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tv   Early Today  NBC  September 2, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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re. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden. breaking overnight we are coming on the air this morning while a state of emergency is taking place in new york city. flash flooding from torrential rains from ida inundating the northeast. multiple deaths have been reported we've got the latest president biden weighs in on california's raging caldor fire. now well over 200,000 acres destroyed. our steve patterson is there. breaking overnight, the supreme court refuses to block texas' law banning abortion
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after six weeks into a woman's pregnancy. what it means. now joe rogan has tested positive for covid and one medication choice is causing alarm among medical experts. paralympian's dare to go for the gold nypd has confirmed four weather-related deaths for the first time ever, a flash flood emergency was issued for the city record breaking three inches of rain fell in one hour and up to ten inches fell in just a short window the national weather service ca calls it an exceedingly rare and dangerous event. the deluge of water disrupted the u.s. open in flushing meadows. several matches had to be postponed or moved after rain poured into the louis armstrong stadium and fans had to wade
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through deep water as they left. a travel ban is now in effect. mayor bill diblasio warned people to stay off roads life-threatening rain totals in new jersey as well l a lot of people needed water rescues and one man documented those efforts. >> ladies and gentlemen, our firefighters are using the boat down by 8th street to rescue people i want to show you the extent and impact this storm is having in our city. >> telling nbc news at least one person died in a car that was under water. all flights have been suspended at newark liberty airport. tunnel b was a swimming pool, the person who shot this video said here is dan schenneman. >> reporter: a mammoth funnel cloud in maryland, power lines knocked down massive amounts of rain in r
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rockville. residents trapped at one apartment complex. the storm system was not done. heavy rain in philadelphia. >> it was really quick, but really impactful. >> reporter: and a possible tornado in southern new jersey the city of mullica hill, piles of rubble where homes once stood. lawns now covered with debris. this man's family rode out the storm in a basement. >> we heard the roof and everything collapsing. we all jumped under the steps. >> reporter: water rising in newark due to heavy rains. ida, still plowing a destructive path dan schenneman, nbc news. in louisiana, the crisis is growing as millions of residents scramble for basic supplies. nbc's miguel almaguer has the latest. >> reporter: frances, good morning. the damage you see behind me is fairly widespread in this part of louisiana, but what is also so upsetting to many people here is the heartbreak that you can't
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s see. this is the misery after the mayhem, lines for basic services, food, fuel, water and ice, stretching for hours in communities where ida's devastation is no match for its aftermath. >> it's just hot it's hard for everybody out here. >> reporter: on a day when sweltering temperatures reach dangerous levels -- >> it's hot. we have people in their 80s and 90s here it's hot >> reporter: st. maarten manner, a senior community in new orleans, home to 150, is still in the dark, disabled residents forced into the lobby as rooms easily top 100 degrees 74-year-old joann moss suffers from severe asthma for three days, unable to power her breathing machine. how much longer do you think you can last here? >> i can't i can't last i can't. >> reporter: is this life and death for you? >> yes, it is. >> reporter: power across
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louisiana is still out to roughly 1 million homes and businesses energy was restored to more than 11,000 in new orleans, just a fraction of those in dire need it could be weeksbefore the mangled, shredded power grid is restored our morgan chesky flew alongside the governor who toured the hardest hit communities on an island and off the grid. >> folks here will be without power for more than a month, what do you tell them? >> first of all i'm not certain that's going to be true for everyone we already saw some lights come ing back on in new orleans it's going to build every day. there are some places where the infrastructure is so devastated. >> reporter: what do you tell those folks? >> we're going to do everything we can to help them. >> reporter: for a region battered and bruised, the uninhabitable still face the unimaginable many coastal homes were swept
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into the ocean. >> ida made katrina look like a warm summer breeze this is crazy. >> reporter: what's left of some communities, a painstaking reminder of what's gone. authorities here are also warning of another potential problem on the horizon at least a dozen people, including some children, have been hospitalized with carbon monoxide poisoning authorities saytoo many people are running those gas-powered generators far too close to their homes. back to you. >> miguel, thank you. president biden has approveed a disaster declaration for california, ordering federal assistance to help in the battle again the raging caldor fire, scorching over 200,000 acres and forced thousands to evacuate their homes. and it's becomes dangerously close to lake tahoe. good morning, jake. >> reporter: good morning, frances. a few miles behind me here is south lake tahoe beyond that the lake itself. it's never been touched by fire in modern human history. that's why firefighters are so
