to, sort of, slightly forget about how -- badly handled it was when the vaccination came along because everyone was like, "yay, vaccinations." and so -- so we decided to film it we filmed it in -- in 10 days. stephen daldry directed it and, yeah, we went and filmed it in -- in one house, one location and we filmed it during lockdown so, you know, there was all of that to contend with but, yeah, he was just so angry. he had a lot of anger. but at the same time, it is a romantic story >> seth: it really is. it's wickedly funny. >> yeah. >> seth: it is deeply sad at times. and it's tremendously romantic and when i heard it was 10 days, i thought, "that's incredible they turned it around in 10 days. but then there are -- what i
1:21 am
thought about it, i think, like, the first 10 minutes might be a single take. i mean, that's - >> yeah, it is >> seth: like, that's where it really feels like -- i mean, it is definitely a, you know, piece of cinema. but it really is wonderful watching the two of you act in a small space like that. >> i know. we have -- we did -- we must have done that about, like -- i think it was a 20 minute take. and we had to do it so many times, 'cause we'd like -- we'd get to the end, and then we'd mess up -- [ laughter ] just, you know, before the final hurdle and then we'd have to go back to the start and do it all again. but we couldn't film it like regular tv, you know so you couldn't do your sort of, you know, your close-ups and your mids and your wides and all that, kind of, thing you just had to, sort of, film on -- on the move. >> seth: was it least -- was it at least equitable who would screw up a long 20 minute take between you and james? >> yeah, it was, actually. >> seth: that's good >> thank god because it just -- it made you feel so awful when you do a good one and you could -- you could really feel it and, no, i think we both screwed up as often as the other. thank god. >> seth: last we talked, it was during lockdown.
1:22 am
you have your two daughters. and they were, maybe, giving you a bit of a hard time i think one of your daughters, maybe, was complaining that your eyes were too close together we went back and watched we don't think - [ laughter ] we don't think that's true >> well, i had a little operation. >> seth: okay. >> and as you can see, tiny -- tiny scar. >> seth: you just took a little bit in >> yeah. i mean, we got through it, you know i mean, unlike together, i wasn't in a -- in a, you know, in a relationship. so it was just -- just my two daughters that i -- i had to contend with but i mean, yeah we're, sort of, out the other side you know, they're kind of -- i don't know did your kids go back to school? they did >> seth: they're -- in the next couple weeks, yeah >> yeah. yeah so it's all, sort of, all normal again. i missed out on the last term of my -- well, the last two terms of my youngest daughter and then just as soon as she goes back to school, she told me i can't walk her to the bus stop anymore, so - and i have all ready missed, like, her whole, like, you know, last yea
1:23 am
[ light laughter ] and now it's just that that -- that special time that we had together, that, sort of, you and me special time where i put my arm around her and we tell each other secrets. that's just gone that's over. >> seth: i'm very -- i'm very sorry to hear that that's deeply unfair >> thank you, it is. >> seth: when -- you mentioned you knew dennis as a -- as a writer but i also heard you had some hesitation of -- of maybe doing a lockdown film. how long did that -- >> yeah. >> seth: -- hesitation last? >> well, i mean, i -- yeah i don't think anyone who was involved in the film wanted to do a lockdown film like stephen daldry didn't want to direct it and dennis didn't want to write it and james and i didn't want to cook -- my light just fell off [ laughter ] [ laughter ] >> seth: did it? we didn't notice or hear it. >> really? [ laughter ] really there you go actually, i made toast just before we started. and i burned it. and i was like, "the bloody fire curtain is going to go down. [ laughter ] "and the alarm is going to go off. but, no, it's just the light [ laughter ]
1:24 am
but, yeah, no, none of us wanted to do it and then i -- i read the script and i had this mad reaction to it because, i mean, you know, it -- obviously, it's set in the lockdown and, you know, it's about all the terrible, tragic things that happened but i just found it, like really, really romantic. and i remember calling dennis and going, "this is -- this is so beautiful i mean, this actually made me cry because, you know, i -- you clearly love your girlfriend very, very much. and i -- you know, i'm jealous." i would love to have a love like that but anyone else who read it was like, "what are you talking about? i mean, it's great, but it's -- it's not romantic," you know he tells of it he hates her face and she says, "you know, when she thinks about him, she gets the same feelings when she thinks about her dead dad's cancer." yeah, but, when he says, "i probably love you," and, you know, when he says that their love exists in the -- in the place beyond hate and they're like, "but, you know, he's -- he tries to kill her. [ light laughter ] she wishes explosive diarrhea on him. [ laughter ] but -- and there's this -- in the film -- like, not that it's
