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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 24, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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this is their top priority. flames from the caldor fire is nearing tahoe this morning. where the conditions stand and what it may mean for bay area air quality. >> a critical decision looming for the white house. president biden is expected to announce today whether or notes u.s. troops will remain in afghanistan as new details emerge about a secret meeting. this all happening as one bay area ceo offers new aid to help thousands of refugees. going up against the county, one bay area city doing just that by considering indoor masking again. the move today that could make it happen. the third hour of "today in the bay" continues right now. a good morning to you on this tuesday. thanks so much for making us a part of your morning. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. we begin with that devastating and desperate situation in el dorado county.
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the caldor fe closing in on lake tahoe right now with flames threatening thousands of homes. it's still burning, mostly out of control and the air there is toxic. >> while the situation in the bay area is not as bad, all of that smoke continues to drift. we are under another air quality advisory. want to turn to meteorologist kari hall and we're smelling it and breathing it in and will we get a break from all that smoke at some point? >> this is actually our break. we're seeing some good to moderate air quality across the bay area and an air quality advisory has stepped down from a spare the air alert. with a wind we are seeing clearing in parts of the north bay where it's been smoky. elsewhere we are seeing some moderate air quality for parts of the peninsula down to the south bay into the east bay. now we are going to see once again today at times some clearing, some fresh breezes and even a clear blue sky, but we are expecting some changes ahead as these fires continue to burn
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with very little containment, especially the caldor fire as well as the dixie fire. for more on that this morning, the caldor fire being called the nation's number one wildfire priority. kris sanchez live with the latest overnight development. >> reporter: hi there, kari. yes, the caldor fire nun towards the tahoe basin. we know there is a lot of population there. now the fire jumps highway 50 and is now headed into the tahoe basin. it has fuel to burn because of extreme dry vegetation and also changing winds. here's where the picture is right now. 114,000 acres are now charred. at least 600 homes are now destroyed. 25,000 people are displaced and may not have anything to go back to and the fire is only 9% contained. >> it just blew up super fast, super fast.
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you know, we're canyons and this is rugged territory and resources were on the dixie fire. that's just how it is. >> reporter: some folks may have plans to go to tahoe and might want to rethink those plans, nothing to see, nothing to do with the thick and heavy smoke. the visibility is terrible. the air quality is at abysmal. also, there's the factor of leaving the roadways for folks to get out instead of clogging them with people going in. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thank you. developing news on the crisis in afghanistan, the director of the cia held a secret meeting with the leader of the taliban. the cia not commenting but nbc news reports the agency views the taliban leader as one who can be negotiated with. he once led negotiations with the u.s. when the trump administration agreed to withdraw u.s. forces. today is pivotal in the
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evacuation of afghanistan. military advisers say the president will have to make a key decision in the next 24 hours. >> right now there's an end of the month deadline for getting u.s. troops and stranded american diplomats and staff completely out of that region. "today in the bay's" jay gray live this morning on capitol hill and jay, a lot of people want to know if that deadline can be extended. >> yeah, marcus and laura, you're right. we may find out the answer to that at some point today from the president. look, military leaders say if it stays where it currently is, which is the end of the month, just a week away, that gives them only a few days left to evacuate people from the region because they have to begin the down tear of not only 6,000 troops that are there or so but their equipment and weapons as well. >> reporter: armed fighters a fixture in kabul and across afghanistan. the show of force that comes with the direct message, taliban leaders saying there will be consequences if u.s. forces stay
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past the deadline set by president biden now exactly a week away. >> we are well aware of the stated desire by the taliban to have this mission completed by the 31st of august. i would tell you that we, too, are still planning on completing it by the 31st of august. >> reporter: evacuations have intensified. 37,000 air lifted out in a week including more than 10,000 in one 24-hour period. as the rush to get out continues. >> the implementation of this policy has been a disaster. >> reporter: the house intelligence committee is taking its first in-depth look at the situation. >> there were any number of warnings that the taliban might take over and some that included a -- the potential of a very rapid takeover. >> reporter: president biden has said the chaos was inevitable and continues to defend his plan
