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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 2, 2021 1:37am-2:06am PDT

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>> yay >> seth: stay safe get vaccinated we love you! >> love you. >> seth: she's back, everybody >> and ba-da-da-da-da. >> seth: from the olympics >> yay >> seth: where she won a gold medal in charm >> yay [ laughter ] i actually didn't. they were not having this. >> seth: they weren't happy with it >> they were sick of my antics the second i got there it was the [ bleep ] best. [ laughter ] >> seth: all right, turn around. and then turn back as someone who is sick of your antics seeing that you're still there [ laughter ] ♪ tonight your favorite ski resort in harm's way. the threat is far from over for the tahoe region. the wind warning just expired but the flame are
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burning hot. i'll show you where this fire moves. the next 24 hours are critical. also breaking this evening, new york city essentially shut down. the subways are closed. a major airport is closed and countless homes in shambles. the record breaking rain putting new york underwater. plus, does your mask really protect you from covid? which is the most effective? we have answers thanks to an extensive new study out of stanford. two major stories. the caldor fire still burning intensely and further into the lake tahoe basin. this is new video from the fire lines. we'll take you to the lake tahoe area in just a moment. first we start in new york city. it is in a state of emergency. his, to flooding in new york and new jersey. this video just into our newsroom from newark, new jersey. you can see the cars under water. rescues are underway.
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in manhattan, the subway system is shut down. anyone who is not a first responder has been ordered to get off the roads until 5:00 a.m. the new york airport also shut down. tonight limited flights have started again but check it out. this is inside the terminal earlier. people riding the escalator into water. and also, so much water is coming up through toilets and bathtubs inside people's homes. the video you're looking at is in queens. the national weather service in central park got more than three inches of rain in an hour. and if that was in the bay area, we would be flooding as well. >> this is tropical storm ida, correct? in new orleans four days ago, and now new york? >> yeah. the remnants of what was hurricane ida. they just got slammed tonight as we saw in the video. this started during the afternoon our time and continued into the evening. you can see on the radar, what you want to look at are the red
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and the orange. those are some of the heaviest bands. hitting the tri-state area right there into new york city. i did the calculations on this and look at these numbers. in just six hours, they picked up three to seven inches of rain. one to two months worth of rain in six hours. that's why the streets and the sewers couldn't take it anymore. it is one of the most dangerous forms of flooding because it happens in just a flash. flash flooding. look at the radar. new york is starting to dry out. still some heavier rain over long island. the new threat is now shifting to new england. this is where flash flood warnings are up. that includes connecticut, rhode island and massachusetts. if you have family there, two to five inches for them. so expect airport delays and cancellations. this is one people will never forget. >> thank you. back here in california, what we won't forget either, firefighters getting the break they've been waiting for.
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the red flag warning just expired. it does not mean the threat of the caldor fire is over. in fact, no signs of slowing down. >> at kirkwood ski resort, they're using snow machines to try to protect the lodges. we saw this work at sierra tahoe a couple days ago. cheryl hurd is in kirkwood forest. it seems the flames are heading your way. >> reporter: officials are telling us tonight that they have been battling spot fires all day long. this fire is so big, it is hard to determine which direction it's going. we've been looking for this fear all day long and if you look closely from this vantage point, you can see the gloves. tonight we can see that the caldor fire is heading in this direction. it is moving at a steady pace. the winds up to 30 miles per hour. and we're learning about another problem. gravity. >> boulders have been rolling.
