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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 1, 2021 1:37am-2:06am PDT

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♪ >> seth: i want to thank my guests, joseph gordon-levitt and kevin smith. i want to thank my dear friend, amy poehler. i want to thank fred armisen and the 8g band. stay tuned for lilly singh stay safe. get vaccinated we love you. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ tonight more residents on the run as flames move closer to south lake tahoe. >> and i'll show you the areas under the biggest threat.
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>> it's hard to watch the flames destroy such a special place. tonight how you can help the people who call lake tahoe home. and another mandate from another bay area committee. the new covid rules just approved. and concerned about covid in your kids' classroom? we investigate how the virus is spreading in schools and the one thing many districts are not doing that could slow the spread. that is sound of trouble. intense and erratic winds pushing the caldor fire deep entire the lake tahoe basin. new evacuation orders on the nevada side of the lake and more than 50,000 people have now been forced out of their homes as these flames rage on. >> a lot happening at this late hour. firefighters doing whatever they can to protect homes and cabins.
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before sunset, these bulldozers were busy along the trail. businesses as well. the snow making machines are cranking at heavenly, the world class ski resort, trying to wet things down. several resorts potentially in the fire's path. >> cheryl hurd joins us south of lake tahoe. another nerve-racking night. >> reporter: it is. there are road blocks at every entryway into south lake tahoe making sure no one comes in. this fire is surrounding this tourist destination. >> reporter: an eerie sight. a waffle flames creeping over the ridge toward south lake tahoe. the caldor fire has destroyed close to 500 homes and tonight is only 18% contained. >> scary. just all i can say. you know, got everybody out but it's heart breaking. very unfortunate.
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>> reporter: taylor says this has been home for 28 years. emotions are running high as she and her friends pack up after being ordered to evacuate. >> lots of family and years of memories. it's absolutely devastating. we're all very close. >> we're just happy that we're all together and safe. >> reporter: safe for now and up animals, pictures, computers and important documents. all they can do is home the wildfire doesn't make it to the kingsbury community. crews are battling this fire from the air and on the ground. in many locations, all they can do is watch it burn like here near echo summit along highway 50. former vallejo mayor bob is on edge. not knowing if his family cabin is still standing. >> my brother and i surfed the
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web to try to get as much information as we can about the property. but without eyes on the ground or without current information, we have no idea. >> reporter: for those who are here living through this nightmare, all they can do is hope their homes will be saved. >> wish we could have one more night in our house and hopefully it will be here when we come back. >> reporter: now tonight, firefighters are still worried about that wind. they say it could head north, up the ridge, or to the east around the back side of the heavenly ski resort. reporting live, cheryl hurd. nbc bay area news. >> thank you. so many lives are impacted here. jeff bring in jeff ranieri. the cal fire battalion chief telling us the embers can blow one mile and then spread. >> we are seeing the winds pick up. specially in the canyons.
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at the lower elevations, it's not that gusty. once again, you get into the canyons, in the fire zones. winds 20 to 50 miles an hour. it is cooling off to 53. the wind direction coming out of south and the west the pushing any name or embers right toward the lake tahoe airport. we've seen some hot spotting there. it is now moving closer, just three miles away from south lake tahoe with a population of over 21,000. hopefully everyone has been able to get out. there is heavenly ski resort. the flames are extenting to part of the dixie fire. this is expected to expire 11:00 p.m. tomorrow. we'll take a look at our bay area forecast in about 15 minutes. >> you just mentioned heavenly. the same machines used to create
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snow are now being put to work to dampen anything can bump. we move over to the sister resort. firefighters protecting kirkwood mountain resort and the nearby cabins. you see the crews moving them out of the way as a fire break. and flames swept through at sierra and tahoe. thankfully it is still standing. the resort used its snow making machines to spray water on to the buildings. they used their sprinklers. some hot spots were still burning near the ski lifts. there are many victories. here are some photos. echo summit lodge. flames came close to the resort but the lodge was not touched. the same goes for the family lodge. >> so close to our own hearts, the caldor fire really hits home
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to us in the bay area. so many of us routinely vacation in tahoe. it is spurring many to help the families will that need us. here's a look at two organizations raising money to try to make a difference. >> as the caldor fire advances on south lake tahoe, a growing number of evacuees from the massive fire zone need financial help. ? giving people a little extra funding. especially for gas or pay bills while they are out of their homes, possibly unemployed because their employment is in the evacuation order zonal. >> they set up the caldor fire fund to get cash to families who need it. it has helped 900 so far. >> they're having to drive these kids back and forth to school at $4 a gallon to keep them in school during this time so gas has been a big one.