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to withdraw u.s. troops. >> to record this was the logical, rationale and right decision to make. >> reporter: the pressing decision for the president now, whether or not to push back his deadline for getting troops and thousands of stranded americans out of afghanistan. >> reporter: and later this morning, president biden will meet with g7 leaders to discuss the withdrawal, many expected to urge him to extend the deadline. i'm jay gray, today in the bay. >> thank you. on the heels of that new this morning, san francisco based airbnb has pledged to provide free housing for 20,000 afghan refugees. the company's ceo making that announcement this morning. he says the program would begin immediately and airbnb will pay for the stays as well as donors to the refugee fund. airbnb does not say how long refugees would be housed or how long the company would actually
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fund those stays. happening today, benicia the county is the only one not on board. cierra johnson is live with a look at what's at stake here. >> yeah, good morning, marcus. i want to set the scene and let you know how we got to this point. at the beginning of the month there were eight counties and cities that banded together to announce that they would be enforcing that indoor mask mandate. solano county was not part of that group announcing that mandate, and so now today, benicia, which is in solano county, saying they do want to enact that indoor mask mandate. nbc bay area did have a chance to speak with benicia mayor steve young who says city council will decide the mandate at today's meeting. in july days before that joint meeting i mentioned before, a statement was issued by solano county health director on why they were not included. at the time the health director called the cdc's recommendation,
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quote, misguided explaining, quote, the transmission that's occurring in people's homes, backyards and camping is not an environment where masking recommendations are going to apply. fast forward to this hours before council is set to vote, the leader of the city of benicia says it's something that needs to be done. >> i'm personally frustrated by having to do this again. because i think that had we as a nation or as a state had everybody vaccinated and everybody wearing a mask, we wouldn't be here. >> reporter: so again, that meeting taking place later today. we will, of course, keep you updated on what comes out of that meeting. solano not initially issuing the indoor mask mandate, we'll see what one of the first cities in the county decides to do. we're live in benicia, cierra
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johnson for "today in the bay." the nation's topesull fda af the pfizer vaccineaved with mor businesses and organizations perhaps implementing mandates. >> if we get the overwhelming majority of those 80 to 90 million people who are not yet been vaccinated, who have been reluctant to get vaccinated or not had the opportunity, i believe we can see light at the end of the tunnel. >> about 60% of americans are fully vaccinated. you can watch the entire interview coming up on the "today" show. new this morning another poll finds most parents want teachers and students to mask up. the ap survey finds six in ten americans support face covering mandates in schools. parents are slightly less likely to support the requirements than the broader population. similar numbers about six in ten
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people support k through 12 children attending school in person. here again, slightly fewer parents support in-person instruction carried compared to all adults. san francisco schools may clear the air a little at least when it comes to health and its students and teachers. the district plans to spend nearly 3 million on air purifiers. right now only about 10% of all classrooms have them. if board members approve this it will add 3700 new machines. the hope here is that move will boost ventilation and lower risk of covid spread. some people in san francisco may be waking up ub able to take a shower or make their coffee. that's because to repair a water main break on mission street they have shut down water. an sftuc spokesperson said no customers would be affected, but that's now changed. it's not clear just how long those repairs will take or how much perfume or cologne you will
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have to put on this morning. hopefully just working from home with yourself. >> moist towelette. >> need the coffee in the morning. oh, no coffee. what is going on. let's start out this morning, we can see the clouds that are rolling by the south bay and this is what's happening to keep our temperatures down as we're seeing much more of that coastal marine layer. slow warmup and going to be a nice day as our highs reach into the mid 70s for the south bay and low 80s inland. a warmup in our forecast. mike, another crash in fremont? >> this is the second of the morning. the first one had all lanes blocked for about 15, 20 minutes and that's what caused the early backup just as it cleared. the second crash happened right here. just south of the first. closer to mission south on the shoulder but a distraction. just now seeing the recovery. there was slowing now off the
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caster valley. san jose recovers from the first. the backup at the bay bridge forming in the last ten minutes here. back to you. >> thanks, mike. >> 6:11. coming up next on "today in the bay," closing impacting our climate in crisis. meteorologist kari hall is digging into how your wardrobe affects your carbon footprint and you can improve the outlook. pfizer explains or tries to explain how it came up with that odd name for its vaccine. there's no crying in baseball. before we get to that, a look at the futures. >> thanks, marcus. >> more green, so not much crying as well this morning. a look at that later for you. but as we were talking about no crying in baseball, look, one little toddler at the coliseum in tears. we're going to tell you all about this. it's a condiment conundrum. we'll talk about it when we return.