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they get released when the fire burns and all the supports lost. dead standing trees, maybe weakened by the fire. the wind is blowing them. they can fall and they'll send the embers cast forward. >> reporter: flying embers are affecting the popular kirkwood ski resort. crews had to put out spot fires and tonight snow machines are being used to wet down the property. so far 204,000 acres have burned. more than 500 single family homes lost. >> it is hard to be gone. this is where we want to be. >> reporter: evacuees are looking for a place to i at a. to wait it out. >> we have some clothes and luggage, and our laptop bags and the dog food, of course. >> reporter: restaurant and businesses in tahoe city are temporarily closed. even though they are not in the path of the foyer. the lake front restaurant
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business is down 80%. a crushing blow this time of year, especially with labor day weekend coming. >> this is definitely been one of those times when it is just, you're always adjusting. you know? for small businesses like myself and everybody else around, you know, you're just adjusting to what is happening on a day-to-day basis. >> we've got 15 cottages up here. >> reporter: dick has had a lot of cancellations at the tahoma cottages. he can't wait until things get better. >> about $25,000 worth of refunds in the last couple days. a small family business. it hurts. so come back out when this is over, please. we need people. >> reporter: so tonight we are learning that president joe biden is releasing emergency federal funds due to the caldor fire. and they're going on need it because we are told that some fro 00 firefighters are on the
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front lines. reporting live in kirkwood. nbc bay area now's. >> thank you. we'll happily be back in south lake tahoe when it is safe. let's bring in jeff ranieri. >> i think we're in a good situation as we roll through tomorrow on that weather front. the winds now are sustained at only 4 miles per hour. gusts only 15 to 25. gusts tomorrow, 10 to 20. not too hot. 71 degrees. so the extremely aggressive fire fight right there just to the north of meyers to keep this fire out of south lake tahoe. also, the heavenly ski area and all the communities really seemed like it paid off. by putting that firefighting effort there, they help to keep those flames and shift the way it was sxhoofg move it to the east. it still has destroyed loot. it is still burning. at least we're starting to get
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out of the winds situation. it looks like the windchills will be. in 10 to 20-mile-per-hour range. the next thing is some hotter weather. upper 80s and low 90s. >> thank you. el dorado county leaders are saying it is safe for some people to return home for now. evacuation orders in north camino and pollock pines fbl downgraded to just an evacuation warning. people have come back home to go to their farms and to restaurants. >> it is really nice to come down the road and have a beer. >> it is terrible. it's heart breaking to see that there are so many people displaced. >> el dorado leaders say when you get home, make sure you have clean running water. i want to show you how much the fire has grown. it started in grizzly flats, okay? which is about 35 miles southwest of south lake tahoe. from there it moves may notally east burning along highway 50.
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okay. then it jumped 50, burning on both sides of that. then the last few days, it jumped highway 89. and then it went over to meyers, getting close to south lake tahoe. the fire has burned more than 200,000 acres. the burn area is bigger than the cities of san francisco, oakland and san jose combined. governor newsom in the burn zonal today. he said part of what is different about this fire is that the flames are threatening lake tahoe, an area so special for so many generations for californians. he said that includes his own family. tahoe is where his parents met. >> we talk in terms of climate change, we talk about wildfires. we don't talk enough about traditions, memories, towns wiped off the map. i think that has radically changed in the west. >> embattling the caldor fire is the state's top priority. our coverage continues at
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we have an interactive map. you can see how far this fire has burned. just click on the burn map. it is right there on our home page. >> another bay area city joining san francisco in requiring proof of vaegs to get inside they say starting september 10, customers 12 and older will have to show that they're vaccinated to get into bars, restaurants, clubs, gyms. after that, crowds of more than 1,000 people. the city requiring the people who work in those places be fully vaccinate by october 15th. >> we've now been wearing masks for a year and a half. now a different and first of its kind stanford study explains how well masks actually work and it points to one type of mask as being more effective. >> reporter: despite the different variants, the one constant in fighting covid is wearing a mask. a newly released study from stanford shows how effective they are.
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researchers studied 600 villagers. they gave information and reminders to wear them and nothing to the other half of the people. the villagers wearing masks, the symptomatic cases were 9% lower than the villages who did not wear them. for the most vulnerable population, age 60 and above, it was 35% lower. ashley is up with of the lead authors and an infectious disease fellow at stanford. >> it is not just about an individual wearing the mask to protect himself or herself. it about wearing the mask to keep the community safe and i think that's what was demonstrated in the study. >> it is believed to be the the first large scale on the effectiveness of mask in addition real world setting. though doctors say any protection help, they found surgical masks work better than cloth ones. >> we found a strong effect from surgical masks. now we can say that a more effective mask heeds to greater
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levels of protection. >> they show them giving mask was with encouragement from community leaders does slow the spread. as for here in the more densely populated bay area -- >> we would expect anything that the impact money a greater impact at this time than what we measured in our study. >> breaking at this hour out of texas, the supreme court refusing to block the abortion ban in texas. the vote came down 5-4 with chief justice roberts joining the court's three liberal members in dissent. it was passed in may. the law forbid abortion when the heartbeat can be detected at six weeks which is before many women even know they're pregnant. the supreme court decide that had roe v. wade was the law of
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the land in 1963. we'll be back with our breaking news in new york city and beyond. unprecedented really. so many communities underwater in these overnight hours. we have new video. and i'll have another check on the radar. plus our smog and smoke forecast in about six minutes. also, it is not a knew gadget but it is a new feature. apple's announcement that could make your driver's license, the physical one, obsolete. it's time for the biggest sale of the year, on the new sleep number 360 smart bed. it helps keep you effortlessly comfortable by sensing your movements and automatically responding to both of you. and, it's temperature balancing to help you stay comfortable all night. it even tracks your circadian rhythm, so you know when you're at your best. in other words, it's the most energy-building, wellness-boosting, parent-powering, proven quality night's sleep we've ever made. save 50% on the new sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus, 0% interest for 36 months