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people wooable and to run their air conditioning. >> there is a huge need for n-95s. >> the group has worked all around the fire zonal. >> we distributed masks all around today. >> reporter: handing out the n-five masks to those who can't escape the smoke. >> people who, are outside. primarily the people run sheltered. >> reporter: with no end to the firefight in sight, now is the time to help communities bay area families look forward to visiting year after year after year. >> they might be taking care of your meals, taking care of your hole room. >> fortunately, must clearer skies. this is a live look over san jose. the smoke has largely moved out for us. that could change again. plus a reminder that you can
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track the air qi index in your neighborhood 24/7. click on the link in our trending bar. just type in our address. we are following breaking news near san diego. a military helicopter has crashed into the ocean. six crew members were on board. only one as of now has been rescued. search and rescue operations are underway. that helicopter was assigned to the uss abraham lincoln base there'd in coronado. it crashed during what they called routine flight operations. a touching remember the you'd in roseville for marine sergeant nicole gee. she was one of the 13 service members killed in that attack on the kabul base last week. just days before her death she posted a photo on instagram of herself in uniform holding a baby in quabl the caption, i
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love my job. she lived in roseville her entire life. she graduated in 2016. we continue our coverage of the withdrawal from afghanistan. president biden addressing the nation today and said the august 31 dead line which is today was enforced in order to save american lives. the president called the evacuation mission an extraordinary success while promising payback for the deaths of 13 troops. >> we struck isis k remotely. days after they murdered 13 of our service members. dozens of innocent afghans. isis k, we are not done with you yet. >> tonight the taliban once again, the rulers of afghanistan just as they were in 2001. they've been celebrating and combing through the american equipment and weapons left behind. we're told the u.s. disabled
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everything before the troops pulled out. only one bay area county does not have a mask mandate. tonight the city voted to go its own way. they document an indoor mask mandate. vallejo criticized the county health officer for not having a countywide mandate. just this week, benicia voted for an indoor mask mandate. two weeks before the recalled election, governor newsom touting the vaccination rate. 7% haven't had at least one shot. over the age of 12. speaking in east oakland, they said more needs to be done to get more people vaccinate. >> we have a team working day in and day out. >> by the cdc's data california
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ranks ninth in the nation for eligible vaccinations. hawaii takes the top spot with over 86%. the results are in. the alameda school board member mia bonta won with 55%. it was a special run-. on election for state assembly number. her husband was appointed california's attorney general. she will finish her husband's term and get a chance for re-election. covid cases in schools are rising. should there be more covid tests at school? not everyone thinks so. trying to impress on gang nobody's put down their guns and not shoot. and it's cooling
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breaking news out of texas an hour ago, a law banning most abortions went into effect in that state. because the supreme court did not stop it. abortion providers and pro-choice advocates including planned parenthood had asked the supreme court to temporarily block the enforcement of the law which bans most abortions after six weeks of pregnancy. opponents believe the law essentially overturns roe versus
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wade. the board of supervisors approved a vote of no confidence in sheriff sherry smith. they called on her to resign calling gross mismanagement and a pattern of abuse in the county jails. the supervisors cited many of the same issues including a story we uncovered involving the beating of a police informant at the elmwood jail by 31 fellow inmates and the teth of the enmate michael tyree. >> when we learn about a beating in the jail six months after the fact by watching television footage on the news, it seems to me we cannot help but could not chewed we don't have confidence in the administration of the sheriff's department. >> you laughed at my attempts on ask for more staff. when we can't perform the functions you claim. >> they were addressing the supervisors calling this vote
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outrageous saying it was based on false and misleading allegations. it is largely symbolic but could be a tough obstacle to overcome if the sheriff run for re-election. >> as kids go back to school, a lot of parents who are frustrated are asking, should there be more covid testing on campus? it will be as case numbers ten to chime across the bay area. >> candace nguyen looked at state requirements and how they're being implemented inconsistently. >> reporter: from santa clara to pleasanton to san francisco to the san ramon valley. there has been an unsettling number of covid cases in bay area school districts since classes reopen just this month. >> we just had our first positive covid case. i would argue that it is not because we don't have cases of covid inside. it is because we have a lack of testing. >> reporter: in oakland, many
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teachers stay delta variant has increased the need for routine testing. since respecting, 270 students and faculty members have tested positive, causing classrooms. >> we should have had mass he is thing across oakland. >> reporter: mike hutchson points to los angeles where the district tested all students in the run-up to reopening and identified more than 3,000 positive cases before the start of class. >> one of the first failures was before school open. >> reporter: they want to test every student once a week. >> reopening after being closed for a year is a heavy lift. with dr. coming in three weeks ago, there is no different man. >> following the guidelines should provide a robust school
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testing program. we found schools are interpreting that. other parts of california like santa barbara and l.a. unified require students on test weekly while many districts currently don't require tests at all. rather they offer tests to anyone. they are saying on facebook they're offering covid testing for students in the near future. these pleasanton moms say their kids don't feel safe without frequent testing. >> they were saying, i didn't go to the restroom. i don't want to use the restroom at school. >> a professor said testing is important but not more important than students masking up and social distancing. >> i think families should feel
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very comfortable if their district is requiring masks, i would make sure my student. >> they're getting infected. individual contact with family and friends gathering at home. i think testing is important but it is not the only thing and it won't keep from getting infected. >> he said they can aforemore testing. he's on the finance committee. a district spokesperson said they are aware of safety concerns and believes they've done more testing than any other. he nbc bay area news. >> that would be difficult. to look up your school district and the number of covid
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cases it has reported, we've posted a link online. let's get back to you. >> the newest information we have is there is some hot spotting that has occurred over the past several hours near the lake tahoe airport. it continues to inch closer. it is now only three miles from south lake tahoe. and heavenly ski resort in the path of these potential flames. in most of the lower elevations around south lake tahoe. we are seeing wind gusts 25 to 50 miles an hour. the temperatures will be cooler as we are perfecting some 70s. now let's bring it back to the bay area weather. we're on the other side of this story. it is improving our weather.