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right now we're waking up to fresher breezes in parts of the north bay and south bay. improved air quality near the surface but for the east bay as well as the bay and coast and santa clara valley moderate. we're going to talk about our air quality, hotter temperatures and how your clothing choices may impact your carbon footprint coming up. looking over here toward fremont where traffic is moving smoothly for 880, 680 had a crash and the extension over
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there for that call that may cause more delays as you travel to the south bay. good morning. very happy tuesday to you. video game maker banedy namco is the latest to say it's leaving the bay area and its headquarters and going to head to southern california. the pacman maker one of several to move headquarters or give up the idea of a headquarters equal together. new report from dice says even as companies stay away from the office they're hiring. san jose tech hiring up 13%, san francisco up 4%. this is quarter over quarter. from the start of the year until now, we can see other regions growing. denver up 17%, richmond, virginia up 24%. speaking of up, this week on the stock market looks to be as good as last week was bad. the s&p 500 and the dow both ready to set new records this morning after significant moves to the upside on monday. one of the things that is strange about the stock market or at least counterintuitive is
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that bad news can make the stock market go higher. there's no question covid is getting worse. that makes investors think the fed will keep goosing the economy and drives shares up. bad news becomes good news. good news something that might push the fed to relax its efforts is bad news. elon musk tweeting out he thinks the latest version of tesla's $10,000 optional self-driving software, quote, isn't that great. he says a lot more work needs to be done. tesla's self-driving software is under several investigations after a number of crashes that includes tesla's so-called autopilot, which is a step down from its fully autonomous and expensive self-driving software. the consultancy hired by pfizer to name its newly approved covid-19 vaccine is explaining itself. as you probably don't remember, the pfizer vaccine is called comirnaty. easy to administer, hard to pronounce.
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the company says it wanted to include mrna in the name because it used mrna to develop the drug. not a lot of words that use those letters in that order so they put it inside the word community. the ceo of pfizer will be on the "today" show coming up at 7:00 to talk about the vaccine which we can now say without any hesitation is safe and effective and savings lives. that's at 7:00 this morning on nbc bay area. i noticed you guys have said the pfizer vaccine. i'm from chicago originally and, you know, there was a couple called willis that bought the sears tower and everybody in chicago calls the sears tower the sears tower. >> right. >> there you have it. >> once it's stuck in your head hard to let it go. >> here's something you have to let go, new this morning instagram retiring that swipe up feature at the end of the month allowing people to visit external websites by swiping up. instagram says you'll be able to
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use link stickers which are actually what they sound like, stickers and stories that you can tap to go to a website. the company says it's streamlining the story creation experience and offering more control of users can format the look of the stickers. if a league of their own has taught us anything it's there's no crying in baseball. but sometimes you can't help it. >> checks this out. hall gordon is the oakland a's hot dog vendor known for the fake ketchup in the bottle. during last night's game, gordon decides to scare this little girl squirting out a red string instead of the ketchup. she didn't like it. not at all. the joke didn't go over well. she crawled into her dad's lap and gordon muss sterred up two or three hot dogs to apologize. oh. she was like, not my type of thing. get away from me with that. >> poor thing. >> like gordon may have overcooked his prank this time
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around. >> scared. please, take this. >> i'm so sorry. she's like you had chance. >> good day for baseball. i don't know. we will check. i wonder how the roads are heading to the ballpark. >> you know some folks might have been slow through fremont and the ketchup. bad joke. traffic flow nicely right now. we're talking about in fremont where there was delay and possibly more delay. just heard about the tow truck heading over to take care of the crash on the shoulder. four weeks at one point were involved and may still be there. probably three or two. the tow truck held up so there may be a distraction for the tri-valley. overall your drive is looking good. still building for concord. we're seeing slower drives for highway 4. the bay bridge toll plaza that filled in. that's not good for the carbon footprint. at least we can see it is not that foggy right there in that shot. let's take a look at our high temperatures for today reaching into the mid to upper 70s in the