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and free premium delivery. ends labor day. i want to show you the breaking news out of new york and new jersey. historic flooding and unfortunately it turned deadly. at least one person has died after a roof partially collapsed. this happened in queens. all of this a remnant of tropical storm ida. this is new video out of our newsroom in queens. cars floating down the streets. here at home we're dealing with the opposite thing. flames. the caldor fire threatening south lake tahoe. so far flames have burned nearly 209,000 acres. containment is up a bit from 5:00 and 6:00 when we first told you. it has gone from 20% to 23%. jessica will join us in a few minutes to look at the conditions crews are up against. some tense moments in marin
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county. and tonight relief. fire crews are monitoring after flames got dangerously close to homes in lucas valley. a fire started behind the homes at mt. lassen drive. the names raced along the hill side as families packed up their belongings and fire crews attacked fire from the ground and the air. people who saw the fire take off say they raced to pack their cars and evacuate. >> luckily we were able to pack up the kids and take pictures. but losing all the art and school work. >> a lot of anxiety. after several hours, marin firefighters stop. thankfully no one was hurt. a trail where a family mysteriously died has shut down. the river site is closed to quote, due to unknown hazards
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found in and near the savage lundy trail. the couple and their family dog were found dead. investigators have ruled out any time of violence and also there were no toxic fumes in the area. the trail is expected to be closed until the end of the month. the recall election is 13 days away with plenty of people already casting their ballot. we have some early numbers for you. whether or not governor newsom is recalled will likely depend on who decides to vote. these numbers come from political data incorporated. a california company that provides data for campaigns. of all the ballots mailed to california voters, 22% have already been returned. in total. that's about 4.7 million votes cast so far. here's the breakdown by party. of those 4.7 million ballots that have been returned, 24% belong to democrats. 21% to republicans. and 16% identify as independent
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or another party. that 16% will be crucial to determining the outcome. one. candidates hoping to replace governor newsom is john cox speaking in front of pg&e headquarters about his public safety plan. he said he will oppose the decriminalization and early release for prisoners. he said he also pushed for fully funding police and enforcing laws already on the books and will prioritize making changes in education so schools prepare students for college and their careers. cox said he man's to get wildfires under control and said it all starts with better management. >> whether it is water, electricity, housing, homelessness, education, taxes, the high cost of living. these are all management problems. >> again the recall election less than two weeks away. tuesday, september 14th. if you have questions about your ballot, how to fill it out properly, we have some answers
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for you. scott has put together an explainer on how to complete your ballot properly. you can find it at or click on the newsom recall in our trending bar at the top of our home page. okay. we've been showing it to you. flooding in new york and new jersey. you can see the water rushing into the duplex. >> it's crazy. we're dealing with fire on one coast and flooding on the other and it happened so quickly. >> and a terrifying thing for folks in the northeast, it happened in a flash. they had a flash of flooding emergency. one of the most dangerous and deadly form of flooding. so a lot of folks were sitting in their apartments and their homes when the water started to rush in as the streets and the sewers couldn't handle it anymore. look at this number.
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in six hours, three to seven inches of rainfall. that's one to two months worth of rain in a few hours. that orange to red color hit the tri-state area. also over new york city. currently, it is starting to see dry weather so good on that front. still some heavy rain over long island. if you have any rain in new england, they're really getting hit hard. all of this is moving off to the north. it is over connecticut, rhode island and massachusetts. two to five inches expected overnight. so check on your family, your friends and also, if you have an airport flight tomorrow, there could be certainly some delays and also some cancellations. we're following this. more video, more stories on let's bring you over to the west coast. we are tracking some fairly comfortable weather. at least in the bay area. we have this system to the north hoping the cool us off. keeping the thickest smoke to the east and also bringing back some fog in the morning. so let's get you set up.
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the thursday morning forecast. you can see the fog in the coastline. clouds over the north bay and the east bay. not too much in the south bay and then we'll get our sunshine returning. the other thing with the fog in the morning, it will be chilly. make sure you have the jacket out for yourself and your kids if you're getting ready for school around 6:00, seven chog in the morning. we'll begin with 51 in the tri-valley. 53 in the south bay. more of that chilly weather in the east bay, san francisco and the north bay. daytime highs do start to warm up tomorrow. still very, very comfortable and below average. this will bring us to 78, morgan hill, 77 right through silicon valley into san jose. 75 in palo alto. going near the coastline and we have the 60s. through the afternoon, do i expect sunshine. we are going to see some of that haze from nearby fires moving back into the bay area. it for most of us, the air
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quality will be moderate. you can see the blue to green color. but by the afternoon, we'll likely see maybe some unhealthy air toward the north bay back into napa. on my seven-day forecast in san francisco, warming up labor day to 70 and also into tuesday. and we'll see more 60s next week and for the inland valleys, going through 96 sunday. a hot labor day, 95. and then 80s after that. so comfortable tomorrow. but again, the heat is on once we hit labor day. and the new york city situation, very scary stuff. anyone with family there, they should reach out to them. it is pretty frightening. >> and it's not over. happening now, we will likely have a jour selected by tomorrow in the high profile trial of elizabeth holmes. the founder of theranos was in court. nine potential jurors were excused because they were unvaccinated.
