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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  August 27, 2021 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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right now a race against time in afghanistan, the race to get thousands of people out of the country, there's four days until the withdrawal deadline. the new relationship for the tal a ban and the u.s. to get it done. >> a big change from a contra county school district. what they are asking for as the delta variant continues to cause concern. >> first, more smoke in the bay area, you can barely make out the bay bridge. what it means for your weekend.
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a special nbc bay area news at 3:00. >> we are on early because of the giants game in atlanta which you can watch right here in an hour. giants might be glad they are in the bay area right now. >> that's because the spare the air alert is in affect in today and tomorrow. no blue skies at all, the haze is hitting the skies and really, it's smokey outside. >> there's one person that we want to hear from. it's rob, tracking all the changes we are going to see this weekend. rob? >> and quite a few changes. we have seen them in just the last 24 hours. areas now around the east bay are unhealthy for all groups. aqi around 150. and unhealthy for sensitive groups in to oakland. all of it is brought on by a change in the winds. winds out of the north bringing
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the wild fire smoke that was bottled up in the interior northern california down in the bay area. unfortunately the next 24 hours, really doesn't show much in the way of any change. notice how the unhealthy air is likely to stick around, not just for tomorrow morning but through the day tomorrow and temperatures at the same time could be trending even hotter for the valley. so, unhealthy air to start the weekend. valley temperatures we could see more 100s tomorrow. and san francisco, by the way, close to 80, when cooler temperatures and better air quality arrive coming up in the forecast in 12 minutes. >> okay, we will see auto you in a bit, thank you so much. rob, if you thought the smoke was bad in the bay area, this is the view near the fire lines in south lake tahoe, this was the drive near highway 50, it's so thick you can barely see a few feet ahead of you. the firefighters are working to stop the flames from the caldor fire. but new flames have flared up.
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flames have torched 143,000 acres. containment is 12%. and in two weeks it has destroyed 650 homes. flames continue to approach the tahoe basin where evacuation warnings are in place. >> a covid outbreak in a marin county school is a case study in how contagious the delta variant is. a teacher felt sick in may, but felt it was just al ergies, the students closest to her was 80% infected. a contra costa county group is working on a shift in learning. because of the covid cases among
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students and staff, hundreds of parents are moving their kids back to virtual learning and that created a significant staffing problem. scott budman has the reaction. >> reporter: students are barrel under way in the mount diablo unified school district. the amount of children that want to switch to virtual learning is spiked and they are moving them to virtual classrooms. they need 12 teachers to make the change. >> we don't have enough volunteers, we have to do involuntarily terry transfers. >> in two weeks the number of students requesting distance learning has jumped from 150 to 500. 47 covid cases among 28,000 students. >> one is too. i want to say it and acknowledge it. and in terms of percentages,
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it's a low percent. >> the administration said is it's working to make a change quickly to fulfill parent requests. >> i appreciate the flexibility, it's something that the herera family with two children in district schools agrees with. >> yeah, we had like a scare as well. >> whatever is safer for the kids. >> listening to parents. >> people are being extra cautious, and very careful. >> and their evolving back to school concerns. in concord, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> we are tracking all the covid cases in the bay area school districts to find out how many cases have been reported in your child's district. head to nbc bay in our trending bar. let's go half way around the world. the u.s. military is scrambling to get thousands of americans and others out of the afghanistan by midnight on
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tuesday. it's a race against time as the white house received word today that another deadly attack is likely to happen in the coming day likes the one yesterday that killed more than 100 people. right now, evacuations are happening and it's a lodgistical nightmare, thousands more are waiting throughout the city, including hundred-s of american. it's a round the clock operation. coalition forces have evacuated 12,000 people, and now the u.s. are working with their enemies, the taliban, to escort people to the airport to get them to safety >> it's not about trust. there's a reality on the ground. >> we will be able to fly out evacuees right up to the exact moment. >> a terrorist bombing killed 13 u.s. service members, including