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south bay and yeah, the seven-day forecast that's coming ut because we have a lot of changes. this nice cool air that we'll feel today will not last that long. we better take it in. 81 for concord as well as danville, 77 in fremont, oakland today in the upper 60s, and 63 in daly city. palo alto reaching 76. mid 60s in the mission district today. our north bay temperatures up to 88. ukiah, santa rosa at a comfortable 73 degrees and we're enjoying some better air quality for now. we're about to see some changes. high pressure will be moving in. that's going to shift our wind and instead of a wind coming in off of the ocean we're going to get wind coming in from some of the fires burning off to our north and east. we are going to see more smoke coming in as well as hotter temperatures, especially in the inland valleys. let me show you ukiah because this is how our temperatures heat up for the next several days. upper 80s, low 90s and 97 on
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thursday. over 100 degrees for the weekend. and it's going to be slow to cool off next week. we're still looking at some 90s in the forecast. so once the heat gets here, it's going to stay for a while and at least for today and tomorrow. it's still going to be comfortable with 80s and then once again we're back to the 90s. it's going to feel like the end of august. san francisco will get some slight warming going from the mid to upper 60s to the 70s for the weekend with more smoke. let's talk about our climate in crisis. it's time to get dressed this morning. we're going to start out in my virtual closet. have you ever considered the carbon foot print of your style and clothing choices. people ask me where do i get my clothes and i have a lot of them. the truth is i get a lot of my clothes second hand on-sites like thread up and shop now thread up has a calculator for your carbon footprint and the average shopper has a carbon footprint of about 1600 pounds
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per year. well my carbon footprint is about half of that. so here's how you can shop green. check secondhand first. and wash your clothes in cold water, hang them up to dry instead of using the dryer and shop brands you know that are good for the environment and they will let you know. repair and alter what you have. my mom has saved me so much money in alterations and if you are not handy with the thread and needle, find someone who is. check out some stories like this on our climate in crisis page on laura and marcus. >> not so handy. i stick my thumb all the time. >> be careful. coming up next on "today in the bay," nbc bay area responds. >> he planned his airport ride in advance to avoid sticker shock. he got an unexpected bill anyway. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. nbc bay area responds next.
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and just doubled the capacity here. how do things look on your end? -perfect! because we're building a better network every single day. good morning. let's talk about daniel in santa rosa. he says he needed a ride from the north bay to san francisco international airport. so the night before his flight, he says he schedule an uber ride. he said the price on the app was $120 tops. he gets dropped off at sfo and the app spits out a receipt for $512. daniel says he protested but uber didn't help. he asked us to step in. we had questions because the
6:27 am
uber website says right here, when you schedule at least 60 minutes in advance your price for the trip will be locked in. we contacted uber. a rep explained that drivers who take scheduled trips with a locked in price likely weren't available for daniel's trip. the uber app moved him to drivers who were available on demand at a higher price. we told the rep that seems unfair. they assured us that the system is no longer in place. as for daniel, uber said we understand his frustration and provided a full refund plus additional uber credits as a goodwill gesture. a refund plus $128 in credit. perhaps we can speak up for you too. go to click the responds option from the main menu or call us, 888-996-tips. >> always good information there. thanks. next the top stories we're following including one east bay family going through a
6:28 am
devastating loss. >> it's sad. she's gone. finished. >> it's tragic is what it is. a 14-year-old girl is found dead. so many questions surrounding the mystery drug some fear may be linked to her death and what police are saying thi
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valentina, david, and mary anna, now it's only two. >> right now at 6:30, the unimaginable hitting a concord family. their 14-year-old daughter less than a week into high school now gone. why some fear her death may signal a bigger bay area problem. plus, pfizer's promise less than 24 hours after gaining full fda approval, the ceo explains the company's new push to stop the delta variants. news a lot of commuters have been waiting to hear. some possible answers on when vta light rail service will resume as the agency struggles to move past tragedy. "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good tuesday morning to you. it's 6:31. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. this morning the caldor fire is now the top priority for cal fire. the fire jumping highway 50 and
6:32 am