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another concern is finding jurors who don't know much about this case or e new billboards are going up. it is an effort to get more people vaccinated. they were co-designed by a san jose art professor.
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he said instead of telling people to get vaccinated, it shows relief and joy after getting the shots. new data shows at least 15 million covid-19 doses have been thrown away since march in the united states. that data released by the cdc is self-reported by pharmacies and vaccine providers. they stay 15 million wasted zoess probably an undercount. various reasons why some doses are disposed of. the cdc said the number of doses is small and just a fraction of the overall doses administered in the u.s. apple is rolling out a new feature. a digital driver's license that allows to you scandal your license from your wallet and just add it to your iphone and apple watch. arizona and georgia will be the first states to try this out. could not could that, iowa, kentucky, maryland, oklahoma and utah will also soon participate. it is unclear if and when california will have access. an apple spokesperson said it is an important step to replace the physical wallet with the secure
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and easy to use mobile wallet. >> that's a good idea. certainly someone in my house could use that. >> we could use it right here. >> we're back in a moment. we'll s i'm going to say it. at this point it's not torture. i'm not an expert but i think this is a slump. >> the good old-fashioned slump. >> they're not in first place anymore. >> for the first time in months,
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the giants are not in first place. september is when it is supposed to get fun but now the dodgers are in first place. china basin. giants and the brewers. the brewers are also one of the best teams in baseball. the giants making a comeback here. bottom of the fifth, buster posey with the rbi single right down the line. runs scored. this tied the game 2-2. things are looking good. maybe things aren't so bad. september 1st, but then it got bad. the wheels came on. lorenz did cain steps in. he has the series. the brewers win 5-2. the giants have lost five of the last six games and they are now in second place. the giants are back on nbc bay area this friday night. taking on, wouldn't you know, the dodgers. first place is on the line. our coverage begins at 6:30 p.m. the streaky a's in detroit. hello to kris davis and welcome back after being called up from
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the aaa's. thanks in part to this home run by starlin marte, the tigers roar back. the future hall of famer miguel bay area. he's been doing it for years. he hits his 502nd home run of the year. the a's drop two gam
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back tom breaking news on the east coast, devastating flooding, new york and new jersey. we've been showing you these pictures. the state of emergency. and now we just heard from the mayor in new jersey confirming another death. firefighters pulling someone from a car that got caught in the floodwaters in the river. the person did not survive. the firefighter have been literally swimming in the streets in six feet of water in some spots, rescuing people in their stalled cars. in manhattan, the subway system is shut down. no uber, no lyft. the newark airport also shut down for a while. people riding the escalator into the water. one final word from jeff ranieri here. this is not just new york but up the east coast seaboard. >> really hitting the tri-state
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area hard. one to six inches of rain. now the threat moves to new england. expect airport delays and cancellations as we head there tomorrow. >> a lot happening on both sides of the tonight, breaking news the tornado emergency. remnants of hurricane ida slamming the east coast. the massive twister caught on camera a trail of destruction as the extreme weather pushes into the northeast. heavy rain and deadly flooding 56 million under alert. while in louisiana, the new images of a community nearly wiped off the map. long lines for gas, food, and water. nearly one million still without power. our correspondent with the governor we ask him how long will it last plus, california's raging caldor fire exploding to more than 200,000 acres. the flames closing in on lake tahoe's famed resorts. snow blowers now being used to fight the growing inferno.
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also breaking tonight, the deadly high school shooting, the urgent manhunt, and what police just announced. new images of the taliban parading captured u.s. military weapons and equipment. president biden under fire for leaving americans behind as we learn an interpreter who once helped rescue the president from taliban territory years ago can't get out. now asking the president to return the favor. the new indictment two years after the death of elijah mcclain, a young unarmed black man. the charges police and paramedics face. and the cdc's new covid travel warnings just ahead of labor day. >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt >> good evening. i'm tom llamas in for lester tonight we start with breaking news. the dangerous storm system on the move, remnants of hurricane ida hammering the east coast. the new images of an apparent tornado ripping through annapolis, maryland. tornado watches and warnings in effect


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