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the same weather system that is bringing the mountains. it is pushing that smoke off to the east. it will certainly switch it up. it pretty clear at the cloing. orinda. overall, i think wave good day coming our way for the start of september. we'll start it off chilly with that fog at the coast. it will begin with 54 in the south bay. the peninsula, 65. the tri-valley, 52. more of these low 50s over the north bay. the daytime highs cooling off another they have to, instead of the upper 90s inland like we had
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this past week. mid 70s in palo alto and over the bair to frag. my seven-day forecast will show that we do have more comfortable weather coming our way. i can see no problem with the smoke. by the afternoon. it will still be okay to be outside and breathing that air. next monday and tuesday, if labor de comes in, 95 monday and it drops to 99 tomorrow. >> get out and enjoy it. yeah. happening now. the santa rosa employees
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must show testing or a vaccine. san francisco will soon start paying people to not shoot other people. the city is launching a pilot program in october paying people $300 a month to not commit crimes. the goal is to reduce gun violence. it will start with ten people
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who want to challenge their lives and become community ambassadors. people who participate will have to pass a an interview. it has been shown to be a cost effective way to reduce gun crimes in other cities. >> this sbl about cash for criminals. this is about sporting and valuing people's time and expertise and help us dig through how to address the problems and crisis of public safety. >> the payment will come in the form of gift cards and the spending habits are tracked. oakland rich mond has a similar program. the trial of elizabeth holmes, the founder of tharnlos. the 37-year-old stanford drop-out was met by a crush of reporters there. she showed up for court this morning in san jose. she's accused of defrauding her investors and putting the lives of patients in danger. potential jurors were questioned today. she is expected to testify that her former boyfriend and fellow
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theranos worker. >> when we return, the tight, tight race why? why? why the giants torture? wift all the time and somehow people love it. the giants seem to love it. >> here's the tort you.
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are you ready? the dodgers are now a half a game behind the giants for first place. let's start with this. hello to ron, long time giants coach. announcing he is retiring at the end of the season. he is a class act. johnny cueto back in the line-up after having that covid scare. he got roughed up tonight. lorenzo cain takes it deep. the brewers would build the 5-0 lead. the first time he's reached 20 home runs in a season. here's the bottom line. the giants lose 6-2. the dodgers now a half game behind the team. good news for the a's. after last week's slump, they ganld ground in the playoff race. the a's beat the tigers 9-3. they are now one game out of
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wild card spot. >> this was a special night for the frymaners family. this year marks the 40th anniversary, 40 years ago was the catch and the first super bowl title. tonight at the concord pavilion, they celebrated the man who made the iconic catch. matt may dloek and laura, it was a reunion. and the former head coach george seiffert. the current tight end was inaugurated with the inaugural award given to the team member who best exemplifies the spirit of team work. >> i tried to embody those great characteristics. kind of lives forever. to be honored with them and share the moment is an absolute honor. >> dwight charge died after his
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battle with a.l.s. the money raised tonight goes to the while most of the people have been evacuated, plenty of wildlife, one of the crews snapped the picture. that's a bear crossing highway
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50. caldor fire has them wandering the streets. in south lake tahoe as well. luckily the bear seems to be okay. we home it stays that way tonight, deadline day. president biden defending his withdrawal from america's longest war. the new images. the taliban inside the kabul airport after the final u.s. troops left afghanistan, inspecting u.s. aircraft. the president addressing the nation today, calling the withdrawal an extraordinary success, despite the deaths of u.s. troops, saying he had to choose between leaving or escalating. >> i was not going to extend this forever war. >> the president saying up to 200 americans remain there, breaking his promise to get them all out. and that image seen around the world, the last american soldier to leave afghanistan.
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tonight, what we've learned about him. also the rising toll from hurricane ida, a deadly highway collapse. the race for rescues and growing desperation. more than a million still without power in that dangerous heat. ida still on the move, more than 70 million under flood alerts all the way to boston. the wild fire emergency near lake tahoe, tens of thousands ordered to evacuate. florida making good on the governor's threat to punish schools over mask mandates. plus our nbc news exclusive, the dangerous rise in lasers aimed at passenger planes. and it just debuted at number one, inside our nbc news podcast, race and education colliding in one texas town. >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. i'm tom llamas in for lester. tonight, america's longest war officially over. this image marking the end, showing the last


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