1:25 am
not a big spoiler or any, well, is a bit, but he -- he proposes to her and i found out just today that it was a hidden proposal from dennis to his girlfriend because he rang me today and asked me to be his best -- best person at his wedding. and i was like, "yes [ laughter ] i called it! you know i called -- i knew it was romantic [ light laughter ] >> seth: well done i did not -- yeah, i was very surprised to hear that this was a -- this work was also a secret proposal that would not have been my takeaway [ light laughter ] >> i know, it's like the most -- world's most private, sort of, easter egg, i suppose. >> seth: i was also watching and i was commenting to someone here i was very happy that james mcavoy is wonderful and as well, he got to be scottish. >> yeah. >> seth: got to use his natural accent >> he all ways should be -- yeah >> seth: he should always be scottish i agree. >> yeah. >> seth: is it true that your kids give you a hard time about your lack of an irish accent >> oh, yeah. i mean, they -- everyone loves an irish accent, right and when i take my kids to ireland, they're, you know,
1:26 am
charmed by it. everyone except me, except my voice. because they don't understand -- they just don't understand my voice. because, you know, i lived in london for 30 years and it's all -- you know, it's a bit of a mishmash but i was filming there in the summer and whenever i'm there for any length of time, it comes back. like, i think i sound pretty -- i mean, pretty god damned irish at the moment. [ laughter ] but then they're just like, "why are you putting on that stupid accent?" you know [ light laughter ] anything i do. >> seth: it does seem like, that you're maybe you're in an impossible situation with your daughters. >> i -- yeah, i think -- i think so >> seth: all though you probably have to bear some responsibility i mean, you did -- you did raise them >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> i made them >> seth: you got to -- there's got to be very subtle wig work in this film to show the passage of time. did you enjoy that [ laughter ] >> well, i enjoyed james' wig work james got to have a man bun which is, i mean, if anyone can pull off a man bun, it's james mcavoy
1:27 am
[ light laughter ] i just got to have really -- because they wanted to show, obviously, the passage of time because it's over the year of the lockdown and everyone's hair went nuts, didn't it? and -- and, you know, so -- so they gave me -- they gave me extensions but, obviously, to put extensions in, you -- it just, sort of, makes your hair bigger and bigger [ laughter ] so i looked like a, kind of, 80s slut [ laughter ] [ laughter ] and then, you know -- and it feels like, not right. but then you take it out and you really -- you really miss it it's just -- it's just gorgeous. >> seth: well, if we're talking about 80's sluts, i would love to show a picture of my work over the pandemic. [ laughter ] this is not a wig, this is real hair be honest. what do you think? >> that's -- you -- yeah i mean, it's a little -- you look pervy [ laughter ] yeah, it's very 80s. >> seth: yeah, yeah, yeah. >> i mean, i don't -- what is that look that you're working? >> seth: it's -- it's steff -- it's james spader's character, steff, from "pretty in pink. i don't know if that - >> well, of course >> seth: if that made it across the pond [ laughter ] >> of course it is
1:28 am
i mean, i -- i genuinely, i like that i mean, not that particular look, but i like, sort of, a longer haired look on men. [ laughter ] >> seth: i don't know if we needed that qualifier there. i'm feeling -- [ laughter ] hey, the movie is really fantastic. it is all ways so good to see you. please promise to come in person next time. >> i -- i will i'm sorry. time -- because i know this is -- this is a bit rocky, isn't it with your light falling off in that hole. >> seth: no, it's just -- you know, and, you know, the fact that sean penn made the effort and everything it's just -- >> i know. i -- i am aware of that. [ laughter ] i do apologize [ laughter ] but i appreciate it. i am filming in the morning at 5:00 a.m so that's -- >> seth: "oh, my god, your life is over. [ laughter ] thanks for being here. it's all ways so great to see you. >> thank you nice to see you too. >> seth: "together" is in theaters this friday and "everybody is talking about jamie" premieres on amazon prime video on september 17th we'll be right back with more "late night. ♪
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♪ >> seth: i want to thank my guests, sean penn and sharon horgan. i want to thank jerome flood ii and the 8g band. stay safe. get vaccinated we love you. ♪
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right now at 11:00, is it just what we needed? what the pfizer's fda approval could mean for vaccination rates


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