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navy coreman from ohio. the attack in afghanistan hit home for the riverside sheriff's department. the sheriff revealed that one of the marines killed in the bombing was family. these are pictures of hunter lopez. the son of two deputies in the department. he was just 22 years old on. he join today marines on out of high school in 2017, he planned to join the sheriff's department after deployment. >> who isis-k can, it's the islamic state khorasan, they target those that don't believe in religion. it's based east on the pakistani border. isis-k, has 1500-2200 fighters recorded just three years ago. he has gone from worried to out right panicked and angry. >> here is nbc bay area robert
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honda from little kabul. >> while there's fear and concern here in little kabul in fremont and a lot of determination among community members after the devastating airport attack. this was a sight of a big fundraiser last week and people we talk to say, that effort won't stop. >> it's hard for those at the restaurant to conduct business as usual. the popular restaurant in fremont's little kabul hosted an afghanistan fundraiser and the manager and many employees are trying to help family member there is and spread awareness here. >> everyone is constantly calling, you know, my family and trying to reach to everyone else, making sure everyone is okay to see how everyone is doing and everyone is worried. everyone is scared. everyone wants safety. they want to be able to be safe. and have their kids in a safe environment. >> i don't know if they are okay. i don't know if they are
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leaving. i have, at this point, i have no idea what is going on. >> reporter: not knowing is horrible, huh? >> yeah, i'm hoping and operation they are okay. that they are safe. and i am doing everything what i can to bring them out here. i have been doing the visas, using my social media and doing a lot. >> heyward mayor and afghan board coalition member said that the attacks are a big concern but points out the long-term economic future of afghanistan will be a big influence on what the taliban does. >> afghanistan's whole economy can collapse in a couple of months. being a land locked economy, they have to be focused with the partnerships in the surrounding areas. >> while that plays out the local afghan community said it will focus on aid and relief. there's a community rally scheduled in front of san francisco city hall on saturday and hayward has a list of ways the public can help on their website. you can find the link on nbc bay
3:10 pm in fremont, robert honda, nbc bay area news. >> thank you so much, robert. well the afghanistan discussion continues next on nbc nightly news with lester holt. the look at the pressures on president biden even in his own party and we have more of the journey out of afghanistan, coming up next at 3:30. >> congress is demanding the 15 social media sites, including facebook, twitter and google hand over record reece lated to the january 6th insurrection. it's part of the congressional investigation in to violence at the capitol. the committee wants to see what kind of activity was happening on the sites leading up to january 6th. the companies have two weeks to submit the records. facebook, says it's continuing to work with the committee, twitter has declined to comment. that san jose gas leak, it's finally over. pg&e finally capped off the gas leak that put hundred-ss of people out of their homes. you saw crews finishing repairs
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on race street and park avenue. that is just down the street from sap, it all started wednesday morning when pg&e said independent contractors damaged two gas lines near the intersection. the all clear was not given until 10:30 last night. >> also, were able to squeeze off the distribution, the plastic distribution lines that serve in to customers homes. so, a multi-pronged, really methodical approach that we had to take here to make sure that we could safely shut off the flow of gas. >> it is still not clear if the contractor is facing any penaltieser -- penalties for the gas leak. >> very warm for a change around san francisco to oakland, we are watching the heat and the awful air quality, looking off to the west, the spare the air alert details when we come right back. this is an investigation.
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two san jose hospitals accused of mishandling bodies. hear from two women, saying their loved ones disappeared. >> and hundreds of people outside san francisco city hall, the reason they are protesting the way the city is mandating covid vaccinations. >> al roker with a live update and what is expected to be a major hurricane headed toward the golf coast and anxious moments for americans behind on their rent as the eviction moratorium hits a roadblock. what you need to know when we see you back here for nightly news. >> and coming up the giants take on the braves right here on nbc bay area, that follows nightly news with lest willer hospital and stay tuned after the game for nbc bay area news tonight. we will talk about tonight's greenday concert, vaccinations not rider to get in, are people ready for the next step toward normalcy? >> that is coming up.