closing in on lake tahoe. changing winds and bone dry vegetation could create a nightmare situation for tahoe region. >> and all of that smoke triggering another air quality advisory for the bay area. for the latest on where it's expected to be the most severe let's check in with meteorologist kari hall. >> some of our inland areas getting a little bit more of that smoke drifting in. it's been so bad in parts of the north bay this is where you get a break. as we look at our near surface smoke model see it clearing out from santa rosa to novato and the shades of the blues and green indicating moderate air quality for parts of the peninsula. as far as the south bay we should also see some improvements today. today and tomorrow actually are a break before we see our air quality get worse by the end of the week. a lot of that smoke still drifting off towards the east but the fires burning out of control for the most part and we'll still have a lot of smoke for days to come. laura and marcus. >> so sad to see that there. thank you very much. developing right now, a young girl is dead, students in
6:33 am
mourning after investigators say she took a pill that someone gave to her at school. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell live outside of concord high school. police are investigating whether the pill might have been laced. >> believed laced with fentanyl, an opioid, used as a painkiller like morphine, but much more potent. valentina langhammer was 14 years old, a freshman in concord high school. behind me, see her picture which was on display at a memorial here on campus put together by her family and friends last night. her parents tell us on friday night valentina texted her friends some kids at school had given her a pill and she was wondering if she should take it. her mom believes her daughter was looking for something to make her relax. police showed us pictures of what that deadly pill may have looked like. valentina took the pill and she died from possible fentanyl
6:34 am
poisoning. her father found her body in her room saturday morning. >> really to her, good night and wake up the and she's dead. >> reporter: in santa clara county the district attorney there is warning about an extremely toxic batch of fentanyl on the streets of san jose. seven homeless people have died within the past three weeks from taking methamphetamine containing fentanyl, five more people throughout the rest of the county including a juvenile in morgan hill have also died. most of those deaths happening between july and august. back here live in contra costa county, concord high says they will have grief counselors here on campus for students, teachers, anyone who is trying to cope with valentina's death and again as we said earlier the concord police department is investigating what happened. reporting live here in concord, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> so tough for everybody.
6:35 am
don't take something if you don't know what it is. >> so sad. pfizer's ceo speaking on the "today" show one day after the fda granted full approval to the two-dose vaccine for people 16 and older. this morning he's explaining pfizer is developing a new version of the vaccine to battle the delta variant. >> i'm almost certain because again the data that we have seen, not only from our own, bu effective against delta. we cannot take that chance, right. what if something happens. we need to make sure we have it as a tool, we will do the same for every variant that comes up. >> you can watch the full interview coming up right after today in the bay at 7:00 on the "today" show. happening today san jose leaders consider widening covid vaccine requirements to most city related large public gatherings. sam liccardo the mayor of san jose plans to show proof of
6:36 am
vaccination at any city-owned venue where more than 50 gather. the rules would apply to sites including the convention center, some theaters and the sap center. proof of a negative covid test would not be enough for admission. new this morning, richmond is the latest bay area city to mandate all city workers be fully vaccinated. "the east bay times" reports richmond city manager sent an e-mail that they need to be at least partially vaccinated by september 7th and fully vaccinated by october 18th. city workers can take paid time off to get the vaccine. san francisco and santa clara counties already have vaccine mandates on the books. happening today, vta leaders resume talks to get light rail service up and running again. no easy task. after the tragic rampage that devastated the agency not to mention the entire community. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us live in san jose where it is possible that some test runs could start up
6:37 am
soon. kris? >> yeah. those vta rail lines have been very quiet. we expect to hear from the vta ceo about the plans to return rails to service. we know that those vta trains stopped running back on may 26th, that was the day of that deadly rampage at the rail yard in which nine vta employees were killed by a coworker. part of the plan would be to run test trains and we expect more details at 11:00 this morning. there are still vta employees who are not ready to return to the rails and they were just dealt another blow last week when one worker who witnessed the massacre died by suicide. the statement from the president of one of their unions reads in part, unfortunately the vta has taken no actions to address the grief, the mental health and safety of their employees who have been under unfathomable extreme stress after the tragic shooting. the vta's inaction is shameful