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concerned about the strange and dangerous behavior that this fire has shown right now we're looking across here at a spot fire, one of many in this valley that's been touched off by embers sent a mile or more by big, big winds, and all of the brush here is as dry as possible. it's setting off these kinds of fires in the sorts of remote places that can only be touched by helicopters you can hear them in the air behind me. you aren't able to hike a crew up there safely. all of this means that we're looking at a fire with behavior and possible danger that we've never seen before. >> jake, thank you. the summer covid surge is proving to be the worst one yet as the delta variant continues to spread coast to coast hospitals across the nation are seeing a surge of unvaccinated patients which is overwhelming their intensive care units here is nbc's erin mclaughlin. >> reporter: the delta variant pushing hospitals closer to crisis icus in alabama, georgia,
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florida and texas now at 90% capacity and more. nearly a quarter of covid cases reported last week are children. the push to get them vaccinated more urgent than ever. pfizer telling nbc news that its vaccine data for 11-year-olds will be available later this month. here at marshall hospital outside sacramento, physician assistant arianna campbell faces a number of covid patients many of them unable to breathe. >> you're already out of beds? >> yes. >> reporter: the lives of those she's trying to save often those of her friends and neighbors like her friend, her best friend died from it yet she still re refuses to get the vaccine. >> i just want to be sure, what if i am that small, minute number that actually dies from it >> reporter: what do you tell
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someone like antoinette? she's your friend. >> i lost sleep over that. i'm trying to help folks trust in medicine. >> reporter: after weeks of 1 14-hour shifts, arianna says she's terrified of getting infected herself and giving it to her husband and kids. >> i don't know if i could forgive myself if i brought home covid and they were suffering. >> reporter: these dual disasters leaving some hospital staff devastated like orderly julie king she lost her home to the fires last week. still, she's showing up for work, cleaning the rooms of critically ill covid patients. >> it's not all about just me. it's the patients, the patients' families, and sometimes you just have to set that aside and do what you do. >> thanks to erin mclaughlin for that report. popular spot if i podcast personality joe rogan revealed he tested positive for covid in
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a video to his 13 million instagram followers. >> we immediately threw the kitchen sink at it monoclonal antibodies, ivermectin, z-pack, brprednison everything. >> the fda advises against one of the drug rogan mentioned as it is primarily used to treat parasites in animals. back to our top story, nbc meteorologist janesa webb has the details. good morning, janessa. >> good morning, frances this is a tropical system like no other we've not seen anything like this before. now an historic and deadly situation continues to unfold for sections of the northeast. we saw land fall on sunday that was five days ago and ida has really maintained its integrity as it continues to touch about 20 states in the last five days
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so, right now, we are dealing with a tornado watch that's currently in place for martha's vineyard i do expect a tornado warning to go into place in the next 10 to 15 minutes you can see the stronger bands making their way through we'll continue to watch ida for the next three to four hours before finally it pushes off to shore. behind that is really great weather, but it has caused a ton of damage across the northeast and in sections of the tennessee valley and the deep south. so, flood warnings are in place from new york city all the way into maine i expect those to expire later on this afternoon. so, this came in as a cat 4, touching across the northern gulf coast, dropping 5 to 15 in inches, then to the tennessee valley, and just in the last four to six hours, look at all this rainfall. we are talking about over 8 inches in parts of jersey, new york city seeing ove
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and then the heat. it's building. we're in the mid 90s so we'll give everyone a little bit of a break, but behind that, we have more rain for the central here we'll talk about that. >> it's unreal how much water is engulfing new york city. we'll chat with you then "early today" is back in two. breaking overnight, the supreme court ruling that could deal a permanent blow to abortion rights super c for me. introducing new vicks super c and dayquil severe convenience pack. vicks super c is a daily supplement to help energize and replenish your body with vitamin c and b vitamins. dayquil severe is a max strength medicine for cold and flu relief.