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disturbing findings by an nbc bay area investigation is making headlines nationally. two hospitals are accused of losing or misplacing bodies. how did this happen? >> reporter: we have been looking for answers and found them. we have been reporting on good samaritan hospital, during the type, we uncovered reports of the mishandling of several bodies. we spoke to a woman whose mother passed at the hospital, another woman said they are pregnancy suddenly ended the facility throughout the baby's remains and digging further there were state violations this that were
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cited that resulted in one patient's body left at a mortuary for 298 days and another left at the hospital morgue for 108 days. >> so one, if they could hold to remains for that long, how could they not hold to my baby's? it's awful. >> reporter: this case happened in good sam, not at regional, but she holds the parent company of both of the hospitals responsible. >> what are they saying from the hospital? >> they are apologizing saying in cases we did not live up to our commitment, we can and should have done better. we know these incidents have caused grief to the families involved for that we are sincerely sorry. >> now, we know this is happened here in the south bay. do we know if it's a bigger
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issue? is it happening in other hospitals? >> yeah, that's the big question. the families we spoke to are worried about it. it's the reason they came forward and shared their stories. an official in another hospital said -- for the cases i told you about, happened before the pandemic and there was not a natural disaster. >> okay. candice, we know you will stay on top of it. thank you for shedding light on the topic. >> hundred-s protested in front of city hall calling for a rethinking of the vaccine mandate, it requires all city employees to get vaccinated without a valid exemption. it's a group that said it's not anti-vaccine, but still doesn't like the mandate. >> the hundreds that have come
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to san francisco city hall are calling the rally a medical health and freedom rally. it's not anti-vaccination, it's not pro vaccination. they are simply saying san francisco is over reaching by mandating vaccines and vaccine status. >> she has been a register ready nurse in san francisco for 22 years she lost her job five months ago when the facility she was workering for instituted their own covid mandate. >> i may never be able to work in san francisco, california, and quite possibly this country the if we do not push back against the mandates. >> reporter: she and the hundreds that gathered outside city hall. it's not a anti-vaxx protest, they said, it's about choosing their medical treatment. >> there's no compromise to freedom. >> reporter: the mayor announced all city employees will be required to share vaccine status and eventually will have to get vaccinated or get sus is spended and potentially fired because of
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this. the fourth generation san francisco city employee fears he will be out of a job as well. >> my job is being threatened, if i don't show my vaccine status to the city. >> reporter: mike stresses that he is not against people getting vaccinated. he just wants the right to choose for himself. >> so, it seems to me that if the city was concerned with public safety, which is what they are saying, they would test us all. >> reporter: mike adds many of his friends have gotten vaccinated solely out of fear that they will lose their jobs. he is drawing the line, and he said, he will leave the city before being mandated to do something against his will. for now, he and other employees have issued a conditional acceptance letter to the city asking them to revice the mandate. we have reached to the mayor's office for comment, but have not answered back.
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they said they are in discussion with unions over the mandate. okay, let's get a check. oh, my goodness. look at the smoke and haze behind you. this is so bad. we usually see this in the east bay, tri-valley. but this is the san francisco bay. right there in san francisco. >> and take it and add 100 degrees to it? >> yeah, we had temperatures close to 100 degrees. the heat and air quality, it's uncomfortable to be outside. as we show you the temperatures, close to 80 degrees. san francisco, and again, that is not fog. that is smoke, unhealthy for sensitive groups across the east bay. in to walnut creek, mid to upper 90s from walnut creek down in to the tri-valley. still, 98, and likely to see temperatures from 98 to 105 degrees tomorrow. in inland, alameda and contra costa counties in the 90s as
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well. more of the smoke will be hanging above and it will be part of the saturday forecast, due to the north winds transporting in like a fan from the wildfires all the smoke in the bay area. so, for the morning, 50s and 60s, and san francisco, mid 70s, though i think downtown could be closer to 80. you see oakland in to hayward, upper 80s bayside now. so, things have warmed up and the forecast for your saturday, numbers east of 680 and low to mid 90s. the most parent of the forecast for outdoor plans. saturday is the high impact for air pollution. nothing has moved a lot, high pressure acts like a lid and traps smoke in a region unless you get a stronger sea breeze and late in the weekend, there's a chance that sunday we will see improvement in the air quality. notice as we go through the day saturday, not much change. look closely around the bay area
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as we head to midday sunday. seeing a slight hint of the return of the sea breeze. i don't think it's going to impact sunday's temperatures. you see that, still mid to upper 90s inland and 70s and 80s bayside when we see better air quality and cooling temperatures arriving monday and tuesday. high pressure moves out and that opens up the lid that was trapping the smoke over the bay area. stronger sea brees will help us out too. you will see temperatures in the seven-day forecast cooling quickly after the weekend. so i think we will have not just a spare the air day tomorrow, it is possible it will get extended. inland areas, hot and hazy to wrap up the weekend and by monday and tuesday, as the ocean ac comes back that should move out the smoke and bring in cooling relief back to the bay area. back to you. >> thanks, rob. the heat outside is heating up the studio. it's warm in here right now for some reason. thanks so much, rob. >> coming up, the mystery in what killed a san francisco family while on a hiking trail. the two possibilities that investigators have ruled out. that is next.
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tonight, the urgent terror threat to u.s. forces in afghanistan. the president has warned another attack in kabul is likely. the next few days the most dangerous. the death toll from yesterday's suicide bombing staggering. the 13 u.s. service members that made the ultimate sacrifice, what we are learning about them tonight, and the 170 afghans killed. evacuation flights continued, the president vowing to continue the mission as he faces growing criticism. serious threat from hurricane ida taking aim at the coast. what could be a powerful category 4


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