6:38 am
and threatens the well being of our local 265 members. adding to that struggle a vta trainee was arrested last week for allegedly threatening to shoot up the place if he was not hired. the santa clara sheriff did arrest that person and that person now faces criminal charges. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. developing right now, the weather so far this week cooperating for firefighters in the frontlines of the dixie wildfire east of chico. containment grew yesterday to 40%. about half the evacuees yesterday were allowed to return home. the fire has now burned 727,000 acres. when we think about that, just how severe those fires are and really causing a lot of damage to our area as well as air quality, kari. >> i was thinking when laura said that earlier, 727,000 acres is what we normally get across the whole state for a whole year
6:39 am
and so that is just unbelievable to hear those numbers. it's putting up massive amounts of smoke especially with the caldor fire nearby. we think about that as we're sending the kids off to school. in fremont we're starting off at drop-off time with upper 50s, jacket weather, but very comfortable at pick-up with a lot of sunshine and they may be having recess indoors especially as we head toward the end of the week. mike, you're seeing commuters given some choices. >> yeah. it's not the one you're talking about, the teachers are choosing where you're going, whether you choose where you're going. looking toward the bay bridge where you know what you can choose to wait in the backup or take the shorter wait here and get you through quicker. if you have three or more hov the easy choice but the reason i point this out, they all charge fast track. you can use any of the lanes. we have a build and through berkeley there, the crash clearing from highway 4 it's on the shoulder right now, a distraction bogging down the pittsburgh drive into concord and everything else moving pretty smoothly a mild build to the nimitz.
6:40 am
back to you. 6:39. coming up next a southern california man under arrest ahead of the recall election. the ballot mystery investigators are now trying to sort out. president biden will speak again this time about afghanistan and possibly an extension to the amount of time we're going to stay there. out on the dow up about 80 points this morning, continuing a second day of wins. recognizing rock and roll history in san jose. the house that could leave a lasting imprint from one band's minute by minute influence. you're watching "today in the bay."
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time to get up and moving. 6:42. a look at our high temperatures today. we should be dealing with before the end of august and fresh breezes for our microclimates. the air quality will be moderate. watching that as well as the end of the week warmup coming up in a few minutes. >> we're looking at just the start of the real morning commute. still moves nicely here. 101 underneath the 280 and 680 interchange. want to beat the backup we'll talk about timing coming up. >> happening today, benicia considers its own indoor mask mandate. the mayor says it is time president the problem is the county is the only one in the bay area not on board. cierra johnson live in benicia looking at what's at stake here.
6:44 am
cierra. >> good morning, marcus. want to give you a little bit of background. the beginning of august about august 3rd when there were eight counties and cities that came together to say that they would enact an indoor mask mandate. solano county was not part of that group, so that meant benicia by default was not part of that group. today the city leaders here are going to join to discuss bringing that mask mandate to their city. nbc bay area did have a chance to speak with the mayor, mayor steve young, who says city council will decide on that mandate at today's meeting. back in july just days before that group announced they would enact the indoor mask mandate we spoke with the health officer on why the north bay county was not included. at the time the health officer called the cdc's recommendation, quote, misguided explaining, quote, the transmission that occurred in people's homes backyards and camping is not an environment where masking recommendations are going to apply. fast forward to today hours before council is set to discuss the item, the leader of this
6:45 am
city says it's something that needs to be done. >> i'm perso again. had we as a nation or as a state had everybody vaccinated and everybody wearing a mask, we wouldn't be here. >> reporter: i did some checking. the the city council meeting took place at 6:00 tonight, so again a lot of states bringing the mask mandate back indoors that would join other counties here in the bay area. live on "today in the bay," cierra johnson for nbc bay area news. >> quite interesting to see how this turns out. thank you. authorities in southern california investigating the apparent theft of mail containing batches of recall ballots. police in torrence say officers found 300 ballots in a stolen box of mail. located inside a man's car parked at a 7-eleven.