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declined to stop the measure which bans abortions after six weeks. group of abortion advisers, including planned parenthood, filed an emergency request to block the law on monday, to essentially overturn the precedence set by roe v. wade. yesterday president biden decried the legislation of blatant violation of constitutional rights. chief justice john roberts joined the three democratic appointees in her dissent, justice sonia sotomayor has called it stunning she says the law defies 50 years of federal precedence. two paramedics and three police officers will face charges in the death of elijah mcclain. the young, unarmed black man was put in a choke hold and injected with a powerful sedative gabe gutierrez has the latest. >> give us more units. we're fighting him. >> reporter: police officers and
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paramedics in aurora, colorado, are facing criminal charges after stopping 23-year-old elijah mcclain while he walked home from a convenience store. >> we're here today because elijah mcclain is not here and he should be. >> reporter: police had gotten a call about a suspicious man wearing a mask. >> i'm an introvert. >> reporter: they restrained him with a carotid hold. now a 32-count indictment. two officers, former officer and two paramedics each face a count of manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide four of the five also face assault charges. mcclain's family described him as a kind introvert, who played his violin to comfort cats an at animal shelter they say he often wore a mask to keep warm because of a blood condition. >> this is a resounding statement that nobody is above the law. >> reporter: right after his death prosecutors did not charge anyone
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but the case drew renewed attention last year following the murder of george floyd some of mcclain's last words "i'm just different" became a rallying cry calling that response an history takeral overreaction, aurora police department said our officers did nothing wrong sadly, mr. mcclain died due to his decision to resist arrest and pre-existing heart condition but mcclain's father wept as he heard the news. >> it just means a lot that people will be held accountable for what they did, and i know my son would be smiling. >> reporter: separately, colorado's attorney general says he's opened a civil rights investigation to see whether the actions of the aurora police department were part of a pattern. frances? >> gabe, thank you. still to come, elton john unveils his pandemic project star-studded new album recorded during lockdown. and a festivus finds a new home when "seinfeld" is coming to
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million for streaming rights to that show. sir elton john's newest lockdown session album drops next month a fresh take on some of his classics with collabs from yoyo ma, nikki minaj and more t it was recorded remotely on the artist banksie's official website, a hacker has a now deleted link on the auction where a man bided only to realize he had been tricked. banksie nft auctions are in no way affiliated with the artist. the inspinirg paralympian who lost everything only to go on to win gold in tokyo.
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in as little as 7 days. we're back now with history on the pitch cristiano ronaldo used his head, netting his 110th and 111th career international goals, setting the record for the most goals in men's international soccer history his two scores brought portugal back from a potential irish upset, winning 2-1 and in tennis, all eyes were on center court for a super showdown at the u.s. open, 2017 u.s. open champ sloane stephens gave coco gauff all she could
4:27 am
handle, taking the set in straight sets. and medvedev swatting the winner past dominic koepfer he advanced to the third round in straight sets an inspiring comeback story you haven't heard yet. morgan stickney pulled off a stunning win the at the paralympics, overcoming one challenge after another on her way to tokyo here is tom llamas with her story. >> reporter: morgan stickney trailing behind. then morgan did what she does best. >> here comes morgan stickney. >> reporter: she fought back. >> it will be morgan stickney that gets the gold. >> obviously, you saw my face. i was shocked i hit first. >> reporter: growing up, one of the country's top young swimmers when she was 14, doctors discovered a rare genetic disorder was restricting blood flow to her left leg. >> there wasn't anything they could do beside amputate it.
4:28 am
i would sob every single night. >> reporter: she thought her days in the pool were over, until she learned about the paralympics. the spark reigniting she started training for tokyo then another devastating blow. doctors discovered the same issue in her right leg in october 2019, morgan became a double amputee. >> i didn't think i would ever swim again it wasn't even something i was thinking about anymore. >> reporter: but when the paralympics were delayed a year, suddenly morgan had the time she needed to relearn how to swim. >> when i got back in the pool, i was like, oh, i am definitely training for the paralympics. >> reporter: still in pain, she trained tethered in a neighbor's pool, adapting to a stroke that didn't depend on her legs. now, she's a gold medalist. >> i could have never imagined this when i was laying in my hospital bed after losing both of my legs i'm so grateful to be here and for everyone that's helped me get here. >> what a winning spirit after all she's been through
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thanks to tom for that report. and we thank you for kicking off our thursday with "early today. i'm frances rivera coming up on the "today" show, k kerry sanders will have an exclusive interview with a mother and daughter who survived th majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time.
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good thursday morning. you're watching "today in the bay." i'm marcus washington. >> i am kris sanchez. i am in for laura garcia. we want to start you off with a traffic alert. >> good morning. what a difficult morning when we have to start with this type of news, somebody was hit and killed by a car just before the north livermore exit and that means the backup starts before vasco, and westbound 580 was fully closed for about 15


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