6:46 am
officers arrested the man on gun and drug charges and now trying to determine if he knew the unopened ballots were inside of that box. the recall election coming up september 14th. we've put together a voting guide that has all the answers to your questions. if you didn't get a ballot or if you want to vote in person how do you find that polling place, head to new this morning, new york has a new governor. these are photos showing kathy hochul being sworn in at midnight. a full swearing-in ceremony happens later this morning where she'll deliver a public address. it follows the sudden resignation of andrew cuomo over sexual allegations. he addressed new yorkers before exiting again, denying improper behavior. president biden under pressure this morning to extend his deadline to leave afghanistan. >> that pressure coming from some of our closest allies, scott. >> who we expect, marcus, will try to convince him an extension is needed as they talk virtually
6:47 am
right now, during emergency session of the g7. president biden would like to be out by the end of august but that's less than a week away. the president will speak about the situation in afghanistan and perhaps a deadline in a national address this morning. the white house says it will be at 9:00 this morning, california, time. these things run late. one thing we're remarking on the other day between covid getting worse and afghanistan, the president makes national addresses really often. there was a time not that long ago presidents didn't need to make national addresses perhaps more than once a year. we don't know what the white house is thinking but the head of the house intelligence community is certainly thinking or hinting anyway at extension may be needed. >> i think it's possible but very unlikely given the number of americans who still need to be evacuated, the number of sivs, the afghan press, civil
6:48 am
society leaders, women leaders. it's hard for me to imagine all of that can be accomplished between now and the end of the month. >> as we talk about who is left in afghanistan that needs to be rescued we simply don't know who is left in afghanistan. thousands of americans could still be there or there could be very few. nobody seems to know. keep in mind for every chaotic scene you see in afghanistan there are good scenes. the girls robotics team safe out of afghanistan. we've seen video of families, american and afghan together, safe. they need getting -- getting the help they need. this started with chaos. the white house bungled it, caught flat footed but since the early days 53,000 have been kuwaited without a single american soldier loss or injured like moving every person in san rafael to a different country. 10,000 flown out in the last 12
6:49 am
hours. no question that early days have hurt biden's popularity, down to the lowest level of his presidency. though higher than anything the previous president was able to hit in his four years. the same nbc popularity poll shows nancy pelosi is one of the least popular politicians in washington, no matter who you ask with an approval rating of 31%. donald trump has more popular approval than nancy pelosi. pelosi running into trouble getting the two important bills passed. the nonpartisan infrastructure bill, and budget bill. liberal democrats and conservative democrats have found something not to like. the house was supposed to start voting yesterday on early things. it did not. it reconvenes at 9:00 a.m. the president will be speaking and we'll be tweeting, find me on twitter @scottmcgrew. >> thanks so much. happening today san jose leaders are considering making a piece of rock and roll history
6:50 am
permanent. making it a city landmark. this house over on south 12th street was where tom johnson and john hartman founded the doby brothers in the 1970s. they were the band's original lead singer and drummer. they will hold a hearing on the landmark status. its owners tell nbc bay area they're making the request to maintain the integrity of the home's architecture. >> how cool is that. >> very. >> all right. how cool is the temperatures we can experience today. the question a lot of people are asking. >> what's helping to keep us cool the fog. it's all cloudy at times, a little bit of mist and drizzle but this will be slow to clear. we've also been checking out the air quality improving for parts of the north bay as well as the south bay. now if you're sensitive to smoke you need to limit your time outside for the east bay and the coast and santa clara valley as we're seeing more smoke mixing
6:51 am
in. take a look at these temperatures and the seven-day forecast is already up at the bottom of the screen. you know it's going to be changing. we better enjoy this now opening up the windows, not having to run the air conditioning, mid 70s for the south bay. only some low to mid 80s for parts of our warmest spots in the inland east bay. oakland today headed towards 68 degrees. 70 in san mateo. and san francisco reaching into the mid 60s. our north bay temperatures low 70s for santa rosa and even ukiah that's usually pretty hot reaches into the upper 80s today. there will be a lot of changes ahead. as we go towards the end of the week high pressure comes in and shifts our wind direction instead of getting that ocean breeze and our natural air conditioning that gets cut off and we'll see the return of the smoke as well as hot temperatures. taking a look at a spot like morgan hill where we go from the low 80s today and tomorrow to the low 90s on thursday, mid 90s for the weekend so we are still planning on a lot of heat and some of our hottest spots will
6:52 am
reach near 100 degrees on friday and saturday. it's going to be slow to cool off next week as well. san francisco, reaching into the low 70s, but even though it's going to stay comfortable we may still need to limit our time because of the wildfire smoke. you now have a crashgh there, t westbound 80 is affected by a crash right around that bend as folks make their way to transition off of northbound 880 and funneling off the berkeley curve. that's why we have a slower drive along with the build that comes out of that portion of the east bay as well. through richmond through berkeley. we have more folks heading over toward the richmond bridge and more than normal because they hear about the backup approaching the bay bridge. the crash on the shoulder in concord presents a distraction through pittsburgh and bay point. anywhere south of there looks all right. the south bay you leave before 7:00 and still okay but highway 87 already starting to show slowing as we've seen the last
6:53 am
couple weeks. back to you. >> thank you very much. ja happening now, a bay area satellite company using high resolution to help feed the country. planet labs just signed a deal with the department of agriculture to assess crops across the country. satellite data can be used to help farmers about crop management, water conditions and areas prone to natural disasters. the san francisco based company was founded in 2021 by three nasa scientists. next a quick look at the top stories including water woes plaguing one san francisco neighborhood this morning. and the caldor fire exploding in size. why you may want to rethink your plans if you were planning to head to lake tahoe and the smoke outlook for the bay area. it's 6:53. you're watching "today in the bay."
6:54 am
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good tuesday morning. before you head out the door, welcome back. here's some of the top stories that we're covering on "today in the bay." sad news to report, a young girl from the east bay is dead. students are in mourning. i can't imagine what her family must feel. >> a tough situation out there. investigators say she took a pill someone gave her at school. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live for us outside of concord high school this morning. bob? >> yes. they believe this pill the parents believe it was possibly laced with fentanyl and that valentina langhammer 14-year-old freshman here at concord high died from that poisoning.
6:57 am
you can see her picture here. this is from a memorial last night here on campus. that was put together by her family and friends. at school had given her a pill and she was wondering if she should take it. her mom tells us she believes her daughter was looking for something to make her relax. you can see in these photos provided by police this is what deadly pill may have looked like. valentina took the pill and sadly she died from possible fentanyl poisoning. it was her father who found her in her bedroom saturday morning when she tried to wake her up. bob redell, "today in the bay." thank you. some people in san francisco may be waking up unable to take a shower or make their coffee. that's because a water main break on on mission street look what happened there. last night an sfcu spokesperson said no customers would be
6:58 am
affected but now that has changed. it's not clear how long those repairs will take. happening now, the caldor fire closing in on lake tahoe. officials are nation's number one wildfire priority. latest overnight developments for us. >> reporter: it is very sad to see that caldor fire start to make a run towards the tahoe basin. so many people not only live there, but go there for recreation as well. the fire jumped highway 50 and has been making a run because of extreme dry vegetation and changing winds. the fire stands at 114,000 acres burned, 6 hundred homes destroyed, 25,000 people displaced and 9% containment. with those displacement numbers a lot of folks are staying some place other than home. if you have plans you want to rethink the plans and postpone them because there's nothing to see with the poor air quality but also you want to research those roads for folks trying to
6:59 am
get in instead of clogging them up with folks trying to get in. in san jose,>e want to look at forecast today. meteorologist kari hall has been wi away from the bay area so we are getting some improvements in our air quality. we have a strong westerly wind coming off the ocean keeping our temperatures cool. you can see our temperatures will be heating up and that's when the smoke may be back in the bay area. mike? >> look at this slow drive down the east shore freeway. the arrow shows you westbound, technically south heading towards the bay bridge. the crash around the 880 interchange that's what keeps things at the bay bridge toll plaza lighter. better news off the rest of the maze. smooth flow to a lighter backup. the slowdown richmond, berkeley and emeryville. >> thank you for joining us as well. that's what's happening "today in the bay." we're back at 7:25 with a local news update. >> taking a live look, where is
7:00 am
this. that's san francisco this morning. a foggy start to the day. of course, things should improve thought the day. we'll keep you posted on everything d the "today" show is coming up next. good morning. countdown, the biden administration racing to finish emergency evacuations in afghanistan before the president's august 31st withdrawal deadline. the u.s. military telling the white house a final decision must be made today on whether that timeline should be tended. this as the taliban warns of consequences if it's not met. this morning, richard engle back on the ground in kabul with an
7:01 am
inside look at the scramble for safety. pushing the needle with pfizer's shot now fully approved, president biden urges more americans to